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Julie Cheyenne Heart

Just know I can see things.. Things you'd never wish to see.

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a character in “The Arcana Academy”, as played by UCTigerette



Full Name: Julie Cheyenne Heart
Nicknames: Jules
Age: Seventeen
Birthdate:October 31, 1994
Home Town: Anaheim, CA.
Sexuality: Straight

School: Arcana
Power: I’m a clairvoyant, which basically means that I have visions of things that have happened, will happen, or are about to happen. Though, sometimes they’re not even full visions. Sometimes it’s just a flash and a feeling. For example, one time I caught a glimpse of a house number and a sense of fear. On the news the next day, I recognized the same number and the story reported a woman’s house being broken into while she hid in the closet. Crazy stuff. I love being a clairvoyant. I have the ability to help people though it can be a bit tricky. The worst part is how much it wears on me. I slip into a trance when the visions come through. Things can get pretty ugly depending on the nature of the visions. Sometimes I’ll break out in sweats and my eyes will roll back. It doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing, when a vision hits then I’m completely gone from the real world. My body’s there, but my mind is gone. My mind isn’t even my own at that point, at least that’s what it feels like. Likes: Painting, reading, sweet iced tea, macaroons, buttered popcorn, rainy days, sleeping in, romance novels, chick flicks, nail polish, Starbucks, Netflix, research, and the Biography Channel.
Dislikes: Earthquakes, eggnog, Heavy Metal, large cities, the color yellow, guns, war, being late, and being woken up.
Fears: I must admit that I have hemophobia, which is the fear of blood – mainly the sight of blood. I get chills over my whole body at the sight of it. It’s disgusting. Just imagine how I deal with my period. Ha. Also, it’s worth mentioning that I have agoraphobia, which is fear of losing control.

Personality: The first thing noticeable about me would probably be that I’m confident and even if I don’t feel so, I definitely put on the face for it. I carry a smile everywhere I go and tend to push away negativity. After all, a smile is contagious. Those who don’t know me know of me. That’s the way I like it. I’m energetic and bubbly and try to get along with most others. If you happen to catch me on an off day, I can be dismissive. By dismissive I mean that if I don’t want your company, I won’t bite my tongue. Now, at this point I may sound just peachy, but believe me, I have faults and many of them. The most notable fault would be having a short temper. Sometimes it gets the best of me - as does my sarcasm. I must admit that I’m a witty, silver tongued girl. At times I blur the lines and have been known to cross them on several occasions. If I hurt your feelings don’t hesitate to let me know. More times than not it was probably unintentional. That’s another thing about me - I’m quick to admit when I’m wrong. There’s no point in carrying on like I’m right all the time. I know that isn’t the case. Overall, I’m rather down-to-earth and like to believe I’m approachable. I hate seeing others in pain and will try to lend a hand, if at all possible. I don’t push people to talk to me, but I will lend an ear from time to time. Don’t get me wrong though, I do my fair share of talking. I like sharing my own experiences as well as hearing those of the ones around me. There are times when I’m reserved, but that’s on rare occasion. I honestly don’t care what people have to say about me, so I live life, have fun, and party to extremes. I’m the girl that you either really love or really hate. Enjoy!

History:I was born to the wonderful Marie Heart, a woman of exceptional strength. We lived in a small, rundown apartment on the outskirts of Anaheim. The place wasn’t much, but it worked for me and her. Being a single mother, Mom worked two jobs just to provide me with everything I needed and most of what I wanted. I must admit, I was a blessed child. Well, except for the no father thing. My dad’s name was Keith Rogers and I’m told I have his eyes. I was also told that he walked out once he found out that my mother was with child. Well, with me. Either way, I thought I was doing splendidly without him and I really was.
Then one day, while outside playing with my best friend and neighbor, Arabella, I blacked out. The vision was only a flash. Arabella’s pink bike crushed under a car, the back wheel still spinning. I snapped back to reality with the sound of Arabella crying. We were still in my backyard, but I couldn’t shake that horrible feeling. A few hours later, her mother sent her to the store for sugar, milk, and eggs. As she left her house, I watched the entire scene unfold. My vision was true and my best friend was hit by a car. Luckily, she survived with a broken leg and fractured jaw. When I told my mom what happened, she sat me down to have “a very serious conversation”. That’s when I learned I was clairvoyant, just like my father. In truth, he had never walked out on us. My parents had met when they were very young. Mom was only seventeen when she’d found out she was pregnant with me. My father was the same age. Once he confided in his parents the visions he was having, they had him placed in a home. It was the most heartbreaking story my mother had ever told me. Tears flowed openly down her face as she recalled the distant memories. My father was alive, and well, but was locked away from the rest of the world labeled “crazy”.

