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Jessica Coleman

It's not a gift and it's not special; it's a curse and I hate it. Now leave me alone.

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a character in “The Arcana Academy”, as played by OverTheRainbow



Full Name: Jessica Annabelle Coleman
Nicknames: I defiantly prefer Jess,the only person who's ever called me Jessica is my mother.
Age: 19
Birthdate: March 27 1994
Home Town: Dunfrice, Scotland
Sexuality: Straight as a ruler my friends.

School: Noctrem Why? Simply because I couldn't see how a power like mine could ever be used for good.

Power: My power- Do we have to talk about this?.....Fine. My power is laser vision. You must be thinking 'oh wow,you must be so happy, the girl that can cut through anything.' Well it just isn't the case. Firstly, It can't cut through anything; the thickest material I've been able to cut through is Ply wood- the wood that most furniture is made out of. So no, I can't cut through brick walls. I tried to once, but all it did was burn the paint off the wall.
Secondly, no it is not a cool power to have and it isn't something I can use at my pleasure. It takes an intense amount of concerntration to be able to fire the beans from my eyes and be able to the control the direction that they go in; if I didn't, they'd be some serious Injuries... The main reason I hate my power, well as soon as I've stopped using the beans, I am temporily blinded. Yes. It sucks. The longer I have the beans, the longer I am blinded for. It's so horrid, just standing there having to rely on your other sense to determine exactly what's going on around you. That's why I resent my power. It makes me feel helpless afterwards. I have been told that my power is causing my eye sight to deteriorate, and if I keep using it; i'm going to blind by the time i'm thirty. Some gift, huh?
-Fast cars
- Sunny days
- Hanging out with guys
- Swimming
- Camping
- Playing guitar
- Taking Photographs
Dislikes: Five minimum please
- Wearing make up
- Slutty girls
- Fire
- People who try and convince me to embrace my power.
- Any healthy food
Fears: Well, confrontational women scare me, but I get over that fear pretty easily when I'm angry.
My real fear is the things that my power can do. I'm seriously afraid that my power will hurt someone that I love or am close to, just because of a slip in my concentration. I'm also scared about my future; not being able to see being the biggest part of that. I may never be able to see the face of my new born children, if I have any. It makes me shake to core to think that my life could soon be in complete blackness.

Well everyone has good day's and bad day's right? Well I'm no different, however my good days and bad days tend to be at complete opposite ends of the scale.
On a good day; I can be very bubbly, loud and extremely hyper. I am willing to talk to almost anyone, but I often don't like to sit down and chat for long. I seek the thrills in life and life for the moment a lot. Overall on a good day, I'm an incredibly nice person to be around, if you like a bit of fun.

On a bad day however, you wouldn't even want to cross me. I become very dark and withdrawn. If people try to talk to me on those days; I tend to be very short with them or I'll make a sacrastic comment, those are the day's I generally prefer to be left alone to sulk about whatever's caused me be having a bad day.
Triggers for a bad day can be anything from hearing that someone's said something nasty about me, to the fact that I couldn't find the shoe's I wanted to wear that morning, It's very rare that bad day's occur, but when they do, you steer clear.

I prefer to hang around with guys; I find that they are generally more honest that the girls are. I do enjoy female company too, as long as they're not all like; 'oh no, I can't do that, I'll mess up my hair.' Oh please! 9 out of 10 times, the guy you're trying to impress has already formed an opinion on whether or not he wants to sleep with you, way before you decided you liked him!
If I were to get into a relationship with a guy; he'd have be a proper gentleman. None of this 'jump into bed with me and then we'll talk.' I am traditional in the idea that'd at least like to know the guy a little before I jumped into bed with him! I'd want to make sure that he wasn't going to screw me other after I'd given him what he 'needed.'

I'm the middle child of five child. Four boys and me, the only girl the family; other than my mum of course. The sad part is, I don't know who my father is. Yep, my mum was a bit of hussy. She's got five kids, but three different men. Whenever I ask about my dad, I always gets differet replies;
'He was a good man'
'He was an asshole.'
'He was in the Navy.
'He was foreign.'

I've never had much consistency from her about him, and there's still a part of me that yearns to know exactly who he is; when I find him, I want answers.
Other than the constant thirst for knowledge about my past. My childhood was pretty normal. I was treated any differently to the boys, so I grew up with a love for power ranger ( I was always the yellow one) and fast cars. I was always closed to my Elder brother Alex, he always looked out for me and was nearly always willing to play House with me whenever I wanted a break from blowing things up. He's in the Army now, serving his second tour out in Afghan, how I miss him so.
How I discovered my power? Well, It was a sunny day ( unbelievable for Scotland, I know) and Alex, my brother Mike and I were out in the garden. Mike was younger than me and, like me, always had an eye was fun. We were going to play 'Knock down ginger' with some bottles. The idea of the game was to see who could knock down the most plastic bottles with the stones that we'd collected from the garden. Alex had already taken his turn, he'd hit four bottles and was feeling pretty smug. I was determined to bet him. So, there I was, the stone in my hand, focusing really hard on where to hit the bottle to knock it down, then suddenly, BAM!, a laser shot out of what, at the time seemed like no where, and sent the bottle rocketing about 6 feet into the air. Then, complete blackness.
'Whoa, did you see that?'
'I can't see'
'Just flew up into the sky.... must've been about twenty feet'
Alex, I can't SEE!'

I heard footsteps and a handed touched my arm, making me flinch.
'Jess, are you-'
Then there was light. The dazzling light of Scottish sun booming into my eyes. The intensity caused me to stagger backwards, and there was Alex, concern etched all over his face.
'Jess, are you okay?'
I took a deep breath 'What the fuck was that?'

That was the first time I found out about my power. There were other occasions of course, but that was the most memorable. My mum tried to get all the help in the world. She was the first one to convince me that my power was good thing and that I was blessed to have it and for a while I believed her; until that night....
I was fifteen and it was late at night. I'd just come out of my friends house parties; they were also nasty places. Full of attention seeking little sluts trying to grab guys attention and people getting stoned. I'd started to walk home, down the winding streets of Dunfrice, when I noticed that I was being followed. He was clearly drunk, I could sense that from the about a mile away, he was staggering all the other the place, straight lines were defiantly a challenge.
Most people would get scared in this situation; I just got irritated. When was this guy going to leave me alone? After a while, I snapped.
Can I help you? I called to him hotly.
He staggered towards me, trying and failing to keep his eye's on mine.
Give me a blow job He slurred.
This would have also caused most people to be affronted; it just made me amused.
Sorry darlin', don't do those on a first date
By this time, he was close to me
Gis a kiss them he slurred and grabbed me into a bear lock. That's when panic set in. I was trapped by this man. Completely helpless; what was he going to do to me? me I protested, whilst struggling. Then I looked into his face. That was when it happened. The lasers. They hit him square in the eyes. It was only for two or three seconds but that had been enough. I didn't see what happened to him; the blindness had engulfed me. All I heard was the screaming. The blood curtling scream of a man I never knew.
When vision returned to me; there I was. Standing in a dark alley way at night. with a dead man at my feet. I had gauged out his eyes with my laser.

Everyone told me I was right to do what I did; my entire family supported me, told that they didn't care what I had done they still loved me.
Of course, not every one was as understanding; the police launched an investigation and they were on the hunt for, what the media described as a 'New jack the ripper.' I had no option. I had to run/ To save myself and my family.
I read about Noctrem online; a school for whose who wish to use their powers for evil. Well I didn't wish to; I sort of got stuck with that situation. How could anyone who had killed a man with their power be good? So that's where I ran to. Needless to say, I don't exactly fit in, but I'm happy enough.

Anything else? I'm not a morning person, let me wake up of my own accord, otherwise there will be hell to pay.
I also wear glasses sometimes, yes, don't judge.

So begins...

Jessica Coleman's Story

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Morgan Janssen


Morgan sat upright. She had been dreaming about performing onstage in front of millions of people when she had been woken abruptly by the floor. Her alarm clock showed 06:59. She stood up and yawned. She dragged herself into the shower and began to wonder who her roommate would be. Hopefully not one of the bitches from Noctrem. She refused to room with one of them. And she refused to leave her room. So if her roommate had to sleep on the roof, so be it. She shut off the water. A beeping sound could be heard coming from her room. She wrapped herself in a towel and ran out to see what it was. Her alarm was chirping happily. She still wasn't sure how to turn it off, so she simply slapped it a few times until it stopped beeping. She then went to her closet and assembled an outfit.. She pulled it on and went to her mirror. Her fingers played over the various pots and items on her dressing table before resting on her eyeliner and mascara. She lined her eyes and put on a coat of mascara. She looked around her room. One side of it, the side she hadn't lived in, was neat and tidy, untouched since the first day of term. But her side was a mess. She briefly considered cleaning it up. She instead decided just to leave all the clothes into the laundry basket. It made her room look considerably tidier, and she grinned. Job done.

She dragged a brush through her hair before leaving the room and heading downstairs. Various students were heading down, mainly to see who their roommate would be. The first Noctrem students had arrived and were checking out their roommates. Morgan resisted the temptation to run and instead chose to walk over to the listing. Her eyes scanned down the list until they found her name. She grinned. She was rooming with Jess Coleman, one of the nicer Noctrem girls. She checked out some of the other listings. Zac was rooming with Theodore McCaffery. The debates would be flying in that room anyway.

She waited outside for Jess and watched as the Noctrem students approached. Some she smiled at, others she glared at. The Noctrem students had only been at Arcana for a month, but it had been ample time to develop friendships and to become enemies, even among the teachers. Personally, she didn't have anything against the Noctrem teachers. They were only doing their job, after all. The school they taught at shouldn't matter, but it did for some students. They had the impression that all Arcana students were good, sweet little angels that never stayed up past their bedtime. But Morgan had been at a party a few nights ago, and... Well, the Noctrem students would soon be cured of that assumption. Morgan's drink had been spiked, and she had gotten a little tipsy. She had been giggling at every single little thing somebody said. But that was minor compared to some people. At least she had been able to walk to bed and had been able to attend first class the next morning.

Zac Barnes

The drum solo from Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" filled the room. Zac was immediately awake and alert. Mo had bought him that alarm clock for his last birthday as a joke, but it was actually pretty effective. Zac swung his legs out of bed and ran his hands through his hair as he yawned. He stood up and went into the bathroom. He showered and went back into the main room. As he came out of the bathroom, the door slammed behind him, caught by a breeze from the open window.

"Give me the stuff, Jon!" "I told you already, I don't have it!" "GIVE ME THE FUCKING STUFF!"

Zac walked in at possibly the worst moment. The man who was shouting at his father grinned at him. "Hello, Zac." He grabbed his arm and slammed the door behind him. He dragged him over and pointed a gun at his head. "Give me the stuff." He said quietly. His father just stared in horror. Zac had only been eleven and was frightened out of his wits. The man flung Zac to the ground and kicked him. Still pointing the gun at him, he turned once again to Jonathan Barnes. "Give me the stuff, now." His father managed to stutter out, "I don't have all of it." The man kicked Zac again, in the stomach this time. "Well, go get some more. Don't worry, I'll watch Zac."

