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Katia Hunt

I'm not afraid to defend myself.

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a character in “The Arcana Academy”, as played by Korrye


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Full Name: Katia Alejandra Hunt
Nicknames: Occasionally she’s called Kat but only by those very close to her.
Age: 24
Birthdate: July 1st – hasn’t been celebrated in awhile.
Home Town: Venice, Italy.
Sexuality: Heterosexual

School: Arcana has agreed to take me on, only after I was rejected from Noctrem as a hire. I’m capable of teaching languages – English, French, Italian and Spanish and dance. But I’ve been told that I’ve been hired to teach the girl’s phys-ed classes as the other positions are already filled.

Power: I am often called a puppet master but in truth my power is biological manipulation. I can make living things move as I wish them to. It’s a dark power that a lot of people have tried to manipulate me into using for their gain. I’m very good at it but I can only manipulate one person at a time. To manipulate a person’s movement is easy, but to animate speech and continued action is difficult. For example, I worked at a high school and I manipulated an injured player for most of the course of the game, making him capable of playing when in reality an injury should have prevented him from doing so. Fortunately we won though his pulled muscle did tear at the end of it. Arcana hired me on the condition that I not pull such stunts. And Noctrem held it against me, because, well, my school won that game against them. After the game, I was close to blacking out. It took a lot of focus and concentration and I ended up sick for an extended period of time – fluish esque you could say. Also, whatever action I have someone else do has to be something that I know how to do, otherwise it doesn’t work.

  • Classical music
  • Ballet
  • Stringed instruments (viola, violin, cello etc.)
  • Rainy days
  • Autumn and Winter
  • French Vanilla Coffee
  • Red Wine
  • Sex
  • Being Active
  • Debating
  • Independence
  • Ambition
  • Winning
  • Horses
  • The Victorian Era

  • Rodents
  • Reading
  • Laziness
  • Plants or flowers
  • Weak people
  • Dance music/Rap/Heavy Metal
  • Hot days
  • Summer
  • Leather furniture
  • Neon colors
  • Riots
  • Crowds
  • Immaturity
  • Beaches
  • Nudists

Fears: Katia doesn’t like the idea of having to be the man in a relationship. While she’s a strong, independent woman she fears being trapped in a relationship with a pushover. She wants a man who’ll support her but also let her have her own career. She’s terrified of being reduced to a housewife churning out babies. For that matter, she fears children and being a mother – especially since her own parents weren’t the greatest. She also is timid around German Shepherds and some large aggressive looking dogs after she was severely bitten as a child – a fear that remains to do this day. Thankfully she can manipulate those dogs now.

Personality: Katia is often described as a bitch but not in the sense that she goes out of her way to hurt people. She’s a bitch because she’s imposing and requires a lot of the people around her. She’s often called a prude because of her outwardly conservative nature. She’s often slapping wrists when it comes to girls hanging out of their strapless tops and booty shorts. She’s often labelled as dated because she has a love of high fashion and the Victorian era. She prides herself on etiquette and being well put together.

While outwardly she appears all these things, Katia is more than superficial. Her desire to be well dressed and to cover up the cracks does not translate into conservative world views. She is very much fine with sex before marriage and she’s got a reputation for having many lovers. She very much believes that women have as much right as men to any job they like. She’s not a feminist but she’s faced enough sexual prejudice in her life to take it personally when someone slights her as a woman.

Katia is fierce, but not in the Tyra Banks definition of the word. She can be severe when conversing with students or colleagues in her tone. She’s often short in her words, using her intimidating eyes to scare someone off. Her students previously called her the Viper for this reason.

Katia also has no problem being threatening or following through on such remarks. She knows that her actions have a precedent and if she’s seen as giving in on one thing, she feels people will take her for a push over. In this sense she’s never quick to relent on someone who’s wronged her and she can be rather harsh on her students if they try to pull stunts on her. She was fired from her last job for precisely that reason.

She is not afraid to hurt people and she has little of a guilty conscience in this respect. While Katia avoids people manipulating her powers, she is not afraid to manipulate others herself and for that reason she’s often regarded with some caution. She is cold, calculating and tactful in almost all that she does.

History: Katia was born Katarina Alejandra Romano in Florence, Italy. She was the daughter of a winemaking family of Italian’s who traced back their heritage several generations. Her mother was Russian in birth but Italian in life. Katia’s name was an ode to her mother’s heritage, the only remnant of it evident in truth. Her parents were simple people but they were very conservative individuals. Katia was raised by her mother to be very proper and, above all, to be subservient to the men of their household. Her father was the man of the house and he dictated all that occurred. He was a severe man who was extremely devoted to his work to the point of OCD. He cared little for his daughter as Katia was not to the one to inherit his business. He hoped and prayed for a son but Katia’s mother was unable to bear any children after her.

With time it became evident that whoever Katia married would become the man of the house and he would inherit the business. It was a pressure that Katia didn’t appreciate and all she wanted was more. She didn’t like considering herself as less than boys. She wanted nothing but to be entitled to her father’s vineyard. When she said as much, her father was astounded and angry. She was sixteen at the time and in saying so, she offended both her parents. They felt that her schooling had given her such ideas. They took away the books she read and pulled her from her educational homestead but it didn’t take long for Katia to leave. She fled to Venice, taking up a job as a waitress in one of the international hotels. There she learnt better English and with her money supported herself, putting herself into a better school and pushing herself and her negative energy into dance.

Her power existed but it played a minimal role in her life. Katia discovered her ability when she was seven when the neighbor’s German Shepherd tried to bite her. She focused on the dog and made it release her skirt. The animal skittishly moved back and let her go but that didn’t stop it from coming back at her a day later. She learnt quickly that while she control people or animals, she couldn’t manipulate what they thought of her. An aggressive dog would always view her as a threat. And just the same, her parents would always think of her as the daughter they had instead of the son they wanted. She moved on to Venice and it was there that she harness her powers and at times, not feeling bad for manipulating them into leaving her a better tip than they would have otherwise offered.

Her frustrations were in no way ebbed by her powers. Instead she pushed herself in her academics and dance. Ballroom dance – the waltz, samba, tango etc. – became her outlet. And she did so well that she earned herself an audition at Juilliard and NYADA in New York at nineteen. She flew herself over and was accepted into Juilliard for dance and literature. There she studied, finding herself more comfortable in the US than she’d ever been in Italy. She changed her name, legally, to put her past behind her and move on.

After graduation Katia moved to Venice, California. Broadway, while it could capture her attention, was not looking for a dancer of her caliber. She moved away from New York – a painful departure – to Venice in search of employment opportunities at the various arts school in and around LA. She learnt of both Noctrem and Arcana academy after she was hired at a third party high school as a French teacher. The arts schools and universities wouldn’t hire her without teaching experience and so she settled for secondary school age students. She hated it almost immediately, finding herself faced with teachers who told her constantly to ease up on her students, to not be the hard ass and more than anything to not fail a student just because they didn’t try. She grew frustrated quickly and in time one student found it funny to irritate her. It became a battle between Katia and this boy who ultimately insulted her after hours, calling her a prude and bitch who knew nothing. He moved to harass her further, screaming profanities after she failed him for the class and prevented him from graduating. When he moved against her, she made him take a pen from her desk and nearly stab his own hand with it. Of course, she didn’t make him do it. But the incident had her fired. She was left with a clean record as the boy couldn’t prove what she’d said and she herself had quit given how little crap she felt like dealing with.

This led her to apply to teach at Noctrem. She had heard about the school and preferred it. A bad history, however, left her without a job. She turned to Arcana instead, finding herself close to desperate for a job. And more than that. She felt like she needed help herself when it came to her powers, and some help with regards to her temper and quick resort to hurting people to make them ease off on her.

Anything else? Not for now.

So begins...

Katia Hunt's Story

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#, as written by Korrye

She was seated in her car, her fingers toying with the piece of ID in her hands. It had been years since she’d even looked at her birth certificate. The stamps were prominent and the color of the paper was orange. The Italian words were so evident, jumping out at her and taunting her. They very well could have been neon lights. They meant something to her. Katarina Romano. Another life time ago maybe she was that sweet girl whose ambition was nothing but hated by her domineering parents. She pursed her lips and reclined into the driver’s seat, allowing her hands to fall into her lap. Leonardo had requested her full story. He had run a background check on her, as most American employers did, and had found no information on her life, credit…or anything earlier than 2000. It was part of their deal. He needed to know and she needed a job. Rent was due and lord knew her landlord was going to be on her tail with the check for this month bounced.

He said he would help me, she reminded herself. That promise of course, included a ‘signing bonus’ of just enough money to get by. It felt like charity. In truth though, she had no other option. She wasn’t going to be a whore for one night to get by. She needed this job and she sure as hell couldn’t pull a stunt on Arcana the way she had previously at her other school. It was so important for her to contain her impatience and yet she felt threatened already. Just by stepping into a school she felt as if she was exposing herself to triggers. Snide teenagers could just as easily tick her off. And then she’d be more than willing to make them gut themselves. Which of course was illegal. And she was still dealing with the information disclosure with the previous school she’d worked at. Of course, Leo had wanted that information too. It was hard to admit that she’d nearly made one of her students stab himself. When she did he was surprised. She could see the hesitation in his eyes. It wasn’t a secret that she was dangerous, that she had a temper that flared the moment someone tried to unpack her bottled up issues. Then he hired her and she was floored. She didn’t know if it had to do with their month long fling years ago in New York or if it was more his compassion.

It had to have been the sex. No man was compassionate, especially towards her.

Katarina Romano was gone, that much was certain. Yet even with a change in name, the demons remained. She had much to deal with and he wanted to help her. It felt so hard to give in. She never wanted to be dependent like this on a job. She felt like she could very well become his puppet. If he threatened to fire her if she didn’t do something, then she was essentially bound to him and that scared her. In some ways however it excited her. Old flames and all. That was still there. At least it was for her.

Begrudgingly she gathered her purse and exited the vehicle, standing on the side of the road and sighing heavily. She watched several students mill around the front of the building. Shrill laughter and taunting filled the air. Katia had never particularly liked high school. Even in Italy the bullying and the drama was present, if not more so. Now she felt permanently stuck there. Injury had her unable to dance professionally at the moment - a bad fall had fractured a disk in her back during a performance three weeks ago. The pain was manageable, so long as she wasn't exerting herself to a great extent. This was all she had for now and with no knowledge of when she would be back and capable of dancing professionally, she wasn't about to screw it up.

Katia crossed the road swiftly, clutching her purse to her side, pursing her lips in a low smile as she passed several students. With a skip to her step she carried herself beyond the main entrance and stairs inside. Immediately things appeared louder than she would have expected. Classes weren't running and students milled casually as if it were the weekend. She sighed to try and avoid the tension she felt building in her shoulders, moving swiftly beyond the foyer and towards student services where she could get a line on Leo's location.

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#, as written by Korrye

There wasn’t even a tick of a clock pervading the room. Lulu’s eyes once again scanned the walls. Her roommate was tidy, a good sign at least. She had seen the double rooms at Noctrem and been mystified not only by the sheer amount of mess but the smell. She liked a clean and orderly space so long as she was free to live in it. There had been enough stories about the germaphobes and clean freaks. She hoped that Ali would be somewhere in between. When finals and tests and midterms rolled around, the last thing she wanted was to be harassed about a pile of dirty clothes and the huge amount of paper and books that tended to become strewn around everywhere.

Lulu sighed, her shoulders slacking. She had to admit that her bed was comfortable, a nice change from the hard mattress she’d had in the hotel or even in Noctrem. It was bigger too. To that extent she stretched her toes, flexing her feet and rolling over onto her side. As she closed her eyes, her cellphone vibrated again next to her. Grunting, she slapped her hand out for it, bringing it up to her face while trying to keep her shoulders covered by the duvet.

Text: To: Lu<3

I know, but I still felt bad leaving you alone in that state. That being said, you probably would have killed me for sitting there watching you sleep, wouldn't you? ;D

I'll be alright doing it on my own. Besides, I need you to rest up if you're going to have any fun tonight. You, me, and a bottle of JD sound good?

That's what I'm here for - sense-knocking.

At the moment, being dragged into a dorm room by Jess and Mo for "talking". Kill me now?


From: Your Jack<3

She raised an eyebrow at the screen, snorting her surprise. Since when did Jessica and Morgan have a thing for Jackson? She wasn’t extremely familiar with the two girls but that said, she had never known them to be close to Jack. He’d certainly never said anything. She was quick to reply.

She was halfway through her response when the door to the room slid open. It appeared that in Jack’s efforts to slip out quietly he hadn’t actually shut it properly. As it swiveled she heard a slight knock on the doorframe. Her heart leapt into her throat immediately. Lulu sat upright, running a hand through her hair and shifting in the bed to arch her back. “Come in?” she said aloud, questioning what she was doing. She had spent the past few hours completely hating herself for liking Drake, for falling into his trap. And here she was completely brushing that aside. He was back.

And then he wasn’t.
Now that disappointment was consuming.

The door swung open and Jaysin Dennis of all people stepped in, his stride confident as his eyes immediately landed on her. As he closed the door behind him, she shifted the comforter immediately, pulling her covers up over her chest, even though she was fully dressed. She leaned forward and brought her knees up to her chest. She quickly finished her text and sent it, her eyes only momentarily darting from Jay to the screen of her phone.

“I’m assuming it’s fine that I come in,” he announced, chuckling lightly to himself as she nodded, letting her fingers slide across the keyboard of her blackberry and sending her response as quick as she could.

To: Jack
Most men would be praising the heavens – locked in a room with two women? Sounds like you might be in for a threesome.

PS. Jaysin Dennis just walked into my room. Don’t think I’ll be sleeping.
From: Lulu xxoo

As he sat down on the chair by her desk, Lulu found herself eye level with him. He was directly across from her and she couldn’t deny that he was incredibly sexy. As he pushed his hand through his hair, she found herself wrapping her arms around her knees. She turned her head to face him, tilting it slightly. She knew that he had gone to Noctrem. She had met him shortly after she’d arrived and found him incredibly intimidating. He’d been in control of his power, able to make clones of himself at an alarming rate. And they were nothing like the clones from movies. They were solid copies of himself, more than capable of doing…whatever. Right then she still felt…defensive. She didn’t really know him. And he had quite an attitude. And then he’d left for some reason or other – she wasn’t sure. It was no surprise that he was now at Arcana really – he had powers and he needed to go to school. Seeing him around the school had been a minor surprise when all the Noctrem students had first arrived for classes. Now he was just there.

