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Ashleigh Fox

They say money make's you happy right? Psh they were wong

0 · 563 views · located in Arcana Academy, California

a character in “The Arcana Academy”, as played by OverTheRainbow



Full Name: Ashleigh Maria Fox
Nicknames: Ash, Ashy
Age: 17
Birthdate: November 2nd 1995
Home Town: Manhattan, New York
Sexuality: Heterosexual

School: Arcana

Power: Water manipulation. It started off with me being able to control no more a cup full of water. I was barely able to fill the glass to the top to begin with. Now I can control maybe a large bucket, in capacity. However, I can now fill a bath tub with water, to move that amount of water would be extremely tiring for me, but its something I am training to do.
- Going on long walks
- Drawing
- Baking
- Sailing
- Dancing
Dislikes: Five minimum please
- Mud
- Being dirty
- The colour Black
- Alcohol
- Secretive people
The thought of being shut in somewhere that I can't get out of strikes the fear of god into me.
To the naked eye, I seem like the shy little innocent girl, who doesn't have a care in the world, but appearance's can be deceptive. The truth is, I worry, probably a little too much about everything; what people think about me, how my brother is, how my friends are, whether my shoes go with my dress, the list goes on. I don't tell many people about my problems simply because I can't find the words to tell them. I am very tactile in that I like to express my feelings through creative means, which is why I enjoy dancing and drawing so much. When I dance, I don't feel free; free of my body, free of my problems and free of my imperfections. I do enjoy being around people, but every once in a while, I like to just to be in my own company, doing thing that I love doing.
It takes a lot for me to get angry. However when something really bugs me that much, there is no telling what I will do.
I grew up in New York; Supposedly, the city of dreams. To me, it was the city of the God damm rich, who threw money at their problems. My father was CEO of New York magazine and therefore had a lot of money to burn. As a result of this, he gave his family, my mum, my brother and I, everything we desired. You'd think I'd be happy right? Far from it.
I know what you're thinking; poor little rich girl what does she know about misery? The truth was, Mother and Father were always out at this function or the next, representing the company and it's assets. For most of my childhood, my brother and I was brought up by a nanny, affectionately known to us as 'Nanny cuddles.' My parents thought that the way that they would us children affection was to throw money at us. That was how enrolled into the dance school and found the freedom that it gave me.

I was thirteen when I discovered my power; the day I lashed out at my parents. We were at our summer house at in Seattle, eating lunch on the decking. Father was discussing our future careers over a salmon roll.

'Well we all know that Fredrick will be follow me in being CEO of NYM and can be his PA.
I cocked my head to one side, confused, why couldn't I run the company? did he think I was smart enough to be anything else other than a personal assistant?
'Daddy, why I cant I run the Magazine?'
My father tipped his hand and laughed, a loud and booming laughing that made me feel the size of an an ant.
'Ashy darling! We all know that women don't do well in business!' He boomed.
Confused once more and now slightly annoyed, I asked why.
'Well look at your mother,' He gestured to his wife, who was smiling sweetly,'She's never done a day's work in her life, but she has fufilled her purpose. To respond to my needs and provide me with an heir.' He looked at his wife fondly, who leans over and kisses him.
My blood is now boiling. How dare he squash my dreams like that, how dare he assign me to a life of living off of someone else money! I was perfectly entitled to earn my own! I wanted to throw something at him, I wanted to make him see that he was an ignorant little toad who mistreated his children.
I stood him, anger coursing through my veins, and I looked straight into his eyes from across the table. He seemed relaxed, taking a sip the glasse of water by his side.
' YOU!' I screamed, 'ARE A FOUL EVIL LITTLE-' then i stopped, i noticed the water level in my father's cup rising, the anger I got, it was almost at the trim, what was happening?
'A little what Ashy?!' my father had stood up to reach my level and his stone was stern, threatening
'TOAD!' I screamed, and as I did so the water rose from the glass, almost in slow motion, and headed towards my father, splashing him the face with such force that it knocked him back wards.

That was the time i realised i was different, It took me a long tine to figure out how to control them and whether or not I wanted to use them at al. That incident lead to me being basically disowned by my parent. I lived under their roof, sure, but I was never invited out to functions. The family insisted to everyone they know they knew that they only had the one child.
That was when i decided I need to get out. I needed to feel valued by someone and I needed help with my powers. That's when I found the two schools.
There was never really a defining moment where I decided I was going to use my powers for good instead of evil. I'd always been a great supporter of feeding the homeless and getting more clean water to Africa. I thought, with my powers I could do my bit too.

Anything else? .
I dress in a lot of free flowing clothes and I also wear this friendship braclet on my right wrist

So begins...

Ashleigh Fox's Story

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Freya Mason

Freya tapped her foot in a bored manner as she watched the conveyer belt travelling round in a repetitive motion; arms folded against her chest, the blonde drummed her nails against her arm as her patience began to wither away. She had been stood in the same position for nearly half an hour watching as people came and went with their luggage, until finally her three large red suitcases came into view “Finally!” she exclaimed, moving forward to retrieve her luggage. Once the cases were securely on the trolley, she finally made her way through customs and then out of the bustling airport and towards the taxi rank, seeing the long queue Freya rolled her eyes, there was not a chance in hell she was going to wait. Walking to the front of the line she ignored the shouts from other people and stopped at the man at the front “Hello, mind if I take this one?” she asked with a smile.

“I don’t think so sweetheart” he replied with a chuckle.

Freya forced a smile “huh” she mumbled before placing her hand over his, smirking as his dark eyes immediately became soft “let’s try this again, can I take this cab?” she asked again.

The man immediately nodded “yeah, yeah of course you can” he said eagerly, opening the door for her like a true gentleman, causing her smirk to deepen “I can put your bag in” he added.

“Thanks love” she replied curtly before ducking into the back of the cab as the stranger, pilled her bags into the back of the car. As the boot closed the cab drove off “Where to?” the older man asked, looking back at her through the rear-view mirror. “Noc…No, Arcana Academy” she corrected herself. The drive from the airport was a rather long and tedious one, full of stopping and starting as they drove through the city, her thoughts were directed towards her old school of Noctrem and probably more importantly the fire, which had destroyed the school and killed two people, the story was that it was a reckless and random act of arson but she wasn’t sure how true that was. Freya had yet to see the damage of her old school, having been back in England at the time but people had informed her that there was very little left and she was just thankful she had taken the majority of her belongings with her back to New York and so all she lost were a few posters, a couple of DVD’s and a few items of clothing, although other people lost a lot more.

“We’re here” the cabbie spoke rousing Freya from her thoughts, turning her head towards her new school, blue eyes raked over the school, well it certainly was cheerier than Noctrem, the walls were lighter and the pink blossom trees gave it a time-gone-by look, it was nice.

After paying the driver, he helped her with her bags before driving away; she smiled at a few people in a passing, making her way into the corridor and saw people huddled around a piece of paper stuck to the wall, she figured that was the rooming list “excuse me” she said politely, pushing her way through the crowd, running her finger down the list until she came to her name…

Room Seventeen: Ashleigh Fox and Freya Mason

Shrugging, the blonde was quite content with that pairing, they got on well enough, although she hated the idea of taming down her drinking and sex around the girl, they’d definitely have to sort out a scrunchy system or something. Walking back to her cases, she could have sworn she caught a glimpse of Scott, maybe it was just wishful thinking but she pulled out her phone regardless and sent him a quick message.

Did you just ignore me Mr Andrews? ;) I’m in room 17, come find me! I’ve missed you!
-Frey xo

And then her thoughts turned to another of her good friends Jaysin, who had moved to the dark side, or rather light side a while ago and she had to admit she missed him terribly, sure they'd see each other at weekends but it wasn't the same not being able to run up to him on a daily basis and jump on his back whenever she saw him, letting out a small chuckled she scrolled down to his name and sent him a text.

Hey there traitor ;) Meet you later, I missed you and I have presents for you and Killan!

-Frey xo

Smiling she dropped her phone back into her bag and gathered her suitcases, she was about to walk off when she noticed her roommate, walking over to her a smile graced her pretty face “Hey Ash, it’s good to see you again” she greeted kindly, trying to make a good impression, after all it would be pretty shit if they didn’t get along.

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Leo couldn't stop himself from smiling as the beautiful woman next to him rose up from underneath the duvet, baring her naked body to him without a care. "Good morning." He spoke, letting himself being pushed back down onto the bed, Amy leaning over the top of him. He couldn't say that he disliked the view in front of him, and for a brief moment, the male felt himself being taken back to the night before, where the woman had been practically in this position, her breasts bare and bouncing, the first time they had made love... He was however quickly brought back into the present, when the stunning woman spoke to him, asking him about sleep. "Not true. I slept a little last night, just... not as much as I probably should have." He smiled gently, bringing up his left hand to delicately brush away a strand of hair that was falling in front of her face. He had never been so happy before, never been in a position like this where he had cared about someone so much that he let them sleep next to him in his bed. Amy was the first woman that he had loved in two and a half thousand years, and he couldn't be happier about that fact.

He let his hand cup her cheek softly as she kissed him, smiling against her lips. Every little touch between them sparked electricity into the males hands, his lips, his heart. However, then, he watched her smile disappear, and he instantly knew that something was wrong. Something that she was going to tell him, and something that he was not going to like. Leo shifted slightly in the bed, raising himself up so that his head was resting against the headboard, her lips working on his jaw. He, however, didn't enjoy it as much as he should have. Instead, he was a little worried as to what Amy was going to say, and he could see that same feeling mimicked in her own eyes.

Yup, he didn't like what she had to say at all. The male closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath as she began to speak about their relationship again. She just didn't understand; she didn't get his need to abide by all rules, and especially his own. How would he look in front of Cain, in front of everyone, when they found out that he was breaking his own rules. Leo shook his head, moving out of his position from underneath her, exiting the bed. "Really Amy?" He asked her, an exasperated tone taking over his voice. "You want to do this right now? After an amazing night, and before one of the most stressful days of my life in millenniums? Really?" He took up his mobile phone from the side, angrily pressing in the buttons, his fingers missing the keys every now and again. He really wasn't the most techno-savvy person in the world, and it took him a moment to find the send button, sending his text back to Cain.

You sir, are a grammatically challenged braggard. Yes, I know about the mistake, and I don't like it any more than you do.

