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Benjamin Hershkovitz

How am I supposed to breath with no air? Oh wait...

0 · 220 views · located in Arcana Academy, California

a character in “The Arcana Academy”, as played by KittyKLL



Full Name: Benjamin Sean Hershkovitz
Nicknames: Most people call me Ben, my friends call me Benze or Hershko, but only my close friends call me Hershey.
Age: 17
Birthdate: November 15
Home Town: I was born in Warsaw, Poland and I lived there for the first three years of my life, but then I moved to Doncaster, England and stayed there until I was accepted to Noctrem.
Sexuality: Bisexual

School: Noctrem Academy
Power: What's my power, you say? Well the scientific term is Oxygen Independence, but I prefer to call it, "I don't need air suckers." I've been training my power since I discovered it in my early childhood, and I've realized that, if I'm relaxed, I can apparently go without oxygen for over 24 hours (I fell asleep after that long, and when I'm asleep I have to breath). I am also unaffected by poisonous gases and I am able to survive underwater for a period of time, but I'm not the best swimmer so I prefer not to. My power is pretty great but if I'm under stress I get a horrible migraine after only an hour and once I've passed out after two.
Likes: I really like these things:
  • Coffee
  • Cats....a lot
  • Movies, I'm a movie fanatic, especially in foreign languages.
  • Playing my guitar
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream....yummy (without the chocolate though)
  • Flirting...with everyone
  • The color orange
Ugh I really dislike:
  • Reptiles
  • Chocolate..I'm allergic, and yes I know my nickname is a chocolate bar....ha.ha.ha.
  • People who show off
  • Mushrooms, Have you ever seen them?! It looks like they have hair...ew.
  • When people criticize me
  • Dogs, more like a fear
Fears: Scary movies, they seriously creep me out. I could have nightmares for weeks after watching one stupid movie. I'm also scared of dogs, but its because of one time I was at a dog show and I had a hot dog.....had. All the dogs within 50 feet jumped on me and ate my hot dog. It was a really good hot dog...stupid dogs.

Personality: You know its not a good idea to let a person talk about themselves, they can drown on for hours, but if you insist.
Some people say I'm sarcastic, I beg to differ. I call it emphasizing their stupidity. Some think that I'm a bit annoying because I talk, a lot. Since I don't need oxygen, I'm able to talk without stopping, and I talk really fast. Occasionally, I do that just to annoy people, but most of the time I don't really realize that I'm doing that. I find myself to be a bit childish and I always want to have fun. I have an enormous appetite, and if you take my food I will seriously beat the shit of you. When I was little, my mom signed me up for karate lesson so I'm pretty good at hitting people, and its also kinda fun. If your my friend, then I back you up all the way and we will for sure have fun. I'm addicted to smoking and I have a few tattoos from a few drunken nights. I really don't care for the classes or school itself but Noctrem is pretty cool, and so are the people. I will try to have fun as much as I can, but I really get angry when people try to spoil the fun. Also, I'm very competitive, but I know when to give up.
History: I was born to a Polish mother and an American father, how the hell we ended up in England, I have no idea. Due to the fact that my dad is American, I have an American accent instead of an English one and I used to always trick people to thinking I was from Texas, like my father. Although when I speak normally, I sound like someone from California. Too much TV I guess. My family is pretty cool except for the fact that my mom is insane, and I'm not joking. She's clinically insane and I usually spent my weekends visiting her in the Happy Home. The idiots, aka doctors, said that it probably had something to do with my mom's drug addiction and she took something to make her L-O-K-O. I remember her when she was was still at home, I always thought she was a bit odd, but I loved her still the same. One day she picked up me and my older sister, Cathleen, from school and we took a train to Ireland. There she took us to a beach that was completely alone, but before she could explain why we were there, my dad called me and was wondering where we where. Then my mother took the phone from me as soon as I told him where we were and then she started yelling something about training the children and unlocking their potentials. After she closed the phone, she just curled up in a ball and was mumbling to herself in polish. For five hours we were there and Cathleen was starting to cry. Finally, my father arrived and there was some more yelling in polish and in the end, dad just took us home. The next time I saw my mother, it was in the Happy Home.

