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Alli Jackson

Don't make me throw something at you. Because I will hit you.

0 · 234 views · located in Arcana Academy, California

a character in “The Arcana Academy”, originally authored by partially-stars, as played by RolePlayGateway



Full Name: Alison Taylor Jackson.
Nicknames: Alli, Al.
Age: 16
Birthdate: 31/12/95
Home Town: Born and raised in San Francisco. You could even see the Golden Gate Bridge from my house!
Sexuality: Straight as a ruler, my friend.

School: Arcana
Power: Well, I have excellent aim. I've essentially got perfect balance and I couldn't trip over my own feet if I tried. It sucks in terms of powers, but at least I can control it.
Likes: ~Chocolate ~Science ~Finding out how things work ~Dissecting people's behaviour to find out what their mental state is like ~Gymnastics- both performing and watching it.
Dislikes: -Not understanding something. It's a rare occurence, but it happens... -Sluts. -Alcohol. I like having perfect control over my mind, thank you very much. -Physical Excertion other than gymnastics. -Not having anything to read. -Blood when it's not being used in a scientific experiment.
Fears: Always being in pain and not being able to control my body.

Personality: Some people would probably call me quirky. I can be slightly random sometimes, mainly if I'm extremely happy about something. Most of the time I prefer just to sit and watch rather than get involved in something. Unless it's gymnastics or a discussion about gymnastics or science. I love both. I can sometimes be a bit of a show-off when it comes to gymnastics, though. People could be doing handstands, and I would go over and do a handstand, and then go from that into a flip.

While I might be quiet, I'm not that passive. If I heard people bad-mouthing about me or my friends, I would go over and tell them exactly what I thought of them. I'm told it looks funny if they're taller than me. If someone pisses me off, I can go into a rant using lots of long words to both insult them and confuse them. However, I can tell if it's a good time to rant at them or not. My anger usually subsides after a few minutes, when interest in something takes it's place.

I love to watch people and see how their behaviour reflects on their mental state. Even if I do say so myself, I'm extremely intelligent. I love science and finding out how things work. This includes the human mind. My intelligence means I can get frustrated if I don't understand something. This is because I'm so used to understanding everything.

History: My past is boring compared to everyone else's. My parents were both scientists. My mother worked in genetic science, my father worked in developing medicines and stuff for hospitals. My power was obvious from a young age. Clumsiness seemed to run in my family, but I was walking perfectly by my first birthday. By the time I was three, my parents were able to see that my dexterity exceeded that of a normal person. But they done nothing about it until I was eight. They then sent me to gymnastics every day after school to see exactly how far it went. I excelled at floor gymnastics, and was able to hold my own against teenagers in just about everything else. I competed, but I preferred just to do it for myself than to compete. My parents tried to push me into competing in the Olympics, but I refused to. I didn't want to compete in front of millions of people who were judging my every move, despite not knowing anything about gymnastics.

My intelligence was beginning to flourish when they started sending me to gymnastics. But my parents were so oblivious, I was able to conduct science experiments in my bedroom using items I found in my bathroom. In school, I was aceing every test I took. I accidentally created a miniature explosion in the science labs. But seeing as nobody was hurt and nothing had been damaged, I got away scot-free. Well, I was reminded that chemicals were dangerous, and I wasn't ever allowed to do an experiment by myself again.

At fourteen my parents decided attending a regular high school would not be satisfactory. They searched and searched for schools that seemed appropriate. They found several schools for people with gymnastic talent, but I didn't want to attend any of them because the emphasis was almost entirely on the sport. I wanted to be academically challenged. But all of the schools that had an academic level I was happy with didn't put enough emphasis on sport. My parents didn't want me to flourish in a scientific sense, and I wanted to be challenged academically more so than in a gymnastic sense. We argued along and hard about it. Several nights I was sent to my room without dinner because I had insulted my parents using scientific terms that they had unfortunately understood. So I took to stashing chocolate bars under my bed for those nights. It's a habit I still have today, even though the chances of me getting sent to my room without dinner for insulting Mr Marinos in scientific terms are miniscule.

But then, somehow, my parents came into contact with Mr Marinos. They seemed happy for me to attend Arcana as I would receive plenty of training. I was happy enough to attend Arcana as they had classes I wouldn't usually take in high school. So I was sent to Arcana. Noctrem was never even under consideration.

Anything else? I'm interested in competing in the Olympics now. They don't need to know about my power... Do they? No, seriously, if I competed in the Olympics, would I have to tell them about my ability?

So begins...

Alli Jackson's Story

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#, as written by Korrye

Life in a motel was not pleasant. It was quite far from it, especially when one was rooming by ones self and had no line of defense from a group of begrudging young women. Lulu Allen was a girl of few friends and many enemies, though she had never intended to wrong so many people. The blond woke to silence, the air thick and muggy as her room’s air conditioner had been broken intentionally the week they had moved in by Cor Quellen. She’d called it a welcoming gift, wandering off to room with her brother. Lulu had dealt with it. No matter how much the motel’s repairmen tried to fix it, the thing wouldn’t turn on. If it did, it blasted hot air, making her room even more unbearable. The heat had left her with little more option than to sleep in her underwear with a bucket of ice at close hand to try and cool off. On the hotter nights she’d gone without much sleep, taking to a routine she had long perfected at Noctrem. Mild insomnia would have her wander the school, make her way to the cafeteria’s kitchens where luck would have it that the chef du jour left her something edible. If things went right at Noctrem, Lulu would run into her former hallmate Drake. In the motel, however, the Quellen boy was rarely seen. If they were in class together, Lulu resigned to staying away from him and if anything doing all that she could to blend in and avoid the brewing fight that seemed to be coming.

It was a joy to know that the motel would no longer be their place of residence. Lulu’s face could not hide her relief as she hauled a black duffel bag on her shoulder to the bus line-up. She held a paper coffee cup in her hand and kept her head low, a dull thud prodding her temples. Having pushed her powers in the past two weeks – both in helping or harming those who cared to bug her on top of her lessons and private sessions – left her feeling hungover when she hadn’t had a drop to drink in weeks. Maybe I should, she thought lowly. Squeezing her eyes shut, she tucked her chin and watched as Cor stood near the front of the lineup to board a coach bus out. When they boarded, Lulu sat herself at the front across from Cain, pulling the hood of her black sweater over her hair and leaning her head into the window beside her, if only to drift the few minutes it took for them to arrive at Arcana. The routine was near perfected at that point. If she sat at the front, no shit would happen. Her eyes danced over Cain’s slumped figure. She didn’t need to ask about the disposable cup in his hands. She knew it was his morning concoction and she wished she could steal it for herself before she moved, closed her eyes, and kept her backpack close to her. Six weeks of little to no sleep had her struggling to stay awake.

Cain’s booming voice had her startle and wake up. "Give ‘em Hell, kids. It’s your school now too!” he cheered, his voice raspy and yet authoritative. She’d always liked it. Lulu smiled weakly at her mentor before standing and hauling herself out the steps to the curb. The school was impressive, the white marble practically sparkling for their arrival. Lulu moved to collect her bag before something happened to it, standing out of the way from Cor and Erin who moved closely together. Keeping her eyes on the ground she nearly ran into Drake as he paused to take a cigarette from Addison. Lulu watched as he leaned into the brunette’s ear, whispering sweet words before standing tall and proud while she processed his comments. When he stepped back her shoulder knocked into his and Lulu allowed herself to slid sideways, her feet arranging themselves to catch her. Swinging her bag around to her other shoulder, Lulu flushed and kept walking. It wasn’t until she was in the main foyer that she turned to look over her shoulder at him. Shaking her head at the display, she focused on in the billboard listing roommates. Her eyes scanned the list behind the shoulders of a few others. Lulu didn’t care to notice who they were, only to note where she was headed.

Room Fifteen: Alli Jackson and Luly Allen

What smile she possessed disappeared. They couldn’t even manage to spell her name right. Lulu frowned and clenched her teeth, shaking her head and turning away. It seemed like a joke, especially with how often people belittled her since arriving and her name had shown up on all the class lists as Talulah.

Being at Arcana had been a hard sell to her parents. When the fire had happened, Lulu had been immediately confronted by her mother who would rather she attend a public school in Washington over attend the ‘goody-goody’ school. It has taken a week of arguing before she’d finally won them over, telling her parents both that she wanted to stay and that Cain was still working with her and they were making progress. Of course, now she had to prove that she was making progress which meant pushing herself on little to no sleep and thus feeling as she did then – ready to throw up in a bucket, curl up in a ball, and pray she could find some peace.

As she prepared to turn away from the listing, Lulu turned back to look at it again. She spotted Drake’s name close to the top of the list, his room far beyond hers. Disappointment laced her features momentarily before she moved, hauling her bag and removing her cell phone from her bag to fire a message off to the one person who may be excited that she was finally there.

Jack, looks like we’re here to stay. Room 15 for me. Where are you? - Lulu <3

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Scott Martin Andrews

“Room 6” Scott kept repeating to himself, he had almost forgot his own room number.

There was a map at the entrance, but Scott didn’t pay interest to the map, but the scrap of paper that resulted on who he would be living with. Because of his terrible memory, he found himself walking around the school looking for the dorms. There were so many places that Scott felt tempted to go too. There was a gym-room, which Scott would probably spend half of his free-time in. They had there own swimming pool, which he had to admit looked really cool. He made his way to the second floor, and without even having to consider, he knew immediately that the dorms were here. He followed the numbers until he reached 6. Beside his room were 5 and 7, and if he could recall, Corentine was in room 7. Scott stood still, imagining him late at night, making his way to her room so that they could do there “daily routine.” Scott shook his head and entered his room laughing. It was better then he had expected.

There were two large queen bed’s that sat beside each other. There was two thick mirrors that hovered above each bed. Scott as himself, started to flex his muscles at his reflection. One bed was already occupied with stuff, such as books and clothes and he already knew that was Izzy’s. There was a closet that was big enough to live in and a washroom that was amazing. Scott moved his bed closer to the window. He begins to recklessly scattering his things almost everywhere maybe just to piss of Izzy but Scott wanted to go and eat, he was starving. The speakers began to buzz and a teacher begins to speak. An assembly at 10? Scott turned toward the clock and It was already 8:30. He wanted to fit in a good hour of working out before the assembly. Scott left the rest of his things on his bed and opens up his phone because he had received a message.

He mumbled her name under his breath.
Did you just ignore me Mr. Andrews? ;) I’m in room 17, come find me! I’ve missed you!

For a moment Scott’s heart had dropped. Stupid, Why didn’t you make your move? He kept telling himself. You should have made your way over to her when you had the chance. Scott frowned, his mind still continued to torment him. He replied as fast as he could. He was going to kiss her, it was time for him to profess his love for Freya either way.

I‘ll be heading your way

Room 17 was all the way at the end of the hall, and it looked like no one was here except for Scott himself so he made his way down to the first floor where everyone was. Everyone was still outside, crowding the small piece of paper that hangs on the entrance. Frey was still outside too, she was chatting with Ashleigh, who is probably her room-mate. Scott moved closer and closer to both of them but then finally something took over. He grabbed Freya by the waist, spinning her around. Without even the consideration that both of them were talking, Scott didn’t care, he wanted to kiss Frey and he did so. Without hesitation, Scott kisses Frey. He carefully pushes her strangling blond streaks of hair behind her ear and presses his lips on top of hers once more, his face still an itch away from hers.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for such a long time” He says in a low whisper. As awkward as it is, Ash was still right there. Scott took a step back but still held onto Frey’s hand.
“Right so I’m going to let you guy’s go back to what you were doing, I’ll see you both at the assembly.” He lets go of her hand and shoots out a playful smirk and quickly runs off back inside.

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If I add more Propanoic acid to my pills, maybe possibly they might be stronger Spencer mumbled to himself. His headache was only getting worse and his body was getting used to the pills that he made. He needed to sleep, and for a long time. He was still looking for Jackson, but he gave up. He'll find his room by himself. After how, he already memorized the map. From the corner of his eye, he saw Alli being carried by Morgan and Zac. Maybe she that controlling of her body as most of think.. As Spencer thought that, he felt a sting of disappointment. As if his expectations of her were high. That's not very likely, He thought, I never expect too much of someone, only myself.. With that thought he tried to get her out of his head, and there were enough topics for that to happen easily. Such as, finding his room, setting up his lab, science, world domination and so forth.

Sparky! Spencer yelled. The little robot scurried to his master's side as fast as his little wheels could carry him. Take my things to room twelve. Now. he told the little thing. The robot just stood there. Spencer raised an eye as if saying "What?". Then the little robot took as a little robotic hand and held it out, as if asking for a tip. Alright, alright, remind me to reprogram you without any sass. he said as he threw a half-dollar coin. Sparky caught it and quickly went to put Spencer's luggage in his room. Spencer sighed, why must he always have a stupid glitch with his inventions. This morning it was the alarm clock, now Sparky. Well they weren't glitches, he actually programmed them like that. Spencer just always regrets it later.

All students, please note that there is an assembly being held at ten o'clock in the main hall. Non-attendance will result in an immediate detention, and a loss of free periods., thundered all over the school. Spencer groaned. There goes the only chance he had of getting rid of his headache by sleeping. Maybe he should just skip the assembly to sleep, then he would have detention to sleep some more. The thought was getting better and better, but he will mull it over some more. He started to walk, maybe find a nice spot to take a nap or something, when he felt a thud against his chest.

He looked down and was about to get angry at the idiot who wasn't looking were they where going until he saw that it was Bethany. He could never mouth off a lady, his mama taught him better. Especially since it was Bethany. Spencer was about to offer her his hand as help, but she already got up. My apologies, Spencer, I didn't mean to bump into you. I just was being idiotic and I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. she said. Spencer was a bit stunned you could say. She already knew what he was thinking without even being a mind reader. Then Bethany quickly added, Pleasant to see you again, Mr.Jerem.. Good Morning Ma'am. How are you? Spencer politely said to her. They were absolute moments when he adored this girl and that made him very angry. So Spencer was trying to be as neutral and polite as possible, but even that wasn't normal for him. There was something different in the way he spoke to her, although he doubted she noticed. Something caring, maybe even soft.

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Scott Martin Andrews

"Scott! Scott Andrews!" Scott turned and he couldn't believe it. A long lost friend, someone that he thought he lost forever but she was here, Alli Jackson. She had her arms around him in seconds. She changed, three years and she has changed dramatically. He was in disbelief that she was here. "I can't believe your here" Scott said staggered.
He held onto her tighter, the memory's of when they were only kids scattered through his brain. "I cannot believe you're here! I thought you were going to school abroad or something. Come on! Let's go catch up over breakfast!" She had grabbed onto his hand and Scott only followed.

They moved into the cafeteria and had taken a seat with Zac Barnes. Alli couldn't keep her feet on the ground, she was almost fidgeting with excitement. "Who are you rooming with? I can't believe they put us with Noctrem students. I'm with Lulu Allen. She's not bad. She's certainly better than Corentine or somebody. Can I ask, does 'Fuck up' make any sense to you? Because she has no problem with saying that to me." Scott laughed, she was speaking so fast that he almost didn't catch what she was saying.

"Im with Izzy and your with Lulu? Well aren't you lucky." Lets just say Lulu was of the only few girls in Noctrem that didn't bite as hard as the rest. Alli had asked Zac who he was rooming with and Scott was all ears. Theordore McCaffery, the kid on the bus. Scott was mystified, he was staring into Alli’s eyes, It has been such a long time since they saw each other. They were best friends, only until they went to separate schools. He would have never speculated that Alli had a superpower of your own.

“Now I might know why you were so good in gymnatics” It was a wild guess, Scott grinned. Maybe she would take a guess of what Scott‘s power was, but that would be quite intricate. His power is complex. Scott glanced at his watch and knew it was time to hit the gym. “Alli how about tomorrow we catch up? I have to get going.” Scott said glumly. She had agreed and Scott leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. Scott waved bye to both of them and made his way over to the gym.