“It’s been too long,” Jay told her, breaking her thoughts on him. Lulu swallowed as he cleared his throat, biting her lower lip. She really wasn’t sure what to say. He was still so….attractive. But he wasn’t like Drake. He didn’t have that brooding stare. He was blond as well, lacking in that dark charm. He looked more like a prince charming than the guy she’d come to fall for.

“How have you been, Miss Allen?” he asked her, his lips pulling into a warm smile. But it wasn’t Drake’s smirk. Lulu could only weakly return the gesture. “You are much prettier than I remember, so what is a girl like you doing all alone?"

“I got sexiled,” she blurted out, her eyes shifting to look at the floor as she laughed at herself and shifted so that she could lean into her headboard and the wall. “I had a major power hangover this morning from pushing my powers. And I made the mistake of using them again this morning to help some kid. Broke a guy’s nose with a door but got really sick. Was carried back here by Drake and left because,” and here she paused in her rant to lift her hands to make air quotes, “Erin needed him.”

She looked at Jay, shaking her head at herself. “Jack dropped by but I fell asleep so he left to plan a party only apparently he’s now cornered in a room with Morgan and Jessica.”

She paused and wrapped her arms around her chest, looking at him, licking her lips and wondering about him. Jay was kind of like a mystery to her. He had few friends but she had seen him once or twice around Cor. And if you hung around Corentine and weren’t subsequently on the floor, you were kind of her friend. But talking to him was surprisingly easy.

“So that was my morning, and how I got here alone,” she told him matter of factly. “Now why on earth are you here?”



Katia was quick to walk up to the secretary. No students seemed to be bothering the woman. She leaned over the counter, expecting a quick reply only the woman stared straight into her computer screen.

"Excuse me," she asked then, leaned back and tapping her nails absently on the counter. The blond turned to stare at her with narrowed eyes. It only took an instant for her to look at Katia with such a glance before the brunette turned seething. Her eyes narrowed and her smile dropped into a frown. She looked sternly at her. It was a look she had long perfected. With it came a forceful and intimidating air. She watched the woman shrink back into her seat. "Can I help you?" the secretary asked shortly, her words clipped as she tried to remain composed. "I'm looking for Leonardo Marinos. I'm the new hire, or one of them," Katia replied. The blond looked down at her notes before responding. "He's in his office but I believe he's not alone."

"Was that so hard?" Katia snapped, standing upright and shaking her head as she walked away, her stride forceful and emphasizing the click of her heeled boots. She straightened her outfit as she approached his office, knowing where it was. She'd been there before of course. She knocked on the door, finding it closed. She could hear the hum of voices beyond. "Leo, it's Katia," she announced, leaning into the wall and putting a hand on her hip with a sigh.

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Leo couldn't move. His mind wasn't where his body was right now; it was somewhere far, far away, thinking of cribs, and diapers, and crying babies covered in sick. He couldn't be a father. There was no way that he could be a father. How could he watch his son or daughter slowly grow up, become an adult, and then wither away into nothing? He couldn't fathom seeing that happen to his beloved Amy, let alone something that they created together; his own flesh and blood. He wouldn't be able to do that - stick around to see his girlfriend and child die. This is why he had avoided getting involved properly with a woman throughout his long life; he hadn't wanted... well, this to happen. Anything like this. What sort of person would be able to do that anyway? Who could stand there, never aging, and watch their family slowly age and die, whilst they stayed young, pristine and healthy forever?

He barely noticed when Amy shifted closer to him, his eyes still staring into the same place they had been before, still vacant and empty of all signs of life in there. However, her voice penetrated his mind, somehow, and he began to walk away from the horror that was his future. The male began to remember where he was, and his eyes slowly started to brighten up with colour, as well as his cheeks. The pale man was slowly becoming Leo once again, and it was Amy's voice that had brought him back. The soft skin of her hands were on his hand, caressing it softly, and then one was on his cheek. Leo moved his gaze to settle on Amy, his weak eyes looking into her beautiful violets. "A-Amy..." His voice stammered as he pressed his cheek into her palm, taking solace in her touch. "You're not alone..." He whispered, sincerity taking over his tone.

Before he could speak to her more about their situation however, Leo was interrupted by a banging on his office door, a noise that mad the jittery man almost jump out of his skin in fright. Then, Katia's voice entered his ears and he looked towards the door of his office, before then back at Amy. "New em-employee." He spoke, his voice becoming less shaky, but still shaky enough to be noticed. He took in a deep breath before standing up, offering his hand out to Amy. "Come with me?" He asked her, his voice a gentle plead. Now that he knew what was wrong with his beloved, he didn't want anything to happen to that - and if that meant he kept her by his side at all times, then so be it. He didn't want to let her out of his sight in her... condition.

When both were standing, and Leo had made sure that he looked presentable and professional enough, he made his way over to the office door, unlocking it and opening it in one moment. "Katia, hello." He smiled, instantly putting on that professional facade that he had perfected so well over the years. "You got here safely then? Good. May I introduce you to our Philosophy teacher, and School Nurse, Amy Roerig. Amy, this is the new female P.E teacher, Katia Hunt. She's an old friend of mine."


The physical change in Drake was enough to show Erin that she had made him feel more comfortable, taking him out of the deep conversation that they had been having, and replacing it with flirtatious remarks and gestures; to be fair, the blonde girl too felt more comfortable around Drake when they were like this; she felt a little awkward talking to him about how she felt deep down, wondering if he was going to turn around and laugh at her at any moment, or just push her away for trying to get it off of her chest. This, was easier. Much easier. This, she knew how to do with him. His laugh made the girl relax, feeling better around a comfortable Drake; tense Drake was a little worrying.

Erin felt her skin shudder with arousal at the feeling of Drake's hand on her thigh, moving towards the most private part of herself. Her lips stayed against his neck, moving delicately, barely brushing against his skin. He would be able to feel the smirk playing on her lips come to out properly when he spoke about her knowing things about him that others did not. His voice was pure lust as he spoke, another one of the many things about Drakethrean Quellen that drove the petite blonde girl insane with desire. "Unfair?" She smiled, once again using her teeth to graze against the sensitive skin by his collarbone. She was about to comment on her extreme knowledge of his anatomy when her phone buzzed, and she moved out of his embrace, to collect her phone and read through the text, her invitation to Jack's party that night.

Before the blonde could once again get comfortable on the shoulder of her "friend", she was pulled towards him by her ankles, a small squeal escaping her lips, surprise taking over her body for a brief moment. She hadn't expected that. Erin was soon laying down on her back, the handsome male hovering over her body, her hands pinned either side of her head. Her body was once again yearning for him, wanting him - as stupid as that was. She knew he was bad news, and that their relationship was one purely physical and unemotional, but she couldn't stop herself from wanting him. Her breath grew labored as his mouth moved across her neck, her jaw, her earlobe, before his husky voice was whispering into her ear. "You're right; I know you better than that, Drake." She grinned through her struggling breaths. "All you need is your smooth words and your wandering hands and you make a girl go crazy."

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#, as written by Korrye

It was hard enough to be in the school, let alone to be forced to wait. She looked over her shoulder from Leo’s office doorway to the secretary who was now on the phone and hunched over her computer. Had the woman lied to her? Katia curled her hands in a first, feeling the frustration grow, until she heard the hum of voices grow louder and before she knew it the door was opened. She found herself face to face with Leo, and behind him a woman who…looked ill. Katia saw her pale face and tired eyes and swallowed, pushing herself off the wall and wrapping her arms across her chest.

"Katia, hello,” Leo smiled. His voice was as warm as always. It didn’t have the sultry air most expected from a man who looked as he did. But it could and she imagined it then. A voice a silky as dark chocolate.

"You got here safely then?” he asked her, to which she nodded. “Obviously as I'm here before you and in one piece,” she replied, her voice like night and day compared to the tone she’d taken with the secretary. She was smiling. She couldn’t help it around him. Her voice was sweet and congenial.

“Good,” he answered, before stepping back and towards the woman who stood slightly behind him. Katia expected her to sniffle or something but she just remained pale looking. She hoped the woman wouldn’t get her sick now. The last thing she needed was the flu on top of all these students.

“May I introduce you to our Philosophy teacher, and School Nurse, Amy Roerig. Amy, this is the new female P.E teacher, Katia Hunt. She's an old friend of mine,” Leo introduced her. “An old friend? That’s all I get?” she retorted to Leo. Katia hummed a small laugh before she turned to look at the woman directly. “I was far more than a friend, amante,” she smiled. The Italian slid off her tongue like habit. Lover. Yes, indeed they had been and almost more.

“Nice to meet you just the same,” Katia smiled, her gaze shifting from Amy thereafter to Leo. “I brought the paperwork and info you requested. All I need to do is sign,” she offered to Leo. Katia couldn’t deny that she wanted this Amy out of the room. Especially if Leo was going to be dealing with her Italian ID and the advanced pay. It just seemed too private. And of course no move could be made on him if she was here. And she was sick. God don’t get me sick. You’ll pay for it if you do,” she thought idly, shifting her weight from foot to foot as she waited for a response.

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#, as written by Mela
Miss Amy Roerig

Amy breathed a sigh of relief when Leo came back into his own eyes; back to earth; back to her, and a soft smile grazed her lips when he spoke to her, his cheek pressing into her hand. For some reason, her hand on his cheek always calmed her Leo. To be perfectly honest every time she could feel him relaxing with her, her heart fluttered in excitement. It made her happy that she was able to help him like this – even if she was the reason he was stressed out in the first place. He didn’t think himself worthy of love because he had been given immortality, so she could imagine he didn’t think himself worthy of fatherhood either. She really had some fixing to do. He needed to know that he was amazing. Perfect even, in her eyes. Well, as perfect as could possibly be. At least, he was perfect for her. She wasn’t sure he’d ever think himself perfect for her too, though. In fact, Amy had a feeling that if he could, he would put her in the arms of another man. Someone who would grow old with her. Not that she would ever let him.

She was waiting for him to continue speaking when they were interrupted by a knock – then a female voice which she did not recognize. Katia? She didn’t know a Katia. Leo hadn’t mentioned a Katia. She felt her own eyebrows push together as she frowned, wondering who it was. The woman sounded sort of testy. Her eyes found Leo once more when he spoke, telling her who the woman was. Another new employee? She mused, cocking her head slightly to the side. She didn’t want interruptions. In fact, she didn’t ever want to leave this room again. She wasn’t sure her legs could even carry her right now. And she looked like hell. Way to make a great first impression. She sighed softly, but nodded slightly when he asked her to come with him. He had stood so easily, she was a little surprised. Her own legs felt like jelly, and her stomach was empty. On top of that, the young nurse still felt drained of energy and strength. Then of course there was the never ending nausea to deal with. She took his offered hand an unsteadily got to her feet with his help. Her stance was slightly wobbly and she had a feeling she was about to fall over.

While Leo got himself properly sorted, Amy washed out her mouth with water from the tap. I didn’t help with much, but it was better than nothing until she could get to her toothbrush. Then the two made it to the door, and Leo instantly opened. She could see his face transform into that professional façade he kept up around almost everyone who wasn’t her. Especially if he needed to hide something. Like, say, his own shaken state of mind. She remained slightly behind Leo, wanting run back into the bathroom. Gods, she felt so sick right now, she figured she might as well get acquainted with the toilet. Though Leo was completely professional, Amy could tell the other woman wasn’t. In fact, Amy hoped her illness was telling her things, because the looks she was giving Leo, were not ones you would give your new boss. At least, you shouldn’t. And that smile. It was just too flirtatious. Amy felt like the new teacher was silently hitting on her man, and she didn’t like it. On top of that, she didn’t like the woman’s tone of voice. There was something not quite right here.

When Leo introduced the two, Amy was about to greet the woman and welcome her to Arcana, even though she had this immediately sort of dislike for her. Why? She hadn’t done anything, and Amy was usually not one to judge people so quickly. Besides, she was just being paranoid. Why would the woman be hitting on Leo? Well, she told herself that for about a second, but it was shattered by Katia’s next words – interrupting the welcome Amy had been about to utter. Her lips fell slightly apart, her eyes widened just a little. Just enough to show her surprise. Oh god. Now she just felt even worse, but it wasn’t due to the baby. No. Amy felt sick because Leo had just hired a woman with whom he had obviously had more intense relations. The thought made her face pale even more. She tried her best to gather herself, clearing her throat once this Katia was done babbling. “Right, uhm… nice to meet you too.” She glanced at Leo, her eyes flashing with irritation. “We really need another PE teacher?” She couldn’t keep the bite out of her voice, however hard she tried, and so she made a decision. She couldn’t be there anymore.

She didn’t want to be around this Katia person anymore. Gods. He had hired her. Why would he do that?! She didn’t even seem like the kind of teacher Leo would usually hire. In fact, to Amy, this girl was way more of a Noctrem person. And it made her sick to know Leo had been inside her. Made her even more sick, knowing that this woman was going to try something again. It was clear as day. She took a deep breath and smiled weakly. “Anyway, I need to go find Chris. I’ll see you both at some point.” To others, Amy might’ve just been considered sick and jumbled, but to Leo, it would be obvious that she didn’t like Katia. That she didn’t like having her around. And that she certainly didn’t like what she had just been told by the woman. Amy managed to walk steadily out of the office – out of sight. She would maintain whatever scrap of dignity she had left. She felt like she had just been punched in the stomach, all the air knocked out of her.

She stopped once she had turned a corner, steadying herself with her hands on the wall. Amy tried her very hardest to breathe normally once more. To not be completely out of it once she found Chris, but she soon gave up. Didn’t matter, Chris had always been a great comfort when she was upset. She’d just curl up with him, finding solace in his arms. She knew Leo would hate her doing that, but she just couldn’t make herself care. It was his fault she felt like this in the first place, and he obviously wasn’t available for comfort himself. He was busy with Katia. Even her name sounded like a god damn Russian whore. She shook her head, hating herself for the thoughts crossing through her mind. Stop it, Amy. You’re better than this. She told herself, before she opened her eyes and kept walking, heading upstairs to find Chris’ room. She hoped to god that he was there, because for some reason she had reached her limit. She felt like crying. Crying always made you feel better in the end. Why had Leo introduced her as only an “old friend”? She bit down on her lip.

