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Eleanor Carson

"I may be small and quiet, but don't mess with me as I can bring you down in seconds."

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a character in “The Arcana Academy”, as played by Imagine That!



Full Name: Eleanor Faye Carson
Nicknames: Most people call me Ellie, but I do occasionally get called Elle.
Age: Seventeen.
Birthdate: Nineteenth of May.
Home Town: Charlotte, North Carolina.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.

School: Arcana Academy
Power: I'm a mind-reader. If I am in the same house as someone, I can hear their thoughts. If I'm awake, I have to be looking at the person or at least thinking about them to hear what they are thinking, but when I'm asleep, the thoughts can take over my mind. When I'm in a house with too many people, sometimes the amount of thoughts can be extremely over-powering and it gives me a severe migraine.
Likes: ♦ Vanilla ♦ white chocolate covered strawberries ♦ roses ♦ Coca-Cola ♦ curling up with a good book by the fire ♦ hot chocolate ♦ playing in the snow ♦ listening to instrumental music ♦ organization ♦ being right.
Dislikes: ♦ Coffee ♦ messy things ♦ the colour orange ♦ people who fold down the corners of books instead of using a bookmark ♦ math ♦ unmade beds ♦ dogs ♦ loud noises ♦ war movies ♦ the smell of freshly cut grass.
Fears: ♦ I have minor ataxophobia, which is the fear of messy and untidy things - messes usually irritate people, and irritated people have irritate and loud thoughts... I hate messes. I also have melissophobia, which is a fear of bees. I was attacked by a hive when I was younger, hence the fear.

Personality: The first thing that usually gets noticed about me, is that I'm caring and friendly. If I hear that anyone has a problem, I'll take them aside and ask them if they would like someone to talk to about it, a shoulder to cry on or just someone to listen. Sometimes it can appear that I am being a little intrusive, but it isn't my fault. A lot of the time, I can't help hearing what is going in the minds of those around me, unless I really concentrate on not thinking about anyone or anything. But if I don't hear it in someone's mind, and I just see someone upset or angry, I'll approach them and see if they'd like any help. When I'm not being helpful though, I'm quite quiet. I don't like people being involved in my problems, as much as I like helping people with theirs. I would rather get on with them on my own, and not tell anyone than actually ask for any help. By asking for help, I feel weak and I really don't feel very good when I feel weak. I hate it. Some people see me as a little freaky, as I go around tidying up after other people. If something gets spilled on the floor, I'll mop it up. If someone leaves their bedroom messy and the door is open, I'll go in and make their bed. It's not as if I'm trying to be annoying, I just really hate anything being left messy. I can't stand it, as it encourages messy thoughts, which become irritated. I also like to get lost in the world of books, be it fictional or non-fictional, and a lot of people don't understand that - so again, freaky. I'm extremely determined, meaning that whenever I am argued with, or start something, I will always fight until the end, until I win. Yes, this can be also seen as arrogance as I like to always win and be the best that I can be , but I try to keep my arrogance down to a minimum. I really do! Also, I'm extremely honest. I like to tell people the truth, whether they would like to hear it or not - I find that it is much better than lying to someone's face, even if they'd rather hear the lie. Finally, I can be wild when I want to be, although it really does have to be forced out of me, or for a good reason. I have skinny dipped before, been drunk and been in a cat fight... wait, all of those happened when I was drunk... I can't handle my alcohol, haha!

History: I was born on the nineteenth of May to Grant and Elizabeth Carson, a wealthy couple who had been trying for years to have a child. I was their miracle baby. Their shining little star - that was me. I was given everything that I wanted or needed as a child, without being spoiled, and we did everything a family. We went out to the beach, had picnics, and when it was raining, we stayed inside and played video games. I never wanted a little brother or sister - it wasn't as if I was afraid the attention was all going to be taken away from me, nothing like that, I just didn't want anything to interrupt our happy little lives. The three musketeers, that was us.

However, I did get a little sibling. Another "miracle child." Hallie was born into my family three years ago, and I adore her. She wasn't the disruption to the three musketeers that I had envisaged she was going to be. Instead, she was one of the things that kept us together. You see, my mother passed away in childbirth. Something about a blood clot in her uterus - I didn't want to know the details. Hallie is the little gem that kept our family going when mother died. Without her, I don't know what my father would be like. He was completely devastated at the loss of mother, but carried on going, carried on looking after his girls whilst grieving. Mother's death inspired me to grow up a little more, and instead of spending a lot of my time getting lost in the fictional world of novels, I started helping Father around the house. Helping him with the cooking, something I actually get quite good at, washing and looking after Hallie.

I first learnt that I had a "gift" when I heard a female voice in the middle of the night. It woke me up from my sleep, and I heard it again once I was awake, proving that it wasn't a dream. It was strange, seeing as other than my three week old baby sister, I was the only female in the house, so carrying my flash-light, I toddled out of my room to look around. I followed the soft voice, which was whispering "I love you," and "I miss you," over and over again, until I came to Hallie's room. I slowly opened the door to find no-one there, but my sister - but the voice was louder. I stood over her cot, looking down on her, and then I heard the voice again. "What is she looking at? Leave me alone to sleep." I almost screamed. I could hear what my little sister was thinking?

The next morning, I told my father what had happened the previous night, and he just sighed and told me everything; My Grandmother had passed the mind-reading gene down to my mother, and then on to me. He had been waiting for the power to arise in me ever since my mother's death. It had been a traumatic event in the lives of both my Grandmother and my mother that had brought their genes to the surface, and the same thing had happened to me. He then told me about the two different schools that I could go to - one for those who wanted to use their skills for good, and those who wanted to use them for bad. My choice was easy. Both my grandma and mother had gone to Arcana, and that was where I was going to do. Now, I've been here for the last year and a half, studying, living, and loving it.

Anything else?I'm allergic to bees, shellfish and stinging nettles, meaning that if I go outside in the summer, I have to be extremely careful. I have been diagnosed with soft core OCD, with my inability to leave messes around, and I have a small locket that always hangs around my neck. It was my mother, and it contains a picture of the three of, and on the other side, a picture of Hallie.

So begins...

Eleanor Carson's Story

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Bells Dorson

Bells was sleeping curled up on her side when she woke up to her alarm going off she slammed her hand on it to turn it off without opening her eyes and sighed, she was glad that she didn‘t have a headache from last nights little party, though for some reason she didn‘t drink as much last night as she usually did. This was the day that she was hoping would never come, the day they would have to move in with the Arcana students. She laid in bed for a few minutes before getting up looking around the room, it didn’t look to neat, clothes where thrown over a chair and books where on all over the desk. She wasn’t one that didn’t keep things too clean and she knew she should of packed yesterday but she really didn’t feel like, though this morning she really wished she did. Slowly opening her eyes and swinging her legs over the bed, she was definitely not a morning person. She got up and looked around the room, grabbing her suitcases she started folding and packing her clothes, putting her books into her backpack she looked at the time knowing she will only be able to take a quick shower or she would be late which isn’t something new but she had a feeling Mr. M really wouldn’t be too happy with her being late today. She took a quick shower then got dressed in the outfit she picked out to wear today and then went to look at herself in the mirror. She knew she wouldn’t be able to straighten her mess of a hair today so she left it cury but used some mousse so it wouldn’t be frizzy, after applying some makeup she took one more look at herself in the mirror and nodded “pefect” she said out loud before she grabbed her suitcases and made her way out of the room.

She knew she was a few minutes late and made her way quickly to the bus, walking up the stairs she saw Mr.M “yeah I know im late” she said as she made her way down the aisle, seeing Jade she took a seat by her. “This is the first day of hell, lets just hope we are still going to be roommates” she said as she got settled into the seat. She then sat there quietly as the bus moved on, not making much conversation with everyone, she still needed some sort of caffeine to wake her up till she became the talkative Bells. As the bus rolled to a stop she looked to the front of the bus as Mr. M got up ”Give ‘em Hell, kids. It’s your school now too.” Bells grinned and nodded, yes give them hell is exactly what she was going to do especially Izzy. When Noctrem got burnt down and they where told they where going to Arcana all she could think about is Izzy. At the time she hated that she was going to have to be in the same school as Izzy now she was having to live in the same place he was. She made it clear to Izzy the first day she was there to stay out of her way and he wouldn’t have to feel the pain she has made Izzy feel before. Since then they have hardly said two words to each other and that is the way she hopes it still going to be.

