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Killian Camerson Jackson

"People change with time and so do their dreams."

0 · 258 views · located in Arcana Academy, California

a character in “The Arcana Academy”, as played by alxxxjames



Full Name: Killian Cameron Jackson
Nicknames: KC
Age: 19
Birthdate: October 15th
Home Town: L.A.
Sexuality: Heterosexual

School: Arcana
Power: Elasticity is a very neat power if I do say so myself. I am able to stretch parts of my body at lengths that are so unbelievable that people usually ask me to do it for a show, and when they ask me to.. I tell them to meet me in my room in about ten minutes. I'm joking, holy fuck. Sorry for trying to be funny! I'm really not that big of an asshole. I've never fucked before, so the ability to stretch my penis hasn't been tested yet. The weak points of my power is when I am trying to stretch two parts at once of the same item.. Like my arms/legs. I can't stretch one arm and the other arm at the same time, but I can stretch one arm and one leg at the same time. It's fucking stupid I know.. It won't take me long to actually get it to do both without a ripping sensation going through my body.
Likes: I like plenty of girls on campus, but I'm interested in something a little more serious at the moment. I am interested in stunts and pushing my body to new heights. I enjoy Arcana more than I show. It's the most beautiful campus that you can imagine, and it's such a peaceful place at times when I feel like I'm about to explode. I workout with Jay as much as possible because I'm not one to let this body look completely skinny as fuck. I am a coffee drinker like you wouldn't believe. If I don't have at least one cup of coffee in my system at school, I would probably kill everybody.
Dislikes: I really dislike old stuff. Maybe that doesn't make sense to you, but ever drink a cup of old coffee? Yeah, didn't think so. It's disgusting, so now I despise anything old. Let's see, what else do I not like.. This is quiet easy. Loud people. Rumors. People whose powers are stronger than mine. Rainy days. People killing bugs. I sound like an idiot, but if I see somebody step on a little bug walking across the sidewalk and laugh.. I want to punch you in the fucking mouth. Oh well, call me a pussy. I don't care.
Fears: I fear that my power will make me turn to nothing, and I will no longer be visible to anyone.

Personality: Before: My most known persona is the one with Jay. It's one where I don't give a fuck about people's feelings, but I'm not even close to how bad Jay is at times. I don't pick on people that are having a bad day. It's hard for me to push people down when they already seem to be at their lowest point. It's a part of Jay I try to calm down when he's on one of his rolls of pushing people down. I admit to turning my back on friends because of Jay, so I am now considered an asshole. I stand up for people that are constantly pushed down. Shit! I've stood up to Jay a time or two, but that is in some serious moments.

Now: Since the whole downfall of my friendship with Jay, I have realized that I definitely needed to take a step back and enjoy life before it was over. I am so much more relaxed now that I don’t have the drama in my life that I was constantly being surrounded with. Without drama like that in your life, you can easily develop a sense of humor because you aren’t on edge constantly. I still stand up for people that have hit their lowest, but still.. Some people still can’t accept the new me because of some stuff I have done in the past. I guess that’s all I’m really asking from people is to forgive me.

History: I have been living in L.A. since I was maybe two. I don't even remember where my family lived before that, so I consider L.A. my hometown. My family means a lot to me because they have always been there for me through thick and thin. I played various sports as a young boy from football to basketball to baseball. I refused to play wrestling because I didn't see the point in guys rolling around with other guys in tight little leotards. Anyways, I was in pretty decent shape for a boy. I had the curliest fucking hair you could imagine, so my mom made me grow that shit out into a fro. You should see some of my earlier pictures. I look stupid as fuck in all honesty. I stayed with my parents until maybe middle school, and moved out to New York with my aunt and uncle to go to a private school that my parents were paying for. I didn't understand why they insisted on making me go out to NY, but I trusted in my parents. I was out there for maybe a month when I was sent back due to some issues dealing with my body.

That's when my power started shining through pretty bad. It happened on my first night back with my parents when they woke me in my sleep. My arm was dropping to the floor like water, washing across the floor. Of course, I freaked the fuck out because it wouldn't come back in. I screamed for hours trying to make it come back in to normal size because to me my mind had convinced me I was in the worst pain of my life. My dad had finally calmed me down when I noticed no pain was accompanied by the drooping arm. They called friends who called friends who finally called my parents to tell them to take me to Arcana. I showed up with my arm in a garbage bag because it still hadn't came back to normal. That's when I was sent to the school nurse for her to give me some shot to draw it back in. It was the sweetest feeling when it came back to normal size. It was like the most ticklish sensation filled my body, but I loved it.

Starting training at Arcana was my choice because that's where my parents took me, and I trusted in them to bring me to the best place. I had some of the best teachers you could imagine there, and it made me feel great. They expanded my power to a point I never knew I could manage. I had great friends and plenty of time for studying.. That was of course until Jay showed up at Arcana complaining about leaving Noctrem. I never even knew the school existed. I had only been at school for a couple of weeks when Jay showed up, so when the yearly competition came around I was convinced to skip out because it was useless to even go by Jay. We ended up skipping the next one, so when the news came that Noctrem was coming to Arcana I began to wish I had at least gone to one.. At least then I would know some of the faces that would be showing up.

With Noctrem at Arcana, things started to get a little crazy. Jay was stuck far up his ex’s butt, so I was pushed to the backburner. I ended up voicing my opinion of the two, and now I am without many friends. Actually, I don’t think I have any friends at all. I don’t really care too much because I’m trying to better my life with people that actually mean something. I feel as if I am turning back into the Arcana student I should have initially been. I still have a protective nature for Jay because we were close, but I can no longer put myself in that position anymore to be pushed around.

Anything else? I am in the process of making my life better. I have stopped drinking as often, but I do have an occasional sip here and there. I do not allow myself to get as drunk. I remove myself from drama, so I try to use less cuss words if they are negative. I no longer put negative people into my life, unless they absolutely need me.


s t

So begins...

Killian Camerson Jackson's Story

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Jaysin Dennis & Killian Jackson

The night before was turning into the biggest blur since Jay had been at Arcana due to Killian throwing him a little party before the Noctrem kids invaded their space. "You've got the be fucking kidding me!" Jay rolled over to find himself in the bathtub of Killian's bathroom, not remembering how much he had drank the night before. "Killian! Get the fuck up! We're late!" By the time the clock was showing, Noctrem had already arrived at the school. "Fucking fuck. Shit, fuck." He said when he stepped out of the bathtub, revealing his drenched attire. He looked in the mirror to see marker all over his face with the word 'Pussy' written across his forehead. 'Oh, I'm going to kill him.' The thought was matched with two clones appearing by Jay's side as he walked into Killian's room to beat the shit out of him.