Zac crashed back to reality. He was on his knees, clutching his head in his hands. He blinked away the tears and rubbed his stomach. It was haunted with the memory of the pain of being kicked in the stomach. He stumbled to his feet and washed his face in the bathroom. He went back into the bedroom, feeling as though this was the dream and his flashback was his reality. He went to his wardrobe and pulled out the first outfit his hands fell on. When he was dressed, he went over to his drum kit. He was about to smash into it, but he put down his sticks. He instead picked up a pick and picked a few chords on his guitar. His fingers slid up and down the frets, and his hand picked out a sad, melancholy tune. He was so scared, even though he knew it was over. He was away from all that, and he had made sure to erase himself from the memories of all of those who could hurt him. But there was always, always that chance.

He put down his guitar and made his way downstairs. He had better find out who he was going to room with. He managed to peer over the heads of everyone who was crowded around the poster. Mo had managed to weasel her way up the front. She looked pretty pleased with whoever she was rooming with. Zac scanned the list. Zac Barnes and Theodore McCaffery... Excellent. Theodore kept himself to himself, but loved to debate. He was Zac's ideal roommate, if he was brutally honest. Zac spied Mo making her way outside, probably to wait for whoever she was rooming with. He darted away from the crowd and came up beside her. She looked at him and raised her eyebrows at his grin. He looked at her and grinned even wider. He heard her voice say, "You only grin that wide if something good happens after a flashback." But her lips stayed still. "Mo, you have no idea." He thought back at her. Her lips raised a little.

Alli Jackson

Alli bolted upright a second before her alarm went off. She smiled smugly and jumped out of bed, landing perfectly. She went into the bathroom and showered, before pausing to choose her outfit. She grinned at the sound of students downstairs. More arrivals, more people to study. People would be milling around, and she intended on watching them and seeing if she could gauge their reactions. She opened the door and ran along the corridor. She couldn't resist doing a handstand at the top of the stairs.

She ran lightly downstairs and watched the variety of people as they went up and studied the list. Zac Barnes. He was closed up and obviously upset about something when he came down, but that quickly disappeared when he read the list. Spencer, the smartest guy in the school, was filled with disproval for his roommate. She winked at him and smiled, before focusing back on the crowd. Colby Haskins was disappointed that he didn't get who he wanted to room with. She played with her necklace as she watched. The foul smell of tobacco smoke stank up the reception. Alli grimaced and made her way outside. The smell of tobacco was still present, but it wasn't as noticable. She went over to Mo and Zac. "Who are you rooming with?" Zac asked. "Oh! I forgot to check!" She said, blushing a little. She went back inside. She couldn't see over anyone's heads, so she ducked and weaved her way through so she could. She was rooming with...Lulu Allen. She shrugged. There were worse people she could room with. She went back outside to Mo and Zac. Mo looked at her. "Lulu Allen." She said. Mo nodded. Zac was grinning at something, but he wouldn't reveal why.

"Ugh. I have to get away from here. You guys coming?" She asked, heading towards the forest. Mo and Zac followed her, watching the crowd of Noctrem students. When she could no longer smell the foul stench of cigarettes, she sat down on the ground and done a few stretches. When she had warmed up, she began doing handstands and somersaults. Mo and Zac watched, fascinated. This brought her right back to her days of competing. Her jeans and hoodie became a leotard. Her hair went up into a bun.

The music was barely audible over the crowd's cheers. They then went silent. She took a running start and flipped in midair, and landed in a tumble. She struck her pose before going into a handstand, which developed into a flip. She twisted, tumbled, and dazzled the crowd. She was about to go into a perfect finish when-

"OW!" Her foot caught on a root, but her dexterity meant she didn't fall over. Mo and Zac ran over to her. "Alli! Are you okay?" Mo said. "I don't know... I caught my foot on a root. I think it's just twisted, but it's damn painful." She said. Mo and Zac shared a look, and picked her up. No matter how much she protested, they insisted on carrying her in. But, thankfully, they didn't bring her to the nurse's office. Instead, they brought her upstairs and put her on a couch. "That was completely uncalled for." She grumbled. "If Spencer saw me, I will kill you." She muttered. Mo grinned. "What was that?" She forced herself to grin back. "Nothing."

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Morgan Janssen

Morgan's arms were still sore from carrying Alli in. That girl wasn't big. In fact, she was short and built like a stick. But she was surprisingly heavy. She seemed to be better now, anyway. "I'd better go down and see if Jess is in yet." Mo said, standing up. Alli stood up. "I'm fine now, I'm coming too." She insisted. Mo shrugged. Zac grinned. She made her way downstairs and went to stand in a spot where she was sure Jess could see her. It appeared to be a good choice of spot, because moments later, Jess made her way over. Mo hugged her. "Wow, I can't believe we're roomies! Come on! It's room Eleven." She waved goodbye to Alli and Zac and shot upstairs. She made her way down the corridor, stopping in front of her room. She had to start thinking of it as their room. Their room. She opened the door and sat on her bed. "Welcome to Room Eleven! The bathroom's over there. You can have the desk that's relatively tidy. I'm a bit of a slob, so I'm hoping you don't have much of a problem with untidiness." She said to Jess. Her phone vibrated on her desk. She crossed the room and picked it up.

Hey sweetie. Good luck with your new roommate. If it's someone you don't like, tell Mr Marinos that I'll pay for any damages. Dad. x

She grinned and crossed back over to her bed. Her dad was definitely the person who knew her best. Her mom had understood her pretty well, until the shooting. But her dad had always, always known when she was sad, even if she looked positively ecstatic. He always texted her in full sentences. He despised poor grammar, a characteristic he had passed onto Mo.

Hey Dad. It's okay, you can put the chequebook away. I'm rooming with Jess Coleman, someone I actually like! Thanks for the good wishes anyway. Arcana should remain standing for another few days. Mo. xx

She left her phone down on the bed, still smiling. "Okay, Jess, so spill. Roomies have to share everything. Any crushes? Teachers included." She said, grinning at the other girl. "I don't have anything to tell you, but Alli let something slip earlier. So, come on. I'll tell you." She sat cross-legged on the bed and played with her hands.

Her mind, however, wasn't on the tidbits that she was hopefully about to get from Jess. It was on her eight-year old self. She could remember sitting on the stairs, watching her parents argue.

"Well, who is it then?" "I've told you before, Karen, I'm not having an affair!" "You're late home from work every single evening!" "Because I'm working overtime! You want Mo to be happy, don't you?" "Don't you dare bring Mo into this." "Well, she's the reason I wouldn't have an affair! You know I love her too much! I would never leave her!" "No, you'd take her with you!" She covered her ears and flew upstairs to bed. Other kids only had to worry about their scraped knees. She had to worry about her parents splitting up.

Mo snapped back to the present. Her grin was still fixed in place, but she felt like she was about to burst into tears. She was always like this coming up to the anniversary of her mother's death. It was almost ten years now, but Mo still missed her terribly.

She was glad when the announcement came on, because it took the focus away from her. She quickly rubbed her eyes and hoped her eyeliner didn't run.

Zac Barnes

Zac watched as Mo flew up the stairs to her room, tailed by Jess. That girl was insane sometimes. The smell of cigarettes was foul. He looked around for Theo. He appeared to making his way up to the room. Zac searched the reception until he found who he was looking for. He went up behind her and grabbed Ashy in a hug from behind. "Hey, Ashy. Found out who your roomie is yet?" He said, releasing her. "I'm rooming wtih Theo. I'd like to apologise in advance. We could very well be debating until all hours." He said. "Right, I'd better go up." He grinned at her, before heading upstairs.

Him and Ashy had bonded the very first day they had met. They knew practically everything about each other. Except... Zac had never told Ashy about his past. He was worried she would worry unneccesarily, and he done enough of that for both of them. He had just told her he was in a foster home because both of his parents had been killed in a car accident. In reality, his father had been killed when a rookie police officer had been a bit too trigger happy in a hostage situation, and his mother was off the radar. He hated his mother. She had left them when he was four, and had never come back. Not even when his father had started his... Little business. Not even when his father had been killed. Not even when Zac had been taken into a foster home.

Zac caught up with Theo along the corridor leading to the dorms. He laughed at the show he was putting on with his blue duffel bag. "Ah, come on now. We both know that's not that heavy." He said, grinning at him. "Here we go. Room Eighteen." He said, throwing the door wide open. "Mind the drums. And if you find any picks lying around, they're probably mine." He listened to the announcement. "Right. You can do what you want, I'm going to get something to eat. I'm bloody starving. And I won't be able to make everyone forget if my stomach rumbles during assembly."

As he was heading downstairs, he tried not to think about the hell that awaited him in the next few days. At least he didn't have roommate problems to add to that list. But it was a rough time for Mo. He would have even more of Skylar to handle. He would have to avoid the mind-reader even more at this point. Morgan didn't want anybody to know about what time of year it was for her, because she didn't want to be smothered in sympathy. The Noctrem students would make fun of her, saying she should get over it. He completely trusted Ellie not to spill, but the Noctrem students could be slimy little bastards. And he just wanted Morgan to be relatively happy. She hadn't told anybody about him, so he wouldn't tell anybody about her.

Alli Jackson

Alli listened carefully to the announcement. Her ankle still ached, but not as much. She looked around and spotted Lulu. She was about to go over, but then somebody else caught her eye. Scott Andrews.

No way. No freaking way. He went to Noctrem?! Oh my God, he's here!" Before they had went their seperate ways, they had been inseperable. There was nothing romantic between them, but they had been best friends. He had came to her when he needed support, and she had went to him when she was completely pissed at her parents. She had told him she was going to Arcana. He had told her the name of his school. It hadn't stood out to her at the time, but now she remembered it as Noctrem. A look of pure elation appeared on her face. "Scott! Scott Andrews!" Before she knew it, her ankle was forgotten and she was flying across the room for a hug. She wrapped her arms around them. He had definitely grown taller in the three years they had been apart.

"I cannot believe you're here! I thought you were going to school abroad or something. Come on! Let's go catch up over breakfast!" She grabbed his hand and dragged him towards the cafeteria. "Who are you rooming with? I can't believe they put us with Noctrem students. I'm with Lulu Allen. She's not bad. She's certainly better than Corentine or somebody. Can I ask, does 'Fuck up' make any sense to you? Because she has no problem with saying that to me." She was so excited. She could not wait to tell Lauryn about this.

She saw Zac sitting at a table in the cafeteria. She grinned at him and dragged Scott over to the table. "Zac Zac Zac!" She said. "Guess what?" He looked mildly stunned. "Scott's here! Me and Scott used to be best friends, but then he went to Noctrem and I came to Arcana, but now he's here!" He grinned. "I'm guessing you're excited about that." He said, looking at Scott. "Yeah! Yeah, I am." She sat down. "Who are you rooming with?" She asked Zac, finally taking her attention away from Scott. She hoped with all her being that he'd say Scott, but she was disappointed. "Theo McCaffery." He said, grinning even wider. "Oh. Oh well. If you have nightmares, you'll know who to blame." She said, trying to hide her disappointment. Zac laughed. She guessed it was at her.

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McKenna Marinos

“Lets just say this year is going to be interesting…and I have a feeling we are going to see more fights here then we ever had here. I don’t mind the Noctrem students…yeah they are bitchy and party animals but all we can really do is go with the flow. And for the bitch squad I just stay out of their path. This is how things are going to be now. We just let them do their thing and we do ours." Kali took a quick break from her train of thought and picked up her phone, "Erm maybe though not so sure…I mean this is Mr. Marinos where talking about…he musta did this for a reason or something. What that reason is I don’t freaken have a clue…but it better be a good one." Kali added.

