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Isabella Dorson

Pain is just weakness leaving the body

0 · 227 views · located in Arcana Academy, California

a character in “The Arcana Academy”, as played by airedeiagrace



Full Name: My name is Isabella Lyn Dorson. Never call me by my full name unless you just want to be ignored.

Nicknames: Please call me Isa, Bells, or Bella

Age: I am 17 years old

Birthdate: My Birthday is September 9th, don’t forget it!

Home Town: I am from Houston, Texas, USA. Yes I am a country girl and I love it.

Sexuality: Hmm well I like to have choices and I feel if I limit myself from half the population just because of gender then I might not find my true love. So with that said I am bisexual.

School: My school is Noctrem Academy

Power: My power is pain inducement. I am able to inflict pain on others through my mind. When I am upset with someone, sometimes I lost control and use my power without really meaning to. My power does not work on anyone that is immune to pain or has the power of invulnerability.

Because of my power many people are afraid of me, I have no clue why, yes I can make you feel pain but just don’t get on my bad side and you will be fine. I have to be near the person to cause the pain, at least in ten feet of the person.

Likes: I love photography, shopping, partying, hanging out with friends, cuddling, horror movies, dancing, tattoos, dogs, piercings, flirting, and surfing

Dislikes: I absolutely dislike goody-too shoes, Izzy, girly girls, arcana students, liars, meats, school work, fakes, being alone, rules, and competition

Fears: My fear is being alone. I love being around others and just can’t see myself alone, it sorta freaks me out just thinking of it. shudders I also fear myself, I just can get so angry at people and I let my power out with thinking clearly. I also fear cars and driving, ever since that accident I have been afraid of them.

Personality: Hmm where to start, well to just be clear I am not a girly girl, yes I do love shopping and dressing nice but I am not one of those ‘OMG like look at that girls hair like like did you see how hott that guy was?!’ girls. GAH!. Those kind of girls I would just like to knock some sense in, and maybe have just once or twice before.. I do have somewhat of a temper and sometimes have a hard time controlling it. My parents, before they died, always called me a spitfire because of how tempered I got and most of the goody too shoe girls think im a bitch, but I really don't care what they think of me. They are just jealous.

I am very laid back when it comes to school, I am known to be late with school work or to classes. The teachers know not to count on me being on time. Sometimes I don’t even do the work, it just doesn’t seem important to me. I love going to parties just so I can dance and flirt with either girls or guys, its fun and I can just let myself go. I actually don’t mind pain to myself that much, getting tattoos and pierced is actually one of my favorite things to do. Pain is just weakness leaving the body, it just makes you stronger in the long run. I love to flirt with guys and girls, I actually am a virgin but most people think I am not. I just haven't found the right person that I want to be that intimate with.

I am nothing like my goody goody cousin Izaiah. Hes just too perfect like and I see how my Aunt and Uncle look at him and I will never live up to there standards. I am far from being perfect and it would be no fun being that way.

History: I was born to Jack and Risa Dorson. I was born the same year as my cousin Izaiah but I am a few months older then him. I guess I was a handful when I was a baby, that’s what my Aunt and Uncle said at least. When I was 5 years old my parents wanted to go out to eat and have a family night. I don’t remember the night that well except the drive home. I still have nightmares of that night. It started to downpour and my mom told my dad to pull over and wait for the rain to calm down but my dad just wanted to get home. Next thing you know the car is flipped upside down and there was the rescue squad there pulling me out. All I had was a broken arm and a few scratched and bruises, but my dad died right away at the accident, my mom actually was brain dead and my aunt and uncle made the choice of pulling the plugs on her. I was then sent to live with my aunt and uncle and perfect boy Izaiah. Lets just say they had a hard time with me growing up. I had a lot of issues with school, didn’t do my homework or pay attention in classes, and got into fights a lot at school.

That’s how I found out about my power, a fight. I was 10 years old and there was this one girl in my school, she was “Miss Popular”, having the big group of girls swarming her like she was a goddess. It annoyed me, everyone thought she was “perfect”, everyone but me. I was more known as the bitch at school because I told people the truth and didn’t know how to keep my thoughts to myself. Well on this day “Miss Popular” decided she wanted to talk to me about a verbal fight I had with one of her friends the day before. I was already in bad mood because of getting in an argument with my parents that morning. I told “Miss Popular” that the girl was rude to me and I just put her in her place. I don’t really remember what “Miss Popular” said to me, but it annoyed me. In my mind I was just wishing this girl would just leave me alone before I hurt her. Next thing I know she is screaming ‘make it stop, it hurts’ and clutching her head. I thought she was going nuts, there was no one around but us and she literally looked like she was hurting. Then it just stopped, it was really weird and I didn’t know it was me that was doing it. Lets just say that girl didn’t try to talk to me again. It happened again a few times with different people before I figured it was me doing this to them.

I went through elementary school and junior high being mostly alone, I had a few friends but they weren’t close friends. I thought I was the only one different, that had ‘powers’ until I got a letter in the mail from Noctrem Academy, inviting me to take my high school classes there. My aunt and uncle agreed to let me go there because there was no way I was going to Arcana. Once I go there I did not feel alone any longer. I actually fit in and wasn't an outcast anymore. Noctrem is where I belong because its where I can be the most open about myself.

Anything else? I have a southern accent. I have a tattoo of three stars under her right ear, nose piercing, six piercing in each ears and also snake bites.

So begins...

Isabella Dorson's Story

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Bells Dorson

Bells was sleeping curled up on her side when she woke up to her alarm going off she slammed her hand on it to turn it off without opening her eyes and sighed, she was glad that she didn‘t have a headache from last nights little party, though for some reason she didn‘t drink as much last night as she usually did. This was the day that she was hoping would never come, the day they would have to move in with the Arcana students. She laid in bed for a few minutes before getting up looking around the room, it didn’t look to neat, clothes where thrown over a chair and books where on all over the desk. She wasn’t one that didn’t keep things too clean and she knew she should of packed yesterday but she really didn’t feel like, though this morning she really wished she did. Slowly opening her eyes and swinging her legs over the bed, she was definitely not a morning person. She got up and looked around the room, grabbing her suitcases she started folding and packing her clothes, putting her books into her backpack she looked at the time knowing she will only be able to take a quick shower or she would be late which isn’t something new but she had a feeling Mr. M really wouldn’t be too happy with her being late today. She took a quick shower then got dressed in the outfit she picked out to wear today and then went to look at herself in the mirror. She knew she wouldn’t be able to straighten her mess of a hair today so she left it cury but used some mousse so it wouldn’t be frizzy, after applying some makeup she took one more look at herself in the mirror and nodded “pefect” she said out loud before she grabbed her suitcases and made her way out of the room.

She knew she was a few minutes late and made her way quickly to the bus, walking up the stairs she saw Mr.M “yeah I know im late” she said as she made her way down the aisle, seeing Jade she took a seat by her. “This is the first day of hell, lets just hope we are still going to be roommates” she said as she got settled into the seat. She then sat there quietly as the bus moved on, not making much conversation with everyone, she still needed some sort of caffeine to wake her up till she became the talkative Bells. As the bus rolled to a stop she looked to the front of the bus as Mr. M got up ”Give ‘em Hell, kids. It’s your school now too.” Bells grinned and nodded, yes give them hell is exactly what she was going to do especially Izzy. When Noctrem got burnt down and they where told they where going to Arcana all she could think about is Izzy. At the time she hated that she was going to have to be in the same school as Izzy now she was having to live in the same place he was. She made it clear to Izzy the first day she was there to stay out of her way and he wouldn’t have to feel the pain she has made Izzy feel before. Since then they have hardly said two words to each other and that is the way she hopes it still going to be.

Following everyone on the bus she walked through the doors carrying her suitcases. She saw Cor and Erin enter the reception area and she followed right behind them. As she entered she caught the end of what Cor was saying “…disaster waiting to happen.” Bell’s now didn’t have such a good feeling as she walked over to the two girls “So what kind of disaster are you talking about?” she asked but before they said anything she answered her own question as she looked over the list “he just had to do it this way, fuck this” but as she said that she found her name and saw she was rooming with Beth “well I guess it won’t be so bad with Beth, could of gotten worse…” she said knowing that the relationship she had with Beth was very confusing. Some days they talked like they where good friends, some days they didn’t talk at all and then some days they would just flirt like it was natural. She took a few steps back to let the others get in and wondered where her new roommate was, though she really needed to get coffee before the people she disliked with a passion came around.

Izzy Dorson

Izzy was already awake, he has been awake since 5:30am and had his books on his bed as he was working on his home work and some extra credit work. Most people thought Izzy was nuts for getting up so early to work on school work but for Izzy it was something he liked to do. When he finished his work it was around 6:30am and he decided he needed to get ready. He put all his books in a neatly pile on his desk and then went to his dresser where he pulled out a pair of khaki pants and a white plain shirt, then went to his closet and grabbed a green plaid button down short sleeve shirt. He neatly put them on his bed then walked into the bathroom, though he didn’t open the door he just walked through it. He got in the shower and just let himself relax, the shower took about twenty minutes. He liked taking his time in the morning, he wasn’t one to rush things at all. After he got dressed and combed out his hair, ruffling it a bit so it wasn’t so neat looking. Seeing it was 7:00 am he knew he still had sometime before he went to find his friends. He pulled out his guitar and quietly strummed some music for awhile letting his mind wander in thought.

What really didn’t make him happy about the Noctrem students now staying at Arcana was one person, Isabella. He saw her that first day they started coming here and she gave him a straight talking to. It was the last thing she said to him and that was all he wanted to hear from his cousin. He disliked a lot of the Noctrem students because of their actions and just how they held themselves. He mostly stayed out of there way, though some of the girls from there flirted with him just to get to him which he hated a lot.

When his alarm went off at 7:15 he decided it was time to go find his friends. He grabbed his books and put them in his shoulder back pack then quickly put his timberland boots on and swung his bag over his shoulder. He walked through his door and looked down the hallway wondering where Colby, Elijah, Landon, or Ellie was. He walked slowly down the hallway and stopped at Colby’s door and knocked but no one answered so he kept walking this time stopping at Ellie’s. He knocked on the girls door “Ellie are you awake” he said quietly but loud enough for her to hear. Ellie was one of Izzy’s good friends and he always liked the girls company. He knew a lot of people didn’t like to be around Ellie that much because of her power but he really didn’t mind, though he tried not to think about the feelings he started feeling for Ellie lately, he really didn’t want to cause and tension between them and he wasn’t even sure how Ellie felt so he just kept it to himself for now. He stayed there patiently waiting to see if Ellie would answer.

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Spencer heard his alarm clock go off, but he paid no attention to it. It was one of those annoying bell ones that nobody could stand, but somehow Spencer was able to keep sleeping. Although for every thirty seconds that passed, the ringing got louder and louder until even Spencer couldn't sleep. Then something happened that someone from the outside would see an unusual, but anyone that knew Spencer well enough saw as normal. He took out a dark gun, but it wasn't the usual kind. You could say that Spencer, "tricked it out". It was more futuristic, but it had the same function, being a dart gun. Although it was ten times stronger than a normal one. Spencer didn't even look up from his pillow and he took the shot. The dart flew across the and hit the alarm right at the eight hour mark. The clock flew backwards and broke. It was silent for a while and Spencer once again tried to sleep. Then the alarm clock moved around as if something was inside and at last it broke apart into two pieces, with another alarm clock inside. Although this one sported mechanical legs and started to run around the room for a few minutes until it reached Spencer's bed, and finally Spencer himself. Then it spouted a hammer and started banging Spencer on the arm. This forced him to wake up and as he tried to catch it, it just jumped away. Without missing a single ring, the "alarm clock" went into hiding in Spencer's already ready suitcase.

Spencer finally gave up on the thought of sleeping. I'll just sleep on the bus he thought. He got out of him bed, fully dressed in a green t-shirt with a gaping hole on the bottom of the shirt, a torn pair of jeans, and his signature lab coat. He went to the tiny motel bathroom. There was some green slime on the bathroom mirror after he tried to create a new type of toothpaste that cleaned teeth on its own. Sadly it was unsuccessful. Then he put on his glasses and tried to settle his unruly hair, tried. Meanwhile, his alarm clack was still ringing until Spencer went to his suitcase and dismantled it. Then he took a pen from the nearby desk and took out his notepad from his pocket and mumbled to himself, Note to self: Find a better way to wake up. Or just don't wake up at all.. Spencer sighed. He liked having a room to himself, even if it was just a normal three star motel room.