She knew which room was his, so that was always something. Her gait was wobbly, her legs still feeling weak. But she made it there, and once she did, she found herself knocking, her voice choked as she spoke, “Chris? You there?” To herself she added, “please be there.”

Corentine Quellen

When Chris made no reply to her taunting words, she figured her goal had been accomplished. Spirit broken. Grin wiped off his face. And he was in a whole lot pain. Yet once more, she felt no damned satisfaction. What was happening to her? She didn’t feel like herself, because all she wanted was Jay. Not even torturing this fuck was taking her mind off of him, which royally pissed her off. Nothing worked. Nothing. He wanted more from her than she could give him. She wasn’t doing it to be cruel; she wasn’t pushing him away because she liked hurting him. In fact Jay was among the very few people she would never enjoy hurting. No. Cor was afraid. So scared of him hurting him again; petrified of letting him into her heart completely, only to have him leave her once more. A lump formed in her throat when she thought of the prospect as it was. Really, Cor was starting to feel like it didn’t matter. Committing or not committing, Jay held her heart completely. She had no idea when it had happened, but sometime during these past weeks, Jay had stolen it again.

Cor absently began walking away from the new teacher, not giving a shit that he was suffering, as she mused. She had told Jay time and time again, to prove to her that she could even trust him. Because as it was now, she wasn’t blind. She noticed the looks being shot here and there – the way he was obviously lusting after other women. Hell, she had even caught a clone following gypsy girl around. And she was not about to enter a relationship with a man who was going to cheat on her. Especially since she didn’t actually want anyone but him. If she could somehow be guaranteed that Jay would take good care of her heart, she would be his in a heartbeat. To hell with all those other guys. The only reason she even still kept any of it up, was to help herself keep a sort of distance between her and Jay. Even if she actually despised said distance. She missed her Jay. She missed the guy she had dated back at Noctrem more than anything. But he wasn’t that guy anymore, because her Jay would never even look at other girls. She had felt perfectly safe in their relationship, because he was just devoted to being faithful. All he had wanted, was her.

Yet, despite both of them having changed, the love between them was as strong as ever. Which scared her senseless. In fact, love was the only thing that scared her this way, and Jay just didn’t understand. She had tried to explain things to him, but Cor was terrible with that stuff. Hell, with the two of them it was like she was the guy and he was the girl. Jay expressed his feeling so much better than Cor did. Maybe because he actually wanted to. She was hesitant with every piece of information she gave him. Because if he had any idea how close she was to caving in, he would only push more. She sighed as she made her way into the building she was now to live in. Stopping by the entrance, she pulled out her phone to text Erin, and found two texts. Her heart beat faster as se stupidly hoped one of them was from Jay. Her disappointment was palpable when she found one was from Addie, the other from Jackson. None from Jaysin. She knew he was frustrated with her, but it had only been a couple of weeks. He was just so impatient and demanding. Things she usually liked about him.

Party invite from Jack. Great. She seriously needed to get hammered. She smiled wryly and opened the one from Addie then. It made her laugh just slightly, as she texted back.
Scarred, is it? Sounds fun. Can I join? ;)
With that, she also sent one Erin’s way…
You okay, babe? This silence is slightly worrying, you know.
Cor shook her head a little, wondering once more what was up with Erin not texting her about the assembly or… anything really. The two of them were usually in contact somehow. Oh well, maybe she was busy with Keirol. Wouldn’t be surprising, really. Besides, Cor had shut the door on the two of them, assuming they would be taking off soon anyways. Lovebirds that they were. On that note, she once more wanted to find Jaysin. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Tapping into her powers, she let her senses carry on air. The tranquility however, was short-lived as her eyes shot open shortly after. What the hell was he doing with Lulu, of all people? Her eyes narrowed as her pace increased, legs carrying her towards said room. That was it. Lulu’s life was going to be hell on earth. If she thought life at the motel had been awful, she was about to receive a healthy dose of perspective.

This gave her time to think of what to do. Time to consider her reaction once she reached the room. Currently anger was rolling through her. Anger and… sadness. It hurt her that jay would seek out Lulu of all people. He knew precisely how much Cor despised that little bitch. He also knew she was going to find them. So what the hell was he doing? Trying to hurt her? Fucking asshole. She stopped just outside the door as Jay spoke about Drake, asking Lulu what made so many girls want to be his alone. He had to be fucking kidding. She rolled her eyes. He was comparing Lulu and Drake to the two of them? That was just idiotic. She had to say, these thin walls were quite the advantage right now. Cor listened to Lulu’s response and felt her lips curl into a cruel smirk. First lesson, Lulu? Close the door with you and my guy in the room, and you will never have privacy again. Cor thought just as a violent gust of wind blew the door off its hinges. Cor moved to stand in the doorway, her shoulder and upper arm leaning against the doorframe. She watched both of them coolly, but with a furious, fiery glint.

“Want to know what makes girls want Drake like that, huh?” She said smoothly. “I can tell you in one word; foolishness.” She moved then, taking a few steps into the room. “You see, to Drake, all these girls are playthings, and they’re never going to be more. They are downright stupid for wishing more from him. Pathetic. They are only going to end up hurt.” Her scorching gaze cut to Jay. “As for you, what the fuck are you even doing here? Looking for another replacement, huh? In Lulu? That’s nice, Jay. Go fuck yourself.” She sneered the last bit. That was what Cor did. She replaced hurt with anger, because what she really wanted to do what curl up and cry over Jay’s inability to just understand her and accept her… and fucking wait for her. But she didn’t. She never wanted to show that kind of weakness. Cold glare once more leveled on the blonde in the bed, Cor’s smile turned sickly sweet, her legs once more taking her closer to the bed.

“You’re just like all the others, you know. No, you’re less. All Drake wants from you is a fuck or two, and then he’s going to tell everyone how awfully awkward you are - how much he would rather be fucking Erin.” She gave the girl a once over, eyes flashing with hate. “You’re pathetic. Not even worth my brother’s consideration. Although, I suppose he does have a thing for playing around with his fangirls.” Cor leaned in and whispered to Lulu, “he’s going to use you up, and leave you broken, bitch.” Now, this made her feel slightly better. Made the punch Jay had just given her, numb. She knew it was going to hurt ten times more in a little while, but numbing it with rage right now worked better. Cor straightened herself. It was a wonder her powers hadn’t run amok yet. And of course, Cor knew half of what she was saying, was total bullshit, but she didn’t care. Point was she could make Lulu believe it. Whether she did herself was completely irrelevant.

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Leo sighed as Katia spoke, mentioning their past to his new girlfriend. He didn't follow Amy out of his office after her snide comment about more P.E teachers, as he couldn't let on to the new teacher that there was more between the two of them than met the eye. "Come on in."

7:48 PM

It had been about three hours, that Leo had been in his office with Katia, going over her papers. Half way through their conversation, a drunken Max had stumbled in, and had been sleeping on the couch in the corner of his office until now. There was music coming from outside, the party obviously. He wasn't going to stop the party; he knew his students needed some sort of release every now and again, and he felt even better knowing that the party was being held by one of his own, Jackson Murphy. If the party had been held by one of the Noctrem students, he would have been a little more anxious about his students safety. But, Jackson had always been the one to hold the parties in the school, and he was sure that everything was going to be okay.

Going back to the situation at hand, Katia was all sorted; everything was signed and she was now a fully fledged member of the faculty. He didn't care about any of her past indiscretions; why should she? He wanted her as the dance teacher here as she was an amazing dancer, and she had an amazing personality, fantastic for teaching. "Everything's sorted, Kat." He spoke softly to the brunette woman, a smile on his face. "Welcome to Arcana." Leo was happy that he had been able to help her out, give her a job and a home. Max had left a while ago, sobered up and raring to go out, probably to the party. The male had asked Katia to watch out for him, to keep an eye on him the best that she could, and he knew that she would complete the job to her best ability.

Leo pulled his phone out of his pocket, remembering that he still needed to talk to his beloved, or at least find out where she was after she had stormed out of his office earlier. He quickly tapped in her number and pressed the phone to his ear, hoping and praying that she would pick up.


Drake had been cruel to her. Well, no. Cruel wasn't the word. He had been evil to her; evil in withholding her pleasure for that long, leaving her hanging until he decided to satisfy her properly. Erin loved being with Drake, but she also hated the way she practically turned to jelly around him. He was her kryptonite, the one male left in the entire school who was able to read her like an open book, and reduce her to the quivering female that she was around him. She was a normal girl around him; weak and submissive. She didn't like the way that Drake made her feel, but she couldn't help but want more of it. Her mind was a cesspool of crazy about him; everything Drake was messed up inside her mind. It was complicated for her, this relationship. More complicated than she wanted it to be.

"Have I ever told you, that you're just hot anyway?" Erin shot back at the male, a grin on her lips as she looked over at him. She couldn't stop herself from laughing when he mentioned about her being taken advantage off. "Baby, please. No-one could take advantage of me. And if you want me to get dressed, you better find my clothes then."

7:48 PM

Erin was still slightly shaky from her tryst with Drake in the woods earlier on that day. She had barely gotten over her intense workout with the handsome male, and it had taken her ten times longer to get ready for the party than it usually would have. It had been a while since things with Drake had been that extreme and intense, and she definitely wasn't complaining. She wondered if it was because of the strangely deep conversation that they had been having that had inspired their second and best time, but she wasn't going to dwell on it. In fact, she had decided not to think about Drake at all tonight. He was beginning to confused the blonde woman more and more, and she just didn't want to ruin what they had, despite her urges to do so.

The girl had quickly tapped back a response to her best friend when she had gotten back to her room, mentioning something like "I'll talk to you later, bad day." She was still a little pissed at the girl for not even realizing the loud argument that she had with Keirol, her ex, outside of the room, but she knew that it was stupid of her to feel that way; Cor was a selfish girl who's first priority was herself, but somehow Erin wanted more from her friend. She had again passed up the thoughts of the female Quellen as she got ready for the party, showering and dressing herself up in this.

Soon, she was downstairs, in the grounds. Erin was impressed, Jackson had done well with the decorations of the party, and it looked beautiful outside. The blonde made her way over to the gazebo which had been donned out in lights, and sat down on one of the arm chairs that had been placed out there. There was a glass of archers and lemonade in her hand, and she got herself comfortable. Now, to wait for a while.


7:48 PM

Jackson had got everything sorted. After being pushed out of Jess and Morgan's room, and being told Jessica's drink order, the male had gotten back to what he had wanted to do in the first place - sorting out his party. He had gone down to see the Chef again, and this time actually spoken to her about sorting out some sort of buffet for the party; it was filled to the brim with nibbles and bits for everyone to enjoy - crackers and breads, meats of every kind, sausage rolls, salad... she had done well. There was a bar in the main hall, which had the doors completely open so that access was easy, filled with every drink that could be imagined, and a skilled bartender (a friend of his.) The entire grounds had been draped in fairylights and lights put into the grass. It looked beautiful, he had to admit, and he had put a lot of work into everything. The DJ had been set up at the end of the grounds and a dance floor had been set up there as well so that girls in their heels wouldn't moan. He really had thought of everything.

Jack could relax now, standing by the side of the dance floor, sipping a glass of Jack Daniels, wearing a pair of dark jeans and a white shirt, smart shoes on his feet. He wasn't sure who he was going to see first, Lulu, Amber, or maybe Jess, but he was ready to speak to all of them, and had Jess and Lu's drinks already ordered with the bartender, so he could just pick them up. He hadn't spoken to anyone else who had come down to the party yet, and he was just surveying; that was what Jackson usually did at parties - watched, until someone forced him to interact with them. He wasn't one for being a socialite, but he did like throwing parties like this. He thought about maybe searching for Esme, to one, find out what she thought about his party, and secondly, what she thought he could do to make the next one even better.

He took a sip of his drink, letting the liquid create a warm sensation in the pit of his stomach. It was nice, refreshing, something he knew and wasn't foreign to him.


7:48 PM

Max groaned as he rolled over in his bed, and fell onto the floor. The male had barely remembered coming back into his bedroom, after his little escapade in Leo's office. He remembered something about a new teacher being there, and Leo asking her to watch over him was a fuzzy memory in his mind, but that he wasn't sure of. He moaned as he sat up, the cold linoleum floor of his new teachers bedroom cooling down his warm body. He slowly made his way to a standing position, feeling a little woozy from his previous drinking. He didn't usually drink throughout the day, but with the new Noctrem students making their arrival into the school, emotions around the campus had been on an all time high, and had nearly drove the male insane. So, he had turned to the bottle of vodka in his bedroom.

The shower calmed down his aching body, the warm water trickling over his naked skin soothing him. It was one sure way to help him get over a hangover - a warm shower. By the time the handsome young male got out of the shower, he was feeling much better. The hangover headache was almost gone, but the array of emotions around the campus were beginning to get into his mind once more. He could feel a strong sense of anger coursing through him, someone was ready to murder someone close to where he was situated right now. It was over-powering him, and he didn't like it. Max could also feel some sadness coming from someone, someone else was a little scared, and there was someone around feeling rather horny. Mhm, strange mixture of emotions today. His problem was that he couldn't separate their feelings from his own; too many feelings were overpowering his own, and he hadn't been able to work out what he himself was feeling for the last few years.

Max couldn't stay up here with the angry person around, clouding up every one of his senses with rage. He dressed in a black shirt and jeans, the first couple of buttons undone, with converse covered feet. The male had decided to go down to the party; he couldn't turn down a good hootenanny like this, could he? Besides, he might even find someone down there to take his fancy. He didn't care if they were one of his regulars, like Cor, or Esme, or if it was someone that he just decided took his attention that night. There had to be someone there for him. Within moments, the dark haired male had pulled himself out of his bedroom, his shaggy hair falling over his eyes, un-styled, and made his way down to the grounds where the party was behind held. Max found himself sitting at the bar, ordering a straight vodka shot and a mixer of vodka and coke to go with it.

Hey, who could pass up free drinks, right? And apparently, the best way to fully get rid of a hangover? Drink more.