McKenna turned to Lilly, hoping that she might support her idea of talking to Mr. Marinos, but as soon as Lil opened her mouth to speak, she could tell by her tone that she wasn't too keen on the idea herself.

"I think Mr. Marino is a very understanding guy, but I'm sorry McKenna I don't think he would change a student's roommate because then other students would want to do the same thing if they didn't like who they got paired up with."

Both of the girls disagreed and McKenna frowned slightly, but then took it into consideration and nodded. Mr. Marinos did this for some sort of reason, and whatever reason it was, it had to be a good one. Or at least a decent one.

"Oh well, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," She shrugs, "Maybe they'll be out partying so much they wont' even notice who their roommates are.... Hopefully.. If anything happens though, I won't be afraid to try to talk to him..." She adds to the end of her statement firmly, not being one to tolerate those who would threaten her. The "Fearsome Five" were the ones she had to watch out for though, but the fact she was rooming with one, it was bound she'd have to face them eventually. Which caused a small pit in her stomach to slowly grow. Her and Jess could probably just get away for a bit in the library or something for the most part, and Jess was rooming with Morgan, so McKenna was sure it was ok if she hung with them.

"Hey girls!" a third voice rang out as Julie came and sat next to the girls.

Now, McKenna knew that Julie wasn't too big of a fan of her, yet she smiled and waved anyway. McKenna made it a point to not have enemies, she didn't mind if people didn't like her, as long as they weren't digging her grave, she was quite alright with anyone.

"Morning, Julie." She says with a small smile and takes a sip of her tea, "You look pretty today." She adds the compliment, not to suck up, but just to simply be nice.

McKenna was anything but a suck up, she just liked complimenting people.

"So, what do you think this assemblies about? Lil, you're sitting with me right?" Julie asks and McKenna shrugs.

"Probably just going over ground rules and expectations. Whether the Noctrem students follow or not, that's a different story." Kenna chuckles a bit, finishing off her pancakes and she begins on her sausage links.

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Morgan Janssen

Morgan grinned. "Sorry, I'm a little distracted. I just got a text from my dad, you see, and... Jess, can I tell you something?" She blurted out the last part. The girl needed to know if she was going to be living with Mo for the next little while. "But it's one of those things you cannot tell anybody. Especially not any of the Fearless Five. Because I'll be teased mercilessly, and I can't handle that." She sighed. "My mom was killed nine years ago. It's coming up to her anniversary. I should probably be getting over it by now, but it's so hard. I don't want to be smothered with compassion, but if I'm a little more... emotional in the next few days, you'll know why."

It felt so good to finaly get something off her chest. "I mean, class will probably take my mind off it, but..." She was distracted as her phone buzzed by her foot. "Oh, sorry." She apologised, picking up her phone to read the message. "Terribly rude, I know, but it's one of my worst habits." She called out to the other girl.

Aw, that's great to hear, sweetie! Just thought you'd like to know- I was on a date last night. I won't give you the details, but I can assure you NOTHING HAPPENED! She's a teacher- that's all I'm saying. -Dad. xxx

Mo wasn't sure whether to laugh or feel sad at this news. He had taken her mother's death much harder than he had, but he had also gotten over it quickly. That was one of her worst characteristics- she had problems letting things go. She decided to laugh.

She threw the phone back down on her bed. "Hey Jess- wanna go get something to eat? We've got that assembly coming up and everything." She said as she swung her legs off of the bed. "Well, I'm starving. If you want to finish unpacking, I'll understand. But I absolutely have to eat."

She left the room and headed downstairs. The smell of cooking made her smile. The food at Arcana was so damn good. It was one of the only reasons she was considering becoming a teacher. So she could stay at Arcana with the food that was just so good.

As she entered the cafeteria, she noticed Alli talking excitedly to- well, at Zac. There was another guy sitting to the table. Mo vaguely recognised him as a Noctrem student. She piled her plate high with food and sat down as the guy left. Were you listening at all? She projected at Zac. She doubted that very much, judging by the slightly blank look on Zac's face. But you never know.

"Who was that, Alli?" She asked Alli. Alli had been born and raised in San Francisco. Judging by the excited look on her face, she had known that guy for years, meaning he probably had. Who was he? An ex-boyfriend? A crush? A brother Mo didn't know about? The possibilites were endless.

Zac Barnes

Zac had just began eating when Alli had appeared, with some poor guy in tow. She introduced him as Scott. Alli was clearly buzzed about the whole thing. She was so excited, he could barely understand what she was saying. When Scott left, Mo quickly took his seat. As she sat down, Zac heard her voice in her mind. Were you listening at all? She was getting good at this. Her eyes never even flickered towards him. He still hadn't mastered the whole think-back-to-me-and-I'll-hear-it thing, so he just shook his head slightly. He saw a grin lift the corners of Mo's mouth as she enquired as to Scott's identity. He kept his mouth shut, knowing that Alli would inform both of them of all the information in ten seconds flat.

Zac finished his meal and excused himself. Alli was in the middle of informing Mo of exactly who Scott was and how long they had been apart and everything they had done together, so she didn't notice. But as he left, Morgan gave him a look that clearly said, "Please don't abandon me!" He grinned at her as he left the cafeteria.

He decided to go back up to his room and do a bit of drums. He had already picked up his guitar this morning, so it was time to smash some cymbals. As he went back up the stairs, his fingers tapped a rhythm on the banister. He got up to his room and went in. He picked up his sticks and sat down on his stool grinning. He might of had some trouble in his past. He regretted a lot of things. Like the first time he had told his foster parents about his power. They had thrown him out on the street. But Zac had simply knocked on the door and when they had opened it, he had simply removed that memory from their minds.

But one thing Zac did not regret was learning to play the drums and guitar. There was nothing like smashing the shit out of a pair of drums after a bad day. A guitar was more for sadness or joy, but it could interpret anger as well. Sometimes when he was really pissed at somebody, he would haul the electric guitar and amp out of his wardrobe and play a few really good rock songs. Some days it was classic. Other days it was the lesser known stuff, like You Me At Six or All Time Low. Music was one way he could express himself without hurting anybody. He didn't believe music could influence anybody to hurt themselves.

He stood up and picked his iPod up from the top of his drawer. He rooted in a drawer until he found his headphones and plugged them in. Selecting a song, he sat back down on his stool and challenged himself to play along with the drummer on the song. The song he had chosen was deceptively simple. Before long, he was lost to the world.

After a good smash, Zac was grinning from ear to ear. He headed downstairs, not sure of exactly he was going to talk to. He decided to leave Mo to suffer with Alli's excitement for another few minutes, and find Colby or Izzy. They had only been at school for a month, but they were already friends.

Alli Jackson

"Now I might now why you're so good at gymnastics." Alli grinned. "You guessed right. Dexterity. I'm not bad at sport either." Her grin slid a little when he left, but Morgan quickly took her seat. "Who was that, Alli?" She asked as a grin crossed her lips. Alli was momentarily confused, until she realised she must be communicating with Zac using her telepathy. Alli grinned. Poor Morgan had no clue what she had let herself into.

"Scott Andrews. We used to live practically next door to each other. Our parents were friends, so we were almost forced into being friends. But we were so close. When we were little, we used to play together everyday. As we got older, what we done changed. There was never anything romantic between us, but we used to climb trees and everything. As we grew older, we used to just... hang out. He never, ever got mad when I had to cancel because of gymnastics. We knew everything about each other, from birthdays to favourite foods to what we wanted to be when we left school. When I had a blazing row with my parents, I went to Scott's house. When he needed someone, he came to mine. But then at fourteen, we went our seperate ways. I came to Arcana, and he went to Noctrem. And I thought I'd never see him again, but now he's here at Arcana!"

She finished with a grin. Zac had left halfway through, and Morgan was still grinning, but her head was on her hands and Alli immediately knew that she had just heard, "Scott Andrews," before tuning out. She clicked her fingers a few times in front of her face to bring her back, but she wasn't annoyed. Morgan shot back to reality. "Wow. Great story, Alli." She said, looking around. "We both know you weren't listening." Alli said, laughing. Mo grinned at her. "Nope, I wasn't. I didn't need to know all of that, surely." She laughed.

"Right, I'd better go find Lulu. I'm sure she can find the room by herself, but it's polite." She stood up and grabbed a fruit muffin before heading out to look for her roommate. She ate as she walked. When she found her, feeling a little awkward, she said, "Lulu? I'm Alli, your roommate. Do you want to head up to our room before assembly? I'll give you a hand with your stuff if you want."

All the studying of human behaviour she had done. All the psychology articles she had read. And, yet, she was as awkward as any other, normal teen. She hated it, if she was honest.

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Jess was a little in shock when her room mate told her about the loss of her mother...How the hell was she supposed to react to that? It wasn't exactly something you introduced yourself with... She stepped out of the bathroom towards the girl on the other bed, genuinely stumped for what to say. Finally, she found the power of speech.
'Well, if you need anything... just let me know, ok?' She told her room mate, awkwardly, she'd barely knew Mo a month and already she was telling Jess the deep secrets of her past? God, she'd have a field day if she knew mine Jess thought darkly, as she placed her IPod down her desk. In the young brunette's mind, this marked the room as her own.

When Mo apologised for texting whilst have a conversation with her, Jess shrugged it off. 'It's fine my dear, It's good that you have a good relationship with your dad.' She said with a smile, that didn't quite reach her eyes. She thought about her family back home, the family she'd had to flee so from because of the..incident... it was so very long ago... How she missed them so.

Mo's voice cut through her thoughts like a sword, asking if she wanted to come to the cantine or stay here and unpack. Jess nodded furiously, 'Yeah I need to eat too, plus I need to eat and meet up with the beautiful Miss Mckenna Marino's before assembly.' She said cheerfully, quickly whipping out her phone as it buzzed with the text from Mickey. She smiled at her phone as the two girls walked down the canteen and quickly hit reply.

I am from Noctrem stupid :p Psh, when have I ever been late for anything? Walking down to the canteen with Morgan now, I'll drop her off and then come find you! Muhaha! J xx

As the two girls arrived at the assembly hall, she turned to Mo 'I guess I'll see in assembly now. There's going to be a blood bath, I can just see it.' She chuckled as Mo left. She saw her head towards a table where Zac and Allie were sitting. She gave them both a little wave before heading off to the assembly hall.

Arcana was huge and extremely well kept, Jess couldn't help but be slightly in the awe at how clean and magnificent the whole place was. She had a feeling she'd be very comfortable here.
She thought about Sky, she hadn't seen him, probably causing trouble no doubt. Jess chuckled to herself at the thought.

She finally reached the assembly hall, there was no one there yet. Of course, only nerds turn up this early Jess thought to herself. She rolled her eyes, trust Mickey to make her look like a freak. Best friend's rights, she supposed. She lend herself up against a wall and waited for her best friend's arrival.


When Freya talked about going back to London to speak to her parent's lawyers, Ashy was intrigued. How does a girl at our age have anything to do to court about? It was must be quite stressful was for her Ashy decided. This thought was confirmed by the way the other girl acted after the statement she had just made. Ashy decided to not pursue the conversation any more.