Scott had been working out, every drip of sweat dashed across his cheek and ran down his neck. The gym it’s self had almost everything you would need to bulk up and stay and shape and staying in shape was practically Scott’s middle name. 10 more he had said to himself. Exhausted, Scott was in use for a shower, he used this time before the assembly to work out and now he was trenched. The only reason he had fitted time for some working-out was mostly because he wanted to keep himself from thinking about what he did. He had kissed Frey and now she was probably confused as he was. There relationship was deeply complicated, Scott wasn’t even sure if they were in a legitimate relationship. In Noctrem she kept everything non-physical, and now, Scott can’t help but feel like he messed everything up. Did she even like him? He was confused and tired. He wanted to know how she would be feeling right about now. Scott wondered and shook his head. He grabbed a fresh towel and rubbed himself down and made his way to the second floor. After a shower Scott changed into fresh clothes and made his way back downstairs. There was still time before the assembly and he really wanted to check out the grounds.

On his way outside sat Jade and Addison, who both are extreme eye-candy. Both Addison and Scott knew each other before they even went to Noctrem. Addison was in LA and Scott was only visiting. The first time they met each other, certainly didn’t go so well. Addison was training on her shape shifting and as luck would have it she had shaped herself as a snake. His apprehension towards Snakes are still large. They are slimy, slithery and absolutely repulsive. If Addison hadn’t turned back Scott would have lost it and sent her buzzing with electricity. It sure is a story you would tell at the bar though.

“City Girl!” Scott called out for her, a nickname that he only gave her and the nickname she gave him, city boy. It had caught the attention of both girls. The grins on both of there faces, he was sure that they were on some sort of alcohol or maybe he was wrong, but that is something the would do. Get wasted before an assembly, Scott couldn’t help but laugh.
“What are you guys up too?” Scott chuckled, he stood right beside Addison and gazed through what was always her miraculous blue eyes. Uphill, underneath a tree sat what looked like to be Mckenna, and a bunch of a other girls.

“Oh that’s right Jade, you’re with Mckenna.” Scott breathed in, that was like putting a harmless sheep with a blood-thristing lion in a cage, though Jade wasn’t that bad, if you did get to know her.

“And do any of you know where Cor is” Scott added. By the looks on both of there faces, they already knew why Scott wanted Cor. At least all last year Scott and Cor would have sex, there were no strings attached. No one got hurt emotionally, It was just for sex, and for Scott that was a golden ticket straight into heaven. He was tired of what was and what remained of his relationship between him and Freya, he wasn't running away in fact, he only just wanted to know what Cor was up too. He was in need of a sign, a sign from Frey that she still liked him. Another idea, another risk but Scott was up for it. He flipped open his phone and sent up a message to Freya.

I'll be at your room after the assembly. It's nothing bad, trust me

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Jess was a little in shock when her room mate told her about the loss of her mother...How the hell was she supposed to react to that? It wasn't exactly something you introduced yourself with... She stepped out of the bathroom towards the girl on the other bed, genuinely stumped for what to say. Finally, she found the power of speech.
'Well, if you need anything... just let me know, ok?' She told her room mate, awkwardly, she'd barely knew Mo a month and already she was telling Jess the deep secrets of her past? God, she'd have a field day if she knew mine Jess thought darkly, as she placed her IPod down her desk. In the young brunette's mind, this marked the room as her own.

When Mo apologised for texting whilst have a conversation with her, Jess shrugged it off. 'It's fine my dear, It's good that you have a good relationship with your dad.' She said with a smile, that didn't quite reach her eyes. She thought about her family back home, the family she'd had to flee so from because of the..incident... it was so very long ago... How she missed them so.

Mo's voice cut through her thoughts like a sword, asking if she wanted to come to the cantine or stay here and unpack. Jess nodded furiously, 'Yeah I need to eat too, plus I need to eat and meet up with the beautiful Miss Mckenna Marino's before assembly.' She said cheerfully, quickly whipping out her phone as it buzzed with the text from Mickey. She smiled at her phone as the two girls walked down the canteen and quickly hit reply.

I am from Noctrem stupid :p Psh, when have I ever been late for anything? Walking down to the canteen with Morgan now, I'll drop her off and then come find you! Muhaha! J xx

As the two girls arrived at the assembly hall, she turned to Mo 'I guess I'll see in assembly now. There's going to be a blood bath, I can just see it.' She chuckled as Mo left. She saw her head towards a table where Zac and Allie were sitting. She gave them both a little wave before heading off to the assembly hall.

Arcana was huge and extremely well kept, Jess couldn't help but be slightly in the awe at how clean and magnificent the whole place was. She had a feeling she'd be very comfortable here.
She thought about Sky, she hadn't seen him, probably causing trouble no doubt. Jess chuckled to herself at the thought.

She finally reached the assembly hall, there was no one there yet. Of course, only nerds turn up this early Jess thought to herself. She rolled her eyes, trust Mickey to make her look like a freak. Best friend's rights, she supposed. She lend herself up against a wall and waited for her best friend's arrival.


When Freya talked about going back to London to speak to her parent's lawyers, Ashy was intrigued. How does a girl at our age have anything to do to court about? It was must be quite stressful was for her Ashy decided. This thought was confirmed by the way the other girl acted after the statement she had just made. Ashy decided to not pursue the conversation any more.

She let out a sigh of relief when Freya told her that the room she had was lovely. She gave a small smile, releasing the hands from the hem of her dress. Freya did look happy to be here and it soothed Ashy somewhat to know that they were at least friends.

'Oh no, I know' She said hurriedly after Freya made the comment about her being scared, 'I've made good friends with some of the Noctrem students since you've been here.' She said, with a small smile as she thought about Ben. Damm why couldn't she get this boy off her mind... where was he? Probably hanging out with the Noctrem lot, she supposed it was hardly 'cool' to hang around with an Arcana student, she supposed... the thought hurt her a little, she missed him so.
'No, I just worry a lot...' She confided in the her blonde room mate as she sat down beside. She held up her hands and showed Freya her nails 'I guess these are proof of that' She laughed softly.

When Freya asked her to tell about herself, Ashy faced another common problem. Not knowing what to say. Where do you start when describing yourself? How did she do it without freaking the girl out? Stop worrying Ashy you're going to make yourself Ill, Ashy told her self before taking a breath.

'Well, I'm from New York originally, high end New York at that...' She said quietly, trailing off as she thought of her family. The cup of water incident, the being disowned, the ignorant sexist pig who's sperm made her...She blinked several times before continuing. 'I like to dance, that's my favourite hobby. Then there's drawing, although I'm rubbish at it.' She smiled shyly at her room mate. 'What about y-' She was about to ask before being she heard the sound of drums from next door. She giggled. 'Yeah that'll be Zac... that'll happen a lot...' She chuckled..

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Morgan Janssen

Mo grinned as Alli left to go search for her roommate. That girl would put Colby to shame with the speed of her talking sometimes. But Mo was happy for her. She was clearly buzzed about the whole thing. Mo finished her meal and briefly debated whether to head back up to her room or go to the assembly. She checked the clock on the wall and decided to head to the assembly. It couldn't be that long until it started, anyway. She checked her pockets and decided to make a quick stop to her room. There, she grabbed her iPod and headphones. She didn't plan on listening to it during the actual assembly, but she needed something to pass the time until then. And what better option than music?

The main hall was quiet. She was almost tempted to take off her shoes so she wouldn't make any noise. But common sense took over. She sat in a row of seats that was just back a bit from the middle. She sat on her seat and swung her legs up onto the chairs beside her, reserving them for her friends. It was a position that was comfortable, but in which there was no fear of falling asleep. If she fell asleep, she'd either sleep through the whole assembly or fall off the chair when somebody tried to move her. Either option would be mortifying, and would ensure she never forgot about it for the rest of her life. She'd be in her eighties, and somebody would turn up to her retirement home and say, "Hey, Morgan, remember the time you fell off the chair/slept through assembly when we went to Arcana?"

She plugged in her headphones and turned on her iPod. She selected a random song and put her headphones in. Her first instinct was to sing along, but common sense reminded her that even though there was hardly anybody there, someone would be bound to hear. And knowing her luck, it wouldn't be Zac or Ashy or even Colby. It would probably be one of the teachers. They were all nice enough, but it would still be pretty embarrassing.

A song she liked played in her ears. It was a good song, and before long, she was nodding along and swaying slightly. She began to hum, and then began to sing to herself in her mind. When the next song came on, she was completely in her own zone.

I'll stop the whole world, I'll stop the whole world
From turning into a monster, and eating us alive...

Suddenly, she stopped. She realised that she had been singing the Paramore song through her telepathy. She quickly glanced around, before turning her stare to the floor. Hopefully, nobody recognised her as the girl with telepathy. But, chances were, there was someone about to come in who had just heard her, and who knew exactly which girl had telepathy.

Zac Barnes

There didn't seem to be anyone Zac really wanted to talk to in the reception, so he decided to go to the assembly. He headed into the almost silent hall. He could see the back of Morgan's head, so he decided to surprise her. He wasn't sure how, but he'd figure it out. As he approached, he saw the perfect opportunity. She was sitting with her legs up on the chairs, probably reserving them. But he grinned wickedly as he shoved her feet off of the chair and sat beside her. She glared at him, and he only grinned. His grin widened as he saw a blush fade from her cheeks. Don't you say a word, Zac Barnes. Before you ask out loud and embarrass me in public, I was singing through telepathy. And I don't know who heard me. He barely contained a laugh.

He rooted in his pocket and pulled out his iPod. His headphones were around his neck, as he had forgotten to take them off after he finished his drumming. He pressed play and slid the headphones back over his ears. The song that was playing had a complicated drum pattern, and Zac's brain was soon occupied unravelling it.

A thirteen year old Zac was strapped to a chair. His arm hurted him so badly. And he didn't know what was going to happen. He was so scared. The man who had him there was shouting at somebody somewhere. Zac wanted to stand up, to run away, or even just to hide. The man came in, looking angry. "How's your arm, Zac?" He jeered. Zac had the good sense not to reply. But the lack of a response seemed to aggravate the man. He kicked Zac's chair and snapped a leg, sending Zac crashing to the ground. "You know, you're wasting your time at school. Because you'll never amount to anything. You'll end up just like your father." The man hissed, before leaving the room.

Zac's eyes snapped open. Mo was looking at him. He shook his head and looked at his iPod. The song he had been trying to unravel was only just over.

He hadn't had that flashback for so long. He couldn't help but wonder why his brain had thrown it up now, sitting in a hall, waiting for his school assembly. Was some part of his brain telling him that he'd probably never amount to anything? Or was it just a coincidence?

Mo was still staring at him. "I'm fine." He hissed at her. She just raised her eyebrows. "Really. Hey, that's a weird place to put a piano." He whispered to her. He experience a brief moment of smugness as she looked around for a piano. He then experienced a slap on the arm.

Alli Jackson

Alli looked around. Lulu Allen... There! She spotted her going into the cafeteria with a guy. She followed her, grabbing a napkin as she went into the cafeteria. She found a pen in her pocket and scribbled down a quick message. She didn't want to interupt. If someone interrupted her when she was with her friends, she wouldn't be particularly happy about it. So she decided a written message would be fairest.

Hey. I'm Alli Jackson, your new roommate. I would come over and talk to you, but I can see you're busy. Room Fifteen is beside Rooms Fourteen and Sixteen down the hall and on the right. Maybe see you there after assembly?

She then stood up and walked past the table Lulu was sitting at, depositing the napkin in front of the girl as she passed. She then decided to find Zac and Morgan. As she left the cafeteria, she spied Zac heading for the main hall. She checked the clock in the reception. She still had a few minutes before the crowds headed into assembly, so she headed up to her room to clean it up a bit. She wasn't a neat freak, but her roommate might be. So she tidied up her few things. She had her medals hanging on the wall above her bed. She shoved her books in her closet and put her laptop charger into a drawer. The Macbook itself she placed on her bedside table. She hoped her roommate wouldn't mind her doing a bit of late-night research. It was the one way Alli could help herself sleep. She just found listening to music and reading articles online so relaxing.

She then left a spare key on the other bed. It was possibly the simplest way she could let somebody know if she didn't want to be interrupted, and she assumed that her roommate would appreciate it. She left the room and headed downstairs to the assembly. She wondered what it was about as she headed down. Possibly roommates. A lot of people seemed unhappy with theirs, although Alli couldn't complain.

She headed into the main hall. It was still very quiet down there. Mo and Zac were sitting together, both with their headphones in. Zac appeared to be bothered about something, and Mo was irritated at him. Alli decided that the seat beside Zac would be the safest. He smiled at her as she sat down. "What's up with Morgan?" She whispered. "Nothing. It doesn't matter." He whispered back. "Yeah. Right." She said. "I can hear you." Morgan whispered to her. "We know that." She whispered back, grinning at her friend. "Just saying." Mo said, returning her grin. They all sat back in their seats and waited for the assembly to begin.

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Leo's face contorted into an expression of confusion when Amy shot down his suggestion of her sickness coming from a lack of sleep, but he didn't doubt her. She was, of course, the school nurse, and had a extended knowledge of health, illness and healing, due to her own gifts, and probably research. So, he just nodded, keeping his arm wrapped around her side, still not putting much pressure on it, in case he hurt her. "Well, at least it's gone now. We can hope it stays away." He smiled softly, before then, his face was changing, and the alarm and panic took over his body. Was he going to be late? Was anyone going to actually turn up? What was he really going to talk about to keep everyone interested? It was going to be an assembly about the houses and schedules - something obviously incredibly important, but something he was sure that the Noctrem students wouldn't be too happy about being forced to sit down and listen to.

"You sure you're healthy?" Leo asked her with a mischievous tone, a soft smile replacing the scowl on his face for a few brief moments, mirroring her own beautiful smile. The hand on his cheekbone obviously calmed him down ever so slight, any sort of touch from her soothing any sort of worries that he had. How she could do it, he had no idea, but he loved the feeling of it. then, her robe was being shrugged off, falling to the floor, followed closely by Leo's jaw. Her body never failed to cause him awe; Amy was just so beautiful, so confident, and so... his. Then, his own towel was being dropped onto the floor, revealing his own private area to the room once again. Both of the male's arms came to wrap around her waist, pulling her naked body further towards his own, skin touching skin.

"Really? We have to put it off?" The immortal male pouted childishly, before he was being pulled into the water, his body being the one to be covered in the cool water, his girlfriend being smarter, moving out of the way. The male practically yelped as the freezing water hit his skin, trying to move quickly out of the way of the water, but having nowhere to go, seeing as Amy was there. By the time the water grew hotter, Leo's expression had changed into one of a playful smile, turning to face his girlfriend with a mischievous, crooked grin. "You're going to pay for that."

"All students to the Great Hall please, assembly beings in five minutes. A reminder than any absentees will result in punishment."
Leo placed the tannoy phone back down on it's holder, this one not in his room however - it was just underneath the podium stand in the hall, the one that he was currently standing behind. The headmaster was wearing a classic outfit of his, a smart shirt, tie and jeans, disliking the feel of suit pants again his legs. There were chairs set up throughout the hall to accommodate for all of the students, a few already being seated, and chairs behind him for all of the teachers. Now, he just had to wait for the rest of the students to arrive; if they hadn't in five minutes, he was going to start anyway, punishing those who didn't turn up.


"Ellie is doing okay, thank you." The petite brunette girl smiled to her friend, nodding her head softly. "She has a little bit of a headache due to everyone moaning, but other than that, she's doing well." Ellie smiled to Izzy, before the headmaster's voice was being projected all around the room. She hadn't realized that there was going to be some sort of assembly that day, and she was curious as to what Mr. Marinos could be wanting to talk to everyone about. She was sure it had something to do with the arrival of the Noctrem students, but that couldn't be all - they had been studying there for about a month now. The girl could have focused in solely on her headmaster's voice, however, decided again it. Having to sit in a sea of students would be hard enough for her to get through, without already having the added pressure of a previous headache on top of that.

She was quickly snapped back to the conversation at hand however when Izzy spoke again, asking about going to get something to eat first before the assembly, and if she wanted to hear him play some of his music. The girl eagerly nodded at the second suggestion, smiling at the idea of hearing him play guitar once again. "Oh, I'd like that." She spoke, her grin stupidly spread over her face. "I love hearing you play." The girl's face grew a little red as she spoke, realizing how stupid she had sounded just then. She sounded like a love-sick puppy pining over the man of her dreams, and she quickly laughed it off, changing the subject as rapidly as possible.