Leo put his phone down on the side, and moved over to the main telephone in his room, the one that if when he pressed in a number of buttons, he was able to speak over the tannoys around the school. [u]"All students, please note that there is an assembly being held at ten o'clock in the main hall. Non-attendance will result in an immediate detention, and a loss of free periods."[/s] Then, he slammed the phone back down into it's holder, turning back to face Amy. "Look, we've got to get ready. We'll talk about this later." He sighed, before making his way into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.


[font=georgia]Erin had woken up with a bright smile on her face, unlike most of the other Noctrem students that morning. She was happy that they were leaving that god-damned motel, and moving into the Arcana Academy, a place they had been going to study for the past month or so anyway. She had no feelings about the "life long battle" or whatever that was supposed to be going on between the two academies, she didn't care about it at all. In fact, she had no qualms with any of the Arcana kids, minus ones that had offended her since her schooling life there had begun - she disliked more of the Noctrem students than those from Arcana. There was one thing on the girl's mind that morning, one thing that had the smile stuck on her face for all the world to see - and that was Keirol Rancora. The one boy who had ever wriggled his way into her heart, settling himself there for the rest of time.

As she stood there, looking into the mirror, the girl took in her appearance. The one thing that caught her eye however, was the glistening sword necklace around her neck - the one that Keirol had given her a few days prior. Her hand came up to aimlessly play with the pendant, turning it around in her fingers. The smile on her face was that of a girl in love, her eyes glazing over slightly as she went back in time to that moment on the hill. A sigh escaped her lips as she day-dreamed, still turning the locket over in her fingers. Then, a banging on her door broke her out of the trance, the girl snapping her head up quickly.

The quick movement had jolted Erin out of her daze, and into the reality of pain. Her head was throbbing as she walked towards the door, rubbing at her temple softly to try and rid herself of the drink-induced headache. Of course, Cor had been the one who had gotten her drunk, the one who had literally forced her to down her brother's bottle of vodka, despite the fact she despised the drink. She took in a few deep breaths before opening the door, before the whirlwind began. Cor had been there to shift her into gear, and within in the minute, the two girls were downstairs, shoving their bags into the bus and sitting down next to each other.

The bus journey to Arcana Academy had been another blur for Erin, letting her head loll softly on top of Cor's, slipping in and out of sleep. The headache was progressively getting worse, and somewhere deep down, she felt like slapping her best friend for forcing her to letting her drink so much. Soon, the bus was pulling to a stop, and the two girls were exiting, hand in hand, being one of the first to collect their bags. No-one really messed with Cor, and Erin was guilty due to association. She chuckled at the sarcasm in Cor's voice as they walked into the school, taking in a deep breath. She moved away from her blonde best friend, her eyes glancing over at the crowds of people beginning to swarm the reception. She was hoping to see Keirol, to pick him out of the crowd, but he didn't seem to be there. She spotted the speedy guy coming in to check the board, Colby, she believed his name was, and she witnessed the sickening sitaution between Drake and Addison. The girl physically grimaced as she looked upon the scene, before Cor's voice again hit her ears. Addi deserves so much better. She thought to herself, before turning around to see what had gotten her friend so het up.

There was a defnite reason, all right. As Erin's eyes scanned the list of roommates in front of her, her expression turned quizical, before turning angry. She wasn't "angry angry", but she was definitely irritated. "What the fuck?" She repeated Cor's words, her mouth hanging open slightly as she realized that the two schools had been mixed. "We're not rooming together? Well, this just turns everything on it's fucking head, doesn't it?" She sighed loudly. When she found her name, and saw that she was rooming with Loralei Evans, the gypsy girl, she shrugged. "I don't mind. It's better than say... rooming with darling little Lulu or sickly sweet Ashleigh." Erin forced a laugh, but it soon turned to a real one when she saw who Jay was rooming with. "Oh, c'mon, it's not that bad." She put her arm around her friend's shoulders, sarcasm lacing every word that escaped her lips. "Come on, they may even... become friends?" Then, the girl burst out laughing, turning to apologize to her friend "Oh, I'm sorry Cor. That's just... oh, that's going to make your life fun." She grinned.

"So," Erin spoke, the grin once again evident on her face, turning to face Cor, "what shall we do until this stupid assembly?"


Tears fell softly onto the bed as Jackson stood there, holding his precious baby daughter in his hands. She was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen, the one thing that shined so brightly in his life. Holly Millicent Murphy, a little girl with a head of soft brunette locks, and the most beautiful blue eyes in the entirety of the world, inherited from her mother. Jack slowly looked up, looking over at his girlfriend, smiling with largest smile ever at her. She looked so weak, so tired, but so beautiful. He moved over to sit next to her, holding Holly in one arm, and wrapping his other around Beth. The two of them looked down at the life they had created, their smiles never falling from their faces.

However, the scene soon changed. The room turned dark, and Jackson snapped his head up, the smile falling from his face, wondering what was going on. He wasn't in the hospital any more, he was in Beth's bedroom, still in that same position, his arm wrapped around Beth, however, Holly was in her arms this time. Tears were falling down his face, but he couldn't move his lips to ask her what was wrong. He knew something bad was going to happen, something terrible, but he just couldn't think as to what it could be. Then, his daughter stopped moving. She turned a horrible shade of grey, loosing all colour in her skin, but Jackson couldn't move. All he could hear was Beth screaming, tears falling down his own face landing on his daughter's pale face. They were then in a car, him holding Holly. She was cold, and she wasn't moving; all Jack wanted to do was to touch his daughter properly, to hold her close, hug her and kiss her, but he just couldn't move. He couldn't do anything as they arrived at the hospital, and Holly was taken out of his arms. The same word was then repeated over and over again, resounding in the male's ears.





Jack's eyes snapped open, and he flung up in his bed. His breath was hard and ragged, his heart pounding at a thousand miles an hour. He hadn't had a dream about Holly and Beth for a number of months, and it took him a moment to realize why his past was coming back to haunt him once again. Beth Phillips was now a student here, or had been for the past month - and he hadn't noticed. He had only wondered about her being a student at Arcana when he had heard her name floating around in the corridors. He couldn't believe that she was here, coming back into his life, in such a place as his school. It wasn't as if he didn't want her here... well, that might not be in the case. He didn't want his ex girlfriend, and the mother of his dead child here... but there was absolutely nothing that he could do about it, was there?

He spent a maximum of ten minutes in the shower, letting the warm water wash away all of the sweat and worries from his dream. It didn't take him long to get dressed or ready either, wearing this plain, yet smart outfit, smelling like his favourite cologne, his hair styled in his usual damp mess. He wasn't much of a conformer, but he had decided to go down to the reception hall anyways this morning, to look at the roommate list that had been posted up. Just after he had left his room, he received a text. Pulling out his iPhone, Jack checked his messages, smiling as he saw Lulu's name appearing. The male made his way down to the reception hall, instantly spotting the blonde that had been his best friend through the hardest times in his life.

Instead of going to check his new roommate, he made a beeline for Lulu, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind, a bright smile on his face as he pressed his lips to her hair, a soft, friendly peck. "I'm here." He grinned, moving so that he was now standing in front of her, pulling her into a proper hug this time[u]. "It's great to see you again, Lu."

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Scott Martin Andrews

“Room 6” Scott kept repeating to himself, he had almost forgot his own room number.

There was a map at the entrance, but Scott didn’t pay interest to the map, but the scrap of paper that resulted on who he would be living with. Because of his terrible memory, he found himself walking around the school looking for the dorms. There were so many places that Scott felt tempted to go too. There was a gym-room, which Scott would probably spend half of his free-time in. They had there own swimming pool, which he had to admit looked really cool. He made his way to the second floor, and without even having to consider, he knew immediately that the dorms were here. He followed the numbers until he reached 6. Beside his room were 5 and 7, and if he could recall, Corentine was in room 7. Scott stood still, imagining him late at night, making his way to her room so that they could do there “daily routine.” Scott shook his head and entered his room laughing. It was better then he had expected.

There were two large queen bed’s that sat beside each other. There was two thick mirrors that hovered above each bed. Scott as himself, started to flex his muscles at his reflection. One bed was already occupied with stuff, such as books and clothes and he already knew that was Izzy’s. There was a closet that was big enough to live in and a washroom that was amazing. Scott moved his bed closer to the window. He begins to recklessly scattering his things almost everywhere maybe just to piss of Izzy but Scott wanted to go and eat, he was starving. The speakers began to buzz and a teacher begins to speak. An assembly at 10? Scott turned toward the clock and It was already 8:30. He wanted to fit in a good hour of working out before the assembly. Scott left the rest of his things on his bed and opens up his phone because he had received a message.

He mumbled her name under his breath.
Did you just ignore me Mr. Andrews? ;) I’m in room 17, come find me! I’ve missed you!

For a moment Scott’s heart had dropped. Stupid, Why didn’t you make your move? He kept telling himself. You should have made your way over to her when you had the chance. Scott frowned, his mind still continued to torment him. He replied as fast as he could. He was going to kiss her, it was time for him to profess his love for Freya either way.

I‘ll be heading your way

Room 17 was all the way at the end of the hall, and it looked like no one was here except for Scott himself so he made his way down to the first floor where everyone was. Everyone was still outside, crowding the small piece of paper that hangs on the entrance. Frey was still outside too, she was chatting with Ashleigh, who is probably her room-mate. Scott moved closer and closer to both of them but then finally something took over. He grabbed Freya by the waist, spinning her around. Without even the consideration that both of them were talking, Scott didn’t care, he wanted to kiss Frey and he did so. Without hesitation, Scott kisses Frey. He carefully pushes her strangling blond streaks of hair behind her ear and presses his lips on top of hers once more, his face still an itch away from hers.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for such a long time” He says in a low whisper. As awkward as it is, Ash was still right there. Scott took a step back but still held onto Frey’s hand.
“Right so I’m going to let you guy’s go back to what you were doing, I’ll see you both at the assembly.” He lets go of her hand and shoots out a playful smirk and quickly runs off back inside.

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Morgan Janssen

Morgan's arms were still sore from carrying Alli in. That girl wasn't big. In fact, she was short and built like a stick. But she was surprisingly heavy. She seemed to be better now, anyway. "I'd better go down and see if Jess is in yet." Mo said, standing up. Alli stood up. "I'm fine now, I'm coming too." She insisted. Mo shrugged. Zac grinned. She made her way downstairs and went to stand in a spot where she was sure Jess could see her. It appeared to be a good choice of spot, because moments later, Jess made her way over. Mo hugged her. "Wow, I can't believe we're roomies! Come on! It's room Eleven." She waved goodbye to Alli and Zac and shot upstairs. She made her way down the corridor, stopping in front of her room. She had to start thinking of it as their room. Their room. She opened the door and sat on her bed. "Welcome to Room Eleven! The bathroom's over there. You can have the desk that's relatively tidy. I'm a bit of a slob, so I'm hoping you don't have much of a problem with untidiness." She said to Jess. Her phone vibrated on her desk. She crossed the room and picked it up.