She let out a sigh of relief when Freya told her that the room she had was lovely. She gave a small smile, releasing the hands from the hem of her dress. Freya did look happy to be here and it soothed Ashy somewhat to know that they were at least friends.

'Oh no, I know' She said hurriedly after Freya made the comment about her being scared, 'I've made good friends with some of the Noctrem students since you've been here.' She said, with a small smile as she thought about Ben. Damm why couldn't she get this boy off her mind... where was he? Probably hanging out with the Noctrem lot, she supposed it was hardly 'cool' to hang around with an Arcana student, she supposed... the thought hurt her a little, she missed him so.
'No, I just worry a lot...' She confided in the her blonde room mate as she sat down beside. She held up her hands and showed Freya her nails 'I guess these are proof of that' She laughed softly.

When Freya asked her to tell about herself, Ashy faced another common problem. Not knowing what to say. Where do you start when describing yourself? How did she do it without freaking the girl out? Stop worrying Ashy you're going to make yourself Ill, Ashy told her self before taking a breath.

'Well, I'm from New York originally, high end New York at that...' She said quietly, trailing off as she thought of her family. The cup of water incident, the being disowned, the ignorant sexist pig who's sperm made her...She blinked several times before continuing. 'I like to dance, that's my favourite hobby. Then there's drawing, although I'm rubbish at it.' She smiled shyly at her room mate. 'What about y-' She was about to ask before being she heard the sound of drums from next door. She giggled. 'Yeah that'll be Zac... that'll happen a lot...' She chuckled..

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McKenna Marinos

McKenna watched as more people gathered around, Eden, and his statue angel, Mary.

Of course Mary gave her the heebie jeebies. Maybe she watched too much Doctor Who, or something but she felt as if she couldn't blink around Mary or she'd get closer...Closer..then, gone... Poof, out of the atmosphere and teleported into another time or something preposterous.

Checking her phone, she realizes it was ten minutes until the assembly and she should start heading over to meet up with Jess. Picking up her plates, she turns to the others, "Ready for the assembly?" She asks kindly, more looking towards Kal and Lil.

She sees the text from Jess and chuckles. She had never considered Jess a Noctrem student, she always forgot, since they were so close. And she was one of the only students from Noctrem that actually enjoyed her company to an extreme extent. She throws her bag over her shoulder, dropping the picture without realizing it. It flutters in the wind, landing at Mary's stone feet.

McKenna texts Jess back:

I'm on my way, lovely

She puts her phone away in her pocket and walks to throw her plates away, then turns and waits for the group -- if they were willing to tag along to Mr. Marino's rule lecture.

[[Sorry for the shortness of this post.]]

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McKenna Marinos

Mary's voice made her turn around, and McKenna found herself being handed the picture and she gasps a little, "Thank you." She says with a small smile. They begin walking and McKenna spots her bestie up ahead.

McKenna jumped behind Jess, wrapping her arms around her waist tight with a squeal, "BOO! I missed you!!" She squeezes Jess tight.

"How ya feeling today, love?" She asks moving back up a bit and fixing Jess's bangs, which were falling in her face a bit. McKenna's voice was light, but Jess knew McKenna's ever growing concerns in the way that Cain made her use her power so often. Sometimes McKenna wish she could use her molecular regeneration on others instead of just herself, but she wasn't even sure if that was possible.

Grabbing Jess's hand she leads the group -- Eden, Kali, and the others -- into the Great Hall and sits down in the few middle rows. With a sigh, she places her bag down, putting the picture in a safe spot in her backpack. The bouncy brunette somewhat becomes anxious with all the Noctrem students arriving and her foot begins to tap rapidly as she awaits for everyone to file in.

She was sure that she wasn't going to see her roommate Jade any time soon, so she had no reason to fret there. Noctrem students were known for not showing up for things, or being extremely late... She sighs quietly and begins to braid her hair with one hand --a task she had become a professional at doing, the other hand was resting on her knee, fingers tapping away.

Everything about this year made her nervous. Mr. Marinos being her possible dad, the Noctrem students..Her first year being at a school with other people like her...

At least she had Jess, and Kali... And a few other friends, but Jess mainly. She needed Jess just as much as Jess needed her.

[[Sorry short post again. Been very busy lately]]

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Throughout Mr Marino's welcome speech, Jess mentally shook her head at the beautiful, but apparently very intellectual man in front of her. She still maintained her belief that this was the biggest mistake since Michael Jackson decided to get a nose job. He honestly expected this whole operation to run smoothly? To be fair to the man, there had been many friendships formed; Jess didn't particularly mind any of the people from Arcana. However, not everyone had the same feeling. Jess's eyes wondered across the room to Drake. He was every inch the bad boy and he knew it. He also had a fan club, mainly compromised of women. Jessica found hilarious. Who could want such an annoying man?! Drake was the worst person to around when she was annoyed, the brunette had learnt this very quickly. She had lived with boys her entire live and yet none of them were as annoying as Drake.

Drake wasn't the reason Mr Marino's ought to be scared, however, Jess though sadly. It was Cor. She was the oncoming storm. Wherever she was, trouble was not far behind. Now, the headmaster of the school was letting her in...Poor man. She felt sorry for him, she did.

The brunette then found out that her house captain was Ben. She didn't mind him too much, they had a good time when there was a party on. But, Ben was a child at heart and therefore was also a wind up merchant. Oh well, as long as the brunette kept her head down, then she wouldn't really need to speak to him.

When the assembly had finished, Jess let out a sigh 'This is where th-' She started as she turned to where Mckenna had been sitting, before quickly realizing she wasn't there. Well that was nice. Where the fuck had she gone?! The excitement of seeing her best friend disappearing as quickly as the students from the hall, Jess stood up and quickly mingled in the crowd, not wanting to be left like alone in the hall. The girl was angry that her best friend had left her like that. Without warning. Maybe she's upset a voice at the back of her head said, you should go see her. No. She wouldn't, Mckenna knew that she could talk to her about anything, so why run away like that?

To distract herself, Jess decided she needed food. It took her a little longer than usual because...well she'd only just moved in. She was still in awe of this place. It was so big and so grand! Nothing like Noctrem, or at least, what she remembered of it.

Quickly grabbing a bowl of tomato soup, from the cantine, the brunette sat down, dipping her bread roll in the soup and taking a bite.

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McKenna was slowly driving her self nuts, of course, she was staring at the picture from every angle trying to figure it all out.. They had the same last name, she knew that for a fact, They looked similar, similar powers... Well, she could have sat there forever making connections, or she could go see Jess and talk to her. Jessie had no idea about this insane theory McKenna had been brewing since she met Mr. Marinos .. She had to see Jess. That was final. Jess knew how to calm her down from these kind of things, she knew how to ground her again. Packing up, McKenna grabs her stuff and begins to run towards the cafeteria, the idea began to drive her crazy.

Leo is my father...Leo IS my father...

She'd been holding it in for much too long since she started here. She finds Jess and slams the picture down, sitting frantically, "Jess... Okay, this is crazy, right? Tell me I'm crazy..." Her eyes plead for Jess to confirm her suspicious, or deny them completely.

"Jessie, you know how insane this makes me sound," Her eyes were frantic, almost pleading Jess to calm her down, "Just tell me that this is him...."

She takes a gulp of air, "Tell me...This is Leo... With MY mom... Or is it just some guy who looks strikingly similar..."

Jessica was the only one who she could babble to about nothing and she still wouldn't judge her for anything, so this probably wasn't much different from all the other crazy breakdowns she had over the time of knowing each other. McKenna was one to worry about a lot, about people, papers, exams, she was a small OCD perfectionist at times. Jess would have to stop Kenna from ripping up her drawings at times when McKenna was completely frustrated.

McKenna lets out an exasperated sigh, "I know this is crazy, but just tell me I'm not the only one who sees it..."

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Jess had just finished her soup and was about to put her bowel over in the washing up area when Mckenna came into the cantine looking...ever so slightly crazy. For a moment, the brunette had sympathy for her and wanted to help. But then she remembered. She remembered that Mckenna had left her in the assembly, in a place she didn't know, with people she barely knew.

She stared at Mckenna with cold eyes as she started saying something about Mr Marino's being in a picture with her mom. Part of Jessica, the more motherly part saw that Mckenna needed the support and guidance of her best friend, because she was scared. But the majority of Jessica was now in a bad mood and it was incredibly hard to get her out of it. She'd had anger management classes once, but she'd ended up kicking a few things, including the guy who was leading the class, in the face. They had offered her counselling here at Arcana. However, Jess was terrorified to tell anybody really about her past, incase they judged her. Her mother had always told her that she had done the right thing, that it was an act of self defense but... She'd killed a man. She wasn't sure that anyone would ever understand that.

Jess looked straight into her best friends eyes as the girl offered the photo out to her. 'So this is where you've been..' She said quietly, 'You left me on my own, in a place that I don't know, to what? Stare at some photo. We all have families 'kenna... and we all issues.' She stood up. still boring into Mckenna's eyes. 'Let me see that.' She said shortly, taking the photo from the girls hand's and taking time to look at it.

There was a man and a woman in the picture. The women did look like Mckenna, striking like her actually. Then there was the man in question. He did look like Le-Mr Marino's. Mckenna was right, the resemblance was striking. However... this was impossible, wasn't it? She turned back to her best friend. 'He does look like him, 'Kenna, but Mr Marinos has been around for a long time. He's written many a report it. It can't be. It doesn't make sense.' She placed the photo back on the top, still not breaking Mckenna's eye contact. 'If you'll excuse me.' She told the girl infront of her, grabbing her soup bowel, putting on the washing up area and walking briskly out the hall.

She had been wound up by her best friend and Jess was sure that the girl would understand that she just needed some space to calm down some. There was a small part of her that felt bad for leaving Mckenna in her hour of need. But she had left her this morning, fair was fair.

The girl was heading back to her room. She was so distracted, she didn't notice the upturned piece of carpet, and she feel straight over it. Brilliant. That was all that she needed. The girl decided that she couldn't be bothered to get up just yet, So she sat againist the wall, hugging her knees. This had been a shit day.

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Jack couldn't bring himself to wake up Lulu. She looked so sick, yet so peaceful, curled up there under her blanket, her head snuggled into her pillow. She had literally fallen asleep before he had any time to reply to her, and he didn't want to disturb her by telling her that he was going to leave. So, he slowly raised himself up from the bed, making sure not to make a sound. He tiptoed around to the side of the bed, pulling gently on the corner of the blanket covering his friend properly, making sure it was draped over her bare side. Very gently, he brushed a stray strand of blonde hair from her face, reveling at her beauty. Why did he have such strange feelings for her? Lulu was his best female friend, the one girl that he trusted more than any other person, and she was totally infatuated with his other friend. He sighed, before moving back, making his way over to the door, and closing it quietly behind him.

It was a horrible position that he was in; having Lulu talk to him about her feelings for Drake, and having his own feelings for her? He was unnoticed in Lulu's eyes in a romantic sense, he knew that, but she was just always playing on his mind, always there. He knew that he'd never grow in her heart beyond being her friend, but some part of him would always keep wishing. There was no other girl that came close to her place in his heart. He obviously still had some sort of feelings for Beth, after what had happened between them in the past, but there was no way that she came close to Lulu in his heart. The male rubbed his hand across his face as he walked through the hallway, a sigh escaping his lips. He hated this. He needed something to take his mind off of Lulu, off of the feelings for her that had arisen once again upon seeing her.