"Roommates? Oh yes, I forgot about that." She spoke, her eyes drifing off for a moment as she thought about who she would like her roommate to be. With her constant need to keep things tidy, she hoped that her new roommate would be accommodating to that, keeping their things tidy and what not. If not, she didn't know how she was going to survive. However, before she could dwindle on the subject any more, Leo's voice was coming over the tannoy again, saying that there was now five minutes until the start of the assembly. "Five minutes? How long have we been talking?" Ellie's voice was filled with concern as she slipped on the nearest shoes to the door of her room, not pausing to check what she looked like. "Come on, Izzy." She squealed, taking her friend's hand and pulling him in the direction of the Great Hall. "We can have a quick look at our roommates on the way! Let's go!"


Jackson just grinned as Lulu complimented him, calling him heaven on legs. "Oh, I know." He playfully said back, the Irish accent in his voice coming through thicker and thicker with every passing moment. The coffee was a delight, the male having had a late night before due to his nightmares returning, the high caffeine drink pulling him up out of his slightly tired state. He watched the blonde in front of him carefully, watching her reaction to the coffee that he had gotten her. He wasn't sure if her tastes had changed since the last time that the two of them had been together, but seeing the smile on her face only reassured him that it hadn't - she still liked her coffee the same way as always, and he had gotten it right.

After asking her about drinking too much alcohol, Jack leaned back in his chair, nodding slowly at her reply. Oh, so she hadn't been drinking? It had been a power hangover. "I hope it all works out." He spoke quietly, taking another sip of the hot drink in his hands. He knew that Lulu had the potential to be one of the best students that she could be, her power being extremely dangerous in the wrong hands - but she wasn't one for using it for evil doings. He knew how much she also disliked her power, due to the way that she was exploited as a child, but he couldn't see any harm in her helping Cain Montgomery out - the man had just lost his school. "I reckon it'll work." He smiled softly, putting his cup back down on the table in front of him - it had been beginning to burn his hands.

"Do you know, I have no idea. This is the first that we've heard of it either, so it's all news for us too. We don't have many assemblies either - but it can't be due to just the arrival of you Noctremers." Jackson shrugged his shoulders as he spoke, being as confused as the girl in front of him about why there was going to be an assembly. However, his mind was quickly moved on from that as an idea popped into his head, something that made the male's eyes sparkle with joy. He liked helping people, especially those who were close to him, and Lulu was one of the dearest people in the word to him. "Give me your hand, for a moment." He smiled, holding his palm out on the table for her to take. Once he had her hand in his, Jack closed his eyes, and took in a deep breath. It was a rare sight when the male used his powers, as he didn't like taking in other people's emotions - but with Lulu, he could make an exception. As he focused on the pain that was in her hair, and the tiredness in her body, Jackson felt it moving. He felt the pain slowly being dulled in her mind, and being replaced in hers, as well as the sleepiness that she was feeling.

Within two minutes, Jackson had transferred her pain over to himself, wincing slightly as it came to full fruition in his head. "Jesus, Lu. Maybe you shouldn't push yourself this far again." He groaned, instantly picking up his coffee again. He hadn't noticed that Alli had walked past as he had been transferring Lulu's pain over to himself, being in the "zone" he used his powers, and he felt extremely groggy and too tired to even ask what the note in front of her was. The male's head felt like it was going to explode as the loud voice of Leo took over the tannoys again, and his expression turned into a grimace until the voice had stopped. "Come on, let's get this over with." He forced a smile onto his face, opening his eyes up once more, looking at her. "Allow me to escort you?"

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#, as written by Korrye

“I have to walk to the auditorium. Somehow. Dear lord how,” Lulu thought to herself. The blond nursed her coffee cup between her hands, sliding her thumb along the card collar that prevented her fingers from burning. Feel the texture of it kept her mind momentarily pre-occupied from the nausea and dizziness that plagued her. When Jack spoke, his words felt sharp. She held back the desire to wince as the thudding in her ears escalated.

"Do you know, I have no idea. This is the first that we've heard of it either, so it's all news for us too. We don't have many assemblies either - but it can't be due to just the arrival of you Noctremers," Jackson replied. Lulu snorted at her friend’s sarcasm. The blond knew their new headmaster had put the needs of gifted students alike above all residual grudges held between schools. She had thanked him for that the first day they’d arrived. That said, there was going to be nothing functional or smooth about this transition. With the likes of Cor and her friends in the halls, there would be more bullying, more fights and undoubtedly more drama. Lulu knew that it was no secret that Noctrem harbored students who were both cruel and promiscuous, more the latter than the former. She didn’t doubt that Marinos was concerned about both, if only because lust and relationships often brewed the blowouts and battles that leveled buildings.

Lulu felt her chin tuck and her eyes flutter as her thoughts receded and her head began to spin again. She inhaled sharply, curling her fingers around her cup and in her boots as she fought off the wave of disorientation. Jack, of course, was watching her like a hawk with concern. “I’m fine,” she murmured. “If only this room would stop moving and there weren’t two of Jack in front of me,” Lulu thought but kept quiet.

"Give me your hand, for a moment," He asked her, extending his palm out to her gingerly. Lulu bit on her tongue, knowing full well what he wanted to do. It wasn’t often that he offered and she sure as hell didn’t like the idea of putting Jack through what she was feeling. For her it made sense and was normal, for any stranger it was something else entirely.

Hesitantly she slid her hand out to his palm, watching as her fingers tucked over the back of his hand. She was paler than he was and the whites of her nails were very prominent. Mentally she kicked herself. This was the result of poor diet and sleep of course. This has to change. Starting now.

Lulu exhaled deeply and focused on Jackson’s face as he closed his eyes and began to work his magic. Within a minute the dull ache in her temples had subsided. Her ears popped and she could feel her heart die down and calm. For the first time in close to twelve hours she could pay attention to the noises and people around her without feeling dizzy from trying to follow so much movement. Her shoulders slackened and she felt more aware, if anything awake and rested for the first time in a month.

At two minutes he pulled back and Lulu watched him, feeling but better though concerned. Anyone who didn’t know better would think that Jack had willed away the sick feelings but she knew him well enough to know that he was feeling what she had been just seconds before. "Jesus, Lu. Maybe you shouldn't push yourself this far again," He groaned. “I know,” she replied, watching him sip his coffee with as much need as she had. Her tone was in no way promising either. She'd likely get a lecture when they had more time to speak later. Regardless Lulu mirrored his action and sipped her own coffee, her eyes watching a familiar face walk up behind Jack and close to their table. Lulu watched as Alli deposited a small napkin on their table before taking off into the throngs of Arcana students seeking breakfast. Her eyes slid over it, picking it up in her hand to read it.

Hey. I'm Alli Jackson, your new roommate. I would come over and talk to you, but I can see you're busy. Room Fifteen is beside Rooms Fourteen and Sixteen down the hall and on the right. Maybe see you there after assembly?

Lulu pursed her lips. She had met Alli before in a few classes. The girl was very nice and agreeable, the type of person that she could be friends with. She was far from disappointed with the news of who she would be rooming with, it was more that she feared what Cor might do to the girl or what Alli might face due to associating with her. She could easily get caught in the rift that had opened in the past year between herself and Corentine Quellen and Lulu was not about to see collateral damage happen.

With a sigh, she folded the napkin and slid it into her duffel bag at her feet. Lulu looked back at her friend. He didn’t seem to be handling her power hangover very well, the pallor of his skin having lost two shades in the span of minutes. Startling both of them, Leo’s voice over the school’s PA system prevented Lulu from asking that Jack do himself the favor and give her back the ill feelings. “"All students to the Great Hall please, assembly beings in five minutes. A reminder than any absentees will result in punishment."

He really did sound irritated. Lulu wrinkled her nose and sipped the last bit of her coffee. "Come on, let's get this over with," Jack said. His interruption was welcome as Lulu slid her chair out from their table. A handful of students began exiting the cafeteria, moving in throngs towards the Great Hall. Lulu walked around the table, sliding her duffel over her shoulder. “I doubt he’ll be pulling teeth. And hey, no class just yet in return for sitting and listening and doing nothing? I’m game,” she smiled. Jack smiled back but she could see the difference between now and their greeting.

"Allow me to escort you?" Jack offered. Lulu held her arm out to him, lacing her elbow through his and helping him walk as he had her. “I’ll escort, you direct. You always were an excellent navigator,” she countered.

Getting to the great hall was simple enough, especially with so many students making their way there. Lulu didn’t care that she still had her bag with her. Many people still did and their luggage appeared quite a bit bigger than hers. In many ways, her bag was her backpack. She kept it slung over her shoulder, gripping the strap with her free hand while her other continued to support Jack.

“You really shouldn’t have done what you did,” Lulu commented. A cup of coffee would take the edge off, she didn’t doubt, but it was no cure for six weeks of poor sleep and a power hangover so severe she couldn’t recall the last time it had been this bad.

When they entered the Great Hall, Lulu was struck by the sheer size of it. She allowed Jack to direct where they sat of course and once seated she remained close to her friend, if only to give him an extra shoulder to lean on.

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#, as written by Renmiri
The Dance Studio - Goin' to the Auditorium

'...So when we found that we could not make sense,
Well you said that we would still be friends.
But I'll admit that I was glad it was over...'

Between the heavy, synthesized beat and at that particular line of Gotye's making, all five-feet-eight of Lauryn slid into well-rehearsed motion; a solitary figure dancing --as she had been for several hours now-- in Arcana's studio, choreographing the finish to a routine that she'd worked on for a few days. It had seemed like something that she had to do: to lose herself in what she knew best one last time, before having to deal with the sweeping tide of change that came with a whole new school of supernaturals. She wasn't stalling, really, but this was her way of coping whenever the world decided to be a troll ('Come on, roommates? We're practically asking for it.'). So, with a gut feeling saying none the wiser, Lauryn had paved her way down from her room at six in the morning; fully prepared to block out the rest of the world as she usually would, every so often. And this was where she stayed, past Mr. Marinos' first announcement when it blared above the booming cadence that was Somebody I Used To Love, dubstep remixed (where she almost tripped at the landing of a spin in surprise). Yeah, they didn't get assemblies often, although it probably was called for.

'...But you didn't have to cut me off,
Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing.
And I don't even need your love,
But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough...'

She'd wondered, once, how many people from both Arcana and Noctrem that this particular song applied --or would soon apply-- to. It wasn't hard to see all the drama that festered from just one month of sharing classes, much due to the fact that they were all incredibly wired hormonal teenagers. Both the lingering glances and growing animosity between kids seemed to be disasters just waiting to happen, and some relationships --herself included-- no doubt would make a spiderweb look simple. It was times like these that Lauryn appreciated how she was one of the few that wasn't exactly interested in anyone at the moment, and it was.. 'freeing, from the way I can see other people now.' Or more like indifferent, for lack of a better word. But the next year would be pretty damn entertaining, potential havoc and landmines or no. And who was she kidding? Bunking with a group of people who didn't give a shit about rules was beyond refreshing. (Although Lauryn probably wouldn't go for it so much if she were actually at the tail-end of anyone's wrath. But that's luck for you.)

'...No you didn't have to stoop so low,
Have your friends collect your records and then change your number.
I guess that I don't need that though,
Now you're just somebody that I used to know.'

As soon as Lauryn executed the last of her routine perfectly, in what was now the final run-through of it, a wide, brilliant smile stretched across her face; the way that only success ever caused. That, and how she literally bounced around a quarter of the dance studio, (because it's freaking gigantic) fist-pumping the air and unabashedly shouting a resounding "YES!" every few seconds for a little while; thankfully unheard behind a closed, sound-proofed door. But alas, L's celebratory happy dance was cut short right at that moment; when a familiar, albeit slightly annoyed voice dunked a figurative tub of ice-cold water over her head. And she froze. "All students to the Great Hall please, assembly beings in five minutes. A reminder than any absentees will result in punishment." 'Well, shit. Why do I keep forgetting that dancing gives me a horrible sense of time?'

It took no less than fifteen seconds for her to grab everything (which is basically just her phone/iPod, her set of keys, and a bottle of water) and run out of the studio in something short of an annoyed huff, speed-walking to the Great Hall from the second floor; weaving whatever masses while checking her phone and messages. Just to note, for anyone who might have seen Lauryn here --that she probably ignored for being preoccupied--, this kid was wearing a loose T-shirt, plus a pair of sweats; fresh from a morning of exercise. It was all relatively normal for those who knew her so, well, that's that. 'And... yep. Kali's texted. Noctrem and Arcana are rooming? I've joked about it, sure, but how did Marinos actually let this go?' And here, as convenient as it sounds, was where Lauryn just happened to pass the roommate list; and what she saw there.. she was actually okay with, unlike what the vast majority of students would've been. 'I'll probably have to find Cor later, to give her a key. But the Hall first.'

So, instead, she typed a quick text back to Kali as she made her way to the assembly:

I was dancing, no worries. Just saw the roomie list, I'm with Cor. We're cool, but fingers crossed I don't walk in on anything, y'know? How 'bout you?

It didn't take long, then, to make it to the assembly; thankfully before it started. And, from there to scanning the room and upon seeing Mo, Zac, and Alli, Lauryn grabbed a quick seat beside the last; giving them a wave and a smile as she settled down. 'Better to leave conversation for later, looks like the assembly's about to start..'

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Morgan Janssen

"That will be all, everyone. Thank you." As Mr. Marinos finished and the students began to swarm out of the hall, Morgan grinned. She got to her feet. She was in the same house as Zac and she had a free day today. She was already trying to decide what to do. Alli would probably be in the dance studio showing off her gymnastic routine and Zac would probably be chilling with some music. She could always just chill out in her room with a good book and her iPod, but it was such a lovely day. It was a day to be outside, not to be trapped in her room.

She grinned as she decided exactly what she was going to do. She made her way up to her room and grabbed Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, her slightly better pair of headphones and shoved her phone in her pocket. Her iPod went in the opposite pocket and her headphones went around her neck. She made her way downstairs and went out into the glorious sunshine. She chose a spot by the tennis courts. It was warm, in direct sunlight and out of the way. She slid her headphones over her head and plugged the other end into her iPod. She pressed play and opened her book.
As Katniss and the rebels battled against the corrupt Capitol, Mo's mind was not on the fictional country of Panem. It was on her reality. At first she smiled. Her and Zac were both in Deakins. They had all their classes together. She had a cool roommate. There hadn't been any major fights yet, and the weather was gorgeous.

But then the darker side of things began to take over. Her dad had a new girlfriend. He still wasn't fully over Mo's mother, and he tended to go for girls like her. Mo missed her mother sometimes, when she didn't understand something or when nothing was going right for her. But she didn't want to replace her. Her mother was one of a kind, and none of her father's girlfriends could replace her. If Mo had to telepathically drive the woman insane, she would. If she wanted a step-mum, she had to be different. Preferably a nurse. Or, admittedly, a teacher.

Her thoughts gradually slightened in subject. She began to wonder when the next party would be held. They were usually fun, even for someone who didn't drink. Except for last time, but someone had spiked her drink once or twice. And then she had only been tipsy, not absolutely shit-faced. Some of the Noctrem students would probably drink all of the alcohol in San Francisco and the surrounding area between them. And then they would still complain that they hadn't had enough to drink.

But watching them the morning after would probably be hilarious. If they even appeared.

Zac Barnes

Zac stretched and dragged himself to his feet. He was in the same house as Mo, which was great. They would most likely be pairing up on projects if they were given the choice. And they didn't seem to have anyone too bad in their house, which was always a good thing. As he left the hall, he heard various students discussing a party. One of Jackson Murphy's, no doubt. They were usually fairly enjoyable. Mo, Alli and him stayed away from alcohol, and were able to remember every detail of the night before.

Well, most of the time. Last time, someone had kept slipping vodka into Mo's drink. She claimed she had only gotten tipsy, but Zac could vividly remember her with her arm slung around Colby, standing on a table singing her heart out. She had gotten a little more than tipsy, but she handled the hangover fairly well. Probably with three cups of coffee and a blueberry muffin before she even went to class. She had seemed unusually alert, admittedly. She was rarely that awake heading into History.

