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Chase Westley

"Life is what you make it, so take responsibility for your own."

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a character in “The Arcana Academy”, as played by Mela



Full Name: Chase Westley
Nicknames: It's Chase. Just... Chase.
Age: 18
Birthdate: 30th of May
Home Town: Tildenville, Orange County, Florida State. At least that's where I was raised after I turned 8. Up until then, I lived in Inglewood, LA, California.
Sexuality: Heterosexual

School: Arcana... couldn't enroll at Noctrem even if I wanted to now, could I?

I can basically control time. Rewind, fast forward and stop it. That part is pretty simple to understand. The thing is, my powers aren't unlimited. In fact, not in the slightest. Changing the course of time and events isn't something you just do. It takes hard work, and usually a lot of energy, which means I can't change all that much. I can rewind about an hour, no more. So no, I can't take you back to ten years ago when you accidentally ran over a cat, and change it. It doesn't work that way. Fast forwarding is a tad easier because it's events about to happen anyway. All I do is make it speed up... to me. To others it seems like the same amount of time has passed. I'm the only one who sees the world it really is. As for stopping time, it's a lot like I freeze a certain area. Because I can't really freeze time on the entire planet... yet. But it's easy to do in an area so it's more like time has stopped for you, and anyone who walks in after is going to see you more or less frozen in time. I can also choose to let others see what I see, by touching you voluntarily. That way, when I freeze and area, I can let someone else see it from my perspective too. It's rather complicated, and hard to understand. Hey, they're my powers and they've taken me a decade to finally grasp.

- Cars, especially my own
- Driving. Weird huh? Considering how my parents died...
- Privacy
- Aged whiskey
- Dark beer
- My sister
- Blondes
- Running
- Trying new things

- Idiocy and just plain stupidity. I have no patience for it
- Arrogance. I don't mind people being confident, in fact I like it, but arrogance is just taking it too far
- Being asked questions about my parents
- Psychologists
- Men who disrespect women, and women who disrespect themselves
- Unnecessary violence

- I'm deadly afraid of flying. I did it once, and I'm never doing it again.
- I'm also terrified of losing my sister. She and our grandparents are all I have left.

Confident, protective, and adventurous are adjectives which define me, I suppose. To expand on them, I guess people say I'm confident because I know who I am as oppose to a lot of other teenagers. I'm well-balanced in life because I know what I can and can't do. Of course like everyone else I strive to better myself and to achieve more, but it's not all there is. Sometimes you just have to be grateful you're even alive. My parents' deaths have taught me as much. I'm a highly intelligent individual, and trust me, I am not bragging. It's just part of who I am. I was raised strictly by my grandfather, who believed education was the road to success in life so I have been thoroughly schooled. I don't presume myself to be better than others, but I do know there are things I'm better at than others, which is only natural. I take pride in these things, and if that makes me seem arrogant, that's your misinterpretation, and that makes it your problem - not mine.

As for the protectiveness, my sister will probably go all the way and call me over-protective. My former shrinks would call me obsessively protective due to the trauma of losing my parents. They're calling what my sister and I share, co-dependence. But hell, we're twins, and we lost our parents. Life works out that way. But though I am highly protective of Kayla, she's not the only one I tend to watch out for. Generally being friends with me lands you in a group of people I'm going to feel the need to help out. That makes me loyal, yes, and maybe extremely so, but my grandfather always told me loyalty was an admirable trait - one every man should possess. I agree. Anyway, yes, I'm a pretty good friend I suppose, but don't mistake me for a pushover. I'm not going to consider you a friend if you try to use my loyalty against me, or if you prove to me that you aren't worth my friendship. I'm pretty unforgiving that way.

Being adventurous, in my case, basically means that I'm ready to try anything once. Life needs to be lived and experienced because you're not going to live forever. Hell, you might die at the age of 25 without ever having lived. I don't want to die with any regrets, so I make sure I don't have any. I'm ready to take chances in life, so I'm not one of those people who's going to take forever to fall in love or form friendships, but it also means I'm ready to move on if either doesn't work. It'd be hell to be in a relationship for years without being happy, or to waste time on a friend who's not worth it. Honestly I'd rather find people who make me happy and give me something good in life, because I know I'm worth it. I know I deserve to be happy.

Just to round things up, when it comes to women, I'm a little old fashioned. I don't like my girls all dolled up, looking like they didn't have enough money to buy clothes with enough fabric to cover their privates. That's not to say I want women to hide away, because I respect women and their rights to make their own choices, but I'd never find myself with a girl like that. I guess that's a side-effect to being raised by my grandparents; I want a girl I'd be proud to take home to meet the people who raised me. That being said, it's not like I'm going to hate you just because I don't want to date you. I'm not that kind of judgmental.

Look, I'm sure this is all necessary, so I'm going to write it, but there's really nothing new to tell. I've already been over every bit of my life with the shrinks assigned to me after my parents died. Anyway, my twin sister and I were born to Mary and Carl Westley and my life up until I was 8 was pretty standard, I think. Minivan, white picket fence, happily married parents, family dog... the works. I went to public school, had a bunch of friends, got into fights with my sister and all that crap. My childhood wasn't bad at all until catastrophe hit us. The day my parents died. 3rd of June. Kayla and were going to ride the school bus home, because our mum couldn't pick us up; her car was at the auto shop and dad was working late so he had the other car. Or, at least we thought that was how the day was playing out. I remember we were supposed to have Turkey for dinner that evening, because I'd asked my mum before school. Stupid thing to remember, isn't it?

Anyway, turns out we weren't taking the school bus home because our grandparents on our mother's side, Preston and Gertrude, were waiting for us with grave expressions on their faces. So when we stepped outside the school they came up to us and told us they were taking us home. Of course we thought it a little weird that they'd just show up like that, considering they lived in another state and it was Monday. But we didn't ask a lot of questions. Granddad isn't the most open of people. They took us to our house, sat us down in the livingroom and told us how our parents had died in a car crash that morning. They had been on their way to drop mum off at work when a drunk driver hit them. In the morning! Who drunk-drives in the morning? Mum and dad's car crashed into a tree trunk and the other guys car crashed into theirs. They died. He didn't. He's probably living happily right now.

That was also the day I found out about my powers, because I wanted so badly not to hear what they were telling me. I wanted them to take it all back - to rewind time to when I didn't know. So I did. I rewound time just 5 minutes, enough for my grandparents never to have told Kayla and I the news, but the thing is, rewinding time doesn't take away my memories from the moments I more or less delete. I still remember, so it didn't help, and it was confusing as hell, because I only ended up being told twice, and wondering why. I was especially surprised at Kayla's reactions being exactly the same as the first time they'd told us. You can't imagine what it was like to be in that situation at the age of 8. I had no idea powers like mine even existed at the time.

Well, that sure changed quickly. The puzzlement must have showed on my face because my grandfather sniffed it out, not that I was told at the time. They sent us into our rooms to pack our most necessary belongings, and then we were off to Florida. Kayla and I obviously lived with Preston and Gertrude from then on. We were raised by them and home schooled, mostly because they'd of course found out about our powers; hey didn't yet trust them enough to send us to public school. Although I have a suspicion they also just wanted to protect us from feeling like freaks. Not that it helped much. Of course Kayla got to spend a couple more years in public school because her powers showed later than mine. Either way, luck had it that Preston and I share the same power. It's the same with grandma and Kayla, so it all worked out well enough, I guess.

Grandpa is an ex-marine so you might say his methods are a bit strict, old fashioned and military, but he was doing the best he could, considering everything. Grandma on the other hand, well, she's the nicest ,most mellow woman you will ever meet. Her method of dealing with things is to bake, so it's safe to say Preston took care of all disciplining. He always went a lot harder on me than Kayla. I guess it's because she's a girl, but it hasn't affected our relationship at all, fortunately. He loves us equally, he just... doesn't say it. But you can see it in his eyes and in the way he is with us sometimes. Even now that we're all grown up.

Going to Arcana was my idea. Or, well, going to California again was my idea. Our grandparents made us promise to give Arcana a chance for 6 months, and well, we don't exactly mind getting to know people who are more.. like us. Or even just giving a more public school a chance. We don't need the school, but socially we're a bit behind, I guess. Preston and Gertrude met at Arcana, you know, and apparently the headmaster is immortal or something. In any case, he's still as young as he was when they went there. They called him and talked to him, so he already know why we're there. Saves me the trouble of explaining everything, so I can't complain.

Anything else?
- My grandfather taught be quite a bit of self defense, and I'm generally quick on my feet.
- I like to run every morning just to clear my head. It's a nice way to start the day.


So begins...

Chase Westley's Story

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#, as written by Mela

The young teacher wasn’t feeling to well, and hell, that was probably quite the understatement. She didn’t have a lot to compare it to, but she was weak and nauseous, her limbs shaking slightly from fatigue, and thought her powers had begun recharging, they were in no way ready for anything. She felt like even healing a knife cut would send her into another slumber, and it scared her. She really needed to phone her mother. Soon. She was still on the floor, surprisingly enough, feeling completely hopeless about her situation, when she heard the door open behind her. She wanted to get up and turn to Leo easily, because she knew her current position and appearance would worry him. No, he would be downright panicked, as unsure of what to do as she herself was. It wasn’t like this was normal in any way. In fact Amy felt completely out of her league, unknowing of what to do or how to help herself get better.

Because this wasn’t just a power hangover. It was different. A power hangover, she knew how to help and she had tried it before. In fact, she would often tire herself completely when she worked as a field nurse. Of course she had had to keep her healing secret, but it’d worked and she had saved lives like she had always wanted to, so though her entire world had changed with the experience, she didn’t regret it. In the long run it had only made her stronger. Well… mentally. Obviously she was physically weak as a new born kitten right now and it bothered her. She sighed when Leo spotted her, her name flying off his lips, but she didn’t move. What could she do, really? She merely waited for him to get to her, which she knew wouldn’t be long. Not long after, he did in fact reach her, panic ruling his voice when he spoke. Amy smiled weakly in response when his hands gently cupped her cheeks, guiding her eyes up to meet his, except his beautiful ones were busy looking her over, so it wasn’t much.

“Leo,” she said softly, her voice tired, “honey, please calm down. I’m fine.” She looked up at him, wanting to put her hands on his to assure him, but she just didn’t have the energy. Never had she felt this empty, this weak and helpless. So yes, of course she wasn’t entirely truthful when she told him she was fine, but she couldn’t have him panicking like this. He needed to steady himself or he’d be a complete mess to deal with and she really needed him to just… settle down a bit. “I’m just… a little tired,” she continued in a quiet tone, almost too calmly, her fatigue showing clearly in her voice. “I…” she paused then, sighing. She knew Leo would blame Chris when she told him the truth, but she wasn’t going to lie. She just wanted to make sure she phrased everything okay, so that he didn’t blame Chris too much. Because it wasn’t his fault. Chris hadn’t known of Amy’s condition, except for the fact that he could tell she was tired. Fact was that it didn’t usually affect her powers much, and she should’ve been able to heal him easily. Hell, she had been surprised herself.

Finally, the delicate nurse continued, “I think the baby is… feeding on my powers, which sounds really bad, I know.” She bit her lower lip, knowing that Leo was going to watch her like a hawk for the remainder of her pregnancy once she was done explaining herself. Sometimes a protective man was really hard to deal with, and it made her wonder if he was going to follow her around to all of her lessons, or if he would cancel them. She didn’t want to stop working. Besides, she was the school nurse. That wasn’t really something to be ignored. Another sigh. “I think Chris met Corentine earlier, and he… has a bit of attitude.” She let it be at that, knowing that Leo knew what that meant. She looked up at him, her eyes pleading with him to understand the actions she was now going to tell him about. “I couldn’t let him suffer like that when I have the ability to help him, Leo… so even though he didn’t want me to, I… I healed him. It just… took a lot out of me, and I fell asleep immediately after. Just woke up when you called.”

With that, Amy finally took a deep breath, waiting for Leo’s reaction and reply, her heart pounding loudly in her chest. She had meant what she’d told him; she really didn’t want to argue.


