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Freya Mason

The crashes are heaven for a sinner like me.

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a character in “The Arcana Academy”, originally authored by Calvazara, as played by RolePlayGateway



Full Name: Freya Amelia Mason
Nicknames: Frey
Age: I am Eighteen years young
Birthdate: 11th March
Home Town: I am originally from Surrey in England, but immigrated over to America, four years ago, New York to be precise.
Sexuality: Straight, aside from the occasional drunken, girl on girl kiss, but in the words of my dear Marilyn Monroe "It's best to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

School: Noctrem

Power: People in the past have laughed at my power, however what they don't understand is how dangerous infatuation can really be. History is plagued with people who let their passion take a hold of their lives and in result tragedy happens, I am dangerous people just don't realise how much. As of now I have made a vast improvement, when i first discovered my power I had no control over it, I would touch people then they would become infatuated, now however i can control when I want to use my power and not have to leave it to chance. I can influence who their affections are bestowed onto but as of now i can not control that but i am working on it, it will take time but I will get there.

Likes: Classic literature*Animals*Old Movies*Romance*Appreciate all Music*Laughter*Sarcastic humor*Dressing up(For a night out that is)*Hard Liquor*Drinking games*Singing*Rainstorms*Snow
Guilty Pleasure: Reality tv shows
Dislikes: Judgey people (Just because I'm on the "dark side" doesn't make me evil)*Bores*People who think shes a dumb blonde* Most Sports*Twilight (with a passion)*Overly choclatey things*Over swearing
Fears: Thunder, she knows is childish but it freaks the shit out of her.

Personality: Well, I would tell you that I'm a total bad ass, but yeah that's probably not true, although I do like my liquor and to party I'm actually quite tame compared to others at Noctrem. I think it's fair to say that I am quite brazen, I don't hold back when I'm talking to people, and I guess this could come across a crude. I talk about sex openly, I'm not a prude and I like sex so why shouldn't I talk about it? From an early age I've always been adventurous, to be totally honest I was quite gutted when I left England, there I would spend hours exploring forests and going on long walks, so going from the country to a city was a little daunting, however I sucked it up and dealt with it, I'm definitely not one wallowing in self pity, in fact its one of my pet peeves.

I like being outdoors, it helps me relax, if you can't find me just check the nearer woods and that's where I'd likely be, as I was saying I am adventurous and quite spontaneous, so I do tend to go a little crazy at times, skinny dipping is one example, only to name one. Sex is a big part of my life, I love it but when your power is infatuation, who can blame me!? I am rather known for my one night stands, but when I get drunk I get horny and if anyone has a problem with that then say it too my face because I can not stand two faced people (another pet peeve.) I feel like people see me as quite a complicated person, especially with my great British sarcastic humor, so sometimes people don't know if i'm being truthful or not, but more often than not i am just having a laugh with them.

Although i don't define myself as 'bitch' I am a women and so naturally its part of my nature, although I am definitely not as bad as some of the girls I know, I guess some would call me vain, I like to look good, who doesn't? But I don't let this vanity define me as there is so much more to me to that and I just wished people would see that. For a lot of the 'bad' students at Noctrem I can see why they are here, however with myself I honestly feel i'm on the fence, I don't necessarily like using my powers for 'evil' but at Noctrem we're a family and I will never let them down.

History: Freya was born to Oliver and Louise Mason, one cold, March afternoon in Surrey England, she had a happy childhood, being the only child of the wealthy middle class Mason family, she was truly doted upon and quite spoilt as a child. Going to a private school she was well educated, however something isolated her from her peers, her power, which she discovered from an early age, when she noticed that occasionally people would become attached to her after she touched them. Freya didn't tell anyone about what she could do for years, she was afraid of what they would say to her and so kept to herself. It wasn't until her around her tenth birthday that the blonde decided that it was too big of a burden to deal with on her own and so told her parents, at first they didn't believe her, dismissing it as a attention seeking strategy and it wasn't until she made her uncle fall in love with a plant in front of her parents eyes did they believe her. 

After she divulged her secret she felt as if a weight had been lifted, although this did not last long. On her parents 25th wedding anniversary when she was thirteen, they had gone out to dinner only never to return, it wasn't until her long lost aunt showed up a week later did she learn that her parents had died in a car accident. Utterly devastated by their death, Freya went into a dark place, one where she never really returned from, her aunt had moved her over to America in a matter of weeks often her parents funeral and her life dramatically changed. long gone were the caring and loving parents only to be replaced by a cold aunt who solved her heartache with a bottle of scotch, for the first time she felt alone. 

Freya's life wasn't good in New York, her aunt didn't give her the support or care that she needed, only harsh words and the more often than not drunken beating by her aunt or one of her many boyfriends, it was hard transition for the young girl, but she quickly adapted to her new lifestyle. She put up walls as a way of protecting her and hid her secret, she fell in with the 'bad crowd' began drinking at an early age, her life had truly become fucked up and to be quite frank, she hated it, she missed having someone who loved her and is to this day searching for someone who can fill the hole that her parents left. To this day Freya is unsure how Cain came to know about her and her power but she didn't really care much, he was giving her an escape route, something which shed be eternally grateful for.

Noctrem proved to be her calling, she excelled in her studies and even learned how to control aspects of her power, she has made irreplaceable friendships and on her eighteenth birthday, she inherited part of her parents wealth, which naturally delighted her, she was set for life, what more could she possible want?
Anything else? Just anything else that doesn't fit into the categories.

So begins...

Freya Mason's Story

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Scott Martin Andrews

I believe it’s been two months? Two months since the school fire. I was sleeping in my room when the fire began. I smelt the scent of burning amber and I knew something was not right. Rumor has it that it was a trespasser that came to our school and had sent Noctrem burning. Other students believe it was the kids from Arcana. If it was one of them then there would probably be some fanatical war between both schools. I can’t really recall our schools ever being nice to each other really. We've been up at each others throats perhaps since both schools were built. We‘re complete polar opposites. Think of everyone in Arcana Academy as the good kids. They want to do good things with there powers, then there is us, that take hold of the title as the bad kids. Everyone here either likes to cause destruction, or likes to inflict pain, I’m neither. I can tell your right now, there’s some ruthless types of personalities over in this school and that only strive for dominance.

Now your probably wondering, “why aren’t you in Arcana then?”
Well because of my power and possibly because of my attitude. I can manipulate electricity. I could kill you if I wanted to. I killed my own mom, something that haunts me every second I live. Something I have never told anyone, not even my foster-parents. There’s a huge emotional link that is connected to my ability. So if I get mad or I’m in some sort of pain your either on the floor knocked out cold or on the verge of death. I cause major ruin, and I’m some what shamed of it. Sometimes I almost feel that I’m destined to fight bad guys or something but I can’t help but think I am the bad guy, the villain. I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself.

The moment the bus had stopped Scott went into a trance. He was staring at Arcana like it was a castle and it truly looked like one. It felt like he was looking at Noctrem again, he was home. Even though that sounds cliché, It was true. Scott grabbed onto his bags and watched each of the students leave the bus. Scott knew there was someone missing, he notices that there's someone all the way on the back of the bus. It was Theodore, someone that Scott didn't fully know.

Wake up, were here!" Scott doesn't go for the rude awakening but just goes for a lighter tactic and waits for him to wake up. After multiple times of calling his name, Theo's eyes snap open and it almost startles Scott. From the intensity of his eyes Scott only wonders what he was dreaming about.
"Were here, we arrived in Arcana." Scott gives a friendly smirk and before Theodore can say anything Scott makes his way to the exit.

