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Season of Giving 2020

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Loralei Evans

"Once a gypsy, always a gypsy."

0 · 182 views · located in Arcana Academy, California

a character in “The Arcana Academy”, as played by StitchSaysHi



Full Name: Loralei Anthony Evans
Nicknames: She goes by Lora. She hates when people call her Loralei. While she will admit, it's a cool name, its just too...something. Only a select few (such as Leo) can call her Loralei without her getting really mad.
Age: 18
Birthdate: September 13th
Home Town: It's complicated. Growing up, Loralei never stayed in one place too long. She was a true gypsy.
Sexuality: Straight

School: Arcana
Power: Lora can control the weather. She can make it rain, snow, and she's working on being able to manipulate temperture and air (though she kinda sucks with both right now.)...But it's not huge. She cant make it rain over an entire town. It's more secluded than that, though she hasn't yet learned to control it enough to make actual clouds and rain over a single person's head like in cartoons, though that would be really cool. And it takes its toll on her. Too much usage causes her to weaken. If she goes beyond her limit, she may get a nosebleed, or just pass out. And her powers are more connected to her emotions than her mind. Like, if she is suddenly shocked by something, that usually causes a surge of lightening, while sadness equals rain, though, sometimes happiness equals rain as well.
  • Shorts
  • Being outdoors
  • Music
  • Being barefoot
  • Rain
  • Reading
  • Dancing
  • Having fun
  • Fire (so long as it's somewhat contained)
  • And most of all, Photography (she's got photos of every place she's ever been, and literally has boxes of photographs)
  • Being cooped up
  • Rules and/or restrictions
  • Lying
  • People touching her photographs
  • And Heels (or just any shoes she cant run in)
Fears: Being stuck in a mundane place and lifestyle for the rest of her life. And spiders. She hates spiders.

Personality: When Loralei was just eleven years old, her grandmother said to her "Loralei, my darling girl, you are like a fire. Delicate, and with those eyes of yours, entrancing, but also dangerous and unpredictable." Truer words have never been spoken about Loralei Evans. She's certainly a fiery spirit if there ever was one. But thats what her gypsy life has done to her. Having lived in so many different places, Loralei has seen things in the world that most people will go their whole lives without ever knowing existed. Maybe that's the key in her secret smile. If in one word, Loralei was to say what it was she wanted out of her life, that word would be freedom. All her life she's been a gypsy, it's in her blood as much as it is in her soul, and as such, it is what makes her who she is. Confident at times, and yet shy and secluded the next. Grace and clumsiness go hand in hand when it comes to this girl, and at times, she can have the poise of a princess, though she has moments where she acts more like a chicken with its head cut off. When it comes to love, or romance, or just sex, that's one thing Loralei doesnt really think about more than the average person would. Given that she's never stayed anywhere long, and that her life was always ever-changing, Loralei has commitment issues that are kind of rooted a bit deep in her. Arcana has become pretty much the only structure in her life. She's never stayed anywhere longer, and besides her grandparent's home, she's never returned to one place more than once besides the school. Not to say that she hasn't had her fair share of adventures, most of which she'd rather not talk about, but she's never stayed anywhere long enough to actually have a relationship, so she's not really sure how to have one. Sometimes, she knows she comes off as a bit of a flirt, but most of the time, she's more quiet, preferring to listen rather than be heard. Loralei has never been one for rules, and will often break them, or find ways to sneak past them. All her life she's spoken her mind, as she's never really had anyone telling her not to. She was tutored by her mother, and her uncles and aunts most of her life, so she's not an idiot.

But, there are always two sides to every story. While she may come off as the girl who doesn't have a care in the world, deep down, though she'd never admit it, Lora craves structure. Sometimes in her life, she' felt like she's was running from something, but she could never figure out what. Though, after the incident in Greece, she knew exactly what she was trying to get away from. Herself. Inside, she is afraid. Afraid that she'll always be running, and that she'll never find structure in her life. Its thoughts like these that cause her to sometimes feel a bit shy, and are what make her sometimes push people away, something she always tries not to do. To Lora, every person she meets is a new experience, and its experiences that make people who they are.

History: Born and bread a gypsy, Loralei has never truly had a home. She's traveled all her life with a large family of two uncles, two aunts, five cousins, three brothers (two older and one younger), and her mother. She was never as much of a stereotypical gypsy as you might think, but she was more than what you might assume. Now, her grandparents on the other hand, had been true gypsys. Caravan and all. But, in their old age, they had settled down, and as often as possible, Loralei and her family would visit them, and would always be in awe of the beautiful caravan that stood in their backyard, having not been used for so many years.

Loralei's first encounter with a Mr. Leonardo Marinos happened when she was just ten years old. Apparently, he'd been well acquainted with many of her ancestors through the years, and knew her grandmother quite well. She only met him once in her young age, but was always able to remember his eyes. Such old eyes for such a young man.

Later in life, during her travels with her family, she started noticing things. How the weather would often shift around her, usually coming to fit her moods. At first, she just shrugged it off, though at the back of her mind, she wondered if it was possible. If she was actually able to control the weather. At the age of 16, however, everything changed. They, she and her family, were in Greece at the time, a place to which Lora swears on her own life that she will never return. It was one of the longest stays they'd ever had, as such a magnificent city could not truly be admired in such a short amount of time. While there, Lora met a boy. Well, she couldn't call him a boy exactly. Damian was actually a bit older than her. He worked on a fisherman's boat, and to say that he was amazing would be an understatement. During her time in Greece, Loralei spent most of her time with him. He showed her the best sites, and took her on so many unforgettable adventures, and taught her a number of things. They were quite the...interesting couple, to say the least. Many people thought their age difference strange, but that was the thing about being a gypsy. You never stayed in one place long enough to care about how you were perceived by be the people there. And so they went on, until one night, when Lora had been talking to her mother, wanting to know more about her father. Every time she'd ever asked, her mother would always get angry. But this time, Lora didn't want to take no for an answer. They got into a fight, and as the fight progressed, the weather began changing. There was a storm, and after everything died down, Lora had gone off somewhere to be alone. After a while, she deciding she couldn't take the silence or the sound of her own voice as she talked to herself any longer, she made her way back into town to find a sort of panic amongst some of the people. Damian hadn't come back from his trip out into the bay and no one could find the boat. The next day, Lora was out looking for him when she saw someone lying face down on the beach right at the shoreline. Her body went cold and rigid. It was Damian. He was dead. The doctors who examined him said he'd died during the storm. Loralei, somehow, knew that it was her fault. The storm had been her fault. To this day she still blames herself, and keeps all pictures she has of herself and Damian locked away and out of site, because she feels like she murdered him.

She'd stayed for the funeral, despite the After sending a letter off to her grandparents, telling them of what happened, she and her family went to visit them. It was her mother's idea. She knew she needed to get her away from everything that had happened. When they got there, Leo was there. At first, she didnt remember him, but then, she remembered his eyes. At first she was shocked, but, after a very long explanation on his part, she was calmed down, and so was the storm that had begun brewing outside. At the time, she was telling herself that she would never use her powers again, as she would never want to risk hurting anyone else. But she couldn't control them, and that scared her. Leo proceeded to tell her about a school that he ran for others with such gifts like hers, and her mother, wanting the best for her daughter, and knowing that it would most likely help her get over her self-blaming, persuaded Loralei to go.

She agreed, and Leo brought her to Arcana. Through her time there, he has grown into somewhat of a father figure for her, always there when she needs him. She knows he doesn't like getting close to people, and, knowing what little she does, she knows not to pry.

Anything else? She always has an anklet around her right ankle. It's a woven anklet that she cannot take off as it was literally made around her ankle. Each year since she was 13, she would get a new anklet on her birthday, but, as she's just turned 18 during the summer holiday, she's been granted the anklet that, as long as she doesnt grow out of it, she will be wearing for the rest of her life. It's a gypsy thing.

She has a habit of biting her bottom lip.

While she may not have any permanent tattoos, she has developed quite the fondness for henna after a summer traveling through india. She does her own and currently has this drawn on her right hand.

Also, her theme song is currently being decided so check back later!

So begins...

Loralei Evans's Story

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#, as written by Mela
Cor Quellen

Cor had woken up with a minor headache. Just a tiny one. After yesterday she’d needed alcohol and she might have stolen some of Drake’s – the good stuff, of course. And so… now she was being punished. Served her right, she supposed. Things were just… one big mess. Right now she was on the bus with the others, dressed in this. After her shower at the motel she’d grabbed a shower before Drake had even woken from his slumber; she’d been sharing a room with him. Not because they couldn’t have had separate rooms, but because after the fire, Cor had sort of needed to be around someone with a level head, and who was more levelheaded than Drake in emotional situations? After getting ready, for once straightening her hair and all, Cor had grabbed her two suitcases and gone to fetch Erin. Together they’d gone to the bus waiting for them as every other morning. Except this one was bigger. Big enough to fit all of their baggage. Right now it was 7:30 AM and she was half asleep with her head on Erin’s shoulder. Her best friend was of course seated beside her and Cor wouldn’t have it any other way. Well… maybe except… if, you know… Jay could… oh no, no no no. No thinking about Jay. Off limits.

The young blonde’s eyes snapped open the second the bus stopped and it was announced over the speakers that they had arrived. She got up, rolling her shoulder before she took Erin’s hand. “C’mon, Blondie.” She said, “we need to go have lots of fun in our amazing new home.” She laced her tone with feigned eagerness, overdoing it so much that even people who didn’t know her would recognize it as deliberately fake. Honestly she wasn’t really pleased in the least, but she didn’t want to go back to Harrogate either. So there was that. Besides, all of her friends were here, and she supposed Jay’s presence at Arcana made things bearable. Somewhat. She didn’t let go of Erin’s hand until the girl was out of her seat and then Cor walked out of the bus, taking her luggage from the driver who was in the process of getting all of their belongings out of the bus for them. She waited for Erin to get hers before she moved again, this time heading for the Academy. A place she’d been many times over the last month; a place where she’d more or less had to deal with a lot of shit she hadn’t had to before. Punishment for instance. Cain always let her get away with most of her shit. Marinos didn’t. Or… at least he didn’t used to, until she’d caught him and Roerig in a preeetty compromising situation about a week ago. Now she had free reign for 4 months. Not bad.

She didn’t really pay much attention to the other students. She didn’t care much. She was more focused on who she’d have to live with. She had no idea, but she couldn’t imagine Marinos pairing her up with any of his precious little angel babies, for instance. So they were probably rooming with someone from their own schools. It didn’t make sense not to do it like that. Cor entered the reception are, glancing at Erin. “Something tells me we’re going to regret this in the end, you know.” She shook her head and looked around her. She knew there would be a list hanging here somewhere with rooms and room-numbers and all that bullshit. Ah, there it was, off to the side. Both her suitcases rolled behind her as she made her way over, looking over the list. Her eyes widened slowly. “Uh… Erin, I think you need to see this,” she said, indicating the list. “They’ve mixed us. What kind of bullshit it that? I swear, sometimes they’re just too fucking stupid.” She wasn’t angry, or annoyed, because she’d been lucky enough with L. She was alright with rooming with L. Better than most others. Then she frowned. “Loralei?” She repeated off of the list, shooting Erin a look. “You’re rooming with gypsy girl? Fuck.” Her expression went from pity of her best friend to amusement when she spotted two other names. “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me,” she said, already laughing. “Jay and Sky? That’s just a disaster waiting to happen.” And it really was. Jay had already said that he wanted to beat up every guy she’d ever slept with, and she knew Sky hated Jay in turn. That room was going to be a war-zone.

Miss Amy Roerig – School Nurse and Psychology&Ethics Teacher

The dream was beautiful; beautiful and peaceful. Just… Leo and her alone in the most beautiful meadow filled with violet flowers, the sun setting in the horizon. She couldn’t remember what they were doing there or how they’d ended up in this place. Only the happiness and tranquility of that perfect moment, until the tress on the far side began moving, becoming students and fellow teachers, walking towards them. That’s when Leo let go and pushed her away, immediately resuming his professional eyes. The ones that didn’t belong to her Leo. Eyes that shut everyone safe for a select few, out of his heart. That’s when he said her name, his soft, masculine voice emanating, but it felt weird… like it didn’t belong in a dream, then her eyes fluttered open at the contact of his lips, the soft static and the touch jolting her awake. She smiled sleepily against his lips as he whispered. She was glad he’d woken her up before her dream turned into even more of a nightmare.

She kissed him softly once more before letting his lips move away even just a little, “mmmmorning” she murmured, stretching with a soft purr before smiling more properly as the memories of their night together resurfaced and then turned around to make him lay on his back, leaning over him. She let her hands rest on his chest as she raised herself a little, not caring one bit that she was completely naked. Then, as she looked him over, she tsk’ed and shook her head, “you haven’t slept all night, have you?” She hadn’t slept much herself. Honestly she’d only had maybe two or three hours of sleep at this point, if she was lucky. They’d had sex for the first time. Not first time in the virginal sense, but she’d been holding back since that night where Cor had found them; her lying on her desk, Leo’s head and fingers between her legs. That had just been… very unfortunate, to say the least. And extremely embarrassing. She’d also just been a little insecure. How could anyone measure up in the bedroom toa guy who had been having sex for the last odd 2500 years? He hadn’t seemed unsatisfied, though, so she was feeling quite relieved.