Hey sweetie. Good luck with your new roommate. If it's someone you don't like, tell Mr Marinos that I'll pay for any damages. Dad. x

She grinned and crossed back over to her bed. Her dad was definitely the person who knew her best. Her mom had understood her pretty well, until the shooting. But her dad had always, always known when she was sad, even if she looked positively ecstatic. He always texted her in full sentences. He despised poor grammar, a characteristic he had passed onto Mo.

Hey Dad. It's okay, you can put the chequebook away. I'm rooming with Jess Coleman, someone I actually like! Thanks for the good wishes anyway. Arcana should remain standing for another few days. Mo. xx

She left her phone down on the bed, still smiling. "Okay, Jess, so spill. Roomies have to share everything. Any crushes? Teachers included." She said, grinning at the other girl. "I don't have anything to tell you, but Alli let something slip earlier. So, come on. I'll tell you." She sat cross-legged on the bed and played with her hands.

Her mind, however, wasn't on the tidbits that she was hopefully about to get from Jess. It was on her eight-year old self. She could remember sitting on the stairs, watching her parents argue.

"Well, who is it then?" "I've told you before, Karen, I'm not having an affair!" "You're late home from work every single evening!" "Because I'm working overtime! You want Mo to be happy, don't you?" "Don't you dare bring Mo into this." "Well, she's the reason I wouldn't have an affair! You know I love her too much! I would never leave her!" "No, you'd take her with you!" She covered her ears and flew upstairs to bed. Other kids only had to worry about their scraped knees. She had to worry about her parents splitting up.

Mo snapped back to the present. Her grin was still fixed in place, but she felt like she was about to burst into tears. She was always like this coming up to the anniversary of her mother's death. It was almost ten years now, but Mo still missed her terribly.

She was glad when the announcement came on, because it took the focus away from her. She quickly rubbed her eyes and hoped her eyeliner didn't run.

Zac Barnes

Zac watched as Mo flew up the stairs to her room, tailed by Jess. That girl was insane sometimes. The smell of cigarettes was foul. He looked around for Theo. He appeared to making his way up to the room. Zac searched the reception until he found who he was looking for. He went up behind her and grabbed Ashy in a hug from behind. "Hey, Ashy. Found out who your roomie is yet?" He said, releasing her. "I'm rooming wtih Theo. I'd like to apologise in advance. We could very well be debating until all hours." He said. "Right, I'd better go up." He grinned at her, before heading upstairs.

Him and Ashy had bonded the very first day they had met. They knew practically everything about each other. Except... Zac had never told Ashy about his past. He was worried she would worry unneccesarily, and he done enough of that for both of them. He had just told her he was in a foster home because both of his parents had been killed in a car accident. In reality, his father had been killed when a rookie police officer had been a bit too trigger happy in a hostage situation, and his mother was off the radar. He hated his mother. She had left them when he was four, and had never come back. Not even when his father had started his... Little business. Not even when his father had been killed. Not even when Zac had been taken into a foster home.

Zac caught up with Theo along the corridor leading to the dorms. He laughed at the show he was putting on with his blue duffel bag. "Ah, come on now. We both know that's not that heavy." He said, grinning at him. "Here we go. Room Eighteen." He said, throwing the door wide open. "Mind the drums. And if you find any picks lying around, they're probably mine." He listened to the announcement. "Right. You can do what you want, I'm going to get something to eat. I'm bloody starving. And I won't be able to make everyone forget if my stomach rumbles during assembly."

As he was heading downstairs, he tried not to think about the hell that awaited him in the next few days. At least he didn't have roommate problems to add to that list. But it was a rough time for Mo. He would have even more of Skylar to handle. He would have to avoid the mind-reader even more at this point. Morgan didn't want anybody to know about what time of year it was for her, because she didn't want to be smothered in sympathy. The Noctrem students would make fun of her, saying she should get over it. He completely trusted Ellie not to spill, but the Noctrem students could be slimy little bastards. And he just wanted Morgan to be relatively happy. She hadn't told anybody about him, so he wouldn't tell anybody about her.

Alli Jackson

Alli listened carefully to the announcement. Her ankle still ached, but not as much. She looked around and spotted Lulu. She was about to go over, but then somebody else caught her eye. Scott Andrews.

No way. No freaking way. He went to Noctrem?! Oh my God, he's here!" Before they had went their seperate ways, they had been inseperable. There was nothing romantic between them, but they had been best friends. He had came to her when he needed support, and she had went to him when she was completely pissed at her parents. She had told him she was going to Arcana. He had told her the name of his school. It hadn't stood out to her at the time, but now she remembered it as Noctrem. A look of pure elation appeared on her face. "Scott! Scott Andrews!" Before she knew it, her ankle was forgotten and she was flying across the room for a hug. She wrapped her arms around them. He had definitely grown taller in the three years they had been apart.

"I cannot believe you're here! I thought you were going to school abroad or something. Come on! Let's go catch up over breakfast!" She grabbed his hand and dragged him towards the cafeteria. "Who are you rooming with? I can't believe they put us with Noctrem students. I'm with Lulu Allen. She's not bad. She's certainly better than Corentine or somebody. Can I ask, does 'Fuck up' make any sense to you? Because she has no problem with saying that to me." She was so excited. She could not wait to tell Lauryn about this.

She saw Zac sitting at a table in the cafeteria. She grinned at him and dragged Scott over to the table. "Zac Zac Zac!" She said. "Guess what?" He looked mildly stunned. "Scott's here! Me and Scott used to be best friends, but then he went to Noctrem and I came to Arcana, but now he's here!" He grinned. "I'm guessing you're excited about that." He said, looking at Scott. "Yeah! Yeah, I am." She sat down. "Who are you rooming with?" She asked Zac, finally taking her attention away from Scott. She hoped with all her being that he'd say Scott, but she was disappointed. "Theo McCaffery." He said, grinning even wider. "Oh. Oh well. If you have nightmares, you'll know who to blame." She said, trying to hide her disappointment. Zac laughed. She guessed it was at her.

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Freya Mason

Feeling a pair of hands on her waist, Freya jumped slightly but relaxed when she saw Scott standing behind her, a smile graced her lips and was about to say something when his lips captured hers. The kiss was fiery but sweet and she would have kissed back if she hadn’t of been in shock, that was the last thing she was expecting to happen, when he pulled away, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear her breath caught in her throat and stared at him, eyes wide.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for such a long time” he spoke in a low whisper, rendering her utterly speechless and after he walked away she stared after him for a brief moment before turning back to Ashleigh "Did that really just happen?" Freya asked breathlessly, before shaking her head trying to regain some composure, yet so many questions ran through her mind all at once and it became difficult to focus. Why had he done it? Or perhaps more importantly why could she still feel his lips on hers? That was definitely a new sensation.

Freya almost missed Zac bounding up Ashleigh and if it wasn't for her saying her name she would have gone oblivious, too many thoughts, yet she didn't know why she kept on thinking about it, it's not like she's never been kissed before, hell she's probably had better kisses yet the tingling in her lips and the flutter in her stomach, frightened her slightly, when they had a strictly platonic relationship she could keep her feelings for Scott at bay, but now they were quickly rising to the surface at a ferocious speed. "huh? oh hey Zac" she greeted with a smile and a small wave, but before she knew it he was gone again.

'Sorry about him, he's a lunatic... especially when he's with me' Freya laughed slightly at that statement, noting the girls shyness 'So um, assembly's soon, did you want to show to your room now or later?' Freya thought about it for a moment "Will we be able to go now? I could really do with freshening up, trans-Atlantic flights are a bitch" she chuckled.

Feeling a buzz in her pocket she read the text from Jay with a wide smile before typing a reply.

Jaysin, I think you've turned into a sap in my absence darling! 16 huh? Guess who's your neighbor? ;) I'm just gonna dump my bags then will be round in a bit xo

Putting her phone away, she quickly apologized to Ashleigh "should we?" she asked motioning her to lead the way.

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Ben thought that maybe he should try to find Elijah, after all they were rooming together. Hopefully they could get along, even though they don't really know each other and Ben doubted a bit that they will get along. At least he wasn't rooming with someone who hated him, and he hated, like what was happening with Sky, although its funny as shit. Then he heard the annoucement, hell whoever didn't was deaf. Heh, he kinda was after some loud nights at clubs and stuff. Maybe clubbing would be a way for Elijah and him to bond, but then he remembered that Elijah didn't really like troublemakers. Well Ben sure is going to stir up some trouble, but definitely not alone. There was always his best buddy, Eriol, and of course the fabulous Bells, whom has been there on Ben's more crazier nights. Suddenly Ben got a text. Speak of the devil, he thought as he saw the name. Isabella Dorson, or as he affectionately called Bells. One time he called her Isabella and she socked him, since then they have been great friends.

Hey Benz where you at?

Quickly he replied to her, fingers pressing against his blackberry keys in a few swift movements.

On my way to get a bite to eat. Om Nom Nom. Maybe even find my roomie on the way. No way in hell we're going to that dumb assembly right?

Ben put his phone in his back pocket in one swift movement and started to head towards the cafeteria. His stomach could be heard from miles away. I'll just grad a bunch of food and then find Elijah, no good finding someone with an empty stomach. Ben thought to himself. Maybe tonight if there isn't some rad party I'll go find Ashy, I haven't seen her in a very long time. As he entered the cafeteria, he payed no attention to whoever was in there. All he cared for was the food. Finally some food that was decent and was neither liquor store snacks or the thing they served in the motel. It wasn't even an object, it was alive. Living and breathing nasty. It should have been on that TV show, Man vs. Food. Anyways back to the food, Ben took as much food as he could carry and started to walk with the plate to the second floor, where all the rooms are. Until the lunch lady said that he couldn't take the plate with him, so Ben just asked for a doggie bag. Man was that lady surprised, but she gave it to him. Happily carring his food he went back to the main hall and there he found Elijah. Man his day was getting luckier or something, Lulu must not be around. "Elijah" He called out loud waving his hands like the idiot he was, but it seemed like he didn't hear or see him. Ben walked up to him and gave him a small slap on the back. Hey they were going to be roomies, the least he could do was act friendly to the guy. "Hey there Elijah, seems like were going to be stuck with each other. Mind showing me the best room you've got?" Ben said with a grin.

