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Landon Hirst

0 · 337 views · located in Arcana Academy, California

a character in “The Arcana Academy”, as played by JubilousOccasion



Full Name: Landon Michael Hirst
Age: 17
Birthdate: November 28
Home Town: Seattle, Washington
Sexuality: Homosexual

School: Arcana

Power: I make force fields. Invisible and impenetrable shields but it's good for a lot more than a shield. People always think I'm only good for backup or defense in battle scenarios but I'm pretty capable offensively, they seem to forget that I could easily crush an opponent against any hard surface. What I really like to use my power for is Free Running. I typically use fields to as platforms to jump off of or land on. I can rapidly expand a field to launch myself up to high points on buildings and what not, kind of like an explosive springboard.
Whenever I make a field I have to use my hands to control it's shape and size so I'm pretty useless if I can't move my hands. I can make fields pretty much anywhere as long as I'm within about 30 feet of the target and once it's in place it's almost impossible to move. Expanding or contracting a field is easy stuff but I can only get it about a 10 foot radius, as of now, and I can't sustain them for very long either, anything more than 20 minutes gets exhausting.

Likes: Free Running, Dudes, Solitude, Good Music, Winter, Seattle, Hot drinks (either real, black coffee or crazy weird teas), Control, Arcana, the Power focussed classes.

Dislikes: Smashing my face against concrete or brick or something, Hot Weather, People who whine about their problems, Pop Music, People that are cruel just for cruelty's sake, My family.

Fears: I'm terrified of not having over myself. Maybe a better way to explain would to say be one of my greatest fears is paralysis, if I was unable to move I'd have a panic attack. I need to be able to live and move freely and independently.

Personality: People might think I'm apathetic about everything, but that's not really true. I just don't want the whole world to know what I'm thinking. I don't really care for school but if they think I'm not doing well now they should have seen my grades in public school. I just do what I want without regard for what everyone else thinks. I know I'm capable of taking care of myself and getting what I want. That's something else, I do get what I want, I may have to fight for it but isn't that what makes life exciting, the chase?

I love being at Arcana, but there are some of the same fools that think I don't care about anything and that my power is weak that seem to think I'm too reclusive and dark or some garbage. I belong just fine. I may like to do some stuff on my own but I have friends and I'm big into the whole good thing. Our powers are gifts, from the Universe or some shit, so we're pretty much obligated to use them to better the world.

History: Well, I was born in Seattle and lived there until I was 13. My family has always been poor and during my childhood my parents weren't around a lot and even when they were at least one of them was drunk. So I guess you could say I had a lot of free time, you know, for TV, aimless wandering, loitering, pranks, petty crimes, all of that stupid stuff. I basically had to raise myself and did so by hanging around other kids stuck in similar situations.

It really sucked until one day a friend was rambling on about a video he saw on the internet, something called parkour. We were hooked and imitated stunts all over the place. Just like those crazy frenchmen flying from rooftops, us five or so 10 year old boys sheepishly leapt from things like dumpsters and scaled parking lot walls. Over the next few years, it was all we did, skipped school and ran about the city engaging in acrobatic feats and escaping truancy officers.

By the time I was 13, I was failing school but tearing up the streets and it all came to an end. My parents had been fighting more often and while my dad claimed to want to clean up his life my mom was only getting worse. They separated and my dad dragged me down to San Francisco to live with his brother. He did get better, he's held the same job for years, but what do I care? Things never changed between us. Meanwhile, I suffered, I was just coming to terms with my own sexuality when I was ripped away from all my friends and dumped into a new environment. I immediately gravitated to the kids who had absolutely no fucks to give, they were good friends and with them I explored my sexuality fully. For the most part though, I kept to myself especially my free running.

I discovered my power shortly after moving when some eighth grade bully attacked me for no reason, he just cornered me in an alley. When he went to hit me, he broke his fist just a few inches from my face, while he cried about it I escaped. From that day on I experimented with my power and eventually started using it while free running for crazier runs. One day, while I was leaping from building to building I tripped and fell straight for the asphalt. I threw up a few successive fields and tumbled to the pavement and knocked a rather surprised passerby to the ground. She was hit with the field and knew immediately that I had a power. She was Arcana alumni and referred me to the school, she even came to my house to explain it all to my dad. That was when I was 15 and I've been here since.

Anything else? I'm big into girl rock bands like The Runaways, Blondie, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, stuff like that. Chicks can sing and it's not like I have a problem singing along to lyrics about guys.

So begins...

Landon Hirst's Story

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#, as written by throne

Noctrem’s former headmaster was about as keen on early mornings as most of his students. Less so, perhaps. If he hadn’t been billeting himself at the same motel as the kids, there wouldn’t have been a shot in Hell of him getting aboard the coach bus he’d hired to transport them to Arcana. He’d probably have still been in his apartment, asleep, if that were the case. He would have liked to have slept through the entire day, if he could have. Maybe the entire year. Maybe the rest of his life. Cain, he reminded himself, We’ve been over this. What you’re describing is basically suicide.

He had been in rare form for the days leading up to the move. Yes, on a rational, adult level he understood that this was a good thing. That in the most technical sense, Leo was doing him a solid allowing his misfits and miscreants to take up semi-permanent (Oh Gods he hoped it was only semi-permanent) residence at his ostentatious school. Until Noctrem was rebuilt, it was a much better option than any of the others that they’d manage to come up with, even if it was slowly withering his soul away. He hated the idea of owing Leonardo Marinos anything other than a beatdown that was hundreds of years behind schedule. He was repulsed by not having utter control over the school, never mind his classroom.

He’d taken the front, rightmost seat of the bus. A pair of dark aviators hid his bloodshot eyes from the students as they clambered aboard, and he was sipping often from a metallic thermos of… let’s call it coffee. It was at least half coffee, so, that would work. His cheeks were lined with salt-and-pepper stubble, and his hair was getting long. Too long. He needed to get it cut, he noted, as he ran a hand through it. When the bus finally rolled to a stop in front of Arcana, he rose solemnly and turned to address his students.

The pause that he waited was significant enough that they might have been expecting some sort of big speech, if they weren’t all aware of his undying hatred for big speeches. Instead, he took a gulp from his “coffee” and, with his sunglasses still in place, nodded. ”Give ‘em Hell, kids. It’s your school now too.” He swung around and slunk off the bus, lighting a cigarette the instant he crossed the threshold. Many of the students would be able to get ahead of him, since he was walking slowly and chainsmoking. He left a breadcrumb trail of three crumpled cigarette butts to lead the slower ones to the entrance doors, having used the first to light the second and the second to light the third. Reeking of smoke, he made his way in, not bothering to remove his sunglasses once he was inside.

He saw a few kids already gathered around the list and ambled up himself, perverse curiosity drawing him to see what sort of arrangements Leo’s lackwits had made. When he laid eyes on it, he did finally remove his glasses, just to make sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing. He let out a bark of laughter. ”Oh, this is fucking priceless.” His morning grumpiness and general surliness had been replaced by a Christmas morning grin. He dragged out his phone, stabbing his finger at the screen and starting a text message, only using one hand (which isn’t to say he was good at it- nope, it was laughably clumsy). He then used the option to attach a picture that Jade had shown him just after showing him how to download stupid games, and took several seconds to snap a photo that had the list legibly in frame. He hit send.

A second or so later, Leonardo Marinos would receive the following text message:

u r such a tool.
<Insert Picture of List Here>

Looking extremely self-satisfied, Cain stowed his phone, laughing again in his harsh, guttural way. He took another long gulp of his spiked coffee, not to give him strength this time, but in celebration. This, he decided, might actually be interesting. Give ‘em Hell indeed. Smirking, he sauntered off to find some breakfast.


”Wouldn’t it be like… totally awesome if we end up roommates? I mean, like, how cool would that be, haha?”

Colby grinned toothily over at Landon as they made their way down the hallway. The speedster brimmed over with excitement even on the most everyday sort of day, but this was something special. Something big. Nothing so big had happened since the Noctrem kids showed up in the first place after their school burned down. He’d always been an early riser (at least, if he hadn’t partied the night before), and was already bright-eyed and alert, ready to carpe the diem.

He’d turned up at his best buddies room as planned, dressed in a pair of clean jeans and a pristine white polo shirt, and simply let himself in. Modesty was fairly pointless between the two of them, so he’d dragged the covers off of Landon and chattered away a mile a minute while the other boy got ready. He’d speculated wildly about who they might have wound up rooming with. As far as they knew, Arcana students would be boarding together, and so he’d been crossing his fingers in hopes of landing Landon as his roomie. Easier quickies aside, he couldn’t imagine anyone else at the school he would rather have shared space with. They got along so well that there wouldn’t be any problems.

”I guess Izzy wouldn’t be so bad either,” he proclaimed with a wicked grin. Colby also harbored a secret, stupid little hope that, somehow, a clerical error or shortage of beds would result in him sharing a room with their headmaster. He’d related as much to Landon, in his room, and easily dodged the pillow that his friend had chucked at his face. ”I’d totally dig rooming with Izzy. Haha, Izzy is so cute.” Colby’s thoughts often tended to emerge from his mouth in a rapid stream-of-consciousness.

”I just hope it isn’t Jaysin. He’d probably like, pin me down and strangle me in my sleep.” Judging by the way Colby’s eyes glazed over, he was very likely imagining a few of Jaysin pinning him down and doing something else entirely. He shook his head, so quickly that it seemed a flesh-and-hair colored blur, then delved into his pocket for one of his high-protein breakfast bars. He usually put down about three of them every morning in addition to breakfast in order to keep his infernally fast metabolism sated. On his lazy days he ended up burning through 10,000 calories; most days, it was more in the vicinity of 15,000.

He bit into the bar, still walking along with Landon, who was no doubt fighting to get a word in edgewise, like always. Colby eyed Cain Montgomery suspiciously as the man headed past them, chewing his energy bar laboriously. When they were about thirty feet away, though, with Noctrem students flocking around the announcement, he grinned a chocolate stained smile at Landon and then… vanished. It seemed that way at least. If it weren’t for the gust that kicked up behind him, he might as well have. He was only gone for about two seconds. He blurred into the midst of the Noctrem kids, scanned the list until he found his name, frowned, took another bite of his breakfast bar, and then blurred back over to Landon to resume their walk at a more normal pace.

”Who the fuck is Drakethrean?” He asked, his brow knit up in not-at-all unfamiliar confusion. ”Did we get a new kid? I wonder if he’s hot, haha.” How the Hell was he supposed to remember a weird-ass name like that? He’d practically already forgotten it. He’d also forgotten, in typical self-absorbed fashion, to see who Landon was rooming with. Of course, he knew who Drake was. If the stupid paper had just said that, he would only have been confused by the fact that he was from Noctrem. Not recognizing his full name only compounded his lack of comprehension.

As he and Landon closed in on the group of students, he began looking for Sky. He finished unwrapping his energy bar and then ate it at super-speed, chewing and swallowing so quickly that the thing basically disappeared. He ran his tongue along his teeth in similar fashion to clean them off, then turned a bright smile on Landon. ”I’m not all like, chocolate mouth, right?” He glanced away, seeking out his best friend from Noctrem once more. His hair was very recognizable; the best hair in the school, really, so Colby looked for that. Colby had been jealous of Sky’s hair since day one. Even the most rigorous styling products didn’t hold up to moving at just shy of 400 M.P.H., so Colby was forced to wear his own hair short. Such a drag.

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Bells Dorson

Bells was sleeping curled up on her side when she woke up to her alarm going off she slammed her hand on it to turn it off without opening her eyes and sighed, she was glad that she didn‘t have a headache from last nights little party, though for some reason she didn‘t drink as much last night as she usually did. This was the day that she was hoping would never come, the day they would have to move in with the Arcana students. She laid in bed for a few minutes before getting up looking around the room, it didn’t look to neat, clothes where thrown over a chair and books where on all over the desk. She wasn’t one that didn’t keep things too clean and she knew she should of packed yesterday but she really didn’t feel like, though this morning she really wished she did. Slowly opening her eyes and swinging her legs over the bed, she was definitely not a morning person. She got up and looked around the room, grabbing her suitcases she started folding and packing her clothes, putting her books into her backpack she looked at the time knowing she will only be able to take a quick shower or she would be late which isn’t something new but she had a feeling Mr. M really wouldn’t be too happy with her being late today. She took a quick shower then got dressed in the outfit she picked out to wear today and then went to look at herself in the mirror. She knew she wouldn’t be able to straighten her mess of a hair today so she left it cury but used some mousse so it wouldn’t be frizzy, after applying some makeup she took one more look at herself in the mirror and nodded “pefect” she said out loud before she grabbed her suitcases and made her way out of the room.

She knew she was a few minutes late and made her way quickly to the bus, walking up the stairs she saw Mr.M “yeah I know im late” she said as she made her way down the aisle, seeing Jade she took a seat by her. “This is the first day of hell, lets just hope we are still going to be roommates” she said as she got settled into the seat. She then sat there quietly as the bus moved on, not making much conversation with everyone, she still needed some sort of caffeine to wake her up till she became the talkative Bells. As the bus rolled to a stop she looked to the front of the bus as Mr. M got up ”Give ‘em Hell, kids. It’s your school now too.” Bells grinned and nodded, yes give them hell is exactly what she was going to do especially Izzy. When Noctrem got burnt down and they where told they where going to Arcana all she could think about is Izzy. At the time she hated that she was going to have to be in the same school as Izzy now she was having to live in the same place he was. She made it clear to Izzy the first day she was there to stay out of her way and he wouldn’t have to feel the pain she has made Izzy feel before. Since then they have hardly said two words to each other and that is the way she hopes it still going to be.

Following everyone on the bus she walked through the doors carrying her suitcases. She saw Cor and Erin enter the reception area and she followed right behind them. As she entered she caught the end of what Cor was saying “…disaster waiting to happen.” Bell’s now didn’t have such a good feeling as she walked over to the two girls “So what kind of disaster are you talking about?” she asked but before they said anything she answered her own question as she looked over the list “he just had to do it this way, fuck this” but as she said that she found her name and saw she was rooming with Beth “well I guess it won’t be so bad with Beth, could of gotten worse…” she said knowing that the relationship she had with Beth was very confusing. Some days they talked like they where good friends, some days they didn’t talk at all and then some days they would just flirt like it was natural. She took a few steps back to let the others get in and wondered where her new roommate was, though she really needed to get coffee before the people she disliked with a passion came around.