Finally he decided it was time for him to get at least another ten minutes of sleep on the bus. Sparky he called to his little robot assistant. A small robot no bigger than a teacup was carrying his two big suitcases. It put them underneath the bus, where all the luggage goes then the little robot just jumped into Spencer's lab coat pocket. As he entered the bus, he saw Cor and Erin sitting next to each other. Of course, what would anyone expect anything else from them. he thought to himself. He found himself an empty spot, and the best one on the bus too. That one seat behind the back door, the one that has its own window and great leg room. Yeah, that amazing spot. Finally he could sleep, but the bus was so noisy he couldn't and that kinda pissed him off. Right as he was about to finally fall asleep, they reached Arcana. Spencer sighed once more as he got of the bus. He released Sparky once more to carry his luggage as he just started walking toward the school, mumbling to himself and taking about fifty pills that he made against headaches. He slept way to little last night. Fifteen hours just doesn't cut it. From the corner of his eye he already saw three people smoking, of course. Cain was smoking way to many, Likely due to stress Spencer thought, Addi also, but Ben was just addicted. He couldn't even go an hour without smoking and everyone at Noctrem knew that. Spencer saw Ben a drag that no right person would able to take if they needed oxygen. He then decided that its none of his business and with that thought he forgot about them all together as he mind switch to other topics. Such as, who will he room with?

As he reached the entrance of Arcana, he saw a group of students all around a list. The roommate one. Many people had dissatisfied looks on their faces while others were just neutral. Spencer scanned the list and found his name, Room Twelve with Jackson Murphy he mumbled to himself. Spencer grimiced, he wanted a room to himself, so he could experiment freely without some stupid roommate complaining. Also Jackson was notorious for his parties. Not in my room Spencer thought. He looked around the room to see if he could find Jackson, scanning the faces quickly.


Ben yawned as he opened his eyes, he was beat. Last night he went to some club in the city and got completely wasted. He was surprised that he somehow got to his motel room in one piece. He glanced at the clock. It read 4:45, way to early for Ben's liking, but since he's awake why not go for a early morning stroll. As he sat in the motels garden, he took out a cigarette and lit it up with his lighter. It had an orange paw print on it with the name Lucifer, for his very own cat. Since Lucifer was with his sister since the fire, he kinda missed the orange fur-ball. He took a long drag.....and then blew it out. This was his stress reliever and he couldn't quit even if he wanted to. Ben just sat outside until the sun came out and even a bit after. Then he decided that he should get ready.

Turns out Ben was longer than expected outside. When he came back to his room he only had about ten minutes until the bus left. Shit! Ben yelled as he pretty much threw everything he owned in the ginormous bag that he owned. He hurried up to get dressed in jeans and a white and black striped t-shirt. I woke up early and yet still i'm late, I don't even have enough time to find Eri and play some last minute pranks on those motel workers. Ben and Eriol were torturing the motel workers for the past two months, over ten workers have quit.

Ben ran as fast as he could to the bus. Man, Cain's gonna kill me Ben said out loud to himself. He threw his bag under the bus in the compartment and quickly boarded the bus, with two minutes to spare. Ben let out a sigh of relief, but then he noticed he was wearing his slippers. Not any slippers. His Winnie the Pooh ones. Oh great Ben thought to himself. Its not like the Noctrem students have never seen them, but Arcana haven't. Although after a while Ben just didn't really care anymore because what was done is done. Ben saw Bells come in late. At least I'm not last he thought. After that, they started the bus and they were on their way to Arcana.

When they reached Arcana, Ben was one of the last people to leave the bus. Lets say he's not that excited about the new arrangement. He was far more happier being where he was in the motel, even though the food tasted like shit. He always went to the nearby liquor store and bought tons of munchies. There can never be too much food. Hey he was hungry even now, but first things first. Ben took out another cigarette and started to smoke again. Who knows if his new roomie will be a bitch about it, but truthfully if he was, Ben didn't care. Although Ben doubted someone from Noctrem would care since half of them smoke. He saw he wan't the only one smoking, even Drake took one from Addie.

Finally he finished and just threw the bud on the floor. Ben started to walk towards Arcana and saw everyone huddled around something and from all the commotion, Ben could tell it wasn't good. He read the list, he was in room eight with Elijah. Oh great Ben said out loud. Then he saw who was in the next room, Cor. Now this is going to be hilarious.

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Scott Martin Andrews

I believe it’s been two months? Two months since the school fire. I was sleeping in my room when the fire began. I smelt the scent of burning amber and I knew something was not right. Rumor has it that it was a trespasser that came to our school and had sent Noctrem burning. Other students believe it was the kids from Arcana. If it was one of them then there would probably be some fanatical war between both schools. I can’t really recall our schools ever being nice to each other really. We've been up at each others throats perhaps since both schools were built. We‘re complete polar opposites. Think of everyone in Arcana Academy as the good kids. They want to do good things with there powers, then there is us, that take hold of the title as the bad kids. Everyone here either likes to cause destruction, or likes to inflict pain, I’m neither. I can tell your right now, there’s some ruthless types of personalities over in this school and that only strive for dominance.

Now your probably wondering, “why aren’t you in Arcana then?”
Well because of my power and possibly because of my attitude. I can manipulate electricity. I could kill you if I wanted to. I killed my own mom, something that haunts me every second I live. Something I have never told anyone, not even my foster-parents. There’s a huge emotional link that is connected to my ability. So if I get mad or I’m in some sort of pain your either on the floor knocked out cold or on the verge of death. I cause major ruin, and I’m some what shamed of it. Sometimes I almost feel that I’m destined to fight bad guys or something but I can’t help but think I am the bad guy, the villain. I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself.

The moment the bus had stopped Scott went into a trance. He was staring at Arcana like it was a castle and it truly looked like one. It felt like he was looking at Noctrem again, he was home. Even though that sounds cliché, It was true. Scott grabbed onto his bags and watched each of the students leave the bus. Scott knew there was someone missing, he notices that there's someone all the way on the back of the bus. It was Theodore, someone that Scott didn't fully know.

Wake up, were here!" Scott doesn't go for the rude awakening but just goes for a lighter tactic and waits for him to wake up. After multiple times of calling his name, Theo's eyes snap open and it almost startles Scott. From the intensity of his eyes Scott only wonders what he was dreaming about.
"Were here, we arrived in Arcana." Scott gives a friendly smirk and before Theodore can say anything Scott makes his way to the exit.

As soon as Scott jumped out of the bus he knew his first priority is to find the list. The list which will determine who he is rooming with. He looks side to side, and finds that everyone seems to be crowding around at the entrance. He knows everyone here, he’s legitimately known by all the girls, for certain reasons. He moves closer to the list and scrolls down to try and find his name. I’m with Izaiah Dorson, the guy that can walk through walls. He's alright , they would certainly get along because of the fact that both of them enjoy sports. He couldn’t help himself but actually think about Izaiah’s cousin, Isabella Dorson.

Both Scott and Bella would see each other at parties and they would enrol into a good old make out session. Scott couldn’t help but smile like a fool but he began to think about all the other girls he had a romantic interest with. There was him and Cor, who he had slept with a good amount of times. They have this friends with benefits thing still going on and in Scott’s opinion, it's fucking delightful. There was a giant variety of girls and really, Scott can't help himself. There is one girl though, that he has major feelings for. A girl that he utterly loves and feels for the most, Freya Mason. There she was, for a moment she hadn't noticed him but as she looked towards his direction he had turned around and made his way into the school.

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#, as written by Mela
Cor Quellen

When Erin made a comment about the rooms being mixed, Cor smiled wryly, “damn right it does,” she noted, shaking her head. She raised an eyebrow when Erin merely shrugged at rooming with Lora. “Fuck that,” she said, rolling her eyes, “she’s a little Marinos-puppet and you know it.” In truth, maybe she hated Lora primarily because she’d spotted Jay’s clone practically following her around at times, and she didn’t like how his attention was wandering so much. It wasn’t just gypsy girl, it was others too. Even Addie, Jade and Bells. Her friends. And she’d damn well noted some looks back. It bothered her more than anything, but as long as it was no more than looking, she could deal. Sort of. What she couldn’t take, was his relationship with Freya. Friends? Fine. Kissing? Not so fine, and then he had the nerve to ask her to fucking trust him. She hadn’t had a chance to talk it over with him much yesterday, because he’d distracted her with sex… a lot. She’d skipped English as usual and met up with Jay, but this time it had been more than a quick fuck somewhere.

This time she’d finally been in his room. He’d told her how much he loved her, how much he wanted her. Told her she was the only one he wanted an he’d made love to her in a bed for the first time in over two years. Then they’d left the grounds for lunch and, well… the day had passed with just the two of them, wrapped up in each other. He still wanted her to drop her fuck-buddies, but she wasn’t giving him anything serious until she knew she could trust him. Back at Arcana, Jay had only had eyes for her. He’d never even looking at others with want like he did now. Now, however, he was still with his girlfriend while fucking Cor and flirting with others. ”What can I do to prove that you can trust me, Cor?” he’d asked as she was on his lap yesterday, but she hadn’t answered him. Today she was cursing herself, thinking she should have told him to prove that he could be with her alone. No sideways glances. She knew he wasn’t the Jay she’d dated, but she hated that this particular side of him had changed because she still loved him.

She shook out of her metaphorically Jay-induced coma when she saw who he was rooming with and made a comment. It was just too hilarious. Bells chose that moment to stop by and Cor grinned at her, “oh, you know… rooms.” She said in reply to her friend’s words. Then turned to look at Erin again. Her comments made Cor laugh and she shook her head, “sure, and then the moon fell from the sky and they lived happily ever after,” she finished the ‘story’ her friend was weaving. She smiled wryly shaking her head when Erin apologized. “Oh, fuck this. They’re going to kill each other.” That when Sky’s comment reached and she whirled around with a mischievous smile on her lips. “Have a look,” she told him, still laughing, and she only laughed harder at his reaction, Spanish mixing with his words. “Oh, baby, it’s not that bad. Erin was just telling me how you two might bond over this.” At the comment, she only laughed harder. Sky added a “whatever” and walked away. She called out, “don’t forget to give him a big hug, love!” She smirked.

Then Leo’s voice rang out over speakers, and Cor rolled her eyes. As if you’re going to do anything if I don’t show, you fucking pussy, she thought to herself, smirking visibly. Pussy, oh, wasn’t that ironic. She blinked a couple of times when Erin spoke, then shrugged, grinning. “You know, I think we need a guide. I don’t want to carry these suitcases around all day, and I don’t suppose Kei’s up as he’s not getting a roommate, sooo… walk with me? I’ll just bet you Jay the Jerk isn’t up yet either, but he’s going to be. On that note, I have a shitload of info for you.” She said as she began walking, knowing that Erin would tag along. “Remember how I texted you that I wasn’t riding the bus with you guys? And I wasn’t home until 8:30 pm and all? Well, I was with him.” She couldn’t keep the happiness out of her voice. Jay made her heart beat faster. He was the only guy who had and would ever have power over her.

Cor headed for the second floor, riding the elevator with Erin, “it was a fucking weird day, if you ask me,” she said, shaking her head at the memories, “mostly because it wasn’t just sex.” She glanced at her friend, smiling wryly, “yeah, I know… it’s pretty crazy.” She laughed a little. She and Jay had been strictly “fuck and leave” until yesterday, and she hadn’t had a chance to be alone with Erin really until now so she hadn’t relayed any of the new information. “He’s such a fucking asshole, and I don’t trust him for shit… but he’s still got me.” She turned her eyes skyward. “And I have no clue in hell how I feel about it.” With that, the ping of the elevator signaled that they could exit on the second floor, so Cor hurried out, looking around her. These halls would be swarming with people in a little bit and she didn’t want to risk anyone hearing her talk about having feelings for a guy. Jay was a weakness.

Soon, they reached the door Cor knew belonged to Jay (at least she’d found that out yesterday), and she knocked, pondering if she should just barge in there, but she didn’t really want Erin possibly seeing Jay naked, which was so fucking ridiculous. “Baby?” She called merely, knowing he’d recognize her voice.