After the visions started my mother told me about a special school that I could go to where I would learn more about my powers and be with other kids my age. This school was named Arcana. She never even told me about Noctrem. I quickly decided that I would pursue my education there and my mother let me make that choice. I must say, that I’m glad she never told me about Noctrem. I like to believe I would have chosen good versus bad anyway.
Anything else?Hmm, I have a tattoo though I like to keep it hidden. It stands for infinite faith. It’s on my rib cage, the left side.

So begins...

Julie Cheyenne Heart's Story

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Julie Heart

Julie pulled her fluffy, white comforter from her face and willed herself to sit up. It had been a rather long night, but nothing like she would have hoped. No, she wasn't off getting wasted somewhere, but spending hours pouring over her textbooks. A lot of kids here were naturally smart. Jules had to constantly work for it. She didn't mind studying in the slightest, but the procrastination aspect of her personality kind of kicked her butt.

About thirty minutes earlier, Jules had heard her roommate and best friend, Lily get out of bed. She knew she should have done the same, but just couldn't bring herself to open her eyes, much less sit up. It didn't take a reminder to remember that the Noctrem student would officially be moving in today. Julie honestly didn't think it was that big of deal even. She got along with some of the Noctrem kids perfectly, some she avoided, and others were nothing more than acquaintances. So what if they all had to live together? I guess she would feel slightly different if she hadn't already had a roommate like Lily. The girls were hardly alike, but somehow a friendship had formed. Forcing herself from the bed, Jules made her way her dresser choosing to forego a shower this morning. If she had gotten up a half hour ago, then there would have been time, but sleep had won. After debating for what seemed to be nearly five minutes, Jules finally chose an outfit. She dressed quickly and ran some control product through her hair before tying it up with a ribbon. Today was a day of comfort of style for sure. Even so, Julie thought she looked cute. After taking one last look in the mirror, she grabbed her bag and headed to the cafeteria.

It took a few minutes to get through the line and find her friends, but once she spotted them Julie headed straight for the table, Banana Nut Muffin in hand. "Hey girls." She called out, acknowledging Kaliyah, McKenna, and Lil. As she took her seat next with them, she couldn't help but to think she'd been so lucky to have Lily for a roommate. She didn't dare mentioned it though. Jules could tell by the mood that some people weren't happy with who their living partners would be. "So, what do you think this assemblies about? Lil, you're sitting with me right?" Jules asked. There were only two people with whom Jules was completely at ease with, Lily and Jackson Murphy, but she'd yet to see him this morning. Where, oh where could he be?

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McKenna Marinos

“Lets just say this year is going to be interesting…and I have a feeling we are going to see more fights here then we ever had here. I don’t mind the Noctrem students…yeah they are bitchy and party animals but all we can really do is go with the flow. And for the bitch squad I just stay out of their path. This is how things are going to be now. We just let them do their thing and we do ours." Kali took a quick break from her train of thought and picked up her phone, "Erm maybe though not so sure…I mean this is Mr. Marinos where talking about…he musta did this for a reason or something. What that reason is I don’t freaken have a clue…but it better be a good one." Kali added.

McKenna turned to Lilly, hoping that she might support her idea of talking to Mr. Marinos, but as soon as Lil opened her mouth to speak, she could tell by her tone that she wasn't too keen on the idea herself.