Before he could wake from the shouts coming from his bathroom, Killian woke to the feeling of fist in his back and hands pulling him to the floor. "What.The. Fuck!" His eyes opened to see three Jays standing above him, causing the pain. That's when he read the word across his face and busted out laughing as he released his arms to wrap and trap Jaysin. "Fucking pussy!" He said as he shoved the three Jay's across the room getting up to explain himself. "That was drunk Killian my friend!" He shook his head until he felt the headache coming on. "Go ahead and head to your room. I need a quick shower and some new clothes. I'll be there in like ten minutes." He hoped Jay wouldn't want to have another counter-attack, so he was cautious when he made his way to the drawers beside Jay to get some underwear and under shirt.

Instead his friend headed to the door with the most pissed off look on his face, slamming the door behind him. Killian hopped into the shower to the coldest water he could handle, so he could wash away the alcohol that was still swimming around his head causing the worst pain since he'd started drinking. Shutting the shower off after a quick scrub down, Killian wrapped his towel around his waist to make his way into his bedroom. He grabbed the most clean cut outfit he could find to look his best for the new Noctrem girls that would be in the halls any minutes now. He smirked with his completed look, grabbing his book bag and headed to Jay's room.


Jay had stormed out pissed because he would have to scrub the shit out his forehead to hide the letters that "Drunk Killian" wrote across it. He ignored the new faces that were already making their way to their new rooms. He didn't even want to imagine who was in his room, but hoped that they would just end up pushing all the Arcana students together and leaving the Noctrems to themselves. As soon as he touched the doorknob, Jay felt his phone vibrate seeing the text from Freya run across the screen. He smiled at the idea of a present from her, and quickly replied back,

Pretty, pretty Freya. I have missed you more than you know. I'm in room sixteen if you'd like to come by now. I'm hoping in the shower, but my door will be unlocked.

He pressed send, finally making it into his room seeing the newly placed bed that would soon be filled with somebody he could stand. He stripped quickly, jumping in the shower to enjoy his last bit of privacy before it was taken away. He didn't mind the extra person in his room, but it had to at least be somebody he could stand. He couldn't imagine living with somebody that had fucked or was still fucking Cor. He caught himself daydreaming for too long when he heard a voice from outside his room. "Fuck.. Be right there!" He yelled the last bit so whoever was at the door could hear. He still needed to dress and brush his teeth, so he was lucky enough he had the outfit hanging in the bathroom with him. He would need to hurry.


Finally making his way to Jay's room, Killian spotted two girls already hovering outside of it. "You've got to be fucking me." He approached the girls until he noticed that one of them was Cor, who he had seen pictures of. He pushed in front of the girls to put a space between them and the door. "Hello Cor.. And?" He said as he looked over to the girl that he couldn't place. [i]"Obviously a Noctrem.. Nothing against that. It's just I don't know you, and you're outside Jay's room.. So.." He kicked against the door until he heard another yell. "Must be in the shower! Please enter!" He said as he turned the knob, hoping it was unlocked. It was very unlike Jay to ever lock his door, so this time proved beneficial for the smoothness Killian was trying to accomplish.

Walking into Jay's room, he noticed the bathroom door was closed, so he smirked at the opportunity at hand. "So Cor.. How does it feel to be back with Jay? He tells me you are both going steady again." He knew Jay would kill him for his remark, but he couldn't resist.


"Ignore the bastard." Jay said as he walked out of the bathroom, seeing Cor and Erin standing near the door. "Hey sweetheart." He said as he kissed Cor in front of Erin and Killian not caring what the two thought. "Sorry, I wanted to be down there as soon as I could, but.. Late night." He said as he rubbed his forehead, hoping the word had disappeared enough not to be noticed. [b]"So are they sticking Arcana together? If so, whose my roommate?"[/i] He shot Killian a look as he asked the question, who was appearing to check Erin out.

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#, as written by Mela
Cor Quellen

Cor smirked when Jay called out from his room. He was probably in the shower, the idiot. She glanced at Erin and was just about to say something when she caught sight of a guy heading their way, looking at them like they were somewhere they weren’t supposed to be. She recognized him as someone Jay hung around with a lot, but she couldn’t remember ever being told his name. So when he greeted her with hers, she raised both eyebrows, looking him over thoughtfully. He was a handsome one – actually, he was hot as hell. It seemed she wasn’t the only one who had a knack for making hot friends. She gestured towards her best friend. “That’s Erin. Who the hell are you?” Her voice held a harsh edge. She didn’t like it when people knew her without her knowing them. There was something creepy about it, and she honestly couldn’t say she was a fan. She felt like he was holding the cards and she despised it, especially as he then invited them into Jay’s room. Who the fuck was this guy?

She moved to lean against the doorframe casually, watching the guy with an assessing, cold look in her eyes. It was pretty much how she regarded any new person she met, and probably why she had so few friends. Or maybe that was because she disliked more people than she liked, but hey, now that she thought of it, maybe it was because she was such a bitch to people. Hm, yeah, the latter was probably the major reason here, and she couldn’t honestly say that she gave much of a shit. If they couldn’t handle the flames, they simply shouldn’t start the fire. Or… wait, was that not more appropriate for Sky? Probably. She mulled it over. Why hadn’t she ever thought of this before? One could say that Cor’s thoughts weren’t really on Killian, even though her eyes looked like she was staring him down intently. She didn’t really care. As long as he wasn’t going to get in the way, he could do whatever the hell he wanted.

When he commented on her and Jay, however, Cor was brought back down to earth and she frowned, narrowing her eyes at the guy in front of her. “Does he now?” she said thoughtfully and a bit coldly, obviously not taking it in a very positive fashion. Apparently he was closer to Jay than she’d thought which merely made her wonder why she hadn’t been introduced to him yet. Obviously it was also bullshit. The only one Jay was going steady with was his girlfriend, Kate, and though Cor hated that fact, she dealt with it… for the time being. She was starting to feel herself giving in, though, because letting go and opening herself up to Jay completely would maybe result in his eyes staying on her. The way he looked everywhere else was worrying her. She knew she held his heart, just like he held hers, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t fuck around like she did. He’d told her he was doing it to make her jealous, but could she really trust that? She didn’t feel like she could trust him, and she’d told him that. Everything was just such a fucking mess.