As soon as Scott jumped out of the bus he knew his first priority is to find the list. The list which will determine who he is rooming with. He looks side to side, and finds that everyone seems to be crowding around at the entrance. He knows everyone here, he’s legitimately known by all the girls, for certain reasons. He moves closer to the list and scrolls down to try and find his name. I’m with Izaiah Dorson, the guy that can walk through walls. He's alright , they would certainly get along because of the fact that both of them enjoy sports. He couldn’t help himself but actually think about Izaiah’s cousin, Isabella Dorson.

Both Scott and Bella would see each other at parties and they would enrol into a good old make out session. Scott couldn’t help but smile like a fool but he began to think about all the other girls he had a romantic interest with. There was him and Cor, who he had slept with a good amount of times. They have this friends with benefits thing still going on and in Scott’s opinion, it's fucking delightful. There was a giant variety of girls and really, Scott can't help himself. There is one girl though, that he has major feelings for. A girl that he utterly loves and feels for the most, Freya Mason. There she was, for a moment she hadn't noticed him but as she looked towards his direction he had turned around and made his way into the school.

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Ashy had been awake for some time,sitting at her window. She had seen the sun rise slowly over the splendid gardens of Arcana, the school she has she had considered safe until about a month ago; it was about the become even less safe now. Whilst she didn't doubt the staff would do everything they could to make sure the students obeyed the rules, she also knew that there were quite a lot of people who were very good at avading rules, Cor Quellen and her gang for example.

The build up to today had made Ashy nervous. She had just about learnt to tolerate most of these people and and been able to adapt to them being here. Now she had no escape from them. The people that enjoyed making her scared, making her blush and making her break rules....although sometimes that wasn't such a bad thing. Sky had shown her some pretty cool things over the past month, even if it had been to Zack's annoyance. There some people Ashy liked from Noctrem however, but most of them she stayed clear from...too much drama.

Ashy turned away from the window; she longed to be out there,feeling the cold morning breeze against her skin. Nevertheless, it was time to face the day. She had been anxious to see who she had been paired with for a while; she really hoped that she hadn't been put with any of the 'fearless five' as they had been dubbed. That just spelt trouble from the outset, and Ashy wanted to stay as far away from...drama as was humanly possible, especially when it came to those guys.

She quickly jumped in the shower, she was never one to take long showers despite her connection with water, before wrapping herself in a towel and standing in front of her wardrobe. What to wear? This debate hadn't come up for a while, not since...maybe the first day of term? Ashy was the first one to admit that she cared far too much about what people thought of both her personality and her looks. Well, when you came from a world where image is everything, who would blame you?

Finally, Ashy decided on a dress with some flesh coloured tights. It was a nice day after all. The outfit itself was just right for school Ashy decided. Maybe she'd have a little cardigan to go with it, inc case it got cold.

Finally, after having a mild debate with herself and deciding that yes, her hair looked fine up, Ashy left her bedroom. She had given a bit of a tidy up last night, mostly through lack of sleep, but the room still had the distinct 'lived in feel.' Ashy smiled to herself, she did want her new roomy to feel welcome, whoever it was.

She ambled slowly down to reception, she was quite looking forward to see who her room mate was. She hoped that they had been sensible to a degree with the rooming. Did they really expect Noctrem and Arcana student pairings to get along? She noticed, as she arrived at reception that people were crowded around one of the noticeboard. That must be the list Ashy thought to herself. She walked over to the list, making a point not to directly look at someone as passed them by. 'Room Seventeen Ashleigh Fox and Freya Mason.' The sign read. Ashy took a sigh of relief, she may be a bit of alcoholic like the rest of them, but Freya was nice enough and they some hobbies in common. They could be civil enough, Ashy decided as she looked up the list to see who her friends where with. Ben was with Elijah; that also made Ashy. They were nice enough guys after all.

Ashy took a few steps back and waited for Freya to arrive so she could show her to he- their room. This was the start of something special.



The screams of a dying man.... the blackness.... the corpse lying on the floor


Jess's alarm cut through the horrid images that had been plaguing through her mind, the images that brought her here to Noctrem, the images that taught her more about her powers.

She rolled over to face the little bedside cabinet at the motel that the students had been staying at since the fire, pressed snooze on the alarm. She was most defiantly not a morning person. Jess reached for her glasses that lying, almost perfectly next to the alarm clock. Jess was very protective of her glasses in the idea that she needed them to see, so took extra care with. She then rolled onto her back and stared at the cracked ceiling of the motel. Thank god they were leaving this place, it meant she could lie in that little bit longer before having to be at school.

Jess wasn't in the least bit apprehensive about 'moving in day' there were a few people that she didn't want to put with, but she wasn't scared...most of the people at her school thought she was freak because of her mood swings combined with her power, but life went on.

Slowly but surely, Jess got ready for school, deciding after showering that atee shirt,jeans and a pair of converse was an acceptable outfit to wear to school and it wasn't? Well she didn't really care. After quickly running a brush through her hair and brushing her teeth, she packed her the last remaining items into her case and made her way down to the coach that was to transport them to Arcana. this is where the fun begins.

On the coach, Jess kept herself to herself, everyone was far too tired or hungover to have be in any sort of happy mood. Jess plugged her iPod in and to listen to some of The Auditions in an effort to wake her up a little more. She really did hate mornings.
She saw Mr Montgomery stand up so popped one of her earphones out of her ears to listen to his 'speech.' In reality It was a few words; 'Give them hell kids, it's your school now too.' This was met with not much reaction. Oh please, they're not all that bad Jess thought to herself, rolling her eyes at no one in particular as the coach pulled up the school.

Jess was always awe struck whenever she came here at how stunning the place was, it was always absolutely immaculate you don't deserve to be here a voice in Jess's head stated. Jess choose to ignore it. Dammit, this would be a good day and nothing was going to bring her down.

Dragging her case behind her, Jess strolled in reception where a small group of people had gathered around, what Jess guessed was the rooming list. A small buzz of anticipation hit Jess as she walked towards it. Who would she be with? She was actually excited to find out. 'Room Eleven Morgan Janseen and Jessica Coleman.' Jess smiled. She liked Morgan she was bubbly and knew exactly how to have a good time, unlike some of the others. She just worried about what Morgan would have to put with now that they were constantly sharing a room...

She looked across the reception hall to see Morgan standing there waiting for her expectantly. She gave the girl a warm smile, before taking out the other headphone for of her Ipod and tucking it into her jeans pocket and walking over to her.
'Hey roomy, how's it hangin' ' She said loudly, giving Morgan a hug, 'So, wanna show me to our room?' She asked still smiling from ear to ear.

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Freya Mason

Freya tapped her foot in a bored manner as she watched the conveyer belt travelling round in a repetitive motion; arms folded against her chest, the blonde drummed her nails against her arm as her patience began to wither away. She had been stood in the same position for nearly half an hour watching as people came and went with their luggage, until finally her three large red suitcases came into view “Finally!” she exclaimed, moving forward to retrieve her luggage. Once the cases were securely on the trolley, she finally made her way through customs and then out of the bustling airport and towards the taxi rank, seeing the long queue Freya rolled her eyes, there was not a chance in hell she was going to wait. Walking to the front of the line she ignored the shouts from other people and stopped at the man at the front “Hello, mind if I take this one?” she asked with a smile.