Drake Quellen

Drake turned his head when someone bumped into him, smiling when he noticed Lulu. However, the smile turned into a slight frown as she scurried off without a word in his direction. It was so weird. Ever since Noctrem had burned down, he and Lulu had been sliding further and further apart, like something was causing a distance now that they were no longer able to have their nightly talks. He missed them a little, honestly. He missed Lulu’s company when he couldn’t sleep in the night. The way she’d poke her head out and tell him to go back to his room with a glass of milk. Really, it had become more of a greeting than a wish on her part after a little while; after he’d refused enough times. Of course, he couldn’t just refuse either, so he’d begun asking her to join him, and she had. The evening ritual had gone on for whoever knew how long before Noctrem burned. Now he was more or less alone in the night. He didn’t much mind solitary, really, but he’d rather have her company than not.

Thinking about it, maybe she was avoiding him because of the girls; his sister mostly, probably. Cor was a force to be reckoned with; Drake knew that better than anyone, and if accompanied by her bitch squad, as he liked to call them – in his mind, she was even worse. Back-up was not something one should issue to psychopaths. Not much long after, he heard a ”shit” from behind and glanced over to see Kali. He grinned but she too was running off before he got a chance to say anything. He was starting to feel like he smelled or something, what with everyone fleeing his presence. Geez. Or maybe it was just sort of amusing. Okay, it was very amusing. Mostly because he knew why. How could he take it personally? Everyone knew he was great, and he was positive he’d used cologne this morning, anyway. He was drawn back into reality when Addie shook her head and he grinned. “Of course you are,” he said. “You’d be in there looking at roommates if you didn’t have to calm your nerves with a smoke.” He teased. Of course he couldn’t be sure, but he thought Addie might’ve misunderstood his question. Oh well.

When Addie commented on him smoking, Drake laughed. “My ‘mama’ practically tossed them at me. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she wanted me to die sooner.” Of course no one at the Academy actually knew how strained his relationship with his parents was, but he’d never felt the need to tell them either, so it wasn’t public knowledge. He knew Cor wasn’t going to tell people. Not because she respected his right to tell that stuff himself. Oh no, Cor just liked it better when people considered him more of a mystery. At least he thought that was why. What the hell did he know? His sister was a fucking mess. Image was one thing, among many, he’d never really cared about, as oppose to his blonde baby sis. His eyes took a round of the area he was in and spotted Erin looking at him and Addie, making a face. He chuckled, winking at her. It was completely ridiculous, really. She fucked him more often than most of the girls he had ‘intimate relations’ with, yet she didn’t think he was good enough for any of her friends. Good thing he wasn’t really interested in dating any of them. He just liked sex, and flirting. But most of all he liked the company of women. What was so wrong about that? He didn’t need to have sex with them to like talking to them, or just looking at them, really.

Drake let go of Addie when he felt her wiggling out of his embrace, shot her a wry smile in reply to her ‘goodbye’, and watched her ass as she walked inside. He wasn’t a pervert as such. He just recognized good craftsmanship, really, and her parents had done wonderfully, he had to admit. Kudos to them. Then he smiled to himself and picked up his big duffel bag, mulling over his options now. He could go check out the list of roommates, annoy his sister a little and maybe find something (or someone) interesting to do, but eh… he wasn’t much in the mood. He did want to lose the bag though, so he supposed he’d have to go inside sooner or later. His eyes ran over the people already there. Maybe he could locate Lulu and get her alone. He was sick of his sister scaring people off. Or maybe just sick of her scaring Lulu specifically away. Of course Lulu only had herself to blame for Cor’s open hostility towards her, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t hang out? Since when did Cor have anything to say about the people he associated with? In reality, he liked being around people she didn’t like, just to tic her off.

Then again, he didn’t want to get Lulu into more trouble. Very few people were as targeted by Cor as Lulu. Actually, he was fairly certain Lulu was the only girl hated by every single one of Cor’s bitches. That was a first, and he couldn’t help being a little impressed with her. Not a lot of girls had the guts to. He shook his head, scratching the back of his neck. Why did he even give a shit? That’s when he spotted Lora and noted that his sister and Erin had skipped off to wherever. Destination decided. Drake made his way inside, easily slipping through the crowd despite his size and his bag. He paused by the list of rooms and raised an eyebrow. Noctrem/Arcana rooming? His face lit into an amused, mischievous grin, his mood improving immediately. Well this changed the game entirely – and made it all the more entertaining. He chuckled to himself when he saw that he’d be living with Colby, but the laugh died down when he noticed they’d used his full name. Seriously? He was pretty sure he hadn’t told anyone at Arcana his full name. Ah, bugger. He hated his name. Shaking off the slight irritation, Drake moved through the next line of people and headed for Lora.

He made his way over just as Leo’s announcement rang out – which he more or less ignored – , and wrapped her in a tight hug, grinning down at her. “Did you grow taller since yesterday?” He teased her. It had become a joke since she’d grown so much since he’d last befriended her in Harrogate, a couple of months before his going to Noctrem, and since they’d started going to school at Arcana, they’d more or less re-established that friendship. With a fuck-load of attraction on top of it. For once, however, Drake was fighting his womanizing tendencies. Lora was one girl who was going to stay just a friend. He’d decided that much. No fucking this up. Excuse the pun.

* Amy will be added in a bit. =D

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McKenna Marinos

McKenna began indulging herself with the pancakes, and during the middle of her big bite she heard Kali's voice ring out. Embarassed, she looked up slowly, a sheepish smile.

“Hey Kenna!" -- A small pause as Kali's eyes wandered down to her picture, "Oh do you want to be alone?" McKenna shakes her head.

"No, no please sit, it's quite alright." She says, swallowing the pancakes down and wiping her sticky syrup fingers on her napkin.

"I just saw you over here alone…and wanted to say hi. Oh do you know who you roommate is yet?” Kali sat down next to her and McKenna nods, the smile fading from her face.

"Dear, God. When I found out my who my roommate was I almost passed out with fear. It's Jade, y'know Jade Locke? How bout you?" Kenna shudders a bit, Jade and the rest of those girls scared her to all hallabaloo and back.

She was hoping she got to room with Jess, or even Ellie for that matter. But she was stuck with one of the crazy party gals from Noctrem... Oh boy, was this going to be a year to remember. That's for sure. How could Leo even think about mixing them? It was a crazy idea. and that's when Lil came over.

"Hey are you, okay?" Lil had a concerned look on her face and Kenna nods, unwrapping her muffin with a smile.

"Yeah, I'm alright, how're you Lil?" She chirps, "We're just talking about our roommates. I can't believe they're mixing us in with the Noctrem students... That's going to be a devastating disaster and a half... I like using my room to study, not to be a empty trash can for beer bottles and other things. I just would hate to see the poor chick rooming with that Cor girl... Goodness..." She begins to realize she was rambling and takes another bite of pancake, her eyes turning to Kali again, "Did you find out about your roomie yet?"

McKenna pats the grass beside her, offering Lilly a seat. McKenna's old Verizion flip phone buzzed with a text from Jess:

Hey smellybum! Was pretty disappointed that I didn't get glomped on my way into the school! :p Hope you're okay! Assembly's at ten, I'll see you there? Jess xx

Kenna chuckled and replied:

Hey loser. Sorry, I was avoiding you. I CANT be seen with a weirdo like you with these Noctrem students. :P Lol jk, love ya chicky. I'll meet you outside the assembly ten mins before. DO NOT be late. xoxox :)

The girl puts her phone down on her notebook and looks back up, "Sorry guys," She hated texting people in front of others, she found it to be rude, "That was Jess."

She gives a smile and takes another sip of her tea and swallows it, a thoughtful expression on her face.

"Maybe we could talk to Mr. Marinos about the rooming arrangements, ya? He'll understand all the issues that goes along with us rooming with the Noctrem students... Right?" Her voice hinted more than a great amount of hopefulness.

Addison Lawler

Addi grabbed a cup of coffee and a muffin with a sigh, and began walking to her dorm, still grumping about the whole being stuck with the mind reader. It wasn't the fact Ellie was a bad person, it's just Addi thought a lot of terrible things in a day, and she didn't need some bitch to hear every last one of her thoughts down to the punctuation mark. Leo's voice is heard over the intercom, something about an assembly? Whatever, she doubted half the Noctrem students were going to go anyway... Or show up stoned, or even drunk.

The good thing though was, as she had noticed before, there were a ton of different hideaways in Arcana, much like Noctrem had. She sighed quietly, shaking her head as she dragged her luggage towards the dorms.

Room One: Eleanor Carson and Addison Lawler

The print was ingrained in her mind as she wandered down the halls towards Room One.

She let out a grumble as she got to the room and busted open the door, not caring if anyone was in there or not. She dropped her stuff on the empty bed near the window. Addi begins to unpack her clothes and such, then takes her fresh pack of cigarettes and puts it in the back pocket of her skinny jeans and shrugs on her black leather jacket. She finishes unpacking, putting her luggage and suit case underneath her bed and sighs, walking back out.

She would definitely have to go over some ground rules before Ellie and her started living together.

Now, time to find something to do around here...

But what?

She could go wander around campus for a bit, or go see people...

Wandering around campus seemed to be a better idea, Addi wasn't much of a people person anyway. With a shrug she closes the door to her room and walks back outside. The thought of Jay kind of consumed her brain for a slight moment then faded. Addison knew that for a fact Jay most likely wasn't interested. But whatever, she wasn't one to go after someone, plus the fact that he didn't ever seem really interested. She'd endured the feelings though. Romance wasn't really Addi's thing... No... She sighs busting out another cigarette and lighting it quickly, inhaling and then exhaling slowly. She sees three Arcana students sitting under a tree, one of them was what...McKenna, and... that flower girl it was something like Lilly or whatever, and...Kayla, or whatever the fuck her name was... She didn't care to get to know them at all to be honest. She just wanted out of this goddamn school and back to Noctrem. At least things were in order there, there was a skeleton of social status, but now being thrown into this, it was ridiculous. She knew her closest friends from Noctrem -- Cor, Jade, Hulk, and Bells -- were going to scare the living shit out of most of Leo's loyal's for the most part. But she couldn't really picture any scenario where the Noctrem and Arcana students mingled smoothly with no corruption of the social system.

Shit, things were going to be rickety for a while.

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#, as written by Caille

Bethany was running around the house and getting things ready. Beth had aged a bit and by now she as wearing a nice dress suited for a special day, a special day she wasn't sure of yet until she went upstairs and that's where she found a young women sitting on a chair in front of the mirror, she had her hair curled to perfection and a few strands pinned back with beautiful blue clips. Her brown locks had gone down just a little passed her shoulders and her skin seems soft and pale but with a little colour to it. The young woman's eyes were an amazing blue but they were familiar and Beth couldn't quite put her finger on it for the time being. As of the moment the young woman had her make-up being done and she looked absolutely stunning so far. That was when Beth noticed the dress, a nice white one, that could only be a wedding dress. Beth looked in the mirror and both Beth and the young woman locked eyes together and that's when she realized that they had the same eyes. The young woman smiled with a familiar smile to Beth and her lips opened to speak, "Mom!" She said with a smile plastered on her face. Mom? Bethany was confused until she realized, this was Holly. Her beautiful baby had grown up and was still alive, how was this ever possible? That was when someone else entered the room a man who had aged a bit himself and he held some flowers in his hand and let the make-up arist finish before he placed the flowers down on the vanity in front of Holly. Beth was smiling and couldn't help it but the site of Holly was one that was rare. Bethany must not have been paying attention because they had a whole conversation and she didn't realize it at all. Beth finally realized that who was with Holly was Holly's father, Jackson Murphy. As soon as she realized that the whole turn of events changed.

Next thing Beth knew she was in an empty hallway at Arcana and she saw jackson coming and she went to turn around and leave but it wasn't possible. As soon as Jackson saw Bethany her eyes widened, she had been avoiding him on purpose for the past while considering she didn't want to slap his past in his face just like what would happen if she saw him, it'd be a slap in the face, so it was best to not be around him as much as possible. She wanted to leave but it wasn't possible in her dream, she turned around and faced him but after that it was like her feet were stuck like glue. She was forced to watch all the events from two years ago replay as they locked eyes with each other but soon her worst nightmares came to her, although she knew Jackson was never like this at all and it wasn't in him to do it but he started to yell at her for coming here and ruining his life, it was all a lot to take in and Bethany just stood there blank faced doing nothing absolutely nothing which wasn't much like her either but she ended up turning invisible and things started to fade as he kept yelling at her and then she was just in an empty room.