Izzy Dorson

Izzy was already awake, he has been awake since 5:30am and had his books on his bed as he was working on his home work and some extra credit work. Most people thought Izzy was nuts for getting up so early to work on school work but for Izzy it was something he liked to do. When he finished his work it was around 6:30am and he decided he needed to get ready. He put all his books in a neatly pile on his desk and then went to his dresser where he pulled out a pair of khaki pants and a white plain shirt, then went to his closet and grabbed a green plaid button down short sleeve shirt. He neatly put them on his bed then walked into the bathroom, though he didn’t open the door he just walked through it. He got in the shower and just let himself relax, the shower took about twenty minutes. He liked taking his time in the morning, he wasn’t one to rush things at all. After he got dressed and combed out his hair, ruffling it a bit so it wasn’t so neat looking. Seeing it was 7:00 am he knew he still had sometime before he went to find his friends. He pulled out his guitar and quietly strummed some music for awhile letting his mind wander in thought.

What really didn’t make him happy about the Noctrem students now staying at Arcana was one person, Isabella. He saw her that first day they started coming here and she gave him a straight talking to. It was the last thing she said to him and that was all he wanted to hear from his cousin. He disliked a lot of the Noctrem students because of their actions and just how they held themselves. He mostly stayed out of there way, though some of the girls from there flirted with him just to get to him which he hated a lot.

When his alarm went off at 7:15 he decided it was time to go find his friends. He grabbed his books and put them in his shoulder back pack then quickly put his timberland boots on and swung his bag over his shoulder. He walked through his door and looked down the hallway wondering where Colby, Elijah, Landon, or Ellie was. He walked slowly down the hallway and stopped at Colby’s door and knocked but no one answered so he kept walking this time stopping at Ellie’s. He knocked on the girls door “Ellie are you awake” he said quietly but loud enough for her to hear. Ellie was one of Izzy’s good friends and he always liked the girls company. He knew a lot of people didn’t like to be around Ellie that much because of her power but he really didn’t mind, though he tried not to think about the feelings he started feeling for Ellie lately, he really didn’t want to cause and tension between them and he wasn’t even sure how Ellie felt so he just kept it to himself for now. He stayed there patiently waiting to see if Ellie would answer.

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Landon rolled his eyes for possibly the 80th time this morning as he and Colby walked along the dormitory hall. His best friend had been chattering about roommates all morning but his excitement proved to be contagious as Landon returned the grin. Rooming with Colby would definitely be ideal, it wouldn't ever be awkward and the only disagreements they would have would be over stupid things like what movie they planned on watching that evening. Besides, any argument they had could be resolved with hot make-up sex. “It'd be pretty cool,” he said in his dispassionate way of speaking, “It wouldn't even be much of an adjustment considering the way you already barge into my room like you live there.”

If it had been anyone else throwing himself into Landon's room and ripping away the nest of blankets he slept tangled in they wouldn't have made it past the door. There wasn't a chance that they'd make it passed the door before being stopped, shoved out, and confronted with a slamming door with three simple motions from beneath the nest. Colby, however; served as an alarm clock of sorts, one that most certainly did not have a snooze button. The roommate talk started immediately and continued while Landon tore away from the bed, showered, got dressed in his grey button down and dark jeans and even now as they walked down the hall. Colby had speculated on every single pairing for both boys that seemed possible, each Arcana student followed by a perceived compatibility,which Landon would toss in a comment for every so often, and even one lonely headmaster, which warranted a severe toss of a pillow.

Whenever he questioned why they were such good friends despite vast personality differences moments like that served as a reminder. The goofy antics, cheeky comments, and that infallible confidence were a few things about Colby that had kept them close and what they lacked in shared traits they made up for in similar interests and an appreciation for each other's humor. Whatever it was that bonded them so, Landon knew Arcana just wouldn't be worth it without him. If it weren't for that goofy speedster he would have kept to himself, not really connecting with anyone and would eventually leave, go back to his uncle's.

As it were, though, they walked down the hall running out of roommate combos. Izzy, he'd be all right, Colby definitely had it right, he was cute but other than that Landon didn't know too much about him. Jay, the former and still would be Noctrem would be a shit roommate, but he knew what Colby's blurring head meant and laughed at the horny mess that is Colby Haskins. They made it down to the first floor where everyone was gathered and as Colby munched on his nasty protein bar thing, Landon scanned the room at a much slower pace taking note of the mix of Arcana and Noctrem students crowding around the bulletin board. Not seeing the one person he was looking for he scowled at the small cloud of smoke gathering above several students and faculty members. Sure he'd smoked in the past and been around people who smoke all the time, but the cheap smell always brought back memories of his filthy mother and their home life in Seattle. He looked back to his friend, but instead he only found a slight breeze.

There wasn't even time to sigh before Redline was back and cursing in confusion. “He's not new, just drop the 'ethrean'” he said with a slight grin. Landon wondered how that would work out and he also wondered what it meant that Colby was paired with a Noctrem, they couldn't all be mixed could they? Curiosity piqued, he moved closer to the throng but was stopped by Colby's question. “Yeah, right...there” he licked his thumb and wiped the chocolate smudge off the corner of his friends mouth, in as motherly a fashion as possible. Not bothering to ask who Colby was trying to impress, he went ahead through mass of student's to the list.

If there was one good thing about mixing the two schools it was that the Arcana students at least got to keep their own room. As for his roommate, he hardly recognized the name. He searched his memory for anything distinctive but came up with almost nothing, he could hardly put a face to the name after a month of being at the school together. He walked back into the middle of the room and waited for Eriol to find him.

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#, as written by throne

He found him at the lake.

The lake was a memory, a piece of his childhood untainted by pain. It had been a few hours from his house by car, a fixture of his summers. He always got to bring a friend, and he and that friend would swim and splash while one of his parents looked on, monitoring him to ensure that he didn’t simply fall asleep and drown. Whenever he needed a lake, it was the first lake that came to mind. Spreading its silvery looking waters and the copses of pine and birch that surrounded it was surprisingly easy for a geographic feature so large. Sometimes when he added geography, it was more akin to airbrushing a background, but with the lake… it always seemed more real.

Scott was sitting on a small dock made almost entirely out of driftwood. He was wearing a bathing suit, relaxing. His bare feet dangled in the water, scissoring gently, but his attention was cast upward, where the endless eggshell blue sky stretched into an imposing bank of angry-looking clouds.

It didn’t even take a thought for Theo to change into a bathing suit as well, baggy and modest, black with thin white stripes spaced a few inches apart. There was no rippling, no melting, no morphing. One instant he’d been wearing cargo pants and a t-shirt, the next trunks and a different t-shirt, more appropriate for the warm summer day that either he or Scott had conjured. He could never be sure which anymore. Scott seemed to have just as much control of their surroundings as he did, these days. It was almost like he was learning, the same way he had in life. Just seeing Theo do it meant that he could do it too.

“It looks like there’s a storm coming.” Scott spoke without looking back at him. The dead boy raised his hand, flicked his wrist. A stone, small and flat, which hadn’t been there before went arcing at the water, hitting once and then skipping nearly a dozen times before its momentum and spin petered out and it sank.

Theo dropped down to sit beside him, leaned into him. Scott didn’t pull away. He never had. He never did. “That’s a bit ominous, don’t you think?” Theo asked it teasingly, and in unison they gave Scott’s trademark reply to the question. “It’s your dream.”

Theo looked skyward as well. The clouds were a dirty looking gray sheet slowly being drawn toward them… only it wasn’t slow, it only seemed that way. They were so distant that he shouldn’t have been able to perceive their movement at all. He was distracted when he felt familiar fingers brush the skin of his back, his stomach. Scott was pulling his shirt off. Either of them could simply have willed him to be shirtless, but where was the fun in that. “C’mon,” Scott said, hopping to his feet once he’d exposed Theo’s pale torso. “Let’s swim before it starts.”

Smiling, Theo nodded and stood as well. He bent his knees, as if preparing to cannonball into the lake, but then sidestepped behind Scott and tried to shove him in. Almost as always, Scott was too fast. He slid one leg back and twisted, grabbing one of Theo’s arms and jerking him forward so that he tripped over Scott’s other leg. Rather than let him fall though, Scott kept hold of his wrist and swung about, digging in his heels. Theo wound up hanging backwards, laughing, the soles of his feet on the very edge of the dock, waiting for Scott to let go. He looked up at the boy he loved as he raised his free hand to give him a defiant middle finger. He frowned though as the world around him seemed to ripple, to shake. That was when Scott let go, and Theo fell.

Reality intruded on his dream of the lake. Theo’s eyes did snap open, and in the hypnopompic aftermath of the other Scott’s wake-up call, he felt more annoyed than intense. It died away though, the vivid dreamscape giving way to the Arcana-bound bus that he had boarded… he glanced at his watch… not so long ago. He’d been one of the first on it, and now he’d be one of the last to disembark. He could have played with the dreamtime a bit, but he didn’t want to leave himself too disoriented.

Even if the other Scott had lingered, Theo wouldn’t have said anything. He stared, watching him go, then did a quick assessment of the others left aboard. No one, it seemed. He eased himself to his feet and made his way down the aisle between the rows of seats. Soon enough he was outside, grabbing the single large duffel bag that housed all of his personal effects, which mostly consisted of clothes, and not very many of those compared to the wardrobes most of his peers sported. He was in dark brown cargo shorts today, and a gray ringer tee that he’d intentionally bought a size too large in order to hide the lean muscle he’d been packing onto his frame. He’d always had strong legs, well-shaped calves, so he didn’t mind wearing the shorts quite so much. They were baggy as well, and fell to just below his knees.

Making a show of having some difficulty with the massive blue duffel bag, he swung it over the opposite shoulder of his backpack and “staggered” toward the school. He didn’t do anything more than nod to the few lingering outside, if there were any. He didn’t really care. His eyes were unfocused as he trudged deliberately into Arcana and frowned at the cluster of bodies massed around the list. Maybe he should have tried to get to it first.

Something seemed… strange. He overheard bits and pieces of conversations. When he spotted Jessica hugging Morgan, asking her to show her to their room, it clicked.

They weren’t being boarded with other Noctrem students.

They were being put with Arcana students.

He’d been mildly worried about this whole process. There were a few Noctrem boys who he would have preferred not to room with, and a smaller few more who he knew without a doubt would have proven disastrous to pair him with.

If he’d been mildly worried before, he was now on the verge of anxiety. He’d never been lucky, not once in his entire life, and he was fully expecting the same ill-luck now. I’m going to end up with him, he thought, his teeth practically grinding themselves flat as he let his eyes search out the dreaded potential roommate in question.

Relief hit him like a ten pound sledge-hammer. Landon wasn’t bee-lining him. He seemed to be waiting for something. That meant the worst possible scenario hadn’t come to pass. He would have done anything and everything in his power to get his room changed, if things had shaken out that way. Drawing a steadying breath, he dropped his bag heavily and waited for the crowd to thin a bit more before he moved forward to investigate the list. He didn’t find his name until nearly the bottom. Zac Barnes and Theodore McCaffrey. And nobody he hated too much was anywhere near him. In fact, the two people he wanted to be as distant from as possible were in the same room.

“There goes my luck for this year,” he intoned blandly, simply thinking aloud. He couldn’t have asked for a better roommate. Really, as he thought about it, Zac was the best roommate he could have been given from the pool of male Arcana students. For the first time in weeks, Theo actually looked… well, not happy, but not detached or miserable, either. He returned to his bag and lifted it with an entirely theatrical grunt, throwing out a hand to steady himself against the wall. He probably should have gone to speak with Zac, but that would have brought him past Landon, and near Colby. It was far too early to deal with either of them. He knew the way anyway. Zac could catch up with him. Without another word, the oneirokinetic teen headed off toward the dorms, to the room numbered eighteen, specifically. His progress would be slow, thanks to the show he was putting on with his duffel, but hopefully he’d manage to escape unscathed in the excitement and confusion, neither of which he felt himself.

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#, as written by throne

Noctrem’s ex-headmaster was still looking delightedly smug when his phone vibrated. He finished off the last of his Irish coffee as he pulled the device from his pocket and toggled to his messages. Reading Leo’s reply, he snorted and began composing as he walked toward the cafeteria.

It’s “braggart”, you anachronistic ponce.

He slid his phone away, suspecting there would be no further texts from their illustrious headmaster that morning. He was frankly amazed that Leo had given him his phone number in the first place. It took all the fun out of getting his hands on it unconventionally and then prank-calling him, sadly.

He headed into the cafeteria fully intending to breeze in and out before there was a chance of his getting caught up in any trifling conversations. He grabbed a large blueberry muffin, an orange, and after surveying his options for a few more seconds, several pieces of bacon wrapped in some napkins. He wasn’t staying in the large eating area; that would have been like an invitation for people to intrude on his rare good mood and ruin it with their tedious comings and goings. Juggling the food items that he’d selected so far a bit, he managed to twist the top of his travel mug off. He refilled it, leaving about two ounces unaccounted for, and didn’t bother adding cream or sugar.

The orange went into one of his pockets, along with the bacon. The muffin seemed like it might explode into crumbs with the slightest provocation, so he wasn’t taking any chances. He beat a hasty retreat, quick-stepping out of the caf and then turning to head toward the classroom he made use of for Power Control. He was still very sore that Leo hadn’t managed to provide him with his own office, and as such was completely boycotting the “teacher’s workroom”, which might as well have had cubicles and Scott Adams cartoons to complete its utter lack of charm.

If he passed by any students on his escape, he had a perfectly crafted scowl at the ready for derailing any attempts at socialization. He needed solitude, so that he could think. The implications of the students being mixed were staggering. He had to wonder if Leo really had known about the list. If he had, why hadn’t he done anything to change it? It would have taken Cain all of ten seconds to correct the error. Did the immortal actually want the kids mixed? He had to, at least subconsciously. Otherwise he would have been unable to rationalize leaving it as it was. He apparently had time to exchange snarky texts, so he obviously had time to hand-write out a bunch of pairs of brats.

He shifted his coffee into the crook of his arm and fumbled in his non-food-carrying pocket for his keys. He kept the classroom locked for a variety of reasons, not least of which was the bottle of Maker’s Mark that he kept in his desk. He wouldn’t have put it past the little bastards to steal it, but really, half of them could have gotten into a locked room and a locked desk anyway. Oh well. As long as it was still there, he wouldn’t have to launch an inquisition.

He kept the lights off, preferring dimness, and used his hidden bottle of booze to top off his coffee before securing it in the drawer once more. He laid out his breakfast on the large desk, unwrapping the bacon and chewing on a piece as he pulled open yet another drawer. This one contained weeks and weeks worth of trash tabloid and celebrity magazines, and after rifling through them, he selected a copy of Life & Style.