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#, as written by Mela
Corentine Quellen

Cor had managed to calm herself quite a bit during the last couple of hours, surprisingly. If she had to be honest, she had no clue how she had managed it, because she had been right there on the edge, about to blow. And then this entire place would most likely be rubbles with everyone buried underneath it right now. But nope, Cor had toned it down. Though… admittedly it had only gotten worse with Sky, because even though the guy used to turn her on so easily, it just hadn’t been working. Or, it had at first, her anger fueling it all, but then, her thoughts had started spinning, her silly mind flashing to Jay. Images of him smiling at her, memories of more loving banter they often shared, his captivating eyes drawing her in every time he looked at her in earnest and told her he loved her. And so, Cor had gotten distracted and upset. Resulting in her leaving a Sky she had gotten pretty riled up. Normally Cor wouldn’t give a shit about that, but it was Sky, and she did sorta feel guilty for leaving him in that situation. No one liked to be worked up and then be left alone. She sure as hell didn’t.

Fortunately she’d apologized to him before leaving, so she only hoped it wouldn’t be a further issue, because she sure as hell wasn’t explaining herself to him. She wasn’t telling anyone about the way Jay took up her heart, her mind and her entire world. Because though she and Sky had a pretty good thing going, Jay was a weakness and one wrong word in the wrong ear… well. Cor didn’t even want to think of what Amber would do with that information. Of course, Jay had obviously spilled the beans to Lulu, and someone else had probably heard the following, pretty loud exchanged. She’d be surprised if not, honestly. So the fact that they had had a thing was almost certainly out there for everyone to see. Nothing she could do about that. In fact, she could only snort at it, finding it a little entertaining. Back at Noctrem, when Jay had wanted to keep them a secret, Cor had not told a soul about them. Not one. Now, here at Arcana, when Cor wanted them kept a secret, he went and decided to tell the most annoying bitch in the freaking building. It’d at least be understandable if the two were actually friends or anything like that, but no. He had chosen Lulu purely piss her off. That much she knew.

So… she wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction. She’d told him the two of them were over; that she was done with him, and she’s meant it. Yep, no second thoughts. None at all. She was completely fine with never kissing him again… never touching him again… never hearing his deep, sexy voice telling her how much he loved her again. She sighed to herself, looking into the mirror. She had locked herself in the bathroom, warning Ashy not to even touch the damn door. That was the only upside to living with that little Arcana blonde; she was easy to control. Cor didn’t have to beat her into submission, or issue a warning every time she wanted the girl to do something. Nope. The girl was frightened enough to not question her even once. Cor’s slender fingers were gripping the sink as she pondered her situation. She was calm, or at least enough to not ruin the mood of the party. Besides, if she wanted to take advantage of Max, she couldn’t exactly go around being a total emotional wrecking ball. Being an empath, she was pretty sure the handsome teacher wouldn’t appreciate it much. Besides, Cor wasn’t usually one to ever show her emotions anyway. They were typically buried under anger or complete, cold indifference.

She had put on this, having decided that she wanted to keep things sexy. Mostly to show Jay exactly what he was missing out on, because it wasn’t like Max needed much encouragement from her. They’d fucked many times before, so he knew how good she was. That was usually enough to keep the guys hanging around. She smiled to herself, but it wasn’t complete; it was an empty, cold smile, void of any real feeling. She had chosen to numb herself, because it was the easiest way for her to deal with her breaking heart. To be perfectly honest she had moments when she had trouble breathing, and when all she could think of was how much she wanted to fix everything with her man. But no. She fought herself and her own weaker side. Because she was better than that. She didn’t go bowing down to anyone. Especially not Jaysin Dennis. So instead, makeup donned, hair curled up beautifully, outfit perfectly fitted, Cor went straight from the bathroom and to the party, not even sparing a maybe present Ashy a glance.

Once there, Cor didn’t spare the place a glance. Her eyes were fixed on the bar, feeling her need for alcohol skyrocketing. Now she understood why people drowned their sorrows, because that was exactly what she intended to do. And luck had it, Max was there. Promising party already. Cor’s heals clicked musically as she made her way over to the bar, sliding into the seat next to Max. She leaned in over the bar counter, giving the bartender a look. “Five shots of whatever you’ve got that going to knock me off my feet.” She said smoothly, before turning her eyes onto Max, flashing him a wry yet flirty smile. “You look like someone who could use my kind of company,” she teased, crossing her legs purposefully to bare more of her thighs as she turned her entire body towards him by spinning on the bar stool. Hearing her drinks be placed in front of her, Cor took one in each hand downing them straight after each other before placing the small glasses back onto the counter.

Miss Amy Roerig

Amy hadn’t wanted to tell Chris about everything that was going on. She really didn’t want to start putting all her troubles on his shoulders already. She just needed to be around someone who didn’t look at her like she was made of porcelain , someone who didn’t know anything about her issues, and someone who, like Chris, was going to make her feel better with his presence alone. Ad it would’ve been great if she hadn’t noticed the bloody clothes by Chris’s bed, and the way he seemed uncomfortable in his own skin. Amy, being the woman she was, had taken charge, also giving herself a moment to breathe and figure out what she could and couldn’t tell Chris. In the end she’d healed him, but though it would’ve been easy as nothing before, it had left her completely tapped out, so before Chris had had the chance to question her further about her state of mind, she’d fallen asleep, curled up in the grand armchair resembling the one she had in her own room.

Healing Chris had demanded she be close to him, as physically close as they’d been when they had both been students. As his skin had been so damaged, Amy had had to ask him to take off his hoody and t-shirt, so that she could put her hands flat on his chest, feeling the beat of his heart. It was strange, especially since she had Leo now. More so because she knew the immortal male wouldn’t have been too happy about it. Never the less, Chris had needed healing and it was easier for her to do if she had a proper area of skin contact close to the heart. If she had tried to heal him from only his arms, for instance, she would have probably fainted right then and there. She knew it was the baby eating up her power supply. She only hoped nothing bad would happen to it now that she was all tapped out. In fact, her falling asleep had been so rapid, she hadn’t even had the time to ask him what… or who… had maimed him so badly. Part of her already knew the answer though, and it worried her. If Corentine was targeting teachers now, what was next?

Currently, Amy was still in the chair, breathing still slow and deep, eyes still closed. For all intents and purposes, Amy looked asleep. Because she was fairly certain she wouldn’t be able to answer Chris’ answers honestly and not break her promise to Leo, she was pretending her very best. Besides, just relaxing felt good. She could tell that she had started to charge back up during her nap, but she had no idea how long she’d been gone – probably a couple of hours. She still felt weak and tired, and sort of sick still, but this time she knew it wasn’t the baby. It was the thought of Leo with Katia. She just couldn’t get the pictures out of her head. It was completely messing with her, making her world spin. In one day, she felt like the bliss the two has shared for the past week was coming to an end. So many problems were crowding the two right now. First the Noctrem students moving in, then his treatment of Chris, followed by her finding out she was pregnant, and the big finale? Katia entering the picture.

Amy’s eyes fluttered open as she sighed to herself, still not sure what to tell Chris. But then, she had other things to talk to him about. That could always push off the more private things on her mind. Chris needed a whole bowl of information and she had just been sleeping the time away. Just as her eyes focused enough for her to look for Chris, she heard the unmistakable sound of her phone ringing. Sliding it out of her jeans pocket quietly, Amy cast a short look at the display, noticing both time of day and caller. Leo. She took a deep breath, already knowing why he was calling. But why had it taken him 3 hours? That was quite a while by her estimate. She pressed the receive button and brought the cell up to her ear. “Hey,” was all she said, but even that little word sounded sleepy and weak. Great, Amy. Really. She didn’t know what else to say to him. She was still pretty upset with their whole situation, but in Chris’ room, what she could say was pretty limited.

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#, as written by Korrye

It seemed to take forever to Jay to leave and for the dust to settle. Things still rattled and papers and clothes were flung by stray gusts until Cor was completely removed from the room. When they both had departed Lulu found herself covered in a hundred shards of splintered wood, clinging to her bedside lamp and looking over a Alli’s formerly pristine side of the bedroom. “She’s going to hate me,” she thought unhappily, before setting the light back on her nightstand and getting to cleaning.

* * *

She was dressed and it wasn’t her choice of clothing. She was wearing, of all things, something Drake had wanted. A short layered graded gray skirt. The ruffles were so out of character for her. She was more often in jeans and rarely revealed her legs. For a top she wore a basic black v neck t-shirt. The bra he had chosen was something she’d bought so long ago when she’d needed it. The push up black lace fabric had her visible at the neckline of the shirt, something she wasn’t necessarily comfortable with. But he said she looked sexy when he’d helped her into the outfit. The underwear was a surprise. He'd tossed it at her as a joke and when he'd left she hadn't originally been wearing it. Now that she was, she wondered if he would be surprised. He’d shown up and scared her shitless as she tried to salvage the bedroom. It was merely payback really.

With soup and teases to spare, she’d asked him to help her change her clothes. She was angry with Cor and up and moving but exhaustion remained and made her so tired that it was hard to even lift her arms. His response was to simply take her shirt off while asking. Lulu had rolled herself in the sheets before demanding he choose and hand her something to wear – preferably not laced with wood splinters. She’d kicked him out later to get her a bottle of vintage rum so that she could at least do her make-up and think twice about what she was doing. She had left her hair straight and chosen a silver necklace in his absence, and of course donned his choice of bra and lace underwear. With her face freshened up and another half hour of sleep under her belt, she looked visibly better. About 100x better than that morning, that much was certain.

Lulu found herself in front of the mirror, contemplating whether she should go to Jackson's party at all. She saw her outward confidence as she turned her back to the mirror and looked over her shoulder at the way her clothes hugged her figure. She was worried about the statement her outfit made and terrified of who would see her in it. Jackson was never one to not invite a person which likely meant that Cor and Jay would be there, as would Erin and Jade and all the other people who loved to make her life hard. They would either taunt her or others and she didn’t know if she could back down again. She felt like a coward for letting Cor win. She didn’t like to be cowed. She didn’t like how her words lingered in her mind, making her look at Drake with apprehension. Did he want a quick fuck out of her to add her to his list of conquests? She was so scared of what he made her feel. Whenever he was in front of her, all the doubts disappeared and they could tease each other and bicker like an old married couple. Just like all those nights in Noctrem. Nothing felt different. In fact, she’d so quickly lost track of time when he’d been in her room again. And it didn’t matter that she’d spent so long in a cold shower nearly freezing herself as she mulled over him leaving her for Erin. He had come back. That did say something didn’t it?

Lulu didn’t like that she was consumed with this issue. It seemed trivial to be so worried about what she felt about Drake or whether to act on it. Yet it was like she was drowning in it and couldn’t avoid it. There was a party to go to now. And she’d told Drake she would be there after he bugged her about it. She still didn’t want to go, even though Jackson was hosting. There was so much that could happen.

But her salvation was there in the form of a bottle of aged rum. She wanted a stiff drink, something that would burn on the way down and cloud her mind from reality. If only for a night. Jack had promised her a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. Drake was bringing her her requested vintage. She would be drunk and blissfully unaware of all the shit that was happening and had happened. And god she would finally sleep. Alcohol could do that for her. And, thankfully, she was a quiet drunk. It sounded worthwhile, if only to take the edge off.

So she slipped out of her room, locking it behind her. She’d left a note for Alli on her bed in case the girl came back. It was simplistic, apologizing for having not formally met her yet and for the residual mess. She explained that Corentine had come looking for Jay and grown angry, so much so that her wind based powers had gotten out of control. She was supremely sorry if anything was damaged and offered to pay for anything that was. She hoped to meet her at the party later and she said so at the bottom before signing her name as she always did.

A second letter was in her hand and it didn’t take long to deliver. She slid it under a door not far from hers, knowing that it was Jay’s suite. She felt like she needed to explain why she’d backed down earlier. She had seen his disappointment when she’d stayed put on the bed. On any normal day she would stand up to Cor but earlier she had smelt blood. Not wanting to risk her head, she’d let them go. But that didn’t mean she was against getting to know him. Their momentary conversation was enough to let her know that something else was there. He had come to see Cor for what she really was and all he wanted was someone loyal to him. She wasn’t sure if she could be his lover, but she still wanted to get to know him better. And his comments weren’t leaving her either. All she could think about was how he’d told her so firmly that she deserved better.

As she left the dormitory wing of the building, she sent Jackson a text:

To: Jack xo
I am en route to the food portion of your soiree. Hope you have that bottle of JD for me. And don’t comment on what I’m wearing. Your new roommate chose it and I didn’t have the strength to argue.

From: Lu xxoo

When she arrived at the gazebo, things seemed low key. Music was playing and the food smelt delicious. Lulu scanned the crowds of students starting to mill around, searching for her best friend, or Drake for that matter. Instead her eyes landed on Jaysin who was standing at the bar. His posture made her eyebrows knit in worry. She could see that he was intoxicated Lulu watched him toss something to the bartender as she stood beside a table of cheese and crackers. Part of her wished that she could walk over there, talk to him and try to carry him off to his room. He was making a show of himself and she didn’t know what to think. But Cor was ever present, on the other of the bar and seated beside a man Lulu didn’t much care for: Max Henderson. Lulu took a toothpick with a square of gouda on it, bringing it between her lips and only nibbling on the end in wait. It was almost like watching a train wreck waiting to happen.



Katia had arrived early. As a chaperone she felt obligated to watch the students who arrived carefully. She was young enough to know that most people pre-drank before they arrived at a party that wasn’t their own. While most students weren’t of legal American drinking age, she wasn’t one to come down on them for doing so. As a native Italian, she had been drinking wine since she was six and having dinner. If consumed responsibly, she had no issue. It was when the puking started and the brawls happened that she was concerned. And so she watched, calculating in her head what they were consuming and how quickly the blood alcohol content of students was given to rise. She had waited enough tables and made enough drinks to know all this. It was second nature to her.

The brunette was seated offside, still dressed in her clothes from that afternoon. Reclining in a chair, she held a wide rimmed wine glass in her hand and sipped from a merlot casually, pausing to swirl it every so often. Leo had slipped from her mind. He’d told her to be there, to watch the kids as he was going to stay in the office and work out some kinks with the roommate pairings and class schedules. She also had specific instructions to watch Max. While she had stormed out of his office angrily – this had been exactly what she’d feared, additional conditions to her employment – she was almost amused by the man. He’d been piss drunk when he’d stumbled into the office earlier. And now that he was almost sober he was getting drunk again. His choice of liquor dismayed her. Vodka. It made her cluck her dissatisfaction already. He definitely still acted the part of a teenager. And it was almost funny to watch.