With Max’s temporary silence, Cor’s eyes did another sweep her surroundings, and she swiftly downed her remaining shots, the alcohol burning sweetly. Oh, it was strong. She felt like she was drinking absinthe, yet it tasted slightly different. Didn’t matter if it had the same fire power; it did what she wanted it to; got her drunk in a rush, but it wasn’t enough by far. She needed more as she spotted Jay leaving the gazebo and thereby Erin and Addie. Hm, that was surprising. She’d figured Addie would make more of an effort to make the guy stay, considering how much she was obviously preening for his cock. She would be punished the most. No one, especially not her friends, went against her. Cor considered it betrayal, pure and simple, and she wasn’t a forgiving kind of person. Yes, she made friend with bitches and assholes, because those were the people she liked hanging around, but she still valued loyalty quite a bit. Now, what to do to the girl…

Cor’s mind was still playing with thoughts of revenge when the sound of Max Henderson’s sexy voice brought her back into the world of the living, and she couldn’t stop her lips from curling into a flirty smirk. She would go talk to Elijah tomorrow, she decided, knowing he was the one person she could count on; the one person who could clear her mind enough to think up something proper to remind the girl who was, and always had been, the queen bitch, and not to mess with her… or her man for that matter. Besides, someone who hated Jay might be nice. Elijah was perfect. Of course she also just loved hanging out with the guy. Cor’s clear, dark blue eyes were slowly making their way down Max’s body, his words a promise in themselves. Obviously he had figured she was a little off tonight. Max wasn’t easy to hide things from, just like her brother, but Cor liked to at least try anyway. Either way, Esme was ignored by both of them when she pushed her way between them and ordered her drunk. Fortunately she was gone directly after.

“Aren’t you just a saint,” she teased Max then, her voice dripping sarcasm. She didn’t doubt that Max was only helping her in any way because he got something out of it himself, not that she minded or blamed him. Hell, she was the exact same way herself. She didn’t do anything for free unless it was for a friend, and even then there was always the fact that she got friendship and gratefulness in return. Max was getting an amazing fuck, and that wasn’t her being conceited. Corentine had been a gymnast for a lot of years, since she was sick and up until she had left for Noctrem, and she had a lot of practice on her back when it came to screwing around. Of course she might also just be a damn natural. Either way, she had had guys telling her she was the best fuck they’d ever had. She knew how to work anyone when it came to sex. Female or male. Didn’t matter. When Max ordered another drink, Cor ordered three more shots of the same stuff he had given her before, and downed all three while Max's hand wandered up her bared thigh, the heat of alcohol along with Max’s touch, flowing through her. She ignored the fact that she could hear her phone vibrating in her purse, because she couldn’t make herself give a shit.

When his fingers stopped, Cor smiled wryly, one eyebrow lifted as she looked from the hand her gaze had been following, to the eyes of the man leading it. She couldn’t deny that Max had a way with her. He just knew how to set her body on fire, even with the slightest of touches. Of course it might also just be his godlike good looks, and well, she was starting to get just a little drunk, so her body was primed for him already. Before answering Max’s question, Cor ordered two more shots, downing them straight after each other. Once that was done, she leaned forward, bringing her mouth close to Max’s ear, her one hand dancing over his hand on her leg, and up his arm, only to make its way down his chest once it reached his shoulder. Her lips curved into a calculating, flirtatious smile, she didn’t speak until her fingers were gripping the hem of his jeans. Then she let her teeth gently nibble on his ear and laughed softly, the sound rolling off her tongue in a seductive purr. “Why, Max, I would very much like you to fuck me.” She murmured sultrily, yet ever so bluntly. Something you’d find was very defining of the blonde.

When she leaned back, Cor spotted Jay leaving with Esme at the corner of her eye, but the alcohol was numbing her emotions just like she had wanted them to. Well, temporarily that was the effect, but Cor could also feel her emotions pushing at the barrier she had put up before even coming to the party. Once it went down, shit would happen. She knew that much. Her powers would run amok.


To Sky’s reply, Drake laughed, not bothering to say any more because he was busy watching Ashy and her reaction to his words. Inwardly the male was smiling in amusement, finding the blushing both entertaining and cute. The fact that a girl her age managed to be so damned… innocent, puzzled the dark male quite a bit. How did you accomplish that in this day and age? Maybe he was even a little impressed, but nah, actually he just loved messing with her, so he supposed that was it. It was no secret to Drake that the blonde was crushing on him, and he had this tendency to play with the girls who developed feeling for him, mostly because he honestly couldn’t care less about them and their damned emotions. Why should he? It wasn’t his fault they decided to set themselves up for heartbreak, now was it? Drake didn’t exactly hide the fact that he was a womanizing asshole. Sure, he didn’t show that side to everyone, but he wasn’t hiding it either. He just knew that different people had to be worked differently, that was all.

When Ember came by, Drake gave her a short look, gaze taking a tour of her choice of appearance for the evening. Hmm. His sister was going to throw a fit about her protégé looking like that, so he could only grin, knowing that Cor would be giving the girl a lesson in how to dress herself… very soon. Not that the outfit was ugly – it just didn’t fit her, and it happened to look a little… well, not sexy. Despite the dress being short, to Drake she looked like a 13 year old trying to look sexy and it wasn’t working for her. “Not too bad, darling,” he told her in response to her question before she was on to inviting Sky to shoot shots with her. On that note he decided to tune her out and refocus on Ashleigh, his current entertainment. Clown of the evening, folks. Once she made it over, she gave Sky a hug and Drake remained silent. He was soon laughed however, her comment seemingly very funny to the male. She was so ridiculously nervous around him that was part of the fun, honestly. “Baby, you need new habits,” he murmured huskily, knowing the effect he’d have on the blonde.

He merely smiled wryly when Sky shouted that he and Ashy should dance. Drake wasn’t a big dancer. Sure, he had been forced to take classes as a kid, and he was in fact quite rhythmical, but he didn’t like it, and it brought back memories of being controlled by his bitch of a mother. He’d rather get pissed and have fun. Much more his thing, honestly. Then Sky and Ember sort of disappeared from his immediate surroundings and he almost felt relieved when Ashy didn’t comment on the dancing. Meant he could ignore it. Instead she uttered the most ridiculously, nauseatingly cute and desperate comment he had ever heard. He chuckled, not able to stop himself. And he was actually going to reply when a hand began snaking its way around him from behind, causing him to pause. Instead, Drake raised an eyebrow, looking questioningly as Ashy, as though she was supposed to tell him who was feeling him up. However, he got his answer when Erin’s voice spoke into his ear. He smirked, turning his eyes towards the skies.

“Erin,” he said in calm greeting, not feeling up to her company currently. He wasn’t really in the mood, if he had to be honest. Maybe because of their previous heart to heart. There was a reason he’d sought out Ashy, and not Lulu or Erin. The two had taken up all of his day already. He watched when Erin handed Ashleigh her alcohol and chuckled slightly, “she does have a point, Ash. Better drink it before she does, and that might end badly. You don’t really want to be responsible for that now, do you?” He teased her, his eyes flashing with humour. Honestly he was ignoring Erin a little. Perhaps because she was being incredibly clingy currently. When Erin moved, all she earned from Drake, was a raised eyebrow. He’d done her twice today already. He wasn’t in the mood for a third one. To him, it seemed like Erin was clinging to him because she was having trouble with Keirol, and though Drake was good with a bit of… physical support, he wasn’t interested in being her emotional support. He had let her talk in the forest, and he’d offered a sliver of comfort. That didn’t mean he was a teddy bear all of a sudden.

When she pressed her body closer, more or less begging for his attention, despite the way her words were centered on Ashy, Drake cast her a wry smile, still just leaning casually against the bar. “Thought crossed my mind,” he said, voice smooth and playful, eyes moving to rest on the girl in question, a mischievous, Drake-like smirk on his lips. Then he looked down at Erin, moving a hand into her hair. He grabbed a nice handful and pulled her head back instantly, looking down at her with his completely eyes indifferent. He was done being nice Drake – he needed his more bastardly side and Erin had just made herself the victim because she had gotten in the way of his teasing Ashy to rid himself of it more innocently. “What is this, Erin? Hm?” He asked her, voice dark and husky, yet cold in itself, “an attempt at getting a last night on earth fuck? Because you’re probably going to need it after sidling up to Jay like that.” Then he smirked, letting go of her hair only to order a whiskey, taking it in his hand. As he took a sip, he watched Erin with a slightly raised eyebrow, as if waiting for something.

Drake was more than aware of the fact that he was being a right asshole, but then, she wasn’t little miss innocent, and she could handle it. Or maybe she couldn’t. Hell if he cared. Ashleigh had slipped his mind momentarily, but he soon looked over at her, shrugging, eyes flashing with that same glint of playfulness when he looked at her. “Sorry about that, love. Seems we’ll have to get you drunk a bit later.”


Chase Westley got out of his black chevy after parking it in front of the Arcana Academy, a place he had never been before in his life. Pushing the door shut, his gaze looked it over from the outside. He had to say he was impressed. If it was as good on the inside as it was on the inside, going to school might actually not suck entirely. Not that he didn’t like learning – he had just graduated what qualified as high school already, so he was pretty certain he had been taught what he had to be taught. He was there purely because of the social aspect, and he knew it was more or less the same for his twin. Of course power control class, along with battle strategy, might be interesting. In fact, the young male was sort of looking forward to those classes. Of course he didn’t have problems with controlling his powers, but maybe this teacher here had other or better methods than his grandfather. Who knew?

The twins had been on the road for 5 days, stopping only to sleep and eat, driving around 10-12 hours every day. Now, Chase liked to drive, so it didn’t bother him at all, but he could tell Kayla was getting a bit restless just sitting there in the passenger seat, and he couldn’t blame her. If it’d been him, he would’ve jumping out of his own skin. And he would’ve let her drive… but no. No matter who it was, no one but him drove his car. Not even his twin sister. Chase patted the roof of the car, smiling to himself. “Don’t think it’ll be too bad, sis,” he commented to his sister, slightly absent. Then the male walked to the back of the car, getting their bags and suitcases out of the trunk. He put them easily down to on the ground and smiled at Kay before taking his own suitcase and extra duffel bag. Taking his own welcome note out of his pocket, he looked it over. Room 13, and he remembered Kayla being in room 8. Well, at least they weren’t that far from each other. Small favors.

Once Kayla had her things gathered, Chase shut the trunk and locked the car, before the two of them made it inside. “Rooms on 2nd floor” he murmured to himself as they walked to the elevator situated in the fancy reception. He let Kayla get in before him, a force of habit, and then entered himself. As the death trap moved them up, Chase remained quiet, thinking. He thought he could hear music and that made him wonder. Of course he didn’t really even ponder the possibility of a party, because they had school tomorrow. He knew that from his note; they were starting classes tomorrow morning. Which was why he and his sister had arrived just in time to get settled in and all before school started. Once on the wanted floor, the two got out, again with Chase letting Kayla out first and he subsequently walked with her to room 8, where he stopped, smiling halfheartedly. “Looks like this is your stop, Kay,” he noted, one hand moving to mess up her hair. On that note, his half smile turned into a grin. “Hey, I heard music, so I’m thinking we put our bags in our allotted rooms and then go explore. Generally we should definitely take a look around.” Then he looked down the hall briefly, “I’ll be back in a sec.”

On that note, Chase made his way further down the hall, finding room 13 easily, on the other side from Kayla, but a bit too far down if you asked him. He didn’t much like being this far from her in a new place like this. You never knew what might happen. Hell, her roommate might be a psychopath and he’d be too far away to hear any commotion. She can handle herself you know, a more rational part of his brain interrupted, and he sighed, knowing that part was right. Still, he had trouble letting go of the anxiety he felt. He had always taken care of Kayla, not only because he felt protective, but because whenever they’d go out, his grandfather would gruffly tell him, “you take care of her, Chase.” And he always would. Hell, he’d gotten in fights with bastards who stepped out of bounds. Guys who started feeling her up, and seeing as Chase could so easily tell when she was uncomfortable, he’d always been there to shove the guy off. Thing was that they couldn’t usually use their powers in public, and physically his sister wasn’t that scary, honestly. So she’d needed him to be there. It might not be the same way here. Not that that would stop him.

He put his bags down in the room, looking around. It was pretty neat, he had to admit. But he’d have to look at things there later, so after a quick look at the bathroom, Chase moved out into the hallway once more and made his way towards room 8, home of Kayla Westley and her roommate, whose name Chase honestly couldn’t recall. He only hoped she wasn’t a psycho like part of him feared. Stopping by the room, he called out in a playful tone, “I’m back; you can stop missing me now.”

