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Full Name: Well my father decided to name me "Bethany Sky Phillips"
Nicknames: Most people just call me Beth and I rather prefer it anyway.
Age: I am eighteen years of age and still counting!
Birthdate: I was born on December 30th
Home Town: I was born in Scotland and I grew up there until I was eight, then we moved to America.
Sexuality: I like both male sex organs and female sex organs, got a problem with it? Shove it up where the sun don't shine honey because I don't care.

School: I go to Arcana
Power: My power is invisibility; my power is nothing really too special, it's just here I can turn invisible and the naked eye can't see me. Being invisible doesn't mean people can't feel me, I'm not a ghost I can't go through people so that's a flaw in my power but another one would be I can't always control my power. When I am sad I always tend to go invisible and I don't always know it either. I can use my power for good thought, if someone is being picked on I can go invisible and sneak up on them and beat the crap out of them if I need.
Likes: Horses, I love horses, I love to ride them, groom them, feed them and everything. My father and I own one horse and his name is Jaspar ;Snow, Snow is wonderful, it's cold, beautiful, and it's fun to play in and that actually leads to my next like;Hot chocolate, it's fantastic! It warms up your insides and gives you a comfy feeling that I adore;Parties, although what happened at one party I still go to them and have fun I just don't drink a whole to do things that leave me in hurt ;Music, Music is like therapy for the mind and it has really helped me out through tough times. I also like to sing along to music as well;Books, they're a great way to escape from things and just get your mind off things.
Dislikes: Heels, do you know how much of a pain they are? I refuse to wear heels no matter oh great they make my butt look. ; Shopping, considering I only have ever shopped with my dad and that was akward so I don't shop anymore and I have other reason ; Dull things, I hate people being original with things I like creative ideas not boring and dull things like that.; Pickles, Pickles are just gross and slimy and I just can't forse myself to eat them.; Cow meat, I just can't eat it, I really can't. It's greasy and gross and please don't force me to it ; Sadness, no one is a fan of sadness but I have a bad history with sadness.
Fears: Large bodies of water, I can't swim and therefore I am terrified of drowning and there I get a small fear for death. I also have a fear of losing people after what happened to me a couple years back.

Personality: I am not what I always seems to be or acts to be. You'll often times see me as the dumb blonde in the group but that's not really true, I have plenty of intelligence I just keep it stored up and I'm really not one to boast about my intelligence either, I could get top grades in my class but I've never been about getting superfical grades because in school your grades define who you are, and who your friends are and I hardly like the intelligent peers in my schooling at all so I dumb myself down a bit in class but it picks my brain to have so many people so terrible at learning things, to me learning new things was always easy and I could do it simply, it was a gift you could say, well it was something that I could take extreme pride in. Although that leads into another trait of mine.

I donn't like to boast and I don't like to draw attention to myelf in that aspect. I am against people boasting about all the things that someone can do, it doesn's make sense to me becasue there will always be someone who is better than you and you have to accept it and it gets difficult for me sometimes because not many people have shared this knowledge.

Crazy, may be a word that is used often times with me, I'm often spoken about by being a little weird and out there but really I just decide to have fun and not care what too many people think of me. It's what makes me happy and that's all I see it as. The things I will do will prove I'm not shy and prove I am rather brave. I will be the one who you see dancing in the middle of a hallway, or singing while I cook, coming up with new food ideas and crazy ways to mix it.

It may seem like I'm an open book to the naked eye but in reality I hide a lot of my personal and interesting facts. Well I hide half of who I am. I like to reel people in and have them try to figure me out but more times it's nearly impossible to do so. With this I'm a big tease, I will tease you about anything and sometimes even sex but don't get me wrong I'm not a bitch like others. I am far from it actually because I've only had sex once but I will still tease people about it all the time and it just seems like I have had sex more than once and in that way she can be very misleading. I also like to party and I have partied hard back in my younger days but now I'm wiser and I understand what limits are.
History: Well my father, Duncan Phillips was a hard working man in Scotland. He worked the ships and sailed them across the water. He also works as an engineer and he's said to be quite talented at it too. It was when my father Duncan was on board the ship on one of the cruises and he was crossing the pool deck on the way to the door to the engineer room when he met my mother, Jennifer Holding. She was a beauty but I suppose beauty came with a price considering she was stuck up but none the less my father managed to get her drunk and they partied all night and they had a few flings here and there. It was on their fifth night together that they started to fool around again but this time no alcohol influence, she never asked for protection so my father never used it and well that's how my mother got pregnant with me. She came back to Scotland with my father. Short nine months later on the 30th of December I Bethany Sky Phillips, was born.

In my early childhood we lived in Scotland and I'd go to work with my dad. I've gotten use to being on the boats but I never went swimming, it was something I never learned and I never got time with my mother or father to be taught how, one time though while I was on a cruise I fell overboard and I was in the large body of water, it terrified me greatly and I just about drowned trying to swim but I couldn't They managed to get me in time but I spent a few days in the hospital wing. They did multiple tests but after that I refused to leave mine and my father's cabin room and I didn't get close to people. In Elementary school I didn't quite get close to anyone because a lot of the kids liked to swim but I was too afraid of all the water to even be bothered to go swimming and a few kids thought I was weird so I took up reading and my intelligence grew from there and keeping to myself. There were a few people concerened with this like my second grade teacher and my mother. My mother actually didn't want to stay with us and she thought she could do so much better so she left us and it hurt but we managed. When I was eight years old we left Scotland, to find a new life. We soon moved to California for a few years where my father did engineer jobs at Disney Land but after awhile when I turned ten we decided that California wasn't for us so we moved to Washington.

In Washington was where I started to go to school and soon enough I was entering high school, things changed a bit and puberty hit me a bit late but it still hit me and soon enough boys were talking to me without me even noticing. I didn't give any of them too much notice though as I was more into my books. As as I was labelled in school with a nerd reputation I played a dumb card getting lower grades and just trying to fit in somehow because I never had friends before. Soon I gained a few friends and I was content with the few that. There was this one boy though that I had interest for and his name was Jack. I was around fourteen years old at the time and he was a year older. After a year of trying to be his friend I as successful in doing so. He was a great friend and we went to parties all the time and had fun. Of course everything is always all fun and games when you're a teenager but sometimes they end.

When it was just after my sixteenth birthday we went to a new years party together and we had a ton to drink, here, there, and everywhere. We danced, had fun, and just enjoyed the night and maybe a bit too much when we hit that bedroom. In the bedroom things got heated up and quick, we were both so drunk we hardly rememebered it ourselves but only one could assume we were too drunk to remember a condom and because I hadn't been exactly into boys enough to sleep with them my father had never put me on the pill. As one thing led to the other I ended up pregnant with his kid. It was a harsh reality to live with and I was scared and not sure what to do. I hadn't told Jack right away, the first thing I did was talk to my father about it and cry in his arms. After a few weeks I sat down with Jack and we dicussed it for a bit and well at least he was there for me and he was kind about it too. We decided against abortion and we were thinking of adoption. Until when I was about due his mother and my father agreed we could keep the baby and take care of her. His father would have agreed too but he was away in Iraq. Finally I gave birth to our daughter, she was beautiful, the most beautiful thing and person I had ever seen on earth, she was something I could call mine and take pride in. I loved her like there was no tomorrow and we wouldn't be on earth for another day. Jack and I were happy, the happiest we could be with the new baby, of course there was the sleepless nights and all but she was worth it. When we named her we decided on Holly, it was a beautiful name and then we decided to use his mother's name as her middle name. I refused to add in my mother's name because it was a touchy subject.

Jack would sleep over and help me take care of Holly but after a few months about five Holly grew ill with a flu bug that was going around. I did everything to take care of her and treat her to get her back to help even Jack tried but after a few days it was no use, she was gone and she died in our arms, and to confirm that she hadn't just passed out or something we took her to the hospital, I was freaked out and scared, my baby was gone and I got the worst news possible. Holly died and it was hard on both Jack and I it just kind of torn us apart a bit and then with the upcoming event later on where Jack's farther died, it was saddening and I couldn't be around him anymore with all the sadness he had it was so hard to be around him, we were both hurting at this time in our lives. I soon began aware of my powers because I spooked my father out. I'd be walking around the house being sad and crying but he'd never see me, I'd hug him and he could feel me but again he couldn't see me because my sadness made me invisible.

My father found all the schools that were designed to help me and my power of invisibility but I wasn't ready to go to a school yet, I was hurting too much so I took a vacation. I went back to my hometown in Scotland and I just got away for two years. It was a wonderful two years and when I felt healed enough I came back to America to live with my dad and we decided to enroll me in Arcana Academy. I'm a fresh new student and starting my year there.

Anything else? Nothing else.

So begins...