Her eyes soon fell on Jay exiting his bathroom, fortunately dressed, as he told her to ignore Killian. She smirked at him. “’The Bastard’”, she began, “isn’t easy to ignore when he talks about things he shouldn’t know shit about.” She raised an eyebrow at him, but grinned when he greeted her with a kiss. The proximity made it possible for her to make out what was written on his forehead, and she couldn’t help laughing, “morning, ‘pussy’,” she teased him, letting her fingers dance over the word. “Hey, I’m glad you didn’t come down,” she then added, a naughty glint in her eyes, “gave me an excuse to come up here instead.” With that she snaked her arms around his neck. Hey, if he was going to kiss her in front of the others, she sure as hell wasn’t going to hide anything either. She started laughing again when he asked about roommates, “oh, love, you are not going to be happy.” She told him, still laughing a little as she spoke. She then cast him a mischievous smirk after calming down a little. “They’re mixing us. Arcanas with Noctrems. I’m with Lauryn, Erin’s with Loralei, and you…”

She paused, pursing her lips in thought as she looked up at him. She couldn’t help it. Drawing it out made it so much better, “you are going to need to reign in your temper in a second...” She leaned up to let her mouth dance over his neck and ear, nibbling and placing tiny kisses to get him in a good mood before she whispered in his ear, amusement in her voice, “you get to room with Sky.”

Drake Quellen

Drake laughed at Lora’s comment about him shrinking and shook his head at her. “Maybe we should start measuring height every day, just to be sure and all.” He countered playfully, “I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t start shrinking just yet.” He chuckled, pulling her closer. He couldn’t help it; she felt good in his arms and her body was a perfect fit for his. So, he liked his girls petite, was there anything wrong with that? He just wanted to whisk her away and do naughty things to her. The thing was, Drake could see the thoughts mirrored in her eyes, which made it even harder to resist. But… he had to. He’d promised himself that nothing of the sort would go down between them, so nothing would, and that was that. Besides… Erin did have a point, he was no good for any girl. Of course, if you wanted pleasure in the bedroom, he’d never had any complaints, but if things went beyond that, he was probably the coldest bastard you’d ever meet. He didn’t turn the girls who fell for him down. He played with them, and he didn’t give two fucks. They were entertainment to him, and nothing more. Sure, they didn’t know that, but whatever.

"So what room are you in? I'm in nine. Rooming with...Erin Hawthorne? I think that’s her name. I only just glanced at the list. The crowd was sort of suffocating me." Lora then said, and Drake grinned down at her. “Erin?” he chuckled, “that’s Cor’s best friend, so you’re probably going to have to get used to her presence soon.” Then, thinking a little, Drake’s smile grew, “she’s cool, though you probably shouldn’t piss her off. She’s a bit of a wild one.” Then he finally let go of her – mostly because he wanted to do so much more to her body than hug it, and he wasn’t going to, so letting go was the best option. “I’m with the speedster in room 2.” He then told her, his voice more or less indifferent. He didn’t really care. Colby was an alright guy. A little too out there sometimes, but hey, he was sure the guy wasn’t as bad as some of the others and the sexuality bit didn’t bother him either. He’d grown pretty used to that stuff after rooming with Theo’s ex Scott. He’d known about their relationship pretty much from the get-go. It was hard hiding things from your roommate. Especially if your roommate was as perceptive as Drake.

At her next words, Drake looked her over, smiling wryly before glancing at the clock on the wall. “Well, you could always show me where room 2 is,” he told her, smiling down at her before picking his huge duffel bag up from where he’d dropped it to hug Lora, “I’m getting sick of carrying this monster around,” added as an explanation, referring to his bag. “Then we can always sneak off,” he said with a playful glint in his eyes, “we still have a couple of hours until the assembly starts. I guess we’ll have to go to that. I’m not too keen on getting more detentions right now.” He flashed her a crooked grin. “I think I’ve had plenty lately.” He began walking towards the stairs, knowing that Lora would keep up, “if I didn’t know better, I’d say our headmaster doesn’t like me.” Then he chuckled. He was perfectly aware that Leonardo Marinos was far from his biggest fan. Probably because Drake spent a lot of time trying to get inside the guy’s head. He was making progress if he said so himself, especially since he’d noticed a change in the guy about a week ago. The same kind of change he’d noticed in the school nurse. And Drake, well… he didn’t believe in coincidences.

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The Empath

He was alone in a massive steel fortress, the clouds dark and stormy as he surveyed the world around him. The entire landscape was bleak and desolate, fires raged around the fortress as demons of rage, lust, envy, and greed; as well as spirits of valor, justice, tolerance, truth...they all beat at the steel walls, trying to claw their way in. Vincent knew exactly where he was too, this was his mind, and he stood upon the battlements of the fortress that protected it. At times, the young man hated his power, because he didn't know true rest like others did. His mind was always active, always alert to the emotions and dreams of others, that attempted to invade his mind, seeking to drive him to the point of raving. He just glared balefully at all the emotions at his walls before forcing himself to wake up.

As the man rose from his dreaming, Vincent merely looked out the window and sighed to himself. He knew that today was the day that the Noctrem students would be coming to live with the Arcana students, and tensions would be running wild along with the emotions that went with it. So, he got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Stepping into the hot water, he sighed outloud this time as he felt the raging emotions through the school. He felt them battering at his walls, trying to get in, but with a simple pulse of his power, they were driven back into silence once again. As he rinsed off, the young man stumbled and fell as he felt rage and anger so powerfully close to him. He knew those emotions...they belonged to Amy and Leo. I wonder what happened between them...or was there relationship issues? Vincent mused to himself before stepping out and hurridly drying off and changing into his usual gray suit with a red tie.

After moving from his bedroom, the young man grabbed some bagels and jam from his kitchenette before walking out his door and locking it. The empath was hit with a new wave of emotions as he noticed the Noctrem students already within the grounds, and probably seeing the room assignments. Vincent shuddered before collecting himself and moving on, forcing his way deeper into the emotional maelstrom. Eating as he walked, the man stopped in front of Leo's room before knocking loudly. "Leo? Are you in there?"

The Bioweapon

After walking back in through his window, the young man surveyed his single room before grinning to himself and stretching. Oh, how Keirol just loved to excercise in the training grounds. He suspected that he'd need to repair the place after accidently blowing part of the wall apart with a punch. "Oh well, the Old Man will tell me to do it later anyway." Shrugging to himself the young man quickly stripped off his clothing and walked into the shower to get the sweat and grim off of his body.

As he stood there, feeling the water run off his body, the young man merely smiled slightly to himself as he thought back on the month he'd spent before today, with the Noctrem blonde that encompassed his thoughts. As he got lost in thought, he couldn't help but think back to the day where he offically obtained a girlfriend, where Erin Hawthorne and he became a couple. That evening on the hillside was one of his most cherished memories, and he couldn't wait to meet her again. "Wait...isn't today the day where the Noctrem students come to live with us?" He asked himself aloud before grinning and hurridly drying off before throwing on a pair of jeans with sneakers and a button-up shirt and leaving his room. Using his key to enter the teacher's living quarters, he blinked at Mr. Steele at Leo's door before snagging one of his bagels and yelling inside the room. "Hey Old Man! Up and at it! We got work to do today!" Nodding to Vincent the young man left the teacher's section once more.

