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Kaliyah Rickerson

So who wants to try something new?

0 · 253 views · located in Arcana Academy, California

a character in “The Arcana Academy”, as played by airedeiagrace



Full Name: My full name is Kaliyah Brylen Rickerson

Nicknames: Most call me Kali, Brylen, or Kal

Age: I am18 years old

Birthdate: I was born on the 8th of May

Where your character was born and raised, and country please: I was born and raised in a small town in Maine called Stetson.

Sexuality: I am straight.

School: I am a Arcana student

Power: Well lets see, my power is what one would call Psychic Constructs. Pretty much I can make anything out of psychic energy. Such as tools, objects, weapons, and so on. Anything I can think of I can make. Though I do need to have a good idea of how the object works and how it looks. It only affects others mentally, it can do no harm physically. Downside of my power is I get major headaches when I use my power for a long period of time.

Likes: I really like reading fantasy books, trying new things, thriller and suspense movies, adrenaline rush, the color teal and sky diving

Dislikes: I really do not like chocolate, natural disasters, morons, wimps, and the color pink

Fears: Well most see me as someone that doesn’t fear anything but I do have one fear that most people wouldn’t know because I keep it a secret but with that said I really am afraid of natural disasters. I have had nightmares of them since I was a child when the tornado came through the town I was living in at the time. I do not like them at all and if there is any sort of storm you most likely will find me in my room, clutching a pillow and waiting for it to be over with.

Personality: Hmm I really do not like describing myself, but I guess I have to. Well most would call me a daredevil. I am not really afraid of trying something new, except if it has to do anything with my fear, which I talked about before. I like challenges, I think they are fun and gives me that rush of excitement that I do so love. I am pretty outgoing, reckless, and just enjoy doing random things. When it comes to friends I am pretty excepting to anyone, I mean why make enemies? Does it serve a purpose? But with that said I do not tolerate plain out meanness. I feel those people that just go out of their way to be mean actually are just trying to get attention. I am not exactly one of the goody girls like at Arcana but I am not a bitch like a lot of the Noctrem students, I sorta float in the middle and have friends on both sides. Again I don't see the meaning of having enemies.

Underneath my outgoing and fearless attitude I am actually very vulnerable. I have this sadness in me that has been there since I was a child. I try really hard not to show this, I do not want to bring the mood of others just because I am feeling depressed. So I just stuff it in and deal with it. But some times I just need to let it out, and those times I most likely will find a place where I can be alone. No one has seen this side of me and I don’t feel like sharing that side with anyone in the near future.

History: My history is just a mess but I will share it because you have asked. I do not know the women that birthed me or the man that got the women pregnant. What I have been told is that I was found on the doorstep of the Kindred Orphanage, wrapped up in a purple and teal blanket, with nothing that said who or where I came from. The orphanage staff took me in and named me and also giving me a random last name. I stayed there till I was 4 years old, a sweet couple came in and wanted to foster me, I guess they felt I was special.

The first month there was good, they had a room for me that was just mine. I remember there being lots of toys. Jennifer and Robert where pretty amazing parents and I really did love them. They loved my personality, how I was always wanting to climb trees or try different things. I felt they could really be my parents, I even called them Mom and Dad after three weeks of being there, I had parents that actually wanted me.

Though things can change pretty fast I’ve learned. One day it was storming really bad, a tornado warning was sent out, which is not normal for the weather in Maine. My foster mom and dad actually was out on an errand and I was home with a babysitter. The babysitter didn’t really know what to do, kinda dumb I think. Her and I stayed in my room when it started to get bad. We both got under my bed, I can remember the sound of the rain and hale, it sounded like rocks where hitting against the house, could hear the wind. Next thing I know the house is shaking and I was scared, all I could think was of something that could protect us. Next thing I know there is this bluish shield over me and the babysitter. I remember seeing the roof get ripped off and things from my room going into the tornado. I never ever felt so scared in my life, my heart felt like it was going to explode. After the weather calmed down I remember the babysitter freaking out about the shield thing, I had no idea how I even did it. We waited there for about an hour when finally some people from the fire department came around and we were taken to the high school where they were housing people. I looked around for my foster mom and dad but could not find them. I was taken back to the orphanage never seeing them again. I became very sad and upset, the orphanage had a hard time with me from then on.

I became more reckless, getting into things I shouldn’t have. Doing things most people wouldn't think twice of doing. I have had quite a few broken bones and stitches from my reckless adventures. I did finally find out what happened to my foster mom and dad, they were on their way home when the tornado hit and they got caught in it. I learned that I could do more with my powers but kept it a secret. I was quite shocked when I got a letter from Arcana inviting me to their school, the orphanage agreed to send me there and I have been there since I was 15.

Anything else? Nothing that I can think of

So begins...

Kaliyah Rickerson's Story

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Kali Rickerson

Kali woke up to her alarm blaring at 6:15 am so she had enough time to take a run, she got dressed in one of her white t-shirts and a pair of black jogging shorts. She went downstairs and outside, it was still early so she didn’t meet anyone on her way out. She stretched for a few minutes before she started her light jog around the school. She was near the end of making it around the building once, her breathing was a bit heavy but she needed to go at least once more around the school, it was what she did every morning so she would stay in shape.

When she was coming to the front of the school she slowed down to a light jog as she saw the Noctrem students coming off the bus. She kept on going until she saw Drake, her thoughts started going as she thought of Drake, with his dark hair…hot body, she let out a sigh. As she got lost in thought she lost her balance tripping right behind Drake “shit” she said out loud, quickly got up and ran off before anyone could say anything to her. Once she made it around to the other side of the building she stopped taking a few breaths “Damnit Kali get it together, you can’t keep doing that whenever you are near him” she thought to herself then looked down to her knees, which now where bleeding. She brushed her knees off and took a few breaths before she continued on jogging though a little bit slower because the fall to the knees.

She knew the roommate list was up but she wasn’t too interested in it, she knew she would meet whoever her roommate was soon enough. She really didn’t have anything against the Noctrem students, yeah some of them can be assholes but she just ignores it. She doesn’t waist her breath on the ones that don’t pay attention to her. She was wondering who her friends got for roommates though, she was hoping one of them would be her roommate but knowing her luck it probably wasn’t going to happen. She just hoped it was someone that like to have a good time, and not always drinking.

She jogged to the back of the school, stopping for a few minutes to catch her breath, she looked around and saw someone sitting by a tree. She jogged a little closer and saw that it was Kenna. She ran quicker over to the girl and smiled “Hey Kenna” she said as she got closer but then noticed the girl looking at what seemed to be a picture. “Oh do you want to be alone? I just saw you over here alone…and wanted to say hi. Oh do you know who you roommate is yet?” she asked deciding to sit down, if Kenna did decided to be alone she would get up and leave. She understood how sometimes there is times that you just wanted to be alone to think. She looked down at her knees, seeing the scrapes she brushed them again with her hands trying to get the blood off them.

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#, as written by Mela
Cor Quellen

When Erin made a comment about the rooms being mixed, Cor smiled wryly, “damn right it does,” she noted, shaking her head. She raised an eyebrow when Erin merely shrugged at rooming with Lora. “Fuck that,” she said, rolling her eyes, “she’s a little Marinos-puppet and you know it.” In truth, maybe she hated Lora primarily because she’d spotted Jay’s clone practically following her around at times, and she didn’t like how his attention was wandering so much. It wasn’t just gypsy girl, it was others too. Even Addie, Jade and Bells. Her friends. And she’d damn well noted some looks back. It bothered her more than anything, but as long as it was no more than looking, she could deal. Sort of. What she couldn’t take, was his relationship with Freya. Friends? Fine. Kissing? Not so fine, and then he had the nerve to ask her to fucking trust him. She hadn’t had a chance to talk it over with him much yesterday, because he’d distracted her with sex… a lot. She’d skipped English as usual and met up with Jay, but this time it had been more than a quick fuck somewhere.

This time she’d finally been in his room. He’d told her how much he loved her, how much he wanted her. Told her she was the only one he wanted an he’d made love to her in a bed for the first time in over two years. Then they’d left the grounds for lunch and, well… the day had passed with just the two of them, wrapped up in each other. He still wanted her to drop her fuck-buddies, but she wasn’t giving him anything serious until she knew she could trust him. Back at Arcana, Jay had only had eyes for her. He’d never even looking at others with want like he did now. Now, however, he was still with his girlfriend while fucking Cor and flirting with others. ”What can I do to prove that you can trust me, Cor?” he’d asked as she was on his lap yesterday, but she hadn’t answered him. Today she was cursing herself, thinking she should have told him to prove that he could be with her alone. No sideways glances. She knew he wasn’t the Jay she’d dated, but she hated that this particular side of him had changed because she still loved him.