Leaning back in his seat, he kicked his feet up on the desk. His pant legs rode up a little bit, exposing the clunky looking monitoring device that was affixed with some sort of space-age strapping to his left ankle. Eyeing the blinking green light on it crossly, he shifted so that his food was in reach and flipped open to a random page in the trashy magazine. He’d alternate between bits of this or that and sips of coffee, saving the messy orange for last, and read about Katy Perry and John Mayer. An announcement from Leo about an assembly intruded on his not-so-guilty pleasure, and he sighed, eyeing the clock on the wall.


He’s not new, just drop the ‘ethrean’.

Landon’s explanation helped not at all. It really only made matters worse. The exact spelling of the name he’d seen next to his had already slipped away from him, and he had to wonder, briefly, if Landon had gone nerd on him and started speaking in some kind of weird Middle Earth language. Drop the ethrean, drop the ethrean. He repeated the phrase over and over in his mind.

The riddle went unsolved. Landon had taken it upon himself to fix up Colby’s lips, wiping at the corner of the speedster’s mouth with a saliva-wet thumb. Colby didn’t mind at all. Landon’s saliva was very familiar to him, and he secretly enjoyed the way his ex-boyfriend/bestie was always looking out for him, motherly or otherwise. He wound up blinking when Landon just wandered off toward the list. Only then did it occur to him that he could have checked to see who was rooming with Lando, or Sky. Oh well, he’d figure it out eventually. Landon’s just abandoning him didn’t bother him; he’d actually been doing that more and more lately, but nothing had changed when they did hang out, so he wasn’t worried. Whenever he asked Landon where he’d gone off to, the response was always running, which… whatever, really. Just because he didn’t have any secrets didn’t mean his friends weren’t entitled to them.

Speaking of Sky, there he was. He was looking for… oh, him! Their eyes would wind up meeting, and there was another blast of displaced air as he sped on over to the shorter boy, wearing a big dopey grin as he came to a halt. He held his hands out, a silent offer to help the pyrokinetic sex-pot with his luggage. About, oh, a second or so later he just dove into conversation.

”Did you see who you’re staying with yet? I’m so totally bummed it’s not me, but like, at least we’re in the same place now, haha. I think my roommate is like, an elf or something. Drakka-whatever. Seriously, it’s like… something out of the Lord of the Rings, haha.” It should be noted that Colby didn’t really have an “inside voice”, and that Drake might very well have heard Redline’s assessment of his name if he happened to be passing by or within, say, twenty feet? Sky would, of course, have difficulty getting even a syllable in until Colby was finished. ”Hopefully neither of us get stuck with prudes. Drake-whatever- OH! DRAKE! Wait. He’s from Noctrem. Why am I roomed with someone from Noctrem? Ugh, his sister is such a bitch-skank. Well, he’s hot at least.” He started looking around for the shadow-manipulator. ”I bet-“

Sky would never find out what Colby would have bet. The announcement came over the loudspeaker. Mr. Marinos’ voice never failed to captivate Colby, and he fell silent (which almost never happened) to listen to the message. News of a mandatory assembly completely disrupted his frenetic train of thought. His idol and crush sounded pissed. Maybe the roommate thing was some kind of mistake, and they’d straighten it out at the assembly? That gave him a little hope for scoring a more preferred roomie, but when his mind went back to the living arrangements, he renewed his verbal assault on Sky.

”We should get you settled in and stuff, haha. Maybe there’ll be time to head back to my room.” His eyebrows waggled; Sky probably already knew what heading to Colby’s room meant, but the eyebrow waggling would erase any doubts. His gaze panned over the students who were buzzing around the roommate list and he spotted Landon again, standing all by himself, like he was waiting for a bus or something. ”Dude!” he called, but then stopped. What if Sky and Landon were roommates? He was somewhat aware of some hints of jealousy, mostly from Sky, regarding the two of them. For some reason, he got a really weird, bad feeling in his chest when he considered the two of them sharing living arrangements. They were both so different, but he cared about each of them way more than he was capable of expressing with his limited vocabulary and discomfort when it came to emotions.

It would all work out, he decided. It always did. They were both just friends anyway. Nothing to worry about, right? Besides, Sky had no right to be jealous. He was having sex with like, one out of every five girls in the school, it seemed like. Colby’s nose scrunched up as he thought of that. He’d grossed himself out. Shaking his head, he realized he’d kind of just been standing there not saying anything and blinked, trying to catch up with whatever Sky had started saying to him.


He heard quick-moving footsteps behind him and tensed; it was only Zac, false alarm. He arched a skeptical eyebrow at the other boy when he laughed and made light of the enormous duffel bag. It really was heavy. The strap of it was cutting very painfully into his shoulder, and he had brief thoughts of tossing it to him. The duffel, nearly as tall as he was and packed with everything that Theo owned, probably would have slammed Zac into the wall. That urge passed pretty quickly; instead he just shrugged, and nodded once they reached their room.

Of course, upon entering, he realized that it was actually Zac’s room. He was just a going to be taking up the extra bed. His eyes fell on the stand of drums and some arcane muscle in his left cheek, an inch or so below his eye, began to twitch. Perhaps Zac was not the best roommate after all. There were very few things that Theo could tolerate less than amateur musicians, and his understanding of that particular subculture was that drummers were the worst of the lot. His lips pressed together into an extremely thin smile as his eyes neatly quartered off the room, inspecting every inch of it. The muscle-spasm stopped a few seconds after it started, when the announcement about the assembly came on and he dutifully listened to it. He respected Marinos, the teacher, not the girl, and was curious enough about what the convocation would entail that his facial tic died away. When it was over and Zac said his piece, Theo said a single word: ”Thanks”.

He’d let Zac decide what precisely he was thanking him for. It could ostensibly be showing him to the room (which he could have found on his own). Or it could have been accepting him into the room (which he actually had no choice about). It could even have been for clearance to do what he wanted (Zac would not have liked what he wanted to do very much at all). Theo wasn’t really thanking him for anything. He was possessed of no gratitude whatsoever, at least in his current situation, but it seemed like the socially appropriate thing to say. He liked Zac well enough, but that had been when they’d only shared a few classes. Being thrust into living together would no doubt change things, but it would be better if they could get along. It wouldn’t be easy, but Theo actually did want them to have an amicable relationship, if only because anything else would probably have involved even more effort on his part.

”See you later,” he added as an afterthought when Zac took off to eat. He would, after all. It was inevitable. He’d see this boy every single day for the rest of his time at Arcana. He definitely needed to work a little harder at not disliking him as much as the drums made him want to.

He heaved his duffel onto the newer looking of the two beds, which he presumed was his. He’d contemplated heaving it into the drum kit instead, but… that would have been very noisy and troublesome, however satisfying. Rubbing at his shoulder, he moved to close and lock the door, and then settled his backpack down on the desk that was opposite his bed. He returned to the duffel bag and fought to unzip it. He’d brought all his cunning and organizational skills to bear on fitting every single article of clothing, book, and other miscellaneous item that he owned into the thing, and it was just a solid, tubular mass after being hung off his shoulder for the walk. He tugged and jerked until he’d finally managed to get the duffel open. He proceeded to somewhat solemnly pull out the neatly folded shirts, pants, and shorts, spreading them out in tidy piles on the mattress in order to decide how best to store them. Some wound up in drawers, others on hangers. It didn’t take very long, mostly because he’d managed to maintain some semblance of order with his insanely methodical packing process.

Socks and boxers wound up in his top drawer, the former balled into pairs and the latter neatly folded in half. Unlike many teenage boys, Theo did not own a single pair of comically printed underwear. His were all solid colors and extremely unflattering. He only had two extra pairs of shoes, some rundown sneakers and a pair of nice shoes that Scott had bought him for his last birthday that he’d never actually had occasion to wear. Those went on the floor of the closet.

Next came electronics. He settled his laptop on the desk and plugged in his power strip, then went about connecting a few wires. Beside that was the most expensive thing he’d ever actually bought himself: a 22 inch flat screen monitor, which he used for watching movies. He connected the single cable that would allow the video feed to transmit to the larger, high definition screen, and then set up the pair of decent-but-unremarkable speakers he’d obtained for the same purpose. Last of all were his clunky, noise-cancelling headphones. He was going to really value that descriptor by the end of the week, he realized.

He booted up the computer, his fingers flashing over the keys with terrifying speed to check his email and start up a few torrents. Hatchet 2, The Cabin in the Woods[i], and [i]Martha Marcy May Marlene. He liked having options, and by the end of the day, he suspected he’d very much need to unwind with some horror. His thoughts strayed briefly to Jade, to Drake, to Jaysin. Maybe if he was feeling sociable he’d see if one or more of them wanted to join him. Or maybe he could bond with Zac over a scary movie. They could argue about the schlockiness of Hatchet 2 easily enough, or the meta-horror-comedy elements of The Cabin in the Woods. Maybe that would be the key to their successful cohabitation: arguing. He did enjoy taking Zac on in Philosophy.

Once his downloads were underway he finished up. There were his school books and supplies, which found their ways to shelves or drawers respectively. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, the book he was slowly working his way through when he didn’t just feel like dreaming, ended up on his night stand, along with his very basic alarm clock and the charger for his phone. He plugged both in, checked his phone in order to set the blinking red 12:00 12:00 12:00 of the alarm clock to the current time. After that, there was nothing more to do than roll up the empty duffel bag and stow it in the closet.

He didn’t have any truly personal effects. Some of the content of his laptop’s hardrive might qualify, but that was as close as he came. No posters, no knick-knacks or tchotchkes, no photographs framed or otherwise. If it weren’t for his desk and school books, Zac might have wandered in later and thought Theo had decided to move into a broom closet instead. There was absolutely nothing he owned that would give any insight into who he was save for the single pair of shoes that he’d probably never wear. Even then, the meaning behind them would probably be lost on anyone who thought to question their existence. Everything else was utilitarian in nature, things that he used every day.

Unpacking hadn’t taken him very long at all. He hazarded a glance toward the locked door of the room. Did he want to go get breakfast too? Trying to recall the last time he’d eaten proved as useless as ever. His naps and dreaming made time blur together, and so he resorted to patting his flat stomach to see how angry it seemed with him. Mildly, it turned out. He forged a quick plan: light breakfast, running, a quick shower, and then the assembly. He pulled open the drawer he’d assigned his athletic wear too and briskly changed into a pair of meshy black shorts and a white tanktop, which he pulled his t-shirt back over. He trod to the closet, switching out his school sneakers for his running sneakers, and stooped to lace them up tight. He gave one last look around the room, then headed out.

Sighing, he unlocked the door and made his way into the hall, then toward the cafeteria.

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#, as written by xKyrie

Elijah stopped walking and he looked around the school grounds. His greyish-blue eyes took in with contentment, every detail he can come across. It was still dark but he didn’t care that he actually had to squint a little in order to see things clearer. He loved taking walks every morning. He would start the trek from his room going towards the school grounds and then normally continuing the rest on the forest nearby, somewhat walking aimlessly until he get tired. Sometimes he even met with Ashy especially when he would wake later than usual.

Today was different though. Despite all his preparations the past few days, Elijah was still edgy with this particular day. Mr. Marinos had informed them beforehand that they needed to share rooms with other students. Due to a misfortunate incident where Noctrem Academy had been set to fire, Mr. Montgomery along with his students was forced to take temporary refuge in Arcana. They had been staying here for the past months; at least until their school was rebuilt again- that was what he had gathered from others, and he was still not that comfortable with the current situation. What had happened to Noctrem Academy was very saddening. Nobody knew who the perpetrator was. But according to the gossips floating around the campus it was during the middle of the night when someone had started fire on the said campus. This fire had caused the death of a teacher and two of the students. It was devastating. No matter how many disturbing things he had heard about the school’s reputation, Elijah would not dare wish ill to anyone else. He hoped that they would be able to rebuild the school and find the suspect as soon as they could.

Because of the increase in numbers, both in students and faculty members, he figured that Arcana Academy was bound to be busier. Which was why he found himself taking his routinely walk earlier than what was usual. He remembered cleaning every corners of his room until he finally decided that it was acceptable enough for the arrival of his roommate-to-be. Elijah was not a slob or anything near of sorts but he had spent the last few days cleaning his room. In between attending classes and teaching at the nearest orphanage; he had boxed some of extra stuffs, changed both the bed sheets and the curtains, and rearranged his small collections of neatly stacked books on the corner. Elijah didn’t know who his roommate would be but he actually was not that selective. Though he only figured that his roommate might not appreciate a messy room and because of this he had decided to clean the already organized room. Yes, organized because it was rare that he stay at his quarters during the day after all. He could either found at library or at the forest when he is at the school grounds and he mostly visited the nearby orphanage every chance that he could get.

He loved teaching there and having the knowledge that he was helping the children gave him great joy. Speaking of the orphanage, it had been days since he last visited and Ms. Katherine had asked him to share a lesson for the older children there. He was thinking that it was time to teach them the basics about self-defense. Elijah was not your next-guy martial arts specialist or all around buffed up man but he knew self-defense and he always tried to share his knowledge to others if he could. Sure, with today’s advanced technology and the existence of special abilities such like his, this idea would sound laughable but the Irish-bred lad didn’t really care for society’s standards. He knew that learning these things would be helpful, especially in dire cases. Not a moment later, he then thought it would be best to ask Mr. Vincent for an advice. The older man was someone he usually confided in for situations such as these and though he commonly would try to be less of a bother to others, he decided that for the sake of the next sharing he might as well ask help.

It was minutes after when the sun had fully risen that he finally noticed the time. Sparing his wristwatch a glance, he was surprised to see that it was already past 7. The list for the roommates would probably posted by this time. He might as well go now. He didn’t know where Izzy or Elle was but they were typically together during these stuffs and he planned on looking for them once he saw the list. Elijah then walked out the forest and into the familiar path towards the receptionist area. He noticed familiar faces and smiled at those who looked in his direction. He only stopped when he reached the board for the rooming list and started looking for his name. Room Eight: Elijah Claymore and Benjamin Hershkovitz

…Oh, Ben.

He blankly stared at the paper in front and it took him a moment’s deliberation before he stepped out of the way and stayed on the side. He didn’t knew that Mr. Marinos would pair them with the students from Noctrem… it was more logical to assume that they would be rooming with the Arcana ones. To be frank this would be a little awkward. He didn’t know Benjamin. He was loud and talkative that was as far as he knew and Elijah was never the one to judge that deeply. Would they get along? Thankfully, he wasn’t always around so maybe Benjamin would not be that bothered with his presence. He hoped that he wouldn’t inconvenience the boy in any other way or form. The last thing that he wanted was someone to hate him for being troublesome. Looking around, he searched for his new roommate. He already had a duplicate for the room’s key. He was planning to give it to him and show him the room.