As he walked the halls, Keirol noticed the students milling about aimlessly, but he couldn't really care less. His attention was on trying to find two blondes. Once he walked further down the hallways, he found the two outside Jay's door. I wonder what they're doing here. He simply mused before leaning on the wall and looking into the room. "Erin, Cor. Good to see you two." He stated conversationally giving them both a smile. He knew what Cor thought of him, being an Arcana student and essentially Leo's son, but he actually liked hanging around her. The bitchy blonde had a way of spicing up life. He then winked at Erin and faced her completely. "How was your trip over?" He just looked at Jay and nodded to him in hello but he shot Killian a small glare.

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Ellie sat quietly in the corner of her bedroom, rubbing gently at her temples. She had become attuned to the voices of the Noctrem students and the Arcana ones individually, and with all of them in one small school, it was beginning to take a toll on her brain. Her head was hurting, unable to ignore some of the louder thoughts coming from downstairs; the protests of Corentine Quellen, Colby Haskin's excitement, the slight fear in Sky Byrnes. She wished that there was some way to stop the voices from entering her head against her will, but there really was no way to do it; she had tried many different ways, and researched for months, but to no prevail. She was just stuck in a vicious cycle of pain, and knowing every body's business. Rubbing her temples was one calming way that she had found oddly soothed the pain, however, that was it. That was all there was that she could do. "Stupid power." She grumbled to herself, her eyes closed as she concentrated on peace.

However, peace was not what she found. A few seconds later, there was a knocking on her door, and the girl's head was snapping up, a smile on her face. She didn't even have to hear the voice of the person outside to know who it was - she could hear his thoughts well enough. Izaiah Dorson was one of the people who's voices she could pick out of a crowd, an extremely difficult feat for a mind-reader. She slowly got up from her corner, her eyes opening as she moved. Izzy was one of her best friends, one of the only people in the entire school who wasn't afraid of her power, and didn't mind being around her despite of it. It was nice, not being treated like a freak and a leper for once, and it honestly made her smile. Izzy was such a lovely guy, and there were butterflies in her stomach as she moved towards the door, opening it with a bright smile on her face, one only for him.

"Good morning, sunshine." She smiled, leaning head throbbing head against the door frame, hiding her pain as she usually did. "How are you today?"


They had survived it; their first proper argument. Leo couldn't stop himself from smiling as he felt Amy relax a little into his arms after he had pulled her into his loving embrace, literally feeling the tension leave her body. He felt that something was wrong with her, by the way that she was taking in longer breaths than usual, and the strange way that her body was moving, but he just put it down to the fact that they had just finished arguing. It had to take a few minutes for the anger and the hurt to properly die down at least, and that's what he believed her to be doing. With a smile still on his face, the immortal male held her close to his body, never wanting to let her go. "I'm sorry." He whispered again as he pressed his lips into her hair, taking in the beautiful scent of his Amy.

However, the moment was soon taken away from him as Amy quickly pulled away, after his little joke. "Wha--" he began asking her what he had done to upset her or something, his eyes changing from calm and serene to worried and a little frightened. But, she hadn't just moved away from him. No, the woman that he loved had dashed over to the toilet seat, and she had began to throw up the contents of the wonderful dinner that she had cooked last night, despite how little of it the two of them had actually eaten. Leo moved over to her and pulled her head back gently, brushing it around her ears, moving it off of her face. The man held her brunette locks back with one hand, the other he used to gently rub her back. He had always found that helped when being ill, the soothing motion of a hand rubbing your back, and so, he was trying to pass that on to his beloved.

His eyes were filled with worry, his body tense as he looked down at her. She hadn't been ill the day before - she had been perfectly fine. He had no idea what could have caused this - it definitely wouldn't have been food poisoning, as he had eaten the exact same thing and felt fine. Once Amy had stopped throwing up, the male quickly moved from his position, grabbing his water glass from the bathroom side, filling it up with fresh, cool water. "Here you are, baby." He spoke softly, soothingly, holding it out to her for her to take.

The male then heard a knock at the door, so he put the glass down next to Amy, popping his head around the bathroom door. Vince's voice floated through to his ears after a short burst from Keirol, causing the male to grown inwardly. He called out through the doors, obviously not wanted to leave Amy alone in this state, and... well, his manhood was only being covered by a towel. "Vince, kinda' busy right now. Can it wait?" He then moved his head back inside the bathroom, smiling at Amy. "Sorry baby."


Erin didn't pay much attention as Cor dragged her up to Jay's room, her eyes still scanning the crowds of people, looking for her beloved Keirol. She pouted ever so softly when she couldn't see him, ignoring the stupid wink that Drake had shot her way, before following Cor up to the elevator shaft. However, soon, she was listening to her best friend speak, nodding along to what she was saying. "Yeah, I can't see him around. Jay's probably the next best idea." She smiled softly, dragging her suitcase behind her, pulling it by the handle along the linoleum floor. Her heels clicked as she walked, mimicking the noise of Cor's, echoing around the halls of the school.

"It wasn't just sex? My god, Cor, you're going soft!" Erin nudged her best friend, a playful smile on her face as the two of them made their way towards Jay's room. The room that he was going to have to share with Sky. Oh, that was going to be hilarious. Erin thought that there was probably going to be a lot of late night noise coming from that room, from Cor, from Jay and from Sky. The girl inwardly shook her head, thinking of how she was mostly going to be spending her nights. She wouldn't be in the room with Loralei, the gypsy girl for much of the time that they were here. Oh no, she was going to be sleeping in the arms of her beau, of her Keirol. A stupid smile came onto the girl's face as she walked, thinking about her boyfriend. Her free hand came up to gently touch the pendant moving around her neck, before bumping into someone. "Shit." She muttered as she bumped into Cor, who had stopped in front of Jay's room.

The blonde hadn't realized that the door had been opened, that Killian person standing there. She let her hand move once in a short wave as Cor introduced her to the male, the one that she had seen around a couple of times. He was friendly with Jay? Eesh, bad move, Elastic man. Soon, Jay was entering the scene, wrapping his arms around Cor, enveloping her in kisses and what not. The girl faked being sick, poking her tongue out as she did so. "Do you guys have to? Honestly?" She grumbled, before a deep voice made her turn around quickly. The feigned sicky expression on her face was replaced instead by a bright smile, one she only had for Keirol. The girl leaned her bags against the nearest wall, before moving closer to her boyfriend. She wrapped her arms around his waist, holding him close to her. Well, if Cor was going to flaunt her relationship, why couldn't Erin. "Hi." She murmured softly into his shirt, before craning her head, looking up at him. "It was fine. I think Cor drooled on my shoulder as she snoozed, but other than that..." She smiled, pressing her lips to his in a short, sweet kiss. Then, she noticed the look on his face, a glare being shot at Killian. She was going to ask him why, but it was then that she felt the male's eyes on her body, and felt herself chuckle quietly. Erin wrapped her arms tighter around his waist, continuing to look up at him through her eye lashed, a grin on her face. "Down, boy."