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Freya seemed completely stunned that Scott had just kissed her. Ashy was a little surprised by this, surely the girl standing opposite her about been kissed before? Especially with a power like hers, the power to make people fall in love with her. Ashy did feel a little sorry for her. She didn't know much about Freya's power but she couldn't imagine not being able to touch someone without making them fall in love with you. It must be quite a scary prospect one that Ashy decided she wouldn't be able to deal with.

When Freya mentioned that she was tired from 'transatlantic travelling' Ashy was puzzled. 'Transatlantic? where have you been?' She asked quizically, she knew that her new roommate was originally from England but she thought that all the Noctrem students had arrived on the on the same coach from the motel they'd been all been staying in.

She watched as the Freya pulled out her phone and smiled at yet another text. Ashy wondered ideally if it was from Scott. He was an obsessive man if he was. Then again Freya made him that way, Ashy thought darkly. She pushed the thought to the back of her mind as she opened the door to the corrider where the rooming was/

The corridor was considerably more packed than when Ashy had walked down an hour previously. A whole variety of Arcana and Noctrem students, some in the groups they would normally be in, some showing in the exactly the same position as her and showing their roommates to their rooms.

Finally, the two girls reached Room Seventeen and Ashy opened the door. 'Erm, welcome to your new home I guess' She gave a small smile to her new room mate, 'Your bed is that one, along with that desk and that closest.' She stated, pointed to the other side of the room to the one the two girls were on. The girl then started to play with the hem of her dress nervously. She was worried again. Worried about what Freya would think of her bedroom. She had tided up before the young blondes arrival, well what else was a girl supposed to do when you've been up since four in the morning, but now she was worried that she'd made too much of an effort, would the girl think she was too much of a freak? She really didn't know. She sat on the bed and watched Freya unpack her things.

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Freya Mason

'Transatlantic? where have you been?' Ashleigh questioned as they headed toward their room "Oh i had to go back to London to speak with my parents lawyers" Freya explained briefly with a small shrug, not particularly wanting to go into details about how her good for nothing aunt was trying to get her sharp claws on her inheritance, the thought riled her, how dare she and on the grounds of how much she had spent in caring for her orphaned niece. Freya had actually laughed when her lawyers presented that argument, so beatings and verbal abuse constitute as being 'looked after' now, does it? What a load of bull shit.

Counting to ten silently, Freya quickly regained her composure, her lawyers ensured her that her aunt didn't have a leg to stand on, they were certain she would not get any of the money. Freya on the other hand wasn't quite as sure but she chose to put her faith in the lawyers hands and forgot about it for the moment. Before she knew it Freya was stood in front of 'Room 17' and a small smile appeared on her face as Ashleigh opened the door, the room was lovey, two queen sized double beds, an en suite, lots of closet and desk space, yes, not too shabby at all.

Dumping her bags on the empty bed, Freya turned to Ashleigh and smiled "This is wonderful" she gushed, looking forward to putting her personal stamp on her side of the room. Sitting down on the bed, she patted the space next to her "No need to look so nervous hun, just because i'm from Noctrem doesn't mean i'm evil" she laughed having gotten use to her stereotype years ago. "How about we get to know each other-" she began but was cut off by the buzzing of her phone, with a slight roll of her eyes, she gave Ashleigh an apologetic look before reading the text, it was from Scott, her breath hitched in her throat and suddenly she could feel his lips on hers once again.

Okay, see you then. xo

Sending the message, she tossed the phone beside her on the bed "So" she said smiling up at Ashleigh "Tell me about yourself?" she smiled genuinely interested about her new roommate.

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Jess was a little in shock when her room mate told her about the loss of her mother...How the hell was she supposed to react to that? It wasn't exactly something you introduced yourself with... She stepped out of the bathroom towards the girl on the other bed, genuinely stumped for what to say. Finally, she found the power of speech.
'Well, if you need anything... just let me know, ok?' She told her room mate, awkwardly, she'd barely knew Mo a month and already she was telling Jess the deep secrets of her past? God, she'd have a field day if she knew mine Jess thought darkly, as she placed her IPod down her desk. In the young brunette's mind, this marked the room as her own.

When Mo apologised for texting whilst have a conversation with her, Jess shrugged it off. 'It's fine my dear, It's good that you have a good relationship with your dad.' She said with a smile, that didn't quite reach her eyes. She thought about her family back home, the family she'd had to flee so from because of the..incident... it was so very long ago... How she missed them so.

Mo's voice cut through her thoughts like a sword, asking if she wanted to come to the cantine or stay here and unpack. Jess nodded furiously, 'Yeah I need to eat too, plus I need to eat and meet up with the beautiful Miss Mckenna Marino's before assembly.' She said cheerfully, quickly whipping out her phone as it buzzed with the text from Mickey. She smiled at her phone as the two girls walked down the canteen and quickly hit reply.

I am from Noctrem stupid :p Psh, when have I ever been late for anything? Walking down to the canteen with Morgan now, I'll drop her off and then come find you! Muhaha! J xx

As the two girls arrived at the assembly hall, she turned to Mo 'I guess I'll see in assembly now. There's going to be a blood bath, I can just see it.' She chuckled as Mo left. She saw her head towards a table where Zac and Allie were sitting. She gave them both a little wave before heading off to the assembly hall.

Arcana was huge and extremely well kept, Jess couldn't help but be slightly in the awe at how clean and magnificent the whole place was. She had a feeling she'd be very comfortable here.
She thought about Sky, she hadn't seen him, probably causing trouble no doubt. Jess chuckled to herself at the thought.

She finally reached the assembly hall, there was no one there yet. Of course, only nerds turn up this early Jess thought to herself. She rolled her eyes, trust Mickey to make her look like a freak. Best friend's rights, she supposed. She lend herself up against a wall and waited for her best friend's arrival.


When Freya talked about going back to London to speak to her parent's lawyers, Ashy was intrigued. How does a girl at our age have anything to do to court about? It was must be quite stressful was for her Ashy decided. This thought was confirmed by the way the other girl acted after the statement she had just made. Ashy decided to not pursue the conversation any more.

She let out a sigh of relief when Freya told her that the room she had was lovely. She gave a small smile, releasing the hands from the hem of her dress. Freya did look happy to be here and it soothed Ashy somewhat to know that they were at least friends.

'Oh no, I know' She said hurriedly after Freya made the comment about her being scared, 'I've made good friends with some of the Noctrem students since you've been here.' She said, with a small smile as she thought about Ben. Damm why couldn't she get this boy off her mind... where was he? Probably hanging out with the Noctrem lot, she supposed it was hardly 'cool' to hang around with an Arcana student, she supposed... the thought hurt her a little, she missed him so.
'No, I just worry a lot...' She confided in the her blonde room mate as she sat down beside. She held up her hands and showed Freya her nails 'I guess these are proof of that' She laughed softly.

When Freya asked her to tell about herself, Ashy faced another common problem. Not knowing what to say. Where do you start when describing yourself? How did she do it without freaking the girl out? Stop worrying Ashy you're going to make yourself Ill, Ashy told her self before taking a breath.

'Well, I'm from New York originally, high end New York at that...' She said quietly, trailing off as she thought of her family. The cup of water incident, the being disowned, the ignorant sexist pig who's sperm made her...She blinked several times before continuing. 'I like to dance, that's my favourite hobby. Then there's drawing, although I'm rubbish at it.' She smiled shyly at her room mate. 'What about y-' She was about to ask before being she heard the sound of drums from next door. She giggled. 'Yeah that'll be Zac... that'll happen a lot...' She chuckled..

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Ben saw Elijah turn around after he gave him a small pat on the back. Apparently Ben's smile was addictive and Elijah also gave him a smile. Maybe we will get along quite nicely thought Ben, after all he didn't really have anything against the guy. Maybe because Elijah was from Arcana Ben was a bit wary, but that's no reason to judge the poor guy before he actually got to know him. Ben, as everyone pretty much everyone knew, was one of the more pro-Noctrem, anti-Arcana students, although he did have many friends in Arcana so he tried not to judge people automatically, although most of the time he did. This wasn't any different with Elijah. Ben has him tagged as a nature-loving activist, but he thinks that something has made him that way, because from a glance Elijah looks even Noctrem material, until he starts to talk about nature and animals and stuff. Ben loves one kind of animal, cats. Hopefully he'll be able to bring Lucifer to the dorms, although he will have to ask for permission from Leo and Elijah, and of course teach him to stay hidden. After all, he didn't want him to meet Koa, Addi's cat. Ben truly hoped that they could get along, without changing the other or being a bother. In Ben's opinion that would be the best relationship they could have. If they were too good of friends and then got into a horrible fight, they still have to live with each other, and that won't be pretty.

“Hello Ben. Welcome to Arcana,” Elijah said. Ben gave him a grin. It was actually the first time someone welcomed him to Arcana and truthfully it felt pretty damn good. It weird, he's been learning here for a month and yet this was the first time they said welcome. Actually now he did feel welcome. To him, it felt like all the Noctrem students were just unwelcome guests that they have to help because if they didn't they "wouldn't be any better than they are". ”Just give me a second and I’m just going to look for the key," Elijah continued without giving Ben a chance to say anything such as, "Thanks man. while shaking his hand. Ben watched as Elijah rummaged through his pockets to find the spare key. Ben hoped that Elijah was a bit of a messy guy like him. Well not entirely messy that you could just call him a slob, just a bit disorganized. Those people that happened to be really neat were also a bit uptight. Although not always. “Here it is, Ben. You can keep this one, I already have my copy.”, Elijah told him as he handed Ben his own set of keys to the room. Ben was truly grateful for that key and it was very clear to see that, just from his reaction. There had been one too many nights were he was locked out of his room because he roommate had the key. Ben took the key and from it pocket took out one of those key covers. It was orange, of course, and the hole on the top had a chain through it. Ben quickly explained, "This is the only way I don't loose the key." Then he put the chain around his neck and gave another one of his famous grins. Do you need help with your things? Let’s go upstairs and I’ll show you our room.” Elijah said as Ben saw him glance around looking for his things. "Nope I'm fine man, Ben said as he kicked his duffel bag. Suddenly Ben recieved a text, "Sorry, just a minute he said as he took out his phone.

fuck the assembly. I don’t want to listen to Marinos voice if I don’t need too. I will meet you in the cafeteria, I have yet to get my morning coffee >< but I am talking to Ms.Wright at the moment. C ya soon

Ben quickly wrote back. After all, he didn't want Bells to get to the cafeteria and not find him there.