Bethany Phillips's Story

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Bells Dorson

Bells was sleeping curled up on her side when she woke up to her alarm going off she slammed her hand on it to turn it off without opening her eyes and sighed, she was glad that she didn‘t have a headache from last nights little party, though for some reason she didn‘t drink as much last night as she usually did. This was the day that she was hoping would never come, the day they would have to move in with the Arcana students. She laid in bed for a few minutes before getting up looking around the room, it didn’t look to neat, clothes where thrown over a chair and books where on all over the desk. She wasn’t one that didn’t keep things too clean and she knew she should of packed yesterday but she really didn’t feel like, though this morning she really wished she did. Slowly opening her eyes and swinging her legs over the bed, she was definitely not a morning person. She got up and looked around the room, grabbing her suitcases she started folding and packing her clothes, putting her books into her backpack she looked at the time knowing she will only be able to take a quick shower or she would be late which isn’t something new but she had a feeling Mr. M really wouldn’t be too happy with her being late today. She took a quick shower then got dressed in the outfit she picked out to wear today and then went to look at herself in the mirror. She knew she wouldn’t be able to straighten her mess of a hair today so she left it cury but used some mousse so it wouldn’t be frizzy, after applying some makeup she took one more look at herself in the mirror and nodded “pefect” she said out loud before she grabbed her suitcases and made her way out of the room.

She knew she was a few minutes late and made her way quickly to the bus, walking up the stairs she saw Mr.M “yeah I know im late” she said as she made her way down the aisle, seeing Jade she took a seat by her. “This is the first day of hell, lets just hope we are still going to be roommates” she said as she got settled into the seat. She then sat there quietly as the bus moved on, not making much conversation with everyone, she still needed some sort of caffeine to wake her up till she became the talkative Bells. As the bus rolled to a stop she looked to the front of the bus as Mr. M got up ”Give ‘em Hell, kids. It’s your school now too.” Bells grinned and nodded, yes give them hell is exactly what she was going to do especially Izzy. When Noctrem got burnt down and they where told they where going to Arcana all she could think about is Izzy. At the time she hated that she was going to have to be in the same school as Izzy now she was having to live in the same place he was. She made it clear to Izzy the first day she was there to stay out of her way and he wouldn’t have to feel the pain she has made Izzy feel before. Since then they have hardly said two words to each other and that is the way she hopes it still going to be.

Following everyone on the bus she walked through the doors carrying her suitcases. She saw Cor and Erin enter the reception area and she followed right behind them. As she entered she caught the end of what Cor was saying “…disaster waiting to happen.” Bell’s now didn’t have such a good feeling as she walked over to the two girls “So what kind of disaster are you talking about?” she asked but before they said anything she answered her own question as she looked over the list “he just had to do it this way, fuck this” but as she said that she found her name and saw she was rooming with Beth “well I guess it won’t be so bad with Beth, could of gotten worse…” she said knowing that the relationship she had with Beth was very confusing. Some days they talked like they where good friends, some days they didn’t talk at all and then some days they would just flirt like it was natural. She took a few steps back to let the others get in and wondered where her new roommate was, though she really needed to get coffee before the people she disliked with a passion came around.

Izzy Dorson

Izzy was already awake, he has been awake since 5:30am and had his books on his bed as he was working on his home work and some extra credit work. Most people thought Izzy was nuts for getting up so early to work on school work but for Izzy it was something he liked to do. When he finished his work it was around 6:30am and he decided he needed to get ready. He put all his books in a neatly pile on his desk and then went to his dresser where he pulled out a pair of khaki pants and a white plain shirt, then went to his closet and grabbed a green plaid button down short sleeve shirt. He neatly put them on his bed then walked into the bathroom, though he didn’t open the door he just walked through it. He got in the shower and just let himself relax, the shower took about twenty minutes. He liked taking his time in the morning, he wasn’t one to rush things at all. After he got dressed and combed out his hair, ruffling it a bit so it wasn’t so neat looking. Seeing it was 7:00 am he knew he still had sometime before he went to find his friends. He pulled out his guitar and quietly strummed some music for awhile letting his mind wander in thought.

What really didn’t make him happy about the Noctrem students now staying at Arcana was one person, Isabella. He saw her that first day they started coming here and she gave him a straight talking to. It was the last thing she said to him and that was all he wanted to hear from his cousin. He disliked a lot of the Noctrem students because of their actions and just how they held themselves. He mostly stayed out of there way, though some of the girls from there flirted with him just to get to him which he hated a lot.

When his alarm went off at 7:15 he decided it was time to go find his friends. He grabbed his books and put them in his shoulder back pack then quickly put his timberland boots on and swung his bag over his shoulder. He walked through his door and looked down the hallway wondering where Colby, Elijah, Landon, or Ellie was. He walked slowly down the hallway and stopped at Colby’s door and knocked but no one answered so he kept walking this time stopping at Ellie’s. He knocked on the girls door “Ellie are you awake” he said quietly but loud enough for her to hear. Ellie was one of Izzy’s good friends and he always liked the girls company. He knew a lot of people didn’t like to be around Ellie that much because of her power but he really didn’t mind, though he tried not to think about the feelings he started feeling for Ellie lately, he really didn’t want to cause and tension between them and he wasn’t even sure how Ellie felt so he just kept it to himself for now. He stayed there patiently waiting to see if Ellie would answer.

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Leo couldn't stop himself from smiling as the beautiful woman next to him rose up from underneath the duvet, baring her naked body to him without a care. "Good morning." He spoke, letting himself being pushed back down onto the bed, Amy leaning over the top of him. He couldn't say that he disliked the view in front of him, and for a brief moment, the male felt himself being taken back to the night before, where the woman had been practically in this position, her breasts bare and bouncing, the first time they had made love... He was however quickly brought back into the present, when the stunning woman spoke to him, asking him about sleep. "Not true. I slept a little last night, just... not as much as I probably should have." He smiled gently, bringing up his left hand to delicately brush away a strand of hair that was falling in front of her face. He had never been so happy before, never been in a position like this where he had cared about someone so much that he let them sleep next to him in his bed. Amy was the first woman that he had loved in two and a half thousand years, and he couldn't be happier about that fact.

He let his hand cup her cheek softly as she kissed him, smiling against her lips. Every little touch between them sparked electricity into the males hands, his lips, his heart. However, then, he watched her smile disappear, and he instantly knew that something was wrong. Something that she was going to tell him, and something that he was not going to like. Leo shifted slightly in the bed, raising himself up so that his head was resting against the headboard, her lips working on his jaw. He, however, didn't enjoy it as much as he should have. Instead, he was a little worried as to what Amy was going to say, and he could see that same feeling mimicked in her own eyes.

Yup, he didn't like what she had to say at all. The male closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath as she began to speak about their relationship again. She just didn't understand; she didn't get his need to abide by all rules, and especially his own. How would he look in front of Cain, in front of everyone, when they found out that he was breaking his own rules. Leo shook his head, moving out of his position from underneath her, exiting the bed. "Really Amy?" He asked her, an exasperated tone taking over his voice. "You want to do this right now? After an amazing night, and before one of the most stressful days of my life in millenniums? Really?" He took up his mobile phone from the side, angrily pressing in the buttons, his fingers missing the keys every now and again. He really wasn't the most techno-savvy person in the world, and it took him a moment to find the send button, sending his text back to Cain.

You sir, are a grammatically challenged braggard. Yes, I know about the mistake, and I don't like it any more than you do.

Leo put his phone down on the side, and moved over to the main telephone in his room, the one that if when he pressed in a number of buttons, he was able to speak over the tannoys around the school. [u]"All students, please note that there is an assembly being held at ten o'clock in the main hall. Non-attendance will result in an immediate detention, and a loss of free periods."[/s] Then, he slammed the phone back down into it's holder, turning back to face Amy. "Look, we've got to get ready. We'll talk about this later." He sighed, before making his way into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.


[font=georgia]Erin had woken up with a bright smile on her face, unlike most of the other Noctrem students that morning. She was happy that they were leaving that god-damned motel, and moving into the Arcana Academy, a place they had been going to study for the past month or so anyway. She had no feelings about the "life long battle" or whatever that was supposed to be going on between the two academies, she didn't care about it at all. In fact, she had no qualms with any of the Arcana kids, minus ones that had offended her since her schooling life there had begun - she disliked more of the Noctrem students than those from Arcana. There was one thing on the girl's mind that morning, one thing that had the smile stuck on her face for all the world to see - and that was Keirol Rancora. The one boy who had ever wriggled his way into her heart, settling himself there for the rest of time.

As she stood there, looking into the mirror, the girl took in her appearance. The one thing that caught her eye however, was the glistening sword necklace around her neck - the one that Keirol had given her a few days prior. Her hand came up to aimlessly play with the pendant, turning it around in her fingers. The smile on her face was that of a girl in love, her eyes glazing over slightly as she went back in time to that moment on the hill. A sigh escaped her lips as she day-dreamed, still turning the locket over in her fingers. Then, a banging on her door broke her out of the trance, the girl snapping her head up quickly.