Bethany sat upright as fast as she could, that all wasn't possible in her dream, not at all but it sure did feel real, that was the problem with Bethany's dreams half the time, they felt real and made her still feel the mix of emotions afterwards. She pulled back her blankets and then brought her feet over out of bed and she walked to her closet and picked out this. She then walked to the bathroom and she brushed her teeth before heading to the shower, after brushing her teeth she got the tangles out of her blonde hair and then she stripped down and went into the shower, she let the hot water soothe her a bit and then began to make herself clean. She got out wrapping a nice, soft towel around her small frame and then she plugged in her hair dryer and began to dry her hair and brush it. After she was finished that she dried herself off and slipped on her dress, she struggled with reaching behind to her back to do the zipper up and then when she finally got it she took her shoes and slipped them on. She went over and straightened her hair and made sure it was good before she applied a little bit of eye liner and a bit of lip bomb. She smiled at herself in the mirror and smoothed down her dress and came back out to make her bed.

Once she was finished in her dorm room she left and shit the door behind her. Bethany then walked downstairs to where the roommate listings were supposed to be. Before she got there she turned her self invisible and continued to walk along. When she got to bodies of people that's when she had to be careful and weave her way through the crowd a bit, she didn't want to face anyone who disliked her at the moment, that wasn't the key to a good morning. She then went and looked down the list until she found her room and her name and looked that she had a Noctrem student. One she had an odd relationship with at that but it wasn't as bad as it possibly could be so Bethany couldn't complain. Bells was an interesting roommate and she couldn't wait for the things that may happen. Now it was time for Behtany to weave her way out of this mess.

As she tried to weave her way through she had noticed Jackson off in the distance with Lulu, she couldn't see him and go near him, no, no, that'd be the worst idea possible she just couldn't be forced to be around him. She kept her self invisible as she kept walking but her eyes kept shifting towards Jackson and Lulu, his arms were wrapped around her? What were they dating now? Were they going to have a child? Was their child going to be as beautiful as Holly was? Would their child actually live?! She asked herself these questions snapping at herself in her mind, maybe she was just getting jealous was all, and she had no right to get mad at them because Bethany and Jack were no longer together and therefore she had no right to be all angry with him. It was still upsetting to think that maybe they were dating though, because that was the man who was the father of her child and the man who had once been her best friend, and that brought sadness upon her, of course not paying attention as she weaved her way through the crowd she bumped into someone and her invisible state was broken, from the shock. She had fallen back on her butt but she got up and brushed her self off. She looked up to see Spencer. "My apologies, Spencer, I didn't mean to bump into you. I just was being idiotic and I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." She said in a polite tone. "Pleasant to see you again, Mr.Jerem." Beth said with a small smile on her face.

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Addison Lawler

To say that she wasAn arm was thrown across her shoulder and Addi smirks when she hears her best friend's -- Jade-- voice.

"Hey there sexy... We ready to raise a little hell?"

Addi lets out a bark of a laugh, "Hey baby," She winks, wrapping her free arm around Jade's waist and she takes a long drag of her cigarette, offering it to Jade, as she exhales slowly, "And a little!? Shit, it will be raining fire soon, Hell won't even begin to cover what we're doing this goddamn school."

Addi liked Jade, she could joke around and have fun with her. They had become good friends ever since they both made it onto campus. Jade and Addison were like a package deal for the most part, you could always bet one was close to the other. Cain learned to live with that after a bit, if Addi got sent to the office, Jade would come too. And vise versa. They practically were conjoined by the hip. For the most part. Though, they never roomed together, they would probably kill each other if they did that. For as much as Addison loved Jade, sometimes best friends needed to be smacked around a bit too.

"Wasn't it your idea to drink our weight's worth in alcohol last night? If so, I'm shunning you."

Addi turned her, blinking, giving the epitome of an innocent face, lips pursed into a perfect, soft 'O' and eyes blinking, "What? Me, drink? Jade, how could you think I would do such a thing? Alcohol kills your liver, sweetie and intervenes with thinking clearly."

Her innocent face fades and smirks a bit. Of course, it was Cor's idea to steal Drake's booze and drink the shit out of themselves. Addi just kind of agreed and went along with it. Luckily, Addison didn't get hangovers like she used to, she'd learned to cope, by drinking more in the morning. It normally made her feel better. You could say Addison was relevant to a functioning addict. She could down a bottle of vodka and still be able to have a decent head on her shoulders, even if black out drunk.

"So...should we head in through the gates of hell now? Or...wait it out and push off our impending, completely undeserved punishment until later?"

A devilish smirk flashes across Addi's face and she places a bag of weed in Jade's hand, "I was thinking of jammin' on a Jerry before we head to the assembly. Take a walk, smoke a J, come back for the assembly blazed up... Make things a bit more interesting... Hmm?" She raises an eyebrow towards Jade with a smirk. Jade was her smoking buddy for the most part, and they always had the best weed in the school. Sometimes even Cain would take some for himself.

Which was funny, in a way, the guy was a teenager wearing his forties badly. Addison smirks, flicking the ashes of her cigarette and giving Jade's waist a bit of a squeeze.

"Should we go find the girls?" She asked, tilting her head to the side.

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Bells Dorson

Bells just shook heard head when she heard Sky go off about his roommate. She took another look at the roommate list. She was close to Jade and Addi’s room which made things even a bit better. She then turned around holding her suitcases knowing she should take them to her room. Looking at everyone mingling she wondered where Beth was, though she guessed she would see her later. She really needed coffee before she interacted with anyone, even her friends.

She walked a little bit away from the crowd, noticing Jade and Addi, she would get with them later and see what chaos they could start. She then heard the announcement and rolled her eyes “fuck that as if I am ever one time ” she said out loud wondering if maybe she could find Benz and figure out something to do, she didn‘t care about detention, she has had plenty of them since coming to Arcana, . Anyways Benz was like her skipping buddy, whenever she felt bored with classes she would go to him and they find something fun for the both of them to do. She decided to send him a quick text to find out where he was.

Hey Benz where you at?

She then looked up and noticed she was actually standing right next to one of the teachers, and it wasn’t just any teacher. It was Ms. Wright….she usually didn’t get close to any teachers at all but Ms. Wright…well she was different and she also got sent to her a lot since they have come to Arcana. So what if she skipped classes or was late…she was known for it but the teachers here where a bit more stricter. Though whenever she was sent to Ms.Wright they usually just got talking. She has opened up to Ms. Wright a few times, which was surprising because usually she just keeps it all inside. She was definitely having more then just regular feelings for Ms. Wright, sometimes she even caught herself flirting…which she guessed was a big no no but who the fuck cares. She just hoped Ms.Wright didn’t hear the little comment she said after the announcement.

Bells looked to Ms.Wright, moving closer and grinning a little “Well looks like this will be a fun year…Mr.Marinos really doesn’t know what the hell he just started with bunking us with the fucking goody students….” Bells always swore it was a habit and she did it in front of teachers, it was like part of her vocabulary “so how is Ms. Wright and what are your thoughts on this?” she leaned against the wall by Ms. Wright and put her suitcases on the floor “I know for sure I am going to have some fun messing with the angels especially the ones that cower, including my cousin” she then waited to listen to Ms. Wright knowing she needed to get coffee but she couldn’t help but talk to her favorite teacher. She also needed to find her new room and drop her stuff off and find out where Benz was but she would wait even if she would be late.

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Ben thought that maybe he should try to find Elijah, after all they were rooming together. Hopefully they could get along, even though they don't really know each other and Ben doubted a bit that they will get along. At least he wasn't rooming with someone who hated him, and he hated, like what was happening with Sky, although its funny as shit. Then he heard the annoucement, hell whoever didn't was deaf. Heh, he kinda was after some loud nights at clubs and stuff. Maybe clubbing would be a way for Elijah and him to bond, but then he remembered that Elijah didn't really like troublemakers. Well Ben sure is going to stir up some trouble, but definitely not alone. There was always his best buddy, Eriol, and of course the fabulous Bells, whom has been there on Ben's more crazier nights. Suddenly Ben got a text. Speak of the devil, he thought as he saw the name. Isabella Dorson, or as he affectionately called Bells. One time he called her Isabella and she socked him, since then they have been great friends.

Hey Benz where you at?

Quickly he replied to her, fingers pressing against his blackberry keys in a few swift movements.

On my way to get a bite to eat. Om Nom Nom. Maybe even find my roomie on the way. No way in hell we're going to that dumb assembly right?

Ben put his phone in his back pocket in one swift movement and started to head towards the cafeteria. His stomach could be heard from miles away. I'll just grad a bunch of food and then find Elijah, no good finding someone with an empty stomach. Ben thought to himself. Maybe tonight if there isn't some rad party I'll go find Ashy, I haven't seen her in a very long time. As he entered the cafeteria, he payed no attention to whoever was in there. All he cared for was the food. Finally some food that was decent and was neither liquor store snacks or the thing they served in the motel. It wasn't even an object, it was alive. Living and breathing nasty. It should have been on that TV show, Man vs. Food. Anyways back to the food, Ben took as much food as he could carry and started to walk with the plate to the second floor, where all the rooms are. Until the lunch lady said that he couldn't take the plate with him, so Ben just asked for a doggie bag. Man was that lady surprised, but she gave it to him. Happily carring his food he went back to the main hall and there he found Elijah. Man his day was getting luckier or something, Lulu must not be around. "Elijah" He called out loud waving his hands like the idiot he was, but it seemed like he didn't hear or see him. Ben walked up to him and gave him a small slap on the back. Hey they were going to be roomies, the least he could do was act friendly to the guy. "Hey there Elijah, seems like were going to be stuck with each other. Mind showing me the best room you've got?" Ben said with a grin.

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Margaret Wright

Margaret watched in quiet amusement as more and more students began to fill up the reception area. This was going to be more fun than she imagined, judging by the... intense student feedback. Although most of the chatter was incomprehensible, she did hear the louder outbursts quite well.

“Who the fuck is Drakethrean?” Came the unmistakable voice of one Colby Haskins. “What is this bullshit?” “Well, this just turns everything on its fucking head, doesn’t it?” Went along with the symphony, along with some angry Spanish ramblings.

The teacher knew things were going to have a rough start. That much was clear from the beginning. But... perhaps this could be just what this school needs... She still hadn’t revealed her plans to anyone. They were more like speculation, half formed theories of ’What Ifs’ that just might have been given a foundation. If she was to tell someone, it would probably be Cain, since he was the only one who would probably see eye to eye with her in the first place. She caught a glimpse of him walking through the cafeteria. He seemed in a surprisingly good mood. Margaret frowned. What could he have done to Mr. Marinos so early on in the day?
Leo’s voice suddenly filled the room, announcing the assembly at 10 o’ clock. The man didn’t sound too pleased. It was obvious that he wasn’t happy with mixing up the students, and Margaret was curious as to why he decided to do it in the first place. He might just have a looser grip on this school than the teacher imagined. If she was headmistress, such an error wouldn’t possibly be overlooked. Or maybe he was just distracted... Margaret had her suspicions of what was going on with him and a certain teacher. Margaret could know in an instant, just asking the question, seeing the response, even if it wasn’t verbal. But she didn’t. She needed Leo’s trust, and she wanted to show him that she did have some moral guidelines, as forced as they were.

Margaret checked her watch, noticing she did have some time to spare before having to head down to the Main Hall. Not in the mood to stand in a cafeteria of racous teens, she was about to head to her own room, which she had the opportunity to look over previously, when a familiar voice caused her to turn her head.

“Mr. Marinos really doesn’t know what the hell he just started with bunking us with the fucking goody students...” Margaret heard Bells say. Her lip twitched up a bit, amused. Bells was an... interesting girl. Margaret had somehow gotten to the point where she considered the girl her friend. “So, how is Ms. Wright and what are your thoughts on this?” The girl continued, “I know for sure I am going to have some fun messing with the angels, especially the ones that cower, including my cousin.”