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#, as written by Mela

“And I want to fuck you.” Max said in reply to her words and she laughed, actually laughed, in spite of everything she was feeling. “Why am I not surprised?” She teased dryly, but she shut up, lips falling apart when he moved on top of her, those expert lips of his traveling down her neck. The blonde took a deep breath, knowing Max was merely teasing her; he had just added a “but I have a class to teach”-clause so she knew neither of them had the time to take what they wanted from each other… again. So she had to refrain from pulling him back when he pulled back. Instead she pouted at him theatrically; however it turned into a devilish little smirk almost instantly. “You, Max Henderson, are such a tease.” She told him, her voice a playful warning, telling him she’d get him back for it. In response, he told her he’d see her at 10:30. Her hands had moved to his back of their own accord by then, her legs parting to greet him, in spite of how much her brain knew it wasn’t going to go further. Fucking classes.

She tilted her head a little, looking at him with slight surprise in her eyes when he kissed her cheek. She could see the same emotion mirrored in his as he paused, looking at her. Strange. This whole thing was so… unlike Max. Ever since she’d broken down in front of him last night, things had sort of begun changing between them. Then he’d asked her to spend the night, and now this? She cleared her throat just as he rolled out of bed, and she moved her arms from him in the same moment. She wouldn’t be able to just look at Max and think “nice lay” anymore, but she didn’t know what this was changing into. Cor could easily tell there were no actual romantic feelings between the two. It was simple, raw attraction, just like always, but… something was different. She shook it off when Max reached out his hand for her, that sexy smirk adorning his handsome features. Was it even legal to be so sinfully mouthwatering? Hah. What did she care anyway?

“Hmm… well you do reek of sweat and pussy,” she said, a slight grin on her lips as she got out of bed, standing up. She looked at him then, slowly stretching her body, hands clasped and in the air, a slight moan escaping her when things just… fell into all the right places after the long night, eyes closing ever so briefly. She’d probably had two hours of sleep… maximum, but she was surprisingly alert. Then, grinning at him, she ignored his hand very purposefully and wandered into the bathroom, spotting her cell on the counter. Oh, right, she should probably check it. Ignoring Max for a bit, she picked it up, noticing a couple of texts and a missed call. Text from Erin, probably in reply to hers from the night before. Cor still wasn’t sure about what to do about the whole mess, but Erin deserved the chance to explain herself… maybe. Cor rolled her shoulders, sighing, the good mood from just before, fading away. She opened the text regardless.

A wry, humorless smile was the only outward reaction Cor gave to the contents. In reply, she typed up, ”Yeah? Well… waiting’s not going to cut it. I’ll see you soon.” She knew when Erin felt like she did, she cut school, not giving much of a shit, but Cor wanted this solved. As in now. Or… as soon as possible. And if Erin didn’t show for classes, Cor would be entering her room soon enough. First she had to shower with her new English teacher though and then head back to her room for clean clothes. Hmm. Interesting morning. She replied to her other texts, ignoring the missed phonecall and put the cell down on the counter again, turning to look at Max. “So, since we can’t fuck, let’s talk…” she said, trying for a sort of playful indifference, hiding her emotions behind her usual wall again. Right… finding another focus. She stepped into the shower with him, hands flat on his chest. She grinned, a teasing glint in her eye. “What’s with you and our little hottie of a Noctrem history teacher, hm? And don’t shoot me some bullshit, there have been weird looks between the two of you and I’m curious.”


Chase had already enjoyed a refreshing morning jog, doing it partly out of habit, partly out of curiosity. He had only just arrived at the school the night before and him and his sister had spent the evening getting settled in, trying to ignore the music from something that seemed to be a party. Chase hadn’t really wanted to go down and get drunk; he wanted to make a good first impression both with students and teachers, and he couldn’t do that if he had a hangover on his first official day. After all, this was not just his first day in a new school; it was his first day in school… since he was 8. He had been homeschooled almost his entire life, only having been in regular school a couple of years way, way back. This was all very new. Having a roommate who was gay was also going to take some getting used to. Chase was from a rather conservative home, having been raised by his grandparents, and his grandfather had not really been the biggest fan of anything that demanded a more alternative way of seeing things.

Needless to say, the subject of homosexuality had very rarely even been breached. Chase didn’t think his grandparents minded, but he was pretty sure they weren’t too keen on it either. In any case, Chase wasn’t against Skylar being gay, but he sort of would have preferred if he weren’t. That would have made things a lot less awkward. Now, how did he know Sky was gay? Well, currently Chase was standing in the bathroom, brushing his teeth after a quick shower, only a towel hanging loosely around his hips, and he hadn’t missed the fact that there had been two male figures in the bed next to his when he woke up, not that he had any clue which one was his actual roommate. He’d figure that out… sometime. Hearing voices from the bedroom, however, Chase raised both eyebrows, toothbrush still between his lips as he peeked inside, a naked, very embarrassed looking guy scrambling around, obviously flustered.

He inwardly snorted when the guy still on the bed went “you’re naked”, and the redness on the face of the younger one deepened to a crimson. He shook his head then, going back into the bathroom. He wasn’t really into peeking, and it seemed tomato-face was about to leave either way. This was all a little overwhelming if he had to be honest. And what the hell kind of subject was Herbology, anyway? That sounded like something straight out of a harry potter book. Chase didn’t really see the point in such a subject. He was pretty sure herbs weren’t going to help him control time. He finished brushing his teeth, leaving the toothbrush on the side of the sink. That’s when he heard the door closing and as a result, Chase dared back inside the bedroom, rubbing his neck, looking at Sky. “So… you’re Skylar?” Really, Chase wanted to get dressed now. He didn’t feel quite comfortable this naked in front of a gay guy. There was just something uncomfortable about it, however stupid that sounded. “I’m Chase,” he quickly added, feeling like he was being very impolite. But how was one supposed to handle a situation like this one?! He was in way over his head here.

He cast a half-smile in the direction of the Pyro, wondering what to really do with himself, so instead of standing there like an idiot, he moved to find clothes in his closet, which he had managed to stock last night. Getting out black boxers, dark blue jeans, a white v-neck t-shirt and black socks, he felt confident enough about his wardrobe. Now he just needed to… uh… put it on. Great. He couldn’t do that with Skylar watching!

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"Eden? You don't have to lea-" Sky frowned slightly when he was cut off by the room door closing. His right brow was cocked and the boy was obviously confused by the events that had just taken place. Why did Eden leave so fast? The pyro sighed loudly, taking a moment to reflect on last night's events. All the alchohol he had consumed made the memories a bit hazy, but a grin spread across his face like wildfire as he remembered. They had stumbled back into Sky's room and flopped onto the bed, neither of them having any obvious sexual intentions. It was then that a playful wrestling match between the two had quickly escalated and soon enough, neither of them were wearing any clothes.

Jesus, Sky thought, a smug smile on his face. The kid may not seem like it, but he was a straight animal in the bed. “So… you’re Skylar?” said a voice from the direction of the bathroom, presumably the voice of Sky's roommate. “I’m Chase,” the other boy added. The pyro turned his head to face his new roommate. "Hey Chase. It's nice to meet you." Daaaamn. It was hard not to stare at the other boy, with so much of his body being exposed. Chase was well built and extremely handsome. There was only a loosely wrapped towel around Chase's waist shielding his junk from Sky's eyes. "I'm Sky."

The pyro's eyes dreamily wandered over his roommate's body and he slightly bit his bottom lip before he snapping his attention back to Chase's face. "So, how're you liking Arcana so far?"

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#, as written by Mela

When Leo groaned her name as if he was the victim in their situation, Amy narrowed her eyes, glaring at him in irritation. She moved in the bed so that she could better look at him, but she remained horizontal, head on the pillow which she had come to think of as hers, one arm below it to raise it just enough to offer proper support as she was lying on her side. Her usually straight hair was unruly and messy, and strands were falling onto her face, but she didn’t seem to care, because except for blowing absently at them once in a while, she made no moves to remove them from her once more healthy looking skin. Her lips had moved into a non-expressive mien, but her eyebrows were pushed slightly together in her frown, which, along with the narrowed-eyed glare she was serving Leo, gave her an air of pure irritation. Not exactly anger yet, but she was definitely getting there, her moods seemingly taking some crazy rollercoaster ride, not that Amy was yet reasonably enough to see that herself, something that was in itself very unlike her.

With his next words, however, Amy took a deep breath, trying to keep her emotions somewhat in check. A friend, was she? Last time Amy checked, ex girlfriends tended to be a touch more than a ‘friend’, especially in Leo’s case, since he so rarely actually dated, and if Amy had to be perfectly honest, maybe what bothered her the most was that she had an inkling as to when this had gone down; she remembered Leo having been away from the Academy a year or two ago, and Amy gathered that was when things had happened, mostly because Katia didn’t look old enough for it to be much longer ago, and Amy would have registered something if she’d been around Leo on a daily basis during a time in which he was dating a woman, and the time frame meant that while she had been missing him, lost for him at home at Arcana, Leo had been not just sleeping with, but dating someone else, and that knowledge hurt. A lot.

And now she was here, and Leo was actually hiring her. Really, how did he expect her to react? Just smile and wave like the good little secret girlfriend he apparently wanted her to be? She sat up, having worked her own mood into a much darker place. And he was upset about Chris?! “I have plenty to worry about, obviously!” Amy told her boss, boyfriend and best friend, her voice frustrated, wanting him to understand her, “Leo, you just hired a girl who you have not only slept with, but dated! Am I right? Dating involves some amount of feelings, and that is what I have trouble accepting. No, wait, actually I really don’t like the fact that you happen to have hired an ex bedpartner either.” She took a deep breath, shaking her head at him. “You were upset about my hugging a friend, someone who has never been anything but a friend to me; never more. How would you feel if Chris happened to be an ex boyfriend of mine, who I had myself asked you to employ?”

Bringing up to fingers, Amy pinched the brink of her nose, trying not to start screaming at Leo before removing them again, looking at the door leading to the livingroom before looking back at him, sighing. “Because I’m sure you would be freaking out a whole lot more than I am. Don’t tell me she has no other friends, or whatever she really considers you, she can go to, because if not, then I’m sure there’s a reason, and she’s probably not someone we should have around the kids either way. The noctrem influences are bad enough as it is. Don’t make it worse just because you happen to have humped some piece of trash a year ago!” With that, her eyes widened in shock, and she brought up both hands to cover her mouth, astonished by her own words. Had she actually just said that? She muttered a weak “I’m sorry” behind her hands, the words themselves seemingly making her forget her anger. Who was she even anymore? She closed her eyes, embarrassed by herself. Her rant had gone completely off-track somewhere. And, oh gods, had she said that with her baby maybe being able to hear at this point? With that thought, one hand slowly moved from her mouth to her bulging tummy.

This really wasn’t going the way she wanted it to.


"Hey Chase. It's nice to meet you." Sky said, bringing Chase’s eyes from the clothes on his bed, onto the darker male student, who just so also happened to more or less homosexual. Which… was also made very clear in the next second, when the guy starting checking him out. Oh, come on! This couldn’t be real. Chase felt the sudden urge to hug his upper body to preserve some level of dignity. He was definitely bringing his clothes with him next time he went to take a shower. It wasn’t that Chase was a prude, neither was he in any way a virgin, but he really wasn’t accustomed to situations like this, and he had no idea how to deal with it politely. “Well, Sky, it’s nice to meet you too,” he managed to say, though, his voice actually sounding completely normal, and he inwardly breathed a sigh of relieve; the last thing he wanted to do was come off as a homophobe, or what was worse, an impolite homophobe. He had been raised better, surely.

He smiled casually, and how he pulled it off, he didn’t know. His nervousness at the situation certainly showed itself in his flaky gaze, however; the way his eyes kept flickering from one thing to another. He did, however, notice the way his roommate was biting his lower lip while gazing at Chase’s body, and he suddenly thought of how his grandparents had always been very strict with him, always telling him never to objectify women; now he could certainly understand why. It did not feel good, or maybe that was because the attraction was in no way mutual. Whatever reason it had, he didn’t like it, and he really, really wanted to just… put on his clothes. He was about to excuse himself to the bathroom when Sky spoke again, and he smiled slightly, shrugging in response as he spoke; “To be perfectly honest, I haven’t seen much of the school yet, nor have I really experienced a lot of people in it. I only just arrived last night, and my sister and I spent the time unpacking, as you can see,” he made a gesture towards his part of the room, smiling, a little more at ease now that Sky wasn’t drooling over him anymore.