"I think Mr. Marino is a very understanding guy, but I'm sorry McKenna I don't think he would change a student's roommate because then other students would want to do the same thing if they didn't like who they got paired up with."

Both of the girls disagreed and McKenna frowned slightly, but then took it into consideration and nodded. Mr. Marinos did this for some sort of reason, and whatever reason it was, it had to be a good one. Or at least a decent one.

"Oh well, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," She shrugs, "Maybe they'll be out partying so much they wont' even notice who their roommates are.... Hopefully.. If anything happens though, I won't be afraid to try to talk to him..." She adds to the end of her statement firmly, not being one to tolerate those who would threaten her. The "Fearsome Five" were the ones she had to watch out for though, but the fact she was rooming with one, it was bound she'd have to face them eventually. Which caused a small pit in her stomach to slowly grow. Her and Jess could probably just get away for a bit in the library or something for the most part, and Jess was rooming with Morgan, so McKenna was sure it was ok if she hung with them.

"Hey girls!" a third voice rang out as Julie came and sat next to the girls.

Now, McKenna knew that Julie wasn't too big of a fan of her, yet she smiled and waved anyway. McKenna made it a point to not have enemies, she didn't mind if people didn't like her, as long as they weren't digging her grave, she was quite alright with anyone.

"Morning, Julie." She says with a small smile and takes a sip of her tea, "You look pretty today." She adds the compliment, not to suck up, but just to simply be nice.

McKenna was anything but a suck up, she just liked complimenting people.

"So, what do you think this assemblies about? Lil, you're sitting with me right?" Julie asks and McKenna shrugs.

"Probably just going over ground rules and expectations. Whether the Noctrem students follow or not, that's a different story." Kenna chuckles a bit, finishing off her pancakes and she begins on her sausage links.

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Kali Rickerson

As Kali was sitting there she ran her hands through the grass and looked at the other two girls. She was lost in thought about her past, thinking of the only two people that she considered them her parents. She then started thinking about what she could do for her next crazy stunt. Her conversation with L the other day got her thinking. They talked about climbing to the roof of the school, which may be a possibility, she definitely needed to converse with L about this, she was thinking L musta slept in or misplaced her phone somewhere because L usually was right by her side most of the time, they had been inseparable since the day the met and became very close friends.

She felt her phone buzz but then got distracted because she heard someone coming closer “Hey girls” Kali looked behind her and saw Julie and smiled “hey you whats up?” she asked the girl. The looked down to her phone remembering she got a text:

Hey Kali. Overslept lol. Nothing unusual. Mary and I are going to see the roommate list. Wonder who I'll get.... Talk to ya soon J

Kali laughed to herself and texted back to Eden:

Ok sounds good. Can you see who I got for a roommate, I have yet to check, I went for my morning run and then ran into Kenna.

After she sent the text she heard Kenna pipe up "Oh well, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Maybe they'll be out partying so much they wont' even notice who their roommates are.... Hopefully.. If anything happens though, I won't be afraid to try to talk to him..." Kali nodded in agreement “That is true, some of them aren’t as bad as lets say ‘the fearsome five’ but this is still our school…. We shouldn‘t let that change just because they will be staying here for a bit…hopefully not too long…” as she was about to continue she heard her ringtone for Eden go off “sorry its Eden…excuse me for a few minutes” she then got up and just stepped a few feet away and answered her phone.

Before she could even get a hello in she heard Eden go off "Heeeeeeey Kali. Where are you? I'm being to lazy to look around.. “Hey Eden…you should know whenever looking for me I most likely will be outside but I guess I can help you out…I am out back of the school, come find me. Oh did you get my last text? If your still near the list can you take a look at who my roommate is? I haven’t been over that way yet to take a look. Who did you get?” she was smiling as she talked to Eden, something about him always made her happy and she always enjoyed his company. She wasn’t one that had many guys that where close friends but Eden somehow made his way in to her life.

Bells Dorson

As Bells was waiting for Ms.Wright to talk she felt her phone go off, she took it out of her pocket and looked down, she noticed it was from Benz. She grinned to herself and opened the messaged though she was still focused on Ms. Wright in a way

On my way to get a bite to eat. Om Nom Nom. Maybe even find my roomie on the way. No way in hell we're going to that dumb assembly right?