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Jaysin Dennis

The feeling of disappointment was so normal for Jay lately that he rarely realized it was present until he saw himself in the mirror. The frown that accompanied the feeling was so strained that it made him look ten years older. He had needed to be alone, so he was lucky enough that he knew which rooms weren’t occupied by students. He found himself in a spare dorm with nothing but bare walls and wooden floors. With nothing to keep his mind off things, he found himself washing off his face over and over again. He wanted to wash the disgust and anger that had built up inside him early completely away, so it wouldn’t boil over and ruin a good night. He looked at his watch, realizing he should probably get a move on with things, but couldn’t imagine walking in on Cor fucking Sky. Just like that his hand was covered in blood by the contact it had made with the mirror, small pieces of glass shattered in the sink. With a tight clenched jaw, he swept off his shirt to wrap up his hand. The blood was barely soaking through, so he thought a little alcohol would fix the pain. The only problem though was who to go to because he had turned his back on Killian weeks ago, so he couldn’t imagine him letting Jay into his alcohol supply while the girl Killian despised fucked Jay’s roommate.

The idea was still worth it to Jay as he knocked on Killian’s door, revealing his old friend that didn’t looked surprised at all to see him. “Look what the fucking cat dragged in.” Killian’s voice was harsh as it was layered with humor over the fact that Jay looked pitiful with his shirt-bandaged hand. It didn’t take too long for Killian to push open the door further for Jay to step inside. With that gesture, Jay knew he hadn’t completely lost his friend. “I’m guessing you and Cor are doing wonderful. Tell the bitch I still hope she rots.” Jay shook his head as he sat at the desk chair that quickly gave him the flashback of only a few hours earlier. “We aren’t together anymore, Killian. You were right the entire time, so please spare me the bullshit of rubbing it in my face that I was wrong because I honestly can’t take the shit. Okay?” Hands flying in the air, Killian took on the offensive pose while his smirk was so evident that Jay almost wanted to punch him. ”Jay, I was right. That’s all I’m going to say. Now drink.” With an arm outreached, Killian handed Jay a full bottle of Macallan Lalique, the most expensive whiskey on the market. ”Please don’t waste the stuff. I’ve saved it for a very special occasion, and I think this just might be it. Now get out before I take it back.” With that Jay quickly gathered himself and the bottle, he had stepped outside a foot when the door slammed behind him.

By this point, Jay had already downed half the bottle, so he was surprised he even made it to his room in one piece. He wasn’t exactly drunk, but his mind wasn’t where his body was. Swinging the door open, he didn’t even bother looking for Cor or Sky. He just went straight for his closet, stripping down to nothing. He walked to the bathroom, turning on the water as hot as possible until stepping underneath the shower. “FUCK.” He yelled as his body accepted the scorching hot water. The alcohol was already dying down, but he knew there was still another half a bottle on the counter with his name on it. Dressed and out of the room, Jay found himself making a straight shot for the party. His mind was already very clear, so it was very simple for him to find the party. Once outside at the source of the music and laughter, he quickly spotted Cor at the bar with Max. He gripped the whiskey bottle in hand, but found that it wasn’t worth the commotion. “Fucking whore.” He said to himself aloud as he made his way around the party until he spotted Erin. He hadn’t even reached the girl when his words started spilling out. “Do you realize how big of a fucking whore your friend is?” He said as he pointed across the courtyard. “She doesn’t even know what she’s fucking got.”

Jay twisted the top off the whiskey, plopping down across the gazebo from Erin. “She is breaking me.” He said mostly to himself as he started downing the rest of the whiskey in one breath. “Wait, cor-“ His words were barely slurring, but a sign that he should slow down before he got out of control and started to rage. “Correction, Erin. She already broke me, so please..” He shook his head towards the blonde. “Thank her for me.” He gave a little toast to Erin as he exited the gazebo before the girl even said a word, at least a word that he acknowledged. He looked down at the bottle, seeing that it was almost empty. He stopped in the middle of the courtyard debating on going without whiskey or replacing it with another. The last of which would make him be near Cor. Tapping his foot as if the decision was the hardest in his life, he tossed the whiskey bottle away from him feeling the sharp pain from his hand. Oh shit, the cut. Jay’s mind had already pushed back the fact that he had cut his hand up pretty bad, so he knew he should probably fix that before the night was out. With his thoughts in motion, his body had made its way to the far end of the bar as far away from Cor as possible. “I need a bottle of your strongest whiskey, please.” He laid out five individual hundred dollar bills, sliding them towards the bartender. “Oh, and please. Give a message to the blonde.” He wrote it down on a napkin before reading over it to make sure his drunkenness hadn’t got in the way of his grammar. ’Game on, love. Game on.’ “Perfect, and give Max this. Tossing over a condom to the bartender, he laughed, “Wouldn’t want the whore to get to him, too.”

Out of control with his anger, Jay made a quick escape to a bench furthest away from the bar, so he didn’t have to stare at Cor all night. He found himself already wanting to leave with barely anybody at the party. This was starting to turn into the worst night ever with him giving a chance for potentials to show up.

Killian Jackson

Why the fuck am I being so god-damned generous today? Killian scribbled into his journal seconds after Jay had left the room. He had willingly given Jay his most expensive whiskey just to get the bastard out of his room. He must admit that he had forgiven Jay days after he lashed out at him for calling Cor the worst mistake that he could make. Of course, Jay would defend the bitch in front of her, but if they had of been alone things would have played out much differently. Probably like this.

”’Jay, seriously. She is the worst mistake that you’re making right now.’ Jay shakes his head in shame at the realization that I am fucking right then we hug. Cor rots in hell with the rest of her little playmates, and myself and Jay are free to live out lives!”

In reality, Killian knew that Jay would always choose Cor still, so his imaginary situation was all for shits-and-giggles. He had went over their fight so many times at this point that he didn’t even give a fuck anymore if Jay was with Cor or not. He just wanted the old Jay back that didn’t bend over backwards for some girl that didn’t give two shits about him. Of course Cor would claim that she did, but everybody on campus, as much as Cor would like to deny, had an idea that she was toying with Jay along with her other fuckers. Killian was the one-and-only that tried to tell Jay about the nonsense that Jay and Cor’s relationship stood for. There was nothing keeping Jay around because there was never going to be any commitment in the eyes of Killian.