She shook out of her metaphorically Jay-induced coma when she saw who he was rooming with and made a comment. It was just too hilarious. Bells chose that moment to stop by and Cor grinned at her, “oh, you know… rooms.” She said in reply to her friend’s words. Then turned to look at Erin again. Her comments made Cor laugh and she shook her head, “sure, and then the moon fell from the sky and they lived happily ever after,” she finished the ‘story’ her friend was weaving. She smiled wryly shaking her head when Erin apologized. “Oh, fuck this. They’re going to kill each other.” That when Sky’s comment reached and she whirled around with a mischievous smile on her lips. “Have a look,” she told him, still laughing, and she only laughed harder at his reaction, Spanish mixing with his words. “Oh, baby, it’s not that bad. Erin was just telling me how you two might bond over this.” At the comment, she only laughed harder. Sky added a “whatever” and walked away. She called out, “don’t forget to give him a big hug, love!” She smirked.

Then Leo’s voice rang out over speakers, and Cor rolled her eyes. As if you’re going to do anything if I don’t show, you fucking pussy, she thought to herself, smirking visibly. Pussy, oh, wasn’t that ironic. She blinked a couple of times when Erin spoke, then shrugged, grinning. “You know, I think we need a guide. I don’t want to carry these suitcases around all day, and I don’t suppose Kei’s up as he’s not getting a roommate, sooo… walk with me? I’ll just bet you Jay the Jerk isn’t up yet either, but he’s going to be. On that note, I have a shitload of info for you.” She said as she began walking, knowing that Erin would tag along. “Remember how I texted you that I wasn’t riding the bus with you guys? And I wasn’t home until 8:30 pm and all? Well, I was with him.” She couldn’t keep the happiness out of her voice. Jay made her heart beat faster. He was the only guy who had and would ever have power over her.

Cor headed for the second floor, riding the elevator with Erin, “it was a fucking weird day, if you ask me,” she said, shaking her head at the memories, “mostly because it wasn’t just sex.” She glanced at her friend, smiling wryly, “yeah, I know… it’s pretty crazy.” She laughed a little. She and Jay had been strictly “fuck and leave” until yesterday, and she hadn’t had a chance to be alone with Erin really until now so she hadn’t relayed any of the new information. “He’s such a fucking asshole, and I don’t trust him for shit… but he’s still got me.” She turned her eyes skyward. “And I have no clue in hell how I feel about it.” With that, the ping of the elevator signaled that they could exit on the second floor, so Cor hurried out, looking around her. These halls would be swarming with people in a little bit and she didn’t want to risk anyone hearing her talk about having feelings for a guy. Jay was a weakness.

Soon, they reached the door Cor knew belonged to Jay (at least she’d found that out yesterday), and she knocked, pondering if she should just barge in there, but she didn’t really want Erin possibly seeing Jay naked, which was so fucking ridiculous. “Baby?” She called merely, knowing he’d recognize her voice.

Drake Quellen

Drake turned his head when someone bumped into him, smiling when he noticed Lulu. However, the smile turned into a slight frown as she scurried off without a word in his direction. It was so weird. Ever since Noctrem had burned down, he and Lulu had been sliding further and further apart, like something was causing a distance now that they were no longer able to have their nightly talks. He missed them a little, honestly. He missed Lulu’s company when he couldn’t sleep in the night. The way she’d poke her head out and tell him to go back to his room with a glass of milk. Really, it had become more of a greeting than a wish on her part after a little while; after he’d refused enough times. Of course, he couldn’t just refuse either, so he’d begun asking her to join him, and she had. The evening ritual had gone on for whoever knew how long before Noctrem burned. Now he was more or less alone in the night. He didn’t much mind solitary, really, but he’d rather have her company than not.

Thinking about it, maybe she was avoiding him because of the girls; his sister mostly, probably. Cor was a force to be reckoned with; Drake knew that better than anyone, and if accompanied by her bitch squad, as he liked to call them – in his mind, she was even worse. Back-up was not something one should issue to psychopaths. Not much long after, he heard a ”shit” from behind and glanced over to see Kali. He grinned but she too was running off before he got a chance to say anything. He was starting to feel like he smelled or something, what with everyone fleeing his presence. Geez. Or maybe it was just sort of amusing. Okay, it was very amusing. Mostly because he knew why. How could he take it personally? Everyone knew he was great, and he was positive he’d used cologne this morning, anyway. He was drawn back into reality when Addie shook her head and he grinned. “Of course you are,” he said. “You’d be in there looking at roommates if you didn’t have to calm your nerves with a smoke.” He teased. Of course he couldn’t be sure, but he thought Addie might’ve misunderstood his question. Oh well.

When Addie commented on him smoking, Drake laughed. “My ‘mama’ practically tossed them at me. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she wanted me to die sooner.” Of course no one at the Academy actually knew how strained his relationship with his parents was, but he’d never felt the need to tell them either, so it wasn’t public knowledge. He knew Cor wasn’t going to tell people. Not because she respected his right to tell that stuff himself. Oh no, Cor just liked it better when people considered him more of a mystery. At least he thought that was why. What the hell did he know? His sister was a fucking mess. Image was one thing, among many, he’d never really cared about, as oppose to his blonde baby sis. His eyes took a round of the area he was in and spotted Erin looking at him and Addie, making a face. He chuckled, winking at her. It was completely ridiculous, really. She fucked him more often than most of the girls he had ‘intimate relations’ with, yet she didn’t think he was good enough for any of her friends. Good thing he wasn’t really interested in dating any of them. He just liked sex, and flirting. But most of all he liked the company of women. What was so wrong about that? He didn’t need to have sex with them to like talking to them, or just looking at them, really.

Drake let go of Addie when he felt her wiggling out of his embrace, shot her a wry smile in reply to her ‘goodbye’, and watched her ass as she walked inside. He wasn’t a pervert as such. He just recognized good craftsmanship, really, and her parents had done wonderfully, he had to admit. Kudos to them. Then he smiled to himself and picked up his big duffel bag, mulling over his options now. He could go check out the list of roommates, annoy his sister a little and maybe find something (or someone) interesting to do, but eh… he wasn’t much in the mood. He did want to lose the bag though, so he supposed he’d have to go inside sooner or later. His eyes ran over the people already there. Maybe he could locate Lulu and get her alone. He was sick of his sister scaring people off. Or maybe just sick of her scaring Lulu specifically away. Of course Lulu only had herself to blame for Cor’s open hostility towards her, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t hang out? Since when did Cor have anything to say about the people he associated with? In reality, he liked being around people she didn’t like, just to tic her off.

Then again, he didn’t want to get Lulu into more trouble. Very few people were as targeted by Cor as Lulu. Actually, he was fairly certain Lulu was the only girl hated by every single one of Cor’s bitches. That was a first, and he couldn’t help being a little impressed with her. Not a lot of girls had the guts to. He shook his head, scratching the back of his neck. Why did he even give a shit? That’s when he spotted Lora and noted that his sister and Erin had skipped off to wherever. Destination decided. Drake made his way inside, easily slipping through the crowd despite his size and his bag. He paused by the list of rooms and raised an eyebrow. Noctrem/Arcana rooming? His face lit into an amused, mischievous grin, his mood improving immediately. Well this changed the game entirely – and made it all the more entertaining. He chuckled to himself when he saw that he’d be living with Colby, but the laugh died down when he noticed they’d used his full name. Seriously? He was pretty sure he hadn’t told anyone at Arcana his full name. Ah, bugger. He hated his name. Shaking off the slight irritation, Drake moved through the next line of people and headed for Lora.

He made his way over just as Leo’s announcement rang out – which he more or less ignored – , and wrapped her in a tight hug, grinning down at her. “Did you grow taller since yesterday?” He teased her. It had become a joke since she’d grown so much since he’d last befriended her in Harrogate, a couple of months before his going to Noctrem, and since they’d started going to school at Arcana, they’d more or less re-established that friendship. With a fuck-load of attraction on top of it. For once, however, Drake was fighting his womanizing tendencies. Lora was one girl who was going to stay just a friend. He’d decided that much. No fucking this up. Excuse the pun.