Margaret had a small smile on her lips as she began to reply, “I imagine most of us are thinking the exact same thing.” She hoped Bells didn’t miss the fact that she said ‘us’. It was obvious that she meant the people coming from Noctrem. “If everything goes the way I think they will, things will turn out for the best. For their sake, I hope they accept the fact that things are going to be quite different around here from now on. Oh, and I’m assuming you’ll be passing up this charming assembly?” She asked, eyebrows raised mockinigly as she looked Bells in the eye.

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Kali Rickerson

As Kali was sitting there she ran her hands through the grass and looked at the other two girls. She was lost in thought about her past, thinking of the only two people that she considered them her parents. She then started thinking about what she could do for her next crazy stunt. Her conversation with L the other day got her thinking. They talked about climbing to the roof of the school, which may be a possibility, she definitely needed to converse with L about this, she was thinking L musta slept in or misplaced her phone somewhere because L usually was right by her side most of the time, they had been inseparable since the day the met and became very close friends.

She felt her phone buzz but then got distracted because she heard someone coming closer “Hey girls” Kali looked behind her and saw Julie and smiled “hey you whats up?” she asked the girl. The looked down to her phone remembering she got a text:

Hey Kali. Overslept lol. Nothing unusual. Mary and I are going to see the roommate list. Wonder who I'll get.... Talk to ya soon J

Kali laughed to herself and texted back to Eden:

Ok sounds good. Can you see who I got for a roommate, I have yet to check, I went for my morning run and then ran into Kenna.

After she sent the text she heard Kenna pipe up "Oh well, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Maybe they'll be out partying so much they wont' even notice who their roommates are.... Hopefully.. If anything happens though, I won't be afraid to try to talk to him..." Kali nodded in agreement “That is true, some of them aren’t as bad as lets say ‘the fearsome five’ but this is still our school…. We shouldn‘t let that change just because they will be staying here for a bit…hopefully not too long…” as she was about to continue she heard her ringtone for Eden go off “sorry its Eden…excuse me for a few minutes” she then got up and just stepped a few feet away and answered her phone.

Before she could even get a hello in she heard Eden go off "Heeeeeeey Kali. Where are you? I'm being to lazy to look around.. “Hey Eden…you should know whenever looking for me I most likely will be outside but I guess I can help you out…I am out back of the school, come find me. Oh did you get my last text? If your still near the list can you take a look at who my roommate is? I haven’t been over that way yet to take a look. Who did you get?” she was smiling as she talked to Eden, something about him always made her happy and she always enjoyed his company. She wasn’t one that had many guys that where close friends but Eden somehow made his way in to her life.

Bells Dorson

As Bells was waiting for Ms.Wright to talk she felt her phone go off, she took it out of her pocket and looked down, she noticed it was from Benz. She grinned to herself and opened the messaged though she was still focused on Ms. Wright in a way

On my way to get a bite to eat. Om Nom Nom. Maybe even find my roomie on the way. No way in hell we're going to that dumb assembly right?

Bells chuckled, she loved Benz but only in a friendly way, she couldn’t see him any other way then that, her fingers touched the buttons on her iphone, quickly typing back:

fuck the assembly. I don’t want to listen to Marinos voice if I don’t need too. I will meet you in the cafeteria, I have yet to get my morning coffee >< but I am talking to Ms.Wright at the moment. C ya soon

As she sent the text she heard Ms. Wright “I imagine most of us are thinking the exact same thing.If everything goes the way I think they will, things will turn out for the best. For their sake, I hope they accept the fact that things are going to be quite different around here from now on. Oh, and I’m assuming you’ll be passing up this charming assembly?”

Bells grinned just a little as she noticed Ms.Wright look right into her eyes near the end “Well lets just say they will have a few choices to make while we are here. One, they are going to go through hell while we are here. Or two, they will join us and know what its like to have a good time” she smirked a bit then thought for a few minutes before she continued to answer Ms.Wright’s last question.

Ever since the first time she got sent to Ms.Wright’s office she knew that she could not lie to the teacher, but for some reason she really didn’t feel the need to lie. She was not a fan of most teachers just because they really thought she was a trouble maker, that she was lazy with her school work, and she can be really cruel. But for Ms.Wright’s class she actually did pay attention and did the work, she found Ms.Wright’s class interesting “Yup I am definitely not in the mood to spend my morning listening to someone that really dislikes me. I plan on doing something fun, not sure what that will be yet. Since there is no classes today I surely am going to take that to my advantage. I am not going to change my way of things just because we are staying in this school. I will be the same Bells everyone knows and loves or to most of the angel students here, hate. And maybe if I am lucky I will get sent you but most likely be sent to Mr. M because they did mention detention. I feel like that is going to be my new home while I am here” she let out a laugh then looked down to her phone to find out what time it was, knowing she would need to go meet Benz soon.

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#, as written by Mela
Miss Amalthea Roerig

Amy hated throwing up. It was the most disgusting, repulsive thing ever, and she couldn’t even breathe as the little bit she’d had to eat the day before kept forcing its way up and into the toilet she was bent over, blocking out airways. Soon, she could feel Leo’s hand gently gathering her hair, his other hand caressing her back and she felt herself growing thankful once more that this man loved her, even as she sat there, fighting to breathe while the lumpy, yellow substance forced its way up. Maybe this was a delayed allergic reaction to the red wine from last night? She was grasping at straws though, because she knew her body would’ve reacted sooner if that had been the case. The thing was, however, that others possibilities didn’t fit with this random pattern either. Tears began streaming from her eyes in frustration at her inability to breathe. When it finally stopped, Amy fell down onto her bum, heaving for air as she took some toilet paper and wiped her mouth, throwing it into the toilet afterwards.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Leo moving from her, filling a glass with water and she closed her eyes, trying to calm her body from the shock it had just experienced. Normally if a student had come to her with similar issues, she would’ve asked about sex, protection and the likes, because it would be one of the first signs of pregnancy. But with her, that simply couldn’t be the case. She’d only had sex last night, and before that, she hadn’t had sex in something like half a year or so. Besides, she was on the pill, not that it was a certain guarantee of anything, but still. The mere fact that she sexually couldn’t be suffering from morning sickness already, completely erased that possibility, so what was it? Then she heard Leo’s voice and her eyes fluttered open to see him. She smiled weakly at him as she took the glass, shaking a little. She would calm down in a bit, but right now her body was still adjusting. “Thanks,” she said hoarsely before taking a big gulp of the water, closing her eyes as it soothed her aching throat and made her breathing much smoother.

Her eyes followed him as he poked his head out the bathroom door and she wondered who was knocking. Probably either Vince or Keirol. If it was important, Leo would merely take care of it. She wasn’t helpless after all. She could handle herself and she didn’t want him forsaking his Academy merely because she couldn’t keep her dinner down for some odd reason. Her ears perked when she heard Vince’s voice, wondering what he wanted. She frowned slightly as she thought it over. He’d probably felt the emotional explosion between her and Leo. She sighed, shaking her head a little. She’d have to talk to him about that. What if they’d still been arguing? All in all, she didn’t want Vince coming by every time Leo and she had a blow-out, because she knew there would be more to come. Fine that he hadn’t tuned it out; he couldn’t help his powers any more than she or Leo could theirs, but he didn’t have to act on it. She knew he’d be understanding enough and respect her wishes on this. She couldn’t remember Vince ever being difficult in that department, which was why she loved him. As a friend, of course. Never more.

She smiled softly when Leo returned to her and she took another sip of the water, looking up at him through a veil of dark, thick eye lashes. “It’s fine,” she said, still smiling that soft smile of hers, “I’m fine. Really… I don’t know what just happened.” Truthfully, she did feel much better already, even though she had a terrible taste in her mouth, and probably even worse breath. Yuck. “Just need to brush my teeth.” She struggled to her feet again, quickly regaining her balance as she stood and went to the sink. She felt weak. Not only tired, but weak. Was she coming down with something? That was weird. She was literally never ill. Ever. Her magic provided some kind of shield, she supposed, supporting her immune defenses. She shook her head a little, trying to calm it as she took her toothbrush, adding toothpaste before she began brushing her teeth, getting rid of the vile remnants of her dinner. She’d actually puked in front of Leo. That when it hit her. This was downright embarrassing. What came next? Peeing with the door open? Gods. She shivered at the thought. What was he thinking? She glanced at him with toothbrush in her mouth, gauging his reaction for the first time since her ghastly display.

Drake Quellen

Drake laughed at Lor’s comment. Ah, this girl. He loved how she always played right along with his bullshitting. Not a lot of people had the wits to. Granted, he was good so it was understandable, but he always like a good game with an opponent who actually proved a challenge. “We could,” he said thoughtfully, grinning down at her. “But I think it would qualify as damaging school property so Scary Marinos might give us a talking to.” He wiggled his eyebrows at her and chuckled. He knew how close Lora felt to Leonardo Marinos, which was funny because the guy hated Drake. In truth, maybe that made Lora all the more appealing. It was just entertaining. In reality, Marinos had a stick lodged up his ass and Drake couldn’t help wonder what would happen if someone pulled it out. Ah hell, he had so many tongues up there it probably wouldn’t make much of a difference. Thinking of that, wasn’t Colby one of them? The thought made Drake smile. Maybe rooming with Colbs might end up pretty entertaining after all. As it was, however, he was considering how they’d swing things because the way he saw it, they were both pretty sexual guys. In different ways. Very different ways, thank you.

Drake snorted in amusement at Lora comparing gypsies to Erin, “no, I mean… that’s her power. Erin goes all Hulk when she’s pissed, and she’s got a bit of a temper.” He smiled secretively at how much that benefited him in reality. Then he laughed a little. “So yeah, I don’t think you can quite compare it, sweetheart.” Soon, she was commenting on his roommate and Drake smiled casually. “Nah, I’m good, really. It’s fine.” He didn’t mention how he was starting to consider the entertaining aspects of rooming with Colby. Honestly Drake rarely voiced his actual thoughts. He never lied either; he just withheld certain information he didn’t see fit to share. Not that people noticed. They were too caught up in his smiles and the fact that he always seemed so carefree and casual in everything he did. So they didn’t even notice. The same way they very rarely noticed that he didn’t actually give a shit about them.

He could easily narrow down the people he himself considered friends to one degree or another; Cor, Lora, Lulu, Jackson. Now, why was his sister on the list? Well, he sometimes disliked his sister to an extreme degree, but he knew she cared about him, just like he did her. They never showed it, but they did. Jackson had a stick up his ass, but Drake considered him a friend nonetheless. Maybe because Jackson was the kind of guy Drake knew he would be able to count on in a sticky situation and honestly they’d grown to become pretty good friends this last month. Lulu spoke for herself; she was Lulu, and the same could be said for Lora who he’d known for years. So yeah, considering how many people thought themselves his friends, he didn’t really return the feeling a lot. Of course, Jaysin would’ve probably been on the list years back, but then he’d fucked Cor completely up by leaving and ignoring her existence, and now things were just fucking bungled. Theo’s ex, Scott would’ve been included too, but he was dead, so… yeah.

When Lora commented on him being Lazy, Drake merely smirked at her. “You say that like it’s something new,” he countered. Of course, Drake wasn’t usually lazy. Not really. He was the kind of guy who’d get up at 5 am in the morning just to get a good work-out before school, and he wasn’t being lazy right now either. He just frankly wanted to get the whole room-introduction thing over with so he could move on with his life. With her next comment, Drake laughed, ruffling up her hair just to show how easily he could reach. “What kind of gypsy are you, forgetting your magnifying glass? Really, Lor. What would your mother say?” He said playfully, feigning outrage at the fact, before grinning down at her. “Besides, I thought we’d already settled that you need to stop dreaming about being taller than me.”

“Strict?” Drake repeated her words about Leo thoughtfully, almost tasting the word before laughing. “That’s an understatement. He’s such a rule-rider, it’s almost embarrassing. He’s going to have his work cut out for him now that all these idiots from Noctrem are moving in, though. My sister and her bitches are going to be hell to deal with while they get settled in, for instance. Now, they’ll need to establish their little social order for real, and it’s going to cause trouble because those chicks want to be on top.” He shook his head, smiling wryly before giving her a half-concerned look, “better stay out of their way for the next couple of weeks, love.” It was a rare show of affection from Drake. Mostly because it was genuine; not faked in any way. He actually was worried about Lor now that she was staying with Erin, and he knew Cor didn’t like his little gypsy friend. Never had. He didn’t want her getting hit in the crossfire, so to speak. Not that he didn’t know she could handle herself, but compared to some of these girls, Lora’s control of her magic was shady at best.