Then he looked back at his new roommate. “I’m definitely not complaining, though; it seems like no expenses are spared when it comes to interior.” With that, Chase slid his t-shirt over his bare upper body, instantly feeling entirely like himself again, and he managed to put on his boxers under the towel without looking like a complete idiot before putting the now useless towel on the bed. Huh, not so bad. Right, he could live with that. Maybe he just needed to loosen up and get used to having a roommate who happened to be into guys. That was it. Right, he just had to… settle in properly. With that thought, feeling much more optimistic, he added his jeans, looking over at Sky. “So, are you originally from this school, or from the one which burned down?” He asked, all of a sudden feeling curious about his roommate, wanting to get to know the person he was going to be living with. Sky seemed like an okay guy, though, albeit a little too sexually free-spirited, and his grandparents had not seemed too fond of Noctrem, so it had him wondering.

He was feeling rather hungry right now too, though, so he’d probably have to leave in search of breakfast soon. Maybe he could ask Sky where the cafeteria was. Nah, he’d manage on his own, he soon decided. He had a map, and what was the worst that could happen? He’d get some more exercise, see more of the school and maybe meet some people. Yep, that was the plan.

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'Well he seems nice.' Sky thought as he listened to his roommate talking about he and his sister had only got in the night before. 'A sister hmm? Wonder if she's as good looking as he is.' He smirked as he watched Chase slyly get dressed in front of him without exposing himself. 'Smart boy.' Sky sat up in his bed and was about to throw the covers off himself, before remembering that he wasn't wearing anything. He looked at his roommate and made the choice to not make him extremely uncomfortable. Boundries weren't Sky's thing, but he didn't want to make Chase think he was coming on to him...yet.

“So, are you originally from this school, or from the one which burned down?” A smile spread across Sky's face. "Noctrem for life, Bro!" he exclaimed, thrusting one of his fists into the air. "But no matter what you hear, I had nothing to do with the place burning down. I actually tried to help." Sky looked around for a pair of underwear as he spoke, a victorious look in his eyes when he saw his bright red boxer shorts hanging on his closet doorknob. He reached for them, stretching his body to it's full length before falling out of his bed. "Shit!" he yelped. Unfortunately, his bed covers failed to fall with him, leaving his bare body on the cold floor.

Sky rushed to grab his boxers, speedily putting them on. He sighed, relieved, and stood up, smiling goofily at Chase. "I'm not a complete idiot, I promise." He turned around and opened his closet, taking out his clothes for the day. Today, he felt like going for the lazy look. Partly because he was really good at pulling it off (but then again, what look couldn't Sky pull off?) and partly because he head was starting to throb and he knew it was the beginning of one hell of a hangover. "Anyways, I think you'll like Arcana. It's a nice school and there's some awesome people here." He ran his fingers through his hair and took a moment to tub some sleep from his eyes, yawning slightly. "So Chase, what's your power? I'm pyrokinetic. It runs in my family." As the word family came out of his mouth, his eyes drifted over to the picture of his aunt, his mom, and a 10 year old version of Sky smiling.

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#, as written by Mela

The blonde listened quietly while Katia explained her situation with Amy… and her past with Leo. She raised both her eyebrows slightly in silent surprise. So Katia had been with Leo, and Amy had reacted poorly when told of that information? Well, that was… interesting. But none of her business, of course. That didn’t keep her from being rather curious about it, though. She nodded slowly in response to Katia, letting her know that she was indeed still listening. This all sounded rather odd. Since when did teachers at Arcana get hired not by ability, but by who they happened to have dated? The blonde didn’t particularly like that route. Maybe that was what had bothered Amy too? Then again, maybe it was the thought of another woman having been close to Leo. Or something. It’d make sense. She’d heard of people who got very possessive over friends. Oh, who was she kidding? She wasn’t that naïve. She’d sniffed out something between Leo and Amy a while back, but she hadn’t sought it out. Not that she was going to now either. Nope, if the two of them had something going, they deserved to be happy. She wasn’t going to meddle in that.

She was about to moved towards the cabinets, having decided to help Katia regardless of consequences, when the brunette spoke again, and Rebecca paused, looking at her in wonderment. Soon, however, it turned into soft laughter – then a little smile. “It wouldn’t be the first time drugs made me into an unwanted hallucination.” She started, ignoring the pang the hint towards her past shot through her. “Try and relax for a minute, will you? The only reason I haven’t found you the meds already is that I’m not really allowed to. None of us are, but I’m gathering you’d rather Amy didn’t find you in this particular situation, and a strange part of me gets that, so I’ll see what I can do.” She shook her head slightly, still a little smile on her lips as she looked through her bag, getting out a bunch of hair pins. After that, it didn’t take her long to unlock the first of the top cabinets, her eyes scanning the shelves. Nope. Nothing there.

She closed it again, relocking it, and like so she continued for a couple more cabinets until… bingo. Well, she knew some of them, so that was better than nothing. She turned back to Katia. “Ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, ketoprofen or Sumatriptan?” She asked. She’d hurried, so the whole deal hadn’t taken too long, and if there was one thing Rebecca knew, it was pain killers. And lots of them too. She held the cabinet open with a hand on the door of it as she watched Katia, not for one second doubting that this woman hated being this incapacitated. This… unable to take care of herself. It was a feeling Rebecca knew well, and she imagined it would be even worse now that she was an adult. If she was in Katia’s situation, what would she be like? Most likely very bitchy. Hell, if Katia bit her head off for still being there, Rebecca wouldn’t even blame her, which was weird. She wasn’t that understanding. Most of the time she just got irritated with people moaning, because if she had to be perfectly honest, actual sympathy from her was rare. That was why she admired people like Amy, who had so much sympathy and caring to spare for everyone. Or maybe she was just curious about those types, because it seemed to be doing the impossible.

“I’m Rebecca Fields, by the way,” she then added on a second thought briefly after, realizing she hadn’t even bothered introducing herself. It had just seemed rather redundant to her in the beginning. “I teach History.”


”Noted,” Chase commented when Sky spoke of the fire and… not being the one who set it. It seemed like a rather odd thing to say if you asked Chase, but hey, if the guy needed to reassure him then fine. He didn’t get to say anymore, however, because Sky stretched and then… fell out of bed… naked. Chase let a sigh escape as he turned to the side slightly, picking up his bag to give him an excuse not to look at Sky, because honestly this was feeling very strange. He wasn’t even accustomed to public changing rooms, because he’d never really been in regular schools, where kids got used to things like that. Instead, Chase had always changed alone. He hadn’t been naked in front of another guy since he was young enough to be unable to shower himself. So though he had been naked in front of girls, it wasn’t really the same thing, and to chase this wasn’t actually natural. Sometimes he cursed his grandparents for homeschooling him, even though he knew it had been with the best of intentions.

He was ready to leave the room when Sky spoke up again, and Chase turned carefully, relieved to see Sky fully dressed in front of him. Well, that was a nice change wasn’t it? Chase certainly preferred Sky with his clothes on. He smiled when his roommate spoke of Arcana, and nodded. “I’m sure I will,” he replied, just about to excuse himself so that he could go get some breakfast, when Sky spoke yet again. This time it truly made Chase pause. He wanted to know about powers? Well, that was certainly different. “what’s your power?” wasn’t usually among the first questions he got when he met new people. In fact, his powers had always stayed in the family, so he’d never spoken to anyone but his grandparents and his sister about them. To just up and say something seemed almost impossible. Were all people in this place like this? Because if they were, Chase would have more than a little to get used to. He hadn’t expected things to be this difficult.

He rubbed his neck, unsure all of a sudden. At least Sky’s comment about the Noctrem fire made sense now, which was a small favor, but a favor none the less. Fewer things to be confused about. He cast a small smile in Sky’s direction. “Pyrokinetic? So you can create fire out of… nothing? That’s pretty cool.” He said, actually feeling a little curious. “I… well, I guess I can control time. You know, stop it, rewind, and fast-forward. All that…” He trailed off, surprised at how easy it was to talk about. Maybe Sky’s devil may care attitude was rubbing off on him… which was a really bad expression to use. No one was rubbing anything on him. Especially not Sky. Nope, no rubbing. Besides, it seemed like Sky had had plenty of “rubbing” already. No need for Chase then. Fortunately. Oh, gods, now he had those images in his head. A chill ran down his spine, and he ran a hand through his hair, clearing his throat. “Anyway, I’m gonna go get some breakfast; I’m starving. I’ll see you later, Sky.” He rounded that off with a polite smile before he made it out of the room.

In the hallway Chase took a deep breath, trying to relax. This had him wondering how his sister was doing. Was she alright? Did she have a sensible roommate? He took out his phone, typing as he made his way towards the elevator he and his sister had gotten to the second floor with. That, he at least knew where was. “Hey, sis. Doing alright? How’s your roommate? Mine happens to be gay. Yep. Gay. So guess what I woke up to. xD” He sent the text just as he reached the elevator, and once it was there, the brunette got in. Soon, Chase was on the ground floor and he took out his map, which was surprisingly easy to follow, so Chase found the cafeteria easily enough. The letters he’d gotten said food was included in the tuition, to that meant he could just grab whatever, right? Right. Chase moved around, getting a yoghurt, an apple, and a bun before looking around, tray in hands. He smiled when he spotted a darkhaired girl sitting alone. She was reading a black book. Which, to be frank, was what interested him the most. It didn’t look like a school book, which meant she read purely out of interest, or she was a writer. Either option hinted at intelligence of some sort.

And so, intrigued, Chase made his way over, stopping by the table she was at, a smile still on his lips. “Excuse me, Miss,” he began, his upbringing causing him to sound rather old fashioned at times, “would you mind my keeping you company?” He then added, always the type to ask before simply doing. To merely sit without approval would be highly impolite, and the last thing he wanted to do was intrude on her personal space.

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"Adios!' Sky said as his roommate left to get some food. When he was alone, he stretched slight and entered the bathrrom to freshen up a bit. He scowled slightly as he look into the bathroom mirror and saw his reflection's bloodshot eyes. His scowl was replaced by an evil smile when he saw his messy hair, which had been pulled at furiously the night before. Sky procceded to get ready and after he had fixed his hair, washed his face, brushed his teeth, and put on some deodorant (and some Axe, just in case) he heard his phone in the other room vibrating. The pyro ran over to his bed, grabbing his phone and reading the message from Jess.

To: Sky :D
We need to talk... or get drunk; whatever gets me out of this foul mood
From: Jess xxx

A smile came to the pyro as he quickly typed a reply and sent it off to Jess.

To: Jessie <3
Alrighty! i'm cummin over in a second but no drinking haha. had a bit too much last night.

P.S. lolz i just noticed the i spelled coming cummin. do you get it? like i'm cummin? i'm not, but do you get it?
From: Sky

Sky smiled and put his phone into his the pockets of his shorts as he walked out of the room. Only moments later, he was knocking very loudly on Jess' door. "Jessie! I'm here!" he shouted. He took out his phone again (out of pure boredom) and saw that he had some new pictures in his gallery. He looked through his, his eyes widening as he saw that the pictures were of him and Eden from last night. "Holy shit." Sky said under his breath. "How did we do that?" He would have to delete these...maybe.


Kitty wiped beads of sweat from her brow as she ran, her pony tail bouncing up and down with every stride. She breathed slowly, timing her inhales and exhales with every step. That was the kind of thing Kitty had to do to keep herself entertained whilst exercising. It also help her to think about home. She slightly frowned as she thought of it. She missed her family and it was only the first day of being apart from them.

Trying to get her mind off of her homesickness, Kitty stopped running for a moment and reached for the ipod she tucked into the waistband of her sweatpants. She unwrapped the decive from it's white headphones, freeing it, before she went to her "Favorites" playlist and pressed the play button. She put the earphones in and a small grin formed on her face as she heard Kiss You by One Direction came on.