So, party it was. He quickly pulled out his phone and sent a mass text out to everyone in the school, telling them that there was going to be a party tonight. Which meant, however, that he needed to organize everything. He changed his direction from walking nowhere to heading for the cafeteria, to talk to the Chef there about making a couple of buffet plates for tonight. She was a good friend of his, because he held so many parties, and always invited her and gave her free drinks, so she was always eager to help him out. However, on his way there, Jackson came across a girl leaning against the wall, sitting on the floor. He wasn't really close to Jessica Coleman, in fact, he couldn't really remember when he had spoken to her, but she looked upset, in a way.

"Hey, Jess?" Jackson cautiously walked towards the brunette on the floor, his eyes filled with curiosity. "Are you okay?"

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Morgan Janssen

Morgan slowed to a walk as she reached the front doors. Her head was clearer, but it only made the thoughts worse. She noticed Jackson and Jess talking together. She gave them an enthusiastic wave as she headed upstairs to change out of her sweaty and crumpled clothes. She picked her phone up from her bed and took advantage of her free internet to check her Facebook. She gasped and dropped the phone on her bed as she read all of her notifications. Friend requests, likes on statuses, likes on photos, comments on statuses, comments on photos... All from one guy.

She whirled around and resisted the urge to hurl her phone from her window. She quickly changed into a new outfit. She ran her hands quickly through her hair and headed out from her room, leaving her phone on the bed, not wanting to look at it again. She headed down and went over to Jackson and Jess. "Hey guys!" She said, a fake smile fixed on her face. Her voice sound a pitch or two too high. "Oh my God, I'm not fooling anybody." She said, letting her smile slide from her face.

She then noticed Jackson and Jess's expressons. They both looked worried. "Hey, we should start a club. Worriers Anonymous. Worrying about Worrying since 2012." She said, allowing a small smile to lift the corners of her mouth. "My name is Morgan, and my ex is stalking m- Oh crap. I didn't mean to say that." She said, covering her mouth with her hand.

Nobody knew. Not even Zac. Zac, who trusted her enough to tell her about the crap he had suffered in his past. Now she had blabbed in front of a girl she barely knew and Jackson.

Admittedly, Jackson was like the brother she'd never had. She loved his power, his personality everything about him. Unfortunately, he wasn't that fond of Alli or Zac, but he was still so sweet.

"Okay. Um, kinda awkward. It's a long story, and it probably doesn't matter any more. He can't find me here." Her voice wavered at the end and made it sound like she was asking a question. She stared at the floor. She hated it. Hated it. She hadn't done anything to deserve this. She had only ever tried to be friendly. She had never bitched about anybody. Even telepathically to Zac. Or Landon.

She wanted to scream. At him. At the school for not protecting her. At herself. Mostly at herself. She had revealed her darkest secret to two people whom she didn't know if she could trust. She had handled this all wrong. She should have just, like, gone to Mr Marinos or something. She wasn't sure what he could do to help her, but she was sure he could do something. Hell, even Zac would have helped. He would have just silently smashed his face in inside his head or tracked him down and made him forget all about her. But it was useless now. She just had to wait for their reactions.

Chris Russell

"For your information, my power is one of those you can't just turn off. I can't help it." Was that anger creeping into Chris's voice? He never got angry, but this girl was just too cocky for her own good. His authoritativeness was taking over- the side that made him such a good teacher. "You can't simply turn off adoptive muscle memory." He said, his eyes beginning to glint. He wasn't going to take this girl's shit. He was the teacher here.

Suddenly he was slammed against a tree. The wind was shoved forcibly from his lungs and for a moment he struggled to breath. He saw stars and for once began to wonder exactly how dangerous this girl was. As he struggled to get enough air back into his lungs, his anger began to build once again. He wanted to stand up and punch her in the face. Or flip her. But he was too sore, too out of breath to try anything. “Too bad that’s not going to help you against air manipulation. You were right to feel uncomfortable around me at first, love. Don’t. Ever. Patronize me. Again.“ He managed to wheeze, "I'm a teacher. That's my job."

Oh hell yeah. Even when I'm winded, I've got attitude.

He struggled to his feet and took a vaguely defensive position. If she smacked him against the tree again, he was screwed, but maybe she would leave him alone. His lungs still took in as much air as they could, and he knew she would pick up on his racing pulse and deep breaths. But there had to be someone around. Someone who could save him if he needed saving.

She would kill him without hesitation if he gave her enough reason. That much he knew. Her eyes told him that. His eyes had lost their previous glint, and he felt weak. But he would fight. If he needed to, he would fight.

"If you're going to attack, just do it. You know I won't and can't react. There's no-one around to hear me scream." Why the hell he was doing this? He could be dead before the day was out. "So, how are you going to kill me? Cut off my air supply? Force an air bubble into my blood stream?" Geez, Chris, there are counsellors out there if you're suicidal.

"Or are you going to let me run? Is it the chase you like, or simply just seeing the pain on people's faces?" Christopher Russell. Died an arse.

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Jessica had been on the floor for a while when she heard footsteps. Brilliant, she'd been found. Honestly she wasn't in the most of secretive of places. However, the brunette was not in the mood to have any kind of conversation just yet. She hoped severally that the person approaching was... semi understanding of her as a person. If there was no understanding, this was going to be awkward.

It was then that Jess heard a voice that she'd seldom heard before. An Irish voice that wasn't Elijah's... The voice of Jackson Murphy. She knew nothing of the man that she guessed was standing in front of her. He had also seemed like a very reserved character since she'd arrived at Arcana. But rumor had it, he held the best parties around here. Well that was about to be challenged, Jess thought with a small smile.

She didn't hear any trace of being scared in the males voice as he spoke, and this derailed the girl some. Either he was naive to what she was like or he didn't care. The brunette severely hoped that it was latter reason. She gave a wry smile 'Jack, Bad day is all.' She said briskly, running her hand through her hand, wiping it from face. She then stood so that she get some dignity back from the situation the Irishman had found her in. She didn't know what it was, but she never wanted to be considered weak. This included to people that she barely knew, like Jackson. Yes this girl's mentality was fucked up.

'How's Lulu? Saw her run out of the assembly hall earlier, you guys are friends right?' She asked Jackson, turning her attention back to him. Jess hated to admit it but something about the male standing in front her was making her nervous. This confused her slightly. It wasn't his power, if anything he should be scared of her. Nevertheless, Jack's presence was making her nervous. She was determined not to let it show however, She was better than that.

It was then that Mo came bounding up to them. She seemed happy at first, then that emotion went on the decline. When she had finished, Jess's roomate looked worried and dam right depressed. Jess knew she had to act; alright her approach hadn't exactly been consistent when it came dealing with her friends however, that was Jess. Her moods changed like the wind. Or did they? She stared back at Jack. Did he have something to do with her feeling better? Surely not, Jackson was a gentleman... right?

Tearing her eyes away from the Irishman, Jess turned her attention back to Mo. 'Mo, what's say we all go back to my room and a have a chat, huh?' She asked the girl. She didn't know Mo that well, but she had a feeling that there was something she needed to get off her chest, or it was just going to brew over. 'All of us.' She added, making eye contact with Jackson once more. She gave a look that told him she was talking no excuses, she needed him to help her, even just for a little while.

As she pushed Mo in the direction of their shared bedroom; she turned back to Jackson, pulling herself closer to him so she could whisper in his ear. 'You and her have a closer relationship... she'll be more open if you're in the room... Plus,' She looked down at her phone where the text from Jack had just come through, announcing the party, 'I'm going to have a hard time have a good night if we don't cheer her up.' She gave Jack a small smile, before indicating he should follow her.

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Leo could only nod when Amy said to him that she was going to check herself over. He had to admit that she was a little intrigued as to how her power actually worked on herself, as he had never seen her use it in that sense before. He had only ever seen her use her power on students, or on himself - seeing as he was so accident prone as of late. He sat there quietly as he watched her power arise from her, and the concentration on her face grew as she moved her hand downwards over her body. The male practically held his breath as he watched his brunette girlfriend's lips fall open, and the way she dropped her power in shock. He hoped it wasn't bad. Wished it wasn't bad. Wished more than anything in the universe that it wasn't bad, and that his Amy was going to be okay.

"What? What's wrong, Amy?" Leo's voice was merely a whisper as he looked into his beautiful Amy's eyes, his chocolate browns looking into her stunning violet orbs. He was confused as to what she was saying, about a doctor not being able to help them at all, that she was confused herself as to what was causing her sickness. He shook his head softly, signalling to her that he didn't really understand what she was saying; how could she not have been able to find what was wrong with her? That was her power, wasn't it? To be able to heal, and detect sickness in a person? So what could be affecting her if it wasn't medical? Could it be supernatural? A supernatural illness? Is that why a doctor couldn't be around to help? Now he was getting worried, working himself up.

However, the next words out of Amy's mouth turned his life upside down.

The immortal male practically froze in his position as Amy's words registered in his mind. She was pregnant. She was... carrying his child? No, that couldn't be possible. They had made love for the first time the night before - there was no way that this could happen. It shouldn't be possible. He was immortal, never changing - there should be no way that his... reproductive organs were even in working order, if they were frozen too, like the rest of his body. He didn't blink. He barely breathed. Frozen in fear, and shock, and panic. His eyes stared through hers, not registering that he was even looking at her. It was as if he was comatose, not there in mind, only in body. His mind was somewhere else, stuck in a panic. A baby? There was no way that he could look after a baby? He was barely getting used to the idea of a committed relationship with Amy, and now there was going to be a baby thrown in? He couldn't do that. He had never been good with babies. Ever. Babies and Leo just didn't mix. They usually cried when they were around him, threw up on him, peed on him - they didn't like him. The same thought was going around and around in Leo's mind, his eyes still vacantly staring forward, not moving, not speaking;

I can't do this....


Erin was surprised by the way that Drake had wrapped his arm around her shoulder, but she wasn't going to push it away; in fact, it was oddly comforting, having someone that knew her actually listening to her for once. She knew that Drake was probably the worst person to talk to about the things that were upsetting her or angering her, seeing as he was a dickhead, and a player, but there really was no-one else that she felt closer to than him. Sure, she had Cor - her best friend and all, but the girl was a bitch; everyone knew that, including Erin - she was never around when she was needed, and like Drake had agreed anyway, she was selfish. The whole point of being best friends with someone was that you'd have someone to talk to, but that person just wasn't Cor.

"Yeah, I know she is." The blonde girl sighed, letting her eyes slide close. She was actually quite comfortable, relaxing there on Drake's shoulder. He had taken all of that anger out of her, all of the upset, and thrown it away wherever he usually did. Sex with him was for some reason, the only way she was able to calm down - sex with others hadn't worked, as she had tried to move herself away from his attachment once, but she had just ended up killing the guy, and going back to Drake crying, and with blood on her hands. She knew that she shouldn't trust him; Drake Quellen and trust were two things that you should never put together, but she just couldn't help it. She did trust him; she trusted him with her life, her power, her sanity, and her body. And now she was trusting him with her thoughts. Erin Hawthorne was travelling down a dangerous road, and she knew it, but she just couldn't stop. She .... liked him.