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Leo's heart started to beat faster, and his palms started to get a little sweaty with every ring that went past, and Amy didn't pick up with. He wondered where she was, if she was okay, was.... everything else okay? Now that there was... a child, his child involved, everything started to seem to panic the male a little more. Was this the sort of person that he was going to be, now that there was a life inside his girlfriend's stomach? Worrying at her every movement, panicking when she didn't pick up the phone, thinking the worst to have happened. He was worried, scared, that this was the new Leo, the new person he was going to be. So much responsibility and pressure had fallen onto his shoulders within a few hours, and he was scared. Leonardo Marinos, the immortal Spartan Warrior, was scared.

The immortal male literally felt his heart leap with joy when he heard Amy's voice on the end of his phone, and verbally let out a sigh of relief, letting go of the breath that he hadn't realized that he was holding. Something about his beloved girlfriends voice was different however; she sounded, tired, or weak, or both. Again, the male felt his heart start to race, and he had to take in another deep breath before he spoke, giving him that few more seconds to put on a facade of voice that didn't show through his worry. "Hey." He repeated, wondering what else to say to the woman. Their last meeting had been a little short and brief, and in that time period, she had revealed to him that she was expecting, and Katia had arrived, seriously pissing her off before her leaving. He had made an error there too in not following her, but he hadn't been able to leave Katia alone. Leo wasn't sure what he was supposed to say to her, or how he could make any of this right again - because it wasn't right. There was an unspoken air of tension between the two of them, even down the phone he was able to detect it. He just didn't want it to last long.

"Amy..." Leo sighed, biting down on his bottom lip, a nervous habit of his that he rarely exhibited. "I'm sorry I didn't call earlier, and I'm sorry about Katia. I'm sorry about everything, but I'd really like to see you in person to talk to you about it - where are you, honey?"


Erin had failed. She hadn't been able to keep the handsome face of Drakethrean Quellen out of her mind for long, and soon, her drinks weren't lasting as long as her first one had. One. Two. Three. Four. The fifth was in her hand now, and it was too going down readily. The blonde girl knew that she was going to have to move onto something stronger soon, something that wasn't so feminine, and something that would get her very drunk, very quickly. She didn't like the feeling of being tipsy and woozy, which was how the Archers in her hand was making her feel. No, whiskey was in order. Or something along those lines. The girl readily finished her fifth mixer through the straw and put the glass down on the table, sighing. She went to move, to stand up and make her way to the bar, but her head instantly started to swim the second that she pushed herself to a standing position.

So, she flopped back down again, deciding to take a couple of minutes to let her head settle down, before moving to the bar again, to get her stronger drink. However, before Erin could make her move, someone came over to her; the first person to enter the vicinity of the gazebo since she had sat down there - most people didn't interact with her, unless they knew her well, and that was for three reasons - one, they knew she was a friend of Corentine Quellen, two, they knew about her power, or three, they had heard about her reputation as a whorish bitch. Either way, she didn't mind - the alone time was peaceful. But that peacefulness was soon trashed by the drunken movements of a male, tall, dark and handsome. She was surprised by his voice hitting her ears from afar. Her head snapped up as Jay crashed down onto the couch next to her, downing the rest of the expensive looking bottle that he was drinking all in what seemed to be one breath. Erin could see that he was obviously drunker than her and was lashing out at Cor.

Before the blonde could say anything to male however, he was soon gone. She hadn't had time to defend her friend, or even bitch about her friend, before Jay had left her alone, walking away and getting himself another bottle of whatever he had been drinking, or similar, at the bar. She frowned at the scene unfolding in front of her, and combined it with her confusion at the situation at what had happened. Apparently, Jay and Cor were no more. Why hadn't Cor told her? Why was her best friend sitting at the bar with Max, practically a stranger other than in bedroom, and wasn't sitting there with her, talking about it? She hadn't even replied to her previous text, anyway - about the bad day! Cor was growing higher and higher with every passing moment in Erin's bad books, and she huffed as she pushed herself up once more into a standing position. The girl moved, her heels clicking on the floor, making her way over to the table where the intoxicated male had seated himself.

She passed the bar where he friend was seated, without a word to the other blonde, and soon, she was standing to the side of Jay, her hand on her hip. She watched how Addison came over and touched the back of his neck, smirking at the girl's bravery. If Cor had seen that... well, the girl wouldn't have had those two slinky legs to stand on any more. She stopped for a brief outfit adjustment, pulling her dress down cover more of her modesty, as her dress barely reached the underneath of her bum. Then, she moved and sat down on the other side of Jay, completely ignoring Addison and her flirtatious movements towards the male. Without a word, she casually took the bottle of whiskey out of his hand and took a swig for herself, before replacing it. "She's pissed me off too, today. And seeing her sitting there, doing.... that... instead of talking to me," she paused for a moment, before looking over at the male, "so tonight, I am on your side. It'll get me killed, but why should I give a flying fuck." Erin's confidence could have been seen as stupidity by anyone that knew how Corentine Quellen would react to her best friend sitting with her ex-boyfriend and current enemy, but the blonde just didn't give a fuck. Besides, the copious amounts of alcohol coursing through her system would make her feel better about this betrayal.


Taking things slowly, Jackson was only on his second drink of the night, sipping away in his position, perusing everything around him. He was watching his party, which was now full in swing. The music was playing, loud enough to be heard by everyone, but not loud enough to deafen those standing closer to the speakers, people were picking at the buffet food and seemed to be enjoying it, and the bartender seemed to be incredibly busy, not being able to stop for a moment as the amount of orders were flooding in. He could see that people were getting drunk quite quickly, but that wasn't any of his concern. He knew that Mr. Marinos wouldn't be angry at him for hosting such a party, and would be angry, rather, at those who were stupid enough to drink away their troubles and not turn up for classes the next day.

He hadn't really seen anyone that he was close to yet as he looked around; no sign of Lu, Amber, or even Jess - someone he wasn't all that familiar with, but was quite excited to see tonight at his party. Why? He wasn't really sure? Maybe it was the way that she had acted earlier, and it had intruged him? That was his best guess, anyway - Jackson was rather attracted to people that he had to figure out, people who interested him. It was a rather similar situation with Amber. However, it was the complete opposite with Lulu. She was the one person in the entire world who knew him better than anyone, and who he knew better than she did herself; there was no way to describe his relationship with her, other than he was attracted to her because of her amazing personality, her stunning looks, and the way that he didn't have to explain anything to her - she just knew.

Speaking of the devil, Jack pulled his phone out of his pocket with his spare hand when he felt it vibrate, and his lips instantly changed into a smile when he saw who had text him. He made his way over to the bar once he had placed his phone back into his pocket, and grabbed a bottle of JD from the bartender, his pre-order, and left his other drink. He instantly spotted his gorgeous blonde friend by the bar with a cocktail stick with cheese on the end in her hand, and made his way over to her. The tall Irish man made his way around the back of her however, disappearing into the crowd before he could be spotted at the bar. When he was behind her, he gently placed a hand over her eyes, and rested his chin on her shoulder. "Guess who?" He spoke with his thick Irish drawl, the bottle of Jack Daniels pressed into his back, hiding it. "Drake has good taste, by the way. You look beautiful tonight."


Max hadn't interacted with any of the students who had come up the bar; none of them had sparked his interest, none of the women enough to rouse him from his position, crouched over his glass of vodka. He had felt that there were eyes on him somewhere, someone watching him, but he didn't pay too much attention to the notion - usually, there was someone watching him, especially at events like this. Leo was the sort of person who would send someone out to watch over him, to make sure that he was being sensible, and acting all "professional." Ha. No-one had ever stopped him from acting like this, and now that he was on a level closer to that stature of Mr. Leonardo, he still wasn't going to be controlled. Besides, the alcohol was calming him down anyway, dulling the horrible concoction of emotions that were building inside his mind.

The brunette male didn't have a preferred drink - anything strong and alcoholic was his main preference. Spirits, mainly, and tonight, he had decided on some vodka. This morning, it had been whiskey. Ah, the drink of men. Suddenly, the male was snapped out of his little reverie about alcohol, and into his personal space (which included the two seats either side of him), slid Corentine Quellen, one of the naughtiest little bitches Max had ever had the pleasure of being with. She ordered a hefty supply of shots, and expertly downed them in one go when they were finally placed in front of him. He didn't turn to look at her as she drunk, or return her flirtatious smile. When it came to Corentine, Max was careful. She was a devil in disguise, this one.

However, when she spoke about him being someone who could use her type of company, Max's expression changed from an emotionless blank slate, into a sultry crooked grin that had come to be his trademark. He couldn't stop his eyes from wandering her perfect body as she twisted in her seat, the dress which barely covered anything riding even further up her thigh, exposing her creamy, supple flesh. He slowly brought his gaze up to look into her eyes. He decided not to reply to her comment, his expression revealing his answer clearly. "Your emotions are tightly wrapped today, Corentine." He spoke, taking another large sip of his vodka. "Why so desperate for, as you say, "my company" tonight?" Before the male could inquire about the girls needs for his attention further, Max received a little present in front of him, something he hadn't expected to receive that night. "A condom? Either someone's flirting with me or this is the worst coaster ever. Besides, it's the wrong size - too small for me. What's that in front of you?" He asked the blonde next to him, tossing the condom into the bin behind the bar, getting it straight in his goal.

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#, as written by Mela
Corentine Quellen

Cor couldn’t help a little satisfied smirk when Max’s eyes did exactly what she expected them to; ride up her body. The sexy smile on his face further informed her that they were definitely in business today. Good, she thought, her own gaze not shy about taking a tour of his body. Max was incredibly handsome, his hair dark and messy, eyes intense and already filled with naughty intentions. She knew what kind of body he was hiding underneath that clothing and it was enough to make a girl squeal at the prospect of his attentions. But still, despite how much she loved being with Max, she just couldn’t shake the feeling that she would rather have Jay next to her like this. She would rather figure things out with him. But she knew it wasn’t an option. They were poison to each other, caught in a game of who hurts who the most. But she was done. Cor was done playing. For a girl who loved a little game at all times, that was quite huge. The fact was, she didn’t enjoy hurting Jay, and she definitely did not like being hurt in return. So far none of her actions had been with the intention of hurting him, except for during their argument today.

But then, who didn’t say things they didn’t mean when they were angry? Cor instantly put a lid on those thoughts again, knowing they would lead her down a dark and twisted road, which she really didn’t want. In fact, she needed to keep a clear head if she was to talk to Erin tonight. Ah hell, Erin. She hadn’t replied to the text because she had been too out of it after her situation with Jay, and later she’d completely forgotten. Then, on top of it, it was really hard for Cor to focus on Erin’s problems when her own weighed so heavily on her. When she’d arrived at the party, all she had seen was the bar, and then Max. She still hadn’t looked around her, and she wasn’t going to right now. She wasn’t sure if she would like to see what was unfolding. She had a feeling Jay would want to hurt her more after her little show in the hall today. Truly, she did feel bad about her last comment. She felt bad about going to meet Sky. Which was entirely new for the blonde. Part of her wanted to find him and apologize; to tell him all she really wanted was him, if he would still have her. And if he could be with her alone. Would Jay be able to go through with being with someone else like she hadn’t been able to with Sky? Again, she shook off the thoughts just as Max’s eyes met hers and his voice met her ears.

Cor, getting her game-face back on, laughing slightly at his words, the sound easy and flirty in itself. “Max, you flatter yourself. I was desperate for alcohol.” She gave him a little once over, a teasing grin on her lips. “You just happen to be a… delicious bonus.” She didn’t further comment on the fact that her emotions were a mess. It was none of his fucking business, although she did realize he couldn’t exactly help his powers. While she spoke, Cor noted a square package being put in front of Max, and a napkin being placed in front of her. When he picked his up, she instantly knew what it was. And recognized it too. At the sight, Cor quickly downed the three remaining shots on the counter next to her. When Max spoke, inquiring about her “gift”, she sighed. Normally Max’s comments would’ve made her laugh or at least smile, but she already knew who it was from, and she didn’t like the message it was indirectly sending. In the end, Cor decided she wasn’t going to be a pussy about this and picked up the napkin.

Reading the note, Cor froze, sitting with the piece of paper in her hands. A slight frown soon took over her expression and she raised her gaze to finally look around, trying to locate the sender of the note. Jay. They were his words from earlier, and she wondered if he had even thought before sending it. He was completely counteracting his own words. He had told her they were done, and suddenly the games were back on? She was so sick of this bullshit. So tired of trying to explain herself, trying to defend her actions. Tired of him playing with her emotions so easily, whether it was intentional or not. She just didn’t like a guy being able to do this to her. Her eyes didn’t take all that long to find Jay, and she wasn’t surprised to find him with girls. What surprised her were the particular females he was with. Erin, her supposed best friend, and Addie, also a supposed friend. And Addie was obviously gunning for him, her fingers on his neck. Erin was in no way looking hostile. Just sort of tipsy, and the guy himself was wasted. She watched them quietly, trying to quench every bit of feeling it was inspiring in her. Especially because she knew Max would feel them.

Anger, hurt, betrayal… sadness. So much sadness. Her face was impassive as she watched them. She hadn’t even known Erin was at the party, too wrapped up in her need to somehow drown her emotions. Her best friend, the only girl who knew everything Cor was feeling about Jay, and Addie, who Cor had shadily informed that Jay was not to be touched. Both girls were her friends, and more than anything, Cor felt betrayed and hurt. So hurt. She took a deep breath, realizing she had stopped the process entirely when she’d seen the threesome. Cor, without looking at Max, tore the napkin into pieces and let it fall to the ground. “Jaysin’s idea of a good time,” she replied coldly before her gaze snapped back to him, no longer caring who knew shit about her and Jay. “You see, he wants to play a game. No, rather, he wants to restart one I finished just earlier today. Who can hurt the other the most.” Then she smirked ironically, shaking her head. “I haven’t been playing it very well so far.” She added the last bit almost thoughtfully before concluding, “well, that’s changing now.”