She closed her eyes and began dancing, laughing. "Let me kiss you!" she shouted, opening her eyes and taking off in a full sprint. She let out a sigh of relief. This felt great. The wind brushing against her skin, the fresh air fulling her lungs, and, best of all, the 1D running though her ears. Nothing could quite compare to this feeling. She just reached what she called the "Na na na" part of the song when she reached the peek of her speed. Her pearly white teeth were fully exposed in a smile as the song came to an abrupt end. She stopped running, taking in several deep breaths as she waited for the next song. A pout formed as she recognised the beginning of Little Things and she brought up her ipod to pause it. She loved that song, but it never failed to make her cry. "Why are they so perfect?" she asked allowed, wiping her eyes. 'God.' she thought. 'Directioners are crazy.'


Amber sighed heavily as she read from the book, slightly chewing on a strip of baccon. Maybe she'd have to stirr up alittle trouble around Arcana because she barely had any material to work with. She had no leads and it had been weeks since anyone came to her with gossip. Was her business dying? 'No, it can't be.' she thought, but with every passing moment, it seemed like she was crossing off something in her Black Book. She shook her head, obviously stressed with the lack of gossip going around school. Amber turned to a clean page and titled it POSSIBLE RUMORS. Now, all she had to do was come up with something.

“Excuse me, Miss, would you mind my keeping you company?” Amber instantly closed the Black Book as she heard an unfamiliar voice come from above her. The girl looked up, seeing the brunette boy in front of her and smiled politely. She had no clue who he was, but she had to admit, he was handsome. The greeting also got her attention. He sounded so old timey (if that was even a word) and polite. If most guys wanted to talk to Amber, they would have just taken a seat and done so. "Sure" she finally said, still smiling. "Have a seat." She picked up the Book and placed it into her bag, before looking back to the young man. Her mind began to working furiously to study the details of his face. 'Blue eyes, light brown hair, tanned skin. Most likely comes from somewhere sunny.'

She crossed her legs and extended her hand to him, smiling softly. "Hi, I'm Amber Romano. Pleased to meet you."

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#, as written by Mela

When Katia asked about other sedatives, Rebecca gave a slight shrug and a muttered ”let me check”, before turning her back once more to search through the top shelf of the cabinet too. As she did, she figured she might as well introduce herself, and for doing so, she was rewarded with yet another bout of information about her brunette colleague. However, the words caused Rebecca to stiffen slightly, but she did manage to turn around, now regarding Katia with a thoughtful mien, her mind trying to figure out how much of a threat she would be. To Rebecca, whose life had been steered for her in the most horrid of ways, the thought of someone being able to just… take control of her body, even now, even with all her training… well, it unnerved her.

It creeped her out, and in all honesty she wasn’t quite sure how to deal with it. Instead she put Katia’s desired drug, Valium on the counter next to her, cocking her head slightly. Then, finally, the blonde shuffled her feet, knowing she couldn’t judge Katia based on her power. However, if it every came to her using Rebecca in any way like that, this would change. Radically. Benefit of the doubt, Fields, she told herself, her voice sounding almost normal when she spoke, “to what extent?” Yes. This was a good question. A question she felt like she needed answered. Also, she had to admit she was kind of curious. Katia’s power was different from the ones she’d heard of, which spoke volumes since Rebecca had been a student at both Noctrem and Arcana, and now had been a teacher in both places too.

She’d heard of a lot of powers, from elemental control to advanced intelligence or telepathy, yet none of them had made chills run down her spine like this either. She really wasn’t trying to be judgmental, but it was really hard not to, in light of Katia’s power. When Katia then apologized, obviously just now realizing the mess she’d made in the medical room. Rebecca regarded her with a vague, yet friendly, smile and shrugged. “Don’t worry about it. Really, I taught at Noctrem before the fire, and this is far from the worst I’ve seen.” As she spoke, she began moving around the room, cleaning up the mess Katia had made. Amy would know someone had been here though, so Rebecca might have to let a bit slip, although she would leave out all the details.

The least she could do, was respect Katia’s privacy, and let her keep whatever amount of dignity she felt like she still possessed after this. The blonde had just dumped a large amount of glass into the trash, all former contents of the containers in a pile on the desk, when Katia asked her about Leo and she paused, looking thoughtful for a moment before turning back towards the brunette. “I’m pretty sure he has a class or two. Most of us work every day. It sounds weird that you would have none on a Tuesday,” she explained, her voice perfectly level and pleasant. “However,” she then continued, “he’s oftentimes in his office during the day.”

Actually, he was in his office most times Rebecca went to look for him, doing headmaster stuff, whatever that particularly entailed. Probably a lot of paper work. He had to sort of be used to it by now, though, right? It seemed like Leo had run Arcana forever. It was at least a century or two old, wasn’t it? She couldn’t even remember, even if she was pretty certain she had been told at some point.


When the ravenhaired girl in front of him looked up, presenting him with intelligent, deep, blue-green eyes, Chase wondered if he’d been right in assuming her to be the kind of girl he’d like to hang around, because a little glint on her eyes seemed rather… calculating. Shrugging it off, however, he sat when she offered and smiled at her, placing his tray of food carefully on the table. He noticed her putting the book away entirely, which was a small triumph in his mind. If she put the book entirely away, it meant she was genuinely interested in talking to him, as she would otherwise keep the option of finding other pastimes available. So, not just a pushover. Great. Chase had never found pushovers attractive, although he did have friends who were like that.

He returned her gaze as she seemed to study him, a playful smile on his lips as he quietly took a bite of his apple, waiting for her as she took him in. He liked it. Not because he enjoyed being observed that way, but rather because it showed something in her he found appealing, except he wasn’t quite sure how to phrase it yet.He finished chewing, quickly sinking his food and putting the apple back on his tray as she at last seemed to have reached a conclusion to her studies and extended her hand, greeting him. He inclined his head slightly, taking her hand in a gentle, yet firm handshake. “You too, Amber,” he said, smiling at her, his voice kind and calm. “I’m Chase Westley.” Only then did he release her hand, gesturing towards her back as he smiled and said, “may I ask what you were reading?”

Chase didn’t work the way most other guys did. Instead of obvious, over the top flirting, he let girls know he was interested with subtle hints, like holding her hands just a little longer than necessary in greeting, or something of the like. If they got it, he’d know they were interested too, and if not, well then they weren’t interested. He’d found that women didn’t read a lot into the actions of a guy they only planned on a friendship with, but rather they read too much into the actions of a guy they did wish more with. It was a delicate balance. Besides, there was something to be said for the ability to read others.

Not that Chase wasn’t all for friendships. Really, he hadn’t come over with the intention of coming onto Amber, but rather to get to know some people. Something, he didn’t know what, in her eyes, had him thinking she could be more than a friend, though. She just… sparked his interest. He wasn’t going to be aggressive about it, however. He hadn’t been planning on a relationship here at all. He just figured he’d take the 6 months he’d promised his grandparents, even if they were academically redundant, and then move on to somewhere else… find whatever it was he needed to do. He should’ve already decided on what to do with his life, he knew that. He and his sister had taken their final exams about a month ago, so he should be starting college this summer.

The fact of the matter was, however, that he had no clue what he wanted. It irritated him, because he was the type to just decide on something and then do it, yet he didn’t want to start an education he didn’t feel for, or aim for a job he would never be happy in. Because, to be honest, all Chase wanted was to be happy. To have no years of sadness or unsatisfactory moments. He knew the road to happiness wasn’t through money, because to him life was so much more, and he refused to waste it.

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Sky's brow was knit with concern as he walked with Jessica. He wondered what she meant by saying that she had a reputation to hold up. Why would Jessica, of all people, have anything to be ashamed of? She was one of the few good girls at Noctrem. She wasn't a prude or anything, but she wasn't even a quarter as bad as most of the girls from their old school. She had standards, something that Sky really liked about her. It made her stand out from the rest of his crushes. Yes, Sky had a crush on Jessica. But the more Sky thought about it, he had crushes on alot of people. He reminded himself of his mother, someone who was so desperate for love, she'd look for it everywhere.

The pyro left pieces of his heart everywhere, a tiny pice with everyone he'd ever had feelings of. A knot formed in his stomach as he thought of Colby, Arcana's speedster. Sky was in love with him, but he knew that Arcana's golden boy could never slow down for him. "Sky, you're not going to like this and I'm sorry for doing this to you... but I didn't something really stupid last night..." Jessica's voice brought Sky back from his thoughts and his eyes focused back on her. Whatever she said, Sky knew that he wouldn't think any less than her. She was good and pure and...well, she was Jessica. Plus, what she thought was stupid couldn't be half as bad as what Sky did every weekend.

"Sky I slept with Jackson last night." Sky blinked once. Then twice. Was that it? He saw her biting her bottom lip and tears welling up in her eyes and quickly pulled her into a tight hug, making sure she felt safe and secure. It made sense why Jessica wouldn't want to leave school. She had one of the cleaner images of the Noctremers and if Sky was her, he wouldn't want to lose that. "Hey, it's alright. You don't need to worry about it." He pulled himself off of her and cupped her face, looking into those blue-green eyes of hers. "Did you forget who I was?" he said, laughing slightly. "Sky Byrnes, Official Man-Whore of Noctrem." He took his hands off of her cheeks and slipped one into his pocket, bringing out his phone. "Now, we're going to go have fun today, whether you like it or not. I'll have Amber play damage control. She owes me one anyways." Sky's fingers quickly typed a text to Amber and sent it. "I think people pay way to much attention to who everyone's sleeping with. Who cares? You're a good girl, Jessica, and no one can deny that. I know I don't think any less of you." He smiled up at her and winked. "It's your vagina, do what you want with it. I mean, I know I wouldn't turn Jackson down if I had the chance to sleep with him. But then again, there aren't alot of people I would turn down. Does that make me a slut?" He raised an eyebrow at the girl and gave her another goofy grin.


"Chase." Amber repeated with a slight smile on her lips. Her gut told her that she would have to remember that name. "May I ask what you were reading?" She bit the inside of her lip as she thought of an answer. "Oh." she started, looking at her bag. "Honestly, it's abit weird. It's just a book for me to keep notes." It wasn't exactly a lie, at least in Amber's eyes. The Black Book was basically a notebook filled with things that Amber noticed. She feigned a look of embarrassment, something she perfected during her years in acting classes. "And I write my thoughts down in it." She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and smiled at the boy across from her. There was something about him that caught her interest, but she had no clue what it was, which slightly angered her.

Maybe it was his manners. Though he'd barely spoken so far, what he had said displayed a respect for her and a desire to have an actual conversation. Guys that display feelings like that were in short supply back at Noctrem. Maybe it was just his looks. He had intelligent icy blue eyes, sun-kissed skin, and his shirt slightly clung to the well built body underneath. But then again, Amber had never really cared too much about the appearance of the guys she was interested in.

"So Chase," Her lips became a slightly deeper red as she spoke. Using her ability often became Amber's way of applying makeup in public without actually applying it. Putting on makeup in public was rude in Amber's mind, something that she thought only airheads and sluts did. "Are you knew to Arcana? I don't believe that I've seen you around here before." She smiled kindly over at him, her eyes filled with curiousity. She heard a buzzing coming from her bag and she looked apologetically at Chase before grabbing her phone and quickly looking at a message sent from Sky.

"From: Sky
hey. can you take care of any rumors about jessica today?"

Amber sighed as she quickly typed a response. She didn't feel like doing it, but she knew that she owed Sky a favor.

"To: Sky
No problem. This counts as your favor."

Amber sent the message and threw it back into her bag. She looked up at Chase. "Sorry about that. It was just my friend, Sky. You were saying?"


"Do this often? Pin boys down on the floor?" Kitty laughed as she stared down at the super genius below her. She could see the anger and annoyance that had been brewing in him moments before he spoke. "Well, us Amazons like to have control all of the time." She winked at him, combating the mischievious smirk Eric wore beneath her. "Well, yes. Too bad your super strength doesn't include super speed, does it?" She raised an eyebrow, a mock look of anger resting on her face. "I was fast enough to catch you off-guard, wasn't I?" She smiled again down at him. The more she looked at him, the more the Amazon noticed how handsome Eric really was.

It had been a while since Kitty had dated a guy. Most of the guys at her public school only wanted to get into her pants and she didn't just want to be something for a guy to put his dick in. She shuttered at the thought of being someone's sex thing or, even worse, their trophy. So many of the boys back home wanted to brag about nailing the girl on the football team, which really pissed Kitty off. She was the best defensive player on the team and she still hadn't gained the respect of her teammates.