Amy leaned down to kiss Leo’s perfect lips before smiling softly and a tad thoughtfully at him, then biting down on her lip as the smile disappeared, her dream coming back to her and she sighed, unsure of how Leo was going to react now. They hadn’t really talked about their relationship’s status as such, but after the dream, Amy was feeling even more certain that they needed to let the cat out of the bag as such. She knew he didn’t want to, but she didn’t want to be stuck in a secret relationship for whoever knew how long. “Baby?” She began, kissing his jaw softly before looking up at him again, her violet eyes worried; worried about his reaction and how this was going to go down. She was ready to take an argument if that was what they needed, “when are we going to tell people? I mean… we can’t keep this a secret forever… right? And… people are going to find out anyway. It’s just a matter of time.”

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There were three old gypsies came to our house door.
They came brave and boldly, oh.
The one sang high, and the other sang low.
And the other sang a raggle taggle gypsy oh...

The wind blew through the trees, the birds were all chirping, and the sun was shining. The sky was dusted with clouds here and there, and, all in all, it was a good day to just lay outside for a little while. It was for those reasons, among others, that Loralei Evans found herself laying in the grass near a tree on the grounds of Arcana Academy. At the moment, she was in no hurry to return to confines of the walls of the school. The Noctrem students were moving in today. And though they'd been studying with them for almost a month, Loralei wasn't too keen on rooming with any of them, so much so, that she hadn't looked at the roommate listing yet. She'd most likely find out when she got back. But right now, the only thing that she cared about was laying there and listening to her music. Her foot tapped the ground along with the rhythm of the song and her eyes were closed as she thought of her family, and wondered where in the world they found themselves at that moment.

Humming along to the song, Loralei thought of Leo, and the first time she'd ever met him. That was when it had started. Perhaps he'd known something she hadn't. Maybe he saw something in her that she had yet to see herself. Had her ancestors been...gifted? Maybe it was something in her blood. It wasn't something she ever asked him about, as part of her didn't really want to know. But, through the last few years since Lora had come to Arcana, Leo had turned into sort of a father figure for her, the only father figure she'd ever had. Though...after what happened in Greece, Lora wasn't sure if she was ever going to be up to asking anyone about her father again. Perhaps it was better if she didn't know.

Well what do I care for my house and my land
And what do I care for money, oh
I'd rather have a kiss from the yellow gypsy lips
I'm away with the raggle taggle gypsy, oh...

As the song came to an end, Loralei's big brown doe eyes slowly opened and looked up at the clouds hovering above her. A sigh escaped her as she pulled herself to her feet and looked around. Might as well figure out who she'd be sharing a room with. Better sooner, rather than later.

Walking across the grounds with her bag thrown over one shoulder, Loralei made her way up to the main entrance of the school, and walked just past the doors. When she saw the small crowd of people looking at the list, another sigh left her throat. The Noctrem students had arrived.


Spotting one familiar face, a smile appeared on her lips. Drake. While he may the 4 years since she'd last seen him, having gotten to know him again now that the Noctrem students had been studying at Arcana for a month, only moved to remind her of why she had managed to persuade her family to stay in Harrogate for a couple of months. It was the longest they'd ever stayed anywhere, and any time Loralei looked back on the memories, they always brought a smile to her lips.

Deciding she'd have time to say hi to him later, Lora moved towards the list. Now...who would she be living with?

Erin Hawthorne...the name rung a little bell in the back of Lora's mind, but she couldnt remember a face. Looking over her shoulder, Lora saw Cor...oh...great...A flood of relief washed over her at the fact that at least she wasn't rooming with her. Hearing Drake somewhere behind her talking to someone, she swallowed a chuckle and turned around. As smoke wafted into the air in front of her, she inhaled slowly. It wasn't that she was all...hooked on it, but, in her travels, she'd tried more than just a few things.

Moving to walk away from the crowd that was now huddling towards the list, Lora shoved her iPod back into her bag as she looked out across the grounds. What to do next...

Working on Jade now.

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Leo couldn't stop himself from smiling as the beautiful woman next to him rose up from underneath the duvet, baring her naked body to him without a care. "Good morning." He spoke, letting himself being pushed back down onto the bed, Amy leaning over the top of him. He couldn't say that he disliked the view in front of him, and for a brief moment, the male felt himself being taken back to the night before, where the woman had been practically in this position, her breasts bare and bouncing, the first time they had made love... He was however quickly brought back into the present, when the stunning woman spoke to him, asking him about sleep. "Not true. I slept a little last night, just... not as much as I probably should have." He smiled gently, bringing up his left hand to delicately brush away a strand of hair that was falling in front of her face. He had never been so happy before, never been in a position like this where he had cared about someone so much that he let them sleep next to him in his bed. Amy was the first woman that he had loved in two and a half thousand years, and he couldn't be happier about that fact.

He let his hand cup her cheek softly as she kissed him, smiling against her lips. Every little touch between them sparked electricity into the males hands, his lips, his heart. However, then, he watched her smile disappear, and he instantly knew that something was wrong. Something that she was going to tell him, and something that he was not going to like. Leo shifted slightly in the bed, raising himself up so that his head was resting against the headboard, her lips working on his jaw. He, however, didn't enjoy it as much as he should have. Instead, he was a little worried as to what Amy was going to say, and he could see that same feeling mimicked in her own eyes.

Yup, he didn't like what she had to say at all. The male closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath as she began to speak about their relationship again. She just didn't understand; she didn't get his need to abide by all rules, and especially his own. How would he look in front of Cain, in front of everyone, when they found out that he was breaking his own rules. Leo shook his head, moving out of his position from underneath her, exiting the bed. "Really Amy?" He asked her, an exasperated tone taking over his voice. "You want to do this right now? After an amazing night, and before one of the most stressful days of my life in millenniums? Really?" He took up his mobile phone from the side, angrily pressing in the buttons, his fingers missing the keys every now and again. He really wasn't the most techno-savvy person in the world, and it took him a moment to find the send button, sending his text back to Cain.

You sir, are a grammatically challenged braggard. Yes, I know about the mistake, and I don't like it any more than you do.

Leo put his phone down on the side, and moved over to the main telephone in his room, the one that if when he pressed in a number of buttons, he was able to speak over the tannoys around the school. [u]"All students, please note that there is an assembly being held at ten o'clock in the main hall. Non-attendance will result in an immediate detention, and a loss of free periods."[/s] Then, he slammed the phone back down into it's holder, turning back to face Amy. "Look, we've got to get ready. We'll talk about this later." He sighed, before making his way into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.


[font=georgia]Erin had woken up with a bright smile on her face, unlike most of the other Noctrem students that morning. She was happy that they were leaving that god-damned motel, and moving into the Arcana Academy, a place they had been going to study for the past month or so anyway. She had no feelings about the "life long battle" or whatever that was supposed to be going on between the two academies, she didn't care about it at all. In fact, she had no qualms with any of the Arcana kids, minus ones that had offended her since her schooling life there had begun - she disliked more of the Noctrem students than those from Arcana. There was one thing on the girl's mind that morning, one thing that had the smile stuck on her face for all the world to see - and that was Keirol Rancora. The one boy who had ever wriggled his way into her heart, settling himself there for the rest of time.

As she stood there, looking into the mirror, the girl took in her appearance. The one thing that caught her eye however, was the glistening sword necklace around her neck - the one that Keirol had given her a few days prior. Her hand came up to aimlessly play with the pendant, turning it around in her fingers. The smile on her face was that of a girl in love, her eyes glazing over slightly as she went back in time to that moment on the hill. A sigh escaped her lips as she day-dreamed, still turning the locket over in her fingers. Then, a banging on her door broke her out of the trance, the girl snapping her head up quickly.

The quick movement had jolted Erin out of her daze, and into the reality of pain. Her head was throbbing as she walked towards the door, rubbing at her temple softly to try and rid herself of the drink-induced headache. Of course, Cor had been the one who had gotten her drunk, the one who had literally forced her to down her brother's bottle of vodka, despite the fact she despised the drink. She took in a few deep breaths before opening the door, before the whirlwind began. Cor had been there to shift her into gear, and within in the minute, the two girls were downstairs, shoving their bags into the bus and sitting down next to each other.

The bus journey to Arcana Academy had been another blur for Erin, letting her head loll softly on top of Cor's, slipping in and out of sleep. The headache was progressively getting worse, and somewhere deep down, she felt like slapping her best friend for forcing her to letting her drink so much. Soon, the bus was pulling to a stop, and the two girls were exiting, hand in hand, being one of the first to collect their bags. No-one really messed with Cor, and Erin was guilty due to association. She chuckled at the sarcasm in Cor's voice as they walked into the school, taking in a deep breath. She moved away from her blonde best friend, her eyes glancing over at the crowds of people beginning to swarm the reception. She was hoping to see Keirol, to pick him out of the crowd, but he didn't seem to be there. She spotted the speedy guy coming in to check the board, Colby, she believed his name was, and she witnessed the sickening sitaution between Drake and Addison. The girl physically grimaced as she looked upon the scene, before Cor's voice again hit her ears. Addi deserves so much better. She thought to herself, before turning around to see what had gotten her friend so het up.

There was a defnite reason, all right. As Erin's eyes scanned the list of roommates in front of her, her expression turned quizical, before turning angry. She wasn't "angry angry", but she was definitely irritated. "What the fuck?" She repeated Cor's words, her mouth hanging open slightly as she realized that the two schools had been mixed. "We're not rooming together? Well, this just turns everything on it's fucking head, doesn't it?" She sighed loudly. When she found her name, and saw that she was rooming with Loralei Evans, the gypsy girl, she shrugged. "I don't mind. It's better than say... rooming with darling little Lulu or sickly sweet Ashleigh." Erin forced a laugh, but it soon turned to a real one when she saw who Jay was rooming with. "Oh, c'mon, it's not that bad." She put her arm around her friend's shoulders, sarcasm lacing every word that escaped her lips. "Come on, they may even... become friends?" Then, the girl burst out laughing, turning to apologize to her friend "Oh, I'm sorry Cor. That's just... oh, that's going to make your life fun." She grinned.

"So," Erin spoke, the grin once again evident on her face, turning to face Cor, "what shall we do until this stupid assembly?"


Tears fell softly onto the bed as Jackson stood there, holding his precious baby daughter in his hands. She was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen, the one thing that shined so brightly in his life. Holly Millicent Murphy, a little girl with a head of soft brunette locks, and the most beautiful blue eyes in the entirety of the world, inherited from her mother. Jack slowly looked up, looking over at his girlfriend, smiling with largest smile ever at her. She looked so weak, so tired, but so beautiful. He moved over to sit next to her, holding Holly in one arm, and wrapping his other around Beth. The two of them looked down at the life they had created, their smiles never falling from their faces.

However, the scene soon changed. The room turned dark, and Jackson snapped his head up, the smile falling from his face, wondering what was going on. He wasn't in the hospital any more, he was in Beth's bedroom, still in that same position, his arm wrapped around Beth, however, Holly was in her arms this time. Tears were falling down his face, but he couldn't move his lips to ask her what was wrong. He knew something bad was going to happen, something terrible, but he just couldn't think as to what it could be. Then, his daughter stopped moving. She turned a horrible shade of grey, loosing all colour in her skin, but Jackson couldn't move. All he could hear was Beth screaming, tears falling down his own face landing on his daughter's pale face. They were then in a car, him holding Holly. She was cold, and she wasn't moving; all Jack wanted to do was to touch his daughter properly, to hold her close, hug her and kiss her, but he just couldn't move. He couldn't do anything as they arrived at the hospital, and Holly was taken out of his arms. The same word was then repeated over and over again, resounding in the male's ears.





Jack's eyes snapped open, and he flung up in his bed. His breath was hard and ragged, his heart pounding at a thousand miles an hour. He hadn't had a dream about Holly and Beth for a number of months, and it took him a moment to realize why his past was coming back to haunt him once again. Beth Phillips was now a student here, or had been for the past month - and he hadn't noticed. He had only wondered about her being a student at Arcana when he had heard her name floating around in the corridors. He couldn't believe that she was here, coming back into his life, in such a place as his school. It wasn't as if he didn't want her here... well, that might not be in the case. He didn't want his ex girlfriend, and the mother of his dead child here... but there was absolutely nothing that he could do about it, was there?

He spent a maximum of ten minutes in the shower, letting the warm water wash away all of the sweat and worries from his dream. It didn't take him long to get dressed or ready either, wearing this plain, yet smart outfit, smelling like his favourite cologne, his hair styled in his usual damp mess. He wasn't much of a conformer, but he had decided to go down to the reception hall anyways this morning, to look at the roommate list that had been posted up. Just after he had left his room, he received a text. Pulling out his iPhone, Jack checked his messages, smiling as he saw Lulu's name appearing. The male made his way down to the reception hall, instantly spotting the blonde that had been his best friend through the hardest times in his life.

Instead of going to check his new roommate, he made a beeline for Lulu, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind, a bright smile on his face as he pressed his lips to her hair, a soft, friendly peck. "I'm here." He grinned, moving so that he was now standing in front of her, pulling her into a proper hug this time[u]. "It's great to see you again, Lu."