Mo headed upstairs, probably to grab some reading material to chill out in the sun. Zac had been planning on practising indoors, but one look at the glorious weather outside changed his mind. He instead grabbed his guitar from his room and shoved a few picks in his pocket.

The front lawn was covered in cigarette butts already, so he decided against it. The forest seemed the best choice. He grasped the neck of the guitar and held it in front of him to prevent smashing it against any trees.

It was a wonder his guitar had lasted this long, if he was honest. He had brought it when he was fourteen. It had been hauled to Arcana and back every year since, without a case, and had even called down the stairs once or twice. Okay, it was four times, but the last time didn't even count because his foster dad had caught it a few steps from the bottom. He'd changed all of the strings twice, and the bass string had been changed three times. It had cost him a fair bit, but he had gotten so much enjoyment out of it.

He found a secluded spot just inside the forest. Although he'd be screwed if there was a fire. The fire starter could be at Arcana right now, and if they decided to burn down Arcana, the fire could very easily spread to the forest. And as much as his guitar meant to him, if the forest was set alight, he was abandoning his guitar and getting the hell out of there.

His hand began to strum of it's own accord, and his fingers formed chords on the frets. He wasn't sure what song he was playing, but it sounded good.

Alli Jackson[font]

Alli was ecstatic. She was in Ardley with Lauryn! She grinned at the girl beside her as she stood up. "Come on, let's go up to the dance studio!" She said, worming her way through the crowds. Lauryn probably wouldn't be able to keep up with her, because Alli was able to worm her way through people and around people. She stood on a chair and waved at Lauryn, before heading upstairs to the dance studio. When she arrived, she zipped off her hoodie and started a few warm-up stretches. She then made a running start and flipped across the floor. She landed in a handstand and somersaulted to her feet. She grinned and found a balance beam. Why dancers would need it, she had no clue. Unless Mr Marinos had intended it for gymnastic use. She dragged it out into the middle of the floor before clambered ungracefully onto it and standing upright. She took a few steps and went into a handstand. She turned three hundred and sixty degrees and walked on her hands to the end of the beam. Her arms shook but her balance remained strong. One advantage of her power meant it was extremely difficult for her to fall off and hit herself on the hard floor.

She flipped to her feet and dismounted as her phone vibrated in her hoodie pocket. She pulled it out. It was a text from her mother, and she opened it.

Allison, dear. There's a gymnastics competition being held next Saturday. It seems to be within your skill level, and it's only an hour away. Are you going to complete?

Alli resisted the temptation to throw the phone out of the window. Her mother insisted on calling her Allison. And every time there was a gymnastics competition, she received a text or a phone call about it.

Mom, I'll have to clear it with Mr Marinos first. Talk to you later.

She shoved her phone back into her pocket and scrambled back onto the beam. She flipped and somersaulted, trying to work off her anger. And when that didn't work, she returned to the floor. She'd completely forgotten about Lauryn. She turned on the music, and began to perform to that. Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know began playing. It was a good song to perform to, lively without being too fast.

She was angry at her mother for pushing her. Her dexterity meant she could have taken up almost any sport. She would have loved to have taken up archery. But once her mother had saw that she had an aptitude for gymnastics, she hadn't been allowed take part in any other sport. It was gymnastics. There wasn't even an option of nothing. And every single time there was a competition, she was pushed to compete. If she didn't, it was, "Why aren't you competing? Are you injured? Why don't you want to compete?" If it was an Olympic trial, sure, she'd compete. But this was a small competition, probably full of novices. She didn't want to crush them before they even began.

She threw herself across the floor with increasing intensity. Her ankle began to complain, but she launched into a handstand. The blood rushing to her brain made it much harder to think.

[font=Georgia]Mr. Chris Russell- PE Teacher and Extra Curricular Supervisor

Today began like any other day. Chris dragged himself out of bed and had a shower. He got dressed in his trademark outfit. Chris was always a snappy dresser. But possibly even more so today. Because today he was starting a new job in his old school, Arcana Academy. It was Chris's first real job. He had done a bit of modelling, but that hadn't worked out. Mainly because he kept being assaulted by teenage girls screaming his name.

He ate a decent breakfast of fruit, toast orange juice and a yogurt. He remembered the food at Arcana being good, but he really wasn't in the mood to eat in a canteen full of students. He washed the plate and put it away. His brother opened the door. "Oi, Chris!" He called. "Sup bro!" Chris replied. "I still can't believe you're letting me stay in your house for free!" Chris stood up and clapped his brother on his shoulder. "Yeah, but if I get broken into, you're paying the damages. Better go." Chris grabbed his suitcases and his car keys. He threw them into the back seat of his little red convertible and slammed the door. His brother was standing at the front door. "I can't believe your car has survived five years of mistreatment." He commented. Chris laughed and patted the car. "Yeah, it's pretty sturdy. Mind my house. It's the only one I've got, and if anything goes wrong, you're buying me another." His brother laughed. "Like you can't afford another one. See you... When will you be back?" Chris shrugged. "You'll know when I walk in."

He climbed into his car and started it up. He let down the hood as he drove out the gate. It was a gorgeous Californian day. The way to Arcana was imbedded in Chris's mind, and the car almost found it's way there by itself. Before he knew it, his red convertible was driving up the drive.

He found the rest of the teacher's cars and parked his. He let up the hood and decided to leave his cases until he had met with Mr Marin- No, Leo. He had to remember to call him Leo now. That was the weirdest part of having supernatural powers. Your headmaster wouldn't change the whole way through school, and when you went back to be a teacher, he'd still be exactly the same.

He went into the reception. It had been modernised a little in the five years he had been at college. He walked nervously up to the receptionist. She had changed as well. Jesus, was he even at the right school?

"Um, hey. I'm Chris Russell, I'm the new PE teacher here. Leo told me to meet him when I arrived." The receptionist nodded. "Take a seat. He'll be down shortly." Chris took a seat across from the receptionist. Students were coming and going, and, frankly, he felt a little uncomfortable.

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'I will draw the house captains name from the hat; Ardley's house caption will be Ashleigh Fox.'
Ashy felt the colour evaporate from her face as Mr Marino's spoke the words at what seemed like a snails pace. House captain?! Where these people sure?! Surely picking names out of the hat wasn't really the best method to decided on positions of responsibility?! Ashy felt her breathing quicken, she needed to get out of here. Now.

The young girl basically jumped to her feet as soon as Mr Marino's had finished his speech. She needed time to think, space to breath. She barely heard Freya's apology as she went off to meet Scott. Probably for more kissing, Ashy thought darkly. She had a feeling this was going to something she was going to have to bare in mind when it came to Freya; her power. Making a mental note to knock before entering her own room, Ashy pushed through the crowd of people. She wasn't in the mood for talking, not yet. Not until she'd thought about her plan of action. Outside was where she needed to be, in the fresh air.

Through her daze of confusion, Ashy vaguely noted that the front lawn had already been littered with cigarette's. People were so ignorant. Ashy thought to herself; they'd only been here five minutes and they were already making the place look untidy. Ashy sighed and headed for the forest; she could hide in there, just for a little while. No one would find her there.

Ashy turned her attention back to the reason she was running; the fact she was house captain. Not only that, she had three of the rightly named Fearsome Five in her house. What's more, she was supposed to, what did the Headmaster say, Keep them in line?! Had this man ever met Cor Quellen?! Keeping her in line would be like trying to control a hurricane. Impossible. With her and her little buddies alongside her, there was no way in hell Ashy was going to enjoy being in class, let alone trying to Lead them.

Ashy tried to think of the postive's as she walked through the undergrowth, twigs snapping beneath her feet. She had Ali in her house, She tried to get inside your head a lot, but it was at least tolerable. Then there was Skye, she sensed there may be a few people that wouldn't be too happy about the young girl spending so much time with the pyro. Zac Barnes being one of them. She also had Laindon, he was a nice enough boy, Ashy decided. None of these positive thoughts were detracting her attention away from the anxiety she felt about having to keep Cor and the others in line. Ashy felt tears well in her eyes, there was no way she was going to do this; at least not for long. The young girl was scared, so scared.

That's when she heard it, the faint sound of a guitar being played. It was a beautiful sound and it was a nice distraction from the thoughts she'd just been having. She followed the sound, which led her to a clearing. Ashy stared across it to see the silhouette of a young man, stooped over a guitar. It took the young blonde a moment to realise it was Zac. He couldn't see her like this, all teary eyed and was embarrassing to say the least. Ashy retraced herself back into the tree's. Suddenly she heard a twig snap behind her as she stepped on it. The sound rung across the clearing and was sure to catch Zac's attention. Oh no.

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#, as written by Korrye

There wasn’t even a tick of a clock pervading the room. Lulu’s eyes once again scanned the walls. Her roommate was tidy, a good sign at least. She had seen the double rooms at Noctrem and been mystified not only by the sheer amount of mess but the smell. She liked a clean and orderly space so long as she was free to live in it. There had been enough stories about the germaphobes and clean freaks. She hoped that Ali would be somewhere in between. When finals and tests and midterms rolled around, the last thing she wanted was to be harassed about a pile of dirty clothes and the huge amount of paper and books that tended to become strewn around everywhere.

Lulu sighed, her shoulders slacking. She had to admit that her bed was comfortable, a nice change from the hard mattress she’d had in the hotel or even in Noctrem. It was bigger too. To that extent she stretched her toes, flexing her feet and rolling over onto her side. As she closed her eyes, her cellphone vibrated again next to her. Grunting, she slapped her hand out for it, bringing it up to her face while trying to keep her shoulders covered by the duvet.

Text: To: Lu<3

I know, but I still felt bad leaving you alone in that state. That being said, you probably would have killed me for sitting there watching you sleep, wouldn't you? ;D

I'll be alright doing it on my own. Besides, I need you to rest up if you're going to have any fun tonight. You, me, and a bottle of JD sound good?

That's what I'm here for - sense-knocking.

At the moment, being dragged into a dorm room by Jess and Mo for "talking". Kill me now?


From: Your Jack<3

She raised an eyebrow at the screen, snorting her surprise. Since when did Jessica and Morgan have a thing for Jackson? She wasn’t extremely familiar with the two girls but that said, she had never known them to be close to Jack. He’d certainly never said anything. She was quick to reply.

She was halfway through her response when the door to the room slid open. It appeared that in Jack’s efforts to slip out quietly he hadn’t actually shut it properly. As it swiveled she heard a slight knock on the doorframe. Her heart leapt into her throat immediately. Lulu sat upright, running a hand through her hair and shifting in the bed to arch her back. “Come in?” she said aloud, questioning what she was doing. She had spent the past few hours completely hating herself for liking Drake, for falling into his trap. And here she was completely brushing that aside. He was back.

And then he wasn’t.
Now that disappointment was consuming.

The door swung open and Jaysin Dennis of all people stepped in, his stride confident as his eyes immediately landed on her. As he closed the door behind him, she shifted the comforter immediately, pulling her covers up over her chest, even though she was fully dressed. She leaned forward and brought her knees up to her chest. She quickly finished her text and sent it, her eyes only momentarily darting from Jay to the screen of her phone.

“I’m assuming it’s fine that I come in,” he announced, chuckling lightly to himself as she nodded, letting her fingers slide across the keyboard of her blackberry and sending her response as quick as she could.

To: Jack
Most men would be praising the heavens – locked in a room with two women? Sounds like you might be in for a threesome.

PS. Jaysin Dennis just walked into my room. Don’t think I’ll be sleeping.
From: Lulu xxoo

As he sat down on the chair by her desk, Lulu found herself eye level with him. He was directly across from her and she couldn’t deny that he was incredibly sexy. As he pushed his hand through his hair, she found herself wrapping her arms around her knees. She turned her head to face him, tilting it slightly. She knew that he had gone to Noctrem. She had met him shortly after she’d arrived and found him incredibly intimidating. He’d been in control of his power, able to make clones of himself at an alarming rate. And they were nothing like the clones from movies. They were solid copies of himself, more than capable of doing…whatever. Right then she still felt…defensive. She didn’t really know him. And he had quite an attitude. And then he’d left for some reason or other – she wasn’t sure. It was no surprise that he was now at Arcana really – he had powers and he needed to go to school. Seeing him around the school had been a minor surprise when all the Noctrem students had first arrived for classes. Now he was just there.

“It’s been too long,” Jay told her, breaking her thoughts on him. Lulu swallowed as he cleared his throat, biting her lower lip. She really wasn’t sure what to say. He was still so….attractive. But he wasn’t like Drake. He didn’t have that brooding stare. He was blond as well, lacking in that dark charm. He looked more like a prince charming than the guy she’d come to fall for.

“How have you been, Miss Allen?” he asked her, his lips pulling into a warm smile. But it wasn’t Drake’s smirk. Lulu could only weakly return the gesture. “You are much prettier than I remember, so what is a girl like you doing all alone?"

“I got sexiled,” she blurted out, her eyes shifting to look at the floor as she laughed at herself and shifted so that she could lean into her headboard and the wall. “I had a major power hangover this morning from pushing my powers. And I made the mistake of using them again this morning to help some kid. Broke a guy’s nose with a door but got really sick. Was carried back here by Drake and left because,” and here she paused in her rant to lift her hands to make air quotes, “Erin needed him.”

She looked at Jay, shaking her head at herself. “Jack dropped by but I fell asleep so he left to plan a party only apparently he’s now cornered in a room with Morgan and Jessica.”

She paused and wrapped her arms around her chest, looking at him, licking her lips and wondering about him. Jay was kind of like a mystery to her. He had few friends but she had seen him once or twice around Cor. And if you hung around Corentine and weren’t subsequently on the floor, you were kind of her friend. But talking to him was surprisingly easy.

“So that was my morning, and how I got here alone,” she told him matter of factly. “Now why on earth are you here?”



Katia was quick to walk up to the secretary. No students seemed to be bothering the woman. She leaned over the counter, expecting a quick reply only the woman stared straight into her computer screen.

"Excuse me," she asked then, leaned back and tapping her nails absently on the counter. The blond turned to stare at her with narrowed eyes. It only took an instant for her to look at Katia with such a glance before the brunette turned seething. Her eyes narrowed and her smile dropped into a frown. She looked sternly at her. It was a look she had long perfected. With it came a forceful and intimidating air. She watched the woman shrink back into her seat. "Can I help you?" the secretary asked shortly, her words clipped as she tried to remain composed. "I'm looking for Leonardo Marinos. I'm the new hire, or one of them," Katia replied. The blond looked down at her notes before responding. "He's in his office but I believe he's not alone."

"Was that so hard?" Katia snapped, standing upright and shaking her head as she walked away, her stride forceful and emphasizing the click of her heeled boots. She straightened her outfit as she approached his office, knowing where it was. She'd been there before of course. She knocked on the door, finding it closed. She could hear the hum of voices beyond. "Leo, it's Katia," she announced, leaning into the wall and putting a hand on her hip with a sigh.

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Zac's phone buzzed gently in his pocket. He pulled it out and grinned at Ashy as he read the text. "Jackson's having a party tonight. Oh, this will be entertaining. Especially because we've got class in the morning. Bet you five bucks at least half of the Noctrem students aren't in class tomorrow." He said, a wide grin on his face. He slid his phone back into his pocket and decided to head inside. "Listen, Ashy, I'd better go start getting myself ready for this party. I'm going, if you and Mo have to drag me in. This is going to be an insane amount of fun."

He kissed the blonde on the cheek. "I'm guessing you don't want the tissue back. Hey, did you know that in medieval times the lady would give a knight her handkerchief to show him that he was her favourite?" He winked at her, before straightening his guitar strap and heading in the general direction of out of the forest.

He reached the edges of the forest without too much incident. Grinning, he started for the school. The Noctrem students were infamous for their drinking, and he was well aware that tonight would be no exception. There were always a few incidents that made every party worthwhile. Her headed upstairs towards his room. He unlocked the door and let himself in, before surveying the room and deciding what to do first. He headed into the bathroom and found a box of plasters. Sticking some onto his scratches, he shoved the box back into the cabinet and closed it.

After heading back into his room, he opened his cupboard while deciding what to wear. Pulling out different bits and pieces, Zac eventually decided on this outfit. He hung it on the front of his cupboard, before sitting on his bed and removing his guitar from his back. He pulled his picks from his pocket and placed them on his bedside locker.