Following everyone on the bus she walked through the doors carrying her suitcases. She saw Cor and Erin enter the reception area and she followed right behind them. As she entered she caught the end of what Cor was saying “…disaster waiting to happen.” Bell’s now didn’t have such a good feeling as she walked over to the two girls “So what kind of disaster are you talking about?” she asked but before they said anything she answered her own question as she looked over the list “he just had to do it this way, fuck this” but as she said that she found her name and saw she was rooming with Beth “well I guess it won’t be so bad with Beth, could of gotten worse…” she said knowing that the relationship she had with Beth was very confusing. Some days they talked like they where good friends, some days they didn’t talk at all and then some days they would just flirt like it was natural. She took a few steps back to let the others get in and wondered where her new roommate was, though she really needed to get coffee before the people she disliked with a passion came around.

Izzy Dorson

Izzy was already awake, he has been awake since 5:30am and had his books on his bed as he was working on his home work and some extra credit work. Most people thought Izzy was nuts for getting up so early to work on school work but for Izzy it was something he liked to do. When he finished his work it was around 6:30am and he decided he needed to get ready. He put all his books in a neatly pile on his desk and then went to his dresser where he pulled out a pair of khaki pants and a white plain shirt, then went to his closet and grabbed a green plaid button down short sleeve shirt. He neatly put them on his bed then walked into the bathroom, though he didn’t open the door he just walked through it. He got in the shower and just let himself relax, the shower took about twenty minutes. He liked taking his time in the morning, he wasn’t one to rush things at all. After he got dressed and combed out his hair, ruffling it a bit so it wasn’t so neat looking. Seeing it was 7:00 am he knew he still had sometime before he went to find his friends. He pulled out his guitar and quietly strummed some music for awhile letting his mind wander in thought.

What really didn’t make him happy about the Noctrem students now staying at Arcana was one person, Isabella. He saw her that first day they started coming here and she gave him a straight talking to. It was the last thing she said to him and that was all he wanted to hear from his cousin. He disliked a lot of the Noctrem students because of their actions and just how they held themselves. He mostly stayed out of there way, though some of the girls from there flirted with him just to get to him which he hated a lot.

When his alarm went off at 7:15 he decided it was time to go find his friends. He grabbed his books and put them in his shoulder back pack then quickly put his timberland boots on and swung his bag over his shoulder. He walked through his door and looked down the hallway wondering where Colby, Elijah, Landon, or Ellie was. He walked slowly down the hallway and stopped at Colby’s door and knocked but no one answered so he kept walking this time stopping at Ellie’s. He knocked on the girls door “Ellie are you awake” he said quietly but loud enough for her to hear. Ellie was one of Izzy’s good friends and he always liked the girls company. He knew a lot of people didn’t like to be around Ellie that much because of her power but he really didn’t mind, though he tried not to think about the feelings he started feeling for Ellie lately, he really didn’t want to cause and tension between them and he wasn’t even sure how Ellie felt so he just kept it to himself for now. He stayed there patiently waiting to see if Ellie would answer.

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McKenna Marinos

McKenna began indulging herself with the pancakes, and during the middle of her big bite she heard Kali's voice ring out. Embarassed, she looked up slowly, a sheepish smile.

“Hey Kenna!" -- A small pause as Kali's eyes wandered down to her picture, "Oh do you want to be alone?" McKenna shakes her head.

"No, no please sit, it's quite alright." She says, swallowing the pancakes down and wiping her sticky syrup fingers on her napkin.

"I just saw you over here alone…and wanted to say hi. Oh do you know who you roommate is yet?” Kali sat down next to her and McKenna nods, the smile fading from her face.

"Dear, God. When I found out my who my roommate was I almost passed out with fear. It's Jade, y'know Jade Locke? How bout you?" Kenna shudders a bit, Jade and the rest of those girls scared her to all hallabaloo and back.

She was hoping she got to room with Jess, or even Ellie for that matter. But she was stuck with one of the crazy party gals from Noctrem... Oh boy, was this going to be a year to remember. That's for sure. How could Leo even think about mixing them? It was a crazy idea. and that's when Lil came over.

"Hey are you, okay?" Lil had a concerned look on her face and Kenna nods, unwrapping her muffin with a smile.

"Yeah, I'm alright, how're you Lil?" She chirps, "We're just talking about our roommates. I can't believe they're mixing us in with the Noctrem students... That's going to be a devastating disaster and a half... I like using my room to study, not to be a empty trash can for beer bottles and other things. I just would hate to see the poor chick rooming with that Cor girl... Goodness..." She begins to realize she was rambling and takes another bite of pancake, her eyes turning to Kali again, "Did you find out about your roomie yet?"

McKenna pats the grass beside her, offering Lilly a seat. McKenna's old Verizion flip phone buzzed with a text from Jess:

Hey smellybum! Was pretty disappointed that I didn't get glomped on my way into the school! :p Hope you're okay! Assembly's at ten, I'll see you there? Jess xx

Kenna chuckled and replied:

Hey loser. Sorry, I was avoiding you. I CANT be seen with a weirdo like you with these Noctrem students. :P Lol jk, love ya chicky. I'll meet you outside the assembly ten mins before. DO NOT be late. xoxox :)

The girl puts her phone down on her notebook and looks back up, "Sorry guys," She hated texting people in front of others, she found it to be rude, "That was Jess."

She gives a smile and takes another sip of her tea and swallows it, a thoughtful expression on her face.

"Maybe we could talk to Mr. Marinos about the rooming arrangements, ya? He'll understand all the issues that goes along with us rooming with the Noctrem students... Right?" Her voice hinted more than a great amount of hopefulness.

Addison Lawler

Addi grabbed a cup of coffee and a muffin with a sigh, and began walking to her dorm, still grumping about the whole being stuck with the mind reader. It wasn't the fact Ellie was a bad person, it's just Addi thought a lot of terrible things in a day, and she didn't need some bitch to hear every last one of her thoughts down to the punctuation mark. Leo's voice is heard over the intercom, something about an assembly? Whatever, she doubted half the Noctrem students were going to go anyway... Or show up stoned, or even drunk.

The good thing though was, as she had noticed before, there were a ton of different hideaways in Arcana, much like Noctrem had. She sighed quietly, shaking her head as she dragged her luggage towards the dorms.

Room One: Eleanor Carson and Addison Lawler

The print was ingrained in her mind as she wandered down the halls towards Room One.

She let out a grumble as she got to the room and busted open the door, not caring if anyone was in there or not. She dropped her stuff on the empty bed near the window. Addi begins to unpack her clothes and such, then takes her fresh pack of cigarettes and puts it in the back pocket of her skinny jeans and shrugs on her black leather jacket. She finishes unpacking, putting her luggage and suit case underneath her bed and sighs, walking back out.

She would definitely have to go over some ground rules before Ellie and her started living together.

Now, time to find something to do around here...

But what?

She could go wander around campus for a bit, or go see people...

Wandering around campus seemed to be a better idea, Addi wasn't much of a people person anyway. With a shrug she closes the door to her room and walks back outside. The thought of Jay kind of consumed her brain for a slight moment then faded. Addison knew that for a fact Jay most likely wasn't interested. But whatever, she wasn't one to go after someone, plus the fact that he didn't ever seem really interested. She'd endured the feelings though. Romance wasn't really Addi's thing... No... She sighs busting out another cigarette and lighting it quickly, inhaling and then exhaling slowly. She sees three Arcana students sitting under a tree, one of them was what...McKenna, and... that flower girl it was something like Lilly or whatever, and...Kayla, or whatever the fuck her name was... She didn't care to get to know them at all to be honest. She just wanted out of this goddamn school and back to Noctrem. At least things were in order there, there was a skeleton of social status, but now being thrown into this, it was ridiculous. She knew her closest friends from Noctrem -- Cor, Jade, Hulk, and Bells -- were going to scare the living shit out of most of Leo's loyal's for the most part. But she couldn't really picture any scenario where the Noctrem and Arcana students mingled smoothly with no corruption of the social system.