She raised an eyebrow, fire in her eyes. “Feel like helping me out for a spell, handsome?” Cor knew there was a merciless light in her eyes. She also knew it would pretty damn short-lived. Or, at least she had a feeling it would be. She suspected that once it got down to it, she wouldn’t be able to do it. She just couldn’t do that to Jay. No matter how much he hurt her, or how much he pissed her off, she couldn’t. But then, this time it was different, because Cor was also dealing with the betrayal of two friends, one of which was her best friend. What the hell was going on today? She had a suspicion that Max was going to feel her emotions too, and a tiny part of her felt bad for it. She knew he’d figure out how to tone it down though. Besides, when she rocked his world, he’d be good. If she rocked his world. It all kind of depended on whether the blonde could really do it. It bothered her, how Jay was toning down on her ability to be a huge bitch. If only they could work things out between them, it would all be worth it. As it was, none of her “friends” were getting away with their current activities. She would make sure of it. It just might not be tonight.

Miss Amy Roerig

When she heard Leo’s voice, Amy took a deep breath, calming herself. Right now she was a little confused to be honest. She didn’t like being lied to, hated having things hidden from her, and downright abhorred that Leo was doing exactly that. Too bad his little show had been ruined by Katia’s need to stamp herself as a needy whore. A term Amy would never normally contemplate, but yeah, she supposed the pregnancy was making her a bit hormonal already. Did that mean she was overreacting here? Did she really have reason to be angry with Leo? She pondered this as silence stretched between them, tension building. She didn’t like this kind of issues between them, but she wasn’t going to bow down and let it happen, because then Leo wouldn’t know that it wasn’t okay with her next time. As he hadn’t been in a real relationship in millenniums, she knew he was going to have some initial struggles finding out what she expected of him and what was natural to do or not to do in a relationship. But what worried her was, as friends he hadn’t been hiding things from her. She didn’t want him to start just because they were in a relationship.

Especially not now that she was carrying his child. Amy curled up better in the chair, her eyes scanning the room. No Chris. She wondered where he could be. Bathroom? Out? She couldn’t blame him, considering she had slept for 3 long hours. Then Leo spoke again, her name containing so many emotions she almost doubled over from the effect, but she sat still, phone at her ear, listening to the following sigh, and then the rest of his words. She sighed when he finally asked her where she was. The question she had known was coming. Only, she had expected the call much sooner. Honestly she felt more than a little neglected. Sure, she had walked out on him, but in all fairness she had had plenty reason, and at least he had called. She knew Leo loved her, she really did, but he was such a difficult man. Some women thought they had issues getting a lone wolf used to a relationship, but the men they had problems with, had maybe been alone for 20 years. Try multiplying that with 100, she thought to herself. The young nurse was quiet for a long time, contemplating.

What should she tell him? The truth of course, that much was a no-brainer, but she couldn’t very well have him meet her here, could she? That might seem just a little weird to poor Chris. Chris who had had a plenty crappy first day at Arcana. She really hoped she could help him get settled in better as a teacher here, because she wanted him to stay. With all the new Noctrem teachers, they needed some more Arcana-minded people in the mix. She was still tired, and she knew it was taking some spunk out of her. Usually Amy would be at Leo’s throat already, but firstly she didn’t want Chris overhearing, and secondly she really didn’t want to argue with him anymore today. Two had to be enough, didn’t they? The two couldn’t just keep right on arguing all day… could they? Finally Amy took a deep breath. “At Chris’.” She finally said, then closed her eyes and murmured quietly, “I don’t want to fight anymore, Leo.” The brunette got slowly out of the chair she had been curled up in and pulled out a small piece of paper from her pocket, then began hunting for a pen. She was uneasy on her own feet, but she wasn’t about to tell Leo that. Obviously he would only start babying her.

When she found a pen, she began writing while talking to Leo again. “I’ll meet you at your place, okay?” Even now, having awoken properly, Amy didn’t sound any better than she had when she had picked up. Okay, maybe she did need a helping hand. Amy was turning out to be her own worst patient; one of those people who refused to relax and take care of themselves when they were ill, no matter the kind. Without waiting for an answer, Amy hung up on her boyfriend and finished up her note for Chris, putting it on the table in front of the chair.

Had to go, but we still need to talk. Sorry about falling asleep, I’m a little out of it today – hope you’re at least feeling better. I’ll come find you soon, honey.

Love, Amy.

With that, she steeled herself and by pure stubbornness, managed to get herself to Leo’s place, locking herself in with her extra key. But that was it. As she made it inside, closing the door behind her, her legs which had been shaking obsessively all the way, gave out, and she crumbled to the floor. Hitting the floor on her bottom, Amy could only draw in a deep breath. She knew she wasn’t getting anywhere by herself anytime soon. Which really did wonders for her dignity. The dignity her own illness earlier, along with Katia turning up, had already trampled well into the ground. “I hate this,” the teacher murmured to herself, hanging her head in defeat. She just wanted to go back to sleep. Or curl up in Leo’s arms. Preferably the latter, then the former.

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Chris stretched as he went into his room. He felt great. Partially because of the workout he had just had, and partially because of Amy's healing of him. He had insisted that she left him alone, that he'd be fine, but she insisted on it. She had then slept for three hours solid, without either of them getting to explain why they felt like crap. Chris had listened to music, read for a bit, but eventually he'd had to leave Amy asleep so he could go work off his excess energy. After a few laps of the pool, a few laps of the tennis courts, and an hour-long workout, he was finally beginning to tire.

The first thing he noticed when he went into the bedroom was that it was empty. The second thing he noticed was a note on the bed in Amy's writing. He went over and read it, a small smile appearing on his lips. He didn't doubt that they would have to discuss what happened. Amy never forgot about things like this.

Collapsing onto the bed, he checked his phone. It was still pretty early, and he could hear the sounds of the party downstairs. He made a mental note to stay away from it. Parties had never been his scene. He liked to have a clear head first thing in the morning, and a late night after dancing and possibly alcohol wasn't the best idea for it.

He had to admit. He was bored. He didn't have anyone to stay up late and watch movies with. He had always had a roommate since Arcana. There was nothing stopping him from doing so, but it wasn't the same without someone to do it with. It was starting to get dark, so tennis and swimming weren't going to happen. Amy was probably still with Leo, and he hadn't had time to meet any other teachers.

He reached into the depths of his bag and pulled out his MacBook. When he turned it on, the lesson plan he had started working on when Amy had been sleeping was open. It was still blank. He closed it and fished out his headphones. Slotting a disk into his drive, he relaxed as the movie started to play. But he couldn't enjoy it. He was too lonely. So he pulled on his favourite pair of black jeans and a white t-shirt after briefly showering. Closing his laptop as he headed out of the room, he headed towards the general noise that was undoubtedly the party. His eyes scanned the scene, searching for another teacher to talk to. Spying a woman by the bar, sitting in a chair, swirling her wine, and generally looking bored, he went over to her and grabbed the chair beside her. He sat down, a grin on his face. "You got the short straw, hmm?" He said, grinning at her. "I'm Christopher Russell, PE Teacher, extra-curricular supervisor, and general show-off, but you can call me Chris." He winked at her and his grin widened.

Some part of him reminded him that this was how the incident with Corentine started.

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#, as written by Korrye

The merlot was cooler than she would have liked though the evening was fresh. Katia sipped at her wine casually, draining the wide rimmed glass quicker than she normally would have. The dancer reclined in her seat with her legs crossed, her left sitting on her knee. Her posture was relaxed and her facial expression quite amused as she watched Max Henderson get tossed something by the bartender while a troubled looking blond student next to him started talking to him. They flirted, that much was plain to see. It was disconcerting for her, knowing that he was a teacher, but Leo had explained that he had been a student the year before. Still, she sat and heavily considered intervening. Katia just wasn’t sure how to go about it. That and it was entertaining to watch because another girl got in on the mix. Unable to hear and unknowing of their names, Katia was pleased to fill in the details. People watching was a great pastime and she was amused as she imagined the exchange. Temptation was ever present to act out the scene she saw in her head. Locking in on their bodies and maneuvering them when they were drunk would be so easy. With limited inhibitions and will power, they were like marionettes. It would all be too easy.

"You got the short straw, hmm?" a male voice asked her. Startled, Katia sat upright in her chair, her leg shifting so that her feet were crossed at the ankle. “Hmm?” she hummed, shifting her glass as she moved so that she didn’t spill it’s contents. Looking over to her side she was face to face with a dark haired young man, likely her age. His jaw was square with just a hint f stubble. Katia couldn’t deny that he smelt fresh and as her eyes scanned his outfit doing a New York once over she felt her interest suddenly captured. He was hot.

“Well, apparently they can add sub-clauses into a contract,” Katia replied with a smirk, shrugging off his comment as she shifted in her seat towards him so that her arm could swipe the bottle of wine that she’d set on the grass beside her chair. It was an unintentional move for as she bowed forward the collar of her shirt bowed and he was given a brief view down her shirt. Within a second she had the bottle in hand and she sat upright and forward, refilling her glass. “So who are you? Should I be worried about you being some psychopath?” she asked with a sideways glance of curiosity.

"I'm Christopher Russell, PE Teacher, extra-curricular supervisor, and general show-off, but you can call me Chris," he replied, his smile widening as he winked at her. Katia’s smirk grew wider and she exhaled a short breath to hide her desire to laugh lightly.

“I’m Katia Hunt,” she introduced herself. “I’ll be teaching PE, Dance and Music. Was just hired and I was told that I need to babysit Mr. Henderson.”

The dancer looked back over to the bar, her smile shortening as she realized that Max had stood and was preparing to leave…with the blond student. “Do I let him get off? I don’t know if I want to get up,” she wondered aloud, looking over at Chris directly to get a closer look at his face. "Besides, watching these students grind and grope on the dance floor is also making me cringe a little. The dancer in me dies when I see that...dry humping."

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Chris grinned as Katia spoke. He was really looking forward to teaching classes with this woman. She definitely would be a bit of fun. The dancer in me dies when I see that...dry humping. She said, looking directly at Chris. His grin widened a little. "Shall we show them what dancing really is? You name the style. I've probably seen it done somewhere. You see, my power is muscle memory. Anything I see, I can do. It takes the phrase 'monkey see, monkey do' to the max."

Dancing was one of Chris's lesser known passions. Sometimes, when he was alone in the house, he would blast some music and dance around the house. He went to all of the dance movies just for the dancing. It was always so hard not to get up and dance along the rows of seats as he watched. Chris was just that kind of person.

He had even gone to dance lessons as a kid. His teacher had eventually kicked him out after an eleven year old Chris had show her up after her years of training. His parents hadn't been quite sure what to do with him, so they just sat him down in front of Grease.

Chris scanned the dance floor as he waited for Katia's reply. It was a shame to see these kids not being able to dance properly. He had to resist his urge to sit them down in front of a few dance movies and tell them "This is how it's done. Observe and get back to me when you can dance like that." Unfortunately, as far as he knew he was the only one with muscle memory in this school. Which was a shame. They could show off with each other.

Oh, he did love to show off. It was his biggest flaw, definitely. He hadn't even been that hot on that beach, but he had taken off his shirt anyway, just for the female attention. He had gotten that, but not how he intended. He meant for girls to stare, not to get a modelling contract and end up running away from girls who were chasing him down the street calling his name.

He vividly remembered opening the door one morning to seeing his garden packed with paparazzi. He had simply slammed the door and went back to bed. He had had so many mornings like that, he had considered buying a periscope so allow him to see if his garden was clear before heading out. He was always careful not to get drunk, because the media would have a field day with that. They always managed to turn something innocent into something awful and degrading. Thankfully, Chris had been careful enough not to do anything to allow them to portray him in a bad light.

Chris strode out into the middle of the dancefloor. He took a running start and performed a double back flip before landing on his feet and grinning at Katia and holding out his hand.

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#, as written by Korrye

Rum. It wasn’t enough. One mouthful and her throat felt like it was on fire and she had to stop. Instead of the numbness she anticipated from this feeling of just utter shock, she only felt more struck by Jackson’s words. He loved her. But how? Why…when? How long? Had he seen her looking at Drake all night? Had she been that obvious?

How had she not given him her full attention tonight? Jackson had always captivated her. But if she was being honest with herself, he hadn’t for awhile, especially the past year when Lulu’s midnight chats with Drake had become a nightly occurrence. She had loved Jack but she didn’t now which just seemed cruel. Jack's saying I love you only had her mind drifting elsewhere, and painfully so. All she could think about was the guy who had her attention that moment, the very same guy that Jack didn’t like her for liking. Drake. The one who was destined to hurt her or use her so everyone said.

One sip, that’s all she'd had. On top of the cup of Jack Daniels and Pepsi, she felt like she had too little alcohol in her system. The blond turned idly to pick up the bottle of rum again, bringing it to her lips and trying to push herself to down it. If she blacked out then maybe she wouldn’t feel this.

Then suddenly the bottle was being pried out of her fingers and she opened her eyes, which she hadn’t noticed she had closed. Startled by Drake’s proximity, Lulu slammed her body into the wall, the back of her head doing so with a loud thud. She winced and blinked rapidly, her left hand idly trying to reclaim the rum but it was beyond her reach and he was right in front of her. Lulu stared at him, her eyes wide and red with her tears. Her lips stopped trembling as he reached and swept a stray lock of hair from her face.

“Lulu, what the hell are you doing?” Drake asked her. “Do you know how many times I’ve been asked that today?” she replied, raising her eyebrows with a snort of laughter at herself and the situation she was in. Lulu was pleasantly surprised. The more she looked at him, the more concern seemed to show on his face. Lulu smiled weakly as he moved to use his thumb to push away any remaining tears from her cheeks. That was unexpected. That was so very…not the Drake she’d just seen talking to Erin or Ashleigh. Here was the guy who had spent nearly every night talking to her through insomnia, sharing music while they exchanged taunts and teases.

“What happened?” he asked her gently. With him so close, to there, she had almost forgotten. “I loved Jack for such a long time. From the stupid playground crush to a kind of consuming desire. It was years, living like that. Then he was with Beth and he moved. So I moved on...” she started, only stopping to inhale shakily. Lulu sensed that her words were making little sense so she was blunt when she continued. “My best friend just told me he loved me and all I can think about is you.”

Lulu felt her breath quickening. Without even thinking her hands moved to clench onto the loose fabric of his shirt in fists. She needed something to hold onto in that moment because the tension, the desire she felt, was so consuming it was nearly overwhelming. Lulu had never outright told him that she liked him, only teasing him and dropping lines like she had all day, alluding to sex and him helping her shower. It was all implicit. But here, now, she had just said it and she truly had no idea of how he would take it.