He was so bored. He really wanted to play with someone's mind, but there wasn't anyone's mind around to tamper with. Despite Ms Roerig's rants on how the students who could shouldn't mess with people's minds, it was endlessly entertaining when you made someone remember something and no-one else could. A few people had figured out that Zac was usually somewhere, in the corner grinning to himself, or seemingly deeply involved in conversation with Mo. Even fewer people had figured out that Mo was usually helping with her telepathy.

A hand clamped over his mouth. A sickly sweet smell. And then black.

Zac blinked. He had imagined all of that. Nobody had tried to... Nobody had tried to abduct him again. He knew that, but his heart still raced. He heard a sound outside and shot to his feet, his heart in his mouth. He vaguely heard footsteps leading away, but his heart still raced. He turned to his drums. There was only one cure for fear. He strode over to the kit and picked up the sticks. Taking a deep breath, he began to smash his heart out. Figuratively speaking.


Alli wiped the sweat from her forehead and pulled off her hoodie as she left the dance studio. Heading for her room, she frowned as she found it locked. She pulled her key from her chain around her neck, but then thought better of it. She really needed to change, but the door was always locked for a reason. Instead she tucked her key inside her t-shirt and walked away. She decided that her choice had been the wise one when she heard a bang coming from her room. She quickened her pace and headed for the library.

She ran her fingers along the shelves and smiled. But at the same time it made her a little sad how quiet the place was. She knew libraries were supposed to be quiet, but still... They weren't supposed to be dead like this. There was supposed to be an air of quiet energy. Not this dead silence, not even punctuated by a page turning.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket. It was a quiet noise, but in the silence of the library it sounded loud. She pulled it out of her pocket and read the text. Jackson was inviting her to a party. Well, considering she wasn't able to get into her room, and the fact that she was in her favourite place in the world, she doubted she would be turning up at that particular party. However, the Noctrem students would be attending, and it sure would be a laugh. It would entirely depend on her ability to get back into her room and change into one of her dresses and heels and possibly have a shower.

She grabbed a copy of Inkheart from the shelves and made her way to the reading area. She curled up on a comfortable chair and began to read. She would be quite happy to stay there, but she had an inkling that Mo would turn up, possibly with one of her dresses in tow, and make her go to the party.


God, this hurt. And he didn't really have anyone to blame, except for himself. And that bitch. But his own pride had probably triggered that.

He heard a knock on the door, followed by Amy's voice. She sounded upset. "Chris? You there?" He clambered off of the bed, wincing as he walked over to the door. He opened it and grinned at the pretty brunette. However, he noticed exactly how she looked, her expression, everything. His grin slid off of his face. "Come on, sweetie. We need to talk." He said simply, taking her hand and leading her inside. He closed the door gently behind her. He felt stiff now as well, and the cuts ached every time his t-shirt, or trousers, or hoodie brushed them. But she looked upset. And as much as he hurt, he had a duty to make her feel better.

He winced as he saw the state of his bed. There was a little bit of blood on them, and they were extremely crumpled. "Sorry. I'm sure you remember I'm a slob." He looked at her again, a small smile on his lips. She looked so pale and so... frightened. He frowned, heading into his bathroom and filling a glass with water. He brought it out and handed it to her. "Don't you go fainting on me." He said, going over to sit on the couch.

He self-consciously pulled his hoodie sleeves over his hands. There weren't that many cuts on his hands, but he still didn't want Amy to see them. She appeared to have enough on her mind already. "Okay, Amy. We both know something's bothering you. Out with it."

It brought him right back to his days at Arcana. Whenever Amy was stressing about something, Chris brought her into his room or into the common room to talk it over, and she would always do the same for him. Of course, it was usually over a break-up or end of term exams or something small. But he had a feeling that it was something huge this time. Something which would blow everything else out of the water.

"And, Amy, don't you go trying to bullshit me. We mightn't have talked for five years, but I can still read you like a book." He said, a small grin on his face. He shifted his hoodie uncomfortably and winced. He wanted to take it off, but then the cuts on his arms would be prominent, and it would look like he cut himself. Which, of course, he hadn't, and never would.

He clasped his hands together, playing with his sleeves, trying to resist the temptation to remove his t-shirt and hoodie. His trousers were loose enough that they didn't rub the cuts. He noticed his torn, bloodstained clothes near his foot and quickly kicked them away, hoping Amy hadn't seen them. He wouldn't be wearing that t-shirt again. Except maybe for Halloween.

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#, as written by Korrye

It seemed to take forever to Jay to leave and for the dust to settle. Things still rattled and papers and clothes were flung by stray gusts until Cor was completely removed from the room. When they both had departed Lulu found herself covered in a hundred shards of splintered wood, clinging to her bedside lamp and looking over a Alli’s formerly pristine side of the bedroom. “She’s going to hate me,” she thought unhappily, before setting the light back on her nightstand and getting to cleaning.

* * *

She was dressed and it wasn’t her choice of clothing. She was wearing, of all things, something Drake had wanted. A short layered graded gray skirt. The ruffles were so out of character for her. She was more often in jeans and rarely revealed her legs. For a top she wore a basic black v neck t-shirt. The bra he had chosen was something she’d bought so long ago when she’d needed it. The push up black lace fabric had her visible at the neckline of the shirt, something she wasn’t necessarily comfortable with. But he said she looked sexy when he’d helped her into the outfit. The underwear was a surprise. He'd tossed it at her as a joke and when he'd left she hadn't originally been wearing it. Now that she was, she wondered if he would be surprised. He’d shown up and scared her shitless as she tried to salvage the bedroom. It was merely payback really.

With soup and teases to spare, she’d asked him to help her change her clothes. She was angry with Cor and up and moving but exhaustion remained and made her so tired that it was hard to even lift her arms. His response was to simply take her shirt off while asking. Lulu had rolled herself in the sheets before demanding he choose and hand her something to wear – preferably not laced with wood splinters. She’d kicked him out later to get her a bottle of vintage rum so that she could at least do her make-up and think twice about what she was doing. She had left her hair straight and chosen a silver necklace in his absence, and of course donned his choice of bra and lace underwear. With her face freshened up and another half hour of sleep under her belt, she looked visibly better. About 100x better than that morning, that much was certain.

Lulu found herself in front of the mirror, contemplating whether she should go to Jackson's party at all. She saw her outward confidence as she turned her back to the mirror and looked over her shoulder at the way her clothes hugged her figure. She was worried about the statement her outfit made and terrified of who would see her in it. Jackson was never one to not invite a person which likely meant that Cor and Jay would be there, as would Erin and Jade and all the other people who loved to make her life hard. They would either taunt her or others and she didn’t know if she could back down again. She felt like a coward for letting Cor win. She didn’t like to be cowed. She didn’t like how her words lingered in her mind, making her look at Drake with apprehension. Did he want a quick fuck out of her to add her to his list of conquests? She was so scared of what he made her feel. Whenever he was in front of her, all the doubts disappeared and they could tease each other and bicker like an old married couple. Just like all those nights in Noctrem. Nothing felt different. In fact, she’d so quickly lost track of time when he’d been in her room again. And it didn’t matter that she’d spent so long in a cold shower nearly freezing herself as she mulled over him leaving her for Erin. He had come back. That did say something didn’t it?

Lulu didn’t like that she was consumed with this issue. It seemed trivial to be so worried about what she felt about Drake or whether to act on it. Yet it was like she was drowning in it and couldn’t avoid it. There was a party to go to now. And she’d told Drake she would be there after he bugged her about it. She still didn’t want to go, even though Jackson was hosting. There was so much that could happen.

But her salvation was there in the form of a bottle of aged rum. She wanted a stiff drink, something that would burn on the way down and cloud her mind from reality. If only for a night. Jack had promised her a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. Drake was bringing her her requested vintage. She would be drunk and blissfully unaware of all the shit that was happening and had happened. And god she would finally sleep. Alcohol could do that for her. And, thankfully, she was a quiet drunk. It sounded worthwhile, if only to take the edge off.

So she slipped out of her room, locking it behind her. She’d left a note for Alli on her bed in case the girl came back. It was simplistic, apologizing for having not formally met her yet and for the residual mess. She explained that Corentine had come looking for Jay and grown angry, so much so that her wind based powers had gotten out of control. She was supremely sorry if anything was damaged and offered to pay for anything that was. She hoped to meet her at the party later and she said so at the bottom before signing her name as she always did.

A second letter was in her hand and it didn’t take long to deliver. She slid it under a door not far from hers, knowing that it was Jay’s suite. She felt like she needed to explain why she’d backed down earlier. She had seen his disappointment when she’d stayed put on the bed. On any normal day she would stand up to Cor but earlier she had smelt blood. Not wanting to risk her head, she’d let them go. But that didn’t mean she was against getting to know him. Their momentary conversation was enough to let her know that something else was there. He had come to see Cor for what she really was and all he wanted was someone loyal to him. She wasn’t sure if she could be his lover, but she still wanted to get to know him better. And his comments weren’t leaving her either. All she could think about was how he’d told her so firmly that she deserved better.

As she left the dormitory wing of the building, she sent Jackson a text:

To: Jack xo
I am en route to the food portion of your soiree. Hope you have that bottle of JD for me. And don’t comment on what I’m wearing. Your new roommate chose it and I didn’t have the strength to argue.

From: Lu xxoo

When she arrived at the gazebo, things seemed low key. Music was playing and the food smelt delicious. Lulu scanned the crowds of students starting to mill around, searching for her best friend, or Drake for that matter. Instead her eyes landed on Jaysin who was standing at the bar. His posture made her eyebrows knit in worry. She could see that he was intoxicated Lulu watched him toss something to the bartender as she stood beside a table of cheese and crackers. Part of her wished that she could walk over there, talk to him and try to carry him off to his room. He was making a show of himself and she didn’t know what to think. But Cor was ever present, on the other of the bar and seated beside a man Lulu didn’t much care for: Max Henderson. Lulu took a toothpick with a square of gouda on it, bringing it between her lips and only nibbling on the end in wait. It was almost like watching a train wreck waiting to happen.



Katia had arrived early. As a chaperone she felt obligated to watch the students who arrived carefully. She was young enough to know that most people pre-drank before they arrived at a party that wasn’t their own. While most students weren’t of legal American drinking age, she wasn’t one to come down on them for doing so. As a native Italian, she had been drinking wine since she was six and having dinner. If consumed responsibly, she had no issue. It was when the puking started and the brawls happened that she was concerned. And so she watched, calculating in her head what they were consuming and how quickly the blood alcohol content of students was given to rise. She had waited enough tables and made enough drinks to know all this. It was second nature to her.

The brunette was seated offside, still dressed in her clothes from that afternoon. Reclining in a chair, she held a wide rimmed wine glass in her hand and sipped from a merlot casually, pausing to swirl it every so often. Leo had slipped from her mind. He’d told her to be there, to watch the kids as he was going to stay in the office and work out some kinks with the roommate pairings and class schedules. She also had specific instructions to watch Max. While she had stormed out of his office angrily – this had been exactly what she’d feared, additional conditions to her employment – she was almost amused by the man. He’d been piss drunk when he’d stumbled into the office earlier. And now that he was almost sober he was getting drunk again. His choice of liquor dismayed her. Vodka. It made her cluck her dissatisfaction already. He definitely still acted the part of a teenager. And it was almost funny to watch.

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Mo was on her seventh glass of juice by now(at least. She'd lost count after the third.) and was starting to feel more than a little tipsy. Her judgement was clouded, and everything just seemed so much simpler. Everybody was friendly here! There was no division! She stood up and tripped over her own feet. Giggling as she clambered up, she brushed herself down. She felt like singing. She felt very much like singing loudly. But, instead, she turned around and ordered another drink. What little part of her rational thought was left suddenly noticed the bartender pouring vodka into it. He wasn't going lightly on it either. Her drink was roughly 50/50 vodka and juice. She was about to object, but then the alcohol in her system made her ignore it. The realisation hit her like a brick.

Oh dear God. I'm drunk.

She downed half of her glass in one, before deciding to head over to Zac, who was standing talking to Emma. I like Emma. Emma's nice. In fact, everyone here is nice.

Wobbling on her heels, she made her way over to Zac. "Hey, Zacky!" If she was sober, she may have noticed the flash of irritation in his eyes. "Hey, Mo. Are you alright?" He asked, his eyes narrowing. "Yes. I'm fine. I'm perfect in fact. The bartender put loads-" She gestured wildly with her hands. "-of vodka in my drink, so I think I'm drunk. Have you ever gotten drunk, Zac?" He shook his head, a small grin on his face.

"Oh. That's a shame. Are you sure?" She stumbled a little, and he caught her arms. "Come on, I'm taking you to your room. You have no alcohol tolerance. Where's your purse?" She looked around. "Oh, at the bar." He sighed and shook his head, before turning to Emma and saying, "I'll be back in a few minutes." He then took Mo's arm. She grinned as they crossed the garden together. He grabbed her purse and went to turn away. "No, Zac, I want to finish my drink." She insisted. "No. We're getting you to bed." He said, his grin beginning to become strained. "No, I'm finishing my drink." She insisted loudly. He tried to drag her away, but she pulled her arm from his grip. "Jeez, Zac, what the hell is your problem?"

"Just because you had a crappy past is no reason for you to spoil my fun! You might have seen your father shot, but you were fourteen! I was eight when my mom died!" His eyes began to darken. Normally, this would have registered as a warning sign. But tonight, nothing was the same. "And you weren't even hurt when you were held hostage! You got snapped up into foster care as soon as your father was killed! Social services never even rang up to check my dad and I were coping!" She proclaimed loudly, loud enough for everyone around to hear. Zac stepped away from Mo, his grin gone. His fists were bunched up into balls.


He tried to keep his cool. He tried to remind himself that his friend was drunk, and that she didn't know what she was saying. But as she kept talking, he felt his anger building and building. His grin disappeared. His fists balled up. Today was not his day.

He shoved her purse towards her. She stumbled back, looking surprised. "I thought I could trust you, Mo! I told you all of these things for a reason! You promised me that you wouldn't tell anyone, even on pain of death! But you have a few drinks, and they all come spilling out! You think you're so great, knowing all my secrets! Just because you can't keep a secret, so you don't have any!" His friend straightened up. "You think I can't keep a secret? Well, guess what? I can! I managed to keep one from you! My ex found me again! He threatened me over text! He can find me!" Normally, this would trigger Zac's instinct to shut the hell up. But he was in one of his rages, and he couldn't stop himself as he shouted back at her. "You think that's in the same league as mine? As my father getting shot in front of me? As knowing my mom would never turn up to help? What about when my foster parents threw me out?" She yelled back at him, "You done something about that! You made them forget!" He roared back at her, "They still never trusted me again! I would have left if I didn't know that nobody else wanted me! And I was smart enough not to live on the streets! Do you know what it's like to go home every summer and know that the only you're there is because they pity you? No? I didn't think so."

He stormed away from the party, away from his friends, away from his one home. He headed for the forest. He broke into a run, finding his walking pace too slow. Gradually, the sound of the music faded as he lost himself in the trees. Finding a secluded spot, he sat on the ground and wrapped his arms around his knees. His rage began to fade, along with the paranoia he had been experiencing earlier. He rested his head on his knees. What had he done? He had just roared at his best friend in the whole world. Admittedly, she had muttered as he had been walking away, "Well, excuse me." But if she had any recollection of this in the morning, she would be so upset. And that was the last thing Mo needed if her ex was back.

He considered going back to the party. But it would just be too awkward. He would probably spend a few hours in here and then head back when Mo had probably gone to bed. He just wanted his own company now.


Alli closed her book, and sliding her phone out of her pocket, she sent a quick text to Mo, saying she'd be going to the party. She clambered from her chair and headed up to her room. She stopped with shock as she saw the door torn from it's hinges. She stepped into the room, which looked literally like a hurricane had hit it. She turned to her roommate. "What the hell did you do to my room?"

Jackson's party

Alli ran her fingers through her hair and stepped outside. She had chosen heroutfit after clearing up the room a little. Her clothes had remained mainly dust-free, and her shoes were pretty much pristine. She didn't usually attend these parties, but she had decided to attend this one. Usually her and Emma stayed in one of their rooms and watched a movie. Alli was willing to bet that before the night was over, they'd be back to their normal routine.