Finishing with his journal, he tossed it across the room in frustration as he noticed that he’d be receiving a new roommate. Shaking his head in delight, he hoped that he would at least get somebody that he could get along with because the last one just wasn’t that great. In reality, he couldn’t even remember the name of his last roommate, so he hoped that this one would be more memorable. Glancing up at the wall clock, he found that he was already running later than he had initially planned to be running. Of course he didn’t want to show up right on time, but he wanted to be one of the first faces people saw when entering the party. Not that he cared that people saw him, but he was spreading his wings to a different type of friend base lately. He needed new friends that actually appreciated his advice rather than throwing it back into his face.

With a quick change into some warmer clothes, Killian’s outfit deemed fit for the look he was going for, which was lonely bastard who wanted to have a good time. He laughed at his self-stab, as he locked the door behind him. He had seemed to be getting funnier and funnier since Jay left, which seemed to be worth the loss to him. Humor in turn for a shitty friend, it did seem rather fair to get something good from the loss of something bad. Making his way into the courtyard, it took him no time to scout out the location of everybody present. Cor was of course living up to her expectations in Killian’s mind, as she wore the sluttiest dress while flirting with the horniest teacher. It was no offense to Max, but he wished the man had better taste. Jay was sulking into nothing in the shadows, while Erin seemed to be visiting another world while in the gazebo. He thought about approaching the girl, but he lost drive as a new girl caught his eye. She sat at a table by herself, so he knew that she was an easier target to talk to.

Seconds away from approaching her, the idea of liquor took over. Approaching the bar, he motioned the bartender over. “I’ll have a bottle of whatever that gentleman got.” He said as he pointed across the way to Jay. Reluctant to move, Killian placed money onto the bar just like Jay had done to receive the bottle. “Now go get me what the man got.” Being handed another bottle of whiskey, Killian was excited to see the show Jay would perform tonight, so he took his place at the opposite side of Jay. It gave him the perfect visual of Jay, so this night would be very interesting.

Emery Clifton

“Of course, I would arrive late.” Emery said as she grabbed her stuff from the cab, thanking the cab driver before paying him fully. She had tried to get here early enough that she could meet the principal, but with her luck she made it her late. With bags in hand, the blonde made her way through the campus until she found herself in the middle of a courtyard with several people. By the look of things, it seemed that many of the students were throwing a party, but this was something that she would definitely be avoiding on her first night at Arcana. She couldn’t imagine what would happen if tomorrow morning she woke up with the worst hangover to meet the principal in a haze. She smiled at the thought, but knew she would never allow herself to do that. Quickly making her exit, she followed the map that she had received a week earlier from the school. The folder had contained everything she would need from room number, room key, school map, class schedule, and teacher information. She knew it was always a possibility to find the principal tonight, but that would seem so unorthodox.

Turning the key into her dorm door, Emery found that she was alone to unpack. The relief was more pleasant than she had expected due to being in a cab with a driver that had a lot of issues; most of which were with his infidelity to his wife with his wife’s sister. She shook her head as she tossed her bags onto the bed furthest from the door. She didn’t like the idea of somebody easily coming in on top of her, so the space away from the door made her feel more secure. Seeing an extra bed in the room, she wondered if she had or would be getting a roommate soon upon her arrival, but she prayed for neither. She would much rather have this room to herself than having to share it with a complete stranger. The thought of being so close to somebody made her tense at the realization that she would be even closer to students in her classes. Head already being buried into her palms, she took a deep breath, knowing that soon she would be able to control her power for more than just thirty seconds. Thirty minutes would be ideal for her because so much can be done in thirty minutes. She cleared her mind of the thoughts of all the things that could be done in thirty minutes because she had made herself stop thinking about the desires that her body wanted so often. She would easily admit that she had never been intimate with a guy ever, so the thoughts always made her flush.

Room organized the way she wanted it to be, Emery found that it had only taken her thirty minutes to do so. She laughed at the irony of her early thoughts combining with the present. The party. The idea seemed so irrational, but what else was she going to do. She would have to eventually meet her classmates, so tonight would be better than a classroom environment. She couldn’t show that she was afraid of others because she technically wasn’t afraid of others. She was just afraid of what their past might hold. Finally fighting her inner demons, Emery quickly changed into something more suitable for the party. The outfit was perfect to Emery, so it took her no time to make her way down to the courtyard where more students had seemed to fill in. She wasn’t a drinker usually, but the occasion called for it since her insides were on fire by the anxiety she was starting to fill. With a deep breath, she grabbed a drink from the bartender and headed to a private table to sit. She knew that at this point she knew nobody, but hoped that she would at least know a few people by the end of things tonight.

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This wasn't fun; this was torture. Not for the first time in her life, Ashleigh Fox felt like a puppet. She had no life, no soul, no emotions other than the ones that Drake Quellen was putting into her. He was pulling all the strings, controlling the conversation. The worst part for the blonde was that he knew his position all that well. She could tell by his smile that he was satisfied with the state he had her in. Dammit, why was she still here? The other side of the room was a much safer place. There were people that weren't trying to... she couldn't exactly explain what it was Drake was doing to her, all she knew that she didn't want to leave... but she didn't want to stay either.

Sky had earlier suggested that the pair dance. Dance?! Was this man serious?! Sky was all about taking risks, the blonde had deduced that much when she had met him, but that suggestion was just damm right stupid. Sure, she could dance and she was good at it. In fact, Dancing was the only thing Ashy actually had confidence at... helped by the teachers here. She had often been admired by Ms martin for her creative style of dancing and she had to admit, she was pretty damm good at it. However, two trains of thoughts crossed the blondes mind. The first; dancing now, with the hot male, was just going to make her look like a fool. Secondly, dancing with Drake in front of the rest of his fan club was boarding on a death sentence.

'Old habits die..' Her sentence was cut short by the disturbance at the end of the bar between Zac and Mo. For a few seconds, the blonde looked over Drakes shoulder to observe the scene. Mo was... different. It looked like she was drunk, which didn't make sense. Ashy knew that her friend rarely had any sort of alcohol, if at all... Odd. Mo had obviously said something to rile Zack up, because he shouted at her for a while, before stalking off out of the tent. '...hard' She finished her sentence to Drake, with a small sigh. It had been a long time since Zack had got angry and even though she knew she wouldn't be much of a match for him, the blonde decided she needed to see him.

She was about to make her excuses and leave Drake, setting herself free but the pair where then joined by.... an extremely drunk Erin. Knowing that she was close to Cor, Ashy looked round instinctively for any sign of the Ice queen. She was still talking to a man she didn't recognize. However, the blonde knew that if she was friends with cor, she soon would. Turning back to the situation in hand, Ashy found herself being presented a with a bottle of whiskey by the rather drunk woman in front of her. She gave a small smile at the girl; she wouldn't drink it, everyone in the situation knew it, well apparently not Erin. Then, her puppet master spoke, telling her that she should drink it otherwise Erin would get worse. Bastard. Ashy was a caring person, almost to extremes... She clutched the bottle closer to her. She did agree with Drake that the blonde shouldn't have anymore. Erin was also trying to... protect her? This concept was also extremely strange to the blonde. They'd barely spoken.