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#, as written by Mela
Cor Quellen

When Erin made a comment about the rooms being mixed, Cor smiled wryly, “damn right it does,” she noted, shaking her head. She raised an eyebrow when Erin merely shrugged at rooming with Lora. “Fuck that,” she said, rolling her eyes, “she’s a little Marinos-puppet and you know it.” In truth, maybe she hated Lora primarily because she’d spotted Jay’s clone practically following her around at times, and she didn’t like how his attention was wandering so much. It wasn’t just gypsy girl, it was others too. Even Addie, Jade and Bells. Her friends. And she’d damn well noted some looks back. It bothered her more than anything, but as long as it was no more than looking, she could deal. Sort of. What she couldn’t take, was his relationship with Freya. Friends? Fine. Kissing? Not so fine, and then he had the nerve to ask her to fucking trust him. She hadn’t had a chance to talk it over with him much yesterday, because he’d distracted her with sex… a lot. She’d skipped English as usual and met up with Jay, but this time it had been more than a quick fuck somewhere.

This time she’d finally been in his room. He’d told her how much he loved her, how much he wanted her. Told her she was the only one he wanted an he’d made love to her in a bed for the first time in over two years. Then they’d left the grounds for lunch and, well… the day had passed with just the two of them, wrapped up in each other. He still wanted her to drop her fuck-buddies, but she wasn’t giving him anything serious until she knew she could trust him. Back at Arcana, Jay had only had eyes for her. He’d never even looking at others with want like he did now. Now, however, he was still with his girlfriend while fucking Cor and flirting with others. ”What can I do to prove that you can trust me, Cor?” he’d asked as she was on his lap yesterday, but she hadn’t answered him. Today she was cursing herself, thinking she should have told him to prove that he could be with her alone. No sideways glances. She knew he wasn’t the Jay she’d dated, but she hated that this particular side of him had changed because she still loved him.

She shook out of her metaphorically Jay-induced coma when she saw who he was rooming with and made a comment. It was just too hilarious. Bells chose that moment to stop by and Cor grinned at her, “oh, you know… rooms.” She said in reply to her friend’s words. Then turned to look at Erin again. Her comments made Cor laugh and she shook her head, “sure, and then the moon fell from the sky and they lived happily ever after,” she finished the ‘story’ her friend was weaving. She smiled wryly shaking her head when Erin apologized. “Oh, fuck this. They’re going to kill each other.” That when Sky’s comment reached and she whirled around with a mischievous smile on her lips. “Have a look,” she told him, still laughing, and she only laughed harder at his reaction, Spanish mixing with his words. “Oh, baby, it’s not that bad. Erin was just telling me how you two might bond over this.” At the comment, she only laughed harder. Sky added a “whatever” and walked away. She called out, “don’t forget to give him a big hug, love!” She smirked.

Then Leo’s voice rang out over speakers, and Cor rolled her eyes. As if you’re going to do anything if I don’t show, you fucking pussy, she thought to herself, smirking visibly. Pussy, oh, wasn’t that ironic. She blinked a couple of times when Erin spoke, then shrugged, grinning. “You know, I think we need a guide. I don’t want to carry these suitcases around all day, and I don’t suppose Kei’s up as he’s not getting a roommate, sooo… walk with me? I’ll just bet you Jay the Jerk isn’t up yet either, but he’s going to be. On that note, I have a shitload of info for you.” She said as she began walking, knowing that Erin would tag along. “Remember how I texted you that I wasn’t riding the bus with you guys? And I wasn’t home until 8:30 pm and all? Well, I was with him.” She couldn’t keep the happiness out of her voice. Jay made her heart beat faster. He was the only guy who had and would ever have power over her.

Cor headed for the second floor, riding the elevator with Erin, “it was a fucking weird day, if you ask me,” she said, shaking her head at the memories, “mostly because it wasn’t just sex.” She glanced at her friend, smiling wryly, “yeah, I know… it’s pretty crazy.” She laughed a little. She and Jay had been strictly “fuck and leave” until yesterday, and she hadn’t had a chance to be alone with Erin really until now so she hadn’t relayed any of the new information. “He’s such a fucking asshole, and I don’t trust him for shit… but he’s still got me.” She turned her eyes skyward. “And I have no clue in hell how I feel about it.” With that, the ping of the elevator signaled that they could exit on the second floor, so Cor hurried out, looking around her. These halls would be swarming with people in a little bit and she didn’t want to risk anyone hearing her talk about having feelings for a guy. Jay was a weakness.

Soon, they reached the door Cor knew belonged to Jay (at least she’d found that out yesterday), and she knocked, pondering if she should just barge in there, but she didn’t really want Erin possibly seeing Jay naked, which was so fucking ridiculous. “Baby?” She called merely, knowing he’d recognize her voice.

Drake Quellen

Drake turned his head when someone bumped into him, smiling when he noticed Lulu. However, the smile turned into a slight frown as she scurried off without a word in his direction. It was so weird. Ever since Noctrem had burned down, he and Lulu had been sliding further and further apart, like something was causing a distance now that they were no longer able to have their nightly talks. He missed them a little, honestly. He missed Lulu’s company when he couldn’t sleep in the night. The way she’d poke her head out and tell him to go back to his room with a glass of milk. Really, it had become more of a greeting than a wish on her part after a little while; after he’d refused enough times. Of course, he couldn’t just refuse either, so he’d begun asking her to join him, and she had. The evening ritual had gone on for whoever knew how long before Noctrem burned. Now he was more or less alone in the night. He didn’t much mind solitary, really, but he’d rather have her company than not.

Thinking about it, maybe she was avoiding him because of the girls; his sister mostly, probably. Cor was a force to be reckoned with; Drake knew that better than anyone, and if accompanied by her bitch squad, as he liked to call them – in his mind, she was even worse. Back-up was not something one should issue to psychopaths. Not much long after, he heard a ”shit” from behind and glanced over to see Kali. He grinned but she too was running off before he got a chance to say anything. He was starting to feel like he smelled or something, what with everyone fleeing his presence. Geez. Or maybe it was just sort of amusing. Okay, it was very amusing. Mostly because he knew why. How could he take it personally? Everyone knew he was great, and he was positive he’d used cologne this morning, anyway. He was drawn back into reality when Addie shook her head and he grinned. “Of course you are,” he said. “You’d be in there looking at roommates if you didn’t have to calm your nerves with a smoke.” He teased. Of course he couldn’t be sure, but he thought Addie might’ve misunderstood his question. Oh well.

When Addie commented on him smoking, Drake laughed. “My ‘mama’ practically tossed them at me. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she wanted me to die sooner.” Of course no one at the Academy actually knew how strained his relationship with his parents was, but he’d never felt the need to tell them either, so it wasn’t public knowledge. He knew Cor wasn’t going to tell people. Not because she respected his right to tell that stuff himself. Oh no, Cor just liked it better when people considered him more of a mystery. At least he thought that was why. What the hell did he know? His sister was a fucking mess. Image was one thing, among many, he’d never really cared about, as oppose to his blonde baby sis. His eyes took a round of the area he was in and spotted Erin looking at him and Addie, making a face. He chuckled, winking at her. It was completely ridiculous, really. She fucked him more often than most of the girls he had ‘intimate relations’ with, yet she didn’t think he was good enough for any of her friends. Good thing he wasn’t really interested in dating any of them. He just liked sex, and flirting. But most of all he liked the company of women. What was so wrong about that? He didn’t need to have sex with them to like talking to them, or just looking at them, really.

Drake let go of Addie when he felt her wiggling out of his embrace, shot her a wry smile in reply to her ‘goodbye’, and watched her ass as she walked inside. He wasn’t a pervert as such. He just recognized good craftsmanship, really, and her parents had done wonderfully, he had to admit. Kudos to them. Then he smiled to himself and picked up his big duffel bag, mulling over his options now. He could go check out the list of roommates, annoy his sister a little and maybe find something (or someone) interesting to do, but eh… he wasn’t much in the mood. He did want to lose the bag though, so he supposed he’d have to go inside sooner or later. His eyes ran over the people already there. Maybe he could locate Lulu and get her alone. He was sick of his sister scaring people off. Or maybe just sick of her scaring Lulu specifically away. Of course Lulu only had herself to blame for Cor’s open hostility towards her, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t hang out? Since when did Cor have anything to say about the people he associated with? In reality, he liked being around people she didn’t like, just to tic her off.

Then again, he didn’t want to get Lulu into more trouble. Very few people were as targeted by Cor as Lulu. Actually, he was fairly certain Lulu was the only girl hated by every single one of Cor’s bitches. That was a first, and he couldn’t help being a little impressed with her. Not a lot of girls had the guts to. He shook his head, scratching the back of his neck. Why did he even give a shit? That’s when he spotted Lora and noted that his sister and Erin had skipped off to wherever. Destination decided. Drake made his way inside, easily slipping through the crowd despite his size and his bag. He paused by the list of rooms and raised an eyebrow. Noctrem/Arcana rooming? His face lit into an amused, mischievous grin, his mood improving immediately. Well this changed the game entirely – and made it all the more entertaining. He chuckled to himself when he saw that he’d be living with Colby, but the laugh died down when he noticed they’d used his full name. Seriously? He was pretty sure he hadn’t told anyone at Arcana his full name. Ah, bugger. He hated his name. Shaking off the slight irritation, Drake moved through the next line of people and headed for Lora.

He made his way over just as Leo’s announcement rang out – which he more or less ignored – , and wrapped her in a tight hug, grinning down at her. “Did you grow taller since yesterday?” He teased her. It had become a joke since she’d grown so much since he’d last befriended her in Harrogate, a couple of months before his going to Noctrem, and since they’d started going to school at Arcana, they’d more or less re-established that friendship. With a fuck-load of attraction on top of it. For once, however, Drake was fighting his womanizing tendencies. Lora was one girl who was going to stay just a friend. He’d decided that much. No fucking this up. Excuse the pun.

* Amy will be added in a bit. =D

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Arcana....home of the hippies. Inside, Jade knew that there was no way in hell that anything was going to keep her from going insane here, surrounded by all the goody-two-shoes whose gifts were wasted on them. And with her head currently throbbing with a hangover, Jade wasn't exactly the nicest person to be around at the moment, not that she ever was. Jade was normally unpleasant, but a hungover jade was a disaster waiting to happen if you were stupid enough to talk to her.

Walking up, she didn't even care who she was roomed with, but, wanting to at least know which room she was in, she looked at the list anyway. When she saw she was going to be rooming with McKenna Marinos, she rolled her eyes and gritted her teeth. The girl better hope there weren't any sharp objects lying around. With a sigh, Jade pushed her way out of the crowd, apparently knocking a few people over before she caught site of Erin and Cor. Her eyes wandered a bit and there was Addi. Deciding one voice besides her own would be enough, she moved towards Addi. "Hey there sexy..."She said, throwing her arm over the girl. "We ready to raise a little hell?" She said, obviously referring to Cain's previous words from on th bus. A smirk passed her lips as she looked up at the building. Even in her dejected state, Jade was always one for having a good time. And now that they were living in a school for the clean-cuts of the freak world, the opportunities were sky-rocketing. They, the "fearsome five" as Addi liked to call it, would bring this school to it's knees.

"Wasn't it your idea to drink our weight's worth in alcohol last night? If so, I'm shunning you." She smirked over at the girl as her head pulsed and throbbed. Too bad her whole...telekinetic thing didnt allow her to move her headache out of her mind. Now that would be a pretty kickass power.

"So...should we head in through the gates of hell now? Or...wait it out and push off our impending, completely undeserved punishment until later?" She raised her eyebrows at the girl. Jade had already decided one thing on the bus. During their time here, she was going to at least try to bring some of these goody-goodies to the dark side. They might not have cookies, but they do have alcohol, drugs, and joints. And hey, what could be better than that?

Hearing a loud, booming voice come over the speakers, Jade closed her eyes and grinded her teeth once more. "Fucking prick." She glared out at nothing and was cursing Leo to hell with a long line of multiple obscene profanities in her mind.


As she was walking away, Lora was attack-hugged by someone. Hearing Drake's voice, she smiled and wrapped her arms around him. A feeling arose deep in the pit of her stomach, but she pushed it down. No. That was not happening. Not with Drake. She'd known him too long for her to start feeling like that. He was one of her best friends, and those...feelings would only complicate things.

She couldnt help but chuckle at his words. "I dont think so..." She gasped, feigning shock. "Maybe you're shrinking!" She smirked at him. To be honest, he definitely hadn't shrunk since they'd first met. Everything about him was different, and....nevermind. Mentally kicking herself, she put on a pouty face and looked up at Drake. Yup. He hadn't shrunk. He was taller than her, and she was currently looking up at him, though her eyes did wander...hell.

"So what room are you in? I'm in nine. Rooming with...Erin Hawthorne? I think thats her name. I only just glanced at the list. The crowd was sort of suffocating me."

Looking out across the grounds, Lora jumped when Leo's voice rang out...rather loudly. Letting out a breath she rolled her eyes. "And here I was planning to sneak much for that..." The thought of sneaking off to have some fun brought up old memories from Lora's time in Harrogate, and it was those memories in her mind that caused her smile.