Every since that day, I always wondered what my mother was talking about, but whenever I mentioned my mother near my father would flip out. I kinda blame him for making my mom crazy. He's a total smock. Always over protective and trying to keep me and my sister cooped up in the house. I think that's why Cathleen got knocked up and ran away with her boyfriend. I guess after Mom was broke, we all did. Then one day when I was 14, during gym, our lesson was in the pool and I'm not the best swimmer so I just was on the side. Everyone was swimming and having fun, but then someone pushed me in as everyone was walking to the locker rooms. I sunk to the bottom and struggled for air, but then I realized, I was drowning. For some reason, I didn't feel the need to breath and I just sat there at the bottom of the pool for about half an hour. Finally, I decided I should get out of the pool because I would miss the bus. Only when I got home it finally sank in, this is what my mother was talking about. Unlocking potentials, training, it all made sense.

After what happened during gym, I slowing tried to discover the limits and the extremes of my powers. I went and talked to my sister about my power and I was wondering if she got the same abilities as me. Apparently she didn't, but when she left had a talk with mom and discovered that our ancestors had an special ability, but it disappeared. Our mother wanted us to have the ability again so she tried all the different drugs, in hopes that something might change in the DNA. Turns out that only I had obtained the power and I was the first since the eighteen hundreds. My sister mentioned something about a school just for people like me, I thinking she was referring to the sissy school Arcana, but I decided to go to Noctrem, its more my style. Then when some asshole burned it down, I was forced to go to Arcana.
Anything else? I have a cat...but I try to keep him a secret. His name is Lucifer.

So begins...

Benjamin Hershkovitz's Story

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Ben was wondering through the hallways of the dorm, not really knowing where he was going. Recently he'd come back from an extended visit to see his older sister, Cathleen. She begged him to visit since her husband, Jacob had been in a horrible accident and had to over go various surgeries during the past couple weeks. It was a bit difficult to see his older sister, so broken, but he had to deal with it and take care of his niece, Mollie. in battered old tee and worn out jeans, Ben tried to remember exactly where his room was, after all he left still in the first week of school. His shoes dragged themselves over the carpet as he reached his room, his roommate was nowhere to be seen. It seemed like he wasn't the only one who had left, since most of the familiar faces that he knew where no more, and there were many new people that he had no idea who the hell they were. Also the people who had stayed, most of them we're and are not his greatest fans. Sighing loudly, Ben's thoughts ran around in his head in the same speed that he usually talks, fast. While entering the key into the lock, opening the door, he heard a door open and he turned his head to see Zac exiting out of a room and enter his. Ben didn't think much of it, until he was well into his room.

"Ashy's room. That was Ashy's room," he thought to himself in absolute shock. "Why was he doing in Ashy's room so early in the morning? Probably to say good morning," he mumbled to himself trying to calm himself down, but his thoughts only gave him the opposite of comfort. "Did he sleep in there, after all he did look like he just woke up with those crumpled clothes." Ben tried to calm his thoughts, saying that it wasn't his business and all. Even playing on his guitar couldn't calm his thoughts. "Could it be that she forgot about me?" he thought. After all he didn't really stay in contact with anyone from school, even his best mate who also happened to disappear.

After pondering and worrying for another ten minutes, Ben decided that he must do something, and due to his state of mind that wasn't completely sane since it was filled with the constant worry of the last weeks and what he just saw and his mind jumbled up, it could be said that his idea's were not the brightest. Not like Ben was the brightest light bulb in the bunch, but even this was a new idiocy, even for him. Grabbing his guitar, he swung the case around his shoulder and went up to Ashy's door. Lucifer, who he had brought this time, was purring around his legs, trying to receive attention from the distracted red head. Realizing that he hadn't breathed the whole time since he saw Zac, Ben took a big breath and knocked three times on Ashy's dorm room.