Bells chuckled, she loved Benz but only in a friendly way, she couldn’t see him any other way then that, her fingers touched the buttons on her iphone, quickly typing back:

fuck the assembly. I don’t want to listen to Marinos voice if I don’t need too. I will meet you in the cafeteria, I have yet to get my morning coffee >< but I am talking to Ms.Wright at the moment. C ya soon

As she sent the text she heard Ms. Wright “I imagine most of us are thinking the exact same thing.If everything goes the way I think they will, things will turn out for the best. For their sake, I hope they accept the fact that things are going to be quite different around here from now on. Oh, and I’m assuming you’ll be passing up this charming assembly?”

Bells grinned just a little as she noticed Ms.Wright look right into her eyes near the end “Well lets just say they will have a few choices to make while we are here. One, they are going to go through hell while we are here. Or two, they will join us and know what its like to have a good time” she smirked a bit then thought for a few minutes before she continued to answer Ms.Wright’s last question.

Ever since the first time she got sent to Ms.Wright’s office she knew that she could not lie to the teacher, but for some reason she really didn’t feel the need to lie. She was not a fan of most teachers just because they really thought she was a trouble maker, that she was lazy with her school work, and she can be really cruel. But for Ms.Wright’s class she actually did pay attention and did the work, she found Ms.Wright’s class interesting “Yup I am definitely not in the mood to spend my morning listening to someone that really dislikes me. I plan on doing something fun, not sure what that will be yet. Since there is no classes today I surely am going to take that to my advantage. I am not going to change my way of things just because we are staying in this school. I will be the same Bells everyone knows and loves or to most of the angel students here, hate. And maybe if I am lucky I will get sent you but most likely be sent to Mr. M because they did mention detention. I feel like that is going to be my new home while I am here” she let out a laugh then looked down to her phone to find out what time it was, knowing she would need to go meet Benz soon.

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Stupid post.

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Lulu's tensing upon his arrival made the male chuckle slightly, and soon, she was relaxing once again, knowing it was him. Jackson let her touch his chin, something he was very strange about - he didn't like people touching him, especially people he wasn't close to in any way, shape, or form, but Lulu... well, she was his best friend. His very best friend. Yes, he had Drake, and Jules, and Scott, but there was no-one that he was closer to than Lulu. She had been there throughout the two hardest times in his life, the deaths that had changed his entire life forever. He hadn't spoken to her much after that, had ignored her phone calls, texts and surprise visits, but she had always kept in contact with him, one way or another. She hadn't let him slip away, much to his own gratitude. She was a rock to him. A sturdy, beautiful rock. "You're not allowed to be an insomniac, missy." He smiled, taking her hand as it came down from his chin, squeezing it lightly.

"But, I suppose that reasons are reasons. Who knows, maybe I'll join you on one of your midnight rendevouz with Drake." Jack winked playfully at her, before the head teacher's voice took over the intercom. He listened to the message, frowning a little at the male's tone of voice. He wasn't insanely close to the male, like some of the girls around the school, or Keirol, but he was curious as to what could have made the usually calm and collected teacher act out a little like that. He just nodded when Lulu spoke, voicing his own thoughts almost exactly. "Maybe you should talk to him later about it." The male spoke, remembering in that moment that Lulu herself liked to spend time with the head-master, and that the two of them were quite close. Then again, if he wanted to find out something, Amber Romano was probably the person that he would ask. But, he wasn't the most curious and nosy person around; he wasn't one for gossiping.

However, Jackson was quickly brought back to the moment at hand, catching his best friend, his hands clasping at her waist to steady her. His eyes were filled with a momentary flash of worry, before she soon explained her falling over. "Caffeine?" He repeated, before nodding. "Right, the cafe is this way." He smiled softly, wrapping his arm around her waist, keeping a hold of her. He was a little worried now, and on her journey to the cafeteria, he didn't want her falling over again.