"So...I'm bored. Any ideas?" She looked at him over her shoulder with a smirk all her own.

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(Ingore the Lora tag!)

Eden Haven

Buuuuzzzz. Buuuuzzzz.

A groan escaped from Eden's mouth as he lifted his face off of his desk to look at the vibrating phone by his hand. He slowly sat up straight, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He looked down at his desk to see the outline for his newest comic strip. In this one, the hero Redline took on the Fearsome Five, a group of flirtacious villainesses trying to reek havoc on Arcana City. Though, it really didn't matter how flirtacious they were, because Redline wasn't exactly interested in...people like them.

It dawned on Eden that he fell asleep drawing, but it wasn't exactly the first time he did it. He shook his head and grabbed his phone, looking at the text he recieved from Kali. Oh Kali. She was one of his best friends and he was slightly excited to read what she sent him.
Hey you. Where are you? Are you awake?

Eden cocked his brow and looked at the time on the upper corner of his phone screen. 'Oh bleep.' He thought. He had slept in way to late. He jumped up from his chair, grabbing a tee shirt, jeans and some shoes, before running into his bathroom and rushing to get ready. He couldn't have picked a less perfect day to sleep in. The Noctrem students were coming today and he had to see who he was getting roomed with. He was assuming he would share with another Arcana student, because that was the only way that made sense. Everyone would be happy that way. He came out of his bathroom, dressed, and looked at Mary, who was frozen right next to his bed.

He walked over to her and placed his hand on her hand. "Hey Mary." He greeted her as her face began moving and she blinked. "You got to get up. We have to see who we're going to be living with." She flexed her fingers, which made noises that sounded like cracking, as if she was stiff from staying still for long. Mary nodded at Eden, moving every part of her body before cracking a smile. "Alright. I'm ready."

Eden grabbed his cellphone and started to respond to Kali.
Hey Kali. Overslept lol. Nothing unusual. Mary and I are going to see the roommate list. Wonder who I'll get.... Talk to ya soon :)

He sent the message and left the room with Mary not to far behind. "Do you know what time I fell asleep last night?" Eden asked Mary. She was rolling her neck, stretching and she seemingly took a deep sigh. "About two." Her wings flapped behind her, almost as if they were made from flesh. She looked around the hallways as they soon, they saw the crowd of students around the list. "I hope we get someone good." Mary said. Eden shrugged. "As long as we don't get anyone mean, I'm fine." Mary nodded in agreement as the duo made their way to the mob of students.

They got some strange looks, which Eden could understand. It didn't matter if people knew about Eden's ability, seeing a statue move and talk was a weird sight for most. Eden scooted and politely pushed past several students, saying "Sorry" and "Exuse me." until they made their way to the list. He scanned the list, but his mouth dropped when he saw that the rooms were mixed. "What? What's going on with this?" He asked. "Who'd we get?" Mary asked, attempting to make it look like she was raising an imaginary eyebrow.

Eden shrugged before looking back at the list and finding his name. "Uhhh...Room Fourteen: Eden Havan and Marcurio Espenosa." He read aloud. He turned to Mary with an annoyed look on his face. "They spelled Haven wrong. They put H-A-V-A-N. They put an A, not E." Mary chuckled, making a sound similar to rocks clacking together. "Again?" She asked and Eden shrugged his shoulders. "It's alright, I guess. I wonder who this Marcurio guy is." Mary nodded. "Let's head back to the room. Maybe he's there." Eden thought for a moment and shook his head. "I'm going to try and find Kali. Want to come with?" Mary nodded and smiled. The angel liked the girl. She had spunk.

Eden took out his phone and quickly called Kali. After the ringing stopped and she picked up, Eden began. "Heeeeeeey Kali. Where are you? I'm being to lazy to look around

Amber Romano

Amber woke up early that morning. She had to get everything planned before she moved into the new school. She sat up in her bed, with the infamous Black Book in front of her. She held a pencil in her right hand, scribbling down notes and thoughts to herself. "Hmmm...Note to self-" She said aloud as she wrote. "Pay attention to Jaysin. He seems nervous around me." She put the pencil down next to three knives laying on her bed. She picked up the red one by the tip and with a fluid flick of her wrist- Thud!- the knife whisked through the air and embeded itself into the dartboard she had set up on the wall oppisite of her. A smile came to her lips as she closed the book and jumped out of the bed to get ready for the day.

It wasn't like she needed to put real clothes and make-up on. She could just shift to make it look like she had clothes on, but she liked the process of getting ready. It for Amber. After her shower, she put on her make-up, deciding which eye color she would choose for the day. " maybe?" She closed her eyes and when she opened them, they were crystal blue. She frowned. "Green?" She repeated the process and grinned at the result. She walked backed to her bed, putting the Black Book, the knives, and her pencil into her purse. Then Amber took the dartboard off the wall and placed it into her luggage. She smirked and thought to herself. 'Get ready Arcana. I'm coming for ya.'

Amber got off the bus, fully dressed. She smiled and looked around at the school, purse slung over her shoulder. She strutted over to her luggage, grabbing her bags, her heels clicking and clacking on the floor. She studied the faces of those passing her by, her emerald eyes gleaming with a michievious light. This was going to be fun.

She walked over to the list and read all the names. 'Actually...' She thought, taking out her phone and snapping a picture of the list. It would be useful to know where everyone was living. She walked away, staring at the picture on her phone, looking for her name. "Hayley Stanhope?" Amber asked aloud. It took a moment before the image of the other girl popped into her mind. "Oh. Her." Though Amber wasn't thrilled with her new roommate, at least she wasn't with someone she couldn't stand. Like Sky was.

She laughed as she saw him cursing in a mix of English and Spanish. That was a telltale sign of the pyro being pissed off. She walked past him and Colby, looking around for something to do. She heard Mr. Marino's voice boom over the school and a smile came to her lips. She didn't know why, but she liked going to assemblys. They gave her time to look at everyone, time to get to know their facial expressions. It was a personal hobbie of Amber's.

She whistled as she walked to her room to put her stuff down. "Room Thirteen." She said to herself as she walked down the hallways. She found it and let herself in, laying all her bags on her bed. She took out her dartboard and set it up on the oppisite wall facing her bed, just as she had done at the hotel. A smile came to her face. This was going to be great.

Sky Byrnes

He laughed as he held Cor's retorts. Especially the one about giving his new roommate a huge. "Maybe I'll even suck his dick!" He yelled back at her, chuckling as he walked along. Sky smiled as Colby appeared in front of him, with that huge goofy grin on his face and his arms outstretched to help out with his luggage. "Thanks." He said, before setting the Party Box into Colby's arms, the sound of glass bottles bumping against each other coming from inside. It didn't take the speedster long to start talking. He immediately went into a long (and loud) string of comments. He cocked a brow when he heard the part about Colby's roommate being an elf. Sky immediately knew who Colby's elf was, but he just smiled and waited for Colby to figure it out for himself.

Sky opened his mouth several times to try and get a word in, but then again it was Colby and that was very unlikely to happen. So Sky just waited for Colby to finish, but before he could, the speedster was caught off by Leo's message to the school. An assembly? Wasn't exactly his cup of tea, but whatever. They wouldn't have to force him to go. He looked back at Colby who, surprise surprise, was talking again. He said that they should get him settled in. A good idea in Sky's opinon, but he liked Colby's second suggestion better.

"Alright, let's make this snappy then haha." Sky laughed, eager to put his things away and go back to Colby's room. He imagined what they'd do this time and a dreamy smile came to his lips. "Well, let's go. I don't want to spend much time with my new roomie." He grimaced. "I'm in a room with Jay." He shuttered "I really would have rather been with you or that Eden kid." He bit his lower lip. "I'm sorry, but he's one yummy order of asian take-out." He laughed, but then he noticed that Colby was alittle zoned out. "Uh...Are you alright, Colbs? You seemed kinda...out of it. And I should know about that." Sky would and Colby was one of the few people who knew about his own flashbacks.

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#, as written by Mela
Cor Quellen

Cor smirked when Jay called out from his room. He was probably in the shower, the idiot. She glanced at Erin and was just about to say something when she caught sight of a guy heading their way, looking at them like they were somewhere they weren’t supposed to be. She recognized him as someone Jay hung around with a lot, but she couldn’t remember ever being told his name. So when he greeted her with hers, she raised both eyebrows, looking him over thoughtfully. He was a handsome one – actually, he was hot as hell. It seemed she wasn’t the only one who had a knack for making hot friends. She gestured towards her best friend. “That’s Erin. Who the hell are you?” Her voice held a harsh edge. She didn’t like it when people knew her without her knowing them. There was something creepy about it, and she honestly couldn’t say she was a fan. She felt like he was holding the cards and she despised it, especially as he then invited them into Jay’s room. Who the fuck was this guy?

She moved to lean against the doorframe casually, watching the guy with an assessing, cold look in her eyes. It was pretty much how she regarded any new person she met, and probably why she had so few friends. Or maybe that was because she disliked more people than she liked, but hey, now that she thought of it, maybe it was because she was such a bitch to people. Hm, yeah, the latter was probably the major reason here, and she couldn’t honestly say that she gave much of a shit. If they couldn’t handle the flames, they simply shouldn’t start the fire. Or… wait, was that not more appropriate for Sky? Probably. She mulled it over. Why hadn’t she ever thought of this before? One could say that Cor’s thoughts weren’t really on Killian, even though her eyes looked like she was staring him down intently. She didn’t really care. As long as he wasn’t going to get in the way, he could do whatever the hell he wanted.

When he commented on her and Jay, however, Cor was brought back down to earth and she frowned, narrowing her eyes at the guy in front of her. “Does he now?” she said thoughtfully and a bit coldly, obviously not taking it in a very positive fashion. Apparently he was closer to Jay than she’d thought which merely made her wonder why she hadn’t been introduced to him yet. Obviously it was also bullshit. The only one Jay was going steady with was his girlfriend, Kate, and though Cor hated that fact, she dealt with it… for the time being. She was starting to feel herself giving in, though, because letting go and opening herself up to Jay completely would maybe result in his eyes staying on her. The way he looked everywhere else was worrying her. She knew she held his heart, just like he held hers, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t fuck around like she did. He’d told her he was doing it to make her jealous, but could she really trust that? She didn’t feel like she could trust him, and she’d told him that. Everything was just such a fucking mess.

Her eyes soon fell on Jay exiting his bathroom, fortunately dressed, as he told her to ignore Killian. She smirked at him. “’The Bastard’”, she began, “isn’t easy to ignore when he talks about things he shouldn’t know shit about.” She raised an eyebrow at him, but grinned when he greeted her with a kiss. The proximity made it possible for her to make out what was written on his forehead, and she couldn’t help laughing, “morning, ‘pussy’,” she teased him, letting her fingers dance over the word. “Hey, I’m glad you didn’t come down,” she then added, a naughty glint in her eyes, “gave me an excuse to come up here instead.” With that she snaked her arms around his neck. Hey, if he was going to kiss her in front of the others, she sure as hell wasn’t going to hide anything either. She started laughing again when he asked about roommates, “oh, love, you are not going to be happy.” She told him, still laughing a little as she spoke. She then cast him a mischievous smirk after calming down a little. “They’re mixing us. Arcanas with Noctrems. I’m with Lauryn, Erin’s with Loralei, and you…”

She paused, pursing her lips in thought as she looked up at him. She couldn’t help it. Drawing it out made it so much better, “you are going to need to reign in your temper in a second...” She leaned up to let her mouth dance over his neck and ear, nibbling and placing tiny kisses to get him in a good mood before she whispered in his ear, amusement in her voice, “you get to room with Sky.”

Drake Quellen

Drake laughed at Lora’s comment about him shrinking and shook his head at her. “Maybe we should start measuring height every day, just to be sure and all.” He countered playfully, “I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t start shrinking just yet.” He chuckled, pulling her closer. He couldn’t help it; she felt good in his arms and her body was a perfect fit for his. So, he liked his girls petite, was there anything wrong with that? He just wanted to whisk her away and do naughty things to her. The thing was, Drake could see the thoughts mirrored in her eyes, which made it even harder to resist. But… he had to. He’d promised himself that nothing of the sort would go down between them, so nothing would, and that was that. Besides… Erin did have a point, he was no good for any girl. Of course, if you wanted pleasure in the bedroom, he’d never had any complaints, but if things went beyond that, he was probably the coldest bastard you’d ever meet. He didn’t turn the girls who fell for him down. He played with them, and he didn’t give two fucks. They were entertainment to him, and nothing more. Sure, they didn’t know that, but whatever.

"So what room are you in? I'm in nine. Rooming with...Erin Hawthorne? I think that’s her name. I only just glanced at the list. The crowd was sort of suffocating me." Lora then said, and Drake grinned down at her. “Erin?” he chuckled, “that’s Cor’s best friend, so you’re probably going to have to get used to her presence soon.” Then, thinking a little, Drake’s smile grew, “she’s cool, though you probably shouldn’t piss her off. She’s a bit of a wild one.” Then he finally let go of her – mostly because he wanted to do so much more to her body than hug it, and he wasn’t going to, so letting go was the best option. “I’m with the speedster in room 2.” He then told her, his voice more or less indifferent. He didn’t really care. Colby was an alright guy. A little too out there sometimes, but hey, he was sure the guy wasn’t as bad as some of the others and the sexuality bit didn’t bother him either. He’d grown pretty used to that stuff after rooming with Theo’s ex Scott. He’d known about their relationship pretty much from the get-go. It was hard hiding things from your roommate. Especially if your roommate was as perceptive as Drake.