“I don’t think so sweetheart” he replied with a chuckle.

Freya forced a smile “huh” she mumbled before placing her hand over his, smirking as his dark eyes immediately became soft “let’s try this again, can I take this cab?” she asked again.

The man immediately nodded “yeah, yeah of course you can” he said eagerly, opening the door for her like a true gentleman, causing her smirk to deepen “I can put your bag in” he added.

“Thanks love” she replied curtly before ducking into the back of the cab as the stranger, pilled her bags into the back of the car. As the boot closed the cab drove off “Where to?” the older man asked, looking back at her through the rear-view mirror. “Noc…No, Arcana Academy” she corrected herself. The drive from the airport was a rather long and tedious one, full of stopping and starting as they drove through the city, her thoughts were directed towards her old school of Noctrem and probably more importantly the fire, which had destroyed the school and killed two people, the story was that it was a reckless and random act of arson but she wasn’t sure how true that was. Freya had yet to see the damage of her old school, having been back in England at the time but people had informed her that there was very little left and she was just thankful she had taken the majority of her belongings with her back to New York and so all she lost were a few posters, a couple of DVD’s and a few items of clothing, although other people lost a lot more.

“We’re here” the cabbie spoke rousing Freya from her thoughts, turning her head towards her new school, blue eyes raked over the school, well it certainly was cheerier than Noctrem, the walls were lighter and the pink blossom trees gave it a time-gone-by look, it was nice.

After paying the driver, he helped her with her bags before driving away; she smiled at a few people in a passing, making her way into the corridor and saw people huddled around a piece of paper stuck to the wall, she figured that was the rooming list “excuse me” she said politely, pushing her way through the crowd, running her finger down the list until she came to her name…

Room Seventeen: Ashleigh Fox and Freya Mason

Shrugging, the blonde was quite content with that pairing, they got on well enough, although she hated the idea of taming down her drinking and sex around the girl, they’d definitely have to sort out a scrunchy system or something. Walking back to her cases, she could have sworn she caught a glimpse of Scott, maybe it was just wishful thinking but she pulled out her phone regardless and sent him a quick message.

Did you just ignore me Mr Andrews? ;) I’m in room 17, come find me! I’ve missed you!
-Frey xo

And then her thoughts turned to another of her good friends Jaysin, who had moved to the dark side, or rather light side a while ago and she had to admit she missed him terribly, sure they'd see each other at weekends but it wasn't the same not being able to run up to him on a daily basis and jump on his back whenever she saw him, letting out a small chuckled she scrolled down to his name and sent him a text.

Hey there traitor ;) Meet you later, I missed you and I have presents for you and Killan!

-Frey xo

Smiling she dropped her phone back into her bag and gathered her suitcases, she was about to walk off when she noticed her roommate, walking over to her a smile graced her pretty face “Hey Ash, it’s good to see you again” she greeted kindly, trying to make a good impression, after all it would be pretty shit if they didn’t get along.

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Scott Martin Andrews

“Room 6” Scott kept repeating to himself, he had almost forgot his own room number.

There was a map at the entrance, but Scott didn’t pay interest to the map, but the scrap of paper that resulted on who he would be living with. Because of his terrible memory, he found himself walking around the school looking for the dorms. There were so many places that Scott felt tempted to go too. There was a gym-room, which Scott would probably spend half of his free-time in. They had there own swimming pool, which he had to admit looked really cool. He made his way to the second floor, and without even having to consider, he knew immediately that the dorms were here. He followed the numbers until he reached 6. Beside his room were 5 and 7, and if he could recall, Corentine was in room 7. Scott stood still, imagining him late at night, making his way to her room so that they could do there “daily routine.” Scott shook his head and entered his room laughing. It was better then he had expected.

There were two large queen bed’s that sat beside each other. There was two thick mirrors that hovered above each bed. Scott as himself, started to flex his muscles at his reflection. One bed was already occupied with stuff, such as books and clothes and he already knew that was Izzy’s. There was a closet that was big enough to live in and a washroom that was amazing. Scott moved his bed closer to the window. He begins to recklessly scattering his things almost everywhere maybe just to piss of Izzy but Scott wanted to go and eat, he was starving. The speakers began to buzz and a teacher begins to speak. An assembly at 10? Scott turned toward the clock and It was already 8:30. He wanted to fit in a good hour of working out before the assembly. Scott left the rest of his things on his bed and opens up his phone because he had received a message.

He mumbled her name under his breath.
Did you just ignore me Mr. Andrews? ;) I’m in room 17, come find me! I’ve missed you!

For a moment Scott’s heart had dropped. Stupid, Why didn’t you make your move? He kept telling himself. You should have made your way over to her when you had the chance. Scott frowned, his mind still continued to torment him. He replied as fast as he could. He was going to kiss her, it was time for him to profess his love for Freya either way.

I‘ll be heading your way

Room 17 was all the way at the end of the hall, and it looked like no one was here except for Scott himself so he made his way down to the first floor where everyone was. Everyone was still outside, crowding the small piece of paper that hangs on the entrance. Frey was still outside too, she was chatting with Ashleigh, who is probably her room-mate. Scott moved closer and closer to both of them but then finally something took over. He grabbed Freya by the waist, spinning her around. Without even the consideration that both of them were talking, Scott didn’t care, he wanted to kiss Frey and he did so. Without hesitation, Scott kisses Frey. He carefully pushes her strangling blond streaks of hair behind her ear and presses his lips on top of hers once more, his face still an itch away from hers.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for such a long time” He says in a low whisper. As awkward as it is, Ash was still right there. Scott took a step back but still held onto Frey’s hand.
“Right so I’m going to let you guy’s go back to what you were doing, I’ll see you both at the assembly.” He lets go of her hand and shoots out a playful smirk and quickly runs off back inside.

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Jessica was glad that Morgan had returned the hug; they had only known each other for a month, but Morgan was friendly to her and she seemed like a good laugh, even if she was from Arcana. Jess suspected she was going to get on very well with the Noctrem lot simply because she enjoyed a good party.

She was also glad that Morgan was almost as excited as she was about them becoming room mates. She didn't seem the slightest bit nervous, which was a good thing. A pang of worry hit Jess as Morgan led them to her room What if I'm mean to her when I'm angry? Jess decided she'd try not to be, at all costs. Even if it meant going to find Drake or one of the wind merchants around here. She couldn't hurt the friends she'd made here. At least not intentionally.

Morgan's room had the distinct 'lived in' feel that made Jess smile. She was glad that Morgan wasn't an OCD type. That would have driven her insane. 'I believe we're going to get along just fine dear.' She told her new roomie, as she plonked her stuff down on th- her bed. The room itself was plain but also quite light and airy. To match the students Jess thought comically, smiling at the thought. She was awestruck by the idea she now had a double bed o herself. It was almost a god send after spending so long in that crappy motel.

She saw Morgan smile at her phone as it buzzed with a message, and send a reply back. Jess wondered briefly who it was from. A crush perhaps? But she didn't dwell on it too long. Morgan would tell her in time, she assumed as she began to unpack her things.
Her attention was immediately brought crashing back down to earth when Morgan starting asking about her crushes, and was sat there expectantly waiting for an answer, promising gossip from Ali if she told her. The look of shock that had just entered the young woman face quickly turned into a small smile of disbelief.