When they got there, he sat her down slowly in the chair, a smile on his face. "You, sit there." Jack's playful smile was on his face, obviously going to buy both coffees himself. He then walked over to the till, buying two cups of coffee, before then heading over to the table once more. "Here you go. What is it with you Noctrem kids and your drinking?" He asked her, a playful smirk coming onto his face as he took a sip of his hot drink.

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McKenna Marinos

McKenna watched as more people gathered around, Eden, and his statue angel, Mary.

Of course Mary gave her the heebie jeebies. Maybe she watched too much Doctor Who, or something but she felt as if she couldn't blink around Mary or she'd get closer...Closer..then, gone... Poof, out of the atmosphere and teleported into another time or something preposterous.

Checking her phone, she realizes it was ten minutes until the assembly and she should start heading over to meet up with Jess. Picking up her plates, she turns to the others, "Ready for the assembly?" She asks kindly, more looking towards Kal and Lil.

She sees the text from Jess and chuckles. She had never considered Jess a Noctrem student, she always forgot, since they were so close. And she was one of the only students from Noctrem that actually enjoyed her company to an extreme extent. She throws her bag over her shoulder, dropping the picture without realizing it. It flutters in the wind, landing at Mary's stone feet.

McKenna texts Jess back:

I'm on my way, lovely

She puts her phone away in her pocket and walks to throw her plates away, then turns and waits for the group -- if they were willing to tag along to Mr. Marino's rule lecture.

[[Sorry for the shortness of this post.]]

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Kali Rickerson

Kali held the phone to her ear and heard Eden ramble on and answering her questions "Yeah, I can go check for you. I got Marcurio Espenosa. Do you know who he is? The name sounds familiar, but I can't put a face to it. “Umm no I don’t really know him…I think I have heard his name around before..” she answered him and then heard him go on “You, my dear, are with Miss. Yvette Beatrix in Room 19. Alright, me and Mary will find you in a sec. See ya in a second." “Ah okay I don't think I know her... Okay see you soon” she answered back thinking about her new roommate, she can’t really place the name to a face and wondered what her roommate was like, she then put her phone back in her pocket and walked back to the girls.

“Sorry about that, Eden wanted to know where I was and he will be here soon” tt was only a few minutes after she said that, that she was suddenly jumped on which made her jump a little. She felt Eden’s hands go around her shoulders which made her smile, she felt she was getting closer to Eden though she wasn't sure how close yet. “Hey Kali!” she laughed and smiled and turned around seeing Eden and Mary “Hi Eden! Hi Mary! ”. At first Mary, the other angels, and things Eden made come alive freaked her out because it wasn't something she ever saw before but soon she got used to it and now she loves them. She heard Eden ask "So, are you guys staying here until the assembly?" but then saw him walk off to Adina and wake her up. She really liked Adina because of the angels personality and really got along with her. As Eden and Adina made there way back over she smiled to Adina as she heard "Hello sweetheart!", “Hello Adina, how are you?” she asked the angel then heard Kenna pipe up "Ready for the assembly?".

“I am ready when you are, though I hope it isn't long...I feel there is going to be a lot of tension in that room” she then looked to Eden “you coming Eden? you can sit by me if ya want” she asked as she went over to his side. She gave a soft smile “I guess I don’t have time to change but after the assembly I definitely will have to take a shower and change before anything else” she looked to everyone that was there “does anyone know who Yvette Beatrix is? I guess she will be my roommate but I don’t think I have met her before…though I am only close with a few Noctrem students and know the names of most of them. I just can't picture a face for the name”. She started playing with her hair a bit as she waited for the others hoping one of them knew who she was.

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Leo thought he had won. He had thought he was going to get out of this without having to deal with any anger from his girlfriend. By the way that she was wrapping herself around him, welcoming his lips, and grasping a hold of his hair, how could he think any different? The immortal male was almost beginning to forget that Amy had been angry with him in the first place, and his trail of thought was moving just onto her; about taking her, right here in his office, proving to her again that she was his. Everything that he could think of was her - Amy Roerig filled his mind, his heart, and every single one of his senses with thoughts of her. Her touch, her scent, her love... it clouded his mind, much to his enjoyment.