She continued to grin down at Eric as he yawned. "Are you going to let me up now, kitty cat? Or are you enjoying the view?" Kitty's almond shaped eyes widened, as if she just noticed that she had tackled the Noctrem student. "Hmmm.." She bit her bottom l, as if she was thinking about her choices. "I guess I'll get off you now. Unless you like a woman who takes control." She gave him a small smirk, before getting up. Before he could get up though, she grabbed his hips, one side in each hand, and lifted him off the floor like he weighed nothing. She firmly placed him back on his feet and smiled up at him. "Sooo..Do you have my ipod still?"

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#, as written by Mela

Amy was so out of it. She couldn’t believe she’d just said those words. And in front of her unborn baby too! What if her little bump could hear her? But she was just so frustrated and upset, and she didn’t know what to do with these intense emotions right now, except letting them out, and that didn’t even work for her. She looked over at Leo when he spoke her name, and she dropped her other hand to join the first one on her small bump. It was stupid, but she sort of felt like she could protect it that way.

Tears had begun pushing at her, but she was stubbornly holding them in. She didn’t even know what she was crying about, for Christ’s sake! She was angry, not sad. But then, she was frustrated beyond compare. Frustrated with her situation and pregnancy, frustrated with Leo, and frustrated with Katia, a woman who she didn’t actually know. It was all such a mess she could hardly describe it to herself, much less anyone else. She needed to talk to a woman. She loved Leo, and he meant the world to her, but there were certain things he just… didn’t get.

She sighed when Leo walked up to her, putting an arm around her, his other hand moving to rest on her small bump. Amy closed her eyes briefly, calming herself. All this arguing and panic wasn’t good for the baby, after all. She shook her head though, nearly giving up on her, when he chose to focus on the episode with Chris. She had only drawn in Chris to help Leo see how all of this with Katia made her feel. Obviously he couldn’t grasp that. Ugh, why was he being so… pigheaded about this whole deal? Couldn’t he just understand her and take her side and… kick the brunette out? Oh, that was so cruel. Why was she thinking like that?! What was wrong with her?

Perhaps it was a motherly thing; after all, Amy wanted to protect her family. If she lost Leo to Katia, she wouldn’t know what to do with herself…or her baby. She opened one eye to glare at him half-heartedly when he spoke of Katia merely being injured. “How long is a “little while”, Leo?” she asked him, her voice telling him she expected a short, while also honest, answer. She didn’t want to see Katia putting her greedy claws on her man. Ugh, again with the bitchiness! She shook her head, looking down at their hands on her stomach when he kissed her forehead. She silently told herself not to react to it.

He was trying to calm her down, and it really only served to piss her off all the more, but she tried to keep it in. However, it was just beneath the surface, boiling. At his next words though, Amy scrambled back, away from him, out of range, gaping at him. He had been the one who had wanted it? She had run out on him? He had wanted to date her? What if Katia hadn’t run? Would they have been together now? Her heart skipped a beat in fright, and she was hurt all over again. Finally, tears burst from her, trailing aimlessly down her cheeks, as she looked up at him, her eyes filled with anger and sadness.

They had unfinished business. If he had been the one to want it before, what would stop him from coming to want it again? And this time… she had come to him. She hugged her baby bump, taking another step away from him, which only caused her to bump against the wall as she silently sobbed, her breathing pattern uneven as she did. She couldn’t take this. It hurt, and so, as her legs began shaking, Amy sank to the ground, pulling up her legs, arms wrapping around them. It protected the bump better. She put her forehead against her knees, the sobs raking her body.

Her emotions were incredibly heightened, and so to some, Amy might be overreacting, but it seemed this pregnancy was going to rule her life for a while.

As Amy cried, she began speaking to him, her voice weak, but she was on the verge of screaming at him. Flat out screaming. She didn’t yet though.
“Leo, I can’t do this,” she choked out between sobs, “I can’t… can’t look at her every day, knowing you have unfinished business… knowing you wanted to be with her back then… knowing she was the only reason you weren’t. I… I can’t.” She hugged her knees tighter, not looking up at him as she weakly whispered, “I can’t lose you. P-please don’t make me be around her, Leo. Please.”


When the girls left, Lulu only managing a stuttered apology, which had caused a slight sigh to escape him, and Jess, well, her comments weren’t unlike her, so he’d merely smirked at her, replying with a simple ”good guys always finish last, baby.” Then he’d shut the door behind her and looked to Jackon, not entirely sure what he wanted to do, except keep the guy around for him to explain himself, not that he was yet entirely sure what he wanted to say. Surprisingly he felt really bad about this whole situation. Mainly because he knew it hurt Jackson, which in turn pissed him off. In some ways, Drake thought Jackson’s expression a little comical.

He was on the bed, still as stone, glaring at the wall ahead of him, completely naked. Drake was about to get the guy’s duvet, but stilled when Jackson spoke, his voice uncharacteristically harsh. Drake raised an eyebrow, glancing at him. “No.” He then simply replied, picking up the duvet and throwing it onto Jackson, a part of him getting that jackson’s situation was plenty embarrassing without the nudity too. But he wasn’t unlocking him just yet. Why? Well, it was simple: Drake knew Jackson would run out on him, and he needed to talk to him, which itself was a little odd. Drake didn’t usually give enough fucks to explain himself and his actions, but Jackson’s anger irked him a little.

Really, the guy was acting like Drake was hitting on his girlfriend. He was acting as though Drake had known of Jackson’s emotions when he’d begun having his own for Lulu, when in fact… Drake hadn’t even known Jackson when he started having feelings for Lulu, and now he was supposed to do what? Be unselfish and let her go? He would have, if that was what Lulu wanted, but it wasn’t. Drake didn’t quite see how Jackson’s claim on the girl was any bigger than his own. By chance, Drake and Jackson had become friends, good friend incidentally, but it seemed Jackson was going to blame Drake for actually having some semblance of feelings for once.

That surprisingly got to him, so when Jackson spoke again, his head falling back onto the pillow, Drake frowned, throwing the duvet on top of the guy. His tone was cold as he said “I know. I just don’t give a fuck,” in reply, finally looking wholly at the man he’d begun considering a friend. He sat down on his own bed then, still looking at Jackson as he continued. “You’re pissed about what exactly? That I brought Lulu here? That I happen to spend time with her?” He raised an eyebrow, placing the keys on the nightstand. Jackson wasn’t going anywhere until they’d resolved this. Drake wasn’t going to live with someone who potentially wanted to kill him.

“If it’s the first, I didn’t have much of a choice. My sister blew up her door; the room, her bed, her things – everything, is filled with splinters, and she was drunk off her ass last night. Leaving her to her own devices in there would’ve probably ended badly. It’s not as if we did anything in here. We slept next to each other. That’s it.” He continued, not giving Jackson the chance to cut in. “as for the latter, you need to get through your thick skull that I’m not using her. Nor am I spending time with her simply to get to you. I knew Lulu long before I ever met you and found out you have feelings for her. I actually care about the girl, which, frankly, is almost as rare as a polar bear in Arizona. And she was upset yesterday, which you know.”

He shook his head, sighing. “You’re acting as though I’m stealing your girlfriend, which I’m not. So get your head out of your ass.” Drake was being surprisingly blunt and straight with Jackson at present, which was another rare sight, but he figured he needed to talk some sense into the head of his friend. And hell, this was all the effort Drake was going to make. If it didn’t work – if Jackson was too self absorbed to understand Drake’s dilemma in this, then… well, then he’d simply have a friend less. It’d suck, but he’d live. He wasn’t really a fan of partaking in drama. He’d much rather start it, and then watch from the sidelines.


Max’s hands in her hair were so relaxing, she almost dozed off. She’d closed her eyes and was humming slightly in sign of relaxation, her muscles incredibly comfortable. This was quite enjoyable, and she rather needed it. Maybe she should treat herself to a day at the spa or something? This night and morning with Max had done a lot for her alone. She didn’t know why, although maybe it was because Max cared. She didn’t have, nor did she want, a lot of people to care about her, but knowing that Max liked her for who she was, well… it was a little satisfying.

Soon, however, his hands began exploring her skin and that was when thoughts of Jay hit her, causing her to tense up, all of her relaxed state of mind completely forgotten. Sweet memories of the two together in the shower almost caused tears to run down her peach-coloured cheeks, but she refrained, instead merely remaining rigid, her hands clenched at her sides in a stubborn attempt not to cry. She’d cried enough. He didn’t deserve her tears if he could do that to her… if he could actually fuck someone else. These thoughts had been the only things able to bring her to do what she had with Max.

Sex was therapy, and Max was a god in bed. Ergo: one very damned good psychologist, which was funny considering his job. It didn’t take her long to decide that she needed some sort of distraction, and so, her voice reflecting her current mood, she spoke, simply saying that they should repeat this: the two of them fucking, the sleeping together. It had been nice, and rather therapeutic. Most likely because it had given her something other than Jay to think about.

When Max replied to her, her name on his tongue filled with worried inquiry, she almost wanted to slap herself. Why hadn’t she just kept her mouth shut? She’d just had to say something, alluding him to her feelings and thoughts at present. It bugged the fuck out of her. Why did she have to be such a bloody idiot? She sighed when his hands began massaging her tense shoulders. She didn’t even want to reply, and so, she kept quiet. Right up until his hand moved to cup her face, turning it slightly towards him. She opened her eyes, her thick lashes fluttering.

She snorted at his words. He sounded so worried, and so diplomatic; careful, most likely wary of her reaction. He was talking to her as one would talk to a hungry lion about to attack. She had no actual expression on her face. In fact, she had no actual expression on the inside even. It was like she had suddenly slid into numbness. She sighed openly when he asked her whether she was aware that she could talk to him, and she turned around to face him, stepping fully into the water. She put her arms around his neck and closed her eyes as she leaned her head back, letting the water wash out most of the soap in her hair.

After a little while in silence, she straightened, eyes opening to look at him once more before he finally spoke, her eyes not quite readable. Most likely because Cor’s emotions were in turmoil – a turmoil she could not even access through the numbness. “Max,” she finally began, keeping her voice calm, but she couldn’t quite keep the pain out of the way she spoke. “I just lost the only guy I’ve ever loved. He left the party with a bitch, who I know sleeps around.”

“He was angry with me, and looking to get back at me for something I never did. He also happens to have been the sender of both note and condom. He wants to keep playing games, to keep hurting me, and I’m sick of it. So it’s going to be a while ‘till I’m feeling ‘okay’ again, alright? Asking me is redundant, because no… I’m not okay. I feel like tearing my heart out of my chest would be less painful than this, and I’m constantly fighting the urge to tear everything around me apart.”

She took a deep breath. Cor was being blunt, the only way she knew how to deal with things, even though she wanted to die, standing here being vulnerable. At the same time, though, Cor felt like Max had seen plenty already, so really, explaining all of this to him couldn’t possibly make things any worse. He’d seen her crying, for christ’s sake. Cor could count the amount of times anyone had ever seen her crying on one hand, and the majority of those had been when she was a kid.

She looked at Max’s chest for a little while, clearly wanting to say something more, but not quite sure how. Then, finally she looked back up at him, her hands moved to rest on his chest now. “Never had sex with anyone but him in the shower. Never showered with anyone but him.” Her voice was rather quiet, and though she didn’t want to be telling this to Max, she sort of knew she needed to. Not because of him, but because part of her recognized that if she was going to use Max the way she wanted to, he needed to at least know what he was dealing with,

And okay, maybe she did care about him... a little.


Chase nodded thoughtfully, chewing on a bite of apple as he listened to Amber speaking of her book. He’d hoped for something a little more academic, but looking at her, he could see the intelligence glimmering in her eyes, and so it stopped mattering to him. He wasn’t himself a huge bookworm, but he remained a smart guy, and so he didn’t expect girls to be either. It had merely been an indicator. And now, well, now he was a little interested as to her thought processes. If someone wrote down their thoughts, there was usually a particular reason for it, and that piqued his interest further.