The quick movement had jolted Erin out of her daze, and into the reality of pain. Her head was throbbing as she walked towards the door, rubbing at her temple softly to try and rid herself of the drink-induced headache. Of course, Cor had been the one who had gotten her drunk, the one who had literally forced her to down her brother's bottle of vodka, despite the fact she despised the drink. She took in a few deep breaths before opening the door, before the whirlwind began. Cor had been there to shift her into gear, and within in the minute, the two girls were downstairs, shoving their bags into the bus and sitting down next to each other.

The bus journey to Arcana Academy had been another blur for Erin, letting her head loll softly on top of Cor's, slipping in and out of sleep. The headache was progressively getting worse, and somewhere deep down, she felt like slapping her best friend for forcing her to letting her drink so much. Soon, the bus was pulling to a stop, and the two girls were exiting, hand in hand, being one of the first to collect their bags. No-one really messed with Cor, and Erin was guilty due to association. She chuckled at the sarcasm in Cor's voice as they walked into the school, taking in a deep breath. She moved away from her blonde best friend, her eyes glancing over at the crowds of people beginning to swarm the reception. She was hoping to see Keirol, to pick him out of the crowd, but he didn't seem to be there. She spotted the speedy guy coming in to check the board, Colby, she believed his name was, and she witnessed the sickening sitaution between Drake and Addison. The girl physically grimaced as she looked upon the scene, before Cor's voice again hit her ears. Addi deserves so much better. She thought to herself, before turning around to see what had gotten her friend so het up.

There was a defnite reason, all right. As Erin's eyes scanned the list of roommates in front of her, her expression turned quizical, before turning angry. She wasn't "angry angry", but she was definitely irritated. "What the fuck?" She repeated Cor's words, her mouth hanging open slightly as she realized that the two schools had been mixed. "We're not rooming together? Well, this just turns everything on it's fucking head, doesn't it?" She sighed loudly. When she found her name, and saw that she was rooming with Loralei Evans, the gypsy girl, she shrugged. "I don't mind. It's better than say... rooming with darling little Lulu or sickly sweet Ashleigh." Erin forced a laugh, but it soon turned to a real one when she saw who Jay was rooming with. "Oh, c'mon, it's not that bad." She put her arm around her friend's shoulders, sarcasm lacing every word that escaped her lips. "Come on, they may even... become friends?" Then, the girl burst out laughing, turning to apologize to her friend "Oh, I'm sorry Cor. That's just... oh, that's going to make your life fun." She grinned.

"So," Erin spoke, the grin once again evident on her face, turning to face Cor, "what shall we do until this stupid assembly?"


Tears fell softly onto the bed as Jackson stood there, holding his precious baby daughter in his hands. She was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen, the one thing that shined so brightly in his life. Holly Millicent Murphy, a little girl with a head of soft brunette locks, and the most beautiful blue eyes in the entirety of the world, inherited from her mother. Jack slowly looked up, looking over at his girlfriend, smiling with largest smile ever at her. She looked so weak, so tired, but so beautiful. He moved over to sit next to her, holding Holly in one arm, and wrapping his other around Beth. The two of them looked down at the life they had created, their smiles never falling from their faces.

However, the scene soon changed. The room turned dark, and Jackson snapped his head up, the smile falling from his face, wondering what was going on. He wasn't in the hospital any more, he was in Beth's bedroom, still in that same position, his arm wrapped around Beth, however, Holly was in her arms this time. Tears were falling down his face, but he couldn't move his lips to ask her what was wrong. He knew something bad was going to happen, something terrible, but he just couldn't think as to what it could be. Then, his daughter stopped moving. She turned a horrible shade of grey, loosing all colour in her skin, but Jackson couldn't move. All he could hear was Beth screaming, tears falling down his own face landing on his daughter's pale face. They were then in a car, him holding Holly. She was cold, and she wasn't moving; all Jack wanted to do was to touch his daughter properly, to hold her close, hug her and kiss her, but he just couldn't move. He couldn't do anything as they arrived at the hospital, and Holly was taken out of his arms. The same word was then repeated over and over again, resounding in the male's ears.





Jack's eyes snapped open, and he flung up in his bed. His breath was hard and ragged, his heart pounding at a thousand miles an hour. He hadn't had a dream about Holly and Beth for a number of months, and it took him a moment to realize why his past was coming back to haunt him once again. Beth Phillips was now a student here, or had been for the past month - and he hadn't noticed. He had only wondered about her being a student at Arcana when he had heard her name floating around in the corridors. He couldn't believe that she was here, coming back into his life, in such a place as his school. It wasn't as if he didn't want her here... well, that might not be in the case. He didn't want his ex girlfriend, and the mother of his dead child here... but there was absolutely nothing that he could do about it, was there?

He spent a maximum of ten minutes in the shower, letting the warm water wash away all of the sweat and worries from his dream. It didn't take him long to get dressed or ready either, wearing this plain, yet smart outfit, smelling like his favourite cologne, his hair styled in his usual damp mess. He wasn't much of a conformer, but he had decided to go down to the reception hall anyways this morning, to look at the roommate list that had been posted up. Just after he had left his room, he received a text. Pulling out his iPhone, Jack checked his messages, smiling as he saw Lulu's name appearing. The male made his way down to the reception hall, instantly spotting the blonde that had been his best friend through the hardest times in his life.

Instead of going to check his new roommate, he made a beeline for Lulu, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind, a bright smile on his face as he pressed his lips to her hair, a soft, friendly peck. "I'm here." He grinned, moving so that he was now standing in front of her, pulling her into a proper hug this time[u]. "It's great to see you again, Lu."

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#, as written by Sorella

Bethany was running around the house and getting things ready. Beth had aged a bit and by now she as wearing a nice dress suited for a special day, a special day she wasn't sure of yet until she went upstairs and that's where she found a young women sitting on a chair in front of the mirror, she had her hair curled to perfection and a few strands pinned back with beautiful blue clips. Her brown locks had gone down just a little passed her shoulders and her skin seems soft and pale but with a little colour to it. The young woman's eyes were an amazing blue but they were familiar and Beth couldn't quite put her finger on it for the time being. As of the moment the young woman had her make-up being done and she looked absolutely stunning so far. That was when Beth noticed the dress, a nice white one, that could only be a wedding dress. Beth looked in the mirror and both Beth and the young woman locked eyes together and that's when she realized that they had the same eyes. The young woman smiled with a familiar smile to Beth and her lips opened to speak, "Mom!" She said with a smile plastered on her face. Mom? Bethany was confused until she realized, this was Holly. Her beautiful baby had grown up and was still alive, how was this ever possible? That was when someone else entered the room a man who had aged a bit himself and he held some flowers in his hand and let the make-up arist finish before he placed the flowers down on the vanity in front of Holly. Beth was smiling and couldn't help it but the site of Holly was one that was rare. Bethany must not have been paying attention because they had a whole conversation and she didn't realize it at all. Beth finally realized that who was with Holly was Holly's father, Jackson Murphy. As soon as she realized that the whole turn of events changed.

Next thing Beth knew she was in an empty hallway at Arcana and she saw jackson coming and she went to turn around and leave but it wasn't possible. As soon as Jackson saw Bethany her eyes widened, she had been avoiding him on purpose for the past while considering she didn't want to slap his past in his face just like what would happen if she saw him, it'd be a slap in the face, so it was best to not be around him as much as possible. She wanted to leave but it wasn't possible in her dream, she turned around and faced him but after that it was like her feet were stuck like glue. She was forced to watch all the events from two years ago replay as they locked eyes with each other but soon her worst nightmares came to her, although she knew Jackson was never like this at all and it wasn't in him to do it but he started to yell at her for coming here and ruining his life, it was all a lot to take in and Bethany just stood there blank faced doing nothing absolutely nothing which wasn't much like her either but she ended up turning invisible and things started to fade as he kept yelling at her and then she was just in an empty room.


Bethany sat upright as fast as she could, that all wasn't possible in her dream, not at all but it sure did feel real, that was the problem with Bethany's dreams half the time, they felt real and made her still feel the mix of emotions afterwards. She pulled back her blankets and then brought her feet over out of bed and she walked to her closet and picked out this. She then walked to the bathroom and she brushed her teeth before heading to the shower, after brushing her teeth she got the tangles out of her blonde hair and then she stripped down and went into the shower, she let the hot water soothe her a bit and then began to make herself clean. She got out wrapping a nice, soft towel around her small frame and then she plugged in her hair dryer and began to dry her hair and brush it. After she was finished that she dried herself off and slipped on her dress, she struggled with reaching behind to her back to do the zipper up and then when she finally got it she took her shoes and slipped them on. She went over and straightened her hair and made sure it was good before she applied a little bit of eye liner and a bit of lip bomb. She smiled at herself in the mirror and smoothed down her dress and came back out to make her bed.