At her next words, Drake looked her over, smiling wryly before glancing at the clock on the wall. “Well, you could always show me where room 2 is,” he told her, smiling down at her before picking his huge duffel bag up from where he’d dropped it to hug Lora, “I’m getting sick of carrying this monster around,” added as an explanation, referring to his bag. “Then we can always sneak off,” he said with a playful glint in his eyes, “we still have a couple of hours until the assembly starts. I guess we’ll have to go to that. I’m not too keen on getting more detentions right now.” He flashed her a crooked grin. “I think I’ve had plenty lately.” He began walking towards the stairs, knowing that Lora would keep up, “if I didn’t know better, I’d say our headmaster doesn’t like me.” Then he chuckled. He was perfectly aware that Leonardo Marinos was far from his biggest fan. Probably because Drake spent a lot of time trying to get inside the guy’s head. He was making progress if he said so himself, especially since he’d noticed a change in the guy about a week ago. The same kind of change he’d noticed in the school nurse. And Drake, well… he didn’t believe in coincidences.

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#, as written by throne

Colby had accepted the honor or carrying the Party Box quite willingly, wrapping his arms around it. The sound of thick glass bottles knocking against one another made him curious, and he reminded himself to be careful while carrying it (and then promptly forgot).

He remained in his own little world of what he might have been able to identify as low-level anxiety if he bothered to identify any of the negative emotions that he occasionally came across. Anger was the most frequent visitor, especially with the Noctrem kids sharing the school with them for the last month. Even then, it wasn’t all that frequent. Sadness was almost unknown to him. He just didn’t see the point of it. Every day was filled with a hundred reasons to be glad he was alive. There were other more tricky ones that he couldn’t even supply names for that came and went, but none of them mattered. Neither did his misgivings relating to Sky and Landon.

He tuned back into the conversation and blinked. ”Oh, yeah, I was just thinking about something.” He looked at Sky quizzically. ”Isn’t it a little early for Asian take-out, dude? I mean like, I’m pretty hungry, but are there even any Chinese places open in this timezone yet? Haha. Man. I’m like, starving.” Just like that, Colby had forgotten his proposition… or really, Sky had screwed himself out of the quickie by comparing Eden to food. If there was anything that Colby enjoyed more than sex and attention, it was definitely food.

”Wait wait wait.” Another snippet of Sky’s voice caught up with him. ”Did you say you’re rooming with Jay?” Concern softened Colby’s features, and then he realized that the last twinges of worry about Landon and Sky being put in the same room were gone. He knew that the self-replicator hated Sky, though he wasn’t exactly clear on why. Somebody might have told him, once, but if they had his mind had already lost hold of the information. He opened his mouth to say something, but that was when Landon decided to come over, and Colby was distracted yet again.

”Yes, I figured it out.” And then, uncertainly: ”It’s Drake, right?” Reminded of his roommate’s identity, he glanced around, trying to find him. Ah, there he was, with Lor. And Lor totally looked to be in a good mood. He almost headed over to the pair to greet his new roommate and give the girl a big old hug, but then he remembered that he was talking to Sky and Landon. Oops. ”Isn’t… Ad-Alert like, some spyware program? Wait wait, no, Eriol. Eriol.” He tapped his foot so fast that it sounded like an outboard motor. It helped him think. ”Oh, he’s that weird kid who likes to pull pranks. Haha, better be careful.” His nose wrinkled slightly. ”So not cute. I don’t know. Maybe he’s your type though.” Colby shrugged.

He grinned at Landon, though, one of his bigger and goofier grins. ”Dude, we were just talking about food, haha!” Well. Not really. But he thought they were. ”Great minds, right? But… oh, Sky is in with Jaysin, like… okay. I have a plan!” He announced this exuberantly. ”Let’s get Sky settled in, like, all three of us, in case Jay’s still in there. Then we can get some breakfast. I hope they have French toast today. I am craving French toast like you would not believe. Sound good?” His head whipped back and forth, looking first to Sky, then to Landon, and then back to Sky.

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"Mmm, are we gonna record it on a door-frame?" she couldn't help but laugh. She always found herself laughing and having fun around Drake. Ever since they'd first met, they'd just seemed to click. And even now that they were older, that still hadn't changed. Lora had come to think that maybe it was Drake that was keeping her sane. Though she'd been coming to Arcana for a few years now, she still wasnt used to the whole...staying-in-one-place-for-long-periods-of-time thing.

Feeling him pull her closer against him, Lora had to stop the train of thoughts that were invading her mind. She was so screwed. Drake was a friend, and though he did things like this on occasion, and her body definitely reacted, he had to stay a friend. He was one of the people she was closest too, and she couldn't risk jeparodizing that.

"Erin? That's Cor's best friend..." Lora nodded with a role of her eyes. " you're probably going to have to get used to her presence soon." How fun/ She looked up at him, staring straight into his eyes. "I'll try my best." She gave him her best determinated look before smiling again. "She’s cool, though you probably shouldn’t piss her off. She’s a bit of a wild one." Lora shrugged with an almost innocent smile. "I'm a gypsy, Drake. We're not exactly known for being tame." As her smile changed into a smirk, she felt him release her from his grip. "I’m with the speedster in room 2." Turning around slightly, she moved to face him completely. "You're rooming with Colby? That shouldn't be too bad." She shrugged her shoulders with a nod.

"Well, you could always show me where room 2 is..." She looked up at him as, somewhere deep in the back of her mind, she almost wondered if he Nevermind. "I’m getting sick of carrying this monster around." She smirked. "Lazy." She grabbed her bag from behind her, as she'd dropped it when she'd been assaulted by his hug, and slung it over her one shoulder. "Come on. We dont need you shrinking away to nothing before we get there. I dont have my magnifying glass and I wouldn't want to step on you."

When he made his crack about Leo not liking him, Lora chuckled. "Maybe he's just strict?" She couldnt help the laugh that erupted from her throat as she looked at him, slowly making her way up the stairs. Wait...they'd moved? When had that happened?


A mischevious smirk passed her lips as her fingers closed around the small bag. Addi was like her other half. Literally. Sometimes, in her drug-induced haze, she'd actually ask herself if maybe she and Addi were sisters, seperated at birth. Addi was her sister, and Cain was like her weird sort of...pseudo-father. You couldn't have one without the other, and if you tried to seperate them...bad things happened.

"Fire, brimestone, the whole ordeal. This place is ours now, and if Mr. Stick-up-the-ass doesn't like it, he can go drop dead in an alleyway somwhere. Preferably beside a cross-dressing prostitute." Even Jade didn't know why she'd added the whole...prostitute bit. It had just been the first thing that had popped into her head, and as such, shot out her lips seconds later. Knowing that Addi knew her, Jade just shrugged it off.

Looking over at her mock innocent face, Jade almost burst into a fit of laughter. "Sweetie, your liver died a long time ago. And I dont think mine ever really existed to be honest. And you and I both know we barely ever think clearly." She raised her eyebrows in obvious sarcasm and the whole you-know-its-true sort of look.

"Sounds like a plan to me. That might very well turn out to be the best of my day, actually. A joint with you, and then an assembly I most likely wont remember a word of. Interesting won't even begin to cover it." She nodded, shrugging her shoulders and closing her grip around the little bag.

Before Jade could answer on whether or not they should go find the other girls of their, a wild Scott appeared, and it took him all of about two seconds to sort of single out Addi a bit, not that Jade particularly cared. And, not that he wasn't hot and all, but....nevermind. That wasn't something Jade normally talked about. That, and scott wasn't the brightest spliff in the pack. But, over time, Jade had sort of become accustomed to it. Perhaps she could sort of consider him a friend. He seemed cool enough, and he had a nice enough power so...what was there not to like?

"We're just going to...have some fun before this assembly shit. Cor that general direction, I think. I'm pretty sure I passed her when I was walking over here." She looked up to him. "And yes, I'm rooming with little miss McKenna. The bitch won't know what hit her. Or...she might, because it will definitely be something big and hard. Maybe a chair." There was a certain evil glint in her eyes that was usually, if not always present with Jade.

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#, as written by Mela
Miss Amalthea Roerig

Amy hated throwing up. It was the most disgusting, repulsive thing ever, and she couldn’t even breathe as the little bit she’d had to eat the day before kept forcing its way up and into the toilet she was bent over, blocking out airways. Soon, she could feel Leo’s hand gently gathering her hair, his other hand caressing her back and she felt herself growing thankful once more that this man loved her, even as she sat there, fighting to breathe while the lumpy, yellow substance forced its way up. Maybe this was a delayed allergic reaction to the red wine from last night? She was grasping at straws though, because she knew her body would’ve reacted sooner if that had been the case. The thing was, however, that others possibilities didn’t fit with this random pattern either. Tears began streaming from her eyes in frustration at her inability to breathe. When it finally stopped, Amy fell down onto her bum, heaving for air as she took some toilet paper and wiped her mouth, throwing it into the toilet afterwards.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Leo moving from her, filling a glass with water and she closed her eyes, trying to calm her body from the shock it had just experienced. Normally if a student had come to her with similar issues, she would’ve asked about sex, protection and the likes, because it would be one of the first signs of pregnancy. But with her, that simply couldn’t be the case. She’d only had sex last night, and before that, she hadn’t had sex in something like half a year or so. Besides, she was on the pill, not that it was a certain guarantee of anything, but still. The mere fact that she sexually couldn’t be suffering from morning sickness already, completely erased that possibility, so what was it? Then she heard Leo’s voice and her eyes fluttered open to see him. She smiled weakly at him as she took the glass, shaking a little. She would calm down in a bit, but right now her body was still adjusting. “Thanks,” she said hoarsely before taking a big gulp of the water, closing her eyes as it soothed her aching throat and made her breathing much smoother.

Her eyes followed him as he poked his head out the bathroom door and she wondered who was knocking. Probably either Vince or Keirol. If it was important, Leo would merely take care of it. She wasn’t helpless after all. She could handle herself and she didn’t want him forsaking his Academy merely because she couldn’t keep her dinner down for some odd reason. Her ears perked when she heard Vince’s voice, wondering what he wanted. She frowned slightly as she thought it over. He’d probably felt the emotional explosion between her and Leo. She sighed, shaking her head a little. She’d have to talk to him about that. What if they’d still been arguing? All in all, she didn’t want Vince coming by every time Leo and she had a blow-out, because she knew there would be more to come. Fine that he hadn’t tuned it out; he couldn’t help his powers any more than she or Leo could theirs, but he didn’t have to act on it. She knew he’d be understanding enough and respect her wishes on this. She couldn’t remember Vince ever being difficult in that department, which was why she loved him. As a friend, of course. Never more.

She smiled softly when Leo returned to her and she took another sip of the water, looking up at him through a veil of dark, thick eye lashes. “It’s fine,” she said, still smiling that soft smile of hers, “I’m fine. Really… I don’t know what just happened.” Truthfully, she did feel much better already, even though she had a terrible taste in her mouth, and probably even worse breath. Yuck. “Just need to brush my teeth.” She struggled to her feet again, quickly regaining her balance as she stood and went to the sink. She felt weak. Not only tired, but weak. Was she coming down with something? That was weird. She was literally never ill. Ever. Her magic provided some kind of shield, she supposed, supporting her immune defenses. She shook her head a little, trying to calm it as she took her toothbrush, adding toothpaste before she began brushing her teeth, getting rid of the vile remnants of her dinner. She’d actually puked in front of Leo. That when it hit her. This was downright embarrassing. What came next? Peeing with the door open? Gods. She shivered at the thought. What was he thinking? She glanced at him with toothbrush in her mouth, gauging his reaction for the first time since her ghastly display.

Drake Quellen

Drake laughed at Lor’s comment. Ah, this girl. He loved how she always played right along with his bullshitting. Not a lot of people had the wits to. Granted, he was good so it was understandable, but he always like a good game with an opponent who actually proved a challenge. “We could,” he said thoughtfully, grinning down at her. “But I think it would qualify as damaging school property so Scary Marinos might give us a talking to.” He wiggled his eyebrows at her and chuckled. He knew how close Lora felt to Leonardo Marinos, which was funny because the guy hated Drake. In truth, maybe that made Lora all the more appealing. It was just entertaining. In reality, Marinos had a stick lodged up his ass and Drake couldn’t help wonder what would happen if someone pulled it out. Ah hell, he had so many tongues up there it probably wouldn’t make much of a difference. Thinking of that, wasn’t Colby one of them? The thought made Drake smile. Maybe rooming with Colbs might end up pretty entertaining after all. As it was, however, he was considering how they’d swing things because the way he saw it, they were both pretty sexual guys. In different ways. Very different ways, thank you.