He sunk another bite of the apple, and smiled at her when she asked him about his arrival, noting that she hadn’t seen him before. He hadn’t missed the fact that her lips had seemed to become redder all by themselves and he made a note to himself about asking her how that worked. He assumed it was part of her powers. Again, so weird seeing that stuff displayed so openly. He was having a bit of difficulty figuring out what her power might be, but he was rather fascinated. Not that he dwelled on it for long, instead preferring to answer her question like was proper and polite. He couldn’t just let her hanging simply because her lips had caught his attention… in more than one way. He was a young man, after all, and she was rather beautiful.

He only just started with a “well, I…” when her phone buzzed and she moved to check it. He immediately paused, his eyebrows raised just enough to be noticeable. She was checking her texts? Well, he told him as he regained his friendly smile, maybe she was just checking in case it was important. See, as Chase had been raised by two elderly people, the concept of cellphones had always been a little odd to them, and since he and his sister had never actually gone to a normal school while being old enough to have them, the rules had always seemed normal to him. And so, Chase considered it rather rude to be texting while in conversation with someone else. It showed a lack of interest, and it usually resulted in a decrease in the amount of attention given.

However, he recognized that maybe Amber simply had another take on this, and he didn’t really expect everyone to be the same way as him. He was just… having troubles shaking off the strict upbringing. He was determined to try, however. Chase had decided to try to school-thing, after… well, after being forced to, but well, he never did anyways half ways. He was going to try this and see it through. And he was going to learn in the process.

However, when she started typing, his toes curled. It was an involuntary reaction, and he wanted more than anything to be completely chill about this, because honestly he was starting to feel like a snob, which he wasn’t. There were just… certain things he couldn’t quite take and it was almost enough to quit the conversation then and there. Obviously she didn’t really have much of an interest, and he wasn’t about to push an unwilling girl in any direction. Hmm, maybe she was a pushover after all. He tilted his head to the side a little, regarding her curiously. All the while, he merely kept eating his apple.

Then, finally, she put her phone away and looked at him once more. Well, at least she apologized. And he didn’t really know what it had been about. Maybe she had a sick mother or something. He inwardly nodded to himself, deciding to forgive and forget, and so he smiled at Amber, putting his apple core into the nearby trashcan. He couldn’t help a little chuckle when she mentioned Sky though. “Sky, you say? Unless we have more than one Sky on campus, I believe he’s my roommate.”

He smiled at her before continuing, “regarding your previous question… yes, I’m rather new. I arrived during the party yesterday, but my sister and I decided to unpack and unwind after the long drive instead of joining everyone.” He chuckled, remembering Sky and his companion. “Although it seems we were missing out?” He couldn’t help it; he was actually rather curious. Maybe his roommate was merely the type who had fun no matter where he was. He seemed the type.


Rebecca thought over Katia’s explanation for her lacking classes on Mondays, and tilting her head slightly, she considered it. She supposed it was a possibility, but it didn’t really sound like the headmaster she knew. Leo had always been very thorough with these things as far as she knew, and she couldn’t quite imagine him changing the schedules again in a couple of days due to a new teacher putting Dance on the schedules. It would mess things up as they were changing schedules today. And so, concluding on that in her thoughts, she shrugged and sent a small smile in Katia’s direction. “Suppose so, but maybe you should double check. Just to be sure. We all just got new schedules today.” Then she continued by telling Katia about Leo’s usual whereabouts.

Rebecca paused when Katia thanked her, and she looked over at the brunette female, thinking without a remotely readable mien. She smiled in a surprisingly friendly manner when Katia attempted to elaborate, and feeling the woman’s discomfort with it, Rebecca brushed her off with a gesture. “Don’t worry about it.” She began, shrugging with her smile still present. “Really, it’s okay to need a bit of help once in a while. And you’re welcome.” She took the bottle of pills from Katia and put it back where she found it, closing and locking the cabinet. She wasn’t about to leave it around for students to get their hands on.

She looked around her, scanning the room. She’d removed the glass, locked up the cabinets. That left the pills out and about. She didn’t even know which went where and, well… Amy would notice different jars for them in any case. Her eyes soon went back to Katia, however, and she sighed when she was thanked for her discretion. However, she remained quiet as Katia began moving forwards, her legs a little too unsteady, but at least moving and she could stand upright on her own, so that was definitely improvement. She could see the relieve on Katia’s face and so, she decided to inform the woman of her own thoughts on this.

“I have to tell Amy something. You know that, right?” she looked Katia straight in the eyes, taking a stance in this for once. She had let the other run the show a little, because… well, Rebecca would’ve probably felt bad if she hadn’t helped her some in this situation. “She’ll notice the broken glass jars, the pills on the counter, the bottles rearranged in the cabinets and so forth. That wouldn’t really result in anything good for anyone.” She smiled apologetically. “So as much as I want to respect your wish of secrecy, it’s simply not entire possible. Well, either that, or you say something yourself. That way only what you want her to know, will be revealed.”

She was really trying to compromise with this woman, wanting to make sure no one got the sucky end of this. Which was a little weird. Rebecca usually wasn’t the type to pay that much attention to others. She would’ve most likely just gone to Amy herself without much consideration towards the stranger who had broken into the medical room. Maybe it was Katia’s blunt honesty that had earned her the blonde’s grudging respect, and on some level she knew Katia had told her more than she had told most others, and Rebecca didn’t wish to break that trust. Well, not particularly.

With Katia’s following words, Rebecca smiled, eyes landing on the stray pills on the counter once more. “I hope so. Although mostly for your own sake. This whole deal doesn’t exactly look comfortable.” The blonde checked the clock on her wrist, making sure she wasn’t in a hurry… which she still wasn’t. She had time before class. Her students would simply have to wait outside the classroom until she arrived. She wouldn’t be late in any case. She just wouldn’t be half an hour early either. She then looked back at Katia, adding a “you okay to walk properly now?”

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#, as written by Mela

Leo’s touch proved exceptionally bothering to her, even though he was merely wiping away her tears, looking at her with that half-panicked, worried look in his beautiful eyes. She just… couldn’t have him touching her right now. It was… too much. Regardless, the brunette remained in place, crying. She’d put herself in a corner, so there was no way of getting away from him anyways. Gods, she could hardly look at him. Every time her violet depths grazed him, they fell back onto the floor almost automatically, and her heart was aching in her chest. It hurt, and she didn’t even know why. He had done nothing. How could she blame him for being with someone else when they had not been together? She didn’t even know.

All she knew was that she had loved him and missed him secretly, while he had been off with some… some woman. And she couldn’t see them together. She couldn’t. Not knowing that they had been together. It was too much. When she spoke, sobs raking her entire body and cutting off her sentences in the oddest of places, causing her to stutter through it, she could feel Leo freezing up, pulling back a little. The movement caused her to raise her eyes, to try to read his eyes even though looking at him hurt so much. She just… needed to know what he was thinking. What he was feeling.

As he spoke, Amy felt her tears drying up and her lips curving into a vague smile of their own accord. She sniffled, looking up at him with part hurt, part love in her eyes. This man in front of her was the love of her life. Amy had known that for years, and she could feel her heart letting itself be swallowed by that love. As she looked into the most caring, loving eyes she had ever seen, everything else seemed to fade away. He loved her. She had nothing to worry about. It would be fine. Their bump would be fine… their family would be fine.

“I-” she began, not even able to properly speak a sentence, or to move enough to let her boyfriend know they were okay, when the earth began trembling beneath them. She froze, her eyes widening in shock. It couldn’t be. No. No, they couldn’t have an earth quake now! Not now. Please, not now! She had too much already and… oh gods, the kids. All of those kids! “Leo…” she said on a gasp, but he was already on the move, screaming at her to keep still and to remain exactly where she was. But she couldn’t do that! She needed to get outside and then she needed to help anyone she could. She needed to heal up anything who might have gotten and she… she couldn’t stay there.

As Leo stumbled his way to the panic button, Amy dared moving onto all fours, trying to achieve some kind of balance in the shaking building. Oh gods, she couldn’t die now. Leo would be alone again. She couldn’t die now. She shook her head, taking a deep breath before moving to get onto her feet, except she’d only begun bending her knees, pushing up her body with her hands, when a loud crack had her turning her head right in time to see one of Leo’d giant bookcases falling. She screamed, trying to scramble away, but the fall was too fast and as books began hitting her, Amy tried to curve herself into a ball, protecting both her head and her baby, but the movement had no time to reach completion before the big wooden furniture hit her hard, smacking against her bump, effectively capturing the lower part of her body.

She cried out in pain, tears falling as she tried to push off the bookcase. Oh… no. No! That flutter of life… that beautiful little beat in her… that extra flow of energy within her… it was gone. As realization hit, the word “no” echoed through the apartment, a pained scream. She couldn’t stop the tears from falling, and she didn’t care. The screaming didn’t stop either as she hysterically tried to push the heavy bookcase off of her, fruitlessly trying to save her little bump. It couldn’t be. They’d just given it life and now it was just… gone. “No, no, no, no, no no!” She kept screaming the words as she thrashed violently, but the bookcase wouldn’t budge. Her baby was… gone. Pain tore through her already vulnerable heart, breaking it into thousands of little pieces. Never had she experienced pain like this. Physical pain was nothing in comparison… it didn’t even register. Her baby. It was just… gone…


When Max without further discussion, merely told her he wouldn’t ask whether she was okay or not anymore, she sighed, feeling relieved. She couldn’t entirely pinpoint why, but she knew it had something to do with the fact that a conversation always ended up depressing and awkward. Just look at the mood between herself and Max at current. It was tense and odd and just sort of off in comparison to the usual ease with which they socialized. She and Max had always sort of gotten along effortlessly, like being around him was so… easy. It had never been forced or awkward, perhaps because they were so much on the same page without any words being uttered.

They just knew that they fit. Not like a couple (Gods no, they were both train wrecks), but as something different. Something she didn’t know what was. Especially not after yesterday. Maybe that was why she felt somewhat okay with talking to him. She’d cried in front of him, and had that been most other people in his situation, Cor would’ve never gotten past it. The embarrassment was too much, but part of her sort of had to admit that she didn’t entirely mind him seeing the more sensitive side of her. Contrary to what she wanted people to believe, it did exist. It just rarely surfaced at all.

Then again, Cor had always been taught that to care was to be weak, and weakness was the last thing she should ever want to be. She supposed she and Drake bonded over their fucked up childhoods, although they differed in one very important way; Drake wasn’t a sadistic type of guy. He didn’t take pleasure in the misery or downfall of others, although he sometimes found the reactions somewhat amusing. No, Drake took no pleasure from it. Corentine did. Then again, he’d been sent away for several years. She, however, had been left alone with a mother who cared mostly about the amount of power her pretty little daughter had, and building that power… was essential. In fact, it came before motherly concerns.

Of course her mother had not been a total failure. In fact, Imogen had spent a lot of time with Cor, and the two had bonded quite well, so Cor rarely thought of why she was the way she was… mostly because she didn’t really care to. She was a bitch, everyone knew that. She was a sadistic young woman with an unforgiving nature, and she accepted that, because she actually did quite like herself, but in situations like this, when her heart had been broken, she sometimes wished she’d learned a way to cope. Instead Cor had found her own medicine; sex. It probably wasn’t the best of cures, but it worked, and if she could keep to Max this time… perhaps things would go over better. A girl could hope.

When Max offered to get out, Cor smiled wryly, having reinstated her wall as she moved her hands down, palms against his chest before she pushed him up against the wall of the shower, feeling the water run down her back as she stepped up to him, her wet body pressing into his as she looked up at him. “Now, Max, why would I come to you, seeking ‘nice’…” She said to him playfully, eyes on his as she moved a hand further down, stopping at his navel before adding, “when bad is so much more fun?” With that, Cor leaned up, her lips taking his passionately.

If she was to get past Jay, then she needed to do it fully. Which meant she had to force herself into doing things she didn’t feel entirely comfortable with. She needed to kiss him. She just… had to. Part of her wanted to stop, to move away from him immediately, but she forced the contact, her mind focusing on the way his hands felt on her skin, the way his lips felt on hers, the way his body had always driven her wild. She needed to focus on those things… on the physical.

Cor had barely begun the kiss when the everything seemed to begin shaking. She drew back, looking around furiously. “What the…” she began, but stopped immediately when the glass of the shower began showing cracks. “Max… we need to get out of here,” she said then, eyes wide. “Like… now.” With that stepped forwards to pry then glass door open, except the second the touched it, the sounds of cracking glass filled the room.