The place looked fantastic, Alli had to admit. Jackson always pulled out all the stops, and tonight was no exception. She looked around and noticed Zac shouting at Mo. She raised her eyebrows and went to the bar, ordering herself a drink. She took it from the bartender and headed to a table by herself. She merely watched as the drama unfolded, unable to hear what was being said as she was sitting beside a speaker. Zac stormed away and Mo came over to Alli's table. The blonde had clearly been drinking. She was giggling to herself and was unsteady on her feet. Mo drained her glass. "Hello, Alli. Zac and I had a little argument." Alli grinned. "I saw. Come on, you're sleeping that alcohol off." Mo grinned easily. "Okay so."

Alli took the blonde's arm. Mo was unsteady on her feet, and Alli was terrified that she'd fall and drag both of them down. They made it up to her room without too much incident. Alli wasn't really worried about Mo- she was worried about everyone else. If Mo kept drinking, she'd get aggressive, and Mo could very easily knock someone out. At least if she was asleep, she'd be in slightly better shape in the morning, and she-and everyone else- would be safe.

The blonde kicked her shoes off as soon as she got to the room. She lay down on the bed and Alli covered her up with the sheets. Closing the door gently, Alli headed downstairs. Bored, she ordered herself another drink and sat back at her table beside the speakers.

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This wasn't fun; this was torture. Not for the first time in her life, Ashleigh Fox felt like a puppet. She had no life, no soul, no emotions other than the ones that Drake Quellen was putting into her. He was pulling all the strings, controlling the conversation. The worst part for the blonde was that he knew his position all that well. She could tell by his smile that he was satisfied with the state he had her in. Dammit, why was she still here? The other side of the room was a much safer place. There were people that weren't trying to... she couldn't exactly explain what it was Drake was doing to her, all she knew that she didn't want to leave... but she didn't want to stay either.

Sky had earlier suggested that the pair dance. Dance?! Was this man serious?! Sky was all about taking risks, the blonde had deduced that much when she had met him, but that suggestion was just damm right stupid. Sure, she could dance and she was good at it. In fact, Dancing was the only thing Ashy actually had confidence at... helped by the teachers here. She had often been admired by Ms martin for her creative style of dancing and she had to admit, she was pretty damm good at it. However, two trains of thoughts crossed the blondes mind. The first; dancing now, with the hot male, was just going to make her look like a fool. Secondly, dancing with Drake in front of the rest of his fan club was boarding on a death sentence.

'Old habits die..' Her sentence was cut short by the disturbance at the end of the bar between Zac and Mo. For a few seconds, the blonde looked over Drakes shoulder to observe the scene. Mo was... different. It looked like she was drunk, which didn't make sense. Ashy knew that her friend rarely had any sort of alcohol, if at all... Odd. Mo had obviously said something to rile Zack up, because he shouted at her for a while, before stalking off out of the tent. '...hard' She finished her sentence to Drake, with a small sigh. It had been a long time since Zack had got angry and even though she knew she wouldn't be much of a match for him, the blonde decided she needed to see him.

She was about to make her excuses and leave Drake, setting herself free but the pair where then joined by.... an extremely drunk Erin. Knowing that she was close to Cor, Ashy looked round instinctively for any sign of the Ice queen. She was still talking to a man she didn't recognize. However, the blonde knew that if she was friends with cor, she soon would. Turning back to the situation in hand, Ashy found herself being presented a with a bottle of whiskey by the rather drunk woman in front of her. She gave a small smile at the girl; she wouldn't drink it, everyone in the situation knew it, well apparently not Erin. Then, her puppet master spoke, telling her that she should drink it otherwise Erin would get worse. Bastard. Ashy was a caring person, almost to extremes... She clutched the bottle closer to her. She did agree with Drake that the blonde shouldn't have anymore. Erin was also trying to... protect her? This concept was also extremely strange to the blonde. They'd barely spoken.

What happened next truely stunned the pure blonde. Drake, this guy who had so far been...well a player, turned nasty. Ashy watched in horror as he just grabbed a chunk of Erin's hair and spoke to her like... he owned her. What the hell was this man?!

She held onto Erin to keep her steady as the blonde walked towards her, and told her all about Drake. Even though the woman leaning into her was totally ruined, Somehow Ashy knew she was speaking the truth. 'Help me' She whispered. Why turn to this girl? They had barely spoken....but at that moment.. Ashy has never felt more scared. She watched as the blonde walked away to sit alone. Ashy thought of going to sit with her, to make sure she was alright. But first, the blonde needed to...confront? No she'd lose that argument... Question Drake. 'What the hell did you just do?!' Ashy asked, the shock from the past from moments coming through in her voice.

He's going to kill me.


Jess been at the party for a while now. She had entered the party with Mo. who had then warned her not to get too drunk. She gave a small smile before retorting 'I'm a Noctrem student, we get drunk on a regular basis.' As her room mate walked away, the brunette had taken a while to survey the scene around her.

The party beautifully set out; Jack had done well. Of course he had, he was Irish, they always knew how to have a good time. St Patrick's Day was evidence enough of that. There was enough food on the tables to feed an army and, the idea of the bar insinuated that there was enough drink at the bar to get them all suitability merry. Maybe a little more than that for some. Jess smiled wryly, surveying the scene of people she vaguely knew. Drake was with Ashy. Poor girl, so naive, so sweet. He was just a bastard and everyone with a brain knew it. Further up the bar there was Cor standing with Mr Henderson; the man with the oxymoronic job in the world, considering how... detached he was and yet, he seemed to be having a quite intriguing conversation with Cor. Fitting really, the two were perfect for each other.

As the brunette looked further along the bar, she spotted her room mate again, this time with Zack. She saw the male get angry at Mo, who didn't seem quite right..Jessica watched the male stormed out of the tent, for a moment she was torn. She knew how angry Zack got and she wanted to make sure the poor boy didn't get hurt as he had done several times before, but she was also ever so aware of her room mates position. Thankfully, Ali had taken Mo under wing and the brunette decided that the situation didn't needed addressing anymore.

As the brunette went and ordered a Vodka and Lemonade from the bar, her first drink of the night, she reflected on her day. First, she'd been left by a woman that claimed to be her best friend, then she'd been completely bewitched by the sexy Irishman that was Jackson Murphy and finally she'd had Mo crawl in her mind and shown her some frankfully distressing images that the brunette was sure, if she was sober by the end of the night, she'd probably have nightmares about. Yup. she needed this drink. It was vital.

Then a sight caught Jess's eye; Killian Jackson sitting on his own. This a strange situation, not that in the sense that he was alone, but in the sense that Jay was nowhere to seen. Jess was baffled by this; Killian had changed so much in recent times, now he was alone? The brunette was curious. Grabbing her drink from the bar, she made her way over to the man with the cheeky grin. As she did so, she spotted Jackson by the buffet, with Lulu who looked... unlike herself. Not that it didn't suit her, of course, it just wasn't what the world normally saw of the blonde girl. She then cast on eyes on Jackson, who was looking incredibly smart tonight, she gave a small wave of greeting, giving a small smile as she remembering their flirting session earlier.

'Mr Jackson, you intrigue me' She told Killian, pulling up a chair and sitting next to him as she finally reached the table, 'You're sitting here, completely alone, why?' She added, in way of explanation.

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#, as written by Mela

Rebecca’s day had been a tad too weird for her liking. Generally all this moving around and insecurity was getting to her, nerves standing on end. She didn’t like it. The assembly earlier had been informal, and a tad worrying as well. As a woman who had been enrolled at first Arcana, then Noctrem, Rebecca had decent knowledge of the school differences, and she could just tell that this whole roommates-mess would be going south way too soon. Leo would’ve been better off changing them, but she supposed time was an issue too. She sighed, steadying the human sized punching ball she had been taking her frustrations out on, hugging it calmly. She’d gone down to the gym after the pop music from the student party going on had come to give her a headache. She wasn’t in a bad mood per se, but she was rather distracted and maybe a tad too pensive. She wasn’t the most social of people so instead of seeking out company, the female teacher had found her way down to her new favorite companion; the punching bag situated in the school gym. The only time she’d really ever find people to be around was Friday evenings.

Why Fridays? Well, those were the days Donny would leave her at her aunt’s to stay the night. Said aunt would always be passed out on the couch, and since she had been old enough to stop herself from being lonely on Fridays, she always had. Just one of the many twitches her brain did due to her past. She watched the red punching bag for a little while, before taking a few steps back, her body falling into that familiar stance; feet positioned about shoulder-width apart, left foot in front of the other, and her hands up near the sides of her face. Then, movements quick and practiced, Rebecca began a series; jab cross, stomp kick, jab cross, roundhouse kick, spinning back kick, jab cross… and so forth. The blonde kept right on going, her ponytail swinging wildly with every move. The teacher’s outfit was starting to absorb the sweat caused by her kickboxing moves and she had already removed the jacket. It wasn’t even a complicated series, but Rebecca recognized that she was a bit out of practice.

That was the thing with kickboxing; it wasn’t something you just did. You had to keep in perfect shape to keep up, and during their stay in the motel, Rebecca’s options had been rather limited. She had taken a run every morning, but she hadn’t been able to get near a decent punching bag, and she small ones boxers usually used would not do for kickboxing. Getting back at it felt amazing. Finally, after another ten minutes of constant jabs and kicks, the blonde, breathing heavily now, stopped, steadying the bag once more, a satisfied grin on her face, her body shining with sweat. “That’ll have to do for tonight,” she mused aloud, patting the punching bag before moving to pick up her jacket and sports bag. Then she padded into the dressing room, quickly washing herself down before throwing on her bikini. She put her hair back up in its ponytail, picked up her things and made her way down to the indoor swimming pool; the one intended for academic usage. Mostly because that was the better one when it came to actual swimming instead of playing around.

Rebecca dropped her things by one of the chairs before taking a swan dive into the pool, her body soon moving in its usual swimming pattern, switching between butterfly, crawl, and backstroke. By now she was so used to her preferred form of exercise that her body had begun remembering the movements by itself, which meant her brain was completely relaxed as her legs and arms brought her back and forth between each far end of the pool. In the morning she figured her mind might finally be ready to do some actual work. Which would be an advantage considering the party going on. If she knew her students, and she did, she was going to have a lot of managing to do. Steven wasn’t going to be happy with her sending so many students his way, but hey, he could take that up with Leo or at least someone who actually cared.


Drake merely took a sip of his whiskey before nodding slightly, his eyes capturing hers, when Ashy began talking, almost starting to lecture her. He didn’t say anything, but really he thought it amusing that the girl considering him and Erin more than friends. They were less than friends. That was the thing. She was a chick he fucked. Why did everyone think that meant he considered the girl a friend? Was that how it worked for everyone, because it didn’t seem that way to Drake. Then again, some were probably lying about the “friends” part. Hell, a lot of people did folks they didn’t even know. Was it then so wrong of him to fuck a girl he knew, but didn’t necessarily care about? Drake didn’t personally think so, but then again, his morality was oftentimes a tad fucked up. Anyway, Ashy trailed of easily enough, the outrage ebbing from her pretty eyes. Ah, sweet success. Sometimes people were a bit too predictable though. Especially little wallflowers like Ashleigh Fox. So easily manipulated by people who had even the slightest idea of what to do. This was child’s play to the male.

Slowly the look in her eyes changed, however, into something Drake recognized quite well. He couldn’t stop a seductive smirk from playing at his lips in response. So when Ashy asked him what he was doing to her, Drake chuckled easily, watching the familiar blush creep across her face. “Well,” he began, voice a seductive, dark purr, “that depends what you’re thinking of.” With that, he let his eyes do a tour of her body, just for effect, his smile growing once he reached her eyes again. At this point, the blonde dropped her gaze and Drake took the time to take a sip of his whiskey, feeling it glide its way down like silk. When the blonde looked back up, Drake smiled wryly. It was just too funny. She was going to check on Erin was she? Because Erin was her responsibility? That was bloody hilarious. “Well, you do need it,” Drake teased when Ashy asked him to wish her luck on handling his sister and Erin, especially if the two were going to be at odds now. Suddenly Drake felt happy to be in a different House.

Drake’s eyes had turned to watching the scene between Lulu and Jackson when he felt someone take his drink from his hand. Eyebrows raised, he turned his gaze to the thief; Ashy. Who… was actually taking a sip, probably mostly as a demonstrative gesture, because she sure didn’t look like she was enjoying it… considering the minimal sip she had taken. So when she commented, he laughed. He had to say the move surprised him a little, which only made it funnier. Of course on top of the fact that she looked like a stubborn child trying to take a stand with a parent because she wasn’t getting her way and wanted to be more “grown up”. “If that’s your point,” he countered easily, teasing her again, “you should probably drink the whole thing.” She quickly made her excuses after that and hurried away from him, more or less running off. He laughed again, not able to help himself. It was simply too precious. He watched her walk for a little bit before remembering Lulu and Jackson. The two had seemed quite tense for a bit there. Lulu looking uncomfortable, Jackson looking miserable. Now Lulu was leaving McKenna.

What the hell? Was everyone going to be miserable messes today? His sister, Erin, Jackson and Lulu, and he’d briefly noted Zac storming off, leaving a very drunk Mo. Well, Max was managing his sister, apparently, Ashy was going to try and deal with Erin, he could tell Alli was with Mo, but that was it. Jackson was off to himself and probably wanted to stay that way right now, and Lulu… well… he let his dark eyes follow her, and quickly gathered she was heading upstairs… with both Jack D and his rum. Someone wanted to get pissed, huh? She wasn’t getting drunk alone, he soon decided. He actually wanted her company back, and he was growing curious as to what had just happened. The male took his time drinking the rest of his whiskey, also giving Lulu the time to calm herself down a bit. Once he finished his drink a while later, Drake put a bit of money on the counter; tips for the bartender, but kept the glass as he followed Lulu’s path to the living quarters. He was counting on her being in her own room, which… probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do when you were drunk, considering how the place had splinters everywhere.

As he made his way to Lulu and Alli’s room, he thought things over. What did he even want with Lulu? With a bit of alcohol comfortably coursing through his blood, he felt his mind clearing somewhat. He knew he wanted Lulu’s company, he knew he wanted to treat her well make sure she didn’t get herself hurt. He also knew that he wanted to kiss her. Badly. Concluding on this, he gathered he was probably pretty into the girl. They were strange emotions that he wasn’t used to, but part of him liked the way it made him feel when he was with Lulu. He ran a hand through his hair just as he turned a corner, making Lulu visible. What was she doing on the floor outside her room? As he got closer yet, his pace picking up, he noticed her crying and surprisingly… it sent a stabbing jolt through his heart. Though that feeling too, was new, Drake knew what it meant; seeing Lulu like this wasn’t something he ever wanted to again. She had his rum practically glued to her lips too.

Instead of saying something though, Drake gently pried the alcohol from her hands when he reached her. He put the bottle and his glass down a little bit away from them and squatted down in front of her before he moved his hands up to brush the blonde hair out of her now moist face. “Lulu, what the hell are you doing?” He asked her, worry shining in his voice, his dark eyes taking on a considerable glint of concern too. He didn’t even care to cover it up; he just wanted the girl in front of him to feel better. Seeing her like this was also hurting him. He had no idea how to deal with any of this, but he was all she had right now, so he’d try. He was a piss poor excuse for a comfort, though, that much he knew, but maybe Lulu’s feeling for him would at least help him a little here. He moved both his thumbs up to wipe away her tears, looking into her eyes. “What happened?” The whole thing was disconcerting, because he had literally never cared when he had seen others crying. Never. Suddenly, just because it was Lulu, his heart was supposed to hurt with every beat?

If this was all there was to caring, why would anyone want it? Were people really slaves to their emotions this way?

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Chris watched as Katia tried to stand. He wanted to help, but there was something in her face that told him not to. "Well, if I want to walk tomorrow I need to do something about it. Thank you for entertaining me this evening. It was pleasant to meet you Chris. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of each other," Chris smiled and got to his feet. "It was my pleasure to entertain such a lovely lady," He replied. Katia wasn't done, however. She kissed his on either cheek. Chris could feel himself blushing and hoped that Katia didn't notice. "Buonanotte," She whispered in his ear. He watched her walk away slowly.