* Amy will be added in a bit. =D

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McKenna Marinos

McKenna began indulging herself with the pancakes, and during the middle of her big bite she heard Kali's voice ring out. Embarassed, she looked up slowly, a sheepish smile.

“Hey Kenna!" -- A small pause as Kali's eyes wandered down to her picture, "Oh do you want to be alone?" McKenna shakes her head.

"No, no please sit, it's quite alright." She says, swallowing the pancakes down and wiping her sticky syrup fingers on her napkin.

"I just saw you over here alone…and wanted to say hi. Oh do you know who you roommate is yet?” Kali sat down next to her and McKenna nods, the smile fading from her face.

"Dear, God. When I found out my who my roommate was I almost passed out with fear. It's Jade, y'know Jade Locke? How bout you?" Kenna shudders a bit, Jade and the rest of those girls scared her to all hallabaloo and back.

She was hoping she got to room with Jess, or even Ellie for that matter. But she was stuck with one of the crazy party gals from Noctrem... Oh boy, was this going to be a year to remember. That's for sure. How could Leo even think about mixing them? It was a crazy idea. and that's when Lil came over.

"Hey are you, okay?" Lil had a concerned look on her face and Kenna nods, unwrapping her muffin with a smile.

"Yeah, I'm alright, how're you Lil?" She chirps, "We're just talking about our roommates. I can't believe they're mixing us in with the Noctrem students... That's going to be a devastating disaster and a half... I like using my room to study, not to be a empty trash can for beer bottles and other things. I just would hate to see the poor chick rooming with that Cor girl... Goodness..." She begins to realize she was rambling and takes another bite of pancake, her eyes turning to Kali again, "Did you find out about your roomie yet?"

McKenna pats the grass beside her, offering Lilly a seat. McKenna's old Verizion flip phone buzzed with a text from Jess:

Hey smellybum! Was pretty disappointed that I didn't get glomped on my way into the school! :p Hope you're okay! Assembly's at ten, I'll see you there? Jess xx

Kenna chuckled and replied:

Hey loser. Sorry, I was avoiding you. I CANT be seen with a weirdo like you with these Noctrem students. :P Lol jk, love ya chicky. I'll meet you outside the assembly ten mins before. DO NOT be late. xoxox :)

The girl puts her phone down on her notebook and looks back up, "Sorry guys," She hated texting people in front of others, she found it to be rude, "That was Jess."

She gives a smile and takes another sip of her tea and swallows it, a thoughtful expression on her face.

"Maybe we could talk to Mr. Marinos about the rooming arrangements, ya? He'll understand all the issues that goes along with us rooming with the Noctrem students... Right?" Her voice hinted more than a great amount of hopefulness.

Addison Lawler

Addi grabbed a cup of coffee and a muffin with a sigh, and began walking to her dorm, still grumping about the whole being stuck with the mind reader. It wasn't the fact Ellie was a bad person, it's just Addi thought a lot of terrible things in a day, and she didn't need some bitch to hear every last one of her thoughts down to the punctuation mark. Leo's voice is heard over the intercom, something about an assembly? Whatever, she doubted half the Noctrem students were going to go anyway... Or show up stoned, or even drunk.

The good thing though was, as she had noticed before, there were a ton of different hideaways in Arcana, much like Noctrem had. She sighed quietly, shaking her head as she dragged her luggage towards the dorms.

Room One: Eleanor Carson and Addison Lawler

The print was ingrained in her mind as she wandered down the halls towards Room One.

She let out a grumble as she got to the room and busted open the door, not caring if anyone was in there or not. She dropped her stuff on the empty bed near the window. Addi begins to unpack her clothes and such, then takes her fresh pack of cigarettes and puts it in the back pocket of her skinny jeans and shrugs on her black leather jacket. She finishes unpacking, putting her luggage and suit case underneath her bed and sighs, walking back out.

She would definitely have to go over some ground rules before Ellie and her started living together.

Now, time to find something to do around here...

But what?

She could go wander around campus for a bit, or go see people...

Wandering around campus seemed to be a better idea, Addi wasn't much of a people person anyway. With a shrug she closes the door to her room and walks back outside. The thought of Jay kind of consumed her brain for a slight moment then faded. Addison knew that for a fact Jay most likely wasn't interested. But whatever, she wasn't one to go after someone, plus the fact that he didn't ever seem really interested. She'd endured the feelings though. Romance wasn't really Addi's thing... No... She sighs busting out another cigarette and lighting it quickly, inhaling and then exhaling slowly. She sees three Arcana students sitting under a tree, one of them was what...McKenna, and... that flower girl it was something like Lilly or whatever, and...Kayla, or whatever the fuck her name was... She didn't care to get to know them at all to be honest. She just wanted out of this goddamn school and back to Noctrem. At least things were in order there, there was a skeleton of social status, but now being thrown into this, it was ridiculous. She knew her closest friends from Noctrem -- Cor, Jade, Hulk, and Bells -- were going to scare the living shit out of most of Leo's loyal's for the most part. But she couldn't really picture any scenario where the Noctrem and Arcana students mingled smoothly with no corruption of the social system.

Shit, things were going to be rickety for a while.

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Kali Rickerson

Kali sat there, smiling when Kenna said she could stay. She fiddled with her hair as she sat there and noticed Kenna shudder when the girl answered her question about the roommates "Dear, God. When I found out my who my roommate was I almost passed out with fear. It's Jade, y'know Jade Locke? How bout you?"

Kali shook her head “Yeah I know who Jade is….if she causes problems you can always come chill in my room. Oh and guess what I just did…I pretty much tripped and face planted right by Drake when I was running…I don’t know what it is about him that gets to me” she sighed a little then continued to answer Kenna’s question “I don’t know who my roommate is, I just hope its no one that is a party animal..but most of them are. But eh I will have to check who it is soon, I have to take a shower soon I just got done my run and I am sort of sweaty” she laughed and leaned back against her arms on the grass. She loved it outside and wished she could be outside all the time.

"Hey are you, okay?" Kali looked up when she heard Lil’s voice and smiled to her “Hey Lil hows it going?” she then looked to Kenna when the girl started talking again.
"We're just talking about our roommates. I can't believe they're mixing us in with the Noctrem students... That's going to be a devastating disaster and a half... I like using my room to study, not to be a empty trash can for beer bottles and other things. I just would hate to see the poor chick rooming with that Cor girl... Goodness..."

Kali still couldn’t believe the mix up of noctrem and Arcana students..where they wanting this to turn into world war three? “Lets just say this year is going to be interesting…and I have a feeling we are going to see more fights here then we ever had here. I don’t mind the Noctrem students…yeah they are bitchy and party animals but all we can really do is go with the flow. And for the bitch squad I just stay out of their path. This is how things are going to be now. We just let them do their thing and we do ours. Anyways….” she then noticed Kenna get a text and that reminded her she still needed to find L and Eden. While Kenna was texting she decided to quickly send both of them a text.

Pulling out her phone she quickly typed out a text to L:

L! Wake up! Where are ya girl! N and A students are rooming together.

After she sent that text she quickly wrote another though this time to Eden:

Hey you. Where are you? Are you awake?

After she was done texting her two friends she looked up to Kenna and saw the thoughtful look in her face “what are you thinking Kenna?” and just as she asked she heard the girl answer her "Maybe we could talk to Mr. Marinos about the rooming arrangements, ya? He'll understand all the issues that goes along with us rooming with the Noctrem students... Right?"

“Erm maybe though not so sure…I mean this is Mr. Marinos where talking about…he musta did this for a reason or something. What that reason is I don’t freaken have a clue…but it better be a good one.”

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(Ingore the Lora tag!)

Eden Haven

Buuuuzzzz. Buuuuzzzz.

A groan escaped from Eden's mouth as he lifted his face off of his desk to look at the vibrating phone by his hand. He slowly sat up straight, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He looked down at his desk to see the outline for his newest comic strip. In this one, the hero Redline took on the Fearsome Five, a group of flirtacious villainesses trying to reek havoc on Arcana City. Though, it really didn't matter how flirtacious they were, because Redline wasn't exactly interested in...people like them.

It dawned on Eden that he fell asleep drawing, but it wasn't exactly the first time he did it. He shook his head and grabbed his phone, looking at the text he recieved from Kali. Oh Kali. She was one of his best friends and he was slightly excited to read what she sent him.
Hey you. Where are you? Are you awake?