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Izzy Dorson

Izzy was leaning against the wall, lost in thought when Ellie opened the door. It made him jump, half of him went into the wall. He quickly straightened himself, stepping a few feet from the wall and smiled to Ellie when he heard her say”Good morning, sunshine. How are today?”. He stood up straight “I am doing quite well today Ellie, got all my work done for classes and got to play some music before I got ready. Always a nice way to start my day at least.” He looked at her for a few minutes, he figured with more students that it must harder for Ellie because of her power “Now how is Ellie doing this morning?” he looked at Ellie with a concerned look.

Just then he heard the announcement from Mr.Marinos over the speaker, he could tell there was some sort of strain in his voice, that got Izzy wondering what has gotten to Mr.Marinos so early in the morning. Izzy let the thought go as he began talking again “Would you like to join me to get something to eat before the assembly? Maybe we can grab something and go somewhere less… crowded to eat”. He sometimes wondered how Ellie could stand hearing all the thoughts in her head, he knew it would probably drive him crazy.

Izzy looked around him as he waited for Ellie, he wondered where Elijah was this morning and wondered if he would be interested in having breakfast with him and Ellie. He shifted his feet a little and looked to his watch. “Maybe later on I can get my guitar, we could take a walk, and I could play a bit if you would like to listen? Maybe Elijah would like to join us. I still have yet to see him this morning. I also need to see who my roommate is, I hope they aren’t too bad and I also hope they know how to clean up after themselves.” Izzy has been going over in his head on who he wished he could have as a roommate, he really wished it could be Elijah or even Zac but would just have to wait to see who it was.

He hoped for at least today he would not run into his cousin or her friends, he couldn’t stand those five and always felt very uncomfortable around them and sometimes even went thru things because of his nerves. Then he wouldn’t hear the last of it and it drove him nuts. He just really couldn’t understand how people could be so cruel and nasty to others. They sometimes made him mad when they would pick on some of the other girls such as Lily, who he tries to look after her when it comes to the Noctrem students. He has stood up to a few of them which usually doesn’t end well but he can say he at least tried. Izzy let his train of thoughts go and focused on Ellie once more.

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Ben saw Elijah turn around after he gave him a small pat on the back. Apparently Ben's smile was addictive and Elijah also gave him a smile. Maybe we will get along quite nicely thought Ben, after all he didn't really have anything against the guy. Maybe because Elijah was from Arcana Ben was a bit wary, but that's no reason to judge the poor guy before he actually got to know him. Ben, as everyone pretty much everyone knew, was one of the more pro-Noctrem, anti-Arcana students, although he did have many friends in Arcana so he tried not to judge people automatically, although most of the time he did. This wasn't any different with Elijah. Ben has him tagged as a nature-loving activist, but he thinks that something has made him that way, because from a glance Elijah looks even Noctrem material, until he starts to talk about nature and animals and stuff. Ben loves one kind of animal, cats. Hopefully he'll be able to bring Lucifer to the dorms, although he will have to ask for permission from Leo and Elijah, and of course teach him to stay hidden. After all, he didn't want him to meet Koa, Addi's cat. Ben truly hoped that they could get along, without changing the other or being a bother. In Ben's opinion that would be the best relationship they could have. If they were too good of friends and then got into a horrible fight, they still have to live with each other, and that won't be pretty.

“Hello Ben. Welcome to Arcana,” Elijah said. Ben gave him a grin. It was actually the first time someone welcomed him to Arcana and truthfully it felt pretty damn good. It weird, he's been learning here for a month and yet this was the first time they said welcome. Actually now he did feel welcome. To him, it felt like all the Noctrem students were just unwelcome guests that they have to help because if they didn't they "wouldn't be any better than they are". ”Just give me a second and I’m just going to look for the key," Elijah continued without giving Ben a chance to say anything such as, "Thanks man. while shaking his hand. Ben watched as Elijah rummaged through his pockets to find the spare key. Ben hoped that Elijah was a bit of a messy guy like him. Well not entirely messy that you could just call him a slob, just a bit disorganized. Those people that happened to be really neat were also a bit uptight. Although not always. “Here it is, Ben. You can keep this one, I already have my copy.”, Elijah told him as he handed Ben his own set of keys to the room. Ben was truly grateful for that key and it was very clear to see that, just from his reaction. There had been one too many nights were he was locked out of his room because he roommate had the key. Ben took the key and from it pocket took out one of those key covers. It was orange, of course, and the hole on the top had a chain through it. Ben quickly explained, "This is the only way I don't loose the key." Then he put the chain around his neck and gave another one of his famous grins. Do you need help with your things? Let’s go upstairs and I’ll show you our room.” Elijah said as Ben saw him glance around looking for his things. "Nope I'm fine man, Ben said as he kicked his duffel bag. Suddenly Ben recieved a text, "Sorry, just a minute he said as he took out his phone.

fuck the assembly. I don’t want to listen to Marinos voice if I don’t need too. I will meet you in the cafeteria, I have yet to get my morning coffee >< but I am talking to Ms.Wright at the moment. C ya soon

Ben quickly wrote back. After all, he didn't want Bells to get to the cafeteria and not find him there.

Bells, I met Elijah, my new roomie. I'm going to go crash in the room. get ur coffee cause u know I don't love you when ur cranky and come to my room.. room 8. :P

Ben wanted to text Ashy, but it was kinda rude to keep Elijah waiting. He'll text her when he gets to the room. Ben grabbed him bag and started off towards his room, in the opposite direction. Only after walking about ten steps did he realize that it was the wrong way. Quickly, he did a full 180 and walked towards Elijah. "You know what? Lead the way my good man" Ben said in a perfect British accent. After all it is his homeland, just because he didn't speak it daily doesn't mean that his accent wasn't perfect and from what Ben could tell, Elijah was Irish. Maybe this roommate setting wouldn't be so bad after all.

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The teacher smiled at Bells’ response. She loved the way Bells was so open with her. It was common knowledge that Margaret could sense a lie, but with Bells it seemed she’d be truthful nonetheless.

“As much as I agree with you,” Margaret said, looking down at the girl beside her, “you are going to that assembly. Sorry to disappoint you, hon.” Margaret was the attendance officer in this school. She still didn’t understand why Leo had appointed her the role. She hadn’t asked for it. But she did take the job seriously. When she could, she made sure that students were where they were supposed to be, even when she does see eye to eye with them. Margaret noticed how Bells kept glancing down at her phone.

“Well, it seems like there are places for you to be,” Margaret said, pushing herself off the wall to her room. It was probably best to put her luggage away now. “I’ll be seeing you at the assembly,” she said, giving Bells a pointed look before walking off.

((Sorry for being so short. Being an ‘odd hour’ intern SUCKS -.-))

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Bells Dorson

Bells leaned against the wall when she heard Ms.Wright “As much as I agree with you, you are going to that assembly. Sorry to disappoint you, hon.” , she saw the look in the woman’s eyes and she knew she couldn’t argue this and that if she didn’t show up Ms. Wright would be upset with her….and for some reason Bells just did not want that. “Aright you can expect me there….even though I would really not want to listen to his voice” she sighed a little but then felt her phone buzz knowing its probably from Benz. Looking down at her phone she reads the text:

Bells, I met Elijah, my new roomie. I'm going to go crash in the room. get ur coffee cause u know I don't love you when ur cranky and come to my room.. room 8. :P

Bells actually felt bad for Benz, having someone like Elijah would kill her because he was just like Izzy before she could text back she heard Ms.Wright pipe up “Well, it seems like there are places for you to be, I’ll be seeing you at the assembly”. She saw the look from her teacher and nodded “ill see you there Ms.Wright” she watched the women walk off, and couldn’t help but stare. As she snapped out of it she texted Benz back while walking to the cafeteria.

Looks like skippin is out of the question. Ill explain more when I see you. And ugh Elijah….we will have to hang in my room more the yours. C ya soon.

She finally made it into the cafeteria not paying attention to anyone around her, she was only interested in getting the coffee. She paid for it and sipped it for a few seconds before moving on. She walked up stairs and went down the rooms, she decided to first drop her bags in her room then head to find Benz.

Stopping at room three, she opened the door and looked in. Hmm not so bad she thought as she went to the bed she figured was hers because it looked untouched. Dropping her bags on her bed she wondered where Jade and Addi was and wondered if they had any plans for the day. Knowing she probably see them at the assembly she decided she would talk to them then. Leaving the room with only her coffee in hand she shut the door and walked down to room eight and knocked on the door “Benz its me open up” she stood in the hallway as she waited sipping her coffee. She wasn’t really one that is too patient so when no one answered she knocked on the door again “C’mon Benz open up” she said out loud then pulled out her phone and texted him when she didn't hear anyone.

“I am here in front of room 8 and no answer. Where are you?”

Bells sighed as she sent the text and leaned her back against the wall next to the doorway and waited very impatiently for Benz.

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#, as written by xKyrie

Elijah watched in amusement when he saw how Ben kept his copy of the key. He had attached it into a key cover and a chain, and wound the said chain around his neck. He smiled as he noticed how laid back and somewhat a little funny his roommate was. He was not the most organized person around but Elijah never had the trouble of losing his possessions such as a key or any other items that he had. It had something to do with his slightly... organized personality and so seeing his roommate's plans to keep the key had rather interested him

Maybe he did prejudged this guy more than he thought he had not. After all, while Ben seemed like those typical Noctem stereotypes, he was still accommodating and friendly to him. He was aware of how some of the students from the other academy disliked him. He didn’t know what was the reason but it was most likely was because they see him as one of those persons that would never dare hurt a fly. Not that he actually cared a lot about others opinion, but Elijah had grown used to other’s treatment of him that people like Ben would sometimes never fail to astonish him.

When he learned that Ben only had a duffle bag for his things, he was surprised. He actually expected him to have at least a suitcase for his clothes and other supplies. After all, they were supposed to stay at the school quarters for the whole semester. Aside for some odd visits outside or the usual holidays, it was most likely understandable for him to presume that others would be more 'prepared' with their stay. He could even remember his mother packing a suitable amount of clothes for him when he first got here. Though Elijah he didn’t have a truckload of belongings, ever since he started living at Arcana Academy, he had collected a few numbers of clothes and other things such as books. Most of these books were either contemporary fictions or children's books. Those that he would normally donate to the orphanage or use as story telling material for the children. He had only recently bought these books and he would sometimes read the stories to the little kids.

He wanted to ask Benjamin why he had such a few belongings but the boy had excused himself to check on his phone. Elijah nodded in understanding and waited until his new roommate had finished texting. He opted to search for his own phone when he remembered that it had been hours ago since he last checked his messages. He was still looking forward to meeting Elle and Izzy and he hoped that they would meet before going to the assembly. He took his phone out of his pocket and looked through his recent list of messages. He smiled fondly when he found one from his sister. She had asked him if he has already eaten breakfast like she did and he replied that he would take one later. Aside for another text from his mother, there was nothing else in his Inbox and he promptly locked his phone. It was the typical scenario for Elijah. He was not actually fond of mobile phones or texting. He used it as practically as he could but he was never the type who would waste a day or so, texting someone else. Those who would usually contact him were either his family, some of his classmates or someone from the orphanage. He kept his phone back and turned to Ben in confusion when noticed him do the same. He had thought he would take longer than that.

He then stood perplexed when Benjamin promptly grabbed his bag and evidently walked towards the wrong direction, opposite from their room. 'I thought he wanted to see the room?' He then almost laughed out loud when he immediately walked back soon after. "You know what? Lead the way my good man" His new roommate stated with a perfect British accent. He could actually see things getting livelier and funnier around this guy. He nodded and cast him a small smile. He walked towards the rooms and lead the way, occasionally looking around for any signs of Elle or Izzy. It might be possible that both of them had already gone to the cafeteria. It was time for breakfast and he could actually feel the hunger. It would be rude to leave his roommate alone though, and so he continued walking and accompanied Benjamin all the way to room eight. He was fine with the relative silence between them and he supposed that his companion wouldn’t be bothered with the stillness.