However, soon, the girl was smiling again softly, looking up at the male who was half-heartedly trying to convince her that all he wanted out of Lulu was a good fuck. "Drake honey, one - you care more about her than just getting into her pants. You can lie to most people, but surprisingly, not to me." This was what caused her to smile softly, shifting a little in her position so that her head was still resting on him, but so that she was able to see him easier. "And two - do you really think that she's going to be a good fuck? She's so.... awkward and.... annoying." The playful smirk on Erin's lips indicated that she was already feeling a little better. "She won't be as good as me, anyway." The smirk changed into a sultry grin, one that the blonde reserved for the male with whom she was sitting with, and she moved her head softly to press her lips to one of the sensitive spots on his neck, her teeth nipping the skin of his collarbone ever so slightly. The change in her tone had to make Drake feel a little more comfortable; he looked like he was feeling extremely out of his comfort zone and wanted to bolt.

Then, her phone buzzed, and she moved from her oh-so-comfortable position, moving to retrieve her phone from in her jacket pocket. "Ah, a party tonight; hosted by your buddy. Hey, with a few drinks in her, you never know - your plan may come to fruition tonight." The blonde joked to the male, that playful grin back on her lips once more.


Jackson wasn't really sure why the girl was sitting in the hallway, and he was half-thinking of letting her be, and walking away, to go and sort out the rest of the things on his to-do list for the party tonight. But something about Jessica's position made the gentleman inside him wonder why she was there, and looking upset, and he came to the conclusion that he couldn't leave her in such a position alone. That he would have to stay with her until he was sure that she was okay, before moving on and carrying on with the rest of his day. He hadn't really spoken to Jessica before; he wasn't even sure what her power was. He believed it was something to do with her eyes, but powers didn't really bother him. He didn't care about being around Erin and her rage, and he didn't care about being around the girl who could take life with a touch. He saw through the powers, to the person inside - that was who mattered to him.

Jack nodded as she spoke, agreeing to her bad day statement. He was about to reply to her when she asked about Lulu - ah, yes. One of the small amounts of people who had the ability to make his day good or bad in a couple of words. An exasperated sigh escaped the male's lips as he leaned against the wall opposite her, crossing his arms over his chest. Jack looked down at her as he spoke, registering her. "She's all right, I suppose." His Irish drawl was completely obvious now, more than it usually was due to the amount of stress from the day. "She's sleeping right now - overworked her powers yesterday." He felt a little uncomfortable talking about his friend to someone that he didn't really know, but Jess seemed like a nice enough girl, and he would have felt bad if he hadn't answered her genuine sounding question.

However, before he could ask her more about her strange position on the floor, Morgan bounded up to them, happy as a bunny. He liked Morgan, treated her as a little sister of sorts. She wasn't really the sort of person that he usually associated himself with; hyperactive, a little dim-witted, but there was something about her that was so accessible, something that he wanted to protect. When her mood crashed in front of him, his eyebrows came together at the top of his forehead, confusion and a little bit of worry taking over his expression. It was then that Jess' words registered in his mind; that she was dragging him along to her's and Morgan's room, to talk. Really? Had she ever met him before? Or at least heard about him? He wasn't one for talking. There was something about talking he didn't like. But there was something in Jess' eyes that told Jack he was going to pay the price if he didn't go along with them; and seeing as he didn't know her power, that was a risk he wasn't going to take.

"Sure." He spoke, his voice slightly mumbled as he pushed himself away from the wall. The male tensed up ever so slightly when Jess came closer to him, and whispered in his ear about him being closer to Mo that she was. It wasn't as if there was something wrong with her; he just wasn't all that keen on people being that close to him when he didn't know them well enough. "I'm coming along. I'll do my best, okay?" Jackson forced a smile onto his lips as he looked down at the girl who was pressed against him. She was actually quite beautiful, he realized as he looked at her; her bright eyes, her curly, soft looking hair... He was then being pointed in the direction of the bedroom, and he grinned as he started to talk. "Okay, I'll cheer her up for you, okay beautiful?"

Before he carried on walking, Jackson quickly whipped out his phone, having felt it vibrate in his pocket. A soft smile appeared on his lips as he saw who the text was from, and a tapped back a response before dropping the phone back into it's previous position, and walking on.

To: Lu<3

I know, but I still felt bad leaving you alone in that state. That being said, you probably would have killed me for sitting there watching you sleep, wouldn't you? ;D

I'll be alright doing it on my own. Besides, I need you to rest up if you're going to have any fun tonight. You, me, and a bottle of JD sound good?

That's what I'm here for - sense-knocking.

At the moment, being dragged into a dorm room by Jess and Mo for "talking". Kill me now?


From: Your Jack<3

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Mo led the way to her room, a small smile lifting her lips. As she reached her door, she rooted for her key, before remembering she hadn't locked it and she had never given Jess her key. She opened the door and went in, before perching on her bed and daring to check her phone. Her heart stopped for a few beats when she saw a new message, before returning to it's normal pace when she read who sent it. "Jackson, you're having a party? Awesome!" She said, a grin lighting up her face. Her phone buzzed lightly and she nearly sent herself and her phone flying from the bed.

Mor? Are you okay? Listen, if you're still single, I'm living in San Fran now. You're in school there, right? Fancy... Meeting up? ;)

She hated being called Mor. She hated people calling San Francisco San Fran. She hated people using smiley faces. He knew she was in school in San Francisco, but he knew nothing about her. Oh my God. He knew she was in school in San Francisco. She had a vague memory of telling him she was attending a private school. There weren't that many private schools around. How long was it before he figured out where she was attending?

She quickly and angrily typed a text back.

Piss off. I'm happily single, and I'm not changing that for you. My name is Morgan. Only friends call me Mo. Nobody calls me Mor. I'm not meeting you, I'm not telling you where I'm going to school. Go find some other sad fool that will fall for you.

She hadn't even put the phone back onto the bed when his reply came.

Well fuck you then. I've changed, and if I'm honest I'm too good for you. But I thought you'd want to hear from me again. There are girls falling at my feet left right and center. It's your loss. I'll find you, don't you worry about that.

Her hands began to shake and she fired her phone across the room onto the desk. She wasn't worried about it breaking- she had dropped it down the stairs on one occasion and the battery had fallen out, but that had been the extent of the damage.

Her hands shook with a mixture of fear and anger. She wanted to slap him, and scream, and... Nobody could help. Nobody. This was between him and her. No-one could help. Not even Jackson, who had always stood up for her. Not even Zac, who had once wiped a dozen people's minds and given himself a nasty power hangover just because she had fallen down some stairs and made a fool out of herself. Not even Mr. Marinos, who had fought in goddamn Sparta. It was strange, but her current situation felt like a scene from an old Western movie. Facing off against each other, silhouetted against the San Francisco sunset. A weapon each- her power versus his cronies. Only one would walk away.


One grin. He knew, in the brief second before she lashed out, that it was his grin that had triggered it. Before he knew it, he was flying backwards, tree branches scraping his face. Once again, he hit a tree, hard, the air knocked out of his lungs forcibly. His head began to swim. And the worst was still to come.

It felt like she was whipping him. He had never known that air manipulation could cause that kind of pain. Shallow gashes appeared on his skin. Her eyes were so cruel. She was enjoying this. When she eventually stopped, he collapsed onto the ground, blood pouring out from his numerous wounds. "Oh, and don’t bleed too much on the forest floor - it attracts so very many insects." If he had the strength, he would have given her the V sign.

He had seen this so many times in movies. The hero, wounded by the mastermind, struggled to his feet or managed to crawl to where he could be seen and helped. But that was the type of thing that came with mental strength- something that Chris's ability didn't quite extend to. He just couldn't sum up the strength to get to his feet. It was almost like he could feel his strength ebbing. Unfortunately, he was fully conscious. The pain was clouding his mental capacity, but he was aware of the pain. It was hard to ignore it, if he was honest. Oh, how he envied Amy's power at the moment.

Amy. What if something happened to him? What if Corentine decided she wasn't happy enough with leaving him in extreme pain and decided to kill him? What- How would Amy feel? They had only been apart for five years, but it felt like an eternity. He had been so happy to see her, and she had been so happy to see him. And Leo. Chris didn't want to sound cocky, but he would be hard to replace. And he had upset Leo this morning with the phone incident.

Chris took a deep breath. Hell, this was going to hurt. He placed his feet flat on the ground and managed to shove himself to his feet. Almost immediately his head began to swim. That wasn't so hard. He took a step and pain flooded through his legs. Another. And another.

He managed to make his way to his room without too much incident. Obviously he received several strange looks, but he ignored them. Nobody rushed to help. Nobody rushed to help him to Amy's office. He couldn't remember her telling him that she was the school nurse; but if she worked here, what else could she be?

He collapsed onto his bed, not worrying about staining the pretty covers. The blood flow was beginning to stop anyway. He grabbed the strap of his bag, involuntarily letting a gasp escape as he pulled it towards him. He rooted in it and pulled out a first aid box. He wasn't quite sure what to do, so he just produced a box of anti-septic wipes from the box. He wiped as gently as he could, but he still gasped with pain on more than one occasion. In fact, there were fewer occasions that he didn't gasp. He just left it at that- partially because he knew Amy would turn up before the day was out, and more so because he was just too tired to do anything else. He staggered to his feet and changed into an outfit that was comfortable but hid most of the cuts- just in case anyone except Amy came in. This had to be kept a secret. He wouldn't let anyone know. Amy was the only one who he could really trust.

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Jessica felt the male tense under her touch as she leaned forward to whisper into her ear. Rather than being offended by such... frigidness, the brunette smiled. Touch made him uncomfortable. How ironic yet somehow... refreshing. Hell Jackson Murphy was a confusing man. He became even more confusing when he called her beautiful. What the hell was his game? True to Jessica form however, rather than swooming into his arms, she raised an eyebrow and gave him a playful smile; Game on She thought herself, following Mo into the bedroom the two of them shared.

Mo had sat down on the bed by the time the two of them had entered the room. She seemed to back to normal Mo again. Then she picked up her phone. Jessica saw the young blonde read the message on her phone, tap an angry reply, then throw the phone down on the bed next to her. Jess dreaded the next reply. Very slowly and with Jackson in toe, she walked around Mo's bed to her bed on the other side of the room.

It all happened so suddenly; first, the brunette heard Mo's phone go off. Then, it hurdled within inches of her face, causing her to stumble backwards into Jackson. 'What the fuck?!' She exclaimed, almost instinctly. Jackson really was going to think she was freak, they'd only just met properly about five minutes ago and she'd already invaded his personal space several times. He couldn't be here anymore, she decided. She couldn't explain her reasoning, but she knew if he was hurt, she'd feel bad for dragging him there. As Jessica, quickly regained composure she looked down at Mo, 'Will you excuse us for just one second?' She asked the girl. She didn't wait for an answer. She grabbed Jack by the wrist, deciding that the ice had been truly broken between them, and towed him out the room.

As she closed the door behind them, Jess looked up at the Irishman. He was strikingly handsome, but he was also marked with several scents. He knew that he and Lulu were close. She rolled her eyes. She knew little to nothing about the girl herself, but she heard her. Whispers through the corridors of Noctrem. Of course, she didn't know if any of these things were true, but she knew that Jackson was going to get himself hurt, badly. Not that it was any of her concern, was it?