'Oh Mo, can I call you that?' She asked quizzically before continuing ' You're so eager for information!' She sighed in mock exasperation before smiling again. 'I wouldn't say I have crushes, just... people I'm really close to.' She smiled wickedly as she put her socks in one of the draws and looked back at Mo. She studied the girl for a second. Her smile was there and she seemed eager... but there was something in her eyes that didn't seem quite right...she didn't seem totally happy.

Mr Marino's voice came over the speakers, making Jess jump out of her skin a little. Apparently there was going to be an assembly. Well that was going to go extremely well. Jess sighed exasperately 'Marino's really does think this is going to work, huh?' She stated to her room mate whilst hanging her clothes up in the closet next to her bed, 'Silly man.' She added.

Jess's mind wandered to Mckenna, her best friend. She hadn't seen her in the reception hall on the arrival. Jess was pretty sure that she would have known about it if Mckenna was around. She'd have been defiantly wrestled to the floor by now. She quickly whipped out her phone, holding it in one hand whilst absent mindedly holiding her tooth brush in other and sent her a quick text.

Hey smellybum! Was pretty disappointed that I didn't get glomped on my way into the school! :p Hope you're okay! Assembly's at ten, I'll see you there? Jess xx

Smiling at the thought of getting a reply from her best friend; Jess headed for the bathroom to put her tooth brush down.


Ashy waited expectantly in the reception area for Freya to arrive. She didn't have anything bad to say about the pairing she decided, Freya was nice enough and Ashy could have done a whole lot worse.

Finally, Freya's blonde hair bobbed over the crowd. Ashy stood back. She decided that she would wait for Freya to come to her, so as to seem too eager to the girl from Noctrem. She saw that Freya was on her phone, Properly making arrangements Ashy thought to herself. She wasn't surprised. The Noctrem lot where known partiers and it wouldn't be a total shock if they wreaked some havoc on the first night that they stayed here.

Ashy smiled as Freya told her it was good to see her. The girl had a way with conversation, Ashy had to give her that.
'it's good to see you too fre-' She started before Scott appeared out of nowhere and kissed Freya square on the lips. Well this was awkward. Ashy scanned the room to see who else had arrived. Is he here yet? She thought to herself, thinking about Ben. The only guy in the entire world that she was happy to listen to for hours and hours on end. She enjoyed his singing and she most certainly enjoyed his quirky side. She gave a small smile at the thought.

Ashy's train of thought was quickly interrupted by Scott breaking his kiss from Freya and addressing the two of them. 'Erm... see you later Scott' She said quietly, shuffling her feet awkwardly and feeling significantly like a third wheel. Suddenly, Ashy felt arms being snaked around her and heard Zac's excited voice coming from behind her. She turned around to face him, a mock disgruntled look on her face.

'You know it's very rude to butt into a conversation' She said, smiling at him before turning back to Freya. 'Zac, you remember Freya? we're roomates now' She told one the other closest guys her life, before he quickly told her he had to go and rushed off. Leaving Ashy smiling stupidly after him, he made her laugh in a way only a few people had, it was quite refreshing.

She turned back to Freya 'Sorry about him, he's a lunatic... especially when he's with me' She said shyly, before continuing, 'So um, assembly's soon, did you want to show to your room now or later?'

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Jaysin Dennis & Killian Jackson

The night before was turning into the biggest blur since Jay had been at Arcana due to Killian throwing him a little party before the Noctrem kids invaded their space. "You've got the be fucking kidding me!" Jay rolled over to find himself in the bathtub of Killian's bathroom, not remembering how much he had drank the night before. "Killian! Get the fuck up! We're late!" By the time the clock was showing, Noctrem had already arrived at the school. "Fucking fuck. Shit, fuck." He said when he stepped out of the bathtub, revealing his drenched attire. He looked in the mirror to see marker all over his face with the word 'Pussy' written across his forehead. 'Oh, I'm going to kill him.' The thought was matched with two clones appearing by Jay's side as he walked into Killian's room to beat the shit out of him.


Before he could wake from the shouts coming from his bathroom, Killian woke to the feeling of fist in his back and hands pulling him to the floor. "What.The. Fuck!" His eyes opened to see three Jays standing above him, causing the pain. That's when he read the word across his face and busted out laughing as he released his arms to wrap and trap Jaysin. "Fucking pussy!" He said as he shoved the three Jay's across the room getting up to explain himself. "That was drunk Killian my friend!" He shook his head until he felt the headache coming on. "Go ahead and head to your room. I need a quick shower and some new clothes. I'll be there in like ten minutes." He hoped Jay wouldn't want to have another counter-attack, so he was cautious when he made his way to the drawers beside Jay to get some underwear and under shirt.

Instead his friend headed to the door with the most pissed off look on his face, slamming the door behind him. Killian hopped into the shower to the coldest water he could handle, so he could wash away the alcohol that was still swimming around his head causing the worst pain since he'd started drinking. Shutting the shower off after a quick scrub down, Killian wrapped his towel around his waist to make his way into his bedroom. He grabbed the most clean cut outfit he could find to look his best for the new Noctrem girls that would be in the halls any minutes now. He smirked with his completed look, grabbing his book bag and headed to Jay's room.


Jay had stormed out pissed because he would have to scrub the shit out his forehead to hide the letters that "Drunk Killian" wrote across it. He ignored the new faces that were already making their way to their new rooms. He didn't even want to imagine who was in his room, but hoped that they would just end up pushing all the Arcana students together and leaving the Noctrems to themselves. As soon as he touched the doorknob, Jay felt his phone vibrate seeing the text from Freya run across the screen. He smiled at the idea of a present from her, and quickly replied back,

Pretty, pretty Freya. I have missed you more than you know. I'm in room sixteen if you'd like to come by now. I'm hoping in the shower, but my door will be unlocked.

He pressed send, finally making it into his room seeing the newly placed bed that would soon be filled with somebody he could stand. He stripped quickly, jumping in the shower to enjoy his last bit of privacy before it was taken away. He didn't mind the extra person in his room, but it had to at least be somebody he could stand. He couldn't imagine living with somebody that had fucked or was still fucking Cor. He caught himself daydreaming for too long when he heard a voice from outside his room. "Fuck.. Be right there!" He yelled the last bit so whoever was at the door could hear. He still needed to dress and brush his teeth, so he was lucky enough he had the outfit hanging in the bathroom with him. He would need to hurry.


Finally making his way to Jay's room, Killian spotted two girls already hovering outside of it. "You've got to be fucking me." He approached the girls until he noticed that one of them was Cor, who he had seen pictures of. He pushed in front of the girls to put a space between them and the door. "Hello Cor.. And?" He said as he looked over to the girl that he couldn't place. [i]"Obviously a Noctrem.. Nothing against that. It's just I don't know you, and you're outside Jay's room.. So.." He kicked against the door until he heard another yell. "Must be in the shower! Please enter!" He said as he turned the knob, hoping it was unlocked. It was very unlike Jay to ever lock his door, so this time proved beneficial for the smoothness Killian was trying to accomplish.

Walking into Jay's room, he noticed the bathroom door was closed, so he smirked at the opportunity at hand. "So Cor.. How does it feel to be back with Jay? He tells me you are both going steady again." He knew Jay would kill him for his remark, but he couldn't resist.