Eden cocked his brow and looked at the time on the upper corner of his phone screen. 'Oh bleep.' He thought. He had slept in way to late. He jumped up from his chair, grabbing a tee shirt, jeans and some shoes, before running into his bathroom and rushing to get ready. He couldn't have picked a less perfect day to sleep in. The Noctrem students were coming today and he had to see who he was getting roomed with. He was assuming he would share with another Arcana student, because that was the only way that made sense. Everyone would be happy that way. He came out of his bathroom, dressed, and looked at Mary, who was frozen right next to his bed.

He walked over to her and placed his hand on her hand. "Hey Mary." He greeted her as her face began moving and she blinked. "You got to get up. We have to see who we're going to be living with." She flexed her fingers, which made noises that sounded like cracking, as if she was stiff from staying still for long. Mary nodded at Eden, moving every part of her body before cracking a smile. "Alright. I'm ready."

Eden grabbed his cellphone and started to respond to Kali.
Hey Kali. Overslept lol. Nothing unusual. Mary and I are going to see the roommate list. Wonder who I'll get.... Talk to ya soon :)

He sent the message and left the room with Mary not to far behind. "Do you know what time I fell asleep last night?" Eden asked Mary. She was rolling her neck, stretching and she seemingly took a deep sigh. "About two." Her wings flapped behind her, almost as if they were made from flesh. She looked around the hallways as they soon, they saw the crowd of students around the list. "I hope we get someone good." Mary said. Eden shrugged. "As long as we don't get anyone mean, I'm fine." Mary nodded in agreement as the duo made their way to the mob of students.

They got some strange looks, which Eden could understand. It didn't matter if people knew about Eden's ability, seeing a statue move and talk was a weird sight for most. Eden scooted and politely pushed past several students, saying "Sorry" and "Exuse me." until they made their way to the list. He scanned the list, but his mouth dropped when he saw that the rooms were mixed. "What? What's going on with this?" He asked. "Who'd we get?" Mary asked, attempting to make it look like she was raising an imaginary eyebrow.

Eden shrugged before looking back at the list and finding his name. "Uhhh...Room Fourteen: Eden Havan and Marcurio Espenosa." He read aloud. He turned to Mary with an annoyed look on his face. "They spelled Haven wrong. They put H-A-V-A-N. They put an A, not E." Mary chuckled, making a sound similar to rocks clacking together. "Again?" She asked and Eden shrugged his shoulders. "It's alright, I guess. I wonder who this Marcurio guy is." Mary nodded. "Let's head back to the room. Maybe he's there." Eden thought for a moment and shook his head. "I'm going to try and find Kali. Want to come with?" Mary nodded and smiled. The angel liked the girl. She had spunk.

Eden took out his phone and quickly called Kali. After the ringing stopped and she picked up, Eden began. "Heeeeeeey Kali. Where are you? I'm being to lazy to look around

Amber Romano

Amber woke up early that morning. She had to get everything planned before she moved into the new school. She sat up in her bed, with the infamous Black Book in front of her. She held a pencil in her right hand, scribbling down notes and thoughts to herself. "Hmmm...Note to self-" She said aloud as she wrote. "Pay attention to Jaysin. He seems nervous around me." She put the pencil down next to three knives laying on her bed. She picked up the red one by the tip and with a fluid flick of her wrist- Thud!- the knife whisked through the air and embeded itself into the dartboard she had set up on the wall oppisite of her. A smile came to her lips as she closed the book and jumped out of the bed to get ready for the day.

It wasn't like she needed to put real clothes and make-up on. She could just shift to make it look like she had clothes on, but she liked the process of getting ready. It for Amber. After her shower, she put on her make-up, deciding which eye color she would choose for the day. " maybe?" She closed her eyes and when she opened them, they were crystal blue. She frowned. "Green?" She repeated the process and grinned at the result. She walked backed to her bed, putting the Black Book, the knives, and her pencil into her purse. Then Amber took the dartboard off the wall and placed it into her luggage. She smirked and thought to herself. 'Get ready Arcana. I'm coming for ya.'

Amber got off the bus, fully dressed. She smiled and looked around at the school, purse slung over her shoulder. She strutted over to her luggage, grabbing her bags, her heels clicking and clacking on the floor. She studied the faces of those passing her by, her emerald eyes gleaming with a michievious light. This was going to be fun.

She walked over to the list and read all the names. 'Actually...' She thought, taking out her phone and snapping a picture of the list. It would be useful to know where everyone was living. She walked away, staring at the picture on her phone, looking for her name. "Hayley Stanhope?" Amber asked aloud. It took a moment before the image of the other girl popped into her mind. "Oh. Her." Though Amber wasn't thrilled with her new roommate, at least she wasn't with someone she couldn't stand. Like Sky was.

She laughed as she saw him cursing in a mix of English and Spanish. That was a telltale sign of the pyro being pissed off. She walked past him and Colby, looking around for something to do. She heard Mr. Marino's voice boom over the school and a smile came to her lips. She didn't know why, but she liked going to assemblys. They gave her time to look at everyone, time to get to know their facial expressions. It was a personal hobbie of Amber's.

She whistled as she walked to her room to put her stuff down. "Room Thirteen." She said to herself as she walked down the hallways. She found it and let herself in, laying all her bags on her bed. She took out her dartboard and set it up on the oppisite wall facing her bed, just as she had done at the hotel. A smile came to her face. This was going to be great.

Sky Byrnes

He laughed as he held Cor's retorts. Especially the one about giving his new roommate a huge. "Maybe I'll even suck his dick!" He yelled back at her, chuckling as he walked along. Sky smiled as Colby appeared in front of him, with that huge goofy grin on his face and his arms outstretched to help out with his luggage. "Thanks." He said, before setting the Party Box into Colby's arms, the sound of glass bottles bumping against each other coming from inside. It didn't take the speedster long to start talking. He immediately went into a long (and loud) string of comments. He cocked a brow when he heard the part about Colby's roommate being an elf. Sky immediately knew who Colby's elf was, but he just smiled and waited for Colby to figure it out for himself.

Sky opened his mouth several times to try and get a word in, but then again it was Colby and that was very unlikely to happen. So Sky just waited for Colby to finish, but before he could, the speedster was caught off by Leo's message to the school. An assembly? Wasn't exactly his cup of tea, but whatever. They wouldn't have to force him to go. He looked back at Colby who, surprise surprise, was talking again. He said that they should get him settled in. A good idea in Sky's opinon, but he liked Colby's second suggestion better.

"Alright, let's make this snappy then haha." Sky laughed, eager to put his things away and go back to Colby's room. He imagined what they'd do this time and a dreamy smile came to his lips. "Well, let's go. I don't want to spend much time with my new roomie." He grimaced. "I'm in a room with Jay." He shuttered "I really would have rather been with you or that Eden kid." He bit his lower lip. "I'm sorry, but he's one yummy order of asian take-out." He laughed, but then he noticed that Colby was alittle zoned out. "Uh...Are you alright, Colbs? You seemed kinda...out of it. And I should know about that." Sky would and Colby was one of the few people who knew about his own flashbacks.

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Julie Heart

Julie pulled her fluffy, white comforter from her face and willed herself to sit up. It had been a rather long night, but nothing like she would have hoped. No, she wasn't off getting wasted somewhere, but spending hours pouring over her textbooks. A lot of kids here were naturally smart. Jules had to constantly work for it. She didn't mind studying in the slightest, but the procrastination aspect of her personality kind of kicked her butt.

About thirty minutes earlier, Jules had heard her roommate and best friend, Lily get out of bed. She knew she should have done the same, but just couldn't bring herself to open her eyes, much less sit up. It didn't take a reminder to remember that the Noctrem student would officially be moving in today. Julie honestly didn't think it was that big of deal even. She got along with some of the Noctrem kids perfectly, some she avoided, and others were nothing more than acquaintances. So what if they all had to live together? I guess she would feel slightly different if she hadn't already had a roommate like Lily. The girls were hardly alike, but somehow a friendship had formed. Forcing herself from the bed, Jules made her way her dresser choosing to forego a shower this morning. If she had gotten up a half hour ago, then there would have been time, but sleep had won. After debating for what seemed to be nearly five minutes, Jules finally chose an outfit. She dressed quickly and ran some control product through her hair before tying it up with a ribbon. Today was a day of comfort of style for sure. Even so, Julie thought she looked cute. After taking one last look in the mirror, she grabbed her bag and headed to the cafeteria.