Shit, things were going to be rickety for a while.

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#, as written by xKyrie

Elijah stopped walking and he looked around the school grounds. His greyish-blue eyes took in with contentment, every detail he can come across. It was still dark but he didn’t care that he actually had to squint a little in order to see things clearer. He loved taking walks every morning. He would start the trek from his room going towards the school grounds and then normally continuing the rest on the forest nearby, somewhat walking aimlessly until he get tired. Sometimes he even met with Ashy especially when he would wake later than usual.

Today was different though. Despite all his preparations the past few days, Elijah was still edgy with this particular day. Mr. Marinos had informed them beforehand that they needed to share rooms with other students. Due to a misfortunate incident where Noctrem Academy had been set to fire, Mr. Montgomery along with his students was forced to take temporary refuge in Arcana. They had been staying here for the past months; at least until their school was rebuilt again- that was what he had gathered from others, and he was still not that comfortable with the current situation. What had happened to Noctrem Academy was very saddening. Nobody knew who the perpetrator was. But according to the gossips floating around the campus it was during the middle of the night when someone had started fire on the said campus. This fire had caused the death of a teacher and two of the students. It was devastating. No matter how many disturbing things he had heard about the school’s reputation, Elijah would not dare wish ill to anyone else. He hoped that they would be able to rebuild the school and find the suspect as soon as they could.

Because of the increase in numbers, both in students and faculty members, he figured that Arcana Academy was bound to be busier. Which was why he found himself taking his routinely walk earlier than what was usual. He remembered cleaning every corners of his room until he finally decided that it was acceptable enough for the arrival of his roommate-to-be. Elijah was not a slob or anything near of sorts but he had spent the last few days cleaning his room. In between attending classes and teaching at the nearest orphanage; he had boxed some of extra stuffs, changed both the bed sheets and the curtains, and rearranged his small collections of neatly stacked books on the corner. Elijah didn’t know who his roommate would be but he actually was not that selective. Though he only figured that his roommate might not appreciate a messy room and because of this he had decided to clean the already organized room. Yes, organized because it was rare that he stay at his quarters during the day after all. He could either found at library or at the forest when he is at the school grounds and he mostly visited the nearby orphanage every chance that he could get.

He loved teaching there and having the knowledge that he was helping the children gave him great joy. Speaking of the orphanage, it had been days since he last visited and Ms. Katherine had asked him to share a lesson for the older children there. He was thinking that it was time to teach them the basics about self-defense. Elijah was not your next-guy martial arts specialist or all around buffed up man but he knew self-defense and he always tried to share his knowledge to others if he could. Sure, with today’s advanced technology and the existence of special abilities such like his, this idea would sound laughable but the Irish-bred lad didn’t really care for society’s standards. He knew that learning these things would be helpful, especially in dire cases. Not a moment later, he then thought it would be best to ask Mr. Vincent for an advice. The older man was someone he usually confided in for situations such as these and though he commonly would try to be less of a bother to others, he decided that for the sake of the next sharing he might as well ask help.

It was minutes after when the sun had fully risen that he finally noticed the time. Sparing his wristwatch a glance, he was surprised to see that it was already past 7. The list for the roommates would probably posted by this time. He might as well go now. He didn’t know where Izzy or Elle was but they were typically together during these stuffs and he planned on looking for them once he saw the list. Elijah then walked out the forest and into the familiar path towards the receptionist area. He noticed familiar faces and smiled at those who looked in his direction. He only stopped when he reached the board for the rooming list and started looking for his name. Room Eight: Elijah Claymore and Benjamin Hershkovitz

…Oh, Ben.

He blankly stared at the paper in front and it took him a moment’s deliberation before he stepped out of the way and stayed on the side. He didn’t knew that Mr. Marinos would pair them with the students from Noctrem… it was more logical to assume that they would be rooming with the Arcana ones. To be frank this would be a little awkward. He didn’t know Benjamin. He was loud and talkative that was as far as he knew and Elijah was never the one to judge that deeply. Would they get along? Thankfully, he wasn’t always around so maybe Benjamin would not be that bothered with his presence. He hoped that he wouldn’t inconvenience the boy in any other way or form. The last thing that he wanted was someone to hate him for being troublesome. Looking around, he searched for his new roommate. He already had a duplicate for the room’s key. He was planning to give it to him and show him the room.


'Goodbye, stupid motel and all the stupid people supposedly working in it!’

As he rode in a quickly moving ambulance, complete with emergency alarm blaring above, Eriol watched the scene outside the window with a faint degree of amusement. He recalled the latest and preferably the last prank he would ever do on the three-star motel that he just left. The said cheap motel had been his- along with the other students’ house for the past month ever since Noctrem Academy was burned down. Because of his utter annoyance with the poor and improper service conducted at the establishment, he and Ben had been pestering the motel personnel with several perfectly laid out pranks. Both he and his best pranking buddy had spread mayhem and mischief on the said place every chance that they possibly could.

The motel was nothing. It was a poor excuse of an area where weary and currently homeless people like him could not find any semblance of comfort. The service was cheap: some of the air conditioners and showers were broken, and even the decorations of the said place looked bleak. The personnel were all incompetent and even the manager was wimpy and undoubtedly an asshole more than anything else. It was because of his recent experiences that he found himself invariably murdering over and over in his mind whoever had schemed and unfortunately succeeded to burn Noctrem. He really wished that they would find the bastard who caused all of this sooner than they could… Or else he might get insane with the continuing absurdity happening around him. He was not a little bit concerned with the deaths caused by the fire but he’d be damned if he would never get to know who dared to burn the only thing he could call his humble abode into ashes. If only he knew how to travel back to the past this time around, Eriol Adelart would surely do his best to discover whoever the suspect was without a heartbeat’s hesitation. As he got lost in his musings, he could not help but think of several scenarios he would do to the suspect once given the chance. The conclusion? All of which were never less pass borderline mildly sadistic in nature.

That fire had been the source of all the misery and discomfort that he was currently experiencing. If it weren’t for that bastard he would not be here, riding in this blasted ambulance making his way towards the stupid school that idiotic Marinos manages. Instead of basking himself in the privacy of his own quarters, Eriol would be forced to share with others. It was stupid and unless his roommate was Ben, he was very determined to cause havoc to the unlucky one who would dare share room with him. ‘Let them dare pair me up with that moronic Theodore and they would see how fascinating my ability matched with my personality would certainly be.’ He darkly thought, waiting with impatience as he watched out for the shadows of the familiar gates of Arcana Academy on the passing sidewalks.

Speaking of that blasted school; after fifteen minutes or so he was finally able to see it from his position at the van. Eriol focused all of his attention and willpower on concentrating hard to activate his ability until he was able to stop time-just like he planned. He watched with nonchalance as things moved in slow motion before totally stopping as he felt the full effect of his power taking over everything. During this, all existing objects were stagnant: the swaying of the leaves ceased mid-air, the wheels almost comically stopped and every movement was frozen in time much like those usual happenings at every poorly-executed and yet bizarre time travelling movies people could come across.

This was not strange for the sixteen-year old boy though. Ever since he had been enrolled to Noctrem, he had grown used to several sights that would make normal human gape and goggle-eyed. Telekinetic and air-manipulating girls? These were only several of the other abilities that could be found at the said Academy. Noctrem Academy was specially designed to teach and hone teenagers like him, in order to use their power the best that they could for the greater bad. In fact, undeniably such was also the reason for the existence of Arcana Academy. A school contrary to his Alma Mater; Leonardo Marinos had decided to teach his little angels to use their abilities for good. Imagine how boring was that? Using your space and time manipulating skills to help those other worthless humans? For what? Few alms and praises of recognition which would fall dead to the masses' ears once you so as much try to make one measly mistake? Eriol Locke was not an idiot and he would never be foolish enough to live in the same ideals Leonardo wanted to instill. It was laughable and petty. Truly idealistic and he knew full well that if he was older than he was right now, he would have demanded that phony to retire and be thrown off his office. Off with his unbecoming brigades.