"Ignore the bastard." Jay said as he walked out of the bathroom, seeing Cor and Erin standing near the door. "Hey sweetheart." He said as he kissed Cor in front of Erin and Killian not caring what the two thought. "Sorry, I wanted to be down there as soon as I could, but.. Late night." He said as he rubbed his forehead, hoping the word had disappeared enough not to be noticed. [b]"So are they sticking Arcana together? If so, whose my roommate?"[/i] He shot Killian a look as he asked the question, who was appearing to check Erin out.

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Freya Mason

Feeling a pair of hands on her waist, Freya jumped slightly but relaxed when she saw Scott standing behind her, a smile graced her lips and was about to say something when his lips captured hers. The kiss was fiery but sweet and she would have kissed back if she hadn’t of been in shock, that was the last thing she was expecting to happen, when he pulled away, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear her breath caught in her throat and stared at him, eyes wide.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for such a long time” he spoke in a low whisper, rendering her utterly speechless and after he walked away she stared after him for a brief moment before turning back to Ashleigh "Did that really just happen?" Freya asked breathlessly, before shaking her head trying to regain some composure, yet so many questions ran through her mind all at once and it became difficult to focus. Why had he done it? Or perhaps more importantly why could she still feel his lips on hers? That was definitely a new sensation.

Freya almost missed Zac bounding up Ashleigh and if it wasn't for her saying her name she would have gone oblivious, too many thoughts, yet she didn't know why she kept on thinking about it, it's not like she's never been kissed before, hell she's probably had better kisses yet the tingling in her lips and the flutter in her stomach, frightened her slightly, when they had a strictly platonic relationship she could keep her feelings for Scott at bay, but now they were quickly rising to the surface at a ferocious speed. "huh? oh hey Zac" she greeted with a smile and a small wave, but before she knew it he was gone again.

'Sorry about him, he's a lunatic... especially when he's with me' Freya laughed slightly at that statement, noting the girls shyness 'So um, assembly's soon, did you want to show to your room now or later?' Freya thought about it for a moment "Will we be able to go now? I could really do with freshening up, trans-Atlantic flights are a bitch" she chuckled.

Feeling a buzz in her pocket she read the text from Jay with a wide smile before typing a reply.

Jaysin, I think you've turned into a sap in my absence darling! 16 huh? Guess who's your neighbor? ;) I'm just gonna dump my bags then will be round in a bit xo

Putting her phone away, she quickly apologized to Ashleigh "should we?" she asked motioning her to lead the way.

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Scott Martin Andrews

"Scott! Scott Andrews!" Scott turned and he couldn't believe it. A long lost friend, someone that he thought he lost forever but she was here, Alli Jackson. She had her arms around him in seconds. She changed, three years and she has changed dramatically. He was in disbelief that she was here. "I can't believe your here" Scott said staggered.
He held onto her tighter, the memory's of when they were only kids scattered through his brain. "I cannot believe you're here! I thought you were going to school abroad or something. Come on! Let's go catch up over breakfast!" She had grabbed onto his hand and Scott only followed.

They moved into the cafeteria and had taken a seat with Zac Barnes. Alli couldn't keep her feet on the ground, she was almost fidgeting with excitement. "Who are you rooming with? I can't believe they put us with Noctrem students. I'm with Lulu Allen. She's not bad. She's certainly better than Corentine or somebody. Can I ask, does 'Fuck up' make any sense to you? Because she has no problem with saying that to me." Scott laughed, she was speaking so fast that he almost didn't catch what she was saying.

"Im with Izzy and your with Lulu? Well aren't you lucky." Lets just say Lulu was of the only few girls in Noctrem that didn't bite as hard as the rest. Alli had asked Zac who he was rooming with and Scott was all ears. Theordore McCaffery, the kid on the bus. Scott was mystified, he was staring into Alli’s eyes, It has been such a long time since they saw each other. They were best friends, only until they went to separate schools. He would have never speculated that Alli had a superpower of your own.

“Now I might know why you were so good in gymnatics” It was a wild guess, Scott grinned. Maybe she would take a guess of what Scott‘s power was, but that would be quite intricate. His power is complex. Scott glanced at his watch and knew it was time to hit the gym. “Alli how about tomorrow we catch up? I have to get going.” Scott said glumly. She had agreed and Scott leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. Scott waved bye to both of them and made his way over to the gym.

Scott had been working out, every drip of sweat dashed across his cheek and ran down his neck. The gym it’s self had almost everything you would need to bulk up and stay and shape and staying in shape was practically Scott’s middle name. 10 more he had said to himself. Exhausted, Scott was in use for a shower, he used this time before the assembly to work out and now he was trenched. The only reason he had fitted time for some working-out was mostly because he wanted to keep himself from thinking about what he did. He had kissed Frey and now she was probably confused as he was. There relationship was deeply complicated, Scott wasn’t even sure if they were in a legitimate relationship. In Noctrem she kept everything non-physical, and now, Scott can’t help but feel like he messed everything up. Did she even like him? He was confused and tired. He wanted to know how she would be feeling right about now. Scott wondered and shook his head. He grabbed a fresh towel and rubbed himself down and made his way to the second floor. After a shower Scott changed into fresh clothes and made his way back downstairs. There was still time before the assembly and he really wanted to check out the grounds.

On his way outside sat Jade and Addison, who both are extreme eye-candy. Both Addison and Scott knew each other before they even went to Noctrem. Addison was in LA and Scott was only visiting. The first time they met each other, certainly didn’t go so well. Addison was training on her shape shifting and as luck would have it she had shaped herself as a snake. His apprehension towards Snakes are still large. They are slimy, slithery and absolutely repulsive. If Addison hadn’t turned back Scott would have lost it and sent her buzzing with electricity. It sure is a story you would tell at the bar though.

“City Girl!” Scott called out for her, a nickname that he only gave her and the nickname she gave him, city boy. It had caught the attention of both girls. The grins on both of there faces, he was sure that they were on some sort of alcohol or maybe he was wrong, but that is something the would do. Get wasted before an assembly, Scott couldn’t help but laugh.
“What are you guys up too?” Scott chuckled, he stood right beside Addison and gazed through what was always her miraculous blue eyes. Uphill, underneath a tree sat what looked like to be Mckenna, and a bunch of a other girls.

“Oh that’s right Jade, you’re with Mckenna.” Scott breathed in, that was like putting a harmless sheep with a blood-thristing lion in a cage, though Jade wasn’t that bad, if you did get to know her.

“And do any of you know where Cor is” Scott added. By the looks on both of there faces, they already knew why Scott wanted Cor. At least all last year Scott and Cor would have sex, there were no strings attached. No one got hurt emotionally, It was just for sex, and for Scott that was a golden ticket straight into heaven. He was tired of what was and what remained of his relationship between him and Freya, he wasn't running away in fact, he only just wanted to know what Cor was up too. He was in need of a sign, a sign from Frey that she still liked him. Another idea, another risk but Scott was up for it. He flipped open his phone and sent up a message to Freya.

I'll be at your room after the assembly. It's nothing bad, trust me

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Freya seemed completely stunned that Scott had just kissed her. Ashy was a little surprised by this, surely the girl standing opposite her about been kissed before? Especially with a power like hers, the power to make people fall in love with her. Ashy did feel a little sorry for her. She didn't know much about Freya's power but she couldn't imagine not being able to touch someone without making them fall in love with you. It must be quite a scary prospect one that Ashy decided she wouldn't be able to deal with.

When Freya mentioned that she was tired from 'transatlantic travelling' Ashy was puzzled. 'Transatlantic? where have you been?' She asked quizically, she knew that her new roommate was originally from England but she thought that all the Noctrem students had arrived on the on the same coach from the motel they'd been all been staying in.