'Goodbye, stupid motel and all the stupid people supposedly working in it!’

As he rode in a quickly moving ambulance, complete with emergency alarm blaring above, Eriol watched the scene outside the window with a faint degree of amusement. He recalled the latest and preferably the last prank he would ever do on the three-star motel that he just left. The said cheap motel had been his- along with the other students’ house for the past month ever since Noctrem Academy was burned down. Because of his utter annoyance with the poor and improper service conducted at the establishment, he and Ben had been pestering the motel personnel with several perfectly laid out pranks. Both he and his best pranking buddy had spread mayhem and mischief on the said place every chance that they possibly could.

The motel was nothing. It was a poor excuse of an area where weary and currently homeless people like him could not find any semblance of comfort. The service was cheap: some of the air conditioners and showers were broken, and even the decorations of the said place looked bleak. The personnel were all incompetent and even the manager was wimpy and undoubtedly an asshole more than anything else. It was because of his recent experiences that he found himself invariably murdering over and over in his mind whoever had schemed and unfortunately succeeded to burn Noctrem. He really wished that they would find the bastard who caused all of this sooner than they could… Or else he might get insane with the continuing absurdity happening around him. He was not a little bit concerned with the deaths caused by the fire but he’d be damned if he would never get to know who dared to burn the only thing he could call his humble abode into ashes. If only he knew how to travel back to the past this time around, Eriol Adelart would surely do his best to discover whoever the suspect was without a heartbeat’s hesitation. As he got lost in his musings, he could not help but think of several scenarios he would do to the suspect once given the chance. The conclusion? All of which were never less pass borderline mildly sadistic in nature.

That fire had been the source of all the misery and discomfort that he was currently experiencing. If it weren’t for that bastard he would not be here, riding in this blasted ambulance making his way towards the stupid school that idiotic Marinos manages. Instead of basking himself in the privacy of his own quarters, Eriol would be forced to share with others. It was stupid and unless his roommate was Ben, he was very determined to cause havoc to the unlucky one who would dare share room with him. ‘Let them dare pair me up with that moronic Theodore and they would see how fascinating my ability matched with my personality would certainly be.’ He darkly thought, waiting with impatience as he watched out for the shadows of the familiar gates of Arcana Academy on the passing sidewalks.

Speaking of that blasted school; after fifteen minutes or so he was finally able to see it from his position at the van. Eriol focused all of his attention and willpower on concentrating hard to activate his ability until he was able to stop time-just like he planned. He watched with nonchalance as things moved in slow motion before totally stopping as he felt the full effect of his power taking over everything. During this, all existing objects were stagnant: the swaying of the leaves ceased mid-air, the wheels almost comically stopped and every movement was frozen in time much like those usual happenings at every poorly-executed and yet bizarre time travelling movies people could come across.

This was not strange for the sixteen-year old boy though. Ever since he had been enrolled to Noctrem, he had grown used to several sights that would make normal human gape and goggle-eyed. Telekinetic and air-manipulating girls? These were only several of the other abilities that could be found at the said Academy. Noctrem Academy was specially designed to teach and hone teenagers like him, in order to use their power the best that they could for the greater bad. In fact, undeniably such was also the reason for the existence of Arcana Academy. A school contrary to his Alma Mater; Leonardo Marinos had decided to teach his little angels to use their abilities for good. Imagine how boring was that? Using your space and time manipulating skills to help those other worthless humans? For what? Few alms and praises of recognition which would fall dead to the masses' ears once you so as much try to make one measly mistake? Eriol Locke was not an idiot and he would never be foolish enough to live in the same ideals Leonardo wanted to instill. It was laughable and petty. Truly idealistic and he knew full well that if he was older than he was right now, he would have demanded that phony to retire and be thrown off his office. Off with his unbecoming brigades.

After glancing at the bus on the side, he grabbed hold of his large backpack-the only thing he had, and opened the back door of the van. The ambulance had served its purpose and that was to take him to the academy. He didn’t have the enthusiasm to conduct another prank and so he decided that calling 911 and asking to be delivered in a nonexistent emergency accident was rather enough to satisfy his daily craving of sadistic/mischievous exercises.

He had actually missed the bus. He had spent most of his evenings making arrangements and several phone calls to different department stores and repair services as a gift to subtly help the three-star motel improve their business. He used the name of the owner—something that took him a day of stalking and ordered for decorations, maintenance and help to his heart’s content. He had actually been anticipating the rapidly ballooning expenses that were sure to be billed to the administration. That would be a joy! The prank was executed as his sign of vengeance for the torment he had experienced while living at the place and he slept the night excited for the day that was to come.

The next day after his thorough planning however, he regretfully woke up late—later than the allotted time which caused him to miss the bus that was supposed to take them to Arcana. Forced to commute and left with no other option to contact Cain or Ms. Wright, Eriol had then decided look for his own mode of transportation except the use of his ability. He decided that there’s no novelty in travelling the usual way he normally did. It was because of this where his ingenious idea of calling for emergency ambulance in excuse of cardiac arrest came forth. And after that the rest was history, here he was walking towards the school grounds where he noticed other students loitering around the academy from the corner of his eyes.

Everything was still suspended in space and he concentrated on keeping up with this at least until he reached the roommates listing. He had no mood for company and he would rather get settled first before functioning as he normally did: Charming and impeccable to fellow students. Arcana Academy was undeniably a new territory. While they had been studying here for the past month or so, it would be a thoughtless move for Eriol to be not wary and less calculating of his actions.

Donned in his mask of indifference, he walked passing by Sky and gaped incredulously at the list that he saw. Room Ten: Landon Hirst and Eriol Adelart Who the hell was Landon Hirst? He didn't know any Noctrem student by that name and so it was logical to think he is from Arcana. But heck, he wasn't familiar with a student by that name. Was he one of those idiots he tend to avoid? Eriol shook his head and walked several paces away from the receptionist area and stood at the first shaded tree he could come across. He let go of his control over his ability and busied himself with recalling the face associated with the name. After few minutes of futilely trying he then decided to go to the room himself. He was bound to remember the person and he would rather look less like an idiot waiting on their damned room instead of staying here acting every inch like he was lost. Which he was not apparently, mind you. Besides as he heard the recent announcement where Leo had already informed them via PA for an assembly later, he might as well make himself presentable.

'Passed the large tree and down into the rabbit hole,'

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At the center of the room, most likely looking like a fool, Landon waited for someone he couldn't recognize. He was far from thrilled with the rooming list, having to share a room after having 10 all to himself for so long would be a pain to day the least. The fact that he had to share with a Noctrem made it worse, he would have been fine with almost anyone from Arcana but possibly the least favorable thing was that he didn't recognize the name, which probably meant he didn't care for whoever it was.

The Announcement over the PA caught his attention and he instinctively looked up, identifying the source of the sound. An assembly, Marinos must have wanted to welcome the Noctrem students, despite his obvious disdain for the whole scenario. Landon continued to scan the room hoping he'd recognize the face that he could not call to memory when reading the name off the list. Growing bored he picked at his fingernails and scratched the back of his neck. He sighed with relief when hit with a rogue “Dude!” He looked right at Colby with a generous grin. He would never find Eriol like this and gave up, heading over to his best friend and Sky.

“Did you figure it out, your roommate?” he said giving a nod and a motion of his hand to greet Sky. “At least we know who yours is, I've never even heard of mine, Eriol Adelart?” He considered that Eriol might have snuck passed him to his... their room but his growling stomach reminded him that he didn't care. Breakfast would have to take precedence. The Colbster and Sky were sure to be hungry too, Colby was always hungry and would drop everything at the mention of food. One word should do it as he looked at both of them, “Breakfast?”

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#, as written by throne

Colby had accepted the honor or carrying the Party Box quite willingly, wrapping his arms around it. The sound of thick glass bottles knocking against one another made him curious, and he reminded himself to be careful while carrying it (and then promptly forgot).

He remained in his own little world of what he might have been able to identify as low-level anxiety if he bothered to identify any of the negative emotions that he occasionally came across. Anger was the most frequent visitor, especially with the Noctrem kids sharing the school with them for the last month. Even then, it wasn’t all that frequent. Sadness was almost unknown to him. He just didn’t see the point of it. Every day was filled with a hundred reasons to be glad he was alive. There were other more tricky ones that he couldn’t even supply names for that came and went, but none of them mattered. Neither did his misgivings relating to Sky and Landon.

He tuned back into the conversation and blinked. ”Oh, yeah, I was just thinking about something.” He looked at Sky quizzically. ”Isn’t it a little early for Asian take-out, dude? I mean like, I’m pretty hungry, but are there even any Chinese places open in this timezone yet? Haha. Man. I’m like, starving.” Just like that, Colby had forgotten his proposition… or really, Sky had screwed himself out of the quickie by comparing Eden to food. If there was anything that Colby enjoyed more than sex and attention, it was definitely food.

”Wait wait wait.” Another snippet of Sky’s voice caught up with him. ”Did you say you’re rooming with Jay?” Concern softened Colby’s features, and then he realized that the last twinges of worry about Landon and Sky being put in the same room were gone. He knew that the self-replicator hated Sky, though he wasn’t exactly clear on why. Somebody might have told him, once, but if they had his mind had already lost hold of the information. He opened his mouth to say something, but that was when Landon decided to come over, and Colby was distracted yet again.

”Yes, I figured it out.” And then, uncertainly: ”It’s Drake, right?” Reminded of his roommate’s identity, he glanced around, trying to find him. Ah, there he was, with Lor. And Lor totally looked to be in a good mood. He almost headed over to the pair to greet his new roommate and give the girl a big old hug, but then he remembered that he was talking to Sky and Landon. Oops. ”Isn’t… Ad-Alert like, some spyware program? Wait wait, no, Eriol. Eriol.” He tapped his foot so fast that it sounded like an outboard motor. It helped him think. ”Oh, he’s that weird kid who likes to pull pranks. Haha, better be careful.” His nose wrinkled slightly. ”So not cute. I don’t know. Maybe he’s your type though.” Colby shrugged.

He grinned at Landon, though, one of his bigger and goofier grins. ”Dude, we were just talking about food, haha!” Well. Not really. But he thought they were. ”Great minds, right? But… oh, Sky is in with Jaysin, like… okay. I have a plan!” He announced this exuberantly. ”Let’s get Sky settled in, like, all three of us, in case Jay’s still in there. Then we can get some breakfast. I hope they have French toast today. I am craving French toast like you would not believe. Sound good?” His head whipped back and forth, looking first to Sky, then to Landon, and then back to Sky.

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Sky Byrnes

Sky's brows furrowed when Colby began talking about Asian resturants. Are there Chinese places open in this timezone yet? It clicked in his head what Colby thought they were talking about. "Oh, that's not what I mean-" He started, but was interupted by the speedster, who seemed to want to confirm who Sky's roommate was. "Yeah. That guy fucking hates me haha." He gave a small laugh, cracking his knuckles. He noticed a look of concern spread across Colby's face and a smiled came to Sky's lips. He was going to say something, but he kept his mouth closed when he saw Landon walk up. Damn. With Colby's mind on food and Landon with them, Sky seriously doubted his chances of getting laid. He gave a small sigh. He really wanted to fuck. Like really. But he got over the desire and focused on Landon.

Sky smiled and nodded at him in greeting. Landon was a cool guy and Sky could see why him and Colby were such good friends. Well, friends with benefits. A pang of jealousy hit Sky as he watched the two speak, but he quickly pushed the feelings back to where ever they came from. It was ridiculous to be jealous of their relationship. Sky had to remind himself that him and Colby were just friends. Nothing more, nothing less. He snapped his attention back to the two, who were talking about Eriol. Sky smiled as he spoke up "Oh Eriol! He's really cool. Colb's right, he's super weird, but he's really funny."

He raised his eyebrows in a way to say he was interested in Landon's suggestion of breakfest. A small smile came to Sky's lips when he heard Colby say they were just talking about food. 'Oh Colby.' He thought, mentally chuckling to himself. He listened to Colby's idea about all of them going to get Sky settled in. "Well, Jay would be less likely to try and kill me if you guys came." He started. "I think it sounds like a good idea." He looked over at Landon. "You up for it?"

Eden Haven

Eden listened as he heard Kali's voice on the other side of the phone. "Yeah, I can go check for you. I got Marcurio Espenosa. Do you know who he is? The name sounds familiar, but I can't put a face to it." He made his way to the list again, the crowd getting smaller and smaller as more students went to unpack their things. He ran his eyes over the list, finding Kali's name. "You, my dear, are with Miss. Yvette Beatrix in Room 19." Eden smiled. "Alright, me and Mary will find you in a sec. See ya in a second." He got off the phone and looked at Mary.

"She says she's behind the school." Mary nodded and the started walking to the back of the school so that they could find Kali.
They found her soon, seeing her along with some other girls. Eden broke out in a sprint and jumped on Kali, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. "Hey Kali!" He greeted, as if they hadn't seen each other in weeks. He gave a big, goofy grin and let her go, waving to all the girls. "Hey." Mary came up, smiling at the group and giving a wave.

"So, are you guys staying here until the assembly?" Eden asked, looking around and seeing Adina, another one of his angels, sleeping a few yards away from the group. "Just a second." He said, walking over to her and running his hand against her hair. "Wake up, Adina." He said sweetly as she slowly came to life. The rose petals in her hand slowly fell to ground as her fingers slowly cracked balled into a fist. A smile came to her stone face when she saw the boy in front of her. "Hello Eden." She greeted and he smiled back at her. "Morning Dina. The Noctrem student are moving in today."

She raised an imaginary eyebrow. "Really? Oh. Interesting." She slowly walked away from her previous spot and looked at the group of girls. "Hello girls!" She sang, dancing over to them. She was the most dramatic of Eden's angels, by far. Eden smirked and followed her. "I had to wake her up." Eden said, grinning at the group. Mary and Adina smiled at each other, the angels standing side by side. Adina waved to Kali. "Hello sweetheart!" She greeted cheerfully. "So I hear the Noctrem students are here today. Hope none of them break one of us." She chuckled, making a strange noise that sounded like someone shaking a bag of small stones. Eden's eyes widen at the thought of someone defaceing or breaking one of the angels. That would be horrible.

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“Yeah, are you ready for that? You'll have to work out some kind of sock-on-the-door system to avoid walking in on each other.” He smiled mischievously at the thought of how Colby might react walking in on Drake fucking some girl. This roommate situation would be throwing a wrench in several student's sexual interaction that had previously gone unchecked with people doing whatever they wanted behind the closed door of their own private room. That would all have to change and it would make for plenty of awkward moments.