It took a few minutes to get through the line and find her friends, but once she spotted them Julie headed straight for the table, Banana Nut Muffin in hand. "Hey girls." She called out, acknowledging Kaliyah, McKenna, and Lil. As she took her seat next with them, she couldn't help but to think she'd been so lucky to have Lily for a roommate. She didn't dare mentioned it though. Jules could tell by the mood that some people weren't happy with who their living partners would be. "So, what do you think this assemblies about? Lil, you're sitting with me right?" Jules asked. There were only two people with whom Jules was completely at ease with, Lily and Jackson Murphy, but she'd yet to see him this morning. Where, oh where could he be?

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McKenna Marinos

“Lets just say this year is going to be interesting…and I have a feeling we are going to see more fights here then we ever had here. I don’t mind the Noctrem students…yeah they are bitchy and party animals but all we can really do is go with the flow. And for the bitch squad I just stay out of their path. This is how things are going to be now. We just let them do their thing and we do ours." Kali took a quick break from her train of thought and picked up her phone, "Erm maybe though not so sure…I mean this is Mr. Marinos where talking about…he musta did this for a reason or something. What that reason is I don’t freaken have a clue…but it better be a good one." Kali added.

McKenna turned to Lilly, hoping that she might support her idea of talking to Mr. Marinos, but as soon as Lil opened her mouth to speak, she could tell by her tone that she wasn't too keen on the idea herself.

"I think Mr. Marino is a very understanding guy, but I'm sorry McKenna I don't think he would change a student's roommate because then other students would want to do the same thing if they didn't like who they got paired up with."

Both of the girls disagreed and McKenna frowned slightly, but then took it into consideration and nodded. Mr. Marinos did this for some sort of reason, and whatever reason it was, it had to be a good one. Or at least a decent one.

"Oh well, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," She shrugs, "Maybe they'll be out partying so much they wont' even notice who their roommates are.... Hopefully.. If anything happens though, I won't be afraid to try to talk to him..." She adds to the end of her statement firmly, not being one to tolerate those who would threaten her. The "Fearsome Five" were the ones she had to watch out for though, but the fact she was rooming with one, it was bound she'd have to face them eventually. Which caused a small pit in her stomach to slowly grow. Her and Jess could probably just get away for a bit in the library or something for the most part, and Jess was rooming with Morgan, so McKenna was sure it was ok if she hung with them.

"Hey girls!" a third voice rang out as Julie came and sat next to the girls.

Now, McKenna knew that Julie wasn't too big of a fan of her, yet she smiled and waved anyway. McKenna made it a point to not have enemies, she didn't mind if people didn't like her, as long as they weren't digging her grave, she was quite alright with anyone.

"Morning, Julie." She says with a small smile and takes a sip of her tea, "You look pretty today." She adds the compliment, not to suck up, but just to simply be nice.

McKenna was anything but a suck up, she just liked complimenting people.

"So, what do you think this assemblies about? Lil, you're sitting with me right?" Julie asks and McKenna shrugs.

"Probably just going over ground rules and expectations. Whether the Noctrem students follow or not, that's a different story." Kenna chuckles a bit, finishing off her pancakes and she begins on her sausage links.

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Kali Rickerson

As Kali was sitting there she ran her hands through the grass and looked at the other two girls. She was lost in thought about her past, thinking of the only two people that she considered them her parents. She then started thinking about what she could do for her next crazy stunt. Her conversation with L the other day got her thinking. They talked about climbing to the roof of the school, which may be a possibility, she definitely needed to converse with L about this, she was thinking L musta slept in or misplaced her phone somewhere because L usually was right by her side most of the time, they had been inseparable since the day the met and became very close friends.

She felt her phone buzz but then got distracted because she heard someone coming closer “Hey girls” Kali looked behind her and saw Julie and smiled “hey you whats up?” she asked the girl. The looked down to her phone remembering she got a text:

Hey Kali. Overslept lol. Nothing unusual. Mary and I are going to see the roommate list. Wonder who I'll get.... Talk to ya soon J

Kali laughed to herself and texted back to Eden:

Ok sounds good. Can you see who I got for a roommate, I have yet to check, I went for my morning run and then ran into Kenna.

After she sent the text she heard Kenna pipe up "Oh well, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Maybe they'll be out partying so much they wont' even notice who their roommates are.... Hopefully.. If anything happens though, I won't be afraid to try to talk to him..." Kali nodded in agreement “That is true, some of them aren’t as bad as lets say ‘the fearsome five’ but this is still our school…. We shouldn‘t let that change just because they will be staying here for a bit…hopefully not too long…” as she was about to continue she heard her ringtone for Eden go off “sorry its Eden…excuse me for a few minutes” she then got up and just stepped a few feet away and answered her phone.

Before she could even get a hello in she heard Eden go off "Heeeeeeey Kali. Where are you? I'm being to lazy to look around.. “Hey Eden…you should know whenever looking for me I most likely will be outside but I guess I can help you out…I am out back of the school, come find me. Oh did you get my last text? If your still near the list can you take a look at who my roommate is? I haven’t been over that way yet to take a look. Who did you get?” she was smiling as she talked to Eden, something about him always made her happy and she always enjoyed his company. She wasn’t one that had many guys that where close friends but Eden somehow made his way in to her life.

Bells Dorson

As Bells was waiting for Ms.Wright to talk she felt her phone go off, she took it out of her pocket and looked down, she noticed it was from Benz. She grinned to herself and opened the messaged though she was still focused on Ms. Wright in a way

On my way to get a bite to eat. Om Nom Nom. Maybe even find my roomie on the way. No way in hell we're going to that dumb assembly right?

Bells chuckled, she loved Benz but only in a friendly way, she couldn’t see him any other way then that, her fingers touched the buttons on her iphone, quickly typing back:

fuck the assembly. I don’t want to listen to Marinos voice if I don’t need too. I will meet you in the cafeteria, I have yet to get my morning coffee >< but I am talking to Ms.Wright at the moment. C ya soon

As she sent the text she heard Ms. Wright “I imagine most of us are thinking the exact same thing.If everything goes the way I think they will, things will turn out for the best. For their sake, I hope they accept the fact that things are going to be quite different around here from now on. Oh, and I’m assuming you’ll be passing up this charming assembly?”

Bells grinned just a little as she noticed Ms.Wright look right into her eyes near the end “Well lets just say they will have a few choices to make while we are here. One, they are going to go through hell while we are here. Or two, they will join us and know what its like to have a good time” she smirked a bit then thought for a few minutes before she continued to answer Ms.Wright’s last question.

Ever since the first time she got sent to Ms.Wright’s office she knew that she could not lie to the teacher, but for some reason she really didn’t feel the need to lie. She was not a fan of most teachers just because they really thought she was a trouble maker, that she was lazy with her school work, and she can be really cruel. But for Ms.Wright’s class she actually did pay attention and did the work, she found Ms.Wright’s class interesting “Yup I am definitely not in the mood to spend my morning listening to someone that really dislikes me. I plan on doing something fun, not sure what that will be yet. Since there is no classes today I surely am going to take that to my advantage. I am not going to change my way of things just because we are staying in this school. I will be the same Bells everyone knows and loves or to most of the angel students here, hate. And maybe if I am lucky I will get sent you but most likely be sent to Mr. M because they did mention detention. I feel like that is going to be my new home while I am here” she let out a laugh then looked down to her phone to find out what time it was, knowing she would need to go meet Benz soon.

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Sky Byrnes

Sky's brows furrowed when Colby began talking about Asian resturants. Are there Chinese places open in this timezone yet? It clicked in his head what Colby thought they were talking about. "Oh, that's not what I mean-" He started, but was interupted by the speedster, who seemed to want to confirm who Sky's roommate was. "Yeah. That guy fucking hates me haha." He gave a small laugh, cracking his knuckles. He noticed a look of concern spread across Colby's face and a smiled came to Sky's lips. He was going to say something, but he kept his mouth closed when he saw Landon walk up. Damn. With Colby's mind on food and Landon with them, Sky seriously doubted his chances of getting laid. He gave a small sigh. He really wanted to fuck. Like really. But he got over the desire and focused on Landon.

Sky smiled and nodded at him in greeting. Landon was a cool guy and Sky could see why him and Colby were such good friends. Well, friends with benefits. A pang of jealousy hit Sky as he watched the two speak, but he quickly pushed the feelings back to where ever they came from. It was ridiculous to be jealous of their relationship. Sky had to remind himself that him and Colby were just friends. Nothing more, nothing less. He snapped his attention back to the two, who were talking about Eriol. Sky smiled as he spoke up "Oh Eriol! He's really cool. Colb's right, he's super weird, but he's really funny."