As soon as Katia re-entered the school, Chris collapsed into his chair. "Wow," He muttered to himself. What a woman. He sure would enjoy working with Katia Hunt. He drained his new glass of juice, his eyes returning to the crowds. People were beginning to leave with their respective partners. Chris didn't want to think about how late it was. He got to his feet and headed back for the school, mingling with the students. He responded to all of their compliments with a smile and a laugh, but his mind was still on the events of his day.

He got back to his room and let himself in. He threw himself onto the bed and allowed himself to laugh out loud. He had found Amy again. He had met a really hot co-worker and had even managed to steal a dance. He got to his feet again and put some music on. He then proceeded to dance around the room, singing his heart out while collecting up things he felt he needed for the next day. Once the CD was finished, he collapsed back onto his bed.

He rooted through the pile of paper that had awaited him on the desk. There was several forms that had to be filled out, his schedule, and several other sheets that probably had important information on them, but which he couldn't be bothered reading. He threw them back onto the desk and sighed happily. He changed into the old tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt that he slept in and climbed onto the bed. Before long he was passed out.

(Sorry, little short but wasn't sure what else to write.)


Alli laughed and flicked her hair away from her face. She was walking away from the dancefloor after showing the others exactly how gymnastics should be done. She had then proceeded to start dancing with the various guys that were clearly drunk and were trying to chat her up. There had been a few nice sober boys from Arcana, but they had all been too shy to tell them their names. Alli was short, but she could be intimidating.

She collapsed back into her chair to fix her shoe. Some guy came over and leaned on the table, his face about six inches away from Alli's. "Hey. Can I get you a drink?" He slurred, the smell of alcohol almost overpowering. "No, thank you, I'm good." Alli replied, putting her foot back on the ground and leaning back. "You sure, sugar? Most girls would kill for a drink with me," He insisted, trying to wink at her. "I don't doubt that. But I'm not most girls." She replied, laughing a little as she got to her feet. He straightened up. "You're a little short, anyway," He called as he walked away. Alli raised an eyebrow as he rejoined his friends. She looked around. People were beginning to leave in pairs. Alli shook her head and picked up her purse. She headed for the sanity of her room.

Alli froze as she came to the corridor along by her room. The door was blown clean off it's hinges. The room looked like a hurricane had passed through it. "What the hell happened here?" She exclaimed. She picked her way across the floor. Her side of the room appeared to be relatively intact, so she simply scribbled a note.

I won't ask what happened here. But you're cleaning it up.


She dropped the note on her roommate's bed and kicked off her shoes. Changing into her favourite pyjamas, she picked up her laptop and flicked open the lid. She reached under her bed for a bar of chocolate as she waited for it to load. She checked her email. There was a lot of junk, a few emails regarding competition entries, various requests for judging amateur competitions and different bits and pieces. Nothing of great importance.

Alli climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom, washing away her make-up and brushing her hair. She stared back into the mess of a bedroom and sighed. Her roommate was nowhere to be found and the room was eerily quiet. Even as her footsteps crossed the floor, the room was far too quiet. she was far enough away from the party so she couldn't hear the music, but she wanted to be able to her it, to remind her that she wasn't alone. She shut the curtains and climbed under the covers, awaiting the new day. Before long, she was asleep.

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#, as written by Korrye

The hangover was there. She could feel it the moment she tried to correct herself after banging her head into the wall. Yes, she tried to shield herself from the sight before her. Lulu didn’t want to see Jackson like this. She didn’t want to even think about what he had done. He was her childhood friend. Even when Beth was pregnant she hadn’t thought twice about what he had done to make that happen. He had had sex without protection and yes she had ribbed him for that but she had never wanted to visualize it. By then she had gotten over the heartbreak of being left behind. By then she had settled for dying alone and staying permanently in the friend zone. Here and now was something else. To see this now, after everything that he had said to her…that all was very present in her memory and that made her stomach churn twice more on top of the residual alcohol.

"Jessica, please. Find those god-damned keys,” Jackson demanded. She could hear his frustration and it was a reality that made her heart sink a little. Here she was in front of him, disheveled with just fucked hair and hickies down the length of her throat. She respected him so much to not be this girl, parading herself with another man in front of him. She was not that girl. And yet in that moment she was.

“Jesus, Lulu, try to not hurt yourself for once, will you?” Drake clucked at her. Lulu blinked twice, feeling as he took hold of her head, one hand on her forehead and the other on her lower back. His touch made her jump, a tickle running up her spine and making her squirm in his touch. “Calm down,” Drake chided her further. “Easy for you to say,” she retorted and she could hear in her head something from last night. Laughter to the point that her stomach hurt, writhing under his arms as he tickled her where she was insanely sensitive – just under her ribs. Her rant went on then, and she looked at him, watching him shake his head with a wry smile.

“I carried you here because you were drunk out of your mind, and your own room happens to be filled with splinters. Not the best place to put a girl in an alcohol induced coma,” Drake informed her. Lulu rolled her eyes, bringing a hand to rub her eyes. She bowed her head and he kissed her forehead, not even caring that Jackson was behind him. She blushed, again registering that she was in her t-shirt and skirt but without undergarments. Inhaling to speak, she turned to look at him again but he cut her off before she even started. “We’ll talk about the rest later, okay?” he told her. Lulu bit her tongue, watching at he removed himself from the bed effortlessly. Like a modern Adonis he stood, giving her a full view of his gorgeous naked back. Suddenly her mouth wasn’t so dry and she shook her head as he paused and looked over his roommate and companion. Lulu watched as Drake gave Jessica a once over. Immediately she felt a frustration creep over her. Mad jealousy took her for a spin, boiling in her stomach before taking over her hungover mind. He was giving her a once over, taking in every inch of exposed skin. Lulu almost wanted to growl and make some sort of claim. Who was she turning into? She snapped out of it quickly.

“You know, I didn’t think you’d actually ever use them,” Drake laughed, referencing the cuffs. Lulu cast a glance over at her friend then, seeing his frustration. “Drake,” she chided, trying to prevent him from rubbing in the situation. Her condoning of his behavior did nothing. Lulu doubted he even heard her. She began to pull herself from the bedding, finding her hand eye coordination somewhat faltering. Frustrated, she tore at his sheets from where they were tangled around her legs and within a minute she had herself free. She swung herself to stand, careful to keep her skirt in all the right places.

“Next time you probably shouldn’t leave the key out for everyone to see… and hide. Mind you, I applaud the kinkiness,” Drake smirked. Lulu scanned the room for anything that was hers and found only her heels from the night before, kicked off by the door – or likely taken off by Drake not that she could remember. Drake turned to her then and she looked past the man who had taken care of her last night to her best friend, looking him directly in the eye. She didn’t smile or frown, she just looked at him and felt…sorry. But it wasn’t pity because not a moment later did she look at Drake with narrowed eyes, trying to express her frustration with him. He had brought her back here knowing Jackson was his roommate. She had told him everything, that too was in her memory. Somehow it hadn’t dawned on him to be more considerate.

But then again, when was Drake Quellen ever considerate of someone other than himself? Rarely. And today was not one of those moments.

“If you don’t mind, my roommate and I probably need to talk, so…” Drake trailed. Lulu looked back over at Jackson, holding her shoes with both hands against her stomach, half wanting to cross her legs. Their room felt breezy – or maybe it was just her mind over thinking. The thud of her hangover was very present in her temples too, but she felt clarity when she looked at her friend.

“Jackson, I didn’t mean…” Lulu trailed, biting her lip as she fought for words. “I didn’t intend for you to see this.” Looking back over at Drake she smiled and flushed, eyes averting him. It was all she could say. There he was standing in front of her, chiseled body and all, and he had spent the entire night with her doing...something she couldn't remember. With that she pulled open the door. No sooner had she swung it open then she caught her bra, hanging on the outside of the knob. Raising her eyes to the ceiling, she prayed to God she hadn’t done what she was thinking she had done. Snatching it, she slipped outside into the hall. She kept the door open only so much as to squeeze through, closing it to let Jessica dress before she left…in something. It was up to them. And oddly Lulu found herself right in front of her blown off door, a makeshift curtain tacked over it in the meantime. Her room was opposite his. Again. Great. How had this happened?

Lulu knocked on the door frame before she stepped inside, immediately hissing when her left foot connected with a stray splinter of door. Her side of the room was still dominated by destruction and on top of it all was a note. Dropping her shoes and bra on the floor, she cautiously stepped over to collect it, glancing over to see her roommate sound asleep in her bed.

“I won't ask what happened here. But you're cleaning it up.


Wincing, Lulu tossed the note back on the bed, moving to her duffel bag still left at the foot of the bed in search of extra strength Advil.

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Mo was woken abruptly as Jessica stormed into the room. She winced as her head began to pound and her stomach twisted. "What the fuck, Jessica?" She groaned. She sat up groggily and nearly collapsed back into the bed. She felt like hell warmed up. She desperately tried to remember what happened, but she came up blank. Her headache definitely wasn't helping. Jessica came back into the room and stared at her closet. "Thanks for waking me, Jess," Mo said sarcastically as she tried to work up the strength to get out of bed. She wasn't in the mood for being nice.

She dragged her feet out of bed and put them on the floor. She managed to get to her feet. She wasn't exactly steady on them, and the fact that she nearly fell over her shoes definitely didn't help. She caught sight of herself in a mirror and realized that she was still wearing her dress. "What the freaking hell happened last night?" She muttered as she dragged herself out to the bathroom. There, she found a glass and filled it with water. Sipping it, she rested her head against the cool tiles. The last thing she could remember was... Checking her phone and ordering another drink. Everything went fuzzy after that. When her glass was empty and her head was still as bad, she found the box of paracetamol and swallowed two, before heading back into the bedroom. She didn't trust herself to stay awake or to even remain standing for a shower.

She opened her closet and stared at it blankly. Eventually she assembled an outfit and went into the bathroom to change. She dumped her dress in the laundry and ran her fingers through her hair. It was far from perfect, but she couldn't be assed to do anything with it. It would do her for today. She went back into her room and checked her timetable. Herbology first thing. Resisting the urge to collapse back into bed, she picked up her bag from the floor where it lay and took out her phone. She was almost dreading what might be on it, but there wasn't any new messages.

"Someone's very talkative in the mornings," She remarked, glancing over at Jess. Morgan sat on the bed, grabbing her iPod from her bedside locker. "Seriously, feel free to vent. My brain's not willing to take anything in this morning. I think it's gone on strike."


Alli rolled over to slap her alarm. She always liked to wake up relatively early, but it appeared she wasn't the only one. She jumped and nearly fell out of bed as she realized her roommate was in the room. Shoving herself up in the bed, she stretched. She raised an eyebrow as she saw her roommate rooting in her bag for something. "I might be stereotyping, but if you're looking for a hangover-related headache cure, there's some in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. There's some with caffeine in it, I think," She said as she climbed out of bed. She crossed the room to the bathroom and rooted briefly in the cabinet before stepping back into the room and throwing it towards her roommate. She didn't pay much attention to it. Her power meant that her aim was near perfect. "If you want the shower, you'll have to wait a few minutes," She called from the bathroom.

Alli came out of the shower a few minutes later with a towel wrapped around her. "Bathroom's free," She said simply as she turned to face her wardrobe. She pulled out an outfit and pulled it on. Dragging a brush through her hair, she turned to face her timetable where she had it pinned above her mirror. She had a free first thing. Her fingers played across her dressing table. She picked up her eyeliner, lipgloss and mascara and applied them carefully.

Make-up done, she went back to her bed and pulled out her laptop. She opened it up and waited for it to turn on. Her fingers tapped a rhythm on the keyboard. Her laptop simply wasn't complying, so she stepped into the cleanest part of the room and started her stretches. At the exact same moment as she lowered herself into the splits, her laptop decided it would be a good time to wake. She didn't bother getting up, simply reached and pulled it towards her. She rose into a standing position and went into her browser. Suddenly her screen froze. She swore at her laptop and hit it, even though her logic told her that neither would help. She hit a few keys on it and, when it still didn't respond, held the power button. It still didn't respond. Alli's morning didn't appear to be off to a good start. She had nothing to do until 9:15 other than her gymnastic routines, and even that would be a push.

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#, as written by Korrye

Lulu wrestled with the zipper of her duffel bag. The fabric was cheap and the luggage itself was long overdue for retirement. Frustration had her yank on it violently after two minutes and the fabric ripped. She hissed at it and inhaled sharply, looking over her shoulder at her roommate. No sooner had she turned back to her bag then an alarm clock sounded off. Lulu was startled, and she lost her coordination from where she was kneeling, falling forward into her bag and cussing under her breath. Her roommate shuffled and when Lulu looked over at Alli a second time the girl seemed surprised and just as caught off guard as she was. “Oh what she must think of me,” Lulu thought to herself, turning back to her bag and tearing back the fabric more so to get access to a small bag of pharmaceuticals that she kept with her – stomach flu remedies, Advil and the like.

"I might be stereotyping, but if you're looking for a hangover-related headache cure, there's some in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. There's some with caffeine in it, I think," Alli told her. Lulu sighed and pursed her lips, turning her head away from her roommate to roll her eyes. “While I am looking for advil, this is not normal. Neither was yesterday when I had a power hangover,” Lulu rebutted. “Well aren’t we getting off to a great start…” she added in thought, pulling the kit from her bag. Alli moved to the bathroom and before Lulu could think twice a bottle of Excedrin was flying at her. She moved to catch it only her hand eye coordination was less than stellar. It smacked her in arm and bounced onto the floor. “Didn’t need that,” she muttered.

"If you want the shower, you'll have to wait a few minutes," Alli called from the bathroom. “Is that a hint?” Lulu grumbled lowly, hearing the water turn on and the door close. She pulled open her own kit of pills, rooting through for her own extra strength Advil was it was nowhere to be found. Then it dawned on her that she had finished it yesterday morning. Now she had to borrow from her roommate and that thought just seemed to sour her mood further.

Lulu grabbed the bottle of Excedrin from the floor where it had fallen, popping the cap off and taking two pills as was recommended. Luckily she had left a bottle of water on her nightstand and using that she downed the medication, feeling limited relief. The water was refreshing, howveer, especially with her temples throbbing and her stomach churning with little food and much residual alcohol. Whisky. Damn Whiskey. Why did Drake have to indulge me? And where the hell was the bottle? Or the Jack’s that Jackson had given her? And her underwear?

That last part was rather mortifying. And she had no idea. As she moved to dress herself properly in clean clothes Lulu continued to glance around the room for her phone. Fortunately she had left it with her things the night before. When she unlocked the screen she was bombarded with a slew of texts from various people, the most urgent slew coming from of all people, her mother. Without reading them, Lulu deleted anything her parents had sent her. Still in the middle of checking messages, Alli emerged.

"Bathroom's free," Alli announced. Lulu tossed her phone on the bed and stood, walking past her without a word. “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” With access to her toiletries, Lulu brushed her hair free of knots, leaving it to hang straight, and applied careful but subtle makeup to cover the remaining dark circles under her eyes. She did have to admit that they were smaller than yesterday – a feat considering she was still hungover. Who was she kidding though? Drake and sleeping his bed had been the best sleep that she had had in months.

As Lulu re-entered the bedroom she watched as Alli flicked her computer screen. The blond paused, watching her roommate grow more flustered. How lucky would she be if what she was doing actually fixed the problem? Low chances, unless she had a little kick. Lulu held a hand behind her back, rubbing her fingers together as she concentrated on the computer. As she tried to get her power to kick in a wave of nausea rolled over her. At once the room blurred and she was forced to stop. Frustrated, she moved to sit on the edge of the bed. Rubbing her eyes she sighed before leveling with Alli.

“This is not the introduction that I wanted. And I’m going to be frank, having me for a roommate is probably the worst thing that could happen to you,” Lulu told her bluntly. “Yesterday Corentine Quellen decided to blow our bedroom door off it’s hinges because she could. And she got angry so her power went out of control, when she found her talking to her ex Jaysin, who had conveniently invited himself in to talk to me. I’m sorry about the mess and if anything you owned got ruined. I tried to clean up your side.”

So that explained the mess and the door and the splinters. What else was there? “And to be honest, when it comes to last night I can’t remember what I did. I don’t normally drink myself stupid, really. But my best friend…told me he loved me. And what it seems like an overreaction, it’s Jackson for Pete’s sake.”