Colby seemed a little more off the wall than usual today, all of the move-in excitement probably had him distracted. Landon watched him as the box he was holding rattled loudly with all the foot tapping going on. They knew a hell of a lot more about Eriol than he did and he started to get an idea of who his roommate might be. Funny, prankster, weird, but also cool an 'so not cute'. He thought of Ben, a known prankster, he knew who Ben was so Eriol must be the guy that walked around with him. He could picture him now, vaguely. Weird was definitely a word he would have gone with, but trusting their opinions he felt slightly relieved.

Hearing that Sky got stuck with Jaysin he pulled a grimace. “Jay? That really blows, man. Sure, I'm good to head up there. Hell, with the three of us, he can make as many copies of himself as he wants and he'd still wind up all beaten, charred and whiplashed.” He said with a typical half smile, “and if we're there anyway, I might check to see if Eriol made his way to my... to the room. After we make sure Jay's not in the killing mood, of course, then straight for to the Cafeteria. ” He headed up the group out of the Reception and up the stairs and down to Sky's new room.

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#, as written by throne

He thought about putting in his earbuds and playing some music. The room he shared with Zac was one of the last dormitories, and that meant he’d have to pass almost every single room on his way to the cafeteria. Having his earbuds in wouldn’t preclude anyone trying to converse with him entirely. He’d learned that the hard way. It would help, maybe. A slight frown tugged at his lips as he wondered why he was feeling so misanthropic today. Well, moreso than usual, anyway. Even he had to admit that the impulse to wreck Zac’s drums and how terse he’d been were somewhat over the top. Was it just the move? He’d gotten used to having his own motel room and the freedom that it entailed. Or was it something more, something that he wasn’t fully conscious of?

Speaking of Zac, he spotted the boy heading in the opposite direction of him. Feeling ever-so-guilty for how he’d behaved before, Theo lifted a hand in greeting and managed to reorder his thoughtfully frowning lips into a smile. When he heard the sound of Zac on his drums soon thereafter, he found himself very glad that he’d decided to eat rather than read or catch a nap. Ear plugs, he decided. That would be his concession, his act of kindness. He’d just invest in some ear plugs, and Zac could practice with a brass band for all he cared.

As he passed Room Sixteen, he heard Jaysin’s voice, and slowed down just slightly. There were other people in the room- Erin and the strange boy from Arcana, Keirol. He heard the voice of Corentine Quellen afterward and abruptly picked his pace back up. His dislike of Cor outstripped his fondness for Jaysin by whole orders of magnitudes. He didn’t feel like enduring her presence, and the room already seemed quite crowded anyway.

He kept walking. Spotting Amber heading into her room, he tensed slightly, and then let out a captive breath when she just slipped in without seeing him. He’d been avoiding her for… well, a while now. When she saw him, her eyes tended to spark with interest, and her body language suggested that she was going to approach and engage, and he really didn’t want to allow that to happen. He had a sneaking suspicion about what she wanted, and he had far too many secrets to be comfortable letting that girl get close.

He tensed yet again when, closer to the atrium where the list had been posted, he spotted Colby, Landon, and Sky. Just walking by the three of them made him feel very much like he imagined fairly attractive women felt when they walked past a construction site. He was waiting for a cat-call, a proposition, some comment on his arms or his shirt or whatever detail of his appearance that they might bring up today. He wasn’t being entirely fair. Sky wasn’t nearly so bad as Landon, and Landon wasn’t anywhere near as aggravating as the speedster. He nodded awkwardly at the trio. Well, mostly at Landon. Landon, who’d managed to stumble onto one of his secrets. He’d sworn he wouldn’t say anything, wouldn’t mention it. Theo believed that he’d stay quiet, but he worried about the price. He knew the other boy was interested in him, probably even more so after their encounter the week before. How long would it be before it occurred to Landon that his knowledge would give him leverage over the object of his affection?

Perhaps there was an upshot to having a memory-meddler as a roommate. He’d have to broach the subject with Zac cagily. He might have been from Arcana, but he had no qualms misusing his powers for the sake of schoolwork. Getting him to purge Landon’s mind of what he’d learned… well, he’d have to think about it. That would only mean he was indebted to Zac instead of Landon. He might be better off with the latter.

He glanced around at those still near the list, hoping to spot one of the few faces he considered actually friendly. Someone he wouldn’t mind talking to. His mind was busier than usual. That tended to indicate that he needed to get something out of his system. Oh well. Seeing no one promising, he soldiered on to the cafeteria. Maybe there would be someone there. Or maybe he’d just have to wait for his run to blow off steam.

Theo often forgot to eat, but when he did eat, he did it right. He got himself a tray and upon it gathered the following: one bowl of whole-grain cereal with two percent milk, two scrambled eggs and two thick slices of ham, a glass of orange juice, wheat toast, and a small pre-packaged fruit and yogurt and granola bowl that actually looked really good. Carrying his food to a vacant table, he sat down and got to work, eating little bits of this and that, diminishing each aspect of his meal proportionately, except for the yogurt medley, which he saved for lonesome last.

After a minute or two of persisting solitude, he slipped his earbuds in and started some music. Move Along by the All-American Rejects started up from his randomized playlist.


Colby grinned when Sky cracked his knuckles; it was a very different grin from the goofy standard he made of his mouth most of the time. It wasn’t so much the way his lips were curved that was different, but the competitive cast to his eyes. One might almost think that he wanted Jaysin to start something with Sky when he was there. He blinked when Sky seemingly held off on saying something when Landon arrived, but that was quickly forgotten because… Landon arrived, and the conversation sped on.

He burst into laughter when his buddy mentioned a sock-on-the-doorknob code for him and Drake. Was it really that funny? Probably not to most people. To Colby it was though. Putting a sock on a doorknob made him think of putting a condom on a carrot, like people did in sex-ed classes, and for some reason, thinking about that never failed to make him guffaw. ”Haha, totally,” he said once he’d calmed down. ”I’m going to have to buy a ton of socks, haha.” Apparently it didn’t occur to him to designate a single sock for that purpose.

He listened to the other two, nodding along as Sky put in his two cents on Eriol and Landon agreed to help back Sky up if need be. Maybe he’d been worried about nothing before. Sky and Landon were getting along just fine. Really, Landon was being his usually awesome self and joining the cavalry. He decided that things were totally copacetic (this was the most sophisticated word in Colby’s vocabulary, though the precise connotation escaped him) and moved on, flourishing another grin. ”Jaysin is a total babe though. Haha, he’s going to like, be sooooooo obsessed with you not seeing him naked.” He turned his grin on Sky as he said it. ”It’s kind of hilarious how mad he gets when I hit on him. It’s like, ‘dude, chill out, it doesn’t make you gay if a gay guy hits on you,’ right? He should be, like, flattered, haha.”

He started off behind Landon, still carrying the Party Box. ”So what do you guys think the assembly is about?” That actually hadn’t slipped through the holes in his mental colander. ”Sounds like it’s a pretty big deal, right? Maybe us being put with Noctrem kids was like, some computer mix-up or whatever, and we’re gonna get our real room assignments, haha.” He blinked, and then gave Sky a nudge with his arm. ”No offense dude, haha. I just wish you were with me. That would have been so awesome.” His eyes glazed a bit, and he imagined what it would have been like had he and Sky been put together. Awesome was certainly one way to put it. The other ways to put it warrant censorship.

He gave Theo McCaffrey a once over as the moody boy passed them, then looked over to Landon a few seconds later. ”Didn’t he like, totally shoot you down too? Soooooo glad I didn’t get stuck with him. I think I might have like, died of frustration or whatever, haha. Hopefully whoever he’s with can like, cheer him up some.” He looked over at Sky then, whipping his head quickly. ”Was he like, ever happy? Or did he always look like he was having a mug shot taken, haha?”

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Amber Romano

Amber was finally finished with putting her stuff away. She kneeled down, sliding a small jewelry box (containing some of Amber's favorite things) under her bed when she heard the room's door open and close. She stood up and turned around to smile at the head of blonde hair that entered their room. A polite smile rested on Amber's lips as she listened to the other girl greet her and welcome her to the academy. 'She seems nice.' Amber thought. "Thanks Hayley." She said, still smiling. "The school seems really nice. It's a nice change of scenery, especially coming from that motel." She pretended to shiver and grinned at the girl.

Amber stared at the girl for a moment, assessing all the little things about her. 'Light blue eyes. Curly blonde hair. Fair hair, not dirty blonde. Slim build, not many curves. Heart shaped lips. Tiny nose...' Every second that passed, more and more details were added to Amber's mental list. The Noctrem student kept smiling at the Arcana, then spoke. "You know, we haven't spoken at all since I've been going here." Her emerald eyes lit up as she spoke. "I hope we get to change that. We'll have a lot of time to talk now that we're roomies." Her friendliness seemed sincere enough, but most would be rather unsettled by the way Amber spoke. So...formal for a girl of her age.

She grabbed her purse and slung it over her shoulder. "I'm going to get some breakfast, but I'll see you at Mr. M's assembly." She walked toward the door and past Hayley, placing her hand on the other girl's shoulder. "I look forward to getting to know you." She said, smiling again, before she left the room and went into the hallways.

Amber walked down the hallways, ignoring all the action going around her and thinking to herself. She made a mental list of potential allies at the school. Now was a time to recruit. People were confused by what was going on and vastly different personalities were clashing. It was a perfect storm for gossip and rumors to bloom. Amber's buissness could flourish, but she just needed the right people to help her add fuel to the fire. Ellie was an obvious choice. Her gift would give Amber a huge advantage. No one would be able to hide anything from them. Then, after Ellie, there was Theo. Theo, Theo, Theo. He had been avoiding her for a while and Amber had an idea of why. He knew that she wanted his help, but for some reason, he didn't seem eager to join her. Next was Freya. That girl had so much potential to cause trouble. Nothing was in more demand on the Gossip Market than some juicy hook ups and romance. Amber wondered if the girl could make a straight guy fall for another guy. That would be an entertaining project.

The girl grabbed a tray, placeing some toast, a waffle, some bacon, and nice, bright red apple on it. She turned to look for a place to sit and- Oh! Was that Theo over there? Amber's lips curled into a devilish smile as she strutted over to his table, her heels clicking and clacking against the cafeteria's shiney wood floor. She sat down across from Theo, puting up her hand and daintily waved at him in greeting.

'Headphones.' was the first thing she observed as she took her seat. She gave Theo a polite smile, setting her bag down in the seat next to her. She reached into it, taking out the Black Book and a red pen. She flipped through the pages until she came upon a blank page. She scribbled something down on the paper, ripped it from the book and laid it down in front of the boy.
It read,
Let's talk

Amber took one of her knives out of her bag and held it in her left hand, apple in her right. She watched Theo as she cut a sliver of the fruit off, and ate it off the blade. She smiled at Theo as she chewed (with her mouth closed, of course) her bright green eyes gleaming as she thought of his potential in the buissness. 'We could do great things.' she thought.

Sky Byrnes

Sky shook his head in amusement as he listened to the two best friends in front of him. It somewhat reminded him of his own relationship with his good friend Curio. 'Where is Curio?' Sky thought, but his attention was taken by the new information Colby has just dropped. Jay doesn't feel comfortable with guys hitting on him? An evil smile came to the pyro's lips as the wheels started turning in his head. "Oh poor guy." He started, smirking. "I'm going to make his life Hell." Sky started on a mental list of things to buy to make his new roomie super uncomfortable. He was going to need a bunch of gay dirty magazines, some Twilight posters (the ones with Taylor Lautner), and few other things that escaped Sky's mind. 'Note to self.' Sky thought. 'Turn any and all coversations with Jay sexual and hit on him whenever possible.' "Oh God, could you imagine what Jay would do if we all came onto him at once?" Sky broke out laughing, just imagining how Jay's face would look. "That'd be great."

Colby has gone onto a new subject (like he usually did) and nudged Sky's arm, making the pyro laugh. "None taken. And I really wish I'd got you too. That'd be fun." God, would it be fun. Sky's grades would probably suffer, but he'd still get a workout everyday. Sky bit his lower lip as he though about it but he stopped when he saw Theo. The kid confused him a little. He was never consistant with Sky. Sometimes he looked really pissed off at him, other times he look amused.

Sky shrugged at Colbs question. "I guess. Honestly, he was picked on pretty bad when he first came to Noctrem. Lots of kids thought his power was useless." The pyro thought if he'd ever seen Theo happy. "Oh wait! There was a point were he didn't seem like he wanted to kill everyone!" A grin formed on Sky's mouth when he remembered. "It was when, I think, he was dating..." His smile fell. "Scott." Scott was the only student to die in the Noctrem fire. The thought of what Theo must've been going through crushed Sky. He knew what it was like to lose someone close to you before it was their time. His own mother, drowned by her dead husband's brother.

He shook it off and continued the conversation. "So yeah, I guess he was happy for a little. I feel really bad about what happened to Scott. Maybe I could've helped." Sky's stomach growled loudly and he looked down at it. "Woah." He said laughing. "Just a second." He went in front of Colby and carefully took off the top of the Party Box, revealing several large bottles of whiskey and tequila, a few boxes of condoms (of assorted colors and flavors), a couple of firecrackers, and lastly, a large bag of candy.

Sky took out a green lollipop and popped it into his mouth before looking at the other boys. "Do you guys want any candy? I know it's the morning and everything, but just so you can eat something before breakfast?"

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Scott Martin Andrews

Scott wasn’t much of a drinker, and if he did drink he was quite reckless. It would be to the point where he could possibly find himself sleeping with Addison the next morning if he did drink, so he wasn’t the biggest fan of alcohol. Don’t get him wrong, If he did randomly wake up to find Addison right next to him he wouldn’t be concerned, she is one hot piece of work.

“Addison you know how bad of a drinker I am” Scott coughed. He wasn’t only just reckless but infact, when Scott did drink he was massive klutz .He couldn’t keep his feet on the ground if his life depended on it, It was almost funny to watch. He would also have a tendency to laugh at everything, for some odd reason.

“I’ll leave you both to your little party, I’m just going to walk around a bit.” Scott gave a engaging wink to both girls and went back inside. The towel from the gym was still wrapped around his neck and the thought of working out again was tiring. He was going to room, maybe just to relax a little and take a shower.

On his way he sees Colby, Sky and Landon. The simple thought of Landon’s name made Scott want to kill himself. If it wasn’t for Colby Scott could of killed Landon on day 1. Nonetheless, Scott didn’t want to get in a fight so early in the morning. Both Colby and Sky on the other hand, Scott respected entirely. He got along with both of them fairly well and Colby is one of Scott’s closet friends. He’s one of the only guys from Arcana besides Jackson, who he likes to hang out with. It’s fun to hang out with Colby, He’s easy to tease. Not in that tormenting, bully way but in a playful way. Scott’s aware of how much Colby lusts over him so he finds it funny watching him scramble on his feet when Scott takes his shirt off or something. Sky is the same. He’s a major flirt but really, Scott doesn’t really care.