After glancing at the bus on the side, he grabbed hold of his large backpack-the only thing he had, and opened the back door of the van. The ambulance had served its purpose and that was to take him to the academy. He didn’t have the enthusiasm to conduct another prank and so he decided that calling 911 and asking to be delivered in a nonexistent emergency accident was rather enough to satisfy his daily craving of sadistic/mischievous exercises.

He had actually missed the bus. He had spent most of his evenings making arrangements and several phone calls to different department stores and repair services as a gift to subtly help the three-star motel improve their business. He used the name of the owner—something that took him a day of stalking and ordered for decorations, maintenance and help to his heart’s content. He had actually been anticipating the rapidly ballooning expenses that were sure to be billed to the administration. That would be a joy! The prank was executed as his sign of vengeance for the torment he had experienced while living at the place and he slept the night excited for the day that was to come.

The next day after his thorough planning however, he regretfully woke up late—later than the allotted time which caused him to miss the bus that was supposed to take them to Arcana. Forced to commute and left with no other option to contact Cain or Ms. Wright, Eriol had then decided look for his own mode of transportation except the use of his ability. He decided that there’s no novelty in travelling the usual way he normally did. It was because of this where his ingenious idea of calling for emergency ambulance in excuse of cardiac arrest came forth. And after that the rest was history, here he was walking towards the school grounds where he noticed other students loitering around the academy from the corner of his eyes.

Everything was still suspended in space and he concentrated on keeping up with this at least until he reached the roommates listing. He had no mood for company and he would rather get settled first before functioning as he normally did: Charming and impeccable to fellow students. Arcana Academy was undeniably a new territory. While they had been studying here for the past month or so, it would be a thoughtless move for Eriol to be not wary and less calculating of his actions.

Donned in his mask of indifference, he walked passing by Sky and gaped incredulously at the list that he saw. Room Ten: Landon Hirst and Eriol Adelart Who the hell was Landon Hirst? He didn't know any Noctrem student by that name and so it was logical to think he is from Arcana. But heck, he wasn't familiar with a student by that name. Was he one of those idiots he tend to avoid? Eriol shook his head and walked several paces away from the receptionist area and stood at the first shaded tree he could come across. He let go of his control over his ability and busied himself with recalling the face associated with the name. After few minutes of futilely trying he then decided to go to the room himself. He was bound to remember the person and he would rather look less like an idiot waiting on their damned room instead of staying here acting every inch like he was lost. Which he was not apparently, mind you. Besides as he heard the recent announcement where Leo had already informed them via PA for an assembly later, he might as well make himself presentable.

'Passed the large tree and down into the rabbit hole,'

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Ellie sat quietly in the corner of her bedroom, rubbing gently at her temples. She had become attuned to the voices of the Noctrem students and the Arcana ones individually, and with all of them in one small school, it was beginning to take a toll on her brain. Her head was hurting, unable to ignore some of the louder thoughts coming from downstairs; the protests of Corentine Quellen, Colby Haskin's excitement, the slight fear in Sky Byrnes. She wished that there was some way to stop the voices from entering her head against her will, but there really was no way to do it; she had tried many different ways, and researched for months, but to no prevail. She was just stuck in a vicious cycle of pain, and knowing every body's business. Rubbing her temples was one calming way that she had found oddly soothed the pain, however, that was it. That was all there was that she could do. "Stupid power." She grumbled to herself, her eyes closed as she concentrated on peace.

However, peace was not what she found. A few seconds later, there was a knocking on her door, and the girl's head was snapping up, a smile on her face. She didn't even have to hear the voice of the person outside to know who it was - she could hear his thoughts well enough. Izaiah Dorson was one of the people who's voices she could pick out of a crowd, an extremely difficult feat for a mind-reader. She slowly got up from her corner, her eyes opening as she moved. Izzy was one of her best friends, one of the only people in the entire school who wasn't afraid of her power, and didn't mind being around her despite of it. It was nice, not being treated like a freak and a leper for once, and it honestly made her smile. Izzy was such a lovely guy, and there were butterflies in her stomach as she moved towards the door, opening it with a bright smile on her face, one only for him.

"Good morning, sunshine." She smiled, leaning head throbbing head against the door frame, hiding her pain as she usually did. "How are you today?"


They had survived it; their first proper argument. Leo couldn't stop himself from smiling as he felt Amy relax a little into his arms after he had pulled her into his loving embrace, literally feeling the tension leave her body. He felt that something was wrong with her, by the way that she was taking in longer breaths than usual, and the strange way that her body was moving, but he just put it down to the fact that they had just finished arguing. It had to take a few minutes for the anger and the hurt to properly die down at least, and that's what he believed her to be doing. With a smile still on his face, the immortal male held her close to his body, never wanting to let her go. "I'm sorry." He whispered again as he pressed his lips into her hair, taking in the beautiful scent of his Amy.

However, the moment was soon taken away from him as Amy quickly pulled away, after his little joke. "Wha--" he began asking her what he had done to upset her or something, his eyes changing from calm and serene to worried and a little frightened. But, she hadn't just moved away from him. No, the woman that he loved had dashed over to the toilet seat, and she had began to throw up the contents of the wonderful dinner that she had cooked last night, despite how little of it the two of them had actually eaten. Leo moved over to her and pulled her head back gently, brushing it around her ears, moving it off of her face. The man held her brunette locks back with one hand, the other he used to gently rub her back. He had always found that helped when being ill, the soothing motion of a hand rubbing your back, and so, he was trying to pass that on to his beloved.

His eyes were filled with worry, his body tense as he looked down at her. She hadn't been ill the day before - she had been perfectly fine. He had no idea what could have caused this - it definitely wouldn't have been food poisoning, as he had eaten the exact same thing and felt fine. Once Amy had stopped throwing up, the male quickly moved from his position, grabbing his water glass from the bathroom side, filling it up with fresh, cool water. "Here you are, baby." He spoke softly, soothingly, holding it out to her for her to take.

The male then heard a knock at the door, so he put the glass down next to Amy, popping his head around the bathroom door. Vince's voice floated through to his ears after a short burst from Keirol, causing the male to grown inwardly. He called out through the doors, obviously not wanted to leave Amy alone in this state, and... well, his manhood was only being covered by a towel. "Vince, kinda' busy right now. Can it wait?" He then moved his head back inside the bathroom, smiling at Amy. "Sorry baby."


Erin didn't pay much attention as Cor dragged her up to Jay's room, her eyes still scanning the crowds of people, looking for her beloved Keirol. She pouted ever so softly when she couldn't see him, ignoring the stupid wink that Drake had shot her way, before following Cor up to the elevator shaft. However, soon, she was listening to her best friend speak, nodding along to what she was saying. "Yeah, I can't see him around. Jay's probably the next best idea." She smiled softly, dragging her suitcase behind her, pulling it by the handle along the linoleum floor. Her heels clicked as she walked, mimicking the noise of Cor's, echoing around the halls of the school.

"It wasn't just sex? My god, Cor, you're going soft!" Erin nudged her best friend, a playful smile on her face as the two of them made their way towards Jay's room. The room that he was going to have to share with Sky. Oh, that was going to be hilarious. Erin thought that there was probably going to be a lot of late night noise coming from that room, from Cor, from Jay and from Sky. The girl inwardly shook her head, thinking of how she was mostly going to be spending her nights. She wouldn't be in the room with Loralei, the gypsy girl for much of the time that they were here. Oh no, she was going to be sleeping in the arms of her beau, of her Keirol. A stupid smile came onto the girl's face as she walked, thinking about her boyfriend. Her free hand came up to gently touch the pendant moving around her neck, before bumping into someone. "Shit." She muttered as she bumped into Cor, who had stopped in front of Jay's room.