Bells, I met Elijah, my new roomie. I'm going to go crash in the room. get ur coffee cause u know I don't love you when ur cranky and come to my room.. room 8. :P

Ben wanted to text Ashy, but it was kinda rude to keep Elijah waiting. He'll text her when he gets to the room. Ben grabbed him bag and started off towards his room, in the opposite direction. Only after walking about ten steps did he realize that it was the wrong way. Quickly, he did a full 180 and walked towards Elijah. "You know what? Lead the way my good man" Ben said in a perfect British accent. After all it is his homeland, just because he didn't speak it daily doesn't mean that his accent wasn't perfect and from what Ben could tell, Elijah was Irish. Maybe this roommate setting wouldn't be so bad after all.

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Scott Martin Andrews

“All students to the Great Hall please, assembly begins in five minutes. A reminder than any absentees will result in punishment."

His deep and authoritative voice had echoed through Scott‘s brain like it was an old message. Scott rouse quickly and wobbled on his feet. It felt like it was one of those horrible monday mornings where you didn't want to get up. He checked his watch he already missed the assembly. First day in Arcana and Scott already has a detention, great. Although there must be other’s who missed out on the assembly and a couple of names rang a bell.

Scott grabbed his phone and slipped it into his pocket, then he instantly stopped. After the assembly he was going to talk to her, Freya. He told her that himself. He was going to confess his feelings for her, find out if she felt the same and where they stood in this platonic relationship. Scott rushed to the end of the hall, where room 17 is located. The door was surprisingly unlocked, he was now only praying that it was Frey that was inside not Ashleigh. He surely didn’t want another sufficient awkward moment like before. He stroke good fortune, Frey was in her room.

“Frey?“ Scott said questionably while entering the room. She turned giving a cheery smile. There was something about him that was different when he was around her. He was happy, yes but there was something there. An inexpressible feeling he felt towards her. It jittered through his body right at that very moment.

“How was the assembly?” Scott asked. He was feeling dumber then ever from not going to the assembly, he only wondered what house he was in. As Frey began to talk Scott was in some wary trance, his thoughts began to rattle. She was just so god damn beautiful it was almost petrifying. He was lost in her great emerald green eyes and he was now thinking about another kiss. He just wanted to lean in and just kiss her again like he did earlier but maybe that would make things more complicated. Not even listening to a word she had said, three words were ready to burst out of Scott’s mouth.

“I love you” Once the words slipped away, he only worried. Never in a million years would he have thought that he would be saying that to any girl and for some strange reason he was getting almost mad. He knew nothing of how Frey felt and it almost felt upsetting.

“I need to know if you feel the same way I do.” His deep and restful voice had a different kind of a tone. He leaned in gradually, hoping that she would meet him half-way. He was dying just to kiss her, to throw this non-physical relationship in the garbage. He had never meant to love her. One thing he truly knew, knew it in the pit of his stomach, in the center of his bones, knew that Freya Mason was truly the one for him.

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#, as written by Mela
Drake Quellen

When Lora commented on her getting taller than him, Drake chuckled, raising an eyebrow at her. “Sure, Lor, on the 30th of February, second Thursday of the week.” He retorted playfully. The way she was standing on her tiptoes, made him shake his head with an amused smile, eyes sparkling with humor as he looked down at her. “You’re such a dwarf,” he then teased, messing her hair up a little. He’d always been way taller than her, and it wasn’t like that was changing at this point in their lives, but it was an old argument, really, having started back in Harrogate all those years ago, and it had just picked right up now that they were at Arcana together. If he had to be honest, he was glad Lora was at the Academy. He hadn’t realized he’d sort of missed her company a little. And now there was the added bonus of her very… womanly… appearances. Okay, she’d grown into one hot piece of a girl, and Drake had trouble not hitting on her, because he usually did. With women, he’d see something he liked, and he’d procure it somehow. But again, not with Lora. That was just a no-go.

He nodded a little absently when the young gypsy talked about Leo having his hands full, thinking again. Oh, he quite enjoyed his sister’s stunts and bitchy little ways, simply for the entertainment provided in that context, but he wasn’t about to let her fuck Lora up in the process. Sure, he usually sought out people she’d hate him being friends with, solely because it was fun bothering the blonde, but Lora had entered his life before that whole thing started, so she, if anyone, was off limits. He supposed he might have to shoot his baby sis a comment on that. He hadn’t said anything about Lulu and their issues, mostly because in some ways, Lulu brought it on herself, and he honestly considered it fair enough that his sister would strike back. He knew Cor had broken Lulu’s AC, but he didn’t get involved unless he had to, and so far things were harmless so he couldn’t say he cared much. Right now it was just a little amusing. Although, he wished Lulu would unsheathe the claws he knew she had. But then it would only get worse and… oh, who was he kidding? It’d be the show of the year.

Then she reassured him she’d be careful and he cast her a wry smile, “if I know you right, you’ll get yourself into trouble regardless. That is the definition of Loralei Evans, isn’t it?” He teased dryly as they reached his and Colby’s room. Twisting the door knob he found the door unlocked and opened, stepping inside. He took an introductionary, casual glance around the room, giving a slight nod of approval. This, he could live with. He dumped his bag on the bed that didn’t have custom sheets, guessing that was his, and went outside with Lora again just as Leo’s second announcement rang out and he chuckled. “He sounds rather grouchy, doesn’t he?” The shadow-manipulator commented, grinning with mischief and curiosity, which were usually one and the same with Drake. He couldn’t help it. Anything he could bother Marinos with, was just great in his book. “I guess we’d better go then, even if I do think time’s passed a little quickly.” He shook his head, closing the door behind him followed by him and Lora heading down to the assembly.

At the assembly Drake had been surprised to find himself house-captain of house Tyms, where he found both Lora and Lulu… and Jay. And well, honestly, the fact that he had Jade and Lulu in his house made his ‘job’ quite difficult, and frankly Drake didn’t work for anything unless it was his own amusement. There was nothing fun in playing police officer, so the odds of him being replaced soon were probably pretty grand. First the room mix-ups, and now this? Marinos was really falling off his horse, wasn’t he? But still, the fact that Ashy was captain of Cor, was extremely amusing, and that was at least something. Except he would’ve loved to be in that house just to see how that went down. Not that he wouldn’t hear the news and rumors, but being there in person was always better. If not, it was like hearing about a funny experience someone else had, where you’re all “that’s not funny?” and the person telling it, goes, “yeah, you probably should’ve been there.” Then why tell the story at all? Still, he was growing even more interested in how this year was going to go.

On his way out, still with Lora, Drake spotted Lulu. He couldn’t clearly see what she was doing in the throng of students, but he could tell it’d relieved her, whatever it was. He was just about to look elsewhere and focus on where he was going when she suddenly looked more than just a little ill. He frowned at the sliver of worry that ran through him. What had she been doing? Next he knew, the beautiful blonde was running out of the hall, heading south. He tensed, ready to follow at instinct, not even considering what that meant. Instead, he looked down at Lora. “I’ve gotta go, love. I’ll see you tonight, right?” He quickly said before heading in the direction Lulu had gone, not waiting to hear Lora’s answer. He knew she’d be there at Jackie’s party, so it wasn’t that important right now. This worry, however, was important. He worried so rarely, he was usually shocked when it happened. Usually he found things entertaining, but there was nothing fun about sickness. Especially not if something was seriously wrong with her.

Still, though, he couldn’t help a wry smile when he spotted her barging into the men’s restroom and he sped up, just catching the words “outta here” from the guy soon leaving the bathroom in a huff. Drake stepped to the side, allowing him to exit. There was now no one but he and Lulu in the bathroom and he stalked to the stall he’d seen her enter, quietly pushing the door open. He shook his head when he saw her and squatted down next to her. Drake then gathered her hair on her back, moving it out of her face gently, his fingers accidentally caressing her skin in the process. He could tell she wasn’t actually throwing up, but beads of sweat were forming on her face. He had no clue whatsoever what was wrong, and right now he didn’t care. He just, for some reason, didn’t think she should be alone with this. He put a cool hand on her heated forehead, looking down at her with worry in his eyes. He didn’t say anything, because really… what could he say? He didn’t want to crowd her right now, so he’d wait with the questions. Besides, she was pale as a ghost. What the hell had she been doing?

That’s when he frowned, recognizing this from his first year at Noctrem when he’d pushed himself too far, too many times in an attempt to get better control of his power, but it had never been this bad, and never this sudden either. He watched her more thoughtful now, pondering the possibilities in this situation, his mind going over several different alternatives. Of course it was a waste of cognitive functions since he could ask her in a bit, but old habits died hard. Why he was even there, didn’t cross his mind right now. However, it would have him wandering the halls of Arcana for hours and hours, because with that on his mind, he wouldn’t be able to relax and sleep. Nothing new about that. “Damn, Lulu,” he murmured softly, brushing stray strands of hair out of the way once more. Of course, he’d probably end up teasing her about this whole thing once he made sure she wasn’t dying or something equally insane, but right now he was just lost. He really didn’t have much experience with illnesses and such, so he was fumbling his way in the darkness, ironic though that was.

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When Spencer said that he was going, Beth said something along the lines of, "Alright lets go then," and grabbed his hand. Spencer's first reaction was to pull away, but he stopped himself. Instead he blushed a bright red. He didn't say a word, for once Spencer Jerem was speechless. This was the affect that girls had on him, and that was why he tried to keep his distance. They are a fate worse to him than alcohol, because that will leave his system in a few won't. "Love, it should be named a disease. It controls your mind and twists it," Spencer thought to himself. Beth then found them some seats and they both sat down.

Spencer looked around the room, it was decently crowded. Most of the students where there, except for a certain few. He heard Leo speak. He drowned on and on about the houses and how the roommates were permanent. Spencer sighed. Jackson and his parties, were apparently here to stay. As he heard his name announced in the house he was him. Beth was with him and so was Jackson. Spencer sighed once more. Beth was a distraction, and now was in all his classes, brilliant. As he tuned in to the rest of the names, he noticed there was no one that he disliked, and likewise. Beth was house captain? Spencer didn't envy her one bit. Ashy and Beth would probably good at it, but Ben and Drake? At least everyone know who the losing houses we're going to be. Drake maybe would be decent, but Ben was just a joke.