“Do you want to get something from the…” Elijah started asking once they passed the stairs. He trailed off once he noticed a familiar figure standing on the wall next to the door of their room. ‘Isabella Dorson. Bells as what she liked to be called’, the thought quickly crossed his mind when their eyes met. He nodded in acknowledgement, his words dying in this throat, and he abruptly stopped in his tracks. She was actually more known as Izzy’s estranged cousin. Izzy had once told something about her in passing but Elijah actually don’t know a lot about her. Aside from seeing her occasionally at the school grounds, accompanied by her group of friends, he never had the chance to talk to her. Whenever he would find himself near her presence, he would usually get stiff and somewhat conscious... Much more too conscious of his actions, in fact. He didn’t like the strange ideas floating in his mind whenever he was near her.

“Uh… Morning, Bells”, he finally uttered. He decided it would be quite rude of him to disregard her presence. No matter how conflicted he was about her, he would still try to be nice to her and to any other person around. He continued towards the door of their room and fished his own key from his pocket. He opened the lock and stepped to the side. It was during this moment that he heard Mr. Marinos’ voice announcing the start of the assembly. He looked towards Ben and Bells and in his apprehension, stupidly stated the obvious, “I think the assembly’s about to start.”


Eriol was pissed. Beyond without a doubt utterly pissed. It took him several minutes to look for their room and he was half-expecting to see his roommate on the way. He did found their room alright, located not surprisingly in between the rooms eight and twelve but there was no one around. That was just the icing on the cake though. Another thing was that he never remembered who the hell was Landon Hirst among the many students of the idiotic Arcana Academy. It was because of this that he had dared take the chance to find his said roommate in their room and look at how wasted that effort was. 'Where the heck is he?' He thought in irritation and he tried to think of possible places a male student of Arcana would stay so early in this morning. That was considering if Landon was a boy himself, Eriol thought. He was really not sure and he had not one single clue about this guy. With the way how twisted the minds of the human beings worked nowadays, he could not be sure if this Landon was a boy. 'For all I knew, maybe this Landon was a girl who got a such an unlucky manly name', Eriol thought exasperated and a little more than put out by the way he had to drag his bag all around the Academy. Well boy or not, his new roommate was currently missing in action and he was irritated beyond belief. Amidst all of this, Eriol fervently wished that he would not get more annoyed than he was right now.

He let out a sigh and walked back towards the reception. He needed the key as soon as possible. It would be a foolish move for him to go into someplace he was not sure of. Also, uptight Leo had just announced the assembly meeting later in 10. While he was not the golden model student, Eri would rather not get on the bad side of the older headmaster so early in the game. His behaved record for the past month was proof of that. Ben and he agreed, or rather he had asserted and suggested to his best buddy about how they should act like the good student for their initial stay at this academy. He was not afraid of Marinos but he figured that he was still basically a greenhorn here. Being new and all that jazz, he might as well try to create a nice image. After all, what fun would it be, if Leo and his lackeys would treat him as a troublemaker only for their first few months of stay at this shitty academy? Landing himself into a detention was not worth a while and he would rather use this time to plan for greater pranks in the nearest future.

Upon reaching the reception, he looked around and waited until one of the staff on the front desk approach him. He put on his best worried expression while he watched one of those nameless women turn to him. “Good morning! Welcome to Arcana Academy! How can I help you?” She smiled and greeted him in that customary helpful expression. Eriol nodded and looked around, as if seemingly searching for something before he warily smiled back at her. “Hello Ma’am”, he stated with his tone full of respect and kept on his troubled look.

He placed his hands above the counter and looked down. He then slightly raised his head, bit his lower lip and lowered his head back again. He let several minutes pass before he looked up and stared at her for another time. “I.. I need help.” He quietly said, lowering his head. He was certain that the woman needed to move closer in order to hear him but he didn’t care. “Yes, how may I help you?” She impatiently said and gave him a strained smile.

“It’s just that my roommate…. Landon Hirst? Do you know him? He was one of the Arcana students, and I was supposed to be his new roommate… “ the sixteen year old boy trailed off, purposely leaving his words (and his involvement with Noctrem) hanging as he waited for the woman to ask him. The receptionist didn’t fail him and she nodded to let him continue. “This is really embarrassing but he told me that he lost his key.” He looked at her with worried eyes before adding, “He was so afraid of the consequences so he forced me to come here and get a new copy of the key for him. He wanted me to tell you that I lost the key and I had no choice. He had threatened me and since I am still new here, I decided to follow his words. I don’t want to get a blemish on my clean record you see. He was so scary and he told me that if I won’t get a copy of the key here, he would never let me get into the room.” His eyes widened and he dished out word after word. His tone was hurried as if he was uncovering a secret, and his face was a mix of innocence and weariness when he waited for the girl’s response.

He was truly emanating a terrified expression and he succeeded in appearing nervous. He didn’t know if she would believe it but it was this acting that he had used to win over his typical victims. His usual victims of those stupid and narcissistic matrons who looked at everyone down that they deemed lower than they were. The woman was immediately on alert mode and she fully faced him. “What do you mean? Is he harassing you? Do you want me to report him to the headmaster?” Eriol’s eyes widened. “Oh! Oh no! I don’t! Just getting me a key would do”, Eriol piped up, the panic and alarm could be clearly heard in his voice. “Don’t tell Mr. Marinos! I don’t want to be kicked out of my room so early!”

It took him several more minutes of explanation and he let out a relieved sigh when he finally got a copy of the key from the overreacting woman. Honestly, if he only knew how tiresome talking to her would be, he should have gone with his Plan B and stopped time to just grab a key from her drawers. ‘Oh, the things he’d suffer just to execute a prank.’ The only good thing that he got from this exercise was that he was quite sure that whatever record his roommate had, would be tainted by his recent actions. Word was bound to travel all round the campus and he was quite certain that if he could not have the room for himself, he would rather make sure to take necessary steps to drive his roommate out. This was only his first small step to freedom after all.

When he got inside Room ten, he promptly placed his bag towards the empty bed and he took his mobile phone and its charger out. He looked for an empty socket and plugged it in. Another one reason that had caused him irritation was when his phone battery died on him when he was about to make a call. It seemed that he had been too excited last night that he forgot to recharge it. He plopped on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He had to contact Yvette soon. He did not know where she was and while he normally didn’t care what she did, he figured that they should attend the assembly together. It was bound to start soon and he wanted to find her before then.

He didn’t know how long he had fallen asleep but he was awakened to the sound of the old Arcana’s headmaster's voice going over the usual announcements. He cursed, stood up and nursed his head as he tried to comprehend what the old geezer wanted to say. Apparently the assembly was starting in five minutes and they were all required to go into the hall else they risk free periods and detention. He shook his head and chase off all remnants of sleepiness. He went into the bathroom and tried to freshen up. After spending a good two minutes of prepping himself, he unplugged his cell phone and concentrated to activate his ability so that he could reach the great hall within the time allotted.

When he was done, he looked for an empty chair near the exit and opened his phone. Eriol dialed his girlfriend’s number and heard it ring. He waited until the line connected before he spoke. “Hello, Yvette. Where are you?”

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Izzy frowned a bit when Ellie said she had a headache “Well that is not good at all Ellie if I could get all the others from moaning I would but I don’t think those Noctrem students would listen to me” he shrugged and watched Ellie for a few minutes then snapped out of it when he heard Ellie agree about listening to him play later on “Great well hopefully the assembly won’t be too long and we can then go out, once I find Elijah, which we will probably see him at the assembly, ill ask him if he wants to tag along” he saw the smile that showed on Ellie’s face and he couldn’t help but smile back.

He then heard Mr. Marinos over the speaker "All students to the Great Hall please, assembly beings in five minutes. A reminder than any absentees will result in punishment." he then looked to Ellie "Five minutes? How long have we been talking?", he couldn’t help but give a soft chuckle and looked down to his watch “Id say a good five minutes but I guess that is our clue we should head down there, maybe we can get something to eat after” he then watched as Ellie went and got some shoes on and thought she looked really cute in her outfit she was wearing. “Come on, Izzy." he felt Ellie’s hand go in his then felt himself being pulled down the hallway and smiled to himself "We can have a quick look at our roommates on the way! Let's go!" “Alright but we should be quick about it we can not be late” just the thoughts of being late made him get a bit nervous.

As they went down the stairs and to the area where the list of roommates where he read off the list “Ellie you are with Addison Lawler….wow that’s weird, did you know they where rooming us with the Noctrem students?” he then read down the list and found his name “and I am with Scott Andrews…not bad but I hope he knows how to clean up after himself and hopefully there won’t be a lot of parties.” he then looked to Ellie “now lets head to the assembly.” He took her hand once more and started walking to the assembly.

As they walked through the doors of the hall he looked to see many seats and also he did not see Elijah there yet so he took out his phone and sent a quick text to his good friend.

“Hey the assembly is about to start. Where are you?”

After he sent the text he put his phone back into his pocket and looked to Ellie “so where would you like to sit? I prefer the front because I have a feeling the Noctrem students will be sitting in the back. Is the front okay with you?” he asked as he walked a little more into the hall so they wouldn’t be in the way of anyone that walked through the door.

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Ben just followed Elijah after going in the completely wrong direction. He just knew that about forty percent of the time that he would be late for class would be because he got lost, the other sixty percent is because he just didn't want to enter or he had better things to do. As he walking through the hallways, Ben just thought. He thought about how he and Eri, mostly Eri since Ben was actually against the idea at first, decided that they are going to be on their best behavior, at least for the beginning. Ben kinda agreed with that, after all they were new and even though Cain was used to them, Leo wasn't. One prank that went wrong could ruin their whole school life here at Arcana. Also as he walked he wondered about his package. It was supposed to arrive yesterday. Inside was all the things his sister could replace that was burned in the fire, such as his music notebooks, clothes, and other various items. Luckily for him, his guitar was in the repair shop during the fire and will be fixed later on today. He was completely lost in thought, you could say. He didn't even notice the silence between him and Elijah. Although if he did, he most likely would have broken it.

Ben woke up from his trance when he heard Elijah start talking, although he never quite heard what he said. Ben looked at Elijah questionably and was about to ask about what he just said when Ben followed Elijah's eye path. There near the hallway, where Ben assumed was his room, was Bells. Quickly he checked his phone without letting anyone see.

Looks like skippin is out of the question. Ill explain more when I see you. And ugh Elijah….we will have to hang in my room more the yours. C ya soon.

and then immediately after that there was another one from Bells.

I am here in front of room 8 and no answer. Where are you?

Ben was worried, it was never good to make Bells wait, ever. How could he hear the beep that told him that he received a text? Ben glanced at his phone once more and saw that it was silent. He also missed a call from his sister. "Great" Ben thought. He heard Elijah mutter something like a greeting to Bells. Ben saw that Elijah was acting a bit strange. He must be a bit scared of her due to that fact that he's Izzy's friend and probably Izzy had told him horrible stories about her. Ben didn't know why Izzy didn't like Bells, she's freaking awesome. Anyways he went up to Bells and put an arm around her shoulder in a friendly way, the same way he always did to her. "Hey Bells, sorry for making you wait. I guess you just miss me too much," Ben said jokingly. Ben then saw Elijah open the door to the room, but before he could take a peek, Leo's voice echoed through the halls. Elijah then said that the assembly was going to start soon. Ben looked at Bells. He read in the text that skipping was out of the question, so he wondered why. It was a bit unlike Bells to waste her time on a stupid assembly, but she must have her reasons so Ben didn't think about it too much. "I guess we should go," Ben said as he just kicked his duffel bag into his room. He will organize it later. Ben looked at Elijah and Bells and said quickly,"You coming or not slowpokes?".

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Bells was leaning against the wall waiting very impatiently when finally she saw Ben and… ugh Elijah. She saw Elijah nod to her and saw that he stopped a little ways from her. She couldn’t help but smirk, she noticed him watching her and finally the boy stammered out some words “Uh..Morning, Bells” . She stood up more straightly and walked over to him “Morning Elijah” was all she said to him then looked to Benz. “You said you would be up here and I have been waiting….” she then saw Benz walk over to her and put his arm around her shoulder. She was annoyed a little bit but she would let it slide because she was in a good mood from being able to talk to Ms. Wright this morning.