The blonde hadn't realized that the door had been opened, that Killian person standing there. She let her hand move once in a short wave as Cor introduced her to the male, the one that she had seen around a couple of times. He was friendly with Jay? Eesh, bad move, Elastic man. Soon, Jay was entering the scene, wrapping his arms around Cor, enveloping her in kisses and what not. The girl faked being sick, poking her tongue out as she did so. "Do you guys have to? Honestly?" She grumbled, before a deep voice made her turn around quickly. The feigned sicky expression on her face was replaced instead by a bright smile, one she only had for Keirol. The girl leaned her bags against the nearest wall, before moving closer to her boyfriend. She wrapped her arms around his waist, holding him close to her. Well, if Cor was going to flaunt her relationship, why couldn't Erin. "Hi." She murmured softly into his shirt, before craning her head, looking up at him. "It was fine. I think Cor drooled on my shoulder as she snoozed, but other than that..." She smiled, pressing her lips to his in a short, sweet kiss. Then, she noticed the look on his face, a glare being shot at Killian. She was going to ask him why, but it was then that she felt the male's eyes on her body, and felt herself chuckle quietly. Erin wrapped her arms tighter around his waist, continuing to look up at him through her eye lashed, a grin on her face. "Down, boy."

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Izzy Dorson

Izzy was leaning against the wall, lost in thought when Ellie opened the door. It made him jump, half of him went into the wall. He quickly straightened himself, stepping a few feet from the wall and smiled to Ellie when he heard her say”Good morning, sunshine. How are today?”. He stood up straight “I am doing quite well today Ellie, got all my work done for classes and got to play some music before I got ready. Always a nice way to start my day at least.” He looked at her for a few minutes, he figured with more students that it must harder for Ellie because of her power “Now how is Ellie doing this morning?” he looked at Ellie with a concerned look.

Just then he heard the announcement from Mr.Marinos over the speaker, he could tell there was some sort of strain in his voice, that got Izzy wondering what has gotten to Mr.Marinos so early in the morning. Izzy let the thought go as he began talking again “Would you like to join me to get something to eat before the assembly? Maybe we can grab something and go somewhere less… crowded to eat”. He sometimes wondered how Ellie could stand hearing all the thoughts in her head, he knew it would probably drive him crazy.

Izzy looked around him as he waited for Ellie, he wondered where Elijah was this morning and wondered if he would be interested in having breakfast with him and Ellie. He shifted his feet a little and looked to his watch. “Maybe later on I can get my guitar, we could take a walk, and I could play a bit if you would like to listen? Maybe Elijah would like to join us. I still have yet to see him this morning. I also need to see who my roommate is, I hope they aren’t too bad and I also hope they know how to clean up after themselves.” Izzy has been going over in his head on who he wished he could have as a roommate, he really wished it could be Elijah or even Zac but would just have to wait to see who it was.

He hoped for at least today he would not run into his cousin or her friends, he couldn’t stand those five and always felt very uncomfortable around them and sometimes even went thru things because of his nerves. Then he wouldn’t hear the last of it and it drove him nuts. He just really couldn’t understand how people could be so cruel and nasty to others. They sometimes made him mad when they would pick on some of the other girls such as Lily, who he tries to look after her when it comes to the Noctrem students. He has stood up to a few of them which usually doesn’t end well but he can say he at least tried. Izzy let his train of thoughts go and focused on Ellie once more.

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Leo's face contorted into an expression of confusion when Amy shot down his suggestion of her sickness coming from a lack of sleep, but he didn't doubt her. She was, of course, the school nurse, and had a extended knowledge of health, illness and healing, due to her own gifts, and probably research. So, he just nodded, keeping his arm wrapped around her side, still not putting much pressure on it, in case he hurt her. "Well, at least it's gone now. We can hope it stays away." He smiled softly, before then, his face was changing, and the alarm and panic took over his body. Was he going to be late? Was anyone going to actually turn up? What was he really going to talk about to keep everyone interested? It was going to be an assembly about the houses and schedules - something obviously incredibly important, but something he was sure that the Noctrem students wouldn't be too happy about being forced to sit down and listen to.

"You sure you're healthy?" Leo asked her with a mischievous tone, a soft smile replacing the scowl on his face for a few brief moments, mirroring her own beautiful smile. The hand on his cheekbone obviously calmed him down ever so slight, any sort of touch from her soothing any sort of worries that he had. How she could do it, he had no idea, but he loved the feeling of it. then, her robe was being shrugged off, falling to the floor, followed closely by Leo's jaw. Her body never failed to cause him awe; Amy was just so beautiful, so confident, and so... his. Then, his own towel was being dropped onto the floor, revealing his own private area to the room once again. Both of the male's arms came to wrap around her waist, pulling her naked body further towards his own, skin touching skin.

"Really? We have to put it off?" The immortal male pouted childishly, before he was being pulled into the water, his body being the one to be covered in the cool water, his girlfriend being smarter, moving out of the way. The male practically yelped as the freezing water hit his skin, trying to move quickly out of the way of the water, but having nowhere to go, seeing as Amy was there. By the time the water grew hotter, Leo's expression had changed into one of a playful smile, turning to face his girlfriend with a mischievous, crooked grin. "You're going to pay for that."

"All students to the Great Hall please, assembly beings in five minutes. A reminder than any absentees will result in punishment."
Leo placed the tannoy phone back down on it's holder, this one not in his room however - it was just underneath the podium stand in the hall, the one that he was currently standing behind. The headmaster was wearing a classic outfit of his, a smart shirt, tie and jeans, disliking the feel of suit pants again his legs. There were chairs set up throughout the hall to accommodate for all of the students, a few already being seated, and chairs behind him for all of the teachers. Now, he just had to wait for the rest of the students to arrive; if they hadn't in five minutes, he was going to start anyway, punishing those who didn't turn up.


"Ellie is doing okay, thank you." The petite brunette girl smiled to her friend, nodding her head softly. "She has a little bit of a headache due to everyone moaning, but other than that, she's doing well." Ellie smiled to Izzy, before the headmaster's voice was being projected all around the room. She hadn't realized that there was going to be some sort of assembly that day, and she was curious as to what Mr. Marinos could be wanting to talk to everyone about. She was sure it had something to do with the arrival of the Noctrem students, but that couldn't be all - they had been studying there for about a month now. The girl could have focused in solely on her headmaster's voice, however, decided again it. Having to sit in a sea of students would be hard enough for her to get through, without already having the added pressure of a previous headache on top of that.

She was quickly snapped back to the conversation at hand however when Izzy spoke again, asking about going to get something to eat first before the assembly, and if she wanted to hear him play some of his music. The girl eagerly nodded at the second suggestion, smiling at the idea of hearing him play guitar once again. "Oh, I'd like that." She spoke, her grin stupidly spread over her face. "I love hearing you play." The girl's face grew a little red as she spoke, realizing how stupid she had sounded just then. She sounded like a love-sick puppy pining over the man of her dreams, and she quickly laughed it off, changing the subject as rapidly as possible.

"Roommates? Oh yes, I forgot about that." She spoke, her eyes drifing off for a moment as she thought about who she would like her roommate to be. With her constant need to keep things tidy, she hoped that her new roommate would be accommodating to that, keeping their things tidy and what not. If not, she didn't know how she was going to survive. However, before she could dwindle on the subject any more, Leo's voice was coming over the tannoy again, saying that there was now five minutes until the start of the assembly. "Five minutes? How long have we been talking?" Ellie's voice was filled with concern as she slipped on the nearest shoes to the door of her room, not pausing to check what she looked like. "Come on, Izzy." She squealed, taking her friend's hand and pulling him in the direction of the Great Hall. "We can have a quick look at our roommates on the way! Let's go!"


Jackson just grinned as Lulu complimented him, calling him heaven on legs. "Oh, I know." He playfully said back, the Irish accent in his voice coming through thicker and thicker with every passing moment. The coffee was a delight, the male having had a late night before due to his nightmares returning, the high caffeine drink pulling him up out of his slightly tired state. He watched the blonde in front of him carefully, watching her reaction to the coffee that he had gotten her. He wasn't sure if her tastes had changed since the last time that the two of them had been together, but seeing the smile on her face only reassured him that it hadn't - she still liked her coffee the same way as always, and he had gotten it right.