Drake snorted in amusement at Lora comparing gypsies to Erin, “no, I mean… that’s her power. Erin goes all Hulk when she’s pissed, and she’s got a bit of a temper.” He smiled secretively at how much that benefited him in reality. Then he laughed a little. “So yeah, I don’t think you can quite compare it, sweetheart.” Soon, she was commenting on his roommate and Drake smiled casually. “Nah, I’m good, really. It’s fine.” He didn’t mention how he was starting to consider the entertaining aspects of rooming with Colby. Honestly Drake rarely voiced his actual thoughts. He never lied either; he just withheld certain information he didn’t see fit to share. Not that people noticed. They were too caught up in his smiles and the fact that he always seemed so carefree and casual in everything he did. So they didn’t even notice. The same way they very rarely noticed that he didn’t actually give a shit about them.

He could easily narrow down the people he himself considered friends to one degree or another; Cor, Lora, Lulu, Jackson. Now, why was his sister on the list? Well, he sometimes disliked his sister to an extreme degree, but he knew she cared about him, just like he did her. They never showed it, but they did. Jackson had a stick up his ass, but Drake considered him a friend nonetheless. Maybe because Jackson was the kind of guy Drake knew he would be able to count on in a sticky situation and honestly they’d grown to become pretty good friends this last month. Lulu spoke for herself; she was Lulu, and the same could be said for Lora who he’d known for years. So yeah, considering how many people thought themselves his friends, he didn’t really return the feeling a lot. Of course, Jaysin would’ve probably been on the list years back, but then he’d fucked Cor completely up by leaving and ignoring her existence, and now things were just fucking bungled. Theo’s ex, Scott would’ve been included too, but he was dead, so… yeah.

When Lora commented on him being Lazy, Drake merely smirked at her. “You say that like it’s something new,” he countered. Of course, Drake wasn’t usually lazy. Not really. He was the kind of guy who’d get up at 5 am in the morning just to get a good work-out before school, and he wasn’t being lazy right now either. He just frankly wanted to get the whole room-introduction thing over with so he could move on with his life. With her next comment, Drake laughed, ruffling up her hair just to show how easily he could reach. “What kind of gypsy are you, forgetting your magnifying glass? Really, Lor. What would your mother say?” He said playfully, feigning outrage at the fact, before grinning down at her. “Besides, I thought we’d already settled that you need to stop dreaming about being taller than me.”

“Strict?” Drake repeated her words about Leo thoughtfully, almost tasting the word before laughing. “That’s an understatement. He’s such a rule-rider, it’s almost embarrassing. He’s going to have his work cut out for him now that all these idiots from Noctrem are moving in, though. My sister and her bitches are going to be hell to deal with while they get settled in, for instance. Now, they’ll need to establish their little social order for real, and it’s going to cause trouble because those chicks want to be on top.” He shook his head, smiling wryly before giving her a half-concerned look, “better stay out of their way for the next couple of weeks, love.” It was a rare show of affection from Drake. Mostly because it was genuine; not faked in any way. He actually was worried about Lor now that she was staying with Erin, and he knew Cor didn’t like his little gypsy friend. Never had. He didn’t want her getting hit in the crossfire, so to speak. Not that he didn’t know she could handle herself, but compared to some of these girls, Lora’s control of her magic was shady at best.

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Lora couldn't help the goofy grin that had painted itself to her lips. She was always so carefree when she was around Drake. Maybe it was because she always felt She could be sarcastic and snarky, and he would just shoot it all right back at her. He was a challenge, and, well, Lora had always had a competitive side. He made her laugh harder than most people and...maybe it was because he was the one familiar thing she had here. He was sort of a piece of her past and a part of her was holding on to that. "Oh I'm sure you'd survive. Besides, I'd be the one he'd make repaint the 'damages' anyways." With a casual roll of her eyes, she walked along with him, nudging him with her shoulder. "You're a big boy. You'll be fine."

"And here I thought I was special." She put on a pout, but it didnt last long because she couldnt help but just smile. "Dont worry...I'll try my very best to be a good girl. I promise." She spoke with an innocent look in her eyes, though, it wasn't hard to see that Lora was far from innocent. It was obvious just in the way she held herself, the look in her eyes...she was no child.

When Drake made the crack about her magnifying glass, she almost giggled, but it came out as a mere laugh. "I know. I've brought shame to myself and my family." She hung her head for a moment before peering up at him through her dark lashes. "Forgive me?"

"Oh you just watch. One day I will be taller than you. It'll happen. You'll see." She looked determined as she stood up on her toes. Even Lora knew that there was no way on earth that she would ever surpass Drake's height. She was just...small. Not small enough to be considered short, but she was still small. Not that the view was particularly bad from where she was standing.

"Well, the place will certainly liven up with all the new students living here, that's for sure. Leo will definitely have his hands full." She nodded with a simple shrug of her shoulders. Now Lora didn't doubt that there would be trouble, and lots of it, but she'd be lying if she said she wasn't almost looking forward to it. Who knows? It might turn out to be fun. Looking up at Drake, Lora could swear she saw care, and worry, flash in his eyes, but happened too quickly to be certain. Giving him a hopefully reassuring smile, she sighed. "Fine. If it makes you happy, I'll keep my distance."

Writing for Jade soon. Promise. And, really sorry this one's a bit short. I've got a lot to do.

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#, as written by Mela
Drake Quellen

When Lora commented on her getting taller than him, Drake chuckled, raising an eyebrow at her. “Sure, Lor, on the 30th of February, second Thursday of the week.” He retorted playfully. The way she was standing on her tiptoes, made him shake his head with an amused smile, eyes sparkling with humor as he looked down at her. “You’re such a dwarf,” he then teased, messing her hair up a little. He’d always been way taller than her, and it wasn’t like that was changing at this point in their lives, but it was an old argument, really, having started back in Harrogate all those years ago, and it had just picked right up now that they were at Arcana together. If he had to be honest, he was glad Lora was at the Academy. He hadn’t realized he’d sort of missed her company a little. And now there was the added bonus of her very… womanly… appearances. Okay, she’d grown into one hot piece of a girl, and Drake had trouble not hitting on her, because he usually did. With women, he’d see something he liked, and he’d procure it somehow. But again, not with Lora. That was just a no-go.

He nodded a little absently when the young gypsy talked about Leo having his hands full, thinking again. Oh, he quite enjoyed his sister’s stunts and bitchy little ways, simply for the entertainment provided in that context, but he wasn’t about to let her fuck Lora up in the process. Sure, he usually sought out people she’d hate him being friends with, solely because it was fun bothering the blonde, but Lora had entered his life before that whole thing started, so she, if anyone, was off limits. He supposed he might have to shoot his baby sis a comment on that. He hadn’t said anything about Lulu and their issues, mostly because in some ways, Lulu brought it on herself, and he honestly considered it fair enough that his sister would strike back. He knew Cor had broken Lulu’s AC, but he didn’t get involved unless he had to, and so far things were harmless so he couldn’t say he cared much. Right now it was just a little amusing. Although, he wished Lulu would unsheathe the claws he knew she had. But then it would only get worse and… oh, who was he kidding? It’d be the show of the year.

Then she reassured him she’d be careful and he cast her a wry smile, “if I know you right, you’ll get yourself into trouble regardless. That is the definition of Loralei Evans, isn’t it?” He teased dryly as they reached his and Colby’s room. Twisting the door knob he found the door unlocked and opened, stepping inside. He took an introductionary, casual glance around the room, giving a slight nod of approval. This, he could live with. He dumped his bag on the bed that didn’t have custom sheets, guessing that was his, and went outside with Lora again just as Leo’s second announcement rang out and he chuckled. “He sounds rather grouchy, doesn’t he?” The shadow-manipulator commented, grinning with mischief and curiosity, which were usually one and the same with Drake. He couldn’t help it. Anything he could bother Marinos with, was just great in his book. “I guess we’d better go then, even if I do think time’s passed a little quickly.” He shook his head, closing the door behind him followed by him and Lora heading down to the assembly.

At the assembly Drake had been surprised to find himself house-captain of house Tyms, where he found both Lora and Lulu… and Jay. And well, honestly, the fact that he had Jade and Lulu in his house made his ‘job’ quite difficult, and frankly Drake didn’t work for anything unless it was his own amusement. There was nothing fun in playing police officer, so the odds of him being replaced soon were probably pretty grand. First the room mix-ups, and now this? Marinos was really falling off his horse, wasn’t he? But still, the fact that Ashy was captain of Cor, was extremely amusing, and that was at least something. Except he would’ve loved to be in that house just to see how that went down. Not that he wouldn’t hear the news and rumors, but being there in person was always better. If not, it was like hearing about a funny experience someone else had, where you’re all “that’s not funny?” and the person telling it, goes, “yeah, you probably should’ve been there.” Then why tell the story at all? Still, he was growing even more interested in how this year was going to go.

On his way out, still with Lora, Drake spotted Lulu. He couldn’t clearly see what she was doing in the throng of students, but he could tell it’d relieved her, whatever it was. He was just about to look elsewhere and focus on where he was going when she suddenly looked more than just a little ill. He frowned at the sliver of worry that ran through him. What had she been doing? Next he knew, the beautiful blonde was running out of the hall, heading south. He tensed, ready to follow at instinct, not even considering what that meant. Instead, he looked down at Lora. “I’ve gotta go, love. I’ll see you tonight, right?” He quickly said before heading in the direction Lulu had gone, not waiting to hear Lora’s answer. He knew she’d be there at Jackie’s party, so it wasn’t that important right now. This worry, however, was important. He worried so rarely, he was usually shocked when it happened. Usually he found things entertaining, but there was nothing fun about sickness. Especially not if something was seriously wrong with her.

Still, though, he couldn’t help a wry smile when he spotted her barging into the men’s restroom and he sped up, just catching the words “outta here” from the guy soon leaving the bathroom in a huff. Drake stepped to the side, allowing him to exit. There was now no one but he and Lulu in the bathroom and he stalked to the stall he’d seen her enter, quietly pushing the door open. He shook his head when he saw her and squatted down next to her. Drake then gathered her hair on her back, moving it out of her face gently, his fingers accidentally caressing her skin in the process. He could tell she wasn’t actually throwing up, but beads of sweat were forming on her face. He had no clue whatsoever what was wrong, and right now he didn’t care. He just, for some reason, didn’t think she should be alone with this. He put a cool hand on her heated forehead, looking down at her with worry in his eyes. He didn’t say anything, because really… what could he say? He didn’t want to crowd her right now, so he’d wait with the questions. Besides, she was pale as a ghost. What the hell had she been doing?

That’s when he frowned, recognizing this from his first year at Noctrem when he’d pushed himself too far, too many times in an attempt to get better control of his power, but it had never been this bad, and never this sudden either. He watched her more thoughtful now, pondering the possibilities in this situation, his mind going over several different alternatives. Of course it was a waste of cognitive functions since he could ask her in a bit, but old habits died hard. Why he was even there, didn’t cross his mind right now. However, it would have him wandering the halls of Arcana for hours and hours, because with that on his mind, he wouldn’t be able to relax and sleep. Nothing new about that. “Damn, Lulu,” he murmured softly, brushing stray strands of hair out of the way once more. Of course, he’d probably end up teasing her about this whole thing once he made sure she wasn’t dying or something equally insane, but right now he was just lost. He really didn’t have much experience with illnesses and such, so he was fumbling his way in the darkness, ironic though that was.

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Scott Martin Andrews

Frey’s hand laid gently on Scott’s shoulder as her fingertips made there way up his face. She slowly moved in for a kiss and Scott only did the same. There lips met and for a brief moment Scott was in bliss. As she slowly pulled back Scott wrapped his hand around hers.

“Scott…” She began
“I don’t know what I’m feeling right now, it’s like a rollercoaster of emotions going on inside me, but I do know that I have never felt for someone, the way I have felt about you and if you’re willing to be patient with me, In time I will say it back.”
Scott began to process what she just said. She was confused, that was understandable and everything she said was what Scott was feeling as well. A lot of emotions, that’s it. Idiot Scott told himself. You keep on making reckless moves, telling her you love her yet, you don’t even know how it feels to love someone.

No, but my feelings towards Frey, there feelings I can't describe, that’s love and I’m sure of it. Proving his self-conscious wrong, Scott was warped back into reality. The only thing he could really do now was what she told him to do, wait.

“Right” Scott said.
“I’ll wait for you. I’m just glad I can kiss you more often.” Scott chuckled and moved in to get one more kiss, treating it like it was the last. His hands firm on her waist, his lips on top of hers. He lingered just to pull her down on this bed, to turn this more then just a make-out session, but he paid his respect to what still remained of this platonic relationship. Just wait, when Frey says those three magical words, this non-physical relationship will be gone and you can make your way past first base.

Scott shot Frey a flirtatious look and pulled himself back before doing anything else.
“As you know I have detention because I missed out on the assembly.” Scratching his head, Scott couldn’t help but laugh at the irony. “I’m going to go and catch breakfast” as Scott made his way to the door he turns around towards Frey and gives her a blinding look. An expression that screams out what his true feeling were towards her. “I really do love you Frey, I hope you know that.” His expression returned to normal, into a playful grin and he was already gone before she could say anything else.