Coming back to the real world, the brunette blinked and stared up at jack once more. 'Get yourself out of here,' She warned him,' Before she starts throwing chairs or something.' She gave a small smile, before walking closer to the door, 'I'll see you tonight then, yeah?' She told the Irishman, pushing the door open slightly. ' Oh and mines a white wine spritzer' She added, flashing a quick wink and another playful smile. What the hell are you doing Jessica?

The brunette entered her own room again to find a still depressed Mo, sitting on her bed and her phone on the desk opposite her. Whatever was bothering the blonde, it was something to do with the phone, Jessica had deduced that much by the way Mo had thrown the phone within inches of her face. Then an idea popped into the brunette's head, an idea which would mean that Mo wouldn't have to tell her about her problems.

'Mo' Jessica said quietly, sitting down on the bed and taking the blondes hand,' Show me what's bothering you.'

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"What the fuck?" Jess exclaimed loudly as Mo's phone barely missed her face. Mo wasn't sure whether to laugh, cry or shout. Jess then dragged Jackson out of the room and returned alone. Mo played with her hair awkwardly as she sat on the bed beside Mo and took her hand. "Show me what's bothering you." She asked simply.

Mo smiled a sad smile. "It consists mainly of memories, so Zac would be better in this situation. But he knows nothing, so I'll try my best." She took a deep breath. "This could feel a little weird. I don't know, I've never had it done to me. But don't resist, whatever it is." She was very careful not to broadcast her thoughts too strongly or loudly, in case anyone besides Jess heard.

It started when I was twelve, the year before I came to Arcana. I met this guy. He was so sweet, and he was besotted with me. He said he loved everything about me, from the little English sayings I had picked up from my mom, to my habit of running by fingers through my hair when I was stressed, a habit I picked up from my dad. I kinda liked him as well. He kept pestering me to go to the end of year dance with him, and in the end I said yes. But that April I got a letter from Arcana, saying I was enrolled and could start school in September. I just told him I was transferring to a private school. I didn't love him any more, and I thought it would be mean to lead him on. I broke up with him.

But it was then the problems began. He began turning up when I was out with my friends, wanting to see if I was with another guy. He began harassing me online, on Facebook and Twitter. Then he found me on every single site I was on. I tried to solve it by completely wiping my online identity, but he began texting me and ringing me, so I had to change my number. He tried calling around to my house, but my dad scared him off. All I can remember is that it involved a story about a German Shepherd and possibly a gun. I think he might have told him my mom was a police dog handler and we still had the dog or something like that.

I started attending Arcana, and I never heard from him again. Until this morning. I got a few emails from him, and several Facebook notifications, but it really started a little while ago, with the texts. I got a few particular ones just now, which is why I almost knocked you out with my phone.

Mo's phone buzzed on the desk. Fear filled her as she crossed the room and picked it up. Relief and an easy grin spread across her face as she read the message. "Jackson's having a party. Tonight."

She walked swiftly across the room, a grin on her face. "What are you going to wear?" She said, rooting through her closet. She looked over at Jess. "You are coming, right?" She turned back to her closet. "Hmm. She eventually decided on her outfit, laying it out on her bed.

She wasn't trying to avoid talking about the subject- she was just giving Jess time to think about it. Okay, maybe she was trying to avoid the situation. It would never work on Zac, and would certainly never last with Alli. But, you never know, it might just work with Jess.

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Leo sighed as Katia spoke, mentioning their past to his new girlfriend. He didn't follow Amy out of his office after her snide comment about more P.E teachers, as he couldn't let on to the new teacher that there was more between the two of them than met the eye. "Come on in."

7:48 PM

It had been about three hours, that Leo had been in his office with Katia, going over her papers. Half way through their conversation, a drunken Max had stumbled in, and had been sleeping on the couch in the corner of his office until now. There was music coming from outside, the party obviously. He wasn't going to stop the party; he knew his students needed some sort of release every now and again, and he felt even better knowing that the party was being held by one of his own, Jackson Murphy. If the party had been held by one of the Noctrem students, he would have been a little more anxious about his students safety. But, Jackson had always been the one to hold the parties in the school, and he was sure that everything was going to be okay.

Going back to the situation at hand, Katia was all sorted; everything was signed and she was now a fully fledged member of the faculty. He didn't care about any of her past indiscretions; why should she? He wanted her as the dance teacher here as she was an amazing dancer, and she had an amazing personality, fantastic for teaching. "Everything's sorted, Kat." He spoke softly to the brunette woman, a smile on his face. "Welcome to Arcana." Leo was happy that he had been able to help her out, give her a job and a home. Max had left a while ago, sobered up and raring to go out, probably to the party. The male had asked Katia to watch out for him, to keep an eye on him the best that she could, and he knew that she would complete the job to her best ability.

Leo pulled his phone out of his pocket, remembering that he still needed to talk to his beloved, or at least find out where she was after she had stormed out of his office earlier. He quickly tapped in her number and pressed the phone to his ear, hoping and praying that she would pick up.


Drake had been cruel to her. Well, no. Cruel wasn't the word. He had been evil to her; evil in withholding her pleasure for that long, leaving her hanging until he decided to satisfy her properly. Erin loved being with Drake, but she also hated the way she practically turned to jelly around him. He was her kryptonite, the one male left in the entire school who was able to read her like an open book, and reduce her to the quivering female that she was around him. She was a normal girl around him; weak and submissive. She didn't like the way that Drake made her feel, but she couldn't help but want more of it. Her mind was a cesspool of crazy about him; everything Drake was messed up inside her mind. It was complicated for her, this relationship. More complicated than she wanted it to be.

"Have I ever told you, that you're just hot anyway?" Erin shot back at the male, a grin on her lips as she looked over at him. She couldn't stop herself from laughing when he mentioned about her being taken advantage off. "Baby, please. No-one could take advantage of me. And if you want me to get dressed, you better find my clothes then."

7:48 PM

Erin was still slightly shaky from her tryst with Drake in the woods earlier on that day. She had barely gotten over her intense workout with the handsome male, and it had taken her ten times longer to get ready for the party than it usually would have. It had been a while since things with Drake had been that extreme and intense, and she definitely wasn't complaining. She wondered if it was because of the strangely deep conversation that they had been having that had inspired their second and best time, but she wasn't going to dwell on it. In fact, she had decided not to think about Drake at all tonight. He was beginning to confused the blonde woman more and more, and she just didn't want to ruin what they had, despite her urges to do so.

The girl had quickly tapped back a response to her best friend when she had gotten back to her room, mentioning something like "I'll talk to you later, bad day." She was still a little pissed at the girl for not even realizing the loud argument that she had with Keirol, her ex, outside of the room, but she knew that it was stupid of her to feel that way; Cor was a selfish girl who's first priority was herself, but somehow Erin wanted more from her friend. She had again passed up the thoughts of the female Quellen as she got ready for the party, showering and dressing herself up in this.

Soon, she was downstairs, in the grounds. Erin was impressed, Jackson had done well with the decorations of the party, and it looked beautiful outside. The blonde made her way over to the gazebo which had been donned out in lights, and sat down on one of the arm chairs that had been placed out there. There was a glass of archers and lemonade in her hand, and she got herself comfortable. Now, to wait for a while.


7:48 PM

Jackson had got everything sorted. After being pushed out of Jess and Morgan's room, and being told Jessica's drink order, the male had gotten back to what he had wanted to do in the first place - sorting out his party. He had gone down to see the Chef again, and this time actually spoken to her about sorting out some sort of buffet for the party; it was filled to the brim with nibbles and bits for everyone to enjoy - crackers and breads, meats of every kind, sausage rolls, salad... she had done well. There was a bar in the main hall, which had the doors completely open so that access was easy, filled with every drink that could be imagined, and a skilled bartender (a friend of his.) The entire grounds had been draped in fairylights and lights put into the grass. It looked beautiful, he had to admit, and he had put a lot of work into everything. The DJ had been set up at the end of the grounds and a dance floor had been set up there as well so that girls in their heels wouldn't moan. He really had thought of everything.

Jack could relax now, standing by the side of the dance floor, sipping a glass of Jack Daniels, wearing a pair of dark jeans and a white shirt, smart shoes on his feet. He wasn't sure who he was going to see first, Lulu, Amber, or maybe Jess, but he was ready to speak to all of them, and had Jess and Lu's drinks already ordered with the bartender, so he could just pick them up. He hadn't spoken to anyone else who had come down to the party yet, and he was just surveying; that was what Jackson usually did at parties - watched, until someone forced him to interact with them. He wasn't one for being a socialite, but he did like throwing parties like this. He thought about maybe searching for Esme, to one, find out what she thought about his party, and secondly, what she thought he could do to make the next one even better.

He took a sip of his drink, letting the liquid create a warm sensation in the pit of his stomach. It was nice, refreshing, something he knew and wasn't foreign to him.


7:48 PM

Max groaned as he rolled over in his bed, and fell onto the floor. The male had barely remembered coming back into his bedroom, after his little escapade in Leo's office. He remembered something about a new teacher being there, and Leo asking her to watch over him was a fuzzy memory in his mind, but that he wasn't sure of. He moaned as he sat up, the cold linoleum floor of his new teachers bedroom cooling down his warm body. He slowly made his way to a standing position, feeling a little woozy from his previous drinking. He didn't usually drink throughout the day, but with the new Noctrem students making their arrival into the school, emotions around the campus had been on an all time high, and had nearly drove the male insane. So, he had turned to the bottle of vodka in his bedroom.

The shower calmed down his aching body, the warm water trickling over his naked skin soothing him. It was one sure way to help him get over a hangover - a warm shower. By the time the handsome young male got out of the shower, he was feeling much better. The hangover headache was almost gone, but the array of emotions around the campus were beginning to get into his mind once more. He could feel a strong sense of anger coursing through him, someone was ready to murder someone close to where he was situated right now. It was over-powering him, and he didn't like it. Max could also feel some sadness coming from someone, someone else was a little scared, and there was someone around feeling rather horny. Mhm, strange mixture of emotions today. His problem was that he couldn't separate their feelings from his own; too many feelings were overpowering his own, and he hadn't been able to work out what he himself was feeling for the last few years.

Max couldn't stay up here with the angry person around, clouding up every one of his senses with rage. He dressed in a black shirt and jeans, the first couple of buttons undone, with converse covered feet. The male had decided to go down to the party; he couldn't turn down a good hootenanny like this, could he? Besides, he might even find someone down there to take his fancy. He didn't care if they were one of his regulars, like Cor, or Esme, or if it was someone that he just decided took his attention that night. There had to be someone there for him. Within moments, the dark haired male had pulled himself out of his bedroom, his shaggy hair falling over his eyes, un-styled, and made his way down to the grounds where the party was behind held. Max found himself sitting at the bar, ordering a straight vodka shot and a mixer of vodka and coke to go with it.

Hey, who could pass up free drinks, right? And apparently, the best way to fully get rid of a hangover? Drink more.

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Leo's heart started to beat faster, and his palms started to get a little sweaty with every ring that went past, and Amy didn't pick up with. He wondered where she was, if she was okay, was.... everything else okay? Now that there was... a child, his child involved, everything started to seem to panic the male a little more. Was this the sort of person that he was going to be, now that there was a life inside his girlfriend's stomach? Worrying at her every movement, panicking when she didn't pick up the phone, thinking the worst to have happened. He was worried, scared, that this was the new Leo, the new person he was going to be. So much responsibility and pressure had fallen onto his shoulders within a few hours, and he was scared. Leonardo Marinos, the immortal Spartan Warrior, was scared.