What happened next truely stunned the pure blonde. Drake, this guy who had so far been...well a player, turned nasty. Ashy watched in horror as he just grabbed a chunk of Erin's hair and spoke to her like... he owned her. What the hell was this man?!

She held onto Erin to keep her steady as the blonde walked towards her, and told her all about Drake. Even though the woman leaning into her was totally ruined, Somehow Ashy knew she was speaking the truth. 'Help me' She whispered. Why turn to this girl? They had barely spoken....but at that moment.. Ashy has never felt more scared. She watched as the blonde walked away to sit alone. Ashy thought of going to sit with her, to make sure she was alright. But first, the blonde needed to...confront? No she'd lose that argument... Question Drake. 'What the hell did you just do?!' Ashy asked, the shock from the past from moments coming through in her voice.

He's going to kill me.


Jess been at the party for a while now. She had entered the party with Mo. who had then warned her not to get too drunk. She gave a small smile before retorting 'I'm a Noctrem student, we get drunk on a regular basis.' As her room mate walked away, the brunette had taken a while to survey the scene around her.

The party beautifully set out; Jack had done well. Of course he had, he was Irish, they always knew how to have a good time. St Patrick's Day was evidence enough of that. There was enough food on the tables to feed an army and, the idea of the bar insinuated that there was enough drink at the bar to get them all suitability merry. Maybe a little more than that for some. Jess smiled wryly, surveying the scene of people she vaguely knew. Drake was with Ashy. Poor girl, so naive, so sweet. He was just a bastard and everyone with a brain knew it. Further up the bar there was Cor standing with Mr Henderson; the man with the oxymoronic job in the world, considering how... detached he was and yet, he seemed to be having a quite intriguing conversation with Cor. Fitting really, the two were perfect for each other.

As the brunette looked further along the bar, she spotted her room mate again, this time with Zack. She saw the male get angry at Mo, who didn't seem quite right..Jessica watched the male stormed out of the tent, for a moment she was torn. She knew how angry Zack got and she wanted to make sure the poor boy didn't get hurt as he had done several times before, but she was also ever so aware of her room mates position. Thankfully, Ali had taken Mo under wing and the brunette decided that the situation didn't needed addressing anymore.

As the brunette went and ordered a Vodka and Lemonade from the bar, her first drink of the night, she reflected on her day. First, she'd been left by a woman that claimed to be her best friend, then she'd been completely bewitched by the sexy Irishman that was Jackson Murphy and finally she'd had Mo crawl in her mind and shown her some frankfully distressing images that the brunette was sure, if she was sober by the end of the night, she'd probably have nightmares about. Yup. she needed this drink. It was vital.

Then a sight caught Jess's eye; Killian Jackson sitting on his own. This a strange situation, not that in the sense that he was alone, but in the sense that Jay was nowhere to seen. Jess was baffled by this; Killian had changed so much in recent times, now he was alone? The brunette was curious. Grabbing her drink from the bar, she made her way over to the man with the cheeky grin. As she did so, she spotted Jackson by the buffet, with Lulu who looked... unlike herself. Not that it didn't suit her, of course, it just wasn't what the world normally saw of the blonde girl. She then cast on eyes on Jackson, who was looking incredibly smart tonight, she gave a small wave of greeting, giving a small smile as she remembering their flirting session earlier.

'Mr Jackson, you intrigue me' She told Killian, pulling up a chair and sitting next to him as she finally reached the table, 'You're sitting here, completely alone, why?' She added, in way of explanation.

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Jaysin Dennis

Jay grabbed the girl’s hand as he took control of the direction they were going, glancing back at Cor before leaving. “Let’s go to my room.” He said as they were finally out of view of the party. “I hope you don’t mind. It’s just that I can’t stand to even be in the same area as her. It’s frustrating to constantly see her all over different guys.” He let his hand brush through his hair as he shot a look down to the girl. “It’s frustrating because I could be with someone like you.” His words had come out before his mind had processed it. He felt the tension in his body rise as he looked down at her hand in his. “I shouldn’t have said that.” He said as he gave her hand the slightest squeeze as they had made their way to the dorm rooms. “We probably shouldn’t have come to my room, but it’s the only place I want to be at right now. I need to lay down, and at least get some peace and quiet before Sky comes in at some god forsaken hour..” His voice trailed off as he opened the entrance to the dorms, following her in close behind to view all of her features. “You are absolutely stunning.” He said once again out of line as he placed his hand on the lowest part of her back, pulling her towards him. “She broke things off, so..” He looked down at her, smirking at how beautiful she was. “I can move on now.” He traced his hand across her face before taking a step back, continuing down the hall. “Here we are!” He said as he pushed the door open for the girl to go inside. Luckily for him, Sky was still at the party, so they would have the room to themselves to just talk and whatever else might happen.

Emery Clifton

“Arcana is looking very dark.” Emery let the softest laugh escape her lips as she watched the boy toy with his cross. “That’s lovely.” She said in regards to the necklace. “I am guessing that you are a very religious boy.” She said trying to not sound like she was mocking him, but instead that she was attempting to make conversation. “It’s hard to find somebody that doesn’t believe in more than just alcohol and sex.” She said as she brought herself closer to the table. “I am hoping that this place will be better than my past. I haven’t really had the chance to be around people that are so much like me. It makes me feel more at home than I have ever been within minutes of being here. I just hope to start a life here. A better life than the one I left behind.” Her eyes fell on Eden’s features as she smiled as she realized how cute the boy actually was. She had for so long not noticed guys in the sense of attraction that he caught her off guard. Biting her lower lip, she found herself talking about without hesitation. “So why are you here? What power brought you here?”

Elijah Martin

Coming soon.

Killian Jackson

Coming soon.

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Addison Lawler

Addison watched the party unfold, drama was on the rise. She could feel it. She rolled her neck a bit and her shoulders back, standing up from the seat she had taken at the bar, her eyes flickering around a bit... Who could she get alone?

Killian...? Nah...

Jessica?. ... She laughed at the thought, a delighted smirk flickered onto her face. Maybe later in the year. No doubt that girl had some bisexy tendencies up her sleeve.

The girl continues to look around as Jay drags someone off to his room. Oh, my, drama...Drama, drama.

Of course, she knew Cor would soon have her revenge on her for sure. She most definitely saw the flirtatious act that Addison had displayed when talking to Jaysin. But, Addison was a bit too mentally gone to start giving two shits about it at this point. Walking away from the bar, she feels a bit like a bubble head, the alcohol and weed in her system was the perfect balance to make her lose her focus for a bit.