Afternoon detention, he was aware of it. It was always like that, even in Noctrem. Scott was sitting alone in the cafeteria chewing on a soft bagel. He jugged down a whole litre of water in a mil-second and began to eat everything that was available in the cafeteria. He stared outside, great weather. Weather, quick thoughts swimmed through his head. Loralei, I wonder where she was. She was the girl that could control the weather, what a cool power Scott thought. She was cute too, Scott laughed to himself and finished his food. The weather was extremely nice, and he was still in the mood to work-out. Maybe a nice run? It was officially a plan.

Scott ran up to his dorm and changed into his training shorts and only in his training shorts. He was shameless, he was aware of his great physique why not show it off a bit? Only wearing his training shorts Scott made his way back downstairs. A group of girls squealed with joy at the sight of Scott shirtless and Scott could only laugh. The girls were on there feet, almost like they were going to join in on his jog or jump on him. On his way outside he saw Theo, who looked like he was preparing to run himself. Scott turned on his mp3 and his I-pod shuffled through a list of a thousand. Scott took off into a jog. It almost looked as if he was sprinting but if you asked him it was only him jogging. He began to fade with the trees and only to follow, were the group of girls.

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It wasn't hard to locate the party, what with the humming vibrations caused by the loud music, or the mass of students, with some teachers thrown in, all migrating towards the same location. Of course, it was hard not to look forward to something like this. Jackson always held the best parties on campus.

Running her right hand, currently adorned with a henna tattoo, through part of her hair, Lora made her way through the crowd. Looking around, she spotted a bunch of familiar faces, including a certain Max Henderson. No. She was not going to let him get to her. She was here to have fun, and damn the consequences if she got caught. Nevertheless, she decided to make her way to the bar after he disappeared. A confrontation was not something she was looking for at the moment. Besides, he was with Cor, another person Lora didn't exactly want to talk to. Though, to be quite honest, Max wasn't that bad when he wasn't being such a flirt. Then again, he was an empath, so he would always know how she felt about anything, a fact that sometimes annoyed her.

Letting her eyes linger on the male teacher for just a second, because honestly, he wasn't too hard on the eyes, Lora thought about her recent interactions with the older man. After a moment, she shook her head and went back to her people-watching, not sure what to do at that point.

Lulu and Jackson were in a corner, and both of them were pretty cool. She made a mental note to talk to (hopefully) both of them later, but for now, she'd leave them to their own conversations.


To be quite honest, Emmeline Pearce had no idea what on this earth had possessed her to come down to this party. It wasn't something she'd usually have done. Usually she'd be in the library, or in her own room, with a mug of hot chocolate, and a good book. But no, tonight she was down amongst the throng of people. Perhaps the urge to finally interact with other people had gotten to her. Yeah, maybe that was it. Because other than that, there was really no explanation for her to be at Jackson's party that evening.

She wasn't even completely sure of how she'd managed to get to where she was now. She'd been in her room, doing something or another, When suddenly, her feet just decided to carry her downstairs towards the music and the people. It was true that she'd always been curious as to what actually happened at these parties, having never gone to one herself, and it seemed like she was about to find out. Curiousity killed the cat. She reminded herself, but then again, she wasn't a cat, so that particular phrase hardly applied in her case.

Leaning against a wall, she simply began watching the people around her. It was interesting to observe how they interacted when given the setting of a party. Of course there was alcohol, so the intoxication only added to it all.

Maybe she shouldn't have come. She knew that most likely no one would notice if she were to just slip out now. But no, she decided to stay a moment longer. A few more minutes wouldn't hurt anyone.

I don't really have time to write up Jade right now. I'll do that when I get home. Sorry the posts for each character is a bit short. I dont exactly have much time to type. I might try to expand a bit later.)

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Kitty had gotten her room number and went there to unpack, which in itself was a horribly boring task for the girl. She sat on the carpet, her suitcase open in front of her, and she just stared at it, as if the contents of the bag was going to put itself away. She sighed loudly, standing up and kicking her suitcase to the side. She could just unpack later, it wasn't a big deal.

Kitty heard a large crash from outside her room, so she popped her head out of the room, seeing some kid on the floor. "Are you alright?" She asked, coming out of the room and (carefully) helping the kid up. He nodded and smiled at her, so Kitty took the time to take in his features. He was an asian guy, cute, but kinda young looking for her taste. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just tripped on my shoe laces." He said, laughing slightly. "I'm Eden." He continued, sticking his hand out. Kitty grinned back at him, shaking the friendly stranger's hand, squeezing slightly. "Hi Eden. I'm Kitty." He let go of her hand and running his fingers through his black hair. "Nice to meet you Kitty. Are you new?" Kitty nodded. "Well, kinda. I used to come here, but I just came back today." Eden nodded to show that he understood, but then his eyes lit up with an idea. "Oh, you should come to this party tonight! Everyone's going to be there!" He wore an adorable smile on his face, almost childish in nature.

She bit her bottom lip, thinking, before she made her decision. "Alright! That sounds like loads of fun, I just need to change really quick." Eden looked her up and down. "Why? You look great." Kitty's jaw dropped and she let out a loud "Awwwwwe! You are so cute! Just a second." She ran back into her room, slamming the door and tearing into her suitcase to find a suitable outfit to meet her new classmates in.

Several minutes later, Kitty left her room, fully dressed and ready to go. She posed in front of her door, swinging her small pink bag over her shoulder. Eden smiled and nodded. "You look great." Kitty let out a laugh. "I should. The last time I wore this, I was trying to impress One Direction at their San Diego concert." The boy laughed. "Well, I'm sure you got their attention. Let's go and I fill you in on some stuff going on at the school." Kitty nodded, looping her arm around Eden's, who she felt tense up when she touch. "Alrighty. Let's go!"

The duo walked down the halls as Eden began to brief his companion. "You know the kids from Noctrem are rooming with us, right?" "What?!"

The two soon found their way to the party, which seemed to be in full swing. People were everywhere, dancing, eating, and drinking. Kitty was definately impressed. She hadn't been to a party like this in a while. "Wow." She commented, simply. "This is nice." Eden chuckled, leading them through the crowd of people and getting them to the bar. Kitty's eyes wandered the party, taking in the glorious scene, when she saw it. "Oh Eden! Let's go dance!" She squealed, jumping up and down, tugging at Eden's sleeve. He smiled nervously and glanced sideways. "I don't really dance. But you can dance! Go have some fun, I'll be right here." Kitty pouted at him, but she complied, going over to the dancefloor. She swayed back and forth at first, but it wasn't before long Kitty got into it. Her body moved to the beat and a grin grew on her face. This was going to be a fun night for her.


Eden shook his head and laughed as Kitty left to go dance. He had only known her for a few minutes and she was already acting like they were best friends. He didn't mind though. Happy people like her made the world just alittle brighter. He turned around to face the bar. "Exuse me," He asked the bartender. "Could I get a Coke?"

After he had gotten his drink, Eden looked around, searching for people he knew. That's when he saw her. She was a blonde girl, just stitting alone at a table, drinking. There was something about her that Eden was instantly drawn too. Sure, she was a beautiful girl, but he just wanted to go talk to her. He put a smile on his face, mustering up some of his courage, and he walked over.

"Hi. Are you new here?" He asked, sitting down across from her. "I'm Eden." He smiled kindly, but his mind was racing with insecure thoughts. Why did he sit down? What if she wanted to be alone? 'Lord help me' Eden thought to himself.


Amber walked into the party, clad in a little red dress. She was in such a good mood today. She had finally gotten some dirt on Cor, though she didn't know what to do with it. The wind-manipulating little trollip had been a thorn in Amber's side for years at Noctrem and the blonde seemingly had no secrets, keeping her safe from Amber's claws. A small smile rested on the girl's lips as her heels clicked and clacked against the floor. She searched for Jackson, but instead of finding him, she saw Lora, the gypsy.

Lora was a cool girl in Amber's eyes. Not only did they share Gypsy heritage, but they kinda just clicked when they spoke. Amber strode over to the weather-manipulator, tapping her on the shoulder. "Hey there." She gave a fox-like smile to her friend. Her eyes scanned Lora, her brain making quick observations. "Love the henna!" She exclaimed, lifting Lora's hand to get a better look. Then she saw them out of the corner of her eyes.

Amber looked up and to the side, seeing Lulu and Jackson. It slightly bothered her that they were so close. While others saw them as good friends, Amber saw them for what the really were. They had potential to grow into something more...something romantic. Amber's smile fell, a tiny frown taking it's place. She turned her attention back to Lora. "So, you having fun?"


A huge smile was plastered on Sky's face as he entered the party. He was practically shaking with excitement like a kid as he made his way to the bar. There were certain things he was concerned about, but he tried not to think about them. The thing currently occupying him was Cor. She had come into his room and things quickly got heated (like they usually do) but then she just left. Sky should have known something was wrong. Her eye's were almost...was sad the right word? Sure, Sky would have preferred to nail Cor, but it wouldn't have been right. Something was obviously wrong with her, but Sky didn't even bother to ask her. All he had cared about was forgetting his own problems. Why was he so selfish...

'Speak of the blonde.' Sky thought, seeing Cor at the bar with Max. Mr. Henderson was an interesting man, but Sky didn't think he was the best teacher in the world. What kind of teacher sleeps with their students? That was pretty illegal. Sky decided not to think about it, so he got a couple shots from the bartender and he winked at Cor, smiling. He turned around, taking a quick shot, letting the alchohol work it's magic. He thought for a moment, noteing that he had been drinking earlier today as well. Maybe he should take it easy tonight. The pyro shook his head and let out a laugh. There was no way that was going to happen.

Another shot went down the hatch when Sky noticed Ashy drinking an orange juice by herself. "Ashy!" He shouted, grinning. "Come have a shot with me!"

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#, as written by Mela
Drake Quellen

As Jackson had obviously left early for his own party, Drake had been alone for the better part of the afternoon, the room almost too quiet. So, to cope, he’d turned on music. Currently Scorpions were playing ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’ and it was definitely improving the dark male’s mood. After a bit of after-sex flirting with Erin, Drake had left and to be honest he hadn’t been planning on actually going to see Lulu again, but he’d wanted to check on her, to make sure she was alright. Besides, he had a feeling she probably hadn’t gotten around to eating anything, so after a pit-stop in the cafeteria, where he’d charmed the cook into making Lulu some soup, he’d headed to her room. And found the door torn off its hinges. The room had looked like it’d been struck by a hurricane, or, as Lulu had informed him, his sister Corentine. He’d honestly been a bit surprised. Lulu couldn’t possibly have done anything to agitate Cor already today, and it wasn’t like his sister to blow things apart unless she was seriously pissed. Well, he’d wondered until he had been told Jay had stopped by Lulu’s room. Then things had become clear.

She’d given him a brief recap of everything that had happened and he remembered wishing he’d been there to handle Cor, because obviously the things his sister had said to Lulu had gotten to the girl. Not that he was surprised. Cor was good at that. Mostly because he was the one who had sort of maybe taught her a little. How to use people’s weaknesses against them. Cor was a… quick study. Of course he hadn’t expected her to use him against Lulu, but if Jay had been involved? Drake knew precisely how merciless and fierce his sister was when it came to things she cared about, and she cared a lot about Jay. Unfortunately the two were also having issues, and Drake had actually started to wonder if maybe he should talk to the guy. Or hell, even Cor, because though Drake loved some drama to keep things interesting, he could only imagine what was going on with his sister, and in spite of everything, he didn’t want her miserable. He wanted her happy and making others miserable. Back to the Cor he knew and loved… albeit also hated sometimes. But hey, that was the way of siblings, right?

Either way, Drake and Lulu had soon dropped the issue and gone back to just being them, messing around, laughing and having fun. It’d taken some of the tension out of Drake, and he was actually quite curious to see whether she was actually wearing the outfit he’d picked out for her. Especially the lingerie. He’d more or less just thrown on his outfit, his hair kept in its usual slightly messy style. He was so late as it was, but that was just what Drake did. Although he had to say he actually had a lot of things he wanted to do tonight. Flirt with Ashy, talk to Cor, drink with Lulu and probably Jackie-boy too. In fact, Drake had big plans; getting back to himself. All this emotional shit today had thrown the male Quellen quite a bit, and he needed to get drunk and be a cold bastard just to even the score. He liked things to be even. Nice Drake equaled an equally cold and indifferent Drake at a later time. That was just how he coped and it worked for him. The world was tilting too much currently and he didn’t like it.

Drake ran a hand through his hair taking his first look in the mirror and shrugged. Should do. A grabbed one of his bottled with aged rum, like he’d promised Lulu, and walked off, taking a look at the door to the room before leaving. It’d be so like Cor to sneak in and steal more of his booze tonight, and he really didn’t have much left after living with her for the past month. He needed to get in touch with his usual supplier, but the guy was being difficult at the moment, so as it was he needed to put a lid on his little thief of a sister. Drake looked around him, gathering shadows from every corner he could spot, letting them shape and harden to form a protective shield for the door. It’d have to do. No one was getting inside now. People would probably wonder when they walked past, but what did he care. Jackson wasn’t coming anytime soon anyway. Drake put his hands in his jacket pockets and walked down to the party. However, he kept himself in the shadows at first, surveying the scene, eyes wandering.