“Hey Bells, sorry for making you wait. I guess you just miss me too much,” Bells rolled her eyes at what Benz said “your lucky I like you..or I would have left by now” she then heard the Mr.Marino’s announcement over the intercom "All students to the Great Hall please, assembly beings in five minutes. A reminder than any absentees will result in punishment." “Oh so scared a punishment…so scared” she sort of mocked the announcement then looked to Benz, she first heard Elijah say something but sort of ignored it. “I guess we should go” she nodded “yes lets go get this over with, I hope it won’t be too long” she then got lost in thoughts about her conversation with Ms. Wright earlier when she got snapped out of it from Benz say “You coming or not slowpokes” she sighed and walked up to Benz “of course I am coming, lets go” she said as she started walking off “oh the reason why we aren’t skipping is because well I got talking to Ms. Wright…and yea..” She hasn’t told anyone about her feelings for Ms. Wright and wasn’t sure if she was going to tell anyone…just yet. She especially didn’t want Amber to find out, the girl already knew one of her secrets that she really didn’t want anyone to find out so Bells made and agreement with Amber and they have been good since.

As she was walking downstairs she wasn’t even sure if Benz or Elijah was with her, she knew Benz would catch up and she really didn’t care for Elijah especially since he was best friends with Izzy, yes he might be cute but Elijah’s personality just wasn’t her type. As she did make it to the great hall, she didn’t understand why it was called a great hall. What so great about a room that is pretty much for assemblys? She walked through the doors and right off she saw Izzy and Ellie. She didn’t say anything to them, she found a seat in the back row and sat down putting her feet up on the seat in front over her and leaned her head back, maybe she could fall asleep during the assembly. She did tell Ms. Wright she be there but she didn’t say anything about being coherent.

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#, as written by xKyrie

Elijah was torn between feeling wary and glad when Bells had greeted him in return. He was happy to know that she knew him. She was an interesting girl, and even if she had such kind of… unpleasing personality, he could not help but get drawn to her. It might have been because she was cold and somewhat uncaring towards him and some of the people around her or it might also be because of her ability but Elijah really wanted to know her more. While he hated the way she treated others, disliked how much she always seemingly disregarded rules and regulations, and had the full knowledge of how she was the type of person that would find pleasure in hurting someone; all of this did not deter him. It was a bit shallow on his part, he supposed --since he technically wanted to know about her because of her pain inducement ability, but then for now, it was enough to warrant such fascination. She was like a piece of mystery. A modernistic work of art, one which he would be willing to solve (given the chance).

Elijah was certainly not a shy person. He could be quiet and reserved but he was not someone who would be hard to approach. He was open and accommodating and he could take time to listen and do nothing but simply listen to others when they share information about theirselves. He could even give some ideas and opinions if the one he was conversing with wanted some but he was content with just listening. It was because of this that it was laughable on how he could noticeably turn into a bumbling fool once he was in front of one Isabella Dorson. It seemed that whenever he was within a short distance from the girl, his brain would take an impromptu vacation and he would usually lose all the conversational phrases and words that he knew. Instead of being sociable, he would end up awkward and tense around Bells. It was pathetic and he would not be surprised if she would dislike him for acting this way in front of her.

Every now and then, he wondered. What would take him to take that courageous leap of faith and approach Bells? Just like he had always imagined in his mind. He had been trying to come up with scenarios. Those that he would do if he would meet her along the way to classes or any other place possible. Would his uncharacteristic stiffness and discomfort disappear? Or would he still stay as he had always been whenever he was in front of her presence: shy, awkward and mute-like? He walked behind them and continued to get lost in his thoughts. Though his concentration proved to be easily distracted by the brunette in front of him, not a moment later. He could not help but notice every now and then how she excluded an aura of confidence. Bells was a unique girl, someone that would never let others walk over her and he liked that about her.

The Irish lad was almost near the hall when he felt the phone in his pocket vibrate. Since he was fully aware of the time limit that Mr. Marinos had set for the start of the assembly, he decided to check on the new text message later. He entered the hall and looked around. He stopped on the side once he passed the entrance door and found the place occupied by most of the Arcana students along with some from Noctrem. Mr. Marinos was seated with Ms. Roerig in the front together with Mr. Vincent and the other teachers. He tried to smile at his favorite English teacher and walked further inside the great hall.

While he did, he took his time to study the others who have also attended this morning. Almost more than a half of the student population was present and he knew that this was because of Mr. Marino's recent announcement. He figured that they would know about their class schedules today from the way how the things were going. He found Izzy and Elle seated near the front row and approached them.

"Good morning", he greeted his closest friends as soon as he reached them. He took a seat besides Izzy and looked at the two. He cast them a beaming smile. " Did I miss a lot? Did you see the list?" He inquired, truly wanting to know more about his friends' roommates. He was distracted by Ben's arrival and because of that he did not have enough time to look for their new roommates. "My roommate is Ben Hershkovitz. How about you Elle and Izzy? I'm sorry I was unable to see the rest of the list, especially about your roommates. Excuse me for a while", he added. He remembered the text message and took out his phone. Once he saw that it was from Izzy, he thanked him and said, “Thank you for informing me about the assembly Izzy-“

He was about to add more but Mr. Marinos had already stood on the podium in front. He straightened in his seat and quietened down. He faced the stage and listened closely to the headmaster after sending a sheepish smile towards his friends.

------------~ After the assembly ~----------
When Mr. Marinos was done with the announcement, Elijah was once again conflicted with mixed feelings. To say the least, what had been tackled at the assembly, was unexpected. Aside from the strange rooming list this morning, there was another surprise after it. The headmaster had stated that there would be a housing system. Apparently, Elle and he, along with the other students like Theodore and Jess were placed in the Causton House. Not that he hated being grouped with the Noctrem students but it would be was rather odd with how they have seemingly wanted to make the students from the two schools interact. There was no school distinction of whether you were from Arcana nor Noctrem between groups and it made things interesting. He was wondering how things were going to be weeks from now.

Though It was a shame that Izzy was not sorted with them in the Causton house. It would have been more entertaining if he was with both Elle and Izzy when they try to compete during activities. Izzy was fun, he was a nice lad and his helpful acts had never failed to amaze Elijah. He was actually one of the very first people that he had grown close with on his early days here in Arcana.

Elle on the other hand, had a personality you wouldn’t expect from when you first see her. While she looked delicate and small because of her stature, Eleanor Carson was not a pushover. She was honest and open minded. Elle was caring and friendly. She would take an effort to listen to your stories and be just there whenever you needed someone to talk to. He had always seen her like those girls, that while strong, were ones that needed to be taken care off. Not in the sense that he would actually get suffocating but he had this urge to protect her away from harm even though he knew that she could take care of herself. She reminded him of his little sister and because of this, he could get protective of her sometimes. Elijah treasured his friendship with these two. He hoped that this new school system would not cause a drift between their small group. Competitions could be healthy but it could also be destructive. Izzy was and still a great friend and he wished that things would stay that way.

“Did you eat breakfast already? If you haven't, do you want to eat at the cafeteria?” He looked at them and asked. He stared at his wristwatch and noted the time. They had the day to themselves and he wanted to make the best use of it. “I was planning to ask Mr. Marinos to allow me to visit the orphanage and I wanted to invite you two.” He added and hopefully waited for their answer.

((I will post for Eriol as soon as I can))

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People were all talking about the assembly. Or at least, the people who went were. Jade, however, was leaning against a wall near the back of the school, a joint hanging from her lips as she enhaled the oh-so-amazing smoke. At the moment, she didn't have a care in the world to the fact that she had detention for who knows how long, or that she'd probablyjust put herself on Marnios' hit list for the year by being one of those delinquents from Noctrem, but hey, what can you do? Jade had never been one of those...good...people. Good people were boring.

Now...if only Jade could find Addi. The two of them needed to do...stuff. And maybe later they'd bump into Cor and Erin and Bells. Then the five of them could really get the fun started. would be fun for them anyways.

Through her blue-green eyes, at that moment, the world seemed...different. It was weird, but at the same time, it was a good thing. It was like there was a glow around anything and everthing and there seemed to be voices in her head, though, that wasn't saying much. There always seemed to be voices in her head. Maybe she was going insane. Or maybe that had happened a long time ago and she'd just never noticed.
Leaning her head back against the brick wall, she let out a sigh and put one leg up, her foot against the brick. To be quite honest, part of her was sort of wondering what consequences would lay ahead if she just didnt show up to her detentions....

(I know this is really really sort and I'm sorry for that. But, I've barely slept since the Game friday night and my brains sort of fried and I'm at a loss for inspiration. Again, sorry. I just wanted to get something up.)

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#, as written by Mela
Corentine Quellen

The blonde was in a peculiar mood as she walked along the hallways, pondering her situation with Jay. Again, they’d had sex. Hot, passionate sex. The kind she’d only ever had with him. But though her body melted for him, and her heart was doing backflips every time she was with him, her mind was still holding back. She sighed, shaking her head as she reached her room, the red suitcase at her heels. If that door was locked, she was going to blow it apart. Because though Cor had just had amazing sex, her mood was far from good. In fact, she had no idea how to define it. All she knew was that she was going to take it out on someone. Yep, that definitely always helped her mood. Hell, she was probably going to fuck around like a whore tonight just to show Jay that she wasn’t his. Not that she didn’t want to be – she just didn’t want him to know it. Gods, when did her life become so fucking complicated? She reached out a hand, testing the doorknob and finding it unlocked. She took a deep breath, almost disappointed that she didn’t get to break something.

And what was with Erin not texting her back about that damned assembly of Marinos’? As she pondered this, she dragged her suitcase inside and took a look around her, her gaze flickering around the room. It was pretty obvious which side belonged to her, so that was always something… she supposed. And well, the room wasn’t the worst she’d ever stayed in, so long as Lauryn didn’t prove a total pain. She pushed the door closed with her heel, moving to sit at the edge of the stripped bed. Running a hand through her curly mane, Cor frowned slightly. It wasn’t like Erin not to text when she promised to, and that had her wondering what was going on. Was she okay? Hell, of course she was. Erin was a tough girl. Satisfied with that short deduction, she drew out her iPhone, texting Addie…

Which do-gooder did’ya get, babe? ;)

She left it at that, sending more or less identical ones to Bells and Jade. She didn’t give enough of a fuck to go check herself. Besides, she wanted her girlfriends’ takes on their new roommates. She had a feeling not all of them would be too pleased, and she was more than willing to help out in that department. Which now had her wondering if any of them had attended the assembly. She had a feeling interesting information had been given out. Ah well, she’d nag Drake later if it became a problem. Guy had a brain like a sponge, and he would’ve taken notice of everything. Because that was her brother. Growing restless, she changed into this, deciding to see if she could go find something to better her mood. Despite popular belief, Cor didn’t exactly enjoy being in a bad mood. In fact, sometimes she’d rather go back to before she’d even met Jay again, go back to the girl she’d been then. She hated the way he was fucking with her mind and emotions.

Hitting the halls, Cor soon spotted a darkhaired male exiting the teacers’ wing. He looked young. And hot. Like, tall, dark and handsome hot. She gave him an observant once over. New teacher? Or a boyfriend to one of the female teachers? Only one way to find out, Cor, she thought to herself, soon finding herself following this guy. Keeping quiet was a talent of hers, and she proudly discovered that he didn’t notice her at all. Probably because ever since she’d discovered sound was carried by air, she’d been practicing making herself soundless. Or, more so, manipulating sound to go in the opposite direction of the person she was following, or sneaking up on. What did people have powers for, if not to find new ways of using them at all times? She endeavoured to get most possible out of her powers. Once they reached the forest, Cor rolled her eyes. Forest in heels? Sure, why not. She grudgingly noted to herself. She considered briefly to just turn around and leave the guy alone, but decided against it in the end.

Cor didn’t pay much attention to the others in the forest, mostly because she considered them all more or less beneath her notice. When he stopped to tie his shoe laces way out of sight from the others, Cor let a smirk pass over her lips, tilting her head to watch his bottom. Not bad. She quietly moved closer, before deciding to lean her back against a tree a little behind and off to the side from him. Then a thought crossed her mind. Time to say hello, baby, she mused, a devilish, sexy grin coming onto her face as she let the wind rustle around in the leaves behind him. When he turned around immediately, battle position at the ready, she chuckled. “Just the wind, love. Nothing all that scary about it. Yet.” Oh, she had a feeling this was going to be fun. “In fact, now that I think about it, it’s been a while since it was last scary.” She pursed her lips, her eyes travelling over him. He seemed sort of familiar, now that she had him in perfect view. Not that she let it be seen on her face.