Once she was finished in her dorm room she left and shit the door behind her. Bethany then walked downstairs to where the roommate listings were supposed to be. Before she got there she turned her self invisible and continued to walk along. When she got to bodies of people that's when she had to be careful and weave her way through the crowd a bit, she didn't want to face anyone who disliked her at the moment, that wasn't the key to a good morning. She then went and looked down the list until she found her room and her name and looked that she had a Noctrem student. One she had an odd relationship with at that but it wasn't as bad as it possibly could be so Bethany couldn't complain. Bells was an interesting roommate and she couldn't wait for the things that may happen. Now it was time for Behtany to weave her way out of this mess.

As she tried to weave her way through she had noticed Jackson off in the distance with Lulu, she couldn't see him and go near him, no, no, that'd be the worst idea possible she just couldn't be forced to be around him. She kept her self invisible as she kept walking but her eyes kept shifting towards Jackson and Lulu, his arms were wrapped around her? What were they dating now? Were they going to have a child? Was their child going to be as beautiful as Holly was? Would their child actually live?! She asked herself these questions snapping at herself in her mind, maybe she was just getting jealous was all, and she had no right to get mad at them because Bethany and Jack were no longer together and therefore she had no right to be all angry with him. It was still upsetting to think that maybe they were dating though, because that was the man who was the father of her child and the man who had once been her best friend, and that brought sadness upon her, of course not paying attention as she weaved her way through the crowd she bumped into someone and her invisible state was broken, from the shock. She had fallen back on her butt but she got up and brushed her self off. She looked up to see Spencer. "My apologies, Spencer, I didn't mean to bump into you. I just was being idiotic and I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." She said in a polite tone. "Pleasant to see you again, Mr.Jerem." Beth said with a small smile on her face.

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If I add more Propanoic acid to my pills, maybe possibly they might be stronger Spencer mumbled to himself. His headache was only getting worse and his body was getting used to the pills that he made. He needed to sleep, and for a long time. He was still looking for Jackson, but he gave up. He'll find his room by himself. After how, he already memorized the map. From the corner of his eye, he saw Alli being carried by Morgan and Zac. Maybe she that controlling of her body as most of think.. As Spencer thought that, he felt a sting of disappointment. As if his expectations of her were high. That's not very likely, He thought, I never expect too much of someone, only myself.. With that thought he tried to get her out of his head, and there were enough topics for that to happen easily. Such as, finding his room, setting up his lab, science, world domination and so forth.

Sparky! Spencer yelled. The little robot scurried to his master's side as fast as his little wheels could carry him. Take my things to room twelve. Now. he told the little thing. The robot just stood there. Spencer raised an eye as if saying "What?". Then the little robot took as a little robotic hand and held it out, as if asking for a tip. Alright, alright, remind me to reprogram you without any sass. he said as he threw a half-dollar coin. Sparky caught it and quickly went to put Spencer's luggage in his room. Spencer sighed, why must he always have a stupid glitch with his inventions. This morning it was the alarm clock, now Sparky. Well they weren't glitches, he actually programmed them like that. Spencer just always regrets it later.

All students, please note that there is an assembly being held at ten o'clock in the main hall. Non-attendance will result in an immediate detention, and a loss of free periods., thundered all over the school. Spencer groaned. There goes the only chance he had of getting rid of his headache by sleeping. Maybe he should just skip the assembly to sleep, then he would have detention to sleep some more. The thought was getting better and better, but he will mull it over some more. He started to walk, maybe find a nice spot to take a nap or something, when he felt a thud against his chest.

He looked down and was about to get angry at the idiot who wasn't looking were they where going until he saw that it was Bethany. He could never mouth off a lady, his mama taught him better. Especially since it was Bethany. Spencer was about to offer her his hand as help, but she already got up. My apologies, Spencer, I didn't mean to bump into you. I just was being idiotic and I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. she said. Spencer was a bit stunned you could say. She already knew what he was thinking without even being a mind reader. Then Bethany quickly added, Pleasant to see you again, Mr.Jerem.. Good Morning Ma'am. How are you? Spencer politely said to her. They were absolute moments when he adored this girl and that made him very angry. So Spencer was trying to be as neutral and polite as possible, but even that wasn't normal for him. There was something different in the way he spoke to her, although he doubted she noticed. Something caring, maybe even soft.

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Bells Dorson

Bells just shook heard head when she heard Sky go off about his roommate. She took another look at the roommate list. She was close to Jade and Addi’s room which made things even a bit better. She then turned around holding her suitcases knowing she should take them to her room. Looking at everyone mingling she wondered where Beth was, though she guessed she would see her later. She really needed coffee before she interacted with anyone, even her friends.

She walked a little bit away from the crowd, noticing Jade and Addi, she would get with them later and see what chaos they could start. She then heard the announcement and rolled her eyes “fuck that as if I am ever one time ” she said out loud wondering if maybe she could find Benz and figure out something to do, she didn‘t care about detention, she has had plenty of them since coming to Arcana, . Anyways Benz was like her skipping buddy, whenever she felt bored with classes she would go to him and they find something fun for the both of them to do. She decided to send him a quick text to find out where he was.

Hey Benz where you at?

She then looked up and noticed she was actually standing right next to one of the teachers, and it wasn’t just any teacher. It was Ms. Wright….she usually didn’t get close to any teachers at all but Ms. Wright…well she was different and she also got sent to her a lot since they have come to Arcana. So what if she skipped classes or was late…she was known for it but the teachers here where a bit more stricter. Though whenever she was sent to Ms.Wright they usually just got talking. She has opened up to Ms. Wright a few times, which was surprising because usually she just keeps it all inside. She was definitely having more then just regular feelings for Ms. Wright, sometimes she even caught herself flirting…which she guessed was a big no no but who the fuck cares. She just hoped Ms.Wright didn’t hear the little comment she said after the announcement.

Bells looked to Ms.Wright, moving closer and grinning a little “Well looks like this will be a fun year…Mr.Marinos really doesn’t know what the hell he just started with bunking us with the fucking goody students….” Bells always swore it was a habit and she did it in front of teachers, it was like part of her vocabulary “so how is Ms. Wright and what are your thoughts on this?” she leaned against the wall by Ms. Wright and put her suitcases on the floor “I know for sure I am going to have some fun messing with the angels especially the ones that cower, including my cousin” she then waited to listen to Ms. Wright knowing she needed to get coffee but she couldn’t help but talk to her favorite teacher. She also needed to find her new room and drop her stuff off and find out where Benz was but she would wait even if she would be late.

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#, as written by Sorella

Beth felt terrible for bumping into Spencer and she could tell that Spencer would have yelled at her but he didn't and that made her heart beat quicken. After she had said her few sentences he replied back with something short. He had asked how she was and she nearly had to think about it before a smile stretched across her face, he was sometimes a distraction in her studies but that was fine, she didn't mind him, he also distracted her from being afraid of Jackson popping up anywhere. Bethany continued to stare off but then blinked and turned her attention back to Spencer, nearly blushing from being embarrassed. She blanked out right in front of him while speaking to him.

"I'm fine, and can not complain about my roommate." She said in response to his question and then she remembered about the assembly that was going to start at ten or something. Beth wouldn't skip it because she just simply wouldn't have, she liked her free periods and such. Detention also wasn't a place she wanted to be. Not at all. Beth looked over at him again, "So who do you have for a roommate?" She asked him, curious as to know who he was rooming with, it would be anyone but she sure hoped it wouldn't be someone she had conflict with because that would make for a terrible year as she'd have to visit Spencer the odd time and then she'd see his roommate which couldn't be good.

"Do you want to go and sit with me in the assembly?" Bethany asked, she didn't want to sit alone, it'd be weird and she just wouldn't like it, at least Spencer would have been some company to her if he did go, "I promise I'll behave my self." She said teasing him a bit, she didn't tease him often but she did once in awhile because she could and because Spencer was a nice guy in general.

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Spencer saw the smile spread across Beth's face, and then some odd fact popped into his head about how there are 43 muscles in the face. Then Spencer waited for her to say something, but for some reason Beth was quiet for a few seconds and Spencer found it a bit odd. Finally she mentioned something about her roommate, and how she wasn't disappointed. Then she asked who was his roommate, Spencer just wanted to reply with one word, "Jackson". Every since that boys name first came up in a conversation near Beth, Spencer was curious. Her reaction was way beyond weird, and Spencer would know what weird is, he invented it. Although he never had the chance too since Beth just continued talking.

Beth said something about the assembly and how they should go together. Spencer thought about it. Truthfully he actually had no intention what-so-ever in going to the assembly since it would most likely bore him. Although he did wonder, Leo wouldn't just call all the students without being a normal reason on why they need to be there. Maybe it would be something to clear up the horrible mess with the roommates, after all Noctrem students and Arcana students did not get along most of the time. Although not all of them had disagreements, for example him and Beth. Right now they were having a perfectly normal conversation without going for each other's throats.