“Speedy Gonzales” Scott chuckled to himself as he passed Colby. As Scott passes all three of them he takes a glance into Colby’s box. He holds his gaze, trying to avoid eye-contact with Landon. Candy, condoms, firecrackers and just a bunch of other things were in the box, this had Colby’s name written all over it.

“I’ll be taking one of these.” Scott grabbed a rubber and slipped it into his pocket even though he wasn't going to use it, it smelt funky. Scott was about to make his way to the staircase until he stopped. He turned and spoke directly to Sky. “You’re with Jay? Right? I mean I have your back if anything goes down, just to let you know. You’re not the only one that slept with Cor.” Scott smirked and made his way to his room.

His stuff was still scattered everywhere, Izzy wasn’t here either. He had the place to himself, Scott got completed naked and jumped into the shower. He had put a fresh patch of clothes and organized everything that was his to the side of the room so that when Izzy arrived he wouldn’t get a heart attack. Scott jumped on his bed and stared at his ceiling. Minutes and minutes pass and he remained to do nothing, he was thinking, about everything. His thoughts were either about the assembly that was near by and the other half of his conscious was thinking about Freya.

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Landon laughed along, making Jay uncomfortable would definitely be hilarious. Though he'd never said much to Jay himself, Colby had got himself in trouble enough times with his offhand 'compliments' for Landon to know he was far from interested. Overwhelming the boy with flattery from the three of them could at least make for some interesting extra curricular battle practice.

“I wouldn't mind having these assignments changed. I'm not exactly keen to the idea of waking up to some scene from the Parent Trap every morning and I'm sure Eriol wouldn't like the idea of being quarantined to some small section of the room all night.” He wasn't exactly a huge fan of pranks or surprises really, the two kind of go hand in hand. With Eriol's power Landon doubt he could really do much to stop them, so a new roommate would probably be an ideal outcome of the assembly.

Theo's presence in the hall made him forget completely about Eriol and the assembly. He looked grim, no surprises there, but otherwise he was as sexy as ever. Landon didn't say anything, no wolf whistles or comments on his appearance. The baggy clothes hid the body that was capable of so much more than what he presented to the majority of the school, a weak little dreamer hardly strong enough to carry a duffel bag up to his room. Landon had seen just how capable Theo was, but had promised to keep his athleticism a secret, though he could hardly see why it was such a big deal. He smiled and nodded back as Theo wordlessly walked passed the trio. He hadn't tried talking to the Noctrem student since their last meeting in the library, he was still trying to figure out how to work around Theo's advice: “Your time would be better spent going after someone else.”

Landon wasn't sure what made that so impossible. It could have been the pursuit that made Theo so irresistible, he was something that he couldn't simply have, it was a challenge. It could also be that the kid was so damn mysterious; hardly talking to anyone, hiding his exercise routine. There was nothing about him that was easy to understand, to win over, nothing. However, for all the times he'd been stand offish and rude, there were a few instances where he genuinely seemed like a nice guy who was shrouded in all of his own sadness and secrets, or whatever.

Colby's question, caught him off guard, “Yeah, a few times, actually.” or that's what he would have liked to say if Colby hadn't said everything so quickly. He instead settled for a nod but listened carefully to what Sky said. It seemed that Theo was only happy when dating, Scott? Obviously not Scott Andrews and with the few other things Skylar said Landon gathered he meant the Scott that had died in the fire. The guilt hit pretty hard. For the past few weeks, he'd been hitting on and bugging Theo and the whole reason he was so sad all the time was because his boyfriend was burnt alive. He felt like such an ass. Landon was visibly distraught over what he'd just learned as he quietly accepted the lollipop to suck on while he thought the whole thing over, including what he'd say as an apology.

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Amber Romano

Amber smiled cheerfully as she observed Theo. 'Posture: Rigid, suggesting the subject is uncomfortable or defensive. Eyes focused on his target: Me. Perfect.' She watched him tug his headphones out of his ears, cutting another sliver off her apple, but she waited before eating it. The boy obviously didn't seem to happy to be talking to the shape-shifter, but after several years of doing what she does, Amber had adjusted to the way people acted towards her. Being successful had a price and her's was giving up the trust of most of the school. A fair price in her eyes.

She crossed her legs as Theo smiled- Well, attempted to smile, at her. She pushed her raven colored hair behind her shoulder, chuckling at his comment. "Who would you rather me have come to you as?" She asked, her emerald eyes suddenly fading and changing color until they were their natual blue-green. Her soft lips rested in a smirk as he stirred his parfait, her eyes suddenly gleaming with interest as a snarky comment came from the dream manipulator. 'Alittle play before buissness?' She thought. 'I'm game.'

Amb ever-so-slightly raised an eyebrow as the boy ate his food in a very dramatic way. It seemed Theo was in a mood to scratch back, something that Amber wasn't expecting, though her face wouldn't show as much. She just kept her smile, then eating the apple off her knife just as she did before. She assessed the new situation in her head, trying to find the right way to counter his strange approach. He usually wasn't so bitchy. This could complicate her plans to a certain extent. She was going to simply put her offer out on the table, for him to accept or reject it, but if he wanted to have a battle of wills, Amber would be more than happy to comply.

She took her knife to her apple, but instead of cutting it like she had previously did, the girl ran it down the apple's side, slowly skinning the red exterior from the white underneath. She repeated this as she looked at Theo and opened her mouth to speak. "Well, there are no reasons for us not to be friends." Another strand of apple skin fell onto Amber's tray. "But then again, you don't seem to fond of having company, do you?" She sped up the process, soon ending up with a completely skinned apple. She was smiling at Theo, though even if she wasn't, her eyes gleamed with a certain amusment. She brought the throwing knife up to her lips, licking the fruit's juice clean from it's blade.

She picked up the apple by the stem, but as she did, the features on her face quickly changed, taking on a more masculine appearance. Her shoulders broadened, she grew in height, her hair shortened and turned a light brown. Her clothes seemed to change as well, until they became a red T shirt with a black coat, black shorts, and sneakers. She took a bite of the apple, now fully in the guise of Landon Hirst.

She smirked, putting the apple down on the tray. It was most likely a strange sight, seeing the boy with his legs crossed in such a feminine way. Actually, everything she did in his guise seemed more feminine. From the way she set down the apple, to the way she was now girlishly twirling a finger in her hair. "You know, Theo, it's obvious that this boy has a thing for you." As she spoke, Amber's voice deepened, until it was undistinguishable from Landon's. She winked at the boy. "But I'm guessing you already know that." Truthfully, Landon was her second choice of people to confront Theo as. Scott, Theo's dead lover was her first, but she couldn't bring herself to do that. It was too low a blow, even for Amber. And she didn't think that Theo would react to well to seeing Amber disrepecting his deseased boyfriend.

She examined her nails for a moment, before switching her attention back to the boy in front of her. "So, Theo. I'm sure you know why I came to talk to you." She set her now manish hands on the table, tapping her fingers against the surface. "But, I'll respect it if you don't want to talk buissness yet. I'll wait as long as you want." She gave him another wink, before picking up a strip of bacon and crunching down on it.

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#, as written by throne

The speedster listened to both his friends- occasionally opening his mouth, like he was about to butt in, but when he couldn’t quite do so, he fell silent and listened again. Obviously they were all in agreement about the roommate thing. Not that he really minded Drake, just… well, someone he could beat off in front of would have been dandy. He made a mental note (or tried, anyway; making a mental note was a bit like trying to pin something to glass for Colby’s always-racing mind) to broach that subject with his new roomie if he got the chance. It would segue nicely from them sorting out the sock system, or whatever method they used to make sure that one didn’t walk in on the other screwing. Not that Colby really cared. As far as he was concerned, Drake could grab some popcorn and watch or, even better, join in. Some sneaky sexy sort of thoughts dragged his attention away from the better part of Sky’s explanation on why Theo was such a head-case without much resistance. He blinked away images of Drake crawling into his bed naked and tried to get back into the flow of chatter.

”Oh yeah! I remember hearing about that. That sucks so hard. I guess I’d get kind of emo too if one of you guys died.” Colby was always the very picture of compassion. He thought about possibly trying to make friends with the solitary boy, but… well, he’d tried that. Sort of. He’d been shot down just as hard as Landon, if not harder, and even as dense as he could be, Colby was well aware of Theo’s dislike of him. It kind of pissed him off, occasionally, but rather than dwell on that he chose to give him his space and think about what he looked like without clothes on occasionally.

He gladly delved his hand into the bag of candy, rummaging and then pulling out an Atomic Fireball and a yellow lollipop. He unwrapped the former in a blur and popped it in his mouth, hollowing his cheeks as he sucked. He probably would have noticed that Landon had gotten angsty looking if it weren’t for Scott (Andrews) passing by. He rolled his eyes at the nickname that the buff boy employed for him, which was somewhat hypocritical given the level of cheesiness he was known to rise to. It was all in good fun though. He was quickly grinning at Scott and soon thereafter undressing him with his eyes.

”Scotty with the body, what’s up hottie?” See? Cheesiness. Unlike a lot of straight guys, Scott didn’t have a problem with Colby’s perpetual level of interest in getting in his pants. Actually, he sort of seemed to enjoy it. The attention, if not the idea behind it. Colby had high hopes, though, of one day convincing Scott to switch teams, however briefly. He often forgot that Scott and Landon were not fans of one another. Now was one such moment. He laughed aloud when Scott snagged a condom. ”Pretty sure he has some extra-small ones in there somewhere, bro,” he teased. It was sort of like reverse-psychology. It had worked on “straight” guys in the past, preying on the classic male size insecurity to get a glimpse of what was hidden in their boxer shorts. His nose wrinkled up when the boy made reference to Cor, or more specifically, the fact that he and Sky had both banged her. That was something he hated thinking about. Showers were mandatory for Sky before fooling around with Colby- unless he could smell soap on the boy’s skin, he refused to so much as kiss him until he’d witnessed him getting cleaned off. He appreciated the fact that Scott had Sky’s back too, even if the reason for it completely grossed him out.

As Scott headed off, he remembered that he had candy in his mouth and started sucking on it again. The first thing he noticed was the way he was working over his green lollipop. He frowned though as his eyes wandered away from Landon’s mouth. He failed to make quite a few connections, instead deciding that Landon was upset because he’d hit on Scott. He leaned over, wrapping the other boy in a half-hug, affectionate if incomplete. ”Dude, cheer up. You’re totally my favorite, you know that, haha.” He pulled away, and regarded Sky.

”Man, this candy is just making me even hungrier.” He would have patted his stomach, were he not still holding the party box.


His eyes slid to her fingers, the knife, the interplay of the edge of the blade with the waxy skin of the apple. He had plenty of experience with knives, in his dreams more than anywhere else. That little trump card was one of the many things that he was worried about Amber ferreting out. He could do anything he wanted in his dreams once he had a working knowledge of it, and he could do it for a very long time if he stretched out the time dilation relative to the real world as much as possible. By keeping his body in peak shape and practicing in secret in the real world, he could, after a fashion, translate that dream-time expertise into very real capability. Watching her play with her food, he made a mental note about her capability with small, edged weapons and moved on.

There are no reasons for us not to be friends.

He could think of a dozen off the top of his head, the first of which was her use of a double-negative. The grammatical sin was minor though, compared to, say, the potential of her getting him committed to full time psychiatric care. Theo was fully cognizant of what would happen if anyone ever found out about his time with Scott in his dreams. The careful act he’d put in place to fool them into thinking he was finally coping would be destroyed, and he’d have earned himself a one-way ticket to group therapy and finger-painting his feelings. His composure was slowly eroding. He’d tried to react not at all to the blatant intimidation tactic, but when she licked the knife, the corners of his eyes crinkled in a slight show of disdain. Elegance would have been far more effective for dealing with Theo…

… and then she transformed. He recognized who she’d chosen when she was only half-way through, and immediately his mind began racing.

Landon had talked. He’d told her. She’d probably disguised herself as Haskins and blew it out of him. Why else would she choose that particular shape? He was cursing himself for letting Landon catch him free-running, cursing Amber for being a manipulative bitch, and cursing Landon for probably-accidentally divulging what he’d sworn to keep quiet. In a fit of paranoia, he sketched out hundreds of scenarios, some of which involved Landon telling Amber to get back at him for denying his advances, others which related to her using guile to work it out of him.

Amber had chosen well, because in Theo’s eyes, she would see fear, a sort of shining glint of brief panic. It was only a few seconds before he’d finished freaking out, but that particular damage was done. She had to know she’d hit a nerve. Theo had lost whatever advantage he’d been hoping to gain entirely.

He calmed down slightly when she spoke again and felt like an idiot. Landon hadn’t said anything. She’d just picked up on his attraction and thought she might be able to use it against him. Dumb luck, on her part. If Landon hadn’t been the keeper of one of his secrets, turning into him would have been about as effective as turning into Justin Bieber (whose songs Theo could not name a single one of). He went from anxiety to bristling in an instant, again angry largely at himself. This is what happens. Things start to fall apart.

It was a very good thing that she’d elected not to become Scott. Theo would have killed her, or tried. His mind was rational enough that he wouldn’t be reduced to sobbing at the sight of him. He saw him all the time, when he was asleep. He’d have recognized it for what it was: a cheap ploy to manipulate him. And he would have been furious, enough so to embrace expulsion, jail-time, whatever, in order to end her.

He needed to explain his reaction to her transforming into Landon. Or maybe he didn’t? If she was assuming that he spazzed because he liked Landon, so be it. He’d reinforce that. Let her believe that, and think she had some hold over him. He slowly looked down into his empty parfait cup, trying to look as sheepish as possible. That was how people looked when people exposed their crushes, right? Sheepish?

”We can talk,” he said quietly, trying to layer his voice with some embarrassment. ”But not here. Tonight. I’ll come to you.” His power was perfect for clandestine meetings… and he’d be in control. Truly in control. He should have thought of that from the start. Finally, he looked up at her, trying to make his gaze pleading. ”Can you change back, please? I don’t want that you were… him… getting back to… him.”