He raised his eyebrows in a way to say he was interested in Landon's suggestion of breakfest. A small smile came to Sky's lips when he heard Colby say they were just talking about food. 'Oh Colby.' He thought, mentally chuckling to himself. He listened to Colby's idea about all of them going to get Sky settled in. "Well, Jay would be less likely to try and kill me if you guys came." He started. "I think it sounds like a good idea." He looked over at Landon. "You up for it?"

Eden Haven

Eden listened as he heard Kali's voice on the other side of the phone. "Yeah, I can go check for you. I got Marcurio Espenosa. Do you know who he is? The name sounds familiar, but I can't put a face to it." He made his way to the list again, the crowd getting smaller and smaller as more students went to unpack their things. He ran his eyes over the list, finding Kali's name. "You, my dear, are with Miss. Yvette Beatrix in Room 19." Eden smiled. "Alright, me and Mary will find you in a sec. See ya in a second." He got off the phone and looked at Mary.

"She says she's behind the school." Mary nodded and the started walking to the back of the school so that they could find Kali.
They found her soon, seeing her along with some other girls. Eden broke out in a sprint and jumped on Kali, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. "Hey Kali!" He greeted, as if they hadn't seen each other in weeks. He gave a big, goofy grin and let her go, waving to all the girls. "Hey." Mary came up, smiling at the group and giving a wave.

"So, are you guys staying here until the assembly?" Eden asked, looking around and seeing Adina, another one of his angels, sleeping a few yards away from the group. "Just a second." He said, walking over to her and running his hand against her hair. "Wake up, Adina." He said sweetly as she slowly came to life. The rose petals in her hand slowly fell to ground as her fingers slowly cracked balled into a fist. A smile came to her stone face when she saw the boy in front of her. "Hello Eden." She greeted and he smiled back at her. "Morning Dina. The Noctrem student are moving in today."

She raised an imaginary eyebrow. "Really? Oh. Interesting." She slowly walked away from her previous spot and looked at the group of girls. "Hello girls!" She sang, dancing over to them. She was the most dramatic of Eden's angels, by far. Eden smirked and followed her. "I had to wake her up." Eden said, grinning at the group. Mary and Adina smiled at each other, the angels standing side by side. Adina waved to Kali. "Hello sweetheart!" She greeted cheerfully. "So I hear the Noctrem students are here today. Hope none of them break one of us." She chuckled, making a strange noise that sounded like someone shaking a bag of small stones. Eden's eyes widen at the thought of someone defaceing or breaking one of the angels. That would be horrible.

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McKenna Marinos

McKenna watched as more people gathered around, Eden, and his statue angel, Mary.

Of course Mary gave her the heebie jeebies. Maybe she watched too much Doctor Who, or something but she felt as if she couldn't blink around Mary or she'd get closer...Closer..then, gone... Poof, out of the atmosphere and teleported into another time or something preposterous.

Checking her phone, she realizes it was ten minutes until the assembly and she should start heading over to meet up with Jess. Picking up her plates, she turns to the others, "Ready for the assembly?" She asks kindly, more looking towards Kal and Lil.

She sees the text from Jess and chuckles. She had never considered Jess a Noctrem student, she always forgot, since they were so close. And she was one of the only students from Noctrem that actually enjoyed her company to an extreme extent. She throws her bag over her shoulder, dropping the picture without realizing it. It flutters in the wind, landing at Mary's stone feet.

McKenna texts Jess back:

I'm on my way, lovely

She puts her phone away in her pocket and walks to throw her plates away, then turns and waits for the group -- if they were willing to tag along to Mr. Marino's rule lecture.

[[Sorry for the shortness of this post.]]

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Eve Beatrix

Standing on the the soft sand of the sandbox, playing with her little sister. Then screaming could be heard, foot steps close to her ears. Never understanding at first, though it looked like everyone was going crazy. Closing her eyes as she felt pretty weird, opening them back up she had saw it very clear. The park was burning and she was just standing there wondering what was going on. She couldn't move nor could she scream, for her parents names, as they were at the park too. As everyone was screaming only a group of people came to view. She stood there, she watched, as her family suddenly started to runaway and everything started to come back to actual reality.

No tears fell, no blood was shed, as her small family ran away. Everyone was screaming in the holes of her ears because, they were very scared. How could someone believe that this illusion was even real? She was the only one that knew of this, no one else did. Only those who had the smarts could think about what she had did. She didn't understand, she couldn't, it really didn't make sense to her since she was just a little girl. No fear, no anger, and no sadness, nothing she could even feel to fit this situation. It was as if she was empty for a moment, like her soul has slipped away from that shell people had called the human body. She felt as if she was choking, as her parents and sister had disappeared. It was just herself, the darkness, and that had driven her to absolute hell.

Waking up from the repeating dream she always had and is used to having. It had bothered her for a little and sometimes she couldn't take it, so she wouldn't sleep at all. Sitting up in the comfort of the bed she was previously laying in, she looked over at her watch that was on the pillow she was sleeping on. It wasn't quite time to get up yet and she did not want to go back to sleep. Finally, actually getting up, she had looked around for a little bit. Grabbing some clothes and throwing them on her bed, she had remembered to pack yesterday so that she wouldn't have to worry about putting them in her suitcases today. Walking to the bathroom to take a shower and put the clothesshe had thrown onto the bed previously on.

Making sure they were on right, before taking her phone off of its charger. Checking for any messages or email alerts, not seeing any, she put her phone in her front pocket. Getting her bags from under the bed, all of what she owned are in these bag. She didn't really like the idea of going to Arcana until Noctrem was rebuilt. Well her, the other students, and teachers of Noctrem were at a motel and it wasn't really good for them to just stay there, so she was not going to complain about going to Arcana. Shaking her head as she walked out of the room, outside the motel, and onto the bus, putting her bags up in the process. Sitting somewhere on the bus she had paid no mind to the rest of the students. Being in her own little world at the moment, a world that only she could see. It was a beautiful place at least, she didn't truly hate it. 

When the bus I had stopped and she had looked out the window, Arcana Academy was right there before her own eyes. Looking over at Cain when he said a sentence, knowing he was fond of big speeches like most of the teachers would do, talking about behaving and all that other crap. Walking out of the bus she headed towards Arcana doors and walked towards the roommates list. She knew that they wouldn't put them with their precious Arcana students, but she was wrong. When she looked over at the list and scammed down the list to find her name. Finding her name she spotted the one next to it, Room Nineteen: Kaliyah Rickerson. "Wow." Not being surprised just curious to why they would put her in a room with an Arcana student and not a Noctrem student. "This is going to be a long year." Thinking that as she walked off to go to her room.

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Kali Rickerson

Kali held the phone to her ear and heard Eden ramble on and answering her questions "Yeah, I can go check for you. I got Marcurio Espenosa. Do you know who he is? The name sounds familiar, but I can't put a face to it. “Umm no I don’t really know him…I think I have heard his name around before..” she answered him and then heard him go on “You, my dear, are with Miss. Yvette Beatrix in Room 19. Alright, me and Mary will find you in a sec. See ya in a second." “Ah okay I don't think I know her... Okay see you soon” she answered back thinking about her new roommate, she can’t really place the name to a face and wondered what her roommate was like, she then put her phone back in her pocket and walked back to the girls.

“Sorry about that, Eden wanted to know where I was and he will be here soon” tt was only a few minutes after she said that, that she was suddenly jumped on which made her jump a little. She felt Eden’s hands go around her shoulders which made her smile, she felt she was getting closer to Eden though she wasn't sure how close yet. “Hey Kali!” she laughed and smiled and turned around seeing Eden and Mary “Hi Eden! Hi Mary! ”. At first Mary, the other angels, and things Eden made come alive freaked her out because it wasn't something she ever saw before but soon she got used to it and now she loves them. She heard Eden ask "So, are you guys staying here until the assembly?" but then saw him walk off to Adina and wake her up. She really liked Adina because of the angels personality and really got along with her. As Eden and Adina made there way back over she smiled to Adina as she heard "Hello sweetheart!", “Hello Adina, how are you?” she asked the angel then heard Kenna pipe up "Ready for the assembly?".