Then Spencer realized he never really answered Beth's question that was is he wanted to accompany her to the assembly. She also teased him a bit, that made him flush a bit of pink, but only barely. Truthfully, if he had to go with someone to the assembly, it would be a good thing that its Beth. So he just answered with complete manners that his mamma taught him and his thick southern accent, "Sure, I'll accompany you ma'am." Although as soon as he said that, "All students to the Great Hall please, assembly beings in five minutes. A reminder than any absentees will result in punishment." was heard all over the school. "I guess it means we better get going," Spencer said as he started to walk toward the assembly hall, although he did stop and turn to see that Beth was behind him.

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#, as written by Sorella

Beth had been looking around and she could tell that slowly the halls were getting emptier and emptier which had meant that most people were heading their way to the assembly and Beth knew it'd be best if she went. Also people were just gone out of this area in general and it made the school feely oddly empty to her. By the look on Spencer's face Beth could tell that curiosity lurked around in there somewhere. When he replied back with who his roommate was Beth didn't show how she really felt about that roommate but deep down inside she knew she'd only stop by if it was only Spencer in there because seeing Jackson wasn't too ideal for her right now.

Bethany had a few worries that Spencer may not want to go to the assembly, a lot of Noctrem kids wouldn't want to go at all and she completely understood that, but Beth wanted her schedule and all that so she knew. Beth also just didn't like detention, Beth would understand if he had declined her offer but either way she was going to go and walk to the assembly by her self if need be.

When he decided that he'd accompany her she smiled at him, "Alright, lets go then." She said and no sooner then she had said that an announcement came on and she took Spencer's hand and she took them off to the assembly, it was rather crowded but soon enough she found them seats and she sat down. After things had been settled and such, she was quiet and paid attention. As Mr.Marinos spoke she listened for her name as the houses were being called out, she soon found out what her house was and that Jackson was in it and so was Spencer. She soon found out she was the house captain. She was? That was rather interesting but Beth wasn't sure what to think of this just yet. When the mention of detention didn't concern her because she was here and she wouldn't be having it, soon they all got their schedules and were basically dismissed. Bethany stayed seated in her spot though unsure of what to do or who to talk to.

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When Spencer said that he was going, Beth said something along the lines of, "Alright lets go then," and grabbed his hand. Spencer's first reaction was to pull away, but he stopped himself. Instead he blushed a bright red. He didn't say a word, for once Spencer Jerem was speechless. This was the affect that girls had on him, and that was why he tried to keep his distance. They are a fate worse to him than alcohol, because that will leave his system in a few hours..love won't. "Love, it should be named a disease. It controls your mind and twists it," Spencer thought to himself. Beth then found them some seats and they both sat down.

Spencer looked around the room, it was decently crowded. Most of the students where there, except for a certain few. He heard Leo speak. He drowned on and on about the houses and how the roommates were permanent. Spencer sighed. Jackson and his parties, were apparently here to stay. As he heard his name announced in the house he was him. Beth was with him and so was Jackson. Spencer sighed once more. Beth was a distraction, and now was in all his classes, brilliant. As he tuned in to the rest of the names, he noticed there was no one that he disliked, and likewise. Beth was house captain? Spencer didn't envy her one bit. Ashy and Beth would probably good at it, but Ben and Drake? At least everyone know who the losing houses we're going to be. Drake maybe would be decent, but Ben was just a joke.

When the assembly finished Spencer looked at Beth and waited for her to say something. Truthfully he wanted to get away, but his mama taught him better. When he saw that she wasn't going to say something, Spencer decided that he should, instead of sitting there in awkward silence, say something. "Looks like we're going to be seeing lots of each other this year, and your house captain. I'm telling you now not to expect too much of me, other than sleeping," Spencer said trying to lighten the mood. He saw Beth's face when Leo said Jackson, although Beth probably didn't know it herself, it wasn't the happiest expression.

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The assembly hadn't gone too badly, Leo had decided. There had been no shout outs, no arguments, no detentions given, and no interruptions. Well, except from Cain's meddling, of course. He was going to have to talk to the man about that; talk to him about not belittling him in front of his students. They needed to respect him, to look up to him, and if Cain was going to mess around and make him look like a fool, then Leonardo wasn't going to have him hanging around here for much longer. He had offered up his home to the man, given him another job, and had allowed all of his students to follow him here, and this was how he re-payed him? He could obviously see why he had been the Head-Master at Noctrem.

After all of the students and teachers had left the vicinity of the Great Hall, Leo finally felt himself relaxing. His shoulders slumped down, and his hands fell into his pockets, and he turned around to look down at his beautiful girlfriend, before finding himself sitting on the chair next to her. He couldn't touch her; couldn't hold her hand, or push that little strand of hair out of her face, because they were sitting here in public. It hurt, not being able to touch her, or kiss her, but they were his rules, and he was going to obey them, much like everyone else. "What did you think? I didn't do too badly, right?" He smiled in her direction, his trade-mark crooked smile coming back to sit on his face.

"Crap!" Leo bolted up right, and looked over at his Amy, his eyes wide. "I was supposed to go and find Chris before the Assembly and let him sit in so he knew everything." He groaned, quickly standing up. "I'm gonna pop over to the main office and go and get him, wanna come?" Leo held out his hand for her, only to help her stand up, before then letting go once more. Then, he started speed walking at an alarming pace, making his way towards the main reception of his school. "Chris, so sorry I'm late." His voice was apologetic, his tone dripping with it. "We had an assembly, and there were Houses discussed, and schedules were given out, and everything just dragged on a bit."


Jackson hadn't been paying that much attention as to what was being said in the assembly. He would learn about it anyway from someone else, and had only really turned up just so that he wouldn't have to suffer a detention. He had sat there, leaning back in his chair, drifting in and out of his own little dream world, a feat which was slowly beginning to cover up the pain that he had taken from Lulu. Wait... day dreaming never usually did that. As he looked to his left, his friend was slowly starting to lose colour once more, obviously gaining her pain back - that was one of the down-sides of his power; he couldn't keep an emotion for that long, and only by concentrating to the extremes when he had passed out before was he almost able to make it disappear entirely.

Then, suddenly, at the end of the assembly, Lulu was up and out, obviously feeling a little worse for wear. He thought about following her, about going after the girl who was with him throughout the worst points in his life, and be there for her in return, but he decided against that when he saw Drake moving quickly in the direction that she had dashed. A small smile appeared on his face, his thoughts conflicting. He knew how much Lulu cared about, and wanted Drake, and so she would be happy to see that he would come to her rescue. On the other hand, Drake was a fiend, someone who couldn't stay with one women for more than a night, and he wouldn't like to see the two of them together in a relationship. He sighed softly, slowly standing up from his seat. He shouldn't dwell on that fact for so long; everything would work out in the end.

Jack made his way out of the hall, and then stopped. Where was he going? What was he supposed to be doing right now? He had heard something about there not being classes today, and they were supposed to help their roommates settle in properly. Oh yeah, roommates. He should probably head over and look at the list. So, that was what he did. "Spencer, eh?" He spoke to no-one in particular, his voice hushed and under his breath. "Well that could be fun." He got along with the scientist well enough, and he was sure that the two of them would be good roommates. Then, out of the corner of his eye, Jackson spotted his roommate, and decided to head over there, to see him and ask him a question.

On his journey, however, Jack noticed who Spencer was with. "Beth..." he whispered softly to himself, his stride slowly down. He hadn't seen her around the school yet; she had obviously hidden from him when he had been near her. He looked like an idiot, standing there with his mouth agape, staring in their direction, but that didn't stop him from beginning to walk once again, making his way over to them. Just don't look at her that much, Jackson. Just stand there, and be cool. But how could you be cool when you looked at someone, and all you saw was the eyes of your dead daughter?

"Hey, Spencer." Jack's voice was quiet as he came upon the two of them, and he didn't try to say hello to Beth as well. He wasn't sure if his mouth would even move near her any more, and his eyes kept flicking back down onto her, looking at her. "So... I-I was wondering, if we could party tonight? In the hall, maybe?" His question was directed at Spencer, although, his eyes were not.

He just couldn't stop looking at her.

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#, as written by Mela
Miss Amy Roerig

During the assembly, Amy let her eyes roam the grand hall, observing the students, trying to get an impression of the overall opinion on this entire ordeal. Leo had spent a lot of time in his office this past week, sorting everything out, which meant they hadn’t seen each other as much as she would have like, since spending several hours in your boss’ office at a time might call on some unwanted attention. She was quite aware that some already had their suspicions, which made the matter of publicity even more urgent. Better to tell people themselves, than to have rumours spreading, and considering the students they had just let in, it was probably going to happen sooner rather than later. With that thought, Amy’s gaze went from Amber, to Drake, to Theo… people from Noctrem she could imagine finding out about her and Leo. Sure, she didn’t think Theo was a bad kid, but she dreamt about Leo a lot of the time, although she supposed the most he could grasp from that, would be her infatuation with the gorgeous headmaster. Then again, who said Theo even had an interest in watching her or anyone’s dreams?