The immortal male literally felt his heart leap with joy when he heard Amy's voice on the end of his phone, and verbally let out a sigh of relief, letting go of the breath that he hadn't realized that he was holding. Something about his beloved girlfriends voice was different however; she sounded, tired, or weak, or both. Again, the male felt his heart start to race, and he had to take in another deep breath before he spoke, giving him that few more seconds to put on a facade of voice that didn't show through his worry. "Hey." He repeated, wondering what else to say to the woman. Their last meeting had been a little short and brief, and in that time period, she had revealed to him that she was expecting, and Katia had arrived, seriously pissing her off before her leaving. He had made an error there too in not following her, but he hadn't been able to leave Katia alone. Leo wasn't sure what he was supposed to say to her, or how he could make any of this right again - because it wasn't right. There was an unspoken air of tension between the two of them, even down the phone he was able to detect it. He just didn't want it to last long.

"Amy..." Leo sighed, biting down on his bottom lip, a nervous habit of his that he rarely exhibited. "I'm sorry I didn't call earlier, and I'm sorry about Katia. I'm sorry about everything, but I'd really like to see you in person to talk to you about it - where are you, honey?"


Erin had failed. She hadn't been able to keep the handsome face of Drakethrean Quellen out of her mind for long, and soon, her drinks weren't lasting as long as her first one had. One. Two. Three. Four. The fifth was in her hand now, and it was too going down readily. The blonde girl knew that she was going to have to move onto something stronger soon, something that wasn't so feminine, and something that would get her very drunk, very quickly. She didn't like the feeling of being tipsy and woozy, which was how the Archers in her hand was making her feel. No, whiskey was in order. Or something along those lines. The girl readily finished her fifth mixer through the straw and put the glass down on the table, sighing. She went to move, to stand up and make her way to the bar, but her head instantly started to swim the second that she pushed herself to a standing position.

So, she flopped back down again, deciding to take a couple of minutes to let her head settle down, before moving to the bar again, to get her stronger drink. However, before Erin could make her move, someone came over to her; the first person to enter the vicinity of the gazebo since she had sat down there - most people didn't interact with her, unless they knew her well, and that was for three reasons - one, they knew she was a friend of Corentine Quellen, two, they knew about her power, or three, they had heard about her reputation as a whorish bitch. Either way, she didn't mind - the alone time was peaceful. But that peacefulness was soon trashed by the drunken movements of a male, tall, dark and handsome. She was surprised by his voice hitting her ears from afar. Her head snapped up as Jay crashed down onto the couch next to her, downing the rest of the expensive looking bottle that he was drinking all in what seemed to be one breath. Erin could see that he was obviously drunker than her and was lashing out at Cor.

Before the blonde could say anything to male however, he was soon gone. She hadn't had time to defend her friend, or even bitch about her friend, before Jay had left her alone, walking away and getting himself another bottle of whatever he had been drinking, or similar, at the bar. She frowned at the scene unfolding in front of her, and combined it with her confusion at the situation at what had happened. Apparently, Jay and Cor were no more. Why hadn't Cor told her? Why was her best friend sitting at the bar with Max, practically a stranger other than in bedroom, and wasn't sitting there with her, talking about it? She hadn't even replied to her previous text, anyway - about the bad day! Cor was growing higher and higher with every passing moment in Erin's bad books, and she huffed as she pushed herself up once more into a standing position. The girl moved, her heels clicking on the floor, making her way over to the table where the intoxicated male had seated himself.

She passed the bar where he friend was seated, without a word to the other blonde, and soon, she was standing to the side of Jay, her hand on her hip. She watched how Addison came over and touched the back of his neck, smirking at the girl's bravery. If Cor had seen that... well, the girl wouldn't have had those two slinky legs to stand on any more. She stopped for a brief outfit adjustment, pulling her dress down cover more of her modesty, as her dress barely reached the underneath of her bum. Then, she moved and sat down on the other side of Jay, completely ignoring Addison and her flirtatious movements towards the male. Without a word, she casually took the bottle of whiskey out of his hand and took a swig for herself, before replacing it. "She's pissed me off too, today. And seeing her sitting there, doing.... that... instead of talking to me," she paused for a moment, before looking over at the male, "so tonight, I am on your side. It'll get me killed, but why should I give a flying fuck." Erin's confidence could have been seen as stupidity by anyone that knew how Corentine Quellen would react to her best friend sitting with her ex-boyfriend and current enemy, but the blonde just didn't give a fuck. Besides, the copious amounts of alcohol coursing through her system would make her feel better about this betrayal.


Taking things slowly, Jackson was only on his second drink of the night, sipping away in his position, perusing everything around him. He was watching his party, which was now full in swing. The music was playing, loud enough to be heard by everyone, but not loud enough to deafen those standing closer to the speakers, people were picking at the buffet food and seemed to be enjoying it, and the bartender seemed to be incredibly busy, not being able to stop for a moment as the amount of orders were flooding in. He could see that people were getting drunk quite quickly, but that wasn't any of his concern. He knew that Mr. Marinos wouldn't be angry at him for hosting such a party, and would be angry, rather, at those who were stupid enough to drink away their troubles and not turn up for classes the next day.

He hadn't really seen anyone that he was close to yet as he looked around; no sign of Lu, Amber, or even Jess - someone he wasn't all that familiar with, but was quite excited to see tonight at his party. Why? He wasn't really sure? Maybe it was the way that she had acted earlier, and it had intruged him? That was his best guess, anyway - Jackson was rather attracted to people that he had to figure out, people who interested him. It was a rather similar situation with Amber. However, it was the complete opposite with Lulu. She was the one person in the entire world who knew him better than anyone, and who he knew better than she did herself; there was no way to describe his relationship with her, other than he was attracted to her because of her amazing personality, her stunning looks, and the way that he didn't have to explain anything to her - she just knew.

Speaking of the devil, Jack pulled his phone out of his pocket with his spare hand when he felt it vibrate, and his lips instantly changed into a smile when he saw who had text him. He made his way over to the bar once he had placed his phone back into his pocket, and grabbed a bottle of JD from the bartender, his pre-order, and left his other drink. He instantly spotted his gorgeous blonde friend by the bar with a cocktail stick with cheese on the end in her hand, and made his way over to her. The tall Irish man made his way around the back of her however, disappearing into the crowd before he could be spotted at the bar. When he was behind her, he gently placed a hand over her eyes, and rested his chin on her shoulder. "Guess who?" He spoke with his thick Irish drawl, the bottle of Jack Daniels pressed into his back, hiding it. "Drake has good taste, by the way. You look beautiful tonight."


Max hadn't interacted with any of the students who had come up the bar; none of them had sparked his interest, none of the women enough to rouse him from his position, crouched over his glass of vodka. He had felt that there were eyes on him somewhere, someone watching him, but he didn't pay too much attention to the notion - usually, there was someone watching him, especially at events like this. Leo was the sort of person who would send someone out to watch over him, to make sure that he was being sensible, and acting all "professional." Ha. No-one had ever stopped him from acting like this, and now that he was on a level closer to that stature of Mr. Leonardo, he still wasn't going to be controlled. Besides, the alcohol was calming him down anyway, dulling the horrible concoction of emotions that were building inside his mind.

The brunette male didn't have a preferred drink - anything strong and alcoholic was his main preference. Spirits, mainly, and tonight, he had decided on some vodka. This morning, it had been whiskey. Ah, the drink of men. Suddenly, the male was snapped out of his little reverie about alcohol, and into his personal space (which included the two seats either side of him), slid Corentine Quellen, one of the naughtiest little bitches Max had ever had the pleasure of being with. She ordered a hefty supply of shots, and expertly downed them in one go when they were finally placed in front of him. He didn't turn to look at her as she drunk, or return her flirtatious smile. When it came to Corentine, Max was careful. She was a devil in disguise, this one.

However, when she spoke about him being someone who could use her type of company, Max's expression changed from an emotionless blank slate, into a sultry crooked grin that had come to be his trademark. He couldn't stop his eyes from wandering her perfect body as she twisted in her seat, the dress which barely covered anything riding even further up her thigh, exposing her creamy, supple flesh. He slowly brought his gaze up to look into her eyes. He decided not to reply to her comment, his expression revealing his answer clearly. "Your emotions are tightly wrapped today, Corentine." He spoke, taking another large sip of his vodka. "Why so desperate for, as you say, "my company" tonight?" Before the male could inquire about the girls needs for his attention further, Max received a little present in front of him, something he hadn't expected to receive that night. "A condom? Either someone's flirting with me or this is the worst coaster ever. Besides, it's the wrong size - too small for me. What's that in front of you?" He asked the blonde next to him, tossing the condom into the bin behind the bar, getting it straight in his goal.

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For the last few hours, Jessica had been recovering. She was a smart girl, she had done a little research and was aware the capability of Mo's power, but she never knew it could be that intense. She just didn't hear what the blonde had told her. She had seen the mans face, the scenes that had unraveled between them when they had been together and she felt it. It was strange, under the story that Mo was telling, she could... hear? her anguish. Her panic, this girl was scared. Although Jess didn't need this broadcast to know that. Mo hadn't been right all day and now Jess understood why. She had been dazed for a few minutes. Frankly, she had been surprised how non plus Mo had been, how well she was coping with the whole situation or seemed to be now. Despite Jess's shortsightedness, she wasn't blind or stupid. She had known that Mo was trying to defer from the situation.

Deciding that this was too big a situation to be ignored, Jess had interupted the blonde in her outfit choosing, sat her down and told her the plan. They were going to see... someone in the morning. A figure of authority. She couldn't decide whether this was a matter for Mr Marino's or Mr Henderson. She had no particular preference other than Mr Henderson was the most non understanding person, ever. She'd let Mo decide who she wanted to go to. They would go to someone though, this much was certain, then the entire school could get on board and protect her... well that was the theory anyway.

Jessica's thoughts turned back to Mckenna, she needed to see someone to. There was no way she could leave her best friend alone iin her situation. She had over reacted earlier, she'd be the first to admit that. She needed to find Kenna; fast. She had quickly sent her a text.

Mickey, come out to the party tonight? It'll stop you going crazy, at least until the morning <3 xx

She had then begun the process of getting ready for the party. Putting some music on to help them get in the party mood; the brunette quickly jumped in the shower. Fixing her hair up into an elegant bun and choosing her outfit. She had deliberated on what she should wear for a while, debating on whether it was too indecent to wear to one of these parties. Then Jessica remembered, she had once attended a school full of promiscuous girls that had also transferred here. If she turned up naked, then this would also have been fine. She gave a small smile at the thought, lighlty applying some make up. The outift would certainly give the likes of Jackson and Gregory a shock!

That's when the brunette thought about her closest male friend. She hadn't heard from all day. She hoped that he was okay and that the Noctrem boys were being good to him. She took out her phone and rustled up a quick text;

Gregory Ryce! You are hereby ordered to get me a drink at the bar tonight ;) Meet me at the bar in ten? I'll be in the one in black xx

Smiling stupidly at her phone, Jess looked up at her room mate 'Let's go' She smiled, linking arms with Mo and strolling on down to the party.