After asking her about drinking too much alcohol, Jack leaned back in his chair, nodding slowly at her reply. Oh, so she hadn't been drinking? It had been a power hangover. "I hope it all works out." He spoke quietly, taking another sip of the hot drink in his hands. He knew that Lulu had the potential to be one of the best students that she could be, her power being extremely dangerous in the wrong hands - but she wasn't one for using it for evil doings. He knew how much she also disliked her power, due to the way that she was exploited as a child, but he couldn't see any harm in her helping Cain Montgomery out - the man had just lost his school. "I reckon it'll work." He smiled softly, putting his cup back down on the table in front of him - it had been beginning to burn his hands.

"Do you know, I have no idea. This is the first that we've heard of it either, so it's all news for us too. We don't have many assemblies either - but it can't be due to just the arrival of you Noctremers." Jackson shrugged his shoulders as he spoke, being as confused as the girl in front of him about why there was going to be an assembly. However, his mind was quickly moved on from that as an idea popped into his head, something that made the male's eyes sparkle with joy. He liked helping people, especially those who were close to him, and Lulu was one of the dearest people in the word to him. "Give me your hand, for a moment." He smiled, holding his palm out on the table for her to take. Once he had her hand in his, Jack closed his eyes, and took in a deep breath. It was a rare sight when the male used his powers, as he didn't like taking in other people's emotions - but with Lulu, he could make an exception. As he focused on the pain that was in her hair, and the tiredness in her body, Jackson felt it moving. He felt the pain slowly being dulled in her mind, and being replaced in hers, as well as the sleepiness that she was feeling.

Within two minutes, Jackson had transferred her pain over to himself, wincing slightly as it came to full fruition in his head. "Jesus, Lu. Maybe you shouldn't push yourself this far again." He groaned, instantly picking up his coffee again. He hadn't noticed that Alli had walked past as he had been transferring Lulu's pain over to himself, being in the "zone" he used his powers, and he felt extremely groggy and too tired to even ask what the note in front of her was. The male's head felt like it was going to explode as the loud voice of Leo took over the tannoys again, and his expression turned into a grimace until the voice had stopped. "Come on, let's get this over with." He forced a smile onto his face, opening his eyes up once more, looking at her. "Allow me to escort you?"

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#, as written by xKyrie

Elijah watched in amusement when he saw how Ben kept his copy of the key. He had attached it into a key cover and a chain, and wound the said chain around his neck. He smiled as he noticed how laid back and somewhat a little funny his roommate was. He was not the most organized person around but Elijah never had the trouble of losing his possessions such as a key or any other items that he had. It had something to do with his slightly... organized personality and so seeing his roommate's plans to keep the key had rather interested him

Maybe he did prejudged this guy more than he thought he had not. After all, while Ben seemed like those typical Noctem stereotypes, he was still accommodating and friendly to him. He was aware of how some of the students from the other academy disliked him. He didn’t know what was the reason but it was most likely was because they see him as one of those persons that would never dare hurt a fly. Not that he actually cared a lot about others opinion, but Elijah had grown used to other’s treatment of him that people like Ben would sometimes never fail to astonish him.

When he learned that Ben only had a duffle bag for his things, he was surprised. He actually expected him to have at least a suitcase for his clothes and other supplies. After all, they were supposed to stay at the school quarters for the whole semester. Aside for some odd visits outside or the usual holidays, it was most likely understandable for him to presume that others would be more 'prepared' with their stay. He could even remember his mother packing a suitable amount of clothes for him when he first got here. Though Elijah he didn’t have a truckload of belongings, ever since he started living at Arcana Academy, he had collected a few numbers of clothes and other things such as books. Most of these books were either contemporary fictions or children's books. Those that he would normally donate to the orphanage or use as story telling material for the children. He had only recently bought these books and he would sometimes read the stories to the little kids.

He wanted to ask Benjamin why he had such a few belongings but the boy had excused himself to check on his phone. Elijah nodded in understanding and waited until his new roommate had finished texting. He opted to search for his own phone when he remembered that it had been hours ago since he last checked his messages. He was still looking forward to meeting Elle and Izzy and he hoped that they would meet before going to the assembly. He took his phone out of his pocket and looked through his recent list of messages. He smiled fondly when he found one from his sister. She had asked him if he has already eaten breakfast like she did and he replied that he would take one later. Aside for another text from his mother, there was nothing else in his Inbox and he promptly locked his phone. It was the typical scenario for Elijah. He was not actually fond of mobile phones or texting. He used it as practically as he could but he was never the type who would waste a day or so, texting someone else. Those who would usually contact him were either his family, some of his classmates or someone from the orphanage. He kept his phone back and turned to Ben in confusion when noticed him do the same. He had thought he would take longer than that.

He then stood perplexed when Benjamin promptly grabbed his bag and evidently walked towards the wrong direction, opposite from their room. 'I thought he wanted to see the room?' He then almost laughed out loud when he immediately walked back soon after. "You know what? Lead the way my good man" His new roommate stated with a perfect British accent. He could actually see things getting livelier and funnier around this guy. He nodded and cast him a small smile. He walked towards the rooms and lead the way, occasionally looking around for any signs of Elle or Izzy. It might be possible that both of them had already gone to the cafeteria. It was time for breakfast and he could actually feel the hunger. It would be rude to leave his roommate alone though, and so he continued walking and accompanied Benjamin all the way to room eight. He was fine with the relative silence between them and he supposed that his companion wouldn’t be bothered with the stillness.

“Do you want to get something from the…” Elijah started asking once they passed the stairs. He trailed off once he noticed a familiar figure standing on the wall next to the door of their room. ‘Isabella Dorson. Bells as what she liked to be called’, the thought quickly crossed his mind when their eyes met. He nodded in acknowledgement, his words dying in this throat, and he abruptly stopped in his tracks. She was actually more known as Izzy’s estranged cousin. Izzy had once told something about her in passing but Elijah actually don’t know a lot about her. Aside from seeing her occasionally at the school grounds, accompanied by her group of friends, he never had the chance to talk to her. Whenever he would find himself near her presence, he would usually get stiff and somewhat conscious... Much more too conscious of his actions, in fact. He didn’t like the strange ideas floating in his mind whenever he was near her.

“Uh… Morning, Bells”, he finally uttered. He decided it would be quite rude of him to disregard her presence. No matter how conflicted he was about her, he would still try to be nice to her and to any other person around. He continued towards the door of their room and fished his own key from his pocket. He opened the lock and stepped to the side. It was during this moment that he heard Mr. Marinos’ voice announcing the start of the assembly. He looked towards Ben and Bells and in his apprehension, stupidly stated the obvious, “I think the assembly’s about to start.”


Eriol was pissed. Beyond without a doubt utterly pissed. It took him several minutes to look for their room and he was half-expecting to see his roommate on the way. He did found their room alright, located not surprisingly in between the rooms eight and twelve but there was no one around. That was just the icing on the cake though. Another thing was that he never remembered who the hell was Landon Hirst among the many students of the idiotic Arcana Academy. It was because of this that he had dared take the chance to find his said roommate in their room and look at how wasted that effort was. 'Where the heck is he?' He thought in irritation and he tried to think of possible places a male student of Arcana would stay so early in this morning. That was considering if Landon was a boy himself, Eriol thought. He was really not sure and he had not one single clue about this guy. With the way how twisted the minds of the human beings worked nowadays, he could not be sure if this Landon was a boy. 'For all I knew, maybe this Landon was a girl who got a such an unlucky manly name', Eriol thought exasperated and a little more than put out by the way he had to drag his bag all around the Academy. Well boy or not, his new roommate was currently missing in action and he was irritated beyond belief. Amidst all of this, Eriol fervently wished that he would not get more annoyed than he was right now.

He let out a sigh and walked back towards the reception. He needed the key as soon as possible. It would be a foolish move for him to go into someplace he was not sure of. Also, uptight Leo had just announced the assembly meeting later in 10. While he was not the golden model student, Eri would rather not get on the bad side of the older headmaster so early in the game. His behaved record for the past month was proof of that. Ben and he agreed, or rather he had asserted and suggested to his best buddy about how they should act like the good student for their initial stay at this academy. He was not afraid of Marinos but he figured that he was still basically a greenhorn here. Being new and all that jazz, he might as well try to create a nice image. After all, what fun would it be, if Leo and his lackeys would treat him as a troublemaker only for their first few months of stay at this shitty academy? Landing himself into a detention was not worth a while and he would rather use this time to plan for greater pranks in the nearest future.