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#, as written by xKyrie

Elijah watched in amusement when he saw how Ben kept his copy of the key. He had attached it into a key cover and a chain, and wound the said chain around his neck. He smiled as he noticed how laid back and somewhat a little funny his roommate was. He was not the most organized person around but Elijah never had the trouble of losing his possessions such as a key or any other items that he had. It had something to do with his slightly... organized personality and so seeing his roommate's plans to keep the key had rather interested him

Maybe he did prejudged this guy more than he thought he had not. After all, while Ben seemed like those typical Noctem stereotypes, he was still accommodating and friendly to him. He was aware of how some of the students from the other academy disliked him. He didn’t know what was the reason but it was most likely was because they see him as one of those persons that would never dare hurt a fly. Not that he actually cared a lot about others opinion, but Elijah had grown used to other’s treatment of him that people like Ben would sometimes never fail to astonish him.

When he learned that Ben only had a duffle bag for his things, he was surprised. He actually expected him to have at least a suitcase for his clothes and other supplies. After all, they were supposed to stay at the school quarters for the whole semester. Aside for some odd visits outside or the usual holidays, it was most likely understandable for him to presume that others would be more 'prepared' with their stay. He could even remember his mother packing a suitable amount of clothes for him when he first got here. Though Elijah he didn’t have a truckload of belongings, ever since he started living at Arcana Academy, he had collected a few numbers of clothes and other things such as books. Most of these books were either contemporary fictions or children's books. Those that he would normally donate to the orphanage or use as story telling material for the children. He had only recently bought these books and he would sometimes read the stories to the little kids.

He wanted to ask Benjamin why he had such a few belongings but the boy had excused himself to check on his phone. Elijah nodded in understanding and waited until his new roommate had finished texting. He opted to search for his own phone when he remembered that it had been hours ago since he last checked his messages. He was still looking forward to meeting Elle and Izzy and he hoped that they would meet before going to the assembly. He took his phone out of his pocket and looked through his recent list of messages. He smiled fondly when he found one from his sister. She had asked him if he has already eaten breakfast like she did and he replied that he would take one later. Aside for another text from his mother, there was nothing else in his Inbox and he promptly locked his phone. It was the typical scenario for Elijah. He was not actually fond of mobile phones or texting. He used it as practically as he could but he was never the type who would waste a day or so, texting someone else. Those who would usually contact him were either his family, some of his classmates or someone from the orphanage. He kept his phone back and turned to Ben in confusion when noticed him do the same. He had thought he would take longer than that.

He then stood perplexed when Benjamin promptly grabbed his bag and evidently walked towards the wrong direction, opposite from their room. 'I thought he wanted to see the room?' He then almost laughed out loud when he immediately walked back soon after. "You know what? Lead the way my good man" His new roommate stated with a perfect British accent. He could actually see things getting livelier and funnier around this guy. He nodded and cast him a small smile. He walked towards the rooms and lead the way, occasionally looking around for any signs of Elle or Izzy. It might be possible that both of them had already gone to the cafeteria. It was time for breakfast and he could actually feel the hunger. It would be rude to leave his roommate alone though, and so he continued walking and accompanied Benjamin all the way to room eight. He was fine with the relative silence between them and he supposed that his companion wouldn’t be bothered with the stillness.

“Do you want to get something from the…” Elijah started asking once they passed the stairs. He trailed off once he noticed a familiar figure standing on the wall next to the door of their room. ‘Isabella Dorson. Bells as what she liked to be called’, the thought quickly crossed his mind when their eyes met. He nodded in acknowledgement, his words dying in this throat, and he abruptly stopped in his tracks. She was actually more known as Izzy’s estranged cousin. Izzy had once told something about her in passing but Elijah actually don’t know a lot about her. Aside from seeing her occasionally at the school grounds, accompanied by her group of friends, he never had the chance to talk to her. Whenever he would find himself near her presence, he would usually get stiff and somewhat conscious... Much more too conscious of his actions, in fact. He didn’t like the strange ideas floating in his mind whenever he was near her.

“Uh… Morning, Bells”, he finally uttered. He decided it would be quite rude of him to disregard her presence. No matter how conflicted he was about her, he would still try to be nice to her and to any other person around. He continued towards the door of their room and fished his own key from his pocket. He opened the lock and stepped to the side. It was during this moment that he heard Mr. Marinos’ voice announcing the start of the assembly. He looked towards Ben and Bells and in his apprehension, stupidly stated the obvious, “I think the assembly’s about to start.”


Eriol was pissed. Beyond without a doubt utterly pissed. It took him several minutes to look for their room and he was half-expecting to see his roommate on the way. He did found their room alright, located not surprisingly in between the rooms eight and twelve but there was no one around. That was just the icing on the cake though. Another thing was that he never remembered who the hell was Landon Hirst among the many students of the idiotic Arcana Academy. It was because of this that he had dared take the chance to find his said roommate in their room and look at how wasted that effort was. 'Where the heck is he?' He thought in irritation and he tried to think of possible places a male student of Arcana would stay so early in this morning. That was considering if Landon was a boy himself, Eriol thought. He was really not sure and he had not one single clue about this guy. With the way how twisted the minds of the human beings worked nowadays, he could not be sure if this Landon was a boy. 'For all I knew, maybe this Landon was a girl who got a such an unlucky manly name', Eriol thought exasperated and a little more than put out by the way he had to drag his bag all around the Academy. Well boy or not, his new roommate was currently missing in action and he was irritated beyond belief. Amidst all of this, Eriol fervently wished that he would not get more annoyed than he was right now.

He let out a sigh and walked back towards the reception. He needed the key as soon as possible. It would be a foolish move for him to go into someplace he was not sure of. Also, uptight Leo had just announced the assembly meeting later in 10. While he was not the golden model student, Eri would rather not get on the bad side of the older headmaster so early in the game. His behaved record for the past month was proof of that. Ben and he agreed, or rather he had asserted and suggested to his best buddy about how they should act like the good student for their initial stay at this academy. He was not afraid of Marinos but he figured that he was still basically a greenhorn here. Being new and all that jazz, he might as well try to create a nice image. After all, what fun would it be, if Leo and his lackeys would treat him as a troublemaker only for their first few months of stay at this shitty academy? Landing himself into a detention was not worth a while and he would rather use this time to plan for greater pranks in the nearest future.

Upon reaching the reception, he looked around and waited until one of the staff on the front desk approach him. He put on his best worried expression while he watched one of those nameless women turn to him. “Good morning! Welcome to Arcana Academy! How can I help you?” She smiled and greeted him in that customary helpful expression. Eriol nodded and looked around, as if seemingly searching for something before he warily smiled back at her. “Hello Ma’am”, he stated with his tone full of respect and kept on his troubled look.

He placed his hands above the counter and looked down. He then slightly raised his head, bit his lower lip and lowered his head back again. He let several minutes pass before he looked up and stared at her for another time. “I.. I need help.” He quietly said, lowering his head. He was certain that the woman needed to move closer in order to hear him but he didn’t care. “Yes, how may I help you?” She impatiently said and gave him a strained smile.

“It’s just that my roommate…. Landon Hirst? Do you know him? He was one of the Arcana students, and I was supposed to be his new roommate… “ the sixteen year old boy trailed off, purposely leaving his words (and his involvement with Noctrem) hanging as he waited for the woman to ask him. The receptionist didn’t fail him and she nodded to let him continue. “This is really embarrassing but he told me that he lost his key.” He looked at her with worried eyes before adding, “He was so afraid of the consequences so he forced me to come here and get a new copy of the key for him. He wanted me to tell you that I lost the key and I had no choice. He had threatened me and since I am still new here, I decided to follow his words. I don’t want to get a blemish on my clean record you see. He was so scary and he told me that if I won’t get a copy of the key here, he would never let me get into the room.” His eyes widened and he dished out word after word. His tone was hurried as if he was uncovering a secret, and his face was a mix of innocence and weariness when he waited for the girl’s response.

He was truly emanating a terrified expression and he succeeded in appearing nervous. He didn’t know if she would believe it but it was this acting that he had used to win over his typical victims. His usual victims of those stupid and narcissistic matrons who looked at everyone down that they deemed lower than they were. The woman was immediately on alert mode and she fully faced him. “What do you mean? Is he harassing you? Do you want me to report him to the headmaster?” Eriol’s eyes widened. “Oh! Oh no! I don’t! Just getting me a key would do”, Eriol piped up, the panic and alarm could be clearly heard in his voice. “Don’t tell Mr. Marinos! I don’t want to be kicked out of my room so early!”

It took him several more minutes of explanation and he let out a relieved sigh when he finally got a copy of the key from the overreacting woman. Honestly, if he only knew how tiresome talking to her would be, he should have gone with his Plan B and stopped time to just grab a key from her drawers. ‘Oh, the things he’d suffer just to execute a prank.’ The only good thing that he got from this exercise was that he was quite sure that whatever record his roommate had, would be tainted by his recent actions. Word was bound to travel all round the campus and he was quite certain that if he could not have the room for himself, he would rather make sure to take necessary steps to drive his roommate out. This was only his first small step to freedom after all.

When he got inside Room ten, he promptly placed his bag towards the empty bed and he took his mobile phone and its charger out. He looked for an empty socket and plugged it in. Another one reason that had caused him irritation was when his phone battery died on him when he was about to make a call. It seemed that he had been too excited last night that he forgot to recharge it. He plopped on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He had to contact Yvette soon. He did not know where she was and while he normally didn’t care what she did, he figured that they should attend the assembly together. It was bound to start soon and he wanted to find her before then.

He didn’t know how long he had fallen asleep but he was awakened to the sound of the old Arcana’s headmaster's voice going over the usual announcements. He cursed, stood up and nursed his head as he tried to comprehend what the old geezer wanted to say. Apparently the assembly was starting in five minutes and they were all required to go into the hall else they risk free periods and detention. He shook his head and chase off all remnants of sleepiness. He went into the bathroom and tried to freshen up. After spending a good two minutes of prepping himself, he unplugged his cell phone and concentrated to activate his ability so that he could reach the great hall within the time allotted.

When he was done, he looked for an empty chair near the exit and opened his phone. Eriol dialed his girlfriend’s number and heard it ring. He waited until the line connected before he spoke. “Hello, Yvette. Where are you?”

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Amber Romano

Amber slightly raised an eyebrow as she watched Theo react to her new form. There was a look in his eyes that she was used to seeing. They were filled with panic and fright. Amber could practically see the wheels turning in the young man's head. 'Strange' she thought. 'What would he have to fear?' He didn't have much of a reputation to uphold, so what could Amber do to him? He seemed like a man who liked his privacy, but Amber hadn't picked him out to be one to have secrets.

The fear in his eyes passed, the emotion being replaced by anger. But anger at who? Had Amber said something? Did something? What was going on in his head? The curiousity started to claw at Amber's stomach, but she just sat there in Landon's form, watching Theo silently. Amber's thoughts were racing as she started to think of all the possible secrets the boy in front of her could have. Had he and Landon been secretly dating? Had they shared a bed? Did Landon know something about Theo? Did Theo know something about Landon?

She listened to him speak, a pleasant smile coming to her lips. Amber had spent her whole childhood being trained to improvise lies on a moments notice. She could spot bad acting from a mile away. The feigned embarrassment, the sham puppy eyes.'What an amateur.' There was something going on with Theo and Landon and she had the urge to find out what. 'Calm down Amber.' she thought to herself. 'If you're going to try and work with this boy, you're going to have to earn his trust. Leave it alone. Let the man have his secrets.'

Amber obeyed his request and gave up Landon's guise, shifting back into her original form. Her jaw slighly clenched as his other request hit her. In all her thoughts, she hadn't thought about his suggestion of a dream meeting at first. The thought of the boy having complete control wasn't very appealing to the shapeshifter, but it'd have to do. If she had to prove her trustworthiness to Theo, so be it.

Amber nodded and gave him a polite smile, slightly tilting her head. "Alright. I look forward to meeting with you tonight, Mr. McCaffrey." She slightly chuckled at the use of his last name. It fit him, but at the same time, it didn't, if that made any sense. "I'll be in bed by 9:00." she informed him before taking another bite of her bacon strip. She heard Leo's voice over the intercom and she let out a frustrated sigh, looking at her tray of food. "What a waste." she said simply, slinging her purse over her shoulder and standing up. She took out her phone from her purse, bringing up the picture of the list of rooms and tapping the screen to zoom in.

"Just in case I need to reach you in the waking world." she explained as she read looked for the boy's name. "Room Eighteen." She looked down to Theo, smiling at him. "Oh, you're with Zac. He's just a doll isn't he?" Amber picked up her knife and dropped it into her bag and picked up her food tray. She winked at the boy. "See you tonight." She said sweetly, before strutting off to a trashcan, dumping her untouched food into the garbage.

She smiled as she walked to the Great Hall. She had high expectations for this school. Very high indeed.

Eden Haven

Eden chewed on his lip, trying to put a face to Kali's roommate. "Uhh...Sorry Kali. I have no clue." Adina danced behind him and Mary as they began to follow Kali. "Oh yeah, I'll sit next to you Kali." He took a few steps to follow her and Mckenna. He playfully put his arm around Kali as he walked by her side. Of course, if it was anyone else, Eden wouldn't have dared done anything like that, but it wasn't anyone else. It was Kali, one of his dearest friends.

The two angels smiled as they looked at the two, romantic thoughts obviously running through their heads. Mary walked towards Mckenna with a warm (As warm as a statue could be) smile. "Hello dear." She greeted, her stone features creating a sweet image. She bent over, picking up the picture that fell to her feet. She didn't look at it as she handed it back to the girl. "You dropped this." She stated, smiling as Adina was heard singing to herself in the backround.

"You don't know you're beautiful!" She sang, dancing behind the group. "That's what makes you beautiful!"

(Sorry it's so short! :O)

Sky Byrnes

A soft smile came to Sky's face when he heard Colby say that he'd be sad if he lost either him or Landon. It made Sky think alittle bit and for a moment, he compared their situation to that movie Savages that he'd seen the other day. The main characters had some weird love triangle-sort thing going on. Colby was Blake Lively and Sky and Landon were those two sexy guys that shared her. It was practically the same thing. Well, except that they were all guys. And that it was less serious between all of them. And that him and Landon weren't best friends. And that they weren't being chased by the Mexican Cartel. That reminded Sky that he had to call his aunt later.

Scott walked by the trio and Sky's thoughts went out the window as he looked the hunky teen up and down. He put his lips together and did a cat call for Sky, biting his lower lip and letting out a laugh as Scott grabbed a condom out of the Party Box. He cocked a brow when he heard Colby's strange comment about Scott needing an extra small condom. Was that part of Colby's plan to get Scott to switch teams?

He switched attention back to Scott when he mentioned Sky rooming with Jay. He smiled and nodded to Scott. Sky appreciated that Scott had his back and honestly, he had his too. And if he wanted Sky to cover any other part of his body, the pyro would be willing to make that sacrifice.