She watched as the Freya pulled out her phone and smiled at yet another text. Ashy wondered ideally if it was from Scott. He was an obsessive man if he was. Then again Freya made him that way, Ashy thought darkly. She pushed the thought to the back of her mind as she opened the door to the corrider where the rooming was/

The corridor was considerably more packed than when Ashy had walked down an hour previously. A whole variety of Arcana and Noctrem students, some in the groups they would normally be in, some showing in the exactly the same position as her and showing their roommates to their rooms.

Finally, the two girls reached Room Seventeen and Ashy opened the door. 'Erm, welcome to your new home I guess' She gave a small smile to her new room mate, 'Your bed is that one, along with that desk and that closest.' She stated, pointed to the other side of the room to the one the two girls were on. The girl then started to play with the hem of her dress nervously. She was worried again. Worried about what Freya would think of her bedroom. She had tided up before the young blondes arrival, well what else was a girl supposed to do when you've been up since four in the morning, but now she was worried that she'd made too much of an effort, would the girl think she was too much of a freak? She really didn't know. She sat on the bed and watched Freya unpack her things.

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Freya Mason

'Transatlantic? where have you been?' Ashleigh questioned as they headed toward their room "Oh i had to go back to London to speak with my parents lawyers" Freya explained briefly with a small shrug, not particularly wanting to go into details about how her good for nothing aunt was trying to get her sharp claws on her inheritance, the thought riled her, how dare she and on the grounds of how much she had spent in caring for her orphaned niece. Freya had actually laughed when her lawyers presented that argument, so beatings and verbal abuse constitute as being 'looked after' now, does it? What a load of bull shit.

Counting to ten silently, Freya quickly regained her composure, her lawyers ensured her that her aunt didn't have a leg to stand on, they were certain she would not get any of the money. Freya on the other hand wasn't quite as sure but she chose to put her faith in the lawyers hands and forgot about it for the moment. Before she knew it Freya was stood in front of 'Room 17' and a small smile appeared on her face as Ashleigh opened the door, the room was lovey, two queen sized double beds, an en suite, lots of closet and desk space, yes, not too shabby at all.

Dumping her bags on the empty bed, Freya turned to Ashleigh and smiled "This is wonderful" she gushed, looking forward to putting her personal stamp on her side of the room. Sitting down on the bed, she patted the space next to her "No need to look so nervous hun, just because i'm from Noctrem doesn't mean i'm evil" she laughed having gotten use to her stereotype years ago. "How about we get to know each other-" she began but was cut off by the buzzing of her phone, with a slight roll of her eyes, she gave Ashleigh an apologetic look before reading the text, it was from Scott, her breath hitched in her throat and suddenly she could feel his lips on hers once again.

Okay, see you then. xo

Sending the message, she tossed the phone beside her on the bed "So" she said smiling up at Ashleigh "Tell me about yourself?" she smiled genuinely interested about her new roommate.

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Jess was a little in shock when her room mate told her about the loss of her mother...How the hell was she supposed to react to that? It wasn't exactly something you introduced yourself with... She stepped out of the bathroom towards the girl on the other bed, genuinely stumped for what to say. Finally, she found the power of speech.
'Well, if you need anything... just let me know, ok?' She told her room mate, awkwardly, she'd barely knew Mo a month and already she was telling Jess the deep secrets of her past? God, she'd have a field day if she knew mine Jess thought darkly, as she placed her IPod down her desk. In the young brunette's mind, this marked the room as her own.

When Mo apologised for texting whilst have a conversation with her, Jess shrugged it off. 'It's fine my dear, It's good that you have a good relationship with your dad.' She said with a smile, that didn't quite reach her eyes. She thought about her family back home, the family she'd had to flee so from because of the..incident... it was so very long ago... How she missed them so.

Mo's voice cut through her thoughts like a sword, asking if she wanted to come to the cantine or stay here and unpack. Jess nodded furiously, 'Yeah I need to eat too, plus I need to eat and meet up with the beautiful Miss Mckenna Marino's before assembly.' She said cheerfully, quickly whipping out her phone as it buzzed with the text from Mickey. She smiled at her phone as the two girls walked down the canteen and quickly hit reply.

I am from Noctrem stupid :p Psh, when have I ever been late for anything? Walking down to the canteen with Morgan now, I'll drop her off and then come find you! Muhaha! J xx

As the two girls arrived at the assembly hall, she turned to Mo 'I guess I'll see in assembly now. There's going to be a blood bath, I can just see it.' She chuckled as Mo left. She saw her head towards a table where Zac and Allie were sitting. She gave them both a little wave before heading off to the assembly hall.

Arcana was huge and extremely well kept, Jess couldn't help but be slightly in the awe at how clean and magnificent the whole place was. She had a feeling she'd be very comfortable here.
She thought about Sky, she hadn't seen him, probably causing trouble no doubt. Jess chuckled to herself at the thought.

She finally reached the assembly hall, there was no one there yet. Of course, only nerds turn up this early Jess thought to herself. She rolled her eyes, trust Mickey to make her look like a freak. Best friend's rights, she supposed. She lend herself up against a wall and waited for her best friend's arrival.


When Freya talked about going back to London to speak to her parent's lawyers, Ashy was intrigued. How does a girl at our age have anything to do to court about? It was must be quite stressful was for her Ashy decided. This thought was confirmed by the way the other girl acted after the statement she had just made. Ashy decided to not pursue the conversation any more.

She let out a sigh of relief when Freya told her that the room she had was lovely. She gave a small smile, releasing the hands from the hem of her dress. Freya did look happy to be here and it soothed Ashy somewhat to know that they were at least friends.

'Oh no, I know' She said hurriedly after Freya made the comment about her being scared, 'I've made good friends with some of the Noctrem students since you've been here.' She said, with a small smile as she thought about Ben. Damm why couldn't she get this boy off her mind... where was he? Probably hanging out with the Noctrem lot, she supposed it was hardly 'cool' to hang around with an Arcana student, she supposed... the thought hurt her a little, she missed him so.
'No, I just worry a lot...' She confided in the her blonde room mate as she sat down beside. She held up her hands and showed Freya her nails 'I guess these are proof of that' She laughed softly.

When Freya asked her to tell about herself, Ashy faced another common problem. Not knowing what to say. Where do you start when describing yourself? How did she do it without freaking the girl out? Stop worrying Ashy you're going to make yourself Ill, Ashy told her self before taking a breath.

'Well, I'm from New York originally, high end New York at that...' She said quietly, trailing off as she thought of her family. The cup of water incident, the being disowned, the ignorant sexist pig who's sperm made her...She blinked several times before continuing. 'I like to dance, that's my favourite hobby. Then there's drawing, although I'm rubbish at it.' She smiled shyly at her room mate. 'What about y-' She was about to ask before being she heard the sound of drums from next door. She giggled. 'Yeah that'll be Zac... that'll happen a lot...' She chuckled..

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Scott Martin Andrews

Scott wasn’t much of a drinker, and if he did drink he was quite reckless. It would be to the point where he could possibly find himself sleeping with Addison the next morning if he did drink, so he wasn’t the biggest fan of alcohol. Don’t get him wrong, If he did randomly wake up to find Addison right next to him he wouldn’t be concerned, she is one hot piece of work.