“I am ready when you are, though I hope it isn't long...I feel there is going to be a lot of tension in that room” she then looked to Eden “you coming Eden? you can sit by me if ya want” she asked as she went over to his side. She gave a soft smile “I guess I don’t have time to change but after the assembly I definitely will have to take a shower and change before anything else” she looked to everyone that was there “does anyone know who Yvette Beatrix is? I guess she will be my roommate but I don’t think I have met her before…though I am only close with a few Noctrem students and know the names of most of them. I just can't picture a face for the name”. She started playing with her hair a bit as she waited for the others hoping one of them knew who she was.

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Amber Romano

Amber slightly raised an eyebrow as she watched Theo react to her new form. There was a look in his eyes that she was used to seeing. They were filled with panic and fright. Amber could practically see the wheels turning in the young man's head. 'Strange' she thought. 'What would he have to fear?' He didn't have much of a reputation to uphold, so what could Amber do to him? He seemed like a man who liked his privacy, but Amber hadn't picked him out to be one to have secrets.

The fear in his eyes passed, the emotion being replaced by anger. But anger at who? Had Amber said something? Did something? What was going on in his head? The curiousity started to claw at Amber's stomach, but she just sat there in Landon's form, watching Theo silently. Amber's thoughts were racing as she started to think of all the possible secrets the boy in front of her could have. Had he and Landon been secretly dating? Had they shared a bed? Did Landon know something about Theo? Did Theo know something about Landon?

She listened to him speak, a pleasant smile coming to her lips. Amber had spent her whole childhood being trained to improvise lies on a moments notice. She could spot bad acting from a mile away. The feigned embarrassment, the sham puppy eyes.'What an amateur.' There was something going on with Theo and Landon and she had the urge to find out what. 'Calm down Amber.' she thought to herself. 'If you're going to try and work with this boy, you're going to have to earn his trust. Leave it alone. Let the man have his secrets.'

Amber obeyed his request and gave up Landon's guise, shifting back into her original form. Her jaw slighly clenched as his other request hit her. In all her thoughts, she hadn't thought about his suggestion of a dream meeting at first. The thought of the boy having complete control wasn't very appealing to the shapeshifter, but it'd have to do. If she had to prove her trustworthiness to Theo, so be it.

Amber nodded and gave him a polite smile, slightly tilting her head. "Alright. I look forward to meeting with you tonight, Mr. McCaffrey." She slightly chuckled at the use of his last name. It fit him, but at the same time, it didn't, if that made any sense. "I'll be in bed by 9:00." she informed him before taking another bite of her bacon strip. She heard Leo's voice over the intercom and she let out a frustrated sigh, looking at her tray of food. "What a waste." she said simply, slinging her purse over her shoulder and standing up. She took out her phone from her purse, bringing up the picture of the list of rooms and tapping the screen to zoom in.

"Just in case I need to reach you in the waking world." she explained as she read looked for the boy's name. "Room Eighteen." She looked down to Theo, smiling at him. "Oh, you're with Zac. He's just a doll isn't he?" Amber picked up her knife and dropped it into her bag and picked up her food tray. She winked at the boy. "See you tonight." She said sweetly, before strutting off to a trashcan, dumping her untouched food into the garbage.

She smiled as she walked to the Great Hall. She had high expectations for this school. Very high indeed.

Eden Haven

Eden chewed on his lip, trying to put a face to Kali's roommate. "Uhh...Sorry Kali. I have no clue." Adina danced behind him and Mary as they began to follow Kali. "Oh yeah, I'll sit next to you Kali." He took a few steps to follow her and Mckenna. He playfully put his arm around Kali as he walked by her side. Of course, if it was anyone else, Eden wouldn't have dared done anything like that, but it wasn't anyone else. It was Kali, one of his dearest friends.

The two angels smiled as they looked at the two, romantic thoughts obviously running through their heads. Mary walked towards Mckenna with a warm (As warm as a statue could be) smile. "Hello dear." She greeted, her stone features creating a sweet image. She bent over, picking up the picture that fell to her feet. She didn't look at it as she handed it back to the girl. "You dropped this." She stated, smiling as Adina was heard singing to herself in the backround.

"You don't know you're beautiful!" She sang, dancing behind the group. "That's what makes you beautiful!"

(Sorry it's so short! :O)

Sky Byrnes

A soft smile came to Sky's face when he heard Colby say that he'd be sad if he lost either him or Landon. It made Sky think alittle bit and for a moment, he compared their situation to that movie Savages that he'd seen the other day. The main characters had some weird love triangle-sort thing going on. Colby was Blake Lively and Sky and Landon were those two sexy guys that shared her. It was practically the same thing. Well, except that they were all guys. And that it was less serious between all of them. And that him and Landon weren't best friends. And that they weren't being chased by the Mexican Cartel. That reminded Sky that he had to call his aunt later.

Scott walked by the trio and Sky's thoughts went out the window as he looked the hunky teen up and down. He put his lips together and did a cat call for Sky, biting his lower lip and letting out a laugh as Scott grabbed a condom out of the Party Box. He cocked a brow when he heard Colby's strange comment about Scott needing an extra small condom. Was that part of Colby's plan to get Scott to switch teams?

He switched attention back to Scott when he mentioned Sky rooming with Jay. He smiled and nodded to Scott. Sky appreciated that Scott had his back and honestly, he had his too. And if he wanted Sky to cover any other part of his body, the pyro would be willing to make that sacrifice.

Sky wet his lips and yelled after Scott. "If you need anyone to test the flavor of that rubber, I'm your man!" He started laughing again and made his way over to his room's door. "Alright, let's get settled in." He thought aloud, turning the doorknob. Well, he tried to turn the doorknob, but it was locked. "Shit. Fucking Jay." Sky cursed. He resisted the temptation to kick the door down as he turned to the other two boys.

"Well, I guess we can go eat some-" He was cut off by Mr. Marino's voice over the intercom, announcing the assemble was happening in 5 minutes. "Or I guess we can't." He let out a frusturated sigh. "Sorry." He apoligized. His first day at Arcana wasn't off to a great start. He was locked out of his room, his roommate was an asshole, and he was hungry.

He dropped his bag and walked over to Colby, opening the Party Box again and pulling out one of the bottles of tequila. He opened the bottle and took a fast sip, tossing his head back and not even giving the liquid the chance to touch his tougue on it's way down his throat. He wiped his mouth and shook his head. He felt a little more relaxed, but- "Just one more." He said, repeating the process.

He smiled, closing the bottle and putting it pack into the box. "I feeeeel great. Let's got to that assembly gentlemen." The pyro's lips curled into a relaxed smile as he felt the alchohol working it's magic.

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Kali shrugged when Eden said “Uhh..Sorry Kali. I have no clue.” “Well I guess I will meet her soon enough, I wonder if she likes to do any reckless things” she smiled when Eden said he would sit next to her. As Eden’s arm went around she smiled, it felt like just a natural thing to Kali and she usually didn’t allow anyone else to do this but Eden was her closes guy friend she had at Arcana, Eden know almost everything about her…except for a lot of her past. No one knew about that though maybe someday she would tell Eden.

She looked behind her to see Mary and Adina, she gave them a smile especially when Adina started singing. Then saw Mary talking to Kenna, she smiled to Kenna then looked forward as she walked on. As they finally made it into the school she heard the announcement from Mr. Marino "All students to the Great Hall please, assembly beings in five minutes. A reminder than any absentees will result in punishment." She looked to Eden “well good timing for us, I wonder why this assembly is so important. I guess it could be about the Noctrem students, most likely because of them but they have been here like a month already and we have not had an assembly since they been here. Now thinking about it we haven’t had an assembly in a long time” she said as they walked to the great hall where the assembly was being held. She looked down at the clothes she was wearing, it was her running outfit and she didn’t have time to change before hand but she really didn’t care. She knew probably all the Noctrem students where dressed nicely in one way or another but it didn’t matter to her.

As she walked with Eden into the hall she tried to look for L but didn’t see her “I wonder where L is hiding…” she said as she looked around to see who else was there. She saw Izzy and Ellie over to the side and wave to the two of them “hey guys” she then moved her way down the walkway and moved in to one of the rows of seats now taking Eden’s hands in hers to pull him along the seats. Once she was in the middle of the row she sat down and looked up to Eden and smiled. She then looked to the front and saw Mr. Marinos and Ms. Roerig. She hasn’t had to go to Ms. Roerig in like a week, which is a record for her, she just hasn’t gotten into anything that would get herself ‘extremely’ hurt. She leaned back against the seat comfortably and started randomly playing with some of her hair as she sat there.