Jay was just now leaving Erin and Addie in the gazebo, looking like he was searching for someone in particular. Someone Drake knew wasn’t Cor. Because she was pretty obviously seen, sitting at the bar talking to Max. Her posture wasn’t the relaxed one she would usually have with the teacher, but rather tense and stiff with anger, and… hurt? Obviously. If Jay and Cor were having issues and Addie was jumping at the chance. Hell, even Erin was talking to the guy. He raised an eyebrow, shaking his head. He’d catch his sister later. The male had just decided to talk to Jay when the guy found what he was looking for in Esme. Ah hell. This wasn’t going to end well. He let out a slight sigh, eyes finding Lulu talking to Jack who was obviously liking the outfit Drake had picked out. It caused a small smirk to graze his lips to see that Lulu was actually wearing it, and it again made him wonder what was underneath. Shaking it off, his eyes moved on. Amber was talking to Lora. He might have to stop by the two. Now, where was little Ashy? He’d find her soon, that was for sure.

He chuckled to himself, making his way over to Lulu and Jack. On his way he let Lulu see his eyes traveling down her body, a satisfied smirk on his lips. “I have to say this is better than I imagined.” He put the bottle of rum down beside her, “you look amazing.” Then he chuckled, looking over at Jack, “not that you don’t Jackie-boy, but you know I don’t roll that way.” Gaze back on Lulu, he began walking off with a last comment and a typical Drake grin, “rum as promised. Enjoy. I’ll see you guys later.” That done, Drake made his way over to the bar about to order something when he heard Sky’s voice just a little to the side. Calling out to Ashy? Drake followed the other guy’s eyes and located the little innocent blonde. Great. He ordered a couple of shots and went to join Sky, calling out to Ashy, “yeah, Ash, you’re looking a little too sober tonight.” Downing one of his shots, he sent the blonde a devious smirk, clearly telling her which mode he was in tonight. Ashy was just too fun to mess with. He looked at Sky then. “So are you by the way. Just got here?” He asked the Pyro, actually wondering. Sky wasn’t one to get drunk slowly. He usually partied fully from the second he stepped into an occasion.

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She'd missed the party. Great. Just fucking great

Throwing down the now near empty bottle that had been in her hand, Jade let it smash against the ground, falling back against the stone walls of the school. Her mind was a blur, thoughts which usually would have been sorted out and held in calm, cool collection were now tangled together with what seemed like no hope of survival. Closing her eyes she tried to gather her head, but inevitably failed to do so. So instead she opted for thinking about all that had led up to that precise moment.

After having gotten high with Addi, Jade had apparently thought that running off campus and heading to the cemetary where her brother was buried was a good idea. Hmph, that should teach her not to make decisions with a smoke filled mind. Not that it would, she'd probably make that mistake many more times in her lifem and they'd all probably end the same, with her leaning against a wall, drunk off her ass. While at the cemetary, she'd sat at her brother's grave, talking to him as easily as if she were making conversation about the weather, as if he was sitting in front of her, not laying in the ground covered in dirt. Every word which had left her mouth had been mostly pointless. It was her usual thing. She often came here, to tell him all that had been happening in her life. It was as if she was holding on to some shred of him, not willing to let go just yet. She always made sure no one knew of course, of what she did when no one could find her. Jade suspected Addi and Cor might know, but knew neither of them would say anything. Her brother wasn't a subject Jade was very fond of talking about.

As night had fallen, she'd somehow managed to make her way back to Arcana, but having found out that Jackson's party had already sizzled down, she just decided not to go. Instead, she walked around, looking for somebody that could interest her. She thought she'd spotted Addi at some point, but it had turned out to be just another stupid Arcana girl. So much for that.

In time, she'd found her way outside, sitting near the back of the school, her mind busy with thoughts, most of which she couldn't make out, but she did know that the majority of them were about her brother, and where she'd be at that moment if he was still alive. She'd probably be right here, at Arcana. She would have never gone to Noctrem, and she'd be living life as a goody-two-shoes, being someone that girls like those she called her friends would probably put through hell on a daily basis. But she was not that girl. She was Jade Locke. A bitch to most, and a friend to few. And that was exactly how she planned to stay.


Throughout the party, Lora had spoken with numerous people, danced a bit, and had even gotten a bit drunk, given her small drinking contest with one of her fellow students, but as the music died down, she found herself standing off to the side, humming a small tune to herself as she watched the people around her, occasionally taking a sip from the small bottle in her hand. She kept herself sober enough to make mostly rational decisions, thank god, but she was a bit more reckless than usual, and with her, that was saying something.

A quick laugh escaped the girl's lips at some thought that had passed her head. But apparently, that laugh had been just loud enough to draw the attention of a guy who was standing near her. "Sorry." She smiled, her voice still somewhat of a chuckle. She looked away and tried to calm her mind, but apparently that thought had just been too funny, although now she could barely remember it.

Lifting her head to look at the people around her, she decided to head out, looking out for Jackson, who was nowhere to be found. Giving a shrug, she walked from the party, and headed up to her room, falling into bed and turning over to get out her phone, checking for messages. There were a few, but she didn't particularly feel like answering them. Laying there, she thought over all that had happened that day. The only two bits that stood out were her meeting with Henderson, and Jackson's party. In her drunken state, she couldn't much remember anything else, so she settled for thinking over just those two events, Jackson's party more than the "meeting". Max Henderson was going to be the last thing on Loralei's mind that night. Instead she set to mulling over all the people she'd talked to, as well as the ones she hadn't gotten the chance to.


Emmeline had long since left the party, after having made her attempts to calm Zac down after witnessing all that had gone down between him and Morgan, she'd retreated to her room, changing and settling down with one of her many books. Anyone who saw her part of her dorm would immediately call her a bookworm, and they wouldn't be wrong. All her life, Emmeline had preferred the world of books to reality. With her childhood, every book she read was like an escape. She could seal herself away and travel to some distant land where her mother couldn't harm her, where she didn't have to worry about suspecting whose love was true and whose was a lie. She could just let her mind walk among the pages and it was as if those characters, those worlds, would bring her some sort of comfort.

Curling her legs under the covers and sitting against the headboard, she held a copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in her arms, smiling as she felt the pages beneath her fingers. Before coming to Arcana, Emma's father had offered to buy her a Nook, or some other type of e-reader, but she had immediately turned him down without hesitation. She hated those new forms of reading. It took away from that wonderful feeling you get when you hold a new book for the first time. The smell of the pages, especially in the old books. To be honest, she loved the line of a cracked spine on a book she would read so much the pages would bend, and she it was always one of her pet peeves for someone to disrespect a book, even if that meant turning a corner. She liked to keep her books in good shape, and they all lay stacked around her bed, though she was careful not to let them fall to her roommate's side. Looking up from her book, Emma took a moment to wonder just where Kymber was, before a smile crept to her lips. Closing her eyes, she thought, trying to picture the Mad Hatter's hat. She imagined how tall it would be, how big, what it would look like, even the little 10/6 tag. After a moment, she felt a sort of buzzing feeling and opened her eyes, looking next to her where, sitting on the bed, was the hat. Immediately reaching out to touch it, her smile fell slightly as her hand glided through it, as if it were merely an object of a dream. "Hmph. Well, I guess I'll need to work on that." She spoke out, to no one but herself, her voice breaking the silence that had settled on the room.

Turning back to her book, the hat faded away and the girl read until her eyes fell and she slept, her book still cradled in her hands.

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The Day After The Party, 7:00 AM


The alarm clock next to his bed, beeping in his ear, awoke the male who had been fast asleep. Both him and Amy had fallen asleep on top of the covers after their conversation the previous night, and they hadn't woken up until now. Yesterday had been an extremely trying day for the two of them; Amy had announced that she was pregnant, she was already getting a bump, they were arguing more and more, and everything was collapsing slowly when it came to his school. Students were leaving every where, and more and more seemed to be joining from nowhere. It was confusing, to say the least, having extra students and loosing some, and Leo was loosing track of who was a member of his school, and who no longer was no. He pressed the button on top of the clock to stop the insistent beeping, and he gently shifted in the bed, turning to look at his beautiful girlfriend.

Amy's bump seemed to have grown again over night; the life in there seemed to be growing at an alarming rate, and the immortal Spartan was still quietly panicking about what they were going to do about it. How long was it actually going to be before they had a child? How long before he had to admit to the Headmaster of Noctrem that he had gone against his rules? How long did they have to get everything sorted before they could even think about raising a child in this environment. Amy couldn't even go to see a normal doctor with her pregnancy, as it obviously was a supernatural one; he was terrified about her health. Surely this wasn't going to be good for her. Everything seemed to be going too fast for the male, and he just didn't like it.

"Amy?" Leo sighed softly, the hand attached to the arm that she had fallen asleep on gently stroking her shoulder. His body was aching, that was for sure, since he had slept in such an awkward position, but he wasn't going to complain. Waking up to Amy was one of his favourite things that he had ever experienced, and a little bit of aches and pains wasn't going to destroy that happy feeling of his. "Babe, we have to get up." He pressed his lips softly against her cheek, before nuzzling her gently. "We actually have to teach children today."


Blonde hair stuck up from all ends underneath the duvet, and a groan emitted from the body that was curled up underneath. Erin wasn't sure if her roommate Loralei was in the room or not, but she sure as hell didn't want to deal with her general perkiness right now. She was extremely hung over, felt very sick, and she just didn't want to move. Her head was pounding as she dared to poke her head out from underneath the covers, but it went straight back under again. The brightness of the room had literally destroyed her eyes, and she instantly decided then and there that she wasn't going to be getting out of bed at any time soon. Who really cared about classes today? There was probably nothing good that was going to be taught on the first day - why should she even bother?

As she lay there, Erin was alerted to the soft vibrations that buzzed on her bedside cabinet, and she reached out a shaky hand from the covers to pull her phone underneath her safe haven. The brightness of the screen caused her to squint in pain, and she quickly turned the brightness of the screen down, until it was at it's lowest. Yes, that was definitely more comfortable to look at; it wasn't as if she was looking directly into the sun any more. A message from Cor was on her screen, along with a couple of missed calls last night from her friends, probably drunken calls asking where she was, or just them calling to tell her that they loved her. She opened the message from her best friend, her eyes skimming over the blunt words that stared her in the face. Blunt words from Corentine Quellen were never good, and she groaned as she realized it had to have something to do with Jay.

To: Cor<3

Okay. You may have to give me a few days to recover from last night. Seriously, I would rather be in hell than feel like this.

From: Erin xo

Erin tapped a response back on her touch screen, before dropping the phone next to her. She was probably in hell with her best friend, if Cor had seen her sitting next to her boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend, or whatever he was right now, but she just didn't want to deal with it. All she wanted to do was stay curled up in bed and sleep, for about a month. Yes, that sounded good. A month of sleep. Maybe by then, she may have withered away to nothing, forgotten about whatever stupid feelings she had for a certain brother of her best friend, and this hang-over may have vanished.

But that was a long shot.


The previous nights events were playing through Jackson's head in a dream; the frank admittance of his feelings towards Lulu, her running off to be with Drake, and him taking solace in a beautiful brunette that seemed to smile whenever she was around him. Jackson definitely wasn't the sort of person to have a one-night hook up, and he wasn't the sort of person to drink excessively either, but that night... he felt as if he had needed it. The want to be drink his sorrows away, and then be close with someone had just been overwhelming, to the point where he had actually acted upon those wants; a rare feat when it came to the usually gentlemanly Irish man.

Slowly, the male turned over in his bed, a bare leg brushing against his as he moved. His eyes slowly opened, taking his time with them as the sunlight streaming through the slightly open curtains was almost blinding. His head wasn't as bad as he had expected it to be that morning, but it was still aching if he moved it. Something else was aching too actually, although he couldn't put his finger on it. Jack decided that he was going to have to wake up Jess, to gently shake her awake, or something. He didn't know how to wake up a naked, sleeping girl that you practically just met and slept with, so he was probably going to go about it the easiest way, with just a hand on the shoulder, and a shake.

As he went to move however, Jackson felt himself stuck. He couldn't move. He soon pinpointed where that ache had been coming from, and he dropped his head back onto the pillow as he heard the gentle rattle of a chain. A chain? He exhaled a loud sigh when he looked up towards the ceiling, between his raised arms. Somehow, last night, Jess had handcuffed him to his headboard. He pulled gently on the restraints, feeling the metal of the hand-cuffs press into his skin, causing a discomfort in his wrist. Okay, this definitely wasn't good. Jack looked to the left, noticing a shape in the other bed, and the hair of Drake poking out of the duvet. He wasn't sure what had happened between his friend and Lulu last night, but he wasn't going to ask, because he didn't want to know. Besides, he was going to have enough to talk about if Drake woke up before Jess did, and found him in this.... predicament.

"Jess." Jackson breathed, his lips practically brushing against her ear, as he shifted as close as he could towards her, without rattling the chain that kept him restrained to the bed. "Please wake up." His voice was a hushed whisper, trying to be as quiet as possible, keeping Drake asleep. "I seem to be handcuffed to the bed, Jessica." The last he had remembered, Jessica had been messing around in one of the drawers of his bedside cabinet, and he was sure that was where the handcuffs had to have come from - even though they weren't his. So, she had to have been the one that had the key.