She instantly stored away those thoughts and her gaze moved on, now resting on the house captains being announced in turn. Her heart ached for poor Ashleigh, who was going to have a very tough time being captain in her house. She could almost see the poor girl turning paler by the second. She obviously hadn’t missed the fact that she had several of the most troublesome kids to deal with; Corentine Quellen, Erin Hawthorne, and Addison Lawler. Sure, they weren’t all bad people, but they were definitely more… wild, than average. To her knowledge, Sky and Scott weren’t the quietest of guys either, but she couldn’t recall them causing any severe troubles. However, that much could change. Then came Ben as captain of Causton , and well, Amy couldn’t really see that lasting long. He wasn’t exactly the most school-invested kind. Then came Bethany, and Amy felt a soft, unnoticeable sigh emit from her lips. That girl had to figure out herself and feel comfortable with that, able to take responsibility for her own life before she could start taking charge of anything else.

When Leo drew out Drake’s name for captain of Tyms, Amy’s eyes widened slightly, her gaze landing on said male. He looked more or less completely indifferent. Thinking about it, maybe Leo should have just decided on captains to make sure no disasters were chosen. The way it looked to her now, none of the captains were ideal. Her eyes hopped back to Leo, noticing his rigidity, the way his shoulders were shrugged back tensely, his usual smile abandoned in favour of an edgy line, his features drawn tight. Watching him, she felt glad they’d somewhat resolved their argument from earlier, because she couldn’t even imagine how he’d be feeling if he’d had problems with her to top off the day. What had she been thinking, even starting the argument this morning? She knew, yes, the dream, but she still felt like mentally kicking herself. She wondered what he was s nervous about, though. Her Leo was usually such a confident man, although she suspected a situation like this one would bring anyone to the edge.

Later, occupied by watching the throng of students and teachers leave the assembly, and especially seeing Lulu rush from the hall, Amy didn’t even notice the fact that Leo had turned towards her, or even sat beside her, so when he spoke, she almost jumped, her head snapping around, eyes wide in surprise before she registered the voice, followed by her eyes finding the most beautiful man she’d ever laid eyes on. Her lips curved into a smile filled with warmth at his question, and especially in reply to the vibrant smile he was casting her way. “Well, you definitely need to unwind some,” she said teasingly, a glint in her eye telling her precisely how she’d like to do that, before continuing, “but yes, you di-“ Before she could finish the sentence, Leo was cursing, the abrupt speed of his movements almost making her head spin. She blinked a couple of times, finally closing her mouth when he began explaining. Ah, yes, the new teacher. She remembered Leo talking a bit about a new teacher. He hadn’t told her much, and she hadn’t really asked. More pressing, Noctrem-related matters had been more important at the time.

“Ah,” she merely said in understanding before he was talking again. Leo hated being late, especially when others were depending on him, she knew that, so this wasn’t exactly helping him unwind, which she greatly disliked. Why hadn’t he told her he planned on getting Chris before the assembly? She would’ve reminded him, or at least gone to get the new teacher herself. When Leo extended a hand, inviting her to come with him, Amy bit her lip delicately, peering up at him through her dark lashes. “Yeah, sure,” she said, before eyeing his hand thoughtfully. Would it hurt her more to take it only to let it go moments later, or to not take it at all? Why did he have to do that? It’s not like she couldn’t get out of a chair herself. She sighed softly, taking his hand, feeling that same, familiar electricity, however, the sensation was brief due to the fact that Leo let go the second she was on her feet and she clenched her hand, savouring the brief contact, trying to quench the longing surging through her; the urge to hold him, kiss him, to run her hands through his hair. To see love and lust for her mixing in the gray pools that were his eyes, like last night.

When he began speed walking, Amy had to half run to keep up, but sensing his urgency, she didn’t complain like she most likely would’ve at another time. After all, it’s not like he didn’t know she had much shorter legs than he. And she did fall slightly behind, only catching up with him to hear the words, “-I’m late,” and those following. She took a deep breath to steady herself, curiously moving to the side so that she was no longer hidden behind Leo, and thereby able to see the new teacher. She took in all his features, her head cocking to the side slightly in thought. He looked familiar. Only when Leo finished speaking, did her eyes widen with realization. “Chris?” she breathed in disbelief, gaping at him. “That Chris?!” She blinked several times, then shooting an accusatory look Leo’s way, she almost squealed, “why didn’t you tell me?!” With that, a massive smile took over her features and she turned her gaze on her old friend again, the impulse to hug him causing her to rush forward and wrap her arms around him, somehow feeling like that alone would make him real.

She hadn’t seen Chris since leaving Arcana all those years ago, although they’d been pretty good friends. They just hadn’t kept in touch, truthfully, maybe because she’d, you know, gone to war and all, so she had only kept contact to her closest family. Thinking about it, their current lack of communication was probably her fault, but damn, was it good to see him again. “You look old,” she murmured playfully. She remembered teasing him about how much older than her he looked, despite the fact that she was actually the oldest of the two.

Drake Quellen

Drake almost chuckled at the blush coming onto Lulu’s cheeks, wondering in which direction her mind was taking her. Something told him it probably wasn’t entirely child-friendly, and the urge to tease her about it became nearly overwhelming. She was just so… susceptible, not that most women weren’t, but Lulu in particular could be very fun to play with, he realized. Why hadn’t he ever thought about that before? Well, if was definitely changing now. He wanted to see that red in her cheeks a lot more and he was going to strive to get it, because what Drake wanted, he procured for himself, and if there was one thing he could do, it was charm a woman out of her panties. But did he want to do that to Lulu? He mused it over. Why the hell did he ever give a shit? Normally he wouldn’t have given it a second thought, because it would be entertaining, but now he found himself wondering if she would be hurt when he left her after sleeping with her, considering if maybe he would be going too far. After all, she was a friend, one the few he actually had. Inwardly, Drake’s mind battled itself, but outwardly he maintained is usual, easy stance. It was something he’d taught himself to do quite well.

Soon, Lulu was rubbing her eyes as if trying to clear them, commenting on his slightly reprimanding words. A wry smile pulled at his lips, “ yes, that much it obvious,” he said teasingly. Yep, he was back. He wasn’t really worried anymore. She’d be fine, but… he still didn’t understand this odd need to help and take care of her. Shrugging it off, he guided the blonde on his arm out of the men’s toilets. When he noticed the three guys giving Lulu looks, he merely raised an eyebrow in their direction, as if saying, “got a problem? Take it up with me.” Drake might not be the violent type, or the kind of guy to go headfirst into trouble as such, but he wasn’t one you wanted to mess with, and his entire demeanor screamed as much when he wanted it to, which he did in this case. He relaxed a little once the guys scurried off; obviously deciding whatever they thought of Lulu wasn’t worth any actual trouble over. When Lulu spoke, Drake’s eyes found her once more and another sly smile came onto his face. “Showers, eh?” He teased, his eyes glinting with wicked thoughts. Then he just chuckled, shaking his head. “In your bathroom,” he then finally told her.

They both grew quiet then, Drake taking care to be entirely sure she wasn’t going to stumble and hit the floor with her nose while he could do anything to stop it. After all, the floors didn’t deserve that kind of violence, right? Oh, who am I kidding? He asked himself, inwardly sighing, I don’t actually want her to stumble. But again, that made him wonder why, because there was always at least slight entertainment in people falling over their own feet. And sure, he realized Lulu means something to him, but did that mean he had to go all protective super hero? Damn it, that really usually wasn’t his style. He’d begun growing irritated with himself when Lulu spoke again, and he completely disregarded earlier thought, a devious smirk curving his lips. “Help?” He murmured, his voice deep and seductive in itself as he looked down at her. “Could be arranged.” He deliberately let his eyes roam her body. How was he supposed to try and have morals when she kept tempting him like this? Women.

Her next words made him chuckle, wicked, dark brown eyes once more giving her body their undivided attention. He easily held on to her as she half stumbled, not even stopping in his track. He had a good hold on her, and she wouldn’t be hitting the floor. All she had to do was regain her balance, and as she did, her next words following, he grinned sinfully at her, his eyes intense, his entire demeanor completely in flirt-mode. Drake pulled them both to a stop only to skillfully turn them around and gently press her slight body up against the wall, both his arms winding around her waist now, so that his heat was completely enveloping her, even as his body trapped hers between it and the wall. He leaned down, his lips brushing against her ear as he murmured seductively, “now, what’s the fun in keeping our clothes on?” Of course, it wasn’t like Drake was actually going to have sex with her. Obviously, she wasn’t in a state capable of satisfying him properly anyways, but playing with her right now was extremely entertaining for some reason.