Katia liked that she had him amused. It was nice to watch his smile widen into a full fledged grin. Chris reminded her a little of a Cheshire cat but she couldn’t yet tell if he was the riddling or amusing type.

"Shall we show them what dancing really is? You name the style. I've probably seen it done somewhere. You see, my power is muscle memory. Anything I see, I can do. It takes the phrase 'monkey see, monkey do' to the max,” Chris asked her. She titled her head at that explanation. Few people were so up front about their powers and Katia would be kidding herself if she said she was used to that. She smiled and nodded her head, watching as he moved to stand up. Excitement pulled at his features, the prospect enticing. He was taller than her but just enough and well built, she could see. Katia didn’t doubt that he would be an interesting dance partner. The true question was whether or not he had rhythm and fluid mobility.

Katia sat and watched him as he approached the dance floor, her feet still crossed and her left hand still swirling the red wine in her glass. When he started to run towards the crowd of students she raised an eyebrow in curiosity. When he launched himself into a double backflip her hand stopped moving and her eyes narrowed. “Touché,” she murmured, her smirk becoming a full smile as she set the glass of wine down beside her chair and moved to stand. Slowly she watched him extend his hand to her. Katia removed her coat, stepping onto the dance area. She stepped towards him in a tango step, her body rigid and her fingers taught and flexed as she approached him, touching a hand to his shoulder before dropping a finger to his chest to push him back, her body strutting.

“You’re lucky Mr. Russell,” she smiled, lifting her chin and beckoning him, her eyes locking onto his face and her focus on his movements. “Because I don’t even need to show you first. My power is that I can manipulate people’s bodies, like a puppet master if you will.”

She shifting her fingers then to show him, her mind recalling the movements of her former dance partner. Katia had him step towards her and she circled him while watching his feet, exhaling deeply as she imagined him moving like Maxim used to. If he allowed her to, she would guide him through the first few steps. If he didn’t, then she was at his whim to follow as a partner would, after all he was the man and he was supposed to lead.

Note: Inspirational routine.

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Chris's feet suddenly began moving of their own accord. His grin momentarily slipped as he thought he was having some sort of seizure; but he soon realized that it was Katia's power and his grin appeared once again. "Wow. This really is something, isn't it?" He could feel the little part of his brain that contained his power kicking in. Despite not watching it happening, his brain was taking it all in. He looked at Katia and winked. "Looks like you'll only have to show me this once."

His feet quickly learned the simple repetitions and they simply moved of their own accord. He looked around and grinned as he noticed the amount of people watching. He leaned in and whispered into Katia's ear, "We're certainly getting a lot of attention."

He was perfectly aware that a lot of the looks they were getting were jealous looks. And he didn't care. Many of the students wanted to be dancers, and he had a brilliant partner. And there was probably a few jealous looks from guys, because, well, to be frank, Katia was hot. He was very aware of that, and he was more than a little smug about that. He knew he would be jealous if it was some other guy getting to do the tango with her.

Chris felt they were perfectly paired. The moves just felt so natural, despite the occasional alteration from Katia. As his body learnt the movements, he felt Katia having to control him less and less. And the more they danced, the more people watched. "They can learn a lot from us." He said, grinning. "Assuming they're not too drunk.”

They had the dance floor almost to themselves as people moved away to watch them dance. Chris grinned at all who watched, as if to say, "This is how you do it, my friends." He would have said it, but nobody except Katia could have heard him. As they finished, Chris couldn't help letting go of Katia's hand and cart wheeling across the dance floor. He then ran back over to Katia and took a bow. "We really should dance together more often." He said, laughing as he got caught up in the applause.


Zac wiped his face as the tears streamed down. The music from the party was still pounding, and he thought he could hear applause. He clenched his hands and curled up tightly in a ball, trying to calm himself down. He didn't know why he was so afraid, or why he was so angry, or why he was crying. His heart was pounding, and he wanted to just... run somewhere where everything would be okay and where all the bad things would just leave him alone.

Running. They were chasing him, and now he could hear dogs barking. He wasn't looking where he was going, and he tripped and fell. He scrambled to his feet and continued to run, turning a corner. He skidded and almost ended up in the road. He was sure someone would notice a scrawny fourteen year old sprinting down the street being chased. But nobody did. They just looked the other way and pretended not to notice. Zac skidded down an avenue, hoping they wouldn't notice. He ducked behind a crate and tried to breathe quietly. But they found him.

The leader dragged him out and threw him to the ground. "You ruined my favourite shirt. Are you gonna pay for dry cleaning?" He kicked Zac in the stomach when he didn't reply. "ARE YOU?!" He yelled at the younger boy on the ground. Zac was shaking. "I can't afford to..." He muttered quietly. The leader kicked him again. "That's not my problem, is it? It's your own fault for getting put into care. But it's okay. I'll find a way to make you pay." Zac's fists balled up. He attempted to stand up, but the gang kicked him down. He caught one of them and dragged him to the ground and used him to propel himself up. He sprinted away, leaving the others in shock. However, they quickly recovered and followed him. When they caught him, they certainly made him pay.

Zac blinked and took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. However, another flashback shocked him once again.

The smell of hospitals. Zac was sitting on a hard couch, drinking a glass of orange juice and eating a bar of chocolate. A doctor came in and sat beside him. "Listen to me, Zac." Zac's head shot up. "It's about my dad, isn't it? It's bad news, I know it." He hung his head in his hands. The doctor stared at the glass on the table. "I won't lie to you, Zac. We tried our best, but your dad bled out in surgery." Zac looked up at him. The doctor's eyes didn't move from the glass. "We couldn't contact your mother. We're going to have to send you to an emergency care home. It's a nice one, don't worry about it." Zac felt his rage begin to build. "You're telling me that it's nice after you've told me my father has died? I don't care what it's freaking like! I don't want to go, full stop!" He ran out of the room and found the bathrooms. He locked himself in and collapsed on the floor. The tears began to flow as the realization of what had occurred set in.

Zac curled up on the hard forest ground. It had suddenly set in exactly how alone he was. His mother had forgotten him, his dad was dead... He had nothing left. Nothing. He curled up in a tight ball and sobbed. He felt a hand on his shoulder but shrugged it off. "Go away. Just leave me alone. You can't do anything to help." He said, his voice thick with tears.

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#, as written by Korrye

“Well, I am feeling rather turned on right now, if that counts,” Drake replied, his voice sensual and low. Lulu was pleased to here it as he sounded more like himself. The reply made her smile widen, her lips pulling at her dimples to such a degree that she found her cheeks hurting. He always had that affect on her, making her smile so wildly and constantly. Few people could pull her out of her habitual frown and here, Drake had been doing it all day and now her face was straining from it. That didn’t stop her, especially as he moved in,

“I think it’s very tempting to take advantage of your drunk state of mind right now,” Drake admitted, moving her left hand from where her thumb was hooked on his belt to guide it south. Lulu jerked slightly, her hand tensing at what he allowed her to feel. Her mouth immediately went dry and she blushed so fiercely that her cheeks felt like they were on fire. He was so close to her, his lips skated over hers while he spoke. Lulu gasped and held her breath until he moved, kissing her forehead before holding her face in his hands. Lulu looked up at him, her eyes still wide. She was literally panting in his arms and her hands moved up his sides to his arms where she gripped his forearms, squeezing the muscles as if she needed to confirm his strength. Lulu stared at him, her eyes locked on his. “I’m not that drunk,” she whispered, her words barely managing to slip out of her lips.

“But let’s save that for another time, eh?” Drake taunted. The idea of waiting only made her knees grow weak. She groaned slightly in disappointment - now that was the rum talking. Lulu pursed her lips and nodded twice regardless, her arms growing shaky. Fortunately Drake pushed her back up against the wall, his head bowing to hers. Lulu’s arms moved from his forearms to his shoulders, gripping them tightly as she hopped slightly off the ground so that she was eye level with him. As Drake pinned her to the wall, she was able to wrap her left leg around the back of his thighs for support. As he kissed her, he was far more authoritative than before. The gentleness subsided and quicker than she would have expected, Drake was pushing past her lips with his tongue. Lulu obliged, but of course with his efforts she pushed back with her own.

After a minute, Lulu moved to wrap her right leg around his waist. With a slight jump she had her legs twisted around his hips, and her left hand gripped the back of his neck while her right moved through his hair. When she broke for air she inhaled sharply, finding herself gasping. A slight moan came from her, soft and just enough to let him know that he had done right.

To be on the receiving end of Drake’s affection was almost inconceivable. Her entire life had been spent lying low, thinking that she would never have this. Grey had always taken the liberty of telling her that she would die alone and miserable. Sure she had been kissed, groped, touched but it was never like this. She had never wanted someone to make a move on her this way. She had never felt the intensity of true chemistry. Never like this.

For a year now she had been watching girls melt in Drake’s arms, wondering if he was really that good, wondering if she would enjoy it. But it wasn’t just that she wanted him, to have a quick fuck with him. It had become more over time, over the teases and the taunts, the semi-judging looks when he would emerge the morning after one of his escapades. She liked him. And now, to have it, to have him respond to her and say that he too liked her, it was nearly unthinkable. Sure he had his history. Sure she’d had three people tell her in one day that he was the worst thing for her but for some reason that didn’t matter. Perhaps she was being too much of a girl, thinking that this time it would be different with him, that she was different to him. It didn’t matter to her overall, because to deny her body this experience seemed beyond cruel.

Lulu broke the kiss to breath a second time, panting no differently than she would had she just sprinted five hundred meters. “I can’t stay in my room,” she laughed, raising her eyebrows and taking the time to lick her lips. She could feel them puckered and swollen from his aggressive kiss but it was a good feeling. She half wondered if he was going to leave her with hickies like some of the other girls she’d seen leave his room. “And I don’t think we can stay here and not get caught,” Lulu added, her voice jubilant. Her smile emerged with her words now too. She was just so happy. It was her indirect way, truly, of asking if she could go back to his room with him.



Chris had an incredibly pliable body. His will completely slackened and he was completely within her control. Katia smirked at his initial surprise and she felt the pull of his mind against her control. It was often a shock when she started manipulating someone else’s body but shortly after she explained what she was doing, he was thrilled. It was a response she didn’t get often and it only made her smile widen as she kicked her left leg out in tango flick around his ankle, her right arm extended to his chest.

"Wow. This really is something, isn't it?" Chris grinned, his body moving the way she wanted him to, circling her before taking her left hand in his, his right gripping her waist – and she ensured he didn’t let it slide down any further.. "Looks like you'll only have to show me this once,” he winked. It was surprising to her to find that after a minute or two of pulling him through the routine, he started to lead. His limbs mimicked her moves with precision and he danced around her with the intensity the tango demanded. She smiled, her eyes narrowed on his as he moved her into a sweep, taking the opportunity to lean into her ear.

"We're certainly getting a lot of attention,” he whispered. Katia laughed openly, her eyes sweeping beyond Chris’ defined face to the circle of students nursing red beer cups and drinks, staring at them. Some were awed, some looked envious. A handful of boys were peeved, it seemed, as they clung to partners in front of them, swallowing their demise. Katia and Chris had definitely shown them up. He pulled up her and they continued to tango, his leg flicking around hers almost better than Maxim. His posture and carriage was proper and his footwork flawless.

"They can learn a lot from us," Chris told her as he swung her around a second time and she found her back to his chest after the spin, his arms locked around her chest. Katia leaned into him, smiling, feeling his strength and ability. Few partners could keep up with her. "Assuming they're not too drunk,” he added. “Yes,” Katia panted. “Though I believe they’ll forget this by the morning for the most part.”

As they finished, Katia found herself standing alone as Chris moved to cart wheel on a diagonal The students parted and many of the girls applauded. Katia’s left hand immediately moved to support her lower back. Now that they had concluded she could feel her injury flaring up. Her smile faltered and she grunted, holding her breath to try and relieve some of the strain she was starting to feel. Chris quickly came back to her. "Just a preview of what I can teach you," Katia smiled and broadcast to the students.

"We really should dance together more often,” Chris replied, beaming. Katia winced and bit down on her lower lip as she tried to step forward only to feel her back jerk and her nerves fire, sending a shooting pain down her back and into her legs. Momentarily she had felt so free and here again she felt like a prisoner in her own body due to her injury. She moved through the students with Chris slowly, her legs carrying her without limping but she felt even more strained if she moved quickly. “I wish,” she murmured, swallowing as she made her way back into her chair. When she sat, she squeezed her eyes shut and grimaced through the pain. Immediately she moved to reclaim her glass of wine, drinking half of it in one sip.

“When you virtually break you back, your body doesn’t let you do the things you love,”
she commented before moving on to explain her pain. “I fractured a disk in my spine three weeks ago. But who am I to deny a dance with a man so handsome as you?”

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Chris's trademark grin slid from his face as Katia informed him about her injury. “I fractured a disk in my spine three weeks ago. But who am I to deny a dance with a man so handsome as you?” She said after draining her glass in one go. "I don't care how handsome I am, you still shouldn't have danced. Trust me, my orthopedic surgeon drilled that into me after I accidentally re-broke my shin dancing when I was still supposed to be on crutches." He frowned, but a small teasing glimmer remained in his eyes. His face couldn't remain serious for long, and it sprung back into it's usual grin. "The next time he saw me, I had dislocated my shoulder and smashed my head against the pavement. He was beginning to give up on me altogether."

Chris had been rather accident prone in his college years. In his four year course, he had broken his shin twice, dislocated his shoulder, broken his wrist (although that hadn't been his fault) and sprained his ankle. His brother, in contrast, had only ever been in an ambulance after Chris had dislocated his shoulder and knocked himself out on the icy pavement. Chris hadn't found that funny, but everyone else had. It had over two thousand hits on YouTube. Sometimes, Chris swore that his brother had the power of foresight, mainly because he always had his camera on him at the best moments.

"Do you need, like, pain meds or something? I can run inside and get them for you if you want." Chris offered, taking the seat beside Katia. Students were still staring at the pair of dancers, some looking too intimidated to come over and ask them a question. "Although, you'd better not hog my limelight." He looked over at her and winked. "Seriously though, I really don't mind. If it's me they want, they can wait a few minutes."