Chase was still waiting for some kind of reply, watching Amber with a smile on his face, when the ground began trembling beneath his feet, and as he looked around, people seemed just as perplexed as him, shocked into some kind of inactive state. His smile faded away immediately as he stood. “We should probably get outside,” he shouted to amber over the roar of the earth quake. To no prevail, because as Chase moved to grab Amber’s wrist to pull her outside with him, he heard a cracking sound.

As he looked up, all he really registered was a huge crack in the ceiling… and a great lamp falling straight towards him. He had no time to react, no time to think, no time to… do anything, as the huge piece of furniture hit him on the head, killing him instantly. His body crumbled into a heap at Amber’s feet.

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    Cafeteria food never failed to please Eric; though many students complain about school lunches, he's always found some strange likability in them. Hey, it was food, and no meal had ever disgusted Eric as of yet. He ate his breakfast peacefully, not being one to talk during mealtime. Some people found his lack of conversation awkward, and attempted to chatter to fill up the silence, but they usually gave up quickly, preferring the silence to his small noises and nods and shrugs. Perhaps he was socially awkward, but Eric didn't like small talk. He didn't like to waste his words, and when he had food in front of him, why would he waste a second not eating?

    His mother thought it was strange, though, but Eric was a super genius; he couldn't be normal, anyways; he might as well take it to the next level by being himself, completely different from anyone else. He ate silently and serenely, appreciating the attractiveness of Kitty a few times through short glances. Perhaps it was because he grew up in an Asian family, but he always did have a thing of Asian girls. Their hair was unbelievably soft, their skin tinted with gold, and they reminded him of his loving mother. Yes, Eric was a momma's boy, and he wasn't ashamed of it in the least. He smiled at her a few times when she caught him in his appraisal of her, showing no embarrassment; was there a crime in checking a girl out? Especially when she was gorgeous, with a lot of strength to boot. She was, at the very least, intriguing.

    He was caught up in these thoughts when the table started shaking. His meal began to fall over itself in the chaos, and it took only a few moments to understand what was happening. Goddammit, I wasn't even done eating, Eric thought fleetingly, before glancing around to see everyone else's reactions. Some of them didn't seem to understand what was going on, others shocked, others panicking. Eric watched them all stoically for a few moments, refusing to avert his eyes even when a boy was crushed and immediately killed. He winced slightly, but he wouldn't let his attention waver. Because he knew what was supposed to happen during an earthquake, he knew what would happen, and from the looks of it, no one was going to take charge. So he would.

    Eric turned to Kitty and put a hand on her shoulder, and began speaking quickly, rushing to get the words out of his mouth. "Get under a table. Not this one, go to another one." He glanced up at the fan above them and nodded at the table a few feet away. "Hurry up, go." He pushed her gently towards that direction and began to climb up to the top of the table, deciding to take the risk. Someone needed to act fast, and the earthquake was only getting worse, and worse, and worse. When he was standing at the top of the table, he could see how every eye was on him. For a moment, he felt sick to his stomach. What the hell was about to happen? How the hell could this happen?

    "Everyone! Listen up." Like they weren't already. Idiot, you just wasteda few precious seconds, Eric scolded himself as he continued. "Get under your table, now. Hold onto something study, preferably the leg of the table, and cover your head. Make sure no parts of your body are sticking out. If you're under a large object," everyone's eyes went to the now-deceased boy, still crushed by the lamp, "then you better move to another table." The crowd was still, for the most part, though a few bodies began to scramble, heeding his orders. Eric sighed in frustration and cupped his hands over his mouth. "I said-"

    He didn't get to finish his words. Because at that moment, the fan toppled on top of him, and he was down. He didn't even get to see if everyone was moving yet, or how Kitty had reacted, or... or anything. Eric merely closed his eyes and ignored the crushing pain, welcoming the dark that encompassed him.


    To Loren's credit, she really tried to ignore Zac's painful outbursts, she really did. But each time he made so much as a whimper, she could feel the tension in her arms relax as she hesitated with each pull. I'm sorry, she would silently apologize to Zac before beginning again, with more strength than before, trying desperately to get him out before he could cry out again. But she kept on failing, because he kept on yelping. She wanted to yell at him to stop, he was distracting her, but she couldn't do that, could she? If everything was normal, then she would have; she would have scolded him and teased him about their predicament, admonishing him for acting like a baby. But it was her fault, and her debt to him was deep.

    He cried out once more, and it completely infuriated Loren. Why did he have to go and ruin everything? Nothing was the same anymore. He didn't have to save her, she would have knocked out of her shock in time. It was all his fault, that their friendship was all weird. With the same sudden intensity of her anger, Loren pulled abruptly, and she was pulling him across the floor. She let go of his arms once he was a safe distance away from the desk she now detested. Thank God he was safe. She took deep breaths to steady herself as Zac did the same. These past few minutes had been so crucial, so terrifying... so real. It was startling, how much closer she felt to him now. She collected herself quickly, from pure practice of gathering her wits after a catastrophe, and sat beside Zac, exhausted by the mental, emotional, and physical trauma she had just experienced.

    Instinctively, Loren laid a hand on Zac's when he was sitting upright, albeit at an awkward angle. She winced involuntarily when she noticed the angle of his calf, completely disturbing and wrong and unnatural. Afraid of hurting him, she withdrew her hand and ran it through her hair. The moment was a little awkward, now that they were both alive, now that she could confront the future of feeling like she owed Zac something forever, even her life. Now, she really couldn't say no to him. It had been the same way before, but it had been out of her own affection for him. Now? It would be guilt. Guilt and guilt throughout. She avoided Zac's gaze; he would read her emotions in her eyes and ignore the real issue at hand, focus on her instead.

    She could hear his smile when he spoke. "It's okay. We can make it out. We will make it out."

    "Yeah, we did. And we will." Loren nodded. She could hear the relief in her own voice, and it was only then that she realized she was grateful. She was elated to be alive, albeit a little conflicted. She had forgotten the miracle of her life, and even if Zac had helped her make it out, in the end, it had been her. Her and her own strength, to stay calm and get Zac out from under that damned desk. She had saved his life, as he had saved hers. So, in the end...

    ]"Now we're even," she said, grinning wickedly at Zac. She would always feel a little guilty, thankful, indebted to Zac... and maybe later, she would forget this little revelation and start feeling obligated towards Zac. But right now, she was comforted by this sense of normalcy that had returned to their friendship. She took his hand and squeezed it shortly before letting it slip from her grasp. Before he could reply to her statement, she straightened her posture and stood up, looking down at her best friend. She felt rejuvenated, ready to take on any challenge that came her way. "What next, captain?"

    "Just help me stand. We're going to get out. And bring my freaking guitars."

    "Will do, captain." She practically danced across the room, strangely elated even in the disaster of the shattering earthquake, and gathered some of the items she knew he would need most: his instruments. She grabbed a few, laid them beside Zac, and with her now-free hands, reached out to Zac. If they could get through that desk fiasco, then they could do anything.

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Sky giggled slightly with Jessica as he sat on her bed, talking with her. He really did like her. He always knew that he had feelings for her, but he tried not to show them too much. The pyro had a small problem with keeping his emotions in check, especially when it came to feelings like attraction and lust. He always ended leaving little pieces of his heart in the hands of anyone who showed interest in him. Cor, Jessica, Addi, Jade, even little Ashy pained Sky to even speak of him...Colby. Skylar and the speedster didn't really end things on the best terms. The pyro had been way too protective and territorial of him, which Colby didn't appreciate.

Sky blinked back to reality, staring straight at Jessica. He smiled at her, taking on of her hands into his own. 'She's the one.' he thought, the grin on his face slowly growing as he stared into her sea-green eyes. "Listen Jessica. I've been thinking about you alot lately-" 'You didn't think about her last night when you were messing around with that boy.' said a voice inside of him. Sky's smile dropped for a moment, but he pushed the thought aside and decided to focus soley on Jessie. He stroked the back of her hand with his thumb as he continued to speak. "-and I was just wondering if-" The ground began to shake, the room trembled, and things fell of Jessica's shelves and walls.

In a panic, Sky jumped on top of Jessie, trying to shield her body with his own. Reality became a blurr and his heartbeat quickened to an almost unbelieveable pace. His memories began to flood back to him. He saw Tom's muscular frame standing over him, undoing his belt. He saw his house going up in flames after he told his mom about his step-father's dirty little secret. "No, no, no, no, no." he repeated to himself, his eyes squeezed shut and his body trembling over Jessica's. "Stop it. Stop it. Stop it."


Eden sighed loudly as he walked outside of the school, still thinking about the events that had taken place the previous night. He shoved his hands in his pockets and forced an annoyed puff of air out of his nostrils. What was he annoyed with? Mainly himself and all of his faults. He should of known that Sky would have tried to sleep with him. The Noctrem student tried to sleep with everyone. Eden shouldn't have taken so many shots. He should have gone to sleep earlier. He should have done this differently and that differently. There really wasn't an end to the things he could have done better.

He shook his head and took his hands from his pockets, rubbing his eyes. Suddenly, the ground shook, knocking Eden off his balance and sending him tumbling to the ground. 'Earthquake?' His mind jumped to the conclusion and his eyes jumped around, on the look out for anything dangerous. Luckily, he was outside and there wasn't much that could- "AAAAAHHHHH!" Eden shouted at the top of his lungs as a sharp pain shot up his arm. Something hit his wrist when he wasn't looking. The pain was horrible and the ground was still shaking so he couldn't get up. "Damn it." he grunted.


Amber's eyes widened as the earthquake began. She gulped and nodded at Chase when he said they needed to get outside. Her mind worked quickly, attempting to analyze the situation. Outside would be safest, she knew that much from drills at her schools when she was a kid. She glanced over at Chase as he moved to grab her wrist and lead her towards the exit, when a loud crackling over head registered in her mind. Her survival instincts kicked in and she jumped away, unsuccessfully trying to pull Chase with her. A huge lamp came crashing onto the boy, crushing him underneath it's weight.

Shards of glass flew at Amber, causing her to fall backwards. She covered her eyes and face with her arms and hands. After she hit the ground, she slowly opened her eyes, staring in disbelief at Chase's corpse in front of her. Blood ran down from above her eye where glass had cut her. Several shards stuck out of Amber's arms. Her bottom lip quivered slightly and she gulped, her eyes wide and fixed on the bloody mess. Her mind couldn't process this quite right. She had only been talking to Chase a few moments ago and now...he was dead. Dead. Dead. Dead.


Food has always been something that Kitty took very seriously. She always had to eat alot more than other girls, which made sense. It took alot to keep a one woman wrecking machine going. A small smile rested on her lips as she and Eric quietly ate, the two Lee's enjoying each other silent presence. That probably would be the only time Eric would ever witness Kitty being quiet. She crunched loudly into an apple, catching Eric steal a glance at her again. Something about Eric made the amazon feel giddy inside. He also made her feel a little dumb, but that wasn't his fault. He was a super genius. It was sorta like Eric being present during Kitty's work out. She was simply born stronger than him, just like he was simply born smarter than her.

She brushed a strand of hair out of her face and smiled again at Eric just when the table and ground began to shake. Everyone began to panic, but refused to do anything. She gasped slightly when she witnessed a lamp fall, crushing a boy standing fairly close to Kitty's roommate, Amber. Just before Kitty could stand up and take charge, Eric did. He told the asian girl to go underneath a table. Slightly stunned, Kitty nodded at him and turned, quickly sliding underneath on table. She watched Eric get ontop of a table and telling everyone to take shelter. Most of them listened, but Kitty could clearly see a stunned Amber sitting down, exposed.

Kitty ran from underneath her table, going to Amber's side. The dark haired girl babbled slightly, staring horrified at the crushed corpse near her. "Amber?" Kitty cupped her face, staring into her eyes. She shook her head and side, after she got no response. With one arm, Kitty picked her up and ran to the nearest table, carefully placing her underneath. Kitty thought about getting under the cover as well, but decided that there wasn't enough space for her. She whipped her head around, seeing a free table. She sprinted for it, but after a few strides, she tripped over something like a fallen wire. She felt her ankle snap and she let out a loud scream. "SWEET MOTHERFUCK! FUCKING FUCK OF FUCKING SHIT." Tears streamed down from her eyes as she struggled to drag her body underneath the table, safe from debris.