When the assembly finished Spencer looked at Beth and waited for her to say something. Truthfully he wanted to get away, but his mama taught him better. When he saw that she wasn't going to say something, Spencer decided that he should, instead of sitting there in awkward silence, say something. "Looks like we're going to be seeing lots of each other this year, and your house captain. I'm telling you now not to expect too much of me, other than sleeping," Spencer said trying to lighten the mood. He saw Beth's face when Leo said Jackson, although Beth probably didn't know it herself, it wasn't the happiest expression.

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Freya Mason   

As the assembly ended, Freya released a heavy sigh, it wasn’t that she was unhappy with the people in her house but she wasn’t overly pleased with the mix either, none of her good friends were in the group, hell, she barely even spoke to most of them but it wasn’t the end of the world, she would just have to make more of an effort to get along with them, otherwise she suspected the year would become relatively boring. Remembering that Scott was waiting for her, Freya turned to Ashleigh “Hey, sorry to do this but Scott’s waiting for me and we really need to talk” she spoke feeling rather guilty at leaving her new friend “but can I text you and we’ll meet up later?” she asked before saying her final goodbye and hurried up to their room. Luckily when she reached the room, Scott hadn’t arrived yet, that gave her some more time to prepare herself, rubbing her sweaty palms onto her jeans, she groaned loudly upon entering the room, why was she so nervous? It wasn’t like this was the first time she was going to be alone with a guy, but something about Scott made her nervous, when they were just friends she never had such a problem but he just had to cross the damned line, didn’t he!?

To keep her mind from too much fretting, Freya began to unpack some of her things and by the time there was a knock at the door, she had managed to unpack all of her clothes. “Frey?” came Scott’s voice as he opened the door, letting himself in, turning towards him, she pushed all nerves away and gave him her best smile “hello” she greeted warmly. “Come, sit” she said, sitting down in the middle of her queen sized bed, crossing her legs in the process. She shrugged as he asked her about the assembly “Pretty boring, you didn’t miss much” she smirked, noticing that he seemed lost in thought, waving her hand in front of his face, she frowned “hello, earth to Scott.”

“I love you” came his shocking reply, leaving Freya utterly stunned; she stared at him, like a dear in the headlights as her brain replayed those three little words, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, the blonde swallowed the lump in her throat “I need to know if you feel the same way I do” he pressed.

For once in her life Freya was at a loss for words, she tore her gaze away from him, biting her lips in the process as her mind worked in overdrive trying to come up with words to say. Did she love him? She had never been in love with anyone before, so how was she to know what love felt like? Freya released a shaky breath and looked back at Scott, placing a hand on his cheek before bringing her lips to his again. It was true that she cared deeply for the man, he was everything she could ever want, funny, handsome and intelligent and she would be a damned fool to pass up an opportunity like this.

Pulling back, Freya smiled at him warmly “Scott…” she began “I don’t know what I’m feeling right now, it’s like a rollercoaster of emotions going on inside me, but I do know that I have never felt for someone, the way I have felt about you and if you’re willing to be patient with me, In time I will say it back” she explained softly. There was no point telling him ‘I love you’ if she wasn’t sure, that wouldn’t be good for either of them, so she did the next best thing, she asked him to give her a chance to explore this new romance and see if it were truly love she was feeling for Scott.

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'I will draw the house captains name from the hat; Ardley's house caption will be Ashleigh Fox.'
Ashy felt the colour evaporate from her face as Mr Marino's spoke the words at what seemed like a snails pace. House captain?! Where these people sure?! Surely picking names out of the hat wasn't really the best method to decided on positions of responsibility?! Ashy felt her breathing quicken, she needed to get out of here. Now.

The young girl basically jumped to her feet as soon as Mr Marino's had finished his speech. She needed time to think, space to breath. She barely heard Freya's apology as she went off to meet Scott. Probably for more kissing, Ashy thought darkly. She had a feeling this was going to something she was going to have to bare in mind when it came to Freya; her power. Making a mental note to knock before entering her own room, Ashy pushed through the crowd of people. She wasn't in the mood for talking, not yet. Not until she'd thought about her plan of action. Outside was where she needed to be, in the fresh air.

Through her daze of confusion, Ashy vaguely noted that the front lawn had already been littered with cigarette's. People were so ignorant. Ashy thought to herself; they'd only been here five minutes and they were already making the place look untidy. Ashy sighed and headed for the forest; she could hide in there, just for a little while. No one would find her there.

Ashy turned her attention back to the reason she was running; the fact she was house captain. Not only that, she had three of the rightly named Fearsome Five in her house. What's more, she was supposed to, what did the Headmaster say, Keep them in line?! Had this man ever met Cor Quellen?! Keeping her in line would be like trying to control a hurricane. Impossible. With her and her little buddies alongside her, there was no way in hell Ashy was going to enjoy being in class, let alone trying to Lead them.

Ashy tried to think of the postive's as she walked through the undergrowth, twigs snapping beneath her feet. She had Ali in her house, She tried to get inside your head a lot, but it was at least tolerable. Then there was Skye, she sensed there may be a few people that wouldn't be too happy about the young girl spending so much time with the pyro. Zac Barnes being one of them. She also had Laindon, he was a nice enough boy, Ashy decided. None of these positive thoughts were detracting her attention away from the anxiety she felt about having to keep Cor and the others in line. Ashy felt tears well in her eyes, there was no way she was going to do this; at least not for long. The young girl was scared, so scared.

That's when she heard it, the faint sound of a guitar being played. It was a beautiful sound and it was a nice distraction from the thoughts she'd just been having. She followed the sound, which led her to a clearing. Ashy stared across it to see the silhouette of a young man, stooped over a guitar. It took the young blonde a moment to realise it was Zac. He couldn't see her like this, all teary eyed and was embarrassing to say the least. Ashy retraced herself back into the tree's. Suddenly she heard a twig snap behind her as she stepped on it. The sound rung across the clearing and was sure to catch Zac's attention. Oh no.

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#, as written by Mela
Miss Amy Roerig

During the assembly, Amy let her eyes roam the grand hall, observing the students, trying to get an impression of the overall opinion on this entire ordeal. Leo had spent a lot of time in his office this past week, sorting everything out, which meant they hadn’t seen each other as much as she would have like, since spending several hours in your boss’ office at a time might call on some unwanted attention. She was quite aware that some already had their suspicions, which made the matter of publicity even more urgent. Better to tell people themselves, than to have rumours spreading, and considering the students they had just let in, it was probably going to happen sooner rather than later. With that thought, Amy’s gaze went from Amber, to Drake, to Theo… people from Noctrem she could imagine finding out about her and Leo. Sure, she didn’t think Theo was a bad kid, but she dreamt about Leo a lot of the time, although she supposed the most he could grasp from that, would be her infatuation with the gorgeous headmaster. Then again, who said Theo even had an interest in watching her or anyone’s dreams?

She instantly stored away those thoughts and her gaze moved on, now resting on the house captains being announced in turn. Her heart ached for poor Ashleigh, who was going to have a very tough time being captain in her house. She could almost see the poor girl turning paler by the second. She obviously hadn’t missed the fact that she had several of the most troublesome kids to deal with; Corentine Quellen, Erin Hawthorne, and Addison Lawler. Sure, they weren’t all bad people, but they were definitely more… wild, than average. To her knowledge, Sky and Scott weren’t the quietest of guys either, but she couldn’t recall them causing any severe troubles. However, that much could change. Then came Ben as captain of Causton , and well, Amy couldn’t really see that lasting long. He wasn’t exactly the most school-invested kind. Then came Bethany, and Amy felt a soft, unnoticeable sigh emit from her lips. That girl had to figure out herself and feel comfortable with that, able to take responsibility for her own life before she could start taking charge of anything else.

When Leo drew out Drake’s name for captain of Tyms, Amy’s eyes widened slightly, her gaze landing on said male. He looked more or less completely indifferent. Thinking about it, maybe Leo should have just decided on captains to make sure no disasters were chosen. The way it looked to her now, none of the captains were ideal. Her eyes hopped back to Leo, noticing his rigidity, the way his shoulders were shrugged back tensely, his usual smile abandoned in favour of an edgy line, his features drawn tight. Watching him, she felt glad they’d somewhat resolved their argument from earlier, because she couldn’t even imagine how he’d be feeling if he’d had problems with her to top off the day. What had she been thinking, even starting the argument this morning? She knew, yes, the dream, but she still felt like mentally kicking herself. She wondered what he was s nervous about, though. Her Leo was usually such a confident man, although she suspected a situation like this one would bring anyone to the edge.

Later, occupied by watching the throng of students and teachers leave the assembly, and especially seeing Lulu rush from the hall, Amy didn’t even notice the fact that Leo had turned towards her, or even sat beside her, so when he spoke, she almost jumped, her head snapping around, eyes wide in surprise before she registered the voice, followed by her eyes finding the most beautiful man she’d ever laid eyes on. Her lips curved into a smile filled with warmth at his question, and especially in reply to the vibrant smile he was casting her way. “Well, you definitely need to unwind some,” she said teasingly, a glint in her eye telling her precisely how she’d like to do that, before continuing, “but yes, you di-“ Before she could finish the sentence, Leo was cursing, the abrupt speed of his movements almost making her head spin. She blinked a couple of times, finally closing her mouth when he began explaining. Ah, yes, the new teacher. She remembered Leo talking a bit about a new teacher. He hadn’t told her much, and she hadn’t really asked. More pressing, Noctrem-related matters had been more important at the time.

“Ah,” she merely said in understanding before he was talking again. Leo hated being late, especially when others were depending on him, she knew that, so this wasn’t exactly helping him unwind, which she greatly disliked. Why hadn’t he told her he planned on getting Chris before the assembly? She would’ve reminded him, or at least gone to get the new teacher herself. When Leo extended a hand, inviting her to come with him, Amy bit her lip delicately, peering up at him through her dark lashes. “Yeah, sure,” she said, before eyeing his hand thoughtfully. Would it hurt her more to take it only to let it go moments later, or to not take it at all? Why did he have to do that? It’s not like she couldn’t get out of a chair herself. She sighed softly, taking his hand, feeling that same, familiar electricity, however, the sensation was brief due to the fact that Leo let go the second she was on her feet and she clenched her hand, savouring the brief contact, trying to quench the longing surging through her; the urge to hold him, kiss him, to run her hands through his hair. To see love and lust for her mixing in the gray pools that were his eyes, like last night.