At that she leaned forward and held her head in her hands, rubbing her eyes and still feeling that…anger and sadness over the revelation. He was right across the hall from her, freshly fucked and having seen her like this, becoming everything he said she would because Drake was Drake. Boyfriends were a little like dogs in that way, you started to change the way you dressed to accommodate them, to flirt. Her outfit had been his choice last night. Even this morning, she was wearing her skinny camo pants because they were more flattering and she knew she had all of her classes with Drake because they were in the same house.

“I’m sorry. I’m a bitch. If you hate me, join the club,” she muttered.

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"I’m sorry. I’m a bitch. If you hate me, join the club," Alli turned to Lulu and raised her eyebrows. Then she done the first thing that came to mind. She laughed. Once she started, she couldn't stop. Even when she told herself, "She's going to think you're cracked," she couldn't stop. Eventually, when her sides were starting to ache, she managed to stop. "Oh, honey, I don't hate you. Sure, I was a little irritated by my room being trashed, but I'm not that shallow. None of my stuff was ruined. There's a few splinters in some of my shoes, but they'll come out easily enough. And now that you've told me exactly what went on in your life last night, I don't care. I mean, if my best friend told me he loved me, I'd freak out. And that's leaving out the whole Corentine-" She made a face. "-issue. Don't you worry about her. She's forever telling me to shut my fucking mouth. If I took everything she said and done to me to heart, I wouldn't have the motivation to do my homework, let alone aim for Ivy League and the Olympics. I know what you need!" She exclaimed suddenly, reaching under the bed for a box. She pulled it out and opened it, tossing Lulu a bar of chocolate. "Chocolate helps in every situation." She said simply.

Alli didn't consider herself to be particularly close to Lulu, but she didn't like seeing people beat themselves up over something small. Alli really couldn't care less about her room, and she felt that the poor girl needed a pep talk. Alli never had been in the situation where her best friend had confessed their love for her. Mainly because most of her best friends were girls, and as far as she knew, they were straight. She wouldn't have a problem with them being gay, it would just be awkward if they were gay and in love with her. Anyway, back on track. Corentine had muttered some things about Alli, had said some things to her face, and had tried to trip her up on more than one occasion. And on more than one occasion, Alli had felt like freaking out at her. But she had forced herself to keep her head high and to simply ignore them. Other times she turned around with several smart retorts on her tongue. She wasn't afraid to let them out, either. She had been told before that it looked funny when she stood up to someone taller than her- which, in all honesty, was most people.

She slid the box back under her bed. "If you need advice on arguing, I'm your girl. I argued with my parents almost every night for two months straight on what school they sent me to. Then we found Arcana. Just a useless piece of information for you. Do what you will with it," She said, sitting back up. "Anyway. Time for a subject change. Let's talk powers. Mine's dexterity. It's simple, really. I have perfect balance and aim. Not the best, but far from the worst. Yours is..." She thought for a moment. "Luck manipulation, right? How does that work? Are you really good at poker?"

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#, as written by Korrye

She laughed. Lulu winced the moment a chuckle escaped Alli’s lips. Then it ballooned until her roommate appeared sore. Lulu turned her face away, holding her tongue between her teeth and wanting to swear. But the noise, the motion, it did bring her back to last night. She closed her eyes and through the haze a memory seemed to come back to her. Earlier in Drake’s room it had partially come through. Lulu could hear herself laughing, squirming and writhing under Drake as he attacked under her ribs with his hands, tickling her despite her protests. Her stomach was sensitive too and it had started when he’d set her down on a couch (where were there couches in this place?) and laid down on top of her, trying to pull some move by sliding his hands under her shirt. Only she’d started laughing and trying to get away from him because it was far was sensual – she was stupid ticklish and he loved it the moment he found out.

Lulu blinked back to the present, biting on her lower lip where it had split last night. She could tell she had kissed him a lot. They were somewhat…swollen? The blond pulled the collar of her sweater up over her neck to hide the hickies. Alli’s laughter died down and Lulu forced herself to look back over at her. The brunette seemed incredibly amused. Lulu just wanted to smack the smile off her face. “Am I that irritated?”

"Oh, honey, I don't hate you,” Alli assured her. “Honey?” Lulu echoed, raising an eyebrow. “Sure, I was a little irritated by my room being trashed, but I'm not that shallow. None of my stuff was ruined. There's a few splinters in some of my shoes, but they'll come out easily enough. And now that you've told me exactly what went on in your life last night, I don't care. I mean, if my best friend told me he loved me, I'd freak out. And that's leaving out the whole Corentine issue,” Alli continued. Lulu shook her head. No, she didn’t have a clue. Yes, anyone was given to freak out. But Lulu felt hurt and shocked, with herself and with Jackson. Hurt that he would hold out so long on her, shocked that she hadn’t seen it – seriously how had she not seen it? But he had always been close to her, hand holding, hugging and kisses on the cheek. It just seemed part and parcel with his upbringing. And when he had moved away, he had never know how hurt she was. And when he had started dating Beth she had never dared tell him how betrayed she felt. She was happy for him, and now…he couldn’t be happy for her? It remained a mess in her mind and the prospect that Drake and Jack were now hashing things out across the hall terrified her. What would he say? What had they done either? Would Drake throw it in Jack’s face? He sure hadn’t been afraid to have her there in the morning in front of him. “Inconsiderate…hot piece of God…”

“Don't you worry about her. She's forever telling me to shut my fucking mouth. If I took everything she said and done to me to heart, I wouldn't have the motivation to do my homework, let alone aim for Ivy League and the Olympics. I know what you need!" She exclaimed suddenly. The flourish in Alli’s voice caught Lulu off guard and she flinched, shaking her head and watching as her roommate moved too rapidly for Lulu to follow. Before she knew it a chocolate bar was flying at her and while the aim was flawless, Lulu was too slow to catch it and it hit her square in the chest. Lulu grunted and collected the foil wrapped treat in her hands, running her fingers over the corners of the paper.

"Chocolate helps in every situation," Alli told her simply. Lulu shrugged, half smiling in return. It was all she could muster. Too much was going on her head, between processing last night and fighting to remember.

"If you need advice on arguing, I'm your girl. I argued with my parents almost every night for two months straight on what school they sent me to. Then we found Arcana. Just a useless piece of information for you. Do what you will with it," Alli continued. Did she always talk do much? Lulu blinked at her words, realizing that the brunette knew so little of her. “You’ll laugh in six months when you remember offering to help me with arguing. Trust me,” Lulu assured her. Alli sat back and Lulu straightened so that she wasn’t leaning over her knees.

“Anyway. Time for a subject change. Let's talk powers. Mine's dexterity. It's simple, really. I have perfect balance and aim. Not the best, but far from the worst. Yours is..." Alli paused and Lulu flashed her eyes over her roommates shoulder to see her laptop resuming it’s course as she has intended. "Luck manipulation, right? How does that work? Are you really good at poker?"

“Explains the Olympics comment,”
Lulu sighed before sitting back and leaning onto her hands behind her. “And yes and no. I can manipulate probability, make things more or less likely. My parents loved it when I made them a million dollars in one weekend rigging games within the casino. But I prefer to help people, beat the odds, avoid the bullies. It comes down to understanding chance, and when and where it applies. By the way, do you know where there are couches here at Arcana? I’m trying to figure out where I was last night and I was brought somewhere…with couches?”


“I’m sorry, but exactly do you think you’re doing here?”

The voice had her eyes veer across the room, swinging from where she had been staring, expecting the hallucination of her mother to return, to just beyond the door to the medical center. A skinny blond was staring at her. From the looks of her she was older, and nearly a walking Barbie in appearance. Katia swallowed and looking behind her at the shattered glass jars and assorted medical paraphernalia.

“Besides knocking over everything in the school stash, I mean,” the stranger added. Inserisci commento, she heard her mother say. Say something. Katia squeezed her eyes shut, sucking in a deep breath and immediately regretting her attempts to relax. A jolt of pain surged from her lower back into her legs, momentarily rendering her feet numb before sensation returned and the pain was evident. She straight and clenched her teeth together, her fingers tightening into fists clenched so tight that her nails dug into her palms. It took her a moment to say something, for the fog to clear and for Italian prattling to ebb in her mind.

“I work here, My name is Katia Hunt,” she explained, her words strained. “And I take methadone to treat a fractured disk and aggravated back injury. It causes hallucinations and withdrawal symptoms. I need a sedative or analgesic to make it stop. And this is the only place that will have that don’t you think?” she concluded sharply, feeling her eyes water as she tried to move. She really should have taken on the botox injections the doctor had suggested – straight into her back muscles. It would have made them more supportive. Instead she had gone without and know here she was, trying to explain that she was taking pain medication to such degrees that when she went without it was like an addiction. Was she addicted? Was the pain in her mind? It didn’t feel like it right now.

"So you can go and tell Amy or Leo or whoever. I'm sure she would just love to see me this way. But I'd rather with it."

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Jessica sighed when she heard Mo's groggy, hungover voice from the bed opposite hers. She liked her roommate, she really did, but now was probably not the best time for the two of them to be in conversation; for fear of Jessica saying something she might regret. She turned around looking at the...extremely hungover mess that was Mo. She had got dressed. This was something that the brunette, who was still wearing Jackson Murphey's shirt, was still yet to achieve. She gave a sigh; she was going to have to give that back to him. The shame.

'Just your average morning at Noctrem,' She began sharply, 'I slept with a man I have barely spoken to, woke up with him pissed at me and then to top it all of, had a run with a basically naked Drake Quellen; isn't life just fabulous.' She finished sarcastically.

Sitting down on her bed, Jessica ran her fingers from her messy brunette. She hadn't even had time to talk to Jackson. But then again, what would she talk to him about. The incident with Drake and Lulu had, quite rightly, provoked a reaction out of him. Could she talk to him about that? Jessica remembered his reaction when she had asked him about the talk he had been having with Lulu the night before. He had been extremely closed off and that had been when he was intoxicated; what hope did anyone have of getting any sort of feeling out of him now? Jessica turned back to her roommate 'It's just one big mistake, Mo.' She muttered, before promptly getting changed into an outfit. Nothing too fancy, but to it showed that she meant buisness to anyone that questioned her; which would be everyone. God, today was going to be tough; she needed something to take her mind off of all this. She needed to have some fun. With that, the brunette promptly pulled her phone out of her pocket and start tapping a message;

To: Sky :D
We need to talk... or get drunk; whatever gets me out of this foul mood
From: Jess xxx

Smiling to herself, Jess tucked her phone back into her bag; Sky would know how to cheer her up. The two of them were extremely close and despite his apparent addiction to sex, the brunette couldn't fault the pyro. They had fun; just not too much fun.

Jess then looked back up at Mo, 'Mo, what happened to you last night?' She asked. She had remembered her having a arugment with Zac, Zac storming off and Mo being dragged away but the master mind that was Alli Jackson. It seemed to the brunette that she wasn't the only one who had experienced some drama last night.

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"Just your average morning at Noctrem. I slept with a man I have barely spoken to, woke up with him pissed at me and then to top it all of, had a run with a basically naked Drake Quellen; isn't life just fabulous?" Jess spoke with an edge to her voice that Mo vaguely recognized as sarcasm. Before Mo had decided on a smart retort, Jess was speaking again. "Mo, what happened to you last night?" Mo shrugged. "I vaguely remember orange juice. And... Oh shit. Vodka. Not a-freaking-gain." She groaned, doing a face plant into her pillow. "I never drink, so I get drunk easily. And I can never remember what I do. Shit, I could have done anything. Well, at least I woke up alone, fully dressed in my own bed." She looked helplessly at her roommate. "Were you with... Who were you with again? Were you in their room all night or can you help with my predicament?"

Just then, the full realization of what Jess had said kicked in. "Wait. You argued with Drake- naked?" She had a hard time not laughing as she got the mental image. "His roommate is Jackson, ri- Oh. That's who you were with, isn't it?" Morgan sat back, thinking it all through. She liked Jess, she genuinely did, but Jackson was like the big brother she'd never had. She knew last night had probably been nothing more than an alcohol induced fling. She knew that there was probably nothing to it, but she worried that there was something more and that Jackson would be left broken-hearted. Morgan didn't want to see that happen, and she couldn't help but think, "I'm not going to let it."

"So, anyway... What was your argument with Drake about?"" Morgan asked to fill the silence. Her natural curiosity emerged. Drake was forever flirting with Morgan, as he did with every female entered the room, but she couldn't help but like him. "And who did he bring back last night?" She pondered out loud. The gossip took her mind off of her hangover. Her stomach felt like it had been through five rounds with two champion boxers, both of which had a personal vengeance against it, and her head had begun to swim once again. She grabbed a bottle of water from her bedside table and took sips from it, trying to ease her headache. The paracetamol hadn't had much of an effect, it appeared. She rooted in her drawer for the packet she always kept there, just in case. She took another, swallowing it with her water. The water was a little stale, but it was better than nothing. Food probably would have helped, but her stomach twisted at the mere thought of food. She wanted nothing more than to just sleep away her hangover, but she also wanted to find out exactly what the hell had happened- both to herself and everyone else.


Alli heard a beep behind her and swiveled to face her laptop. It had unfrozen and was back to it's regular working pace. "Huh. That's... Lucky." She grinned at her roommate. "Thanks." Her roommate sat back and began to explain her power.

"I can manipulate probability, make things more or less likely. My parents loved it when I made them a million dollars in one weekend rigging games within the casino. But I prefer to help people, beat the odds, avoid the bullies. It comes down to understanding chance, and when and where it applies. By the way, do you know where there are couches here at Arcana? I’m trying to figure out where I was last night and I was brought somewhere…with couches?" Alli frowned and thought. "Well, there are the house common rooms, the game room and then just the general common rooms upstairs. I don't think there's anywhere else. Any of them could be likely, if I'm honest. They'd all be empty when there's a party. And your power seems... interesting, to say the least. The most impressive thing I can do with mine is this." She removed her shoes and stepped into the middle of the floor. Performing a perfect handstand, she used her feet to pick up a ball from the foot of her bed and balanced it on her feet. "Not exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but they reward it at the Olympics. My parents have been trying to persuade me to go for them since I was six, for essentially anything involving aim or balance. It doesn't help that I've got a gymnast's stature. Essentially, I'm short." As she spoke, she lowered the ball back to the floor and got to her feet.

She shoved her feet back into her boots and laced them up again. "Anyway, enough about me and my big dreams. What do you do in your spare time? Besides irritate Quellen, that is," She spoke with a teasing glint in her eye. Anyone else would have thought through their words a little more carefully, but Alli was as blunt as a bag of wet mice. She saw no point in being fancy with her words, and if she wanted to wind someone up, she wasn't going to try and hide it.


Zac put down his guitar as his phone vibrated beside his bed. He leaned over to pick it up, and a small smile crossed his lips as he saw who it was from.

want a partner in smashing those drums, buddy? my roommate thinks I'm a stalker cat

He chuckled a little to himself as his fingers flew over the keyboard in reply.

Come on over, kitty. Meow. =^.^=

Loren had been his friend for as long as he could remember. They had been friendly as children, but then Zac's own family drama had kicked off and they had grown apart. Finding her again at Arcana had just been... amazing. Their friendship had grown to new heights, and just over two years ago, Zac had realized that he... He was falling in love with her. And once he had realized that, he fell all the faster and all the harder. He adored all of her adorable little ways. If it was anyone else, he would hate them for being able to read his mind, but with Loren, it was just another thing to love. She was yet another person he couldn't burden with his past, but she knew something had happened to him. She knew more than a lot of people, mainly because she could get inside his head, and sometimes she read what he was thinking without him meaning to let her.

He looked around his room. It was relatively tidy, so he left it. His roommate didn't appear to be that untidy, which was a good thing. Not that Loren, or anyone else, for that matter, would care. He briefly checked his email on his phone. He then went onto YouTube and loaded Chris Kamrada's cover of "Kids" by Sleigh Bells. It was such an awesome video, and always got him in the mood for a decent drumming session. He cracked his knuckles and winced a little, shaking his hands. He then waited for Loren to arrive, tapping out a pattern on his knees.