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McKenna Marinos

Mary's voice made her turn around, and McKenna found herself being handed the picture and she gasps a little, "Thank you." She says with a small smile. They begin walking and McKenna spots her bestie up ahead.

McKenna jumped behind Jess, wrapping her arms around her waist tight with a squeal, "BOO! I missed you!!" She squeezes Jess tight.

"How ya feeling today, love?" She asks moving back up a bit and fixing Jess's bangs, which were falling in her face a bit. McKenna's voice was light, but Jess knew McKenna's ever growing concerns in the way that Cain made her use her power so often. Sometimes McKenna wish she could use her molecular regeneration on others instead of just herself, but she wasn't even sure if that was possible.

Grabbing Jess's hand she leads the group -- Eden, Kali, and the others -- into the Great Hall and sits down in the few middle rows. With a sigh, she places her bag down, putting the picture in a safe spot in her backpack. The bouncy brunette somewhat becomes anxious with all the Noctrem students arriving and her foot begins to tap rapidly as she awaits for everyone to file in.

She was sure that she wasn't going to see her roommate Jade any time soon, so she had no reason to fret there. Noctrem students were known for not showing up for things, or being extremely late... She sighs quietly and begins to braid her hair with one hand --a task she had become a professional at doing, the other hand was resting on her knee, fingers tapping away.

Everything about this year made her nervous. Mr. Marinos being her possible dad, the Noctrem students..Her first year being at a school with other people like her...

At least she had Jess, and Kali... And a few other friends, but Jess mainly. She needed Jess just as much as Jess needed her.

[[Sorry short post again. Been very busy lately]]

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As the Mr Marino's voice rang through the halls of the school, basically telling the students they five minutes until the assembly or else, Jess gave a small smile. Like anyone from her school was going to be at all phased if he slapped them with a detention, or punishment of any kind; there would probably be a group of them that would have a party in the detention room or something. As she watched the corridor slowly fill up with students, the brunette rolled her eyes. She couldn't believe that Mickey was late, if she wasn't careful, she was sure that they were all going to miss the assembly. No matter, detention parties were fun.

Suddenly, Jess found herself being attacked by a random pair of arms, causing her to squeal loudly. She turned to see her best friend grinning at her like a Cheshire Cat. 'Jesus Christ woman, I thought I was being taken away!' She cried, a smile etching her face. 'I've missed you too' She gushed, hugging Mickey tightly. She gave a small smile to the small huddle of people that Mickey had dragged with her. Jess suspected this had been the case, Mickey was never one to take no for answer.

'I'm actually in a pretty good today actually, rooming with Morgan, she's slightly less insane than you.. but only very slightly.' Jess told Mickey, giving a small smile as she remembered Mo basically jumping down her throat about her crushes. Poor girl, Jess was never one to disclose much, particularly those she didn't really know. The brunette wasn't even sure if Mickey knew about her crushes and they had become close extremely quickly. Truth be told, it did scare Jess how close the girl had become in so little a time. Mickey had seen how bad her mood swings could get, but she just...didn't want to hurt Mickey. She'd done enough of that for a life time.'How are you, my dear?' She asked the brunette next to her as they walked in the assembly hall.

Mickey had dragged the entire group to one of the middle rows in the great hall. Jess noticed Mr Marino's standing at the front, preparing to address both sets of students. Poor man. He looked smart and professional as always, but Jess couldn't thinking he was a little naive. Did he honestly think this would work? What's more he'd mixed the room. This wasn't a problem as far as she was concerned, she didn't mind Mo, not in the slightest. It was the others she was concerned about. She'd noticed that Jay and Skye were put in the same room when she'd looked down the list. There was defiantly going to blood when it came to that room pairing, Jess could tell that from the start. Jess looked back at Mr Marino's, she felt a small sense of pity. This man really did not know what had hit him.

She turned her attention back to Mickey, who was putting something into her bag. She nearly asked her best friend what it was until she noticed that the girl had gone very quiet and was tapping her leg on the ground. Jess had known Mickey long enough to know that this was one of her nervous gestures. 'Hey, it's going to be alright, they won't hurt you. As long as you stick with me.' She told her best friend, taking the girls hand in hers and giving her a small smile. She knew she couldn't do much, but she would protect her friends, above all else.

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#, as written by Renmiri
The Dance Studio - Goin' to the Auditorium

'...So when we found that we could not make sense,
Well you said that we would still be friends.
But I'll admit that I was glad it was over...'

Between the heavy, synthesized beat and at that particular line of Gotye's making, all five-feet-eight of Lauryn slid into well-rehearsed motion; a solitary figure dancing --as she had been for several hours now-- in Arcana's studio, choreographing the finish to a routine that she'd worked on for a few days. It had seemed like something that she had to do: to lose herself in what she knew best one last time, before having to deal with the sweeping tide of change that came with a whole new school of supernaturals. She wasn't stalling, really, but this was her way of coping whenever the world decided to be a troll ('Come on, roommates? We're practically asking for it.'). So, with a gut feeling saying none the wiser, Lauryn had paved her way down from her room at six in the morning; fully prepared to block out the rest of the world as she usually would, every so often. And this was where she stayed, past Mr. Marinos' first announcement when it blared above the booming cadence that was Somebody I Used To Love, dubstep remixed (where she almost tripped at the landing of a spin in surprise). Yeah, they didn't get assemblies often, although it probably was called for.

'...But you didn't have to cut me off,
Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing.
And I don't even need your love,
But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough...'

She'd wondered, once, how many people from both Arcana and Noctrem that this particular song applied --or would soon apply-- to. It wasn't hard to see all the drama that festered from just one month of sharing classes, much due to the fact that they were all incredibly wired hormonal teenagers. Both the lingering glances and growing animosity between kids seemed to be disasters just waiting to happen, and some relationships --herself included-- no doubt would make a spiderweb look simple. It was times like these that Lauryn appreciated how she was one of the few that wasn't exactly interested in anyone at the moment, and it was.. 'freeing, from the way I can see other people now.' Or more like indifferent, for lack of a better word. But the next year would be pretty damn entertaining, potential havoc and landmines or no. And who was she kidding? Bunking with a group of people who didn't give a shit about rules was beyond refreshing. (Although Lauryn probably wouldn't go for it so much if she were actually at the tail-end of anyone's wrath. But that's luck for you.)

'...No you didn't have to stoop so low,
Have your friends collect your records and then change your number.
I guess that I don't need that though,
Now you're just somebody that I used to know.'

As soon as Lauryn executed the last of her routine perfectly, in what was now the final run-through of it, a wide, brilliant smile stretched across her face; the way that only success ever caused. That, and how she literally bounced around a quarter of the dance studio, (because it's freaking gigantic) fist-pumping the air and unabashedly shouting a resounding "YES!" every few seconds for a little while; thankfully unheard behind a closed, sound-proofed door. But alas, L's celebratory happy dance was cut short right at that moment; when a familiar, albeit slightly annoyed voice dunked a figurative tub of ice-cold water over her head. And she froze. "All students to the Great Hall please, assembly beings in five minutes. A reminder than any absentees will result in punishment." 'Well, shit. Why do I keep forgetting that dancing gives me a horrible sense of time?'

It took no less than fifteen seconds for her to grab everything (which is basically just her phone/iPod, her set of keys, and a bottle of water) and run out of the studio in something short of an annoyed huff, speed-walking to the Great Hall from the second floor; weaving whatever masses while checking her phone and messages. Just to note, for anyone who might have seen Lauryn here --that she probably ignored for being preoccupied--, this kid was wearing a loose T-shirt, plus a pair of sweats; fresh from a morning of exercise. It was all relatively normal for those who knew her so, well, that's that. 'And... yep. Kali's texted. Noctrem and Arcana are rooming? I've joked about it, sure, but how did Marinos actually let this go?' And here, as convenient as it sounds, was where Lauryn just happened to pass the roommate list; and what she saw there.. she was actually okay with, unlike what the vast majority of students would've been. 'I'll probably have to find Cor later, to give her a key. But the Hall first.'

So, instead, she typed a quick text back to Kali as she made her way to the assembly:

I was dancing, no worries. Just saw the roomie list, I'm with Cor. We're cool, but fingers crossed I don't walk in on anything, y'know? How 'bout you?

It didn't take long, then, to make it to the assembly; thankfully before it started. And, from there to scanning the room and upon seeing Mo, Zac, and Alli, Lauryn grabbed a quick seat beside the last; giving them a wave and a smile as she settled down. 'Better to leave conversation for later, looks like the assembly's about to start..'