When he began speed walking, Amy had to half run to keep up, but sensing his urgency, she didn’t complain like she most likely would’ve at another time. After all, it’s not like he didn’t know she had much shorter legs than he. And she did fall slightly behind, only catching up with him to hear the words, “-I’m late,” and those following. She took a deep breath to steady herself, curiously moving to the side so that she was no longer hidden behind Leo, and thereby able to see the new teacher. She took in all his features, her head cocking to the side slightly in thought. He looked familiar. Only when Leo finished speaking, did her eyes widen with realization. “Chris?” she breathed in disbelief, gaping at him. “That Chris?!” She blinked several times, then shooting an accusatory look Leo’s way, she almost squealed, “why didn’t you tell me?!” With that, a massive smile took over her features and she turned her gaze on her old friend again, the impulse to hug him causing her to rush forward and wrap her arms around him, somehow feeling like that alone would make him real.

She hadn’t seen Chris since leaving Arcana all those years ago, although they’d been pretty good friends. They just hadn’t kept in touch, truthfully, maybe because she’d, you know, gone to war and all, so she had only kept contact to her closest family. Thinking about it, their current lack of communication was probably her fault, but damn, was it good to see him again. “You look old,” she murmured playfully. She remembered teasing him about how much older than her he looked, despite the fact that she was actually the oldest of the two.

Drake Quellen

Drake almost chuckled at the blush coming onto Lulu’s cheeks, wondering in which direction her mind was taking her. Something told him it probably wasn’t entirely child-friendly, and the urge to tease her about it became nearly overwhelming. She was just so… susceptible, not that most women weren’t, but Lulu in particular could be very fun to play with, he realized. Why hadn’t he ever thought about that before? Well, if was definitely changing now. He wanted to see that red in her cheeks a lot more and he was going to strive to get it, because what Drake wanted, he procured for himself, and if there was one thing he could do, it was charm a woman out of her panties. But did he want to do that to Lulu? He mused it over. Why the hell did he ever give a shit? Normally he wouldn’t have given it a second thought, because it would be entertaining, but now he found himself wondering if she would be hurt when he left her after sleeping with her, considering if maybe he would be going too far. After all, she was a friend, one the few he actually had. Inwardly, Drake’s mind battled itself, but outwardly he maintained is usual, easy stance. It was something he’d taught himself to do quite well.

Soon, Lulu was rubbing her eyes as if trying to clear them, commenting on his slightly reprimanding words. A wry smile pulled at his lips, “ yes, that much it obvious,” he said teasingly. Yep, he was back. He wasn’t really worried anymore. She’d be fine, but… he still didn’t understand this odd need to help and take care of her. Shrugging it off, he guided the blonde on his arm out of the men’s toilets. When he noticed the three guys giving Lulu looks, he merely raised an eyebrow in their direction, as if saying, “got a problem? Take it up with me.” Drake might not be the violent type, or the kind of guy to go headfirst into trouble as such, but he wasn’t one you wanted to mess with, and his entire demeanor screamed as much when he wanted it to, which he did in this case. He relaxed a little once the guys scurried off; obviously deciding whatever they thought of Lulu wasn’t worth any actual trouble over. When Lulu spoke, Drake’s eyes found her once more and another sly smile came onto his face. “Showers, eh?” He teased, his eyes glinting with wicked thoughts. Then he just chuckled, shaking his head. “In your bathroom,” he then finally told her.

They both grew quiet then, Drake taking care to be entirely sure she wasn’t going to stumble and hit the floor with her nose while he could do anything to stop it. After all, the floors didn’t deserve that kind of violence, right? Oh, who am I kidding? He asked himself, inwardly sighing, I don’t actually want her to stumble. But again, that made him wonder why, because there was always at least slight entertainment in people falling over their own feet. And sure, he realized Lulu means something to him, but did that mean he had to go all protective super hero? Damn it, that really usually wasn’t his style. He’d begun growing irritated with himself when Lulu spoke again, and he completely disregarded earlier thought, a devious smirk curving his lips. “Help?” He murmured, his voice deep and seductive in itself as he looked down at her. “Could be arranged.” He deliberately let his eyes roam her body. How was he supposed to try and have morals when she kept tempting him like this? Women.

Her next words made him chuckle, wicked, dark brown eyes once more giving her body their undivided attention. He easily held on to her as she half stumbled, not even stopping in his track. He had a good hold on her, and she wouldn’t be hitting the floor. All she had to do was regain her balance, and as she did, her next words following, he grinned sinfully at her, his eyes intense, his entire demeanor completely in flirt-mode. Drake pulled them both to a stop only to skillfully turn them around and gently press her slight body up against the wall, both his arms winding around her waist now, so that his heat was completely enveloping her, even as his body trapped hers between it and the wall. He leaned down, his lips brushing against her ear as he murmured seductively, “now, what’s the fun in keeping our clothes on?” Of course, it wasn’t like Drake was actually going to have sex with her. Obviously, she wasn’t in a state capable of satisfying him properly anyways, but playing with her right now was extremely entertaining for some reason.

If he was going to fuck Lulu, it was going to be done right, and not in some stupid situation like this when she could barely walk by herself. Not that he was going to fuck her at all… right? Yep. Friend. He’d sort of told himself not to fuck the few people he considered friends, but in that case, he really needed to stop befriending hot girls who wanted him, because it was making his life damned complicated. Again, it wasn’t like Drake couldn’t resist and keep his dick in his pants, but he was starting to think he’d really rather not. Hell, maybe that was just because he hadn’t had sex in a while. What had it been? Two? Three? Weeks. Keeping your sex-life alive when he were rooming with Cor in some motel, proved to be harder than you’d think. Thinking about it, he felt pretty sure last time had been with Erin, because Cor actually left when it was her. He suspected it had something to do with the fact that Cor knew what kind of role Drake played in her best friend’s life.

Maybe he should exert some kind of revenge on his sister. Manipulation was a gift of his, and he could definitely use Jay in some way, but then… would using Jay be a bit too cruel? He and Cor didn’t really try to make each other miserable. Sure, they bickered like cat and dog, and they most definitely had a lot of differences, but they were still family and in some incredibly fucked up way, they did care about each other. Despite the fact that living with her had been hell. Good luck to Lauryn, was all he could say.

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Morgan Janssen

Morgan's eyes opened as Panic! At The Disco's Intermission started to play on her iPod. The dance music woke her up and sharpened her senses. Voices came from another part of the forest. As she clambered to her feet, the one lyric of the song played in her ears.

Ladies and gentlemen, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to continue our broadcast of dance music. We shall continue now with our piano interlude.

The piano almost put her back to sleep, so she slipped her iPod out of her pocket and skipped onto the next song.

She paints her fingers with a close precision...

She wasn't quite sure what to do next. Swimming seemed like a good idea, but she couldn't be assed to have to go up to her room and change. Gym also seemed like a good idea, but again, she wasn't really dressed appropriately. Lauryn and Alli would be hogging the dance studio. She grabbed her book from the ground and started to head back inside.

He starts to notice empty bottles of gin...

The grounds seemed to be infected with Noctrem. Already the day seemed... darker, even though the sun was shining as bright as ever. The lawn was littered with cigarette butts, and the stentch of tobacco hung in the air. Something needed to be done about the smoking. But nothing probably would be done, because the detention master also smoked. He wouldn't book anyone for smoking, especially not his very own students.

And takes a moment to assess the sins she’s paid for..

Mo appreciated the generosity that Mr Marinos had shown towards the Noctrem students. But she sometimes wondered if it had been a good idea. On a practical level, there was much more of a strain on resources. And they caused so much stress to the other students.

She was at the main entrance at this point, and headed upstairs to her room. Sliding her iPod from her pocket, she set it on it's docking station. Selecting Paramore's Hello Cold World, she pressed play and began to sing.

I feel happy, I feel sad
I feel like running through the walls...

Zac Barnes

The motion of strumming just felt natural. Once, he would have had to concentrate on the pattern, the chords and the timing. Now everything came together like it was completely natural. His fingers started to play Linkin Park's Leave Out All The Rest. It was a song he could kind of identify with. He could relate with wanting to leave only good memories behind and for everyone to forget the bad. But, of course, Zac could make that happen.

Suddenly a twig snapped behind Zac. His strumming hand stopped abruptly. His hand tightened on the neck of the guitar. He looked over his shoulder and grinned. He left his guitar on the ground and scrambled to his feet. "Ashy!" He said, hugging her. "How's my little prefect? I don't care what-" Zac frowned at her. She definitely wasn't happy. His mind whizzed back to the assembly. And he suddenly remembered why she was so upset. "Oh, yeah. You've got several of the Fearless Five in your house. Aw, sweetie, don't worry. You can get them in trouble and I'll make them forget. Or I've got a decent supply of cymbals." Even though I'm saving them for Sky. He hugged her again and went back to his guitar. "Come on. Music makes everyone feel better. Any requests?" His fingers tapped the frets, while the fingers holding his pick tapped it against the body of the guitar.

Ashy and him had bonded almost instantly. He was always the one who stood up for her. He was the one who she went to when she needed to talk. And she was the one who stood up for him. When he shouted and screamed at someone and they jeered him, she would defend him. She was clueless of the horrors that haunted him, but Zac liked it that way. Especially now with Cor and her cronies in Ashy's house. She didn't need to be worrying about what had happened when Zac was ten or twelve.

"Dad?" A twelve year old Zac came down stairs with a notebook clutched in his hand. Jon Barnes looked up at his son. He had a bloodied nose and was scared. "Not now, son." Zac looked at the clock. "But it's gone ten. I have to have this maths homework in first thing tomorrow." Suddenly a man burst in. He was as skinny as hell, but looked dangerous. "If you don't get out now, you won't ever hand in that homework." He warned, a sinister grin crossing his face. Zac turned and ran upstairs. But even from his room, he could hear the man beating his father.

"OW!" Zac's pick had snapped in his hand, splintering. "Shit, that hurt." He said, picking the shards from his various scratches. "Serves me right for using slim picks." He sincerely hoped that Ashy hadn't responded during his flashback as he rooted in his pocket for another pick. His hand was bleeding, but not that heavily. Picks didn't usually splinter, but that particular one had been cheap. Still, the blood might get all over his strings. So he found a tissue and wrapped it around his hand and smiled at Ashy. "Sorry. Guitarist problems."