If he was going to fuck Lulu, it was going to be done right, and not in some stupid situation like this when she could barely walk by herself. Not that he was going to fuck her at all… right? Yep. Friend. He’d sort of told himself not to fuck the few people he considered friends, but in that case, he really needed to stop befriending hot girls who wanted him, because it was making his life damned complicated. Again, it wasn’t like Drake couldn’t resist and keep his dick in his pants, but he was starting to think he’d really rather not. Hell, maybe that was just because he hadn’t had sex in a while. What had it been? Two? Three? Weeks. Keeping your sex-life alive when he were rooming with Cor in some motel, proved to be harder than you’d think. Thinking about it, he felt pretty sure last time had been with Erin, because Cor actually left when it was her. He suspected it had something to do with the fact that Cor knew what kind of role Drake played in her best friend’s life.

Maybe he should exert some kind of revenge on his sister. Manipulation was a gift of his, and he could definitely use Jay in some way, but then… would using Jay be a bit too cruel? He and Cor didn’t really try to make each other miserable. Sure, they bickered like cat and dog, and they most definitely had a lot of differences, but they were still family and in some incredibly fucked up way, they did care about each other. Despite the fact that living with her had been hell. Good luck to Lauryn, was all he could say.

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Ben was pissed. Him? House Captain? Leo can go fuck himself. There was no way in hell that he would be able to do this. Ashy would be amazing at being a house captian, but with Cor in her house, Ben felt really sorry for her. People would listen to Drake, and Beth seemed completely fine with the fact. Only he was the fucked up one of the captains, of course his house was going to loose in everything. When he heard who was in his house, Ben was seriously not pleased. His best friend, Eriol wasn't there, but Eriol's girlfriend, Yvette, was. Ben pretty much hated her and it was mostly out of jelaousy. He thought that ever since she came into his buddy's life, Ben was second best. Maybe he'll use his new position to make her life hell. She wasn't fit for Eriol, no self confidence, what kind of person is like that? Eriol was going to get the best, if Ben had anything to say about it, maybe he could even sabatoge the relationship between Eriol and Yvette being the captain. On the other hand, there was no way in hell that he would be able to be responsible, hell he can't even get his own lazy ass to class let alone other people. Luckly, no one truely hated him, but niether were his good friend either.

When the assembly was over Ben rushed outside. Neither did he want to see his "house mates" nor did he want to be near people. Period. Quickly he rushed to his room, but it took him a while, after all his sense of direction isn't the best. Finally he got back to his room and opened the door with the key around his neck that Elijah had given to him earlier. On the floor next to the door, was his duffel bag, exactly were he left it. Although he did see a fairly large pakage on the empty side of the room, his side he assumed, amd thruth behold there on the mailing address was his name in his sister's cursive hand writing. Quickly he tore open the package and found a note. Inside it said,

Dear Benjamin,
I hope you are ajusting at Arcana. This is the place where I think you truly belong. I've sent you all the items that you've asked. I guess you we're pretty lucky that you were planning to visit and already sent your items beforehand. I've also brought your guitar. Tell me when I can bring up Lucifer, he misses you.
Lots of Love,
Cathleen, Jacob, and Mollie.

P.S. I've added a picture of Mollie since you haven't see her in a while and she's grown so big now.

Ben looked at the picture of his niece. Her little red riglets covered the four year old's head. She was grinning and the sun really brought out her freckles. Inside the box, was most of his things, minus a few things here and there that were lost in the fire. Next to the package was his guitar. Man how he missed her. This was what he needed right now, after hearing the terrible news at the assembly. Music was his therapy. Ben didn't even care to put his stuff away, all he did was grab his guitar and walk outside towards a clearing. There he saw Ashy and he was about to call out to her, but then he saw her with Zac. He didn't have a problem with him at all, but he was jelaous. Even though he knew that Ashy and Zac we're just good friends, but he couldn't help himself. He stated to walk away but the ripe leaves on the ground couldn't help but crunch. Ben just hoped that it wouldn't give him away. As much as he wanted to be with Ashy, there was always Zac. Ben wanted to go find a place to play his feelings out, like the teenage boy that he was.

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Leo thought he had won. He had thought he was going to get out of this without having to deal with any anger from his girlfriend. By the way that she was wrapping herself around him, welcoming his lips, and grasping a hold of his hair, how could he think any different? The immortal male was almost beginning to forget that Amy had been angry with him in the first place, and his trail of thought was moving just onto her; about taking her, right here in his office, proving to her again that she was his. Everything that he could think of was her - Amy Roerig filled his mind, his heart, and every single one of his senses with thoughts of her. Her touch, her scent, her love... it clouded his mind, much to his enjoyment.

However, that enjoyment was short lived, by the atmosphere in the room suddenly taking a turn for the worst. Amy suddenly snapped, pushing him away from her, unraveling herself quickly from his body. Leonardo just looked at her, his expression filled with confusion and worry; one moment ago, she had been begging for him, wanting him, panting his name, and now, she was pushing him away, and had started shouting at him. He was just... confused. He hadn't felt things like this before, had never experienced them before - and now, this was his first experience with the girlfriend angry at jealousy. Yeah, he definitely didn't want to be here again. Amy looked almost scary, her expression full of anger, her eyes baring deep into his own. She had even swore! Leo's eyes widened as that "damn" came out of her lips; Amy never swore. Ever. Oh dear, he had truly annoyed her this time.

"Amy, I'm sorry." Leo's voice was calm and cool as he tried to reason with the angry brunette woman in front of him, taking a step back from her. He didn't want to be within arms reach of her, in case she decided to lash out at him in a moment of blind fury. "I didn't mean to, I just didn't like you being so close to another man like that. I've never had a woman for my own, Amy. I've never been able to look at a girl, and call her mine. In a thousand years, feeling this for the first time has made me a little possessive, I see that. Please, please don't be angry at me, baby." Leo was almost pleading with the woman, taking a small step back towards her, with his arms outstretched. He wanted her back in his arms again, but this time, he wasn't going to force it. He was going to wait for her to come to him.


Erin could feel her anger rising with every passing second, her hands beginning to shake more and more, that horrible red haze beginning to cloud over her eyes; when she was in this sort of mood, she was barely human, that primal, feral side of her taking over. She was more like a hungry rabid dog, than a girl once her powers truly took over. Sometimes, it got so bad, that she didn't even remember what had happened when she had been taken over; it was as if she was being taken over by a different force, a different being. Something pushed back that human side of her and in it's place set down a primal being, who's only thoughts are based around blood and fear. Not feeling fear, but creating it. She was a scary being, once her powers took over - more scary that a pissed off Corentine, it had been said before. Which was why the girl had ran away from it all, run outside to her secluded place in the forest; somewhere she wouldn't be able to harm anyone.

The blonde just couldn't believe how Keirol had just pushed her off like that, brushed her off as if she really was just some strange girl in the corridors that he had never met, spoken to, or even seen before. Not the girl that laid in his bed most nights, curled up with him, laying there contently without any sort of physical activity on her mind. Not the girl that he had trusted enough to have given her his most precious possession, to keep close to her heart, always. Her hand came up to clasp the sword dangling around her neck, the pendant that her "boyfriend" had given her as a gift a few nights prior. She tried to go back to that moment, to how happy she had felt when Keirol had placed the pendant around her neck, telling her that he loved her, but she could no longer feel the happiness. No, now all Erin could feel was rage, when she looked at his face. The face that held those eyes that had recently looked straight through her, as if she hadn't been there at all.

There was a rustling behind her, a noise the girl tried to ignore. Probably a bird or a rabbit or something. She thought to herself, shaking her head, trying to bring herself out of that moment, and to put her mind in a quiet, more peaceful place. However, then, a voice resounded around her, shattering her silence; a deep, seductive voice that almost made a shiver run through the blonde's body. That's no rabbit. Erin took in a few deep breaths as she felt herself growing more and more vicious, that primal side of her wanting to take her over, to take full control of her body. It had been ages since she had been this angry, and Erin was slightly cautious of even Drake being around her right now. Usually, Drake Quellen was the boy that she was run to when she was feeling angry, to stop herself from getting this close to the edge, but he was rather late this time at finding her, and she was almost too close to the edge of sanity to be able to stop herself from turning. It was already beginning to happen; her shaking was almost uncontrollable, her breathing ragged.

Erin whipped around after a few seconds, her change almost complete. The rage inside her was almost at the point of explosion; her body shaking with anger. The blonde's eyes were now black, black with hate, and anger, and rage, and murderous intent towards the man that had hurt her like this, and to anyone that decided to get in her way. She was almost at complete strength, holding herself onto sanity as long as possible, grasping onto that tiniest bit of humanity that she muster. "Drake..." She breathed, her voice strained, and shaky. She hated feeling this close to slipping, this close to falling out of her own consciousness, and into the mind of the beast. Drake would help her; he had to.

He just had to.