Where the fuck was Jade?

She shrugs, Jade must be around here somewhere. She had to be. If not, Addison would track her down eventually to see what her bestie was up to.... She began to meander through the party, people watching was so much fun for Addie, she loved to induce, create and watch drama bubble over. Mostly because she didn't find anything more amusing, plus the fact she had nothing better to do at this damn school. She got straight A's and did everything she was told.

A thought passed her by and a smirk flies across her face, Leo...

Oh, the things she would do to that man... She shakes her head a bit as she takes a seat alone on one of the benches, not even hesitating to light up another cigarette. She leans back on the bench, folding one arm over her torso and bringing the cigarette to her lips. The sweet taste of nicotine in her cotton mouth was nice. She clicks her tongue as she exhales and begins to think.

This party, of course, wasn't up to par with the Noctrem parties, but these Arcana kids had no idea how to have fun. But, there was free alcohol. She really couldn't complain with that. She shrugs a bit, taking another drag, tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she inhales deep, then slowly exhales, watching the smoke float above her head. She begins to sing a song under her breath, "I wanna be drunk when I wake up, on the right side of the wrong bed...".

McKenna Marinos

McKenna had been sitting there for a while, a few shots in her system and she was mildly buzzed. It was a good kind of buzz though, which was nice. She notices Jackson and Lulu standing over by themselves and she stands up, bouncing over to them.

Where the hell was Jessica? She looks around, but then notices she had seated herself next to Killian. Oh well... She shrugs quietly as she approaches Lulu and Jackson.

"Good evening, Lulu, Jackson... You look nice tonight, Lulu, and you as well Jacks--" She then notices Jackons' arm around Lulu and she adds quickly, "I...Hope I'm not interrupting something."

She suddenly becomes slightly embarrassed, her cheeks turn a rosy pink. She had always had this small quirky crush for Jackson, although she never said it to him. He thought of her like a best friend, nothing more, nothing less.

"I just wanted to say this is a great party you have put together..." She says to him with a small smile. She bites her lower lip and lets out a small sigh.

[[Sorry for 'Kenna's post being so small]]

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Ashleigh had to admit she was one of the people that had been scared of Erin, but that wasn't because of the blondes power, it was because of her reputation. She was part of the fearsome five, a cult that Corentine was also part of. Ashy knew that the girls were friends..or had been up until this point. Why wasn't Cor here with Erin? The blonde briefly remembered seeing her room mate the bar with Mr Henderson, an...odd pairing to say the least. If the two were close, which was the impression that was given out, why wasn't Cor consoling this mess that was Erin Hawthorne

Ashleigh's thoughts then turned to the situation in front of her. Why she was actually here? She had said about four words to Erin in month the Noctrem students had been at Arcana, two of which had been 'Hello' and 'goodbye.' She had been worried about the girl sitting next to her when the incident with Drake had happened, that much had been certain. But, to follow this girl? Espiecally when she wasn't exactly stable. Ashy just put it down to Maternal habits. However, there may have been more to that. Erin didn't seem to melt in Drake's presence, she was able to hold her own. For that, Ashy admired the drunk blonde sitting next to her. But after what Drake had told her earlier about Erin needing him to calm down... she still needed him. This was all so confusing for the innocent blonde.

'From what I've seen, Drake doesn't seem like the kind to Apoligse...'Ashy spoke quietly, she didn't want to appear to know Drake more than Erin did, but only to console the blonde... a little. Ashleigh sighed, thinking about the scene with Drake earlier. 'How does he do that, Erin?' She blurted out, 'With one look, he makes me feel like a nervous wreck. You know what the worst part is?' She looked over at the blonde, 'He knows's the effect he has on me. It feels like he controls my every thought.' She sighed again before adding, 'I hate it.' Ashleigh wasn't exactly sure why she had just ranted at the drunken Erin, maybe because she hoped that the blonde would understand, The blonde shifted uncomfortably in her chair, 'I'm sorry... I didn't mean to rant at you, here' She offered the blonde the glass of orange juice 'I brought you this, I figured that it might help you cheer up a little. I'd have got you water but I couldn't go back over there' She gave a small smile as she placed the glass down at Erin's feet, remembering taking Drake's whiskey and his flippant comment at the end of their conversation, she heard his laugh, but choose to ignore, taking the action for what it was; a victory.


Jessica had been sitting at the table with Killian for a while, when her phone buzzed in her bag. She pulled it out and read Greg's text with a smile. Damm right he was late, the party had been in full swing for a while now. The thought that her male best friend was on his way caused a stupid grin to fall across Jess's face. She had missed some, even though they'd only spend...not even a day apart, she just loved spending time with him, time with gregory was always special.

In the meantime, the brunette had been watching the scene unfolding not to far from her with Jackson and Lulu. She was an avid people watcher, always had been. That, coupled with the fact she was intrigued by Jackson had caused Jessica to glued to scene in front of her. Jackson loved Lulu, even a moron could have worked that out, he was being so... gentlemanly to her. Jessica wished she had someone like that in her life.

Her thought process was then cut sort by the arrival of Greg; She had been so focused on Jackson that she hadn't noticed the male walk into the tent and buy a drink, which made her feel terrorible, What was it about Jackson?

'Shameful' The brunette replied in a voice of mock horror, 'Kiss thy toes or else I shall never forever you.' She gave the boy a dazzling smile as he handed her a drink, and sat down next to her. 'It's good to see you.' She said quietly, 'it's been far too long.'

Sipping her drink, the blonde then turned her attention back to the Jackson situation, by this point, Mckenna has joined the fray. What she was she doing there? Jess didn't even know that she was friends with either of the pair. She then watched as Jack walked away from the situation, followed swiftly by Lulu. Uh-oh. What had happened, had it been something to with Mckenna. Convinced, in her slightly tipsy state, that it was her best friend that had caused Jackson's upset mood, Jessica sighed. '....and the shit's just hit the fan' She spoke quietly, before standing up, 'Gentleman, will you excuse me?' She bent over and gave Greg a kiss on the cheek, 'I'll catch you later. Text me in the morning?' She asked before walking in the direction that Jackson was headed. Jessica wasn't entirely why she was following the Irishman, or why she had just left her best friend to do it. But she knew that if the situation had been caused by Mckenna, which she know for sure, she wanted to fix for it. For her best friends sake That's why she was doing it, for Mickey, right?

She eventually found Jackson a little way outside of the party tent, completely alone. 'Jack,' She gave a small smile when she got closer to him. He did look very handsome tonight. He had, quiet rightly, made the effort to look presentable tonight. ' You really know how to make a girl work don't you? Do you know how hard it is to walk in these heels?!' She complained before giving the male a small sigh. 'Are you alright? Did Mickey say something to you?' She asked, concern etching her face.