Upon reaching the reception, he looked around and waited until one of the staff on the front desk approach him. He put on his best worried expression while he watched one of those nameless women turn to him. “Good morning! Welcome to Arcana Academy! How can I help you?” She smiled and greeted him in that customary helpful expression. Eriol nodded and looked around, as if seemingly searching for something before he warily smiled back at her. “Hello Ma’am”, he stated with his tone full of respect and kept on his troubled look.

He placed his hands above the counter and looked down. He then slightly raised his head, bit his lower lip and lowered his head back again. He let several minutes pass before he looked up and stared at her for another time. “I.. I need help.” He quietly said, lowering his head. He was certain that the woman needed to move closer in order to hear him but he didn’t care. “Yes, how may I help you?” She impatiently said and gave him a strained smile.

“It’s just that my roommate…. Landon Hirst? Do you know him? He was one of the Arcana students, and I was supposed to be his new roommate… “ the sixteen year old boy trailed off, purposely leaving his words (and his involvement with Noctrem) hanging as he waited for the woman to ask him. The receptionist didn’t fail him and she nodded to let him continue. “This is really embarrassing but he told me that he lost his key.” He looked at her with worried eyes before adding, “He was so afraid of the consequences so he forced me to come here and get a new copy of the key for him. He wanted me to tell you that I lost the key and I had no choice. He had threatened me and since I am still new here, I decided to follow his words. I don’t want to get a blemish on my clean record you see. He was so scary and he told me that if I won’t get a copy of the key here, he would never let me get into the room.” His eyes widened and he dished out word after word. His tone was hurried as if he was uncovering a secret, and his face was a mix of innocence and weariness when he waited for the girl’s response.

He was truly emanating a terrified expression and he succeeded in appearing nervous. He didn’t know if she would believe it but it was this acting that he had used to win over his typical victims. His usual victims of those stupid and narcissistic matrons who looked at everyone down that they deemed lower than they were. The woman was immediately on alert mode and she fully faced him. “What do you mean? Is he harassing you? Do you want me to report him to the headmaster?” Eriol’s eyes widened. “Oh! Oh no! I don’t! Just getting me a key would do”, Eriol piped up, the panic and alarm could be clearly heard in his voice. “Don’t tell Mr. Marinos! I don’t want to be kicked out of my room so early!”

It took him several more minutes of explanation and he let out a relieved sigh when he finally got a copy of the key from the overreacting woman. Honestly, if he only knew how tiresome talking to her would be, he should have gone with his Plan B and stopped time to just grab a key from her drawers. ‘Oh, the things he’d suffer just to execute a prank.’ The only good thing that he got from this exercise was that he was quite sure that whatever record his roommate had, would be tainted by his recent actions. Word was bound to travel all round the campus and he was quite certain that if he could not have the room for himself, he would rather make sure to take necessary steps to drive his roommate out. This was only his first small step to freedom after all.

When he got inside Room ten, he promptly placed his bag towards the empty bed and he took his mobile phone and its charger out. He looked for an empty socket and plugged it in. Another one reason that had caused him irritation was when his phone battery died on him when he was about to make a call. It seemed that he had been too excited last night that he forgot to recharge it. He plopped on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He had to contact Yvette soon. He did not know where she was and while he normally didn’t care what she did, he figured that they should attend the assembly together. It was bound to start soon and he wanted to find her before then.

He didn’t know how long he had fallen asleep but he was awakened to the sound of the old Arcana’s headmaster's voice going over the usual announcements. He cursed, stood up and nursed his head as he tried to comprehend what the old geezer wanted to say. Apparently the assembly was starting in five minutes and they were all required to go into the hall else they risk free periods and detention. He shook his head and chase off all remnants of sleepiness. He went into the bathroom and tried to freshen up. After spending a good two minutes of prepping himself, he unplugged his cell phone and concentrated to activate his ability so that he could reach the great hall within the time allotted.

When he was done, he looked for an empty chair near the exit and opened his phone. Eriol dialed his girlfriend’s number and heard it ring. He waited until the line connected before he spoke. “Hello, Yvette. Where are you?”

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Izzy frowned a bit when Ellie said she had a headache “Well that is not good at all Ellie if I could get all the others from moaning I would but I don’t think those Noctrem students would listen to me” he shrugged and watched Ellie for a few minutes then snapped out of it when he heard Ellie agree about listening to him play later on “Great well hopefully the assembly won’t be too long and we can then go out, once I find Elijah, which we will probably see him at the assembly, ill ask him if he wants to tag along” he saw the smile that showed on Ellie’s face and he couldn’t help but smile back.

He then heard Mr. Marinos over the speaker "All students to the Great Hall please, assembly beings in five minutes. A reminder than any absentees will result in punishment." he then looked to Ellie "Five minutes? How long have we been talking?", he couldn’t help but give a soft chuckle and looked down to his watch “Id say a good five minutes but I guess that is our clue we should head down there, maybe we can get something to eat after” he then watched as Ellie went and got some shoes on and thought she looked really cute in her outfit she was wearing. “Come on, Izzy." he felt Ellie’s hand go in his then felt himself being pulled down the hallway and smiled to himself "We can have a quick look at our roommates on the way! Let's go!" “Alright but we should be quick about it we can not be late” just the thoughts of being late made him get a bit nervous.

As they went down the stairs and to the area where the list of roommates where he read off the list “Ellie you are with Addison Lawler….wow that’s weird, did you know they where rooming us with the Noctrem students?” he then read down the list and found his name “and I am with Scott Andrews…not bad but I hope he knows how to clean up after himself and hopefully there won’t be a lot of parties.” he then looked to Ellie “now lets head to the assembly.” He took her hand once more and started walking to the assembly.

As they walked through the doors of the hall he looked to see many seats and also he did not see Elijah there yet so he took out his phone and sent a quick text to his good friend.

“Hey the assembly is about to start. Where are you?”

After he sent the text he put his phone back into his pocket and looked to Ellie “so where would you like to sit? I prefer the front because I have a feeling the Noctrem students will be sitting in the back. Is the front okay with you?” he asked as he walked a little more into the hall so they wouldn’t be in the way of anyone that walked through the door.

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Kali shrugged when Eden said “Uhh..Sorry Kali. I have no clue.” “Well I guess I will meet her soon enough, I wonder if she likes to do any reckless things” she smiled when Eden said he would sit next to her. As Eden’s arm went around she smiled, it felt like just a natural thing to Kali and she usually didn’t allow anyone else to do this but Eden was her closes guy friend she had at Arcana, Eden know almost everything about her…except for a lot of her past. No one knew about that though maybe someday she would tell Eden.

She looked behind her to see Mary and Adina, she gave them a smile especially when Adina started singing. Then saw Mary talking to Kenna, she smiled to Kenna then looked forward as she walked on. As they finally made it into the school she heard the announcement from Mr. Marino "All students to the Great Hall please, assembly beings in five minutes. A reminder than any absentees will result in punishment." She looked to Eden “well good timing for us, I wonder why this assembly is so important. I guess it could be about the Noctrem students, most likely because of them but they have been here like a month already and we have not had an assembly since they been here. Now thinking about it we haven’t had an assembly in a long time” she said as they walked to the great hall where the assembly was being held. She looked down at the clothes she was wearing, it was her running outfit and she didn’t have time to change before hand but she really didn’t care. She knew probably all the Noctrem students where dressed nicely in one way or another but it didn’t matter to her.

As she walked with Eden into the hall she tried to look for L but didn’t see her “I wonder where L is hiding…” she said as she looked around to see who else was there. She saw Izzy and Ellie over to the side and wave to the two of them “hey guys” she then moved her way down the walkway and moved in to one of the rows of seats now taking Eden’s hands in hers to pull him along the seats. Once she was in the middle of the row she sat down and looked up to Eden and smiled. She then looked to the front and saw Mr. Marinos and Ms. Roerig. She hasn’t had to go to Ms. Roerig in like a week, which is a record for her, she just hasn’t gotten into anything that would get herself ‘extremely’ hurt. She leaned back against the seat comfortably and started randomly playing with some of her hair as she sat there.