Sky wet his lips and yelled after Scott. "If you need anyone to test the flavor of that rubber, I'm your man!" He started laughing again and made his way over to his room's door. "Alright, let's get settled in." He thought aloud, turning the doorknob. Well, he tried to turn the doorknob, but it was locked. "Shit. Fucking Jay." Sky cursed. He resisted the temptation to kick the door down as he turned to the other two boys.

"Well, I guess we can go eat some-" He was cut off by Mr. Marino's voice over the intercom, announcing the assemble was happening in 5 minutes. "Or I guess we can't." He let out a frusturated sigh. "Sorry." He apoligized. His first day at Arcana wasn't off to a great start. He was locked out of his room, his roommate was an asshole, and he was hungry.

He dropped his bag and walked over to Colby, opening the Party Box again and pulling out one of the bottles of tequila. He opened the bottle and took a fast sip, tossing his head back and not even giving the liquid the chance to touch his tougue on it's way down his throat. He wiped his mouth and shook his head. He felt a little more relaxed, but- "Just one more." He said, repeating the process.

He smiled, closing the bottle and putting it pack into the box. "I feeeeel great. Let's got to that assembly gentlemen." The pyro's lips curled into a relaxed smile as he felt the alchohol working it's magic.

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Landon hardly realized Scott had walked passed and even engaged in some sort of banter with the other two. It was probably better that way, he and Scott learned early on that a dirty look or an offhand comment could escalate into something fairly severe. His thoughts weren't focussed on his dislike for Scott, though. Instead, Landon worried about Theo and how he might go about an apology and what he might say.

“Hey, I'm sorry I hit on you and chased you all through town and junk. I didn't know your boyfriend died in that fire” That wouldn't work. Now it just seemed better to take Theo's advice and find someone else to chase after. They could just avoid each other for however long the Noctrem students were going to be here. He twirled the lollipop stick anxiously. That wouldn't work either, Landon already felt like an asshole and avoiding an apology would probably make it worse. Maybe it would be better to just wing it, then casually avoid him and bug someone else. It wouldn't be fun and it felt like he was admitting defeat, but it was cruel to annoy Theo the way he had.

The arm flung around his shoulder pulled him out of his thoughts and back into the hallway. “Huh? Yeah I know,” he said with a halfhearted smile and shrug. He didn't have the slightest clue what Colby was talking about but he appreciated the consoling effort.

Seconds after Sky shouted down the hall after Scott, implying a much more delicate treatment than Landon would have given the lightning kid they were standing outside of Jay's room. It figured that Jay would lock Sky out, whatever. Breakfast would make up for all the miserable things this morning had thrown at them...or not. It would apparently have to wait. Landon watched Sky throw his things on the ground and take a couple of shots, he smirked and turned on his heels in the direction of the Great Hall. Just then he realized that he'd forgotten about Eriol and the room a simple Oh well would have to do for now. How much trouble could the prankster get into this early in the morning, anyway?


In the assembly hall they sat three in a row, somewhere in the middle. Landon only half listened to the typical speech nonsense and even through the announcement of a new housing system. As Mr. Marinos further explained the house names, colors and how the points system would work Landon almost laughed. He was turning the school into Hogwarts and not seconds after he'd decided that's exactly what was happening Marinos made mention of the fabled school of witchcraft and wizardry.

The time for sorting didn't make anything better. By the time his name was read Landon was cursing incessantly in his head. Scott, Cor and at least one of her fearsome five or whatever were stuck with him and from the sound of it they'd be doing everything together. Sky was a bright spot in the group, Ardley, did he call it? Everyone else, he hardly knew at least Ashleigh was the captain or whatever, she was respectable anyway. Reaching over Colby, he gave the pyro and his new housemate a tap on the shoulder and a painfully false grin.

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#, as written by throne

The dreamer nodded in a faint show of sympathy when she bemoaned Marinos’ announcement. He had no illusions that the assembly was going to be uninteresting. Much though he did have respect for their immortal headmaster… well, the man had problems connecting with relatively normal people like them. That was his opinion, at least. He felt that way himself often. The things he cared about barely lined up with the interests of his peers, and when they did, it was only in the loosest sense. His penchant for horror cinema was the closest thing, and it was still very different from the appreciation that others had for it. He didn’t scare, he didn’t spook, and he certainly wasn’t squeamish (about anything besides fire-related injuries)- to him, it was more like research. No, inspiration was a better word for it. People knew the rules of horror movies. If he abided by those rules in the nightmares he engineered, they’d seem that much more dreamlike and therefore plausible.

He nodded again, this time when she confirmed their appointment. His brow furrowed slightly when she consulted her phone and then produced his room number and roommate. The information was public domain, of course. It was the fact that she’d thought to check, and that she’d announced it, that were somewhat troubling. He didn’t say anything, letting the dip of his chin suffice. They were heading the same way, but he waited a few moments, idly toying with the spoon and musing over the implications of this little run-in. When sufficient time had passed he packed up his things and rose smoothly to his feet. He bussed the empty cartons and trim remains of his breakfast to a garbage can and then set off for the auditorium.

He’d chosen to sit in the far back corner. He was still dressed for a run that he fully intended to go on as soon as the information spewing was over with. He relaxed back in his seat, kicking his feet up against the one in front of him, and waited. His eyes strayed a bit, here and there, but he didn’t bother with trying to interact with anyone. There wouldn’t be time, and he didn’t want to enter into any entanglements that might prevent him from escaping to his solitary exertions when all was said and done.

His eyebrows both lifted a half inch or so when Marinos described the house structure and competitions. Several thoughts jockeyed for primacy in terms of being processed, and the Hogwarts comparison ended up making it to the front of the line. Maybe this was a somewhat misguided effort for him to connect with them? To tap into a bit of popular culture? It was plausible. The next consideration was that he’d have another group of people to keep track of. A roommate was bad enough. He listened carefully as Leo went down the list. When Causton House was rattled off, he stopped listening and evaluated the classmates that he’d been saddled with. The psychic and the lust-inspirer would be annoying if only for their powers. Being in proximity to Amber… well, he’d have to see what to make of that after tonight. The others were by and large neutral in his estimation, and Elijah was someone who he actually favored the company of, slightly. It could be much worse, he finally decided. When they were dismissed, he made use of his strategic positioning to be one of the first ones out and into the hallway. As he walked, he got his phone ready and tucked his earbuds in so that he’d be ready, once he made his way out the front of the school, to break into his pre-run stretching.

He went quickly and methodically through the same series of stretches he always did, a process designed to loosen and limber up most of the major muscles in his body and particularly his legs. He’d be stuck there, doing that, for another few moments, but then he’d be off.


Colby brightened considerably when Landon seemed to cheer back up. He blinked and then laughed when he realized that Jay had locked the door (which took a few seconds, during which he stared at Sky, then the door, then back at Sky before the other boy explained). His laughter cut out when he figured out the most likely reason that the door was locked, though. Ew.

For just about the first time ever, he’d been a little dismayed to hear the dulcet tones of Leonardo Marinos. That meant he’d have to wait for breakfast, and he was already starving. He watched, blinking, as Sky took his double shot of tequila, straight from the bottle. Colby was no stranger to boozing it up, but 9 AM was a little early for him. He just grinned and shook his head, snagging the candy out of the Party Box and then setting it down beside Sky’s bag. ”I’m totally eating all your candy, bro,” he told Sky, still grinning. The idea of a tipsy Sky was very appealing. With food forestalled, his mind had wandered to other interesting things they might get up to after… or maybe during… the assembly.

Colby had taken the middle spot, smack between Sky and Landon. He was leaning against the former, his head nestled on Sky’s shoulder, and he’d kicked up his right leg to rest on Landon’s thigh. The sound of a wrapper being rapidly shucked occasionally came from where they were sitting- by the end of the assembly there’d be dozens of little pieces of plastic stuck in the now-half-empty bag of candy. He let his left hand swing down to rest on Sky’s leg, quite comfortable in spite of the strange way he was sprawled out across his best friends.

He shifted to sit up and actually pay attention when the dreamy Battle instructor started reading off who would be in houses with whom. The information exited his brain just as quickly as it entered; he was really just listening for his own name, trying to figure out who he’d be with. He perked up a bit at a few names (if anyone were paying attention, it would be the names of the guys he had or wanted to have sex with), but gave up by the end Causton house. His mind just wasn’t meant for this kind of exercise. Surely there’d be a list for him to snag at some point. When his name did finally come he’d gotten distracted by using his fingers to create a facsimile of the feeling of an eggshell being cracked on Sky’s knee, having slouched back to lean against him once more.

When Landon sort of loomed over him he reacted with awkward surprise. He’d been in a zone of sorts, just enjoying the feel of his fingers on Sky’s pants, and the sudden appearance of his other friend in the frame of his vision startled him. Landon just seemed to want Sky’s attention, though, so Colby poked Sky in the ribs and jerked a thumb Landon’s way, just to make sure that the message got through.


Cain had snuck into the light-booth just before the presentation began. He dropped himself down into the swivel chair behind the sound board and contemplated, briefly, the enjoyment he would derive from messing around with the controls while Leo spoke. Very little enjoyment, he decided. It would be a petty distraction, at best, and it would call attention to his presence.

He wasn’t privy to many of the goings on in Arcana, which bothered him quite a bit. He snorted when the man went on to describe a set-up for the student body straight out of J.K. Rowlings’ educational philosophy. If he was going to rip off teen fiction to run his school, why couldn’t he have picked The Hunger Games? That would have been vastly more interesting, and Cain could have supplied a list of twenty four students he would have enjoyed seeing fight to the death in less than thirty seconds. Assigning or detracting points from students did sound somewhat enjoyable, though. He only hoped Leo didn’t expect him to provide reasoning with his tallies. There were quite a few students who he planned on docking just for the way they dressed.

When the assembly was at its end, he lingered in the booth, swaying back and forth on the chair and waiting for the place to clear out. He had an inkling that Leo had decided on such harsh punitive measures for non-attendance simply to keep him busy for several hours each day, and the weekend. He intended to make it clear that matters of widespread and time-consuming detention assignations should be cleared by him prior to being implemented. He was the Detention Master, after all. Of course, the list of students he’d be babysitting for the rest of the week was mostly a rogue gallery of his favorites, so Leo’s plans had thoroughly backfired on all counts. Like usual.

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Sky Byrnes

It wasn't easy for Sky to concentrate on what the headmaster was saying, partially because he was focused on Colby leaning up against him, partially because the tequila from earlier had left him a little tipsy. He wasn't exactly a lightweight, but it was easy for Sky too get a little to relaxed when he had alchohol in his system.

He just stared off into the distance, half listening to Leo describe the way the houses would work, half regretting that he hadn't brought the rest of his tequila. He slightly perked up upon hearing the list of students in the first house. Ardley, or some shit like that. A smile came to his lips after hearing his name at the end of the list. He liked his group. Scott and Cor were complete hotties, Addison and him were good friends, he had been teaching Ashy in the ways of having fun, and he liked Landon.

Sky was ready to zone out again, but he got distracted by the feeling of Colby's fingers against his knee. The pyro took his right hand and placed in onto Colby's head, petting him and running his fingers through his short hair. He felt a tap on his shoulder, then a small jab in his ribs as he looked to his side, first at Colby, but then at Landon, whom Colby was pointing at.

Landon had some sort of awkward smile on, which Sky returned with his own goofy grin. "Man, I'm so happy we're in the same house." He stated, obviously happy with their arrangment. His eyes darted back and forth between the two boys. Colby was really looking good today. Or maybe that was just the tequila still working it's magic. He looked at Colby for a moment, giving a small smile. It didn't really matter, he decided. He was having some...urges and one of them was to get to Colby's room.

Sky ran his fingers through his hair, but then his eyes narrowed at his bag of candy. "You bastard." He growled at Colby, before laughing. "Whateves. I'll just get some more later." He looked back and forth between the boys again. "So..." He looked the speedster up and down, obviously giving him sex-eyes. "What do you guys want to do now? We have the rest of the day, right?"

(Amber and Eden will be up tomorrow :))

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'I will draw the house captains name from the hat; Ardley's house caption will be Ashleigh Fox.'
Ashy felt the colour evaporate from her face as Mr Marino's spoke the words at what seemed like a snails pace. House captain?! Where these people sure?! Surely picking names out of the hat wasn't really the best method to decided on positions of responsibility?! Ashy felt her breathing quicken, she needed to get out of here. Now.

The young girl basically jumped to her feet as soon as Mr Marino's had finished his speech. She needed time to think, space to breath. She barely heard Freya's apology as she went off to meet Scott. Probably for more kissing, Ashy thought darkly. She had a feeling this was going to something she was going to have to bare in mind when it came to Freya; her power. Making a mental note to knock before entering her own room, Ashy pushed through the crowd of people. She wasn't in the mood for talking, not yet. Not until she'd thought about her plan of action. Outside was where she needed to be, in the fresh air.

Through her daze of confusion, Ashy vaguely noted that the front lawn had already been littered with cigarette's. People were so ignorant. Ashy thought to herself; they'd only been here five minutes and they were already making the place look untidy. Ashy sighed and headed for the forest; she could hide in there, just for a little while. No one would find her there.

Ashy turned her attention back to the reason she was running; the fact she was house captain. Not only that, she had three of the rightly named Fearsome Five in her house. What's more, she was supposed to, what did the Headmaster say, Keep them in line?! Had this man ever met Cor Quellen?! Keeping her in line would be like trying to control a hurricane. Impossible. With her and her little buddies alongside her, there was no way in hell Ashy was going to enjoy being in class, let alone trying to Lead them.

Ashy tried to think of the postive's as she walked through the undergrowth, twigs snapping beneath her feet. She had Ali in her house, She tried to get inside your head a lot, but it was at least tolerable. Then there was Skye, she sensed there may be a few people that wouldn't be too happy about the young girl spending so much time with the pyro. Zac Barnes being one of them. She also had Laindon, he was a nice enough boy, Ashy decided. None of these positive thoughts were detracting her attention away from the anxiety she felt about having to keep Cor and the others in line. Ashy felt tears well in her eyes, there was no way she was going to do this; at least not for long. The young girl was scared, so scared.

That's when she heard it, the faint sound of a guitar being played. It was a beautiful sound and it was a nice distraction from the thoughts she'd just been having. She followed the sound, which led her to a clearing. Ashy stared across it to see the silhouette of a young man, stooped over a guitar. It took the young blonde a moment to realise it was Zac. He couldn't see her like this, all teary eyed and was embarrassing to say the least. Ashy retraced herself back into the tree's. Suddenly she heard a twig snap behind her as she stepped on it. The sound rung across the clearing and was sure to catch Zac's attention. Oh no.