“Addison you know how bad of a drinker I am” Scott coughed. He wasn’t only just reckless but infact, when Scott did drink he was massive klutz .He couldn’t keep his feet on the ground if his life depended on it, It was almost funny to watch. He would also have a tendency to laugh at everything, for some odd reason.

“I’ll leave you both to your little party, I’m just going to walk around a bit.” Scott gave a engaging wink to both girls and went back inside. The towel from the gym was still wrapped around his neck and the thought of working out again was tiring. He was going to room, maybe just to relax a little and take a shower.

On his way he sees Colby, Sky and Landon. The simple thought of Landon’s name made Scott want to kill himself. If it wasn’t for Colby Scott could of killed Landon on day 1. Nonetheless, Scott didn’t want to get in a fight so early in the morning. Both Colby and Sky on the other hand, Scott respected entirely. He got along with both of them fairly well and Colby is one of Scott’s closet friends. He’s one of the only guys from Arcana besides Jackson, who he likes to hang out with. It’s fun to hang out with Colby, He’s easy to tease. Not in that tormenting, bully way but in a playful way. Scott’s aware of how much Colby lusts over him so he finds it funny watching him scramble on his feet when Scott takes his shirt off or something. Sky is the same. He’s a major flirt but really, Scott doesn’t really care.

“Speedy Gonzales” Scott chuckled to himself as he passed Colby. As Scott passes all three of them he takes a glance into Colby’s box. He holds his gaze, trying to avoid eye-contact with Landon. Candy, condoms, firecrackers and just a bunch of other things were in the box, this had Colby’s name written all over it.

“I’ll be taking one of these.” Scott grabbed a rubber and slipped it into his pocket even though he wasn't going to use it, it smelt funky. Scott was about to make his way to the staircase until he stopped. He turned and spoke directly to Sky. “You’re with Jay? Right? I mean I have your back if anything goes down, just to let you know. You’re not the only one that slept with Cor.” Scott smirked and made his way to his room.

His stuff was still scattered everywhere, Izzy wasn’t here either. He had the place to himself, Scott got completed naked and jumped into the shower. He had put a fresh patch of clothes and organized everything that was his to the side of the room so that when Izzy arrived he wouldn’t get a heart attack. Scott jumped on his bed and stared at his ceiling. Minutes and minutes pass and he remained to do nothing, he was thinking, about everything. His thoughts were either about the assembly that was near by and the other half of his conscious was thinking about Freya.

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'Ah well, some people say that that end of New York is the place to be' Ashy smiled at her room mate, rubbing her own leg nervously. She didn't really like thinking too much about her live in New York. The perfect life apparently. Well that was a load of rubbish. Life of suppression more like, Ashy thought darkly.

'Oh, I used to do all sorts of dancing, but I excelled in Ballet, so it's kinda my strength.' She explained to Freya. She truly loved to dance, it made her feel so free of everything. Her body, her cares and just life in general. She didn't mind that she wasn't exactly the best dancer in the school, it wasn't about showing off her talents for Ashy. It was more of a stress relief.

Ashy gave a small smile when Freya mentioned that she would have to kick Zac's ass if the drumming continued. 'Oh feel free, me and the rest of the world have no objections, at all.' She told the girl.

'I've been to England, but it's a country that fascinates me' Ashy commented as Freya was telling her about her past. She'd heard so much about England, the royal family was especially of interest to her. She had probably been the only person on campus to use the day off they had been given to watch the Royal wedding a year and a half ago. Everyone else had just slept in. 'I've also never seen that film' She smiled, as Freya explained about the old film's she loved. Ashy decided that she'd probably have to watch a few of them, just to say that she'd seem them.

'Well, there's the Dance studio, cinema's, Gym and there's quite a few social spaces that people hang out in.' She said quietly, 'Oh and then there's Jackson's parties, they're always fun.' She gave a small smile as she thought about the Irish male. He was hot and he made her blush like nobodies business, but she didn't like him like that. He hadn't given her the chance, he was very illusive, the sort of person that turned up when she needed him and that she didn't really see again. They were friends, Ashy couldn't deny that, but the relationship between them was an infuriating one.

Mr Marino's announcement brought Ashy back to reality and she blinked several times. 'We better go.' She told her room mate. Standing at the door and holding open the door for her, 'I'll show you where the great hall is, you'll love it, it's beautiful.'

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Scott Martin Andrews

“All students to the Great Hall please, assembly begins in five minutes. A reminder than any absentees will result in punishment."

His deep and authoritative voice had echoed through Scott‘s brain like it was an old message. Scott rouse quickly and wobbled on his feet. It felt like it was one of those horrible monday mornings where you didn't want to get up. He checked his watch he already missed the assembly. First day in Arcana and Scott already has a detention, great. Although there must be other’s who missed out on the assembly and a couple of names rang a bell.

Scott grabbed his phone and slipped it into his pocket, then he instantly stopped. After the assembly he was going to talk to her, Freya. He told her that himself. He was going to confess his feelings for her, find out if she felt the same and where they stood in this platonic relationship. Scott rushed to the end of the hall, where room 17 is located. The door was surprisingly unlocked, he was now only praying that it was Frey that was inside not Ashleigh. He surely didn’t want another sufficient awkward moment like before. He stroke good fortune, Frey was in her room.

“Frey?“ Scott said questionably while entering the room. She turned giving a cheery smile. There was something about him that was different when he was around her. He was happy, yes but there was something there. An inexpressible feeling he felt towards her. It jittered through his body right at that very moment.

“How was the assembly?” Scott asked. He was feeling dumber then ever from not going to the assembly, he only wondered what house he was in. As Frey began to talk Scott was in some wary trance, his thoughts began to rattle. She was just so god damn beautiful it was almost petrifying. He was lost in her great emerald green eyes and he was now thinking about another kiss. He just wanted to lean in and just kiss her again like he did earlier but maybe that would make things more complicated. Not even listening to a word she had said, three words were ready to burst out of Scott’s mouth.

“I love you” Once the words slipped away, he only worried. Never in a million years would he have thought that he would be saying that to any girl and for some strange reason he was getting almost mad. He knew nothing of how Frey felt and it almost felt upsetting.

“I need to know if you feel the same way I do.” His deep and restful voice had a different kind of a tone. He leaned in gradually, hoping that she would meet him half-way. He was dying just to kiss her, to throw this non-physical relationship in the garbage. He had never meant to love her. One thing he truly knew, knew it in the pit of his stomach, in the center of his bones, knew that Freya Mason was truly the one for him.

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Freya Mason   

As the assembly ended, Freya released a heavy sigh, it wasn’t that she was unhappy with the people in her house but she wasn’t overly pleased with the mix either, none of her good friends were in the group, hell, she barely even spoke to most of them but it wasn’t the end of the world, she would just have to make more of an effort to get along with them, otherwise she suspected the year would become relatively boring. Remembering that Scott was waiting for her, Freya turned to Ashleigh “Hey, sorry to do this but Scott’s waiting for me and we really need to talk” she spoke feeling rather guilty at leaving her new friend “but can I text you and we’ll meet up later?” she asked before saying her final goodbye and hurried up to their room. Luckily when she reached the room, Scott hadn’t arrived yet, that gave her some more time to prepare herself, rubbing her sweaty palms onto her jeans, she groaned loudly upon entering the room, why was she so nervous? It wasn’t like this was the first time she was going to be alone with a guy, but something about Scott made her nervous, when they were just friends she never had such a problem but he just had to cross the damned line, didn’t he!?