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Bells was leaning against the wall waiting very impatiently when finally she saw Ben and… ugh Elijah. She saw Elijah nod to her and saw that he stopped a little ways from her. She couldn’t help but smirk, she noticed him watching her and finally the boy stammered out some words “Uh..Morning, Bells” . She stood up more straightly and walked over to him “Morning Elijah” was all she said to him then looked to Benz. “You said you would be up here and I have been waiting….” she then saw Benz walk over to her and put his arm around her shoulder. She was annoyed a little bit but she would let it slide because she was in a good mood from being able to talk to Ms. Wright this morning.

“Hey Bells, sorry for making you wait. I guess you just miss me too much,” Bells rolled her eyes at what Benz said “your lucky I like you..or I would have left by now” she then heard the Mr.Marino’s announcement over the intercom "All students to the Great Hall please, assembly beings in five minutes. A reminder than any absentees will result in punishment." “Oh so scared a punishment…so scared” she sort of mocked the announcement then looked to Benz, she first heard Elijah say something but sort of ignored it. “I guess we should go” she nodded “yes lets go get this over with, I hope it won’t be too long” she then got lost in thoughts about her conversation with Ms. Wright earlier when she got snapped out of it from Benz say “You coming or not slowpokes” she sighed and walked up to Benz “of course I am coming, lets go” she said as she started walking off “oh the reason why we aren’t skipping is because well I got talking to Ms. Wright…and yea..” She hasn’t told anyone about her feelings for Ms. Wright and wasn’t sure if she was going to tell anyone…just yet. She especially didn’t want Amber to find out, the girl already knew one of her secrets that she really didn’t want anyone to find out so Bells made and agreement with Amber and they have been good since.

As she was walking downstairs she wasn’t even sure if Benz or Elijah was with her, she knew Benz would catch up and she really didn’t care for Elijah especially since he was best friends with Izzy, yes he might be cute but Elijah’s personality just wasn’t her type. As she did make it to the great hall, she didn’t understand why it was called a great hall. What so great about a room that is pretty much for assemblys? She walked through the doors and right off she saw Izzy and Ellie. She didn’t say anything to them, she found a seat in the back row and sat down putting her feet up on the seat in front over her and leaned her head back, maybe she could fall asleep during the assembly. She did tell Ms. Wright she be there but she didn’t say anything about being coherent.

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#, as written by xKyrie

Elijah was torn between feeling wary and glad when Bells had greeted him in return. He was happy to know that she knew him. She was an interesting girl, and even if she had such kind of… unpleasing personality, he could not help but get drawn to her. It might have been because she was cold and somewhat uncaring towards him and some of the people around her or it might also be because of her ability but Elijah really wanted to know her more. While he hated the way she treated others, disliked how much she always seemingly disregarded rules and regulations, and had the full knowledge of how she was the type of person that would find pleasure in hurting someone; all of this did not deter him. It was a bit shallow on his part, he supposed --since he technically wanted to know about her because of her pain inducement ability, but then for now, it was enough to warrant such fascination. She was like a piece of mystery. A modernistic work of art, one which he would be willing to solve (given the chance).

Elijah was certainly not a shy person. He could be quiet and reserved but he was not someone who would be hard to approach. He was open and accommodating and he could take time to listen and do nothing but simply listen to others when they share information about theirselves. He could even give some ideas and opinions if the one he was conversing with wanted some but he was content with just listening. It was because of this that it was laughable on how he could noticeably turn into a bumbling fool once he was in front of one Isabella Dorson. It seemed that whenever he was within a short distance from the girl, his brain would take an impromptu vacation and he would usually lose all the conversational phrases and words that he knew. Instead of being sociable, he would end up awkward and tense around Bells. It was pathetic and he would not be surprised if she would dislike him for acting this way in front of her.

Every now and then, he wondered. What would take him to take that courageous leap of faith and approach Bells? Just like he had always imagined in his mind. He had been trying to come up with scenarios. Those that he would do if he would meet her along the way to classes or any other place possible. Would his uncharacteristic stiffness and discomfort disappear? Or would he still stay as he had always been whenever he was in front of her presence: shy, awkward and mute-like? He walked behind them and continued to get lost in his thoughts. Though his concentration proved to be easily distracted by the brunette in front of him, not a moment later. He could not help but notice every now and then how she excluded an aura of confidence. Bells was a unique girl, someone that would never let others walk over her and he liked that about her.

The Irish lad was almost near the hall when he felt the phone in his pocket vibrate. Since he was fully aware of the time limit that Mr. Marinos had set for the start of the assembly, he decided to check on the new text message later. He entered the hall and looked around. He stopped on the side once he passed the entrance door and found the place occupied by most of the Arcana students along with some from Noctrem. Mr. Marinos was seated with Ms. Roerig in the front together with Mr. Vincent and the other teachers. He tried to smile at his favorite English teacher and walked further inside the great hall.

While he did, he took his time to study the others who have also attended this morning. Almost more than a half of the student population was present and he knew that this was because of Mr. Marino's recent announcement. He figured that they would know about their class schedules today from the way how the things were going. He found Izzy and Elle seated near the front row and approached them.

"Good morning", he greeted his closest friends as soon as he reached them. He took a seat besides Izzy and looked at the two. He cast them a beaming smile. " Did I miss a lot? Did you see the list?" He inquired, truly wanting to know more about his friends' roommates. He was distracted by Ben's arrival and because of that he did not have enough time to look for their new roommates. "My roommate is Ben Hershkovitz. How about you Elle and Izzy? I'm sorry I was unable to see the rest of the list, especially about your roommates. Excuse me for a while", he added. He remembered the text message and took out his phone. Once he saw that it was from Izzy, he thanked him and said, “Thank you for informing me about the assembly Izzy-“

He was about to add more but Mr. Marinos had already stood on the podium in front. He straightened in his seat and quietened down. He faced the stage and listened closely to the headmaster after sending a sheepish smile towards his friends.

------------~ After the assembly ~----------
When Mr. Marinos was done with the announcement, Elijah was once again conflicted with mixed feelings. To say the least, what had been tackled at the assembly, was unexpected. Aside from the strange rooming list this morning, there was another surprise after it. The headmaster had stated that there would be a housing system. Apparently, Elle and he, along with the other students like Theodore and Jess were placed in the Causton House. Not that he hated being grouped with the Noctrem students but it would be was rather odd with how they have seemingly wanted to make the students from the two schools interact. There was no school distinction of whether you were from Arcana nor Noctrem between groups and it made things interesting. He was wondering how things were going to be weeks from now.

Though It was a shame that Izzy was not sorted with them in the Causton house. It would have been more entertaining if he was with both Elle and Izzy when they try to compete during activities. Izzy was fun, he was a nice lad and his helpful acts had never failed to amaze Elijah. He was actually one of the very first people that he had grown close with on his early days here in Arcana.

Elle on the other hand, had a personality you wouldn’t expect from when you first see her. While she looked delicate and small because of her stature, Eleanor Carson was not a pushover. She was honest and open minded. Elle was caring and friendly. She would take an effort to listen to your stories and be just there whenever you needed someone to talk to. He had always seen her like those girls, that while strong, were ones that needed to be taken care off. Not in the sense that he would actually get suffocating but he had this urge to protect her away from harm even though he knew that she could take care of herself. She reminded him of his little sister and because of this, he could get protective of her sometimes. Elijah treasured his friendship with these two. He hoped that this new school system would not cause a drift between their small group. Competitions could be healthy but it could also be destructive. Izzy was and still a great friend and he wished that things would stay that way.

“Did you eat breakfast already? If you haven't, do you want to eat at the cafeteria?” He looked at them and asked. He stared at his wristwatch and noted the time. They had the day to themselves and he wanted to make the best use of it. “I was planning to ask Mr. Marinos to allow me to visit the orphanage and I wanted to invite you two.” He added and hopefully waited for their answer.

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