Suddenly, Erin threw her head back, her inside battle growing harder and harder, allowing the beast within to come out for a moment, her eyes flashing red, signifying that she was no longer in control of her own body. She felt herself snarl in the direction of the man who had come along to find her, before a sadistic grin flickered across her lips. "Oh look, Drake. Come along to stop me, have you? To "calm me down?" Please, you think you can stop me, you puny, impudent little fool. Unlike her, I'd rather not --" Erin's head once again was thrown backwards and her eyes changed back, flashing red again briefly, again showing a change in control over the body of the blonde girl. Erin's primal part was growing stronger, beginning to take over. She hated asking for help, especially from someone so cruel and sarcastic about everything, but Drake was the one person that Erin was able to trust to help her, to save her, when she was in this sort of state.

"Help me."


Well, that conversation with Beth and Spencer had gone, oh so well, in Jackson's eyes. That was a bit of an overstatement. After he had mentioned there being a party that night, there had been a silence. And it hadn't been one of those nice, comfortable silences that he enjoyed. No, it had been a horrible, awkward silence between the three of them. Jackson had stood there with his hands in his pockets for about a minute with no reply from the blonde girl that he had been in a relationship with, or his new science-infatuated roommate, before he had decided that there wasn't going to be a conversation between the three of them anytime soon. So, he had quickly excused himself, telling them to "think about it," before walking off, quickly.

The Irish man hadn't known what to do, and had spent the best part of half an hour walking around the gardens of the school. He had been hoping to spot at least one of his friends; maybe McKenna, Ashy or Julie around somewhere, but to no such luck. He hadn't seen anyone; it was like the grounds of the school was a cemetery. Maybe it was because all of the Arcana students were helping their new Noctrem roommates settle into their new quarters, making them feel all at home and what not. Jackson wondered if he should have gone back inside and spoken to Spencer, offered to help him up to their new shared room and help him settle in. But, seeing how their last conversation had gone, the man had decided against it.

Now, Jackson was walking through the hallways of the school, slowly making his way back to his bedroom. He had decided that waiting there for Spencer to come up would be a better idea than trying to engage the man in conversation again, and had changed his direction from that of the forest on the outskirts of the school, to the dorms on the inside. However, as he made his way along the hallway, an open door caught his eye. "Mhm, strange." He murmured to himself, his Irish accent thick through his voice. There had been conversations about a week prior, Arcana students joking about never leaving their doors open any more, because of the thieving and untrustworthy ways of the Noctrem students, so this ajar door was something that he hadn't expected to see.

As Jack peered around the corner of the door, to determine who's room it was, he noticed a bag on the floor, one he had seen many times whilst he had been growing up. Lulu and him had always used to go out on trips to the woods in the small town they once lived in, and they would take a picnic and all the essentials needed to eat, and have a day out, like a ball, and a frisbee and what ever else you'd want, in that bag. "Lu?" He called out as he made his way into the room, looking around. He could hear the shower on in the bathroom, but even through the walls, it was still possible to hear people calling on the outside. Many a time, the male had been spoken to whilst he had been in the shower, from one of his friends on the outside in his bedroom, so, it worried him a little that Lulu hadn't replied to him. He knocked on the door of the bathroom, once again calling out her name, hoping for a reply. After a minute of not getting one, he opened the door, slowly, making sure that she was decent before going inside properly.

The sight before him shocked him, and Jack moved quickly over to her side, taking her hand. "Lulu? You're like ice.... why are you showering in cold water? You'll freeze if you've been in here too long. Here. Please?" He held up a towel that had been conveniently placed close enough to the shower, so that she would be able to step out of the shower, and he could wrap it around her.

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Jack couldn't bring himself to wake up Lulu. She looked so sick, yet so peaceful, curled up there under her blanket, her head snuggled into her pillow. She had literally fallen asleep before he had any time to reply to her, and he didn't want to disturb her by telling her that he was going to leave. So, he slowly raised himself up from the bed, making sure not to make a sound. He tiptoed around to the side of the bed, pulling gently on the corner of the blanket covering his friend properly, making sure it was draped over her bare side. Very gently, he brushed a stray strand of blonde hair from her face, reveling at her beauty. Why did he have such strange feelings for her? Lulu was his best female friend, the one girl that he trusted more than any other person, and she was totally infatuated with his other friend. He sighed, before moving back, making his way over to the door, and closing it quietly behind him.

It was a horrible position that he was in; having Lulu talk to him about her feelings for Drake, and having his own feelings for her? He was unnoticed in Lulu's eyes in a romantic sense, he knew that, but she was just always playing on his mind, always there. He knew that he'd never grow in her heart beyond being her friend, but some part of him would always keep wishing. There was no other girl that came close to her place in his heart. He obviously still had some sort of feelings for Beth, after what had happened between them in the past, but there was no way that she came close to Lulu in his heart. The male rubbed his hand across his face as he walked through the hallway, a sigh escaping his lips. He hated this. He needed something to take his mind off of Lulu, off of the feelings for her that had arisen once again upon seeing her.

So, party it was. He quickly pulled out his phone and sent a mass text out to everyone in the school, telling them that there was going to be a party tonight. Which meant, however, that he needed to organize everything. He changed his direction from walking nowhere to heading for the cafeteria, to talk to the Chef there about making a couple of buffet plates for tonight. She was a good friend of his, because he held so many parties, and always invited her and gave her free drinks, so she was always eager to help him out. However, on his way there, Jackson came across a girl leaning against the wall, sitting on the floor. He wasn't really close to Jessica Coleman, in fact, he couldn't really remember when he had spoken to her, but she looked upset, in a way.

"Hey, Jess?" Jackson cautiously walked towards the brunette on the floor, his eyes filled with curiosity. "Are you okay?"

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#, as written by Sorella
Bethany had been in the presence of Jackson earlier that day. She had been talking to Spencer and he had been there and she didn't have a clue as to what she wanted to say to him back at the time. Laying in her bed around lunch time though she stared up at the roof a bit. Why couldn't she at least give him the slightest salutation. What was wrong with her? It wasn't hard to had at least acknowledged him but she had gone about it being a bitch. He had tried to talk to her. Bethany wasn't sure she could take being here if every encounter with Jackson was going to be like this. It didn't help that they were in the same house and so that meant they had every class with each other. Beth hated what had happened between her and Jackson and the big event. It wasn't fair how things turned out. Now that she was here at the academy she felt it was as if the world hadn't gotten back at her enough. Bethany deserved better and she knew it, she deserved nice things and company of others. She wasn't going to be one of those really self centred drama queens who were overly depressed.

Laying in bed there thinking to herself before she was to go into a deep slumber for a nap to clear her mind. She thought to herself, she wouldn't drop out or quit. Things like this were complicated and if she quit now that'd just prove she was weak and she couldn't handle herself. If she was going to make the best of her time here she needed to get over some things. Some of it would take time and the other bit of it..She could do now. What she was about to do was something she had learned somewhere. She'd have to finish the task in the afternoon when she woke up but for now she sat up and grabbed a note book. At this point she wasn't very concerned about the other girl in her room. Beth took out a few pieces of paper and she cut them into slips. On each slip she wrote something that upset her, angered her, what some things she thought of. It'd help and later she'd let go of these things once she burned it. After she had written out all her slips she tucked them away safely and then turned off the beside lamp. She relaxed back into her blankets and shortly dozed off.

After a good nap, Bethany had woken up. When she rubbed her eyes and sat up she looked at the clock and saw it was early in the afternoon, this day never seemed to end so it seemed. She got up and she swung her legs over the bedside and got up. She walked into the bathroom and began to fix herself up. Beth had managed to get dressed into something casual and nice. She then did her hair and made sure it was good to go before she left. She took her slips and as she left the door she had cloaked herself so she wasn't seen. She wandered down the hall and walked out of the school building. She walked to where there was a fire pit.

Once at the fire pit she had managed to get a small fire going. She looked at her slips. She still decided to cloak herself. "I was a terrible mother." She said softly speaking out one of her slips and put it in the fire and watched it burned. Beth looked at the next slip, "I am selfish." She put that slip in the fire. Next followed a whole line of things she thought about herself until she got down to the last three and she already had tears falling from her face. "Jackson deserved better than me." She hardly said above a whisper. She was shaking as she put it in the fire and soon followed the two. She stood there for a whole of fifteen minutes alone and doing nothing, nothing at all. She wiped the tears away and took a deep breath in. All those things on the slip of paper..They weren't true, she was better than that and from this point on she was going to believe it.

Bethany put out the fire completely and then she walked away. She walked back onto the school grounds, still cloaked so no one would see her. She needed to do that and she needed to get it off her chest and with that she was ready to try and look at things different. She started to walk around the school until she found a quiet place to sit down at and she began to draw. on her way to a place to sit she had grabbed a notebook that would have small doodles them. Beth had checked her phone and noticed she was invited to a party, by Jackson. Probably his party knowing him. She was going to go, there was no other answer, she was going to go and try to have fun and maybe even talk to Jackson a bit. They couldn't avoid each other forever and on another note she'd get to meet some new people at the party and it could help her.