Chris got to his feet. "I'll tell you what, you think about it. I need a drink. But not alcohol. I like having a clear head." He made his way to the bar, laughing and thanking the various students that congratulated him on his gymnastic work. Those who commented on his dancing he pointed towards Katia. Eventually he made his way to the bar and got himself a glass of orange juice. Carrying it back over to Katia, his grin widened as he sat down. "So, beautiful, would you like me to get anything for you?" He got to his feet and performed a sweeping bow. "I am at your service, madam. Your word is my duty." He said, putting on the best posh English accent he could do. It wasn't actually half bad. It appeared part of his power extended to voice mimicry. He was learning more and more about his power everyday. He straightened up. "Or would you just prefer I performed a ballet routine in the middle of the dance floor to make you laugh? They say laughter is the best medicine, you know." He said, his grin almost splitting his face in half.

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#, as written by Korrye

Katia rolled her eyes the moment his smile faded. The brunette leaned her elbow onto the arm of her arm, her glass against her cheek as she watched him respond to her pained expression. Three. Two. One. Pity.

"I don't care how handsome I am, you still shouldn't have danced. Trust me, my orthopedic surgeon drilled that into me after I accidentally re-broke my shin dancing when I was still supposed to be on crutches,” Chris rebuked her. It sounded half hearted which only made her chuckle lightly. “Sounds like you listen to doctor’s orders about as much as I do,” she half smiled. The serious tone to his voice seemed to drop and Chris was suddenly amused with himself once more. "The next time he saw me, I had dislocated my shoulder and smashed my head against the pavement. He was beginning to give up on me altogether,” he declared proudly. Katia leaned over and collected her bottle of wine to refill her glass. It was close to empty as she set it back into the glass, swirling her fresh contents and tilting her head the other way. “My doctor has faith in me but that's more the result of their ability to scare me shitless. There’s a reason I’m not dancing professionally at the moment,” Katia responded, recalling the doctors both in LA and New York who had assessed her, along with the chiropractors and physiotherapists. Everyone had told her with a firm and resounding no that she was to stay off her feet or she risked permanent spinal cord damage and, worse, paralysis which would be the ultimate irony – she would be able to move others but not herself.

"Do you need, like, pain meds or something? I can run inside and get them for you if you want," Chris offered. Katia swallowed another sip and shook her head, humming her no as he reclaimed his seat beside her. Katia let her eyes slip over his frame a second time. He had such great movement and it was obvious why. Chris was healthy and toned. All together in her mind he was quite handsome. “No,” she said after a moment, turning in her seat to look at him. “I’ll take something before I head to bed and that’s enough. Last thing I need is a drug dependence. If I didn’t feel this pain, I would just keep dancing and so many people fall into that trap believe me.”

Katia hummed and tapped her foot, sitting upright immediately before leaning into her chair as her lower back eased up. She looked over and towards the crowds of students. Several immediately looked away as her harsh gaze landed on them. They eyed the two of them wearily, though some were in awe and a few seemed to be tugging on each others' dresses to come out and talk to them but few budged.

"Although, you'd better not hog my limelight,” Chris chimed. “They’re all yours. Last thing I want is a teenaged fan club. Heard it wasn't working out so well for people like Justin Bieber,” she giggled. Katia looked over at him as he winked and she shook her head once, amused by his boyishness. He was so lighthearted it made her feel quite bitter. "Seriously though, I really don't mind. If it's me they want, they can wait a few minutes,” he told her. “I don’t need painkillers,” she reaffirmed but even that no didn’t seem to be good enough.

"I'll tell you what, you think about it. I need a drink. But not alcohol. I like having a clear head," Chris decided. “I don’t need to think,” she called out after him but he didn’t seem to hear as he headed straight through the throng of students towards the bar. Katia crossed her legs and watched him, enjoying the sight of his chiseled back. Chris’ choice of clothes showed off his defined muscles and the gentle swagger to his walk showed her that he had confidence. She only had to wonder if his boyishness was immaturity of simply an optimistic take on life. In that way she had liked Leo. With his age he was inexperienced in some things, true, but he was worldly. He had seen and experienced things and for all of the horrors he was still standing and was still a good soul. She liked that influence he had, driving her to be better, despite the nosiness he had for her life. Katia was grateful to him but it was disconcerting for him to come to her mind then when Chris was right in front of her. She frowned for a moment and set her wine glass under her chair. Three quarters of a bottle was enough and she could feel the slight buzz coming over her.

Chris returned and he was once again smiling, carrying a glass of orange juice (of all things). She leaned her chin into her palm and stared at him as he sat down, an amused expression coming over her. He stood before her.

"So, beautiful, would you like me to get anything for you?" he asked, moving to bow exuberantly like a butler. Katia chuckled at his poorly framed accent. It made her conscious of her Italian lilt. "I am at your service, madam. Your word is my duty."

“Are you sure that’s just juice?” Katia teased. “Cause last I knew, chivalry was dead. I said no twice. No means no.” As she spoke she couldn’t help but laugh again. His smile was contagious.

"Or would you just prefer I performed a ballet routine in the middle of the dance floor to make you laugh? They say laughter is the best medicine, you know,” Chris offered. Now that was something no one had ever offered to her before.

“You’re already making me laugh,” Katia replied before she sat upright and gestured for him to take his seat. “Stay awhile,” she told him. “It’s no fun to sit alone here and your conversation is delightful. Let’s people watch instead.”

Katia’s eyes swept the crowd again and she was slightly startled to see that Max Henderson was completely absent. She swallowed dry mouth, hoping that wherever he was and whatever he was doing weren’t antics that would get her in trouble for not keeping too close an eye on him. He’s an adult. He has to learn to take care of himself for at least a night.

“So, if you’re new here, have you taught before?” she asked Chris, wondering more about him. “I’ve never taught dance outside of a formal dance or arts academy where people wanted to be learning what I was instructing. I’d be lying if I said I was in my my element.”

And he certainly had no idea of just how uncomfortable she was knowing that she would be facing teenagers, all high school ages, who had likely never committed themselves to formal and proper dance. She’d have to be tyrannical to get them all to commit. Katia knew few of them would be likely to commit which made her job close to pulling teeth…and she just might if it meant keeping them in line.

“Any students to look out for? The trouble makers? The do gooders? Any favorites? And don’t deny it, everyone picks favorites,” she teased, leaning over to pinch his arm playfully. He had her in a good mood, something few people could muster.

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“So, if you’re new here, have you taught before? I've never taught dance outside of a formal dance or arts academy where people wanted to be learning what I was instructing. I’d be lying if I said I was in my my element.” Chris grinned. "Well, besides what I had to do in college, no. I had only started looking for work when I got the email from Leo. I have no clue how the hell he knew I was a qualified teacher. The only work I'd done before that was modelling, and he hardly would have guessed I was a teacher in training from that. Unless one of the magazines-"

Shit. He'd probably said too much. He decided to keep talking anyway. He'd let enough slip, he may as well tell Katia the whole story.

"Okay. I'd probably better explain. See, I was shirtless on this beach. A model scout spotted me, and I ended up doing a modelling job for some big brand. I think it was Hugo Boss. When I ended up on the inside cover of every other magazine, with only a pair of jeans on, it kinda took off. I had girls running after me screaming my name. I even had a few gay guys running after me, screaming my name. Now, that was a weird day. Eventually, the heat died down and I stopped bleaching my hair. I'm thinking one of the magazines printed something abut me, mentioning I was a teacher. Which was probably how Leo found me."

He began to wish he hadn't said anything. "I'd really appreciate it if you didn't say anything to anyone. I don't want students knowing. It'll be hard enough, being... I'm just going to say it. It's going to be hard enough being this good looking, you know? But if they know I was a model, they'll be asking me if I have an agent's number and if I can get them anything and I really don't want that."

Chris ruffled his hair a little awkwardly. "So... Yeah. That's the most exciting part of my life in a nutshell. I'm talking too much, aren't I? Seriously, sometimes when I start talking, I can't stop. It's more than a little embarrassing. If I'm talking too much, stop me. Otherwise you'll never get a word in. Anyway, the most formal dance training I've ever had is watching dance movies at the cinema. Well, I went to dance lessons for like, three weeks as a kid, but my power had developed by then, and I kinda showed up the teacher. I got kicked out after that."

He took a drink and grinned at the dance floor. There was still a few that stared at the pair. They seemed to be slightly intimidated by Katia, but he grinned at them and winked. A gaggle of girls burst into hysterical laughter as he winked at them. He chuckled a little under his breath. A few guys were attempting to impress their girlfriends by imitating Chris's stunts. Chris laughed out loud as one of the guys smacked himself off of the floor while trying to perform the backflip. He also covertly noted those who were able to even half do the stunts, knowing they had some potential.

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#, as written by Mela

Corentine Quellen had been broken. Pure and simple. The blonde was on her knees, crying in front of one of the most fucked up men she had ever known. Indeed, Max was most likely the last person she should be breaking down in front of, but he had wrought this. She had had a grip on herself. Sure, it was unstable and weak, but it had been there. Then he’d rendered her inner brick wall to dust and now she had no idea how to crawl out of the abyss she was in. Hell, she couldn’t even stop the crying, which only made her feel more pathetic. It was horrible, only made more so by the fact that Max was with her. In fact, she would hate it no matter who was with her right now. Cor hated showing weakness, and crying was the ultimate show of it in her book, so having company in this situation only served to further her feeling of despondence and resentment.

When Max moved towards her, Cor’s head shot up, her eyes locating him immediately, wary of his movements. If he touched her now she was going to do one of two things; one was to make him regret this whole thing deeply, the other was to fuck the shit out of him. She just didn’t know which, so she glared at him, silently warning him to keep a certain distance. She didn’t particularly want to hurt Max; she happened to like his dick. So if she could help it, she’d try to keep her temper somewhat non-violent, in spite of the fact that the guy was the reason she was like this in the first place. Tears kept rolling down her cheeks, her body continued to tremble softly, and truly the anger in her eyes were almost entirely drowned out my emptiness and complete sorrow. Not a look very becoming of the blonde. Corentine could tell, even through her haze, that he was approaching her as though she was a wounded lioness he was afraid of upsetting to the point of attack. That was probably a clever move.

Cor felt herself tense when Max crouched down in front of her, awaiting his next move. He was close enough to touch her and right now she didn’t even know herself. However, he only spoke, clearly hesitant and unknowing of how to handle the snivelling wreck she had turned into. Obviously he had had no clue what he was unleashing, which was only a small comfort. Then he moved and her gaze followed the exact path of his hand carefully, frowning when he took a box of tissues. She snorted quietly, sitting down on her bottom fully, using her hands to remove the wetness from her cheeks, smearing her mascara. Then she took a deep, shaking breath, for some reason able to stop more tears from welling. Not that she was feeling any better. In fact, she felt precisely as shitty as she had a couple of seconds before. Max’s words, however, made a short, bitter laugh emit from her throat.

“You’re so full of shit,” she remarked, sighing. She felt like every ounce of energy had suddenly left her body, like it had exited with all of her tears, and she couldn’t even muster up the anger anymore. All she felt was this hollow sense of emptiness in her heart, pain and sadness walking hand in hand. “You do realize most people would think I deserve every ounce of what he’s handing me here, right?” She smiled wryly, but it was completely empty and more sarcastic than anything. “Why are you even doing this, huh? You don’t really give a shit, so what’s your end? You cannot possibly prefer this to getting laid.” Cor didn’t really want to talk about her and Jay. She had embarrassed herself plenty already and she knew if she started talking about their situation – really talking – she would start crying again. Focusing on Max right now was easier.


Amy watched Leo’s eyes grow distant, his mind going into its own personal place; somewhere she didn’t wish to follow, mostly because when he did that, it was his way of preserving some personal space in spite of her presence. And she didn’t mind it. In fact, she understood it. Leo had been alone for so long, being around someone else constantly had to be a bit much for him at times, and if he needed to just space out and take the time to think by himself, she was going to let him. Besides, Leo wasn’t nearly as reserved with her as he was with others. As a matter of fact, he told her his thoughts more times than not, usually not hiding things from her. Except for the arrival of an ex, apparently. Oh no, Amy, don’t go there. It won’t take you nice places. She reminded herself, a soft sigh escaping her lips, her eyes closing simultaneously. She moved slowly to cuddle a bit closer, her hand still placed on Leo’s, which was lying ever gently on the swelling of her stomach, the tiny bump telling them both that they were to become parents way too soon.

Eyes closed, feeling warm and loved in Leo’s arms, Amy found her own mind drifting sleepily. The young nurse finally had time to wonder how all of this would affect both of them professionally, especially with the Noctrem students here. It was going to be a true nightmare. Leo couldn’t possibly keep them a secret for much longer with the rate of her pregnancy, and though that would fulfil one of her own wishes, she really didn’t think Leo should have to handle that pressure on top of everything else. Certain people would have a field trip with Leo breaking his own rules, and his pride was going to have to take a lot of hits at first. She didn’t doubt that. Personally she was sure some students were going to call her things as well, but she didn’t care nearly as much as Leo did about that. Mostly because most of those students would be gone in a matter of a few years anyway.

Then Leo spoke, breaking her line of thought, and she forced her eyes to open once more, eyelashes fluttering apart, revealing sleepy, violet eyes. Something was wrong. She could tell she second he spoke her name, and though Amy had a theory it was mostly Leo finally telling her how he was feeling, she feared this would need to be a longer conversation because she honestly worried she would fall asleep in the middle of it, which… probably wouldn’t be neither polite nor what Leo needed from her right now. She leaned in carefully and kissed his jaw gently once he had voiced his concerns. “We’re going to get through this,” she said quietly, voice so weak it was barely audible, “that’s what we’ll do.” Then she smiled vaguely, her lips bending only just enough to let it show. “I’ll call my mother tomorrow – I think my grams had a similar pregnancy.” With that, Amy leaned in, her head coming to rest on Leo’s shoulder, a slight sigh sounding.

“As for us,” she then said, “we’re going to take things one step at a time and try not to panic, okay?” Was that her sounding so confident? Amy had no idea how she’d pulled that out but it seemed like the way to go, and though she was completely as freaked and scared as Leo was, she couldn’t let it rule her. If she did, they’d both be out of sorts right now and that wouldn’t do. “Everything’s going to be fine. We’ll figure it out,” she finished then, reassuring her worried boyfriend.