Chris Russell

The awkwardness didn't lessen as Chris sat there. Students stared at him as they passed. Some seemed to vaguely recognise him. He ran his fingers through his hair nervously. It was starting to get long again. While it was now dark, where as it had been blonde when he had modelled, it still made him slightly more recognisable. He smiled with relief when he saw the Headmaster approaching. He stood, eager to get away. "Chris, so sorry I'm late. We had an assembly, and there were Houses discussed, and schedules were given out, and everything just dragged on a bit." Leo said apologetically. He was about to reply when he was attacked by the pretty brunette who had accompanied him. It suddenly dawned on Chris who she was as he awkwardly returned the hug. "Amy?" He said, stepping away to get a better look at her. His face broke into a grin and he gave her a proper hug. "You haven't changed one bit! How long are you here? How are you?" He asked, ecstatic. His mind was buzzing with a million questions, but those three were the first out of his mouth.

"You look old." She murmured. He grinned. "At least I can get into bars without ID." He joked. "But, seriously Amy, the amount of crap I have been through since I left Arcana is unbelieveable. That's probably why I look so old. And the hair doesn't help either." He grinned. He then remembered the headmaster. "Sorry, Leo. I'm sure you can remember us here at Arcana together. So, am I going to get a spy style briefing? Or will it be more like an assembly?" His smile never slid off of his face as he spoke.

Amy and Chris had been inseperable for their time together at Arcana. They had been in the same year, and had been in all of the same classes. They had teased each other mercilessly but had always been there for each other. There had never, ever been anything romantic between them. Well, Chris had a crush on her for the first three months of their first year together, but he had quickly gotten over that. She had comforted him after a nasty breakup in his final year.

His phone started playing. "Just for the record, the weather today, is slightly sarcastic with a good chance of A..." He snatched it out of his pocket. "Sorry. I thought it was turned off." He checked out the text. "Oh, God. It's from my brother, he's minding my house." He said, paling.

Any good looking single teachers? Male or female. ;)

His brother was the biggest bisexual flirt Chris knew. He felt like slapping him. "False alarm." He grinned uneasily at Leo and Amy.

Piss off.

Chris quickly sent off that text and turned off his phone. "Right, so. My mission." God, that was embarrassing.

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As Zac turned round to see what had made the noise, Ashy panicked. He couldn't see her like this, not all teary eyed and blotchy. She quickly wiped the tears off her face and straightened done her dress as her best friend walked towards her. To hell if they were close or not, Ashy had her pride and part of that wasn't showing weakness. Ashy wasn't entirely show where she had got that mentality from, probably from her father. He had believed in keeping private business within in the walls of the house and, even though she now considered Arcana a second home, she still couldn't stand the idea of opening up to anyone.

As Zac hugged her back, she squeezed him tightly, still scared to death of the prospect of having to the majority of the Fearsome Five. The young blonde blushed when Zac referred to her as being 'his little prefect.' Trust me, it's not something I'm proud of..' She said quietly, looking down at the floor.

Ashy gave a small smile when Zac suggested making them forget things, 'Knowing Cor, that's going to be a whole bunch of occasions you're going to have to make her forget and I can't have you getting a power hangover now, can I?' She told the man next to her. She had known Zac since the two of them had started at Arcana and they were great friends. He looked for her whenever she got into a spot of trouble and she....tried to do the same. Ashy had never been one for confrontation, so instead she looked out for him in a more maternal way. Making sure he didn't use his powers too much, that he wasn't falling too behind in class, that sort of thing. 'No symbol bashing, I've told you this before' Ashy smiled as she gave Zac a mock disapproving look.

The young blond shook her head when Zac asked her if she had any requests, 'Not really, something... light and floaty, to much the tree's.' She laughed, ' God, I talk so much rubbish.' She gave a small giggle as she sat down next to Zac and listened to him play.

Ashy noticed that Zac seemed...vacant whilst he was playing. Ashy had noticed this was something that seemed to happen a lot, for no apparent reason. Zac just kinda...zoned out for a few minutes. She wondered what he was thinking about. The pair were close, really close in fact, but Ashy also felt like he was holding something back from her. She'd never asked him, figuring that when he was ready, he would tell her...

Ashy jumped when Zac cried out in pain, she gave a small smile, 'that's what you got for daydreaming' She told her best friend ruffling his hair with one of her hands. 'Here.' She said, taking one of the clean tissues out of her pocket and handing it to him, 'that one's getting a bit bloody' She said, referring to the tissue in the guitarists hand.

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Ben was pissed. Him? House Captain? Leo can go fuck himself. There was no way in hell that he would be able to do this. Ashy would be amazing at being a house captian, but with Cor in her house, Ben felt really sorry for her. People would listen to Drake, and Beth seemed completely fine with the fact. Only he was the fucked up one of the captains, of course his house was going to loose in everything. When he heard who was in his house, Ben was seriously not pleased. His best friend, Eriol wasn't there, but Eriol's girlfriend, Yvette, was. Ben pretty much hated her and it was mostly out of jelaousy. He thought that ever since she came into his buddy's life, Ben was second best. Maybe he'll use his new position to make her life hell. She wasn't fit for Eriol, no self confidence, what kind of person is like that? Eriol was going to get the best, if Ben had anything to say about it, maybe he could even sabatoge the relationship between Eriol and Yvette being the captain. On the other hand, there was no way in hell that he would be able to be responsible, hell he can't even get his own lazy ass to class let alone other people. Luckly, no one truely hated him, but niether were his good friend either.

When the assembly was over Ben rushed outside. Neither did he want to see his "house mates" nor did he want to be near people. Period. Quickly he rushed to his room, but it took him a while, after all his sense of direction isn't the best. Finally he got back to his room and opened the door with the key around his neck that Elijah had given to him earlier. On the floor next to the door, was his duffel bag, exactly were he left it. Although he did see a fairly large pakage on the empty side of the room, his side he assumed, amd thruth behold there on the mailing address was his name in his sister's cursive hand writing. Quickly he tore open the package and found a note. Inside it said,

Dear Benjamin,
I hope you are ajusting at Arcana. This is the place where I think you truly belong. I've sent you all the items that you've asked. I guess you we're pretty lucky that you were planning to visit and already sent your items beforehand. I've also brought your guitar. Tell me when I can bring up Lucifer, he misses you.
Lots of Love,
Cathleen, Jacob, and Mollie.

P.S. I've added a picture of Mollie since you haven't see her in a while and she's grown so big now.

Ben looked at the picture of his niece. Her little red riglets covered the four year old's head. She was grinning and the sun really brought out her freckles. Inside the box, was most of his things, minus a few things here and there that were lost in the fire. Next to the package was his guitar. Man how he missed her. This was what he needed right now, after hearing the terrible news at the assembly. Music was his therapy. Ben didn't even care to put his stuff away, all he did was grab his guitar and walk outside towards a clearing. There he saw Ashy and he was about to call out to her, but then he saw her with Zac. He didn't have a problem with him at all, but he was jelaous. Even though he knew that Ashy and Zac we're just good friends, but he couldn't help himself. He stated to walk away but the ripe leaves on the ground couldn't help but crunch. Ben just hoped that it wouldn't give him away. As much as he wanted to be with Ashy, there was always Zac. Ben wanted to go find a place to play his feelings out, like the teenage boy that he was.

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Zac Barnes

Zac smiled gratefully as Ashy handed him a fresh tissue. "God, I hope I don't bleed to death. Imagine what my obituary would say. Zac Barnes. Snapped a pick and kicked the bucket." He wrapped the tissue tightly around his hand. "Thanks, sweetie. I owe you one memory wipe. Take note, because I'll forget. Appropriately enough."

He wasn't worried about a power hangover. One particular day, after he had testified in a court case, he had been forced to wipe seven people's memories of different parts. He had woken up with a serious headache and slight dehydration, but had gotten over it relatively quickly. Corentine would be no problem. He had wiped stronger minds, and it was worth it for Ashy. He wasn't particularly afraid of the Fearless Five, but he would happily tamper with their minds. He had done it once before. Well, it hadn't been with them. It had actually been Ashy.

He had just been through a particularly shit day. Ashy had made some perfectly innocent comment, and he had snapped. He had shouted and screamed at her, and had run off to his room practically crying. When he had recovered, he had went to her and wiped the memory of it. He had done it once to one other person.

Loralei Evans. If he was Romeo, she was Rosaline. She was beautiful, unique, intelligent- and completely unattainable. Thankfully, she hadn't sworn to chastity. As far as he knew, her heart was taken by somebody else. She was completely ignorant of him. But to him, she was what kept him going. When the night was dark and he was on the edge of a deep dark pit he didn't want to enter, she was the one thing that kept him from delving into the pit. Her, Mo and Ashy were the things that kept him from becoming suicidal.

He began to play All Time Low's "Do You Want Me (Dead)?" He grinned at Ashy. "Hey, this could possibly be relevant." He said, grinning at Ashy.

Mr. Chris Russell

Chris ruffled his hair awkwardly. He could clearly tell that Leo was uncomfortable with him and Amy being so close. As he took his key and slid it onto his car keys. As Amy said goodbye, he smiled. "Awesome. Give me a chance to get organised first, though." As her heels clicked around the halls of the school, he turned off his phone and went out to his car.

As he dragged his bags from the car, he dwelled on his brief encounter with Leo and Amy. Leo had been all warm and welcoming until he had seen exactly how close Chris and Amy were. It puzzled Chris. Why would he be so... Strange about them? Amy wouldn't be the person to let a friendship interfere with her work, and neither was Chris. In fact, they wouldn't even be working together that much, unless Chris hurt himself.

He slammed the door shut and hauled his bags up to the school. It seemed between his phone going off and being friendly with Amy, he had botched his chances of getting a hand with them. And he definitely wasn't asking a student for help. So he struggled on and upstairs. When he located his room, he let himself in and dragged them in. He swung them onto the luxurious bed and looked around the room. It was gorgeous, Chris had to admit. He unpacked his arsenal of tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts and shoved them into the drawers. He put his few dress clothes into the closet and opened his favourite suitcase.

First, he hung a basketball hoop over the back of his door. He them pulled a full size hurl and rubber sliotar and slung them by his bed. Then he pulled out his pride and joy- two foils and masks. He had sourced them after watching the Olympics, and was fairly handy with them. He began to practice a few moves. Considering he had never picked up a foil before, he was pretty pleased.