However, that enjoyment was short lived, by the atmosphere in the room suddenly taking a turn for the worst. Amy suddenly snapped, pushing him away from her, unraveling herself quickly from his body. Leonardo just looked at her, his expression filled with confusion and worry; one moment ago, she had been begging for him, wanting him, panting his name, and now, she was pushing him away, and had started shouting at him. He was just... confused. He hadn't felt things like this before, had never experienced them before - and now, this was his first experience with the girlfriend angry at jealousy. Yeah, he definitely didn't want to be here again. Amy looked almost scary, her expression full of anger, her eyes baring deep into his own. She had even swore! Leo's eyes widened as that "damn" came out of her lips; Amy never swore. Ever. Oh dear, he had truly annoyed her this time.

"Amy, I'm sorry." Leo's voice was calm and cool as he tried to reason with the angry brunette woman in front of him, taking a step back from her. He didn't want to be within arms reach of her, in case she decided to lash out at him in a moment of blind fury. "I didn't mean to, I just didn't like you being so close to another man like that. I've never had a woman for my own, Amy. I've never been able to look at a girl, and call her mine. In a thousand years, feeling this for the first time has made me a little possessive, I see that. Please, please don't be angry at me, baby." Leo was almost pleading with the woman, taking a small step back towards her, with his arms outstretched. He wanted her back in his arms again, but this time, he wasn't going to force it. He was going to wait for her to come to him.


Erin could feel her anger rising with every passing second, her hands beginning to shake more and more, that horrible red haze beginning to cloud over her eyes; when she was in this sort of mood, she was barely human, that primal, feral side of her taking over. She was more like a hungry rabid dog, than a girl once her powers truly took over. Sometimes, it got so bad, that she didn't even remember what had happened when she had been taken over; it was as if she was being taken over by a different force, a different being. Something pushed back that human side of her and in it's place set down a primal being, who's only thoughts are based around blood and fear. Not feeling fear, but creating it. She was a scary being, once her powers took over - more scary that a pissed off Corentine, it had been said before. Which was why the girl had ran away from it all, run outside to her secluded place in the forest; somewhere she wouldn't be able to harm anyone.

The blonde just couldn't believe how Keirol had just pushed her off like that, brushed her off as if she really was just some strange girl in the corridors that he had never met, spoken to, or even seen before. Not the girl that laid in his bed most nights, curled up with him, laying there contently without any sort of physical activity on her mind. Not the girl that he had trusted enough to have given her his most precious possession, to keep close to her heart, always. Her hand came up to clasp the sword dangling around her neck, the pendant that her "boyfriend" had given her as a gift a few nights prior. She tried to go back to that moment, to how happy she had felt when Keirol had placed the pendant around her neck, telling her that he loved her, but she could no longer feel the happiness. No, now all Erin could feel was rage, when she looked at his face. The face that held those eyes that had recently looked straight through her, as if she hadn't been there at all.

There was a rustling behind her, a noise the girl tried to ignore. Probably a bird or a rabbit or something. She thought to herself, shaking her head, trying to bring herself out of that moment, and to put her mind in a quiet, more peaceful place. However, then, a voice resounded around her, shattering her silence; a deep, seductive voice that almost made a shiver run through the blonde's body. That's no rabbit. Erin took in a few deep breaths as she felt herself growing more and more vicious, that primal side of her wanting to take her over, to take full control of her body. It had been ages since she had been this angry, and Erin was slightly cautious of even Drake being around her right now. Usually, Drake Quellen was the boy that she was run to when she was feeling angry, to stop herself from getting this close to the edge, but he was rather late this time at finding her, and she was almost too close to the edge of sanity to be able to stop herself from turning. It was already beginning to happen; her shaking was almost uncontrollable, her breathing ragged.