To keep her mind from too much fretting, Freya began to unpack some of her things and by the time there was a knock at the door, she had managed to unpack all of her clothes. “Frey?” came Scott’s voice as he opened the door, letting himself in, turning towards him, she pushed all nerves away and gave him her best smile “hello” she greeted warmly. “Come, sit” she said, sitting down in the middle of her queen sized bed, crossing her legs in the process. She shrugged as he asked her about the assembly “Pretty boring, you didn’t miss much” she smirked, noticing that he seemed lost in thought, waving her hand in front of his face, she frowned “hello, earth to Scott.”

“I love you” came his shocking reply, leaving Freya utterly stunned; she stared at him, like a dear in the headlights as her brain replayed those three little words, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, the blonde swallowed the lump in her throat “I need to know if you feel the same way I do” he pressed.

For once in her life Freya was at a loss for words, she tore her gaze away from him, biting her lips in the process as her mind worked in overdrive trying to come up with words to say. Did she love him? She had never been in love with anyone before, so how was she to know what love felt like? Freya released a shaky breath and looked back at Scott, placing a hand on his cheek before bringing her lips to his again. It was true that she cared deeply for the man, he was everything she could ever want, funny, handsome and intelligent and she would be a damned fool to pass up an opportunity like this.

Pulling back, Freya smiled at him warmly “Scott…” she began “I don’t know what I’m feeling right now, it’s like a rollercoaster of emotions going on inside me, but I do know that I have never felt for someone, the way I have felt about you and if you’re willing to be patient with me, In time I will say it back” she explained softly. There was no point telling him ‘I love you’ if she wasn’t sure, that wouldn’t be good for either of them, so she did the next best thing, she asked him to give her a chance to explore this new romance and see if it were truly love she was feeling for Scott.

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'I will draw the house captains name from the hat; Ardley's house caption will be Ashleigh Fox.'
Ashy felt the colour evaporate from her face as Mr Marino's spoke the words at what seemed like a snails pace. House captain?! Where these people sure?! Surely picking names out of the hat wasn't really the best method to decided on positions of responsibility?! Ashy felt her breathing quicken, she needed to get out of here. Now.

The young girl basically jumped to her feet as soon as Mr Marino's had finished his speech. She needed time to think, space to breath. She barely heard Freya's apology as she went off to meet Scott. Probably for more kissing, Ashy thought darkly. She had a feeling this was going to something she was going to have to bare in mind when it came to Freya; her power. Making a mental note to knock before entering her own room, Ashy pushed through the crowd of people. She wasn't in the mood for talking, not yet. Not until she'd thought about her plan of action. Outside was where she needed to be, in the fresh air.

Through her daze of confusion, Ashy vaguely noted that the front lawn had already been littered with cigarette's. People were so ignorant. Ashy thought to herself; they'd only been here five minutes and they were already making the place look untidy. Ashy sighed and headed for the forest; she could hide in there, just for a little while. No one would find her there.

Ashy turned her attention back to the reason she was running; the fact she was house captain. Not only that, she had three of the rightly named Fearsome Five in her house. What's more, she was supposed to, what did the Headmaster say, Keep them in line?! Had this man ever met Cor Quellen?! Keeping her in line would be like trying to control a hurricane. Impossible. With her and her little buddies alongside her, there was no way in hell Ashy was going to enjoy being in class, let alone trying to Lead them.

Ashy tried to think of the postive's as she walked through the undergrowth, twigs snapping beneath her feet. She had Ali in her house, She tried to get inside your head a lot, but it was at least tolerable. Then there was Skye, she sensed there may be a few people that wouldn't be too happy about the young girl spending so much time with the pyro. Zac Barnes being one of them. She also had Laindon, he was a nice enough boy, Ashy decided. None of these positive thoughts were detracting her attention away from the anxiety she felt about having to keep Cor and the others in line. Ashy felt tears well in her eyes, there was no way she was going to do this; at least not for long. The young girl was scared, so scared.

That's when she heard it, the faint sound of a guitar being played. It was a beautiful sound and it was a nice distraction from the thoughts she'd just been having. She followed the sound, which led her to a clearing. Ashy stared across it to see the silhouette of a young man, stooped over a guitar. It took the young blonde a moment to realise it was Zac. He couldn't see her like this, all teary eyed and was embarrassing to say the least. Ashy retraced herself back into the tree's. Suddenly she heard a twig snap behind her as she stepped on it. The sound rung across the clearing and was sure to catch Zac's attention. Oh no.

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Scott Martin Andrews

Frey’s hand laid gently on Scott’s shoulder as her fingertips made there way up his face. She slowly moved in for a kiss and Scott only did the same. There lips met and for a brief moment Scott was in bliss. As she slowly pulled back Scott wrapped his hand around hers.

“Scott…” She began
“I don’t know what I’m feeling right now, it’s like a rollercoaster of emotions going on inside me, but I do know that I have never felt for someone, the way I have felt about you and if you’re willing to be patient with me, In time I will say it back.”
Scott began to process what she just said. She was confused, that was understandable and everything she said was what Scott was feeling as well. A lot of emotions, that’s it. Idiot Scott told himself. You keep on making reckless moves, telling her you love her yet, you don’t even know how it feels to love someone.

No, but my feelings towards Frey, there feelings I can't describe, that’s love and I’m sure of it. Proving his self-conscious wrong, Scott was warped back into reality. The only thing he could really do now was what she told him to do, wait.

“Right” Scott said.
“I’ll wait for you. I’m just glad I can kiss you more often.” Scott chuckled and moved in to get one more kiss, treating it like it was the last. His hands firm on her waist, his lips on top of hers. He lingered just to pull her down on this bed, to turn this more then just a make-out session, but he paid his respect to what still remained of this platonic relationship. Just wait, when Frey says those three magical words, this non-physical relationship will be gone and you can make your way past first base.

Scott shot Frey a flirtatious look and pulled himself back before doing anything else.
“As you know I have detention because I missed out on the assembly.” Scratching his head, Scott couldn’t help but laugh at the irony. “I’m going to go and catch breakfast” as Scott made his way to the door he turns around towards Frey and gives her a blinding look. An expression that screams out what his true feeling were towards her. “I really do love you Frey, I hope you know that.” His expression returned to normal, into a playful grin and he was already gone before she could say anything else.

Afternoon detention, he was aware of it. It was always like that, even in Noctrem. Scott was sitting alone in the cafeteria chewing on a soft bagel. He jugged down a whole litre of water in a mil-second and began to eat everything that was available in the cafeteria. He stared outside, great weather. Weather, quick thoughts swimmed through his head. Loralei, I wonder where she was. She was the girl that could control the weather, what a cool power Scott thought. She was cute too, Scott laughed to himself and finished his food. The weather was extremely nice, and he was still in the mood to work-out. Maybe a nice run? It was officially a plan.

Scott ran up to his dorm and changed into his training shorts and only in his training shorts. He was shameless, he was aware of his great physique why not show it off a bit? Only wearing his training shorts Scott made his way back downstairs. A group of girls squealed with joy at the sight of Scott shirtless and Scott could only laugh. The girls were on there feet, almost like they were going to join in on his jog or jump on him. On his way outside he saw Theo, who looked like he was preparing to run himself. Scott turned on his mp3 and his I-pod shuffled through a list of a thousand. Scott took off into a jog. It almost looked as if he was sprinting but if you asked him it was only him jogging. He began to fade with the trees and only to follow, were the group of girls.