Erin whipped around after a few seconds, her change almost complete. The rage inside her was almost at the point of explosion; her body shaking with anger. The blonde's eyes were now black, black with hate, and anger, and rage, and murderous intent towards the man that had hurt her like this, and to anyone that decided to get in her way. She was almost at complete strength, holding herself onto sanity as long as possible, grasping onto that tiniest bit of humanity that she muster. "Drake..." She breathed, her voice strained, and shaky. She hated feeling this close to slipping, this close to falling out of her own consciousness, and into the mind of the beast. Drake would help her; he had to.

He just had to.

Suddenly, Erin threw her head back, her inside battle growing harder and harder, allowing the beast within to come out for a moment, her eyes flashing red, signifying that she was no longer in control of her own body. She felt herself snarl in the direction of the man who had come along to find her, before a sadistic grin flickered across her lips. "Oh look, Drake. Come along to stop me, have you? To "calm me down?" Please, you think you can stop me, you puny, impudent little fool. Unlike her, I'd rather not --" Erin's head once again was thrown backwards and her eyes changed back, flashing red again briefly, again showing a change in control over the body of the blonde girl. Erin's primal part was growing stronger, beginning to take over. She hated asking for help, especially from someone so cruel and sarcastic about everything, but Drake was the one person that Erin was able to trust to help her, to save her, when she was in this sort of state.

"Help me."


Well, that conversation with Beth and Spencer had gone, oh so well, in Jackson's eyes. That was a bit of an overstatement. After he had mentioned there being a party that night, there had been a silence. And it hadn't been one of those nice, comfortable silences that he enjoyed. No, it had been a horrible, awkward silence between the three of them. Jackson had stood there with his hands in his pockets for about a minute with no reply from the blonde girl that he had been in a relationship with, or his new science-infatuated roommate, before he had decided that there wasn't going to be a conversation between the three of them anytime soon. So, he had quickly excused himself, telling them to "think about it," before walking off, quickly.

The Irish man hadn't known what to do, and had spent the best part of half an hour walking around the gardens of the school. He had been hoping to spot at least one of his friends; maybe McKenna, Ashy or Julie around somewhere, but to no such luck. He hadn't seen anyone; it was like the grounds of the school was a cemetery. Maybe it was because all of the Arcana students were helping their new Noctrem roommates settle into their new quarters, making them feel all at home and what not. Jackson wondered if he should have gone back inside and spoken to Spencer, offered to help him up to their new shared room and help him settle in. But, seeing how their last conversation had gone, the man had decided against it.

Now, Jackson was walking through the hallways of the school, slowly making his way back to his bedroom. He had decided that waiting there for Spencer to come up would be a better idea than trying to engage the man in conversation again, and had changed his direction from that of the forest on the outskirts of the school, to the dorms on the inside. However, as he made his way along the hallway, an open door caught his eye. "Mhm, strange." He murmured to himself, his Irish accent thick through his voice. There had been conversations about a week prior, Arcana students joking about never leaving their doors open any more, because of the thieving and untrustworthy ways of the Noctrem students, so this ajar door was something that he hadn't expected to see.

As Jack peered around the corner of the door, to determine who's room it was, he noticed a bag on the floor, one he had seen many times whilst he had been growing up. Lulu and him had always used to go out on trips to the woods in the small town they once lived in, and they would take a picnic and all the essentials needed to eat, and have a day out, like a ball, and a frisbee and what ever else you'd want, in that bag. "Lu?" He called out as he made his way into the room, looking around. He could hear the shower on in the bathroom, but even through the walls, it was still possible to hear people calling on the outside. Many a time, the male had been spoken to whilst he had been in the shower, from one of his friends on the outside in his bedroom, so, it worried him a little that Lulu hadn't replied to him. He knocked on the door of the bathroom, once again calling out her name, hoping for a reply. After a minute of not getting one, he opened the door, slowly, making sure that she was decent before going inside properly.

The sight before him shocked him, and Jack moved quickly over to her side, taking her hand. "Lulu? You're like ice.... why are you showering in cold water? You'll freeze if you've been in here too long. Here. Please?" He held up a towel that had been conveniently placed close enough to the shower, so that she would be able to step out of the shower, and he could wrap it around her.