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Yvette Evan Beatrix

"Ew. Look at me.."

0 · 177 views · located in Arcana Academy, California

a character in “The Arcana Academy”, as played by DeathWithin



Full Name: My name is Yvette Evan Beatrix, say it right. Wait no, don't say it at all.
Nicknames: Just call me Eve, I'll feel more better that way.
Age: 17, Age is nothing but, a number.
Birthdate: April 4, 1994
Home Town: London, France
Sexuality: Bisexual, so what? You're not going to try and judge me are you?

School: Noctrem, of course.
Power: Some people laugh at my power but, I still have an advantage, you see. I have the power to change the way a person sees, I can kill you with this if I wanted to. You see I can use Death by Illusion, which means it'll make a certain person I target think that they are dying multiple times and it'll make them go insane, completely crazy to the point where they had given up on life and everyone in it. If I know one of your fears, I can use that as an advantage too, so don't try to double cross me. I can create mirages, hallucinations, even I could make my self another person that you think you see, that you think that's 'real', that you love and trust.

One common mistake is misplacing a feature on a person, or forgetting to add shadows to their forms to make it so that it was real life. But, people make mistakes. The illusion can be stopped if the person I am targeting realizes that it is an illusion. Sometimes I would have to stop one of my mental abilities just to control a certain illusion. Or who is ever immune to illusions or anything related to it, then it will not affect them.

Likes: People who aren't afraid of getting their hands dirty, I love sharing a few jokes or two, People who understand me for me, Truthful people are the best of friends sometimes, Zombie movies, Very long walks, being in shape.
Dislikes: Annoying people just go away, The goodie two shoes who doesn't want to sleep past their bedtime, Backstabbers; no go away, my parents they forgot about me, Idiotic people, no just no, myself who would hate me?
Fears: My fear is meeting my parents and knowing that they don't want anything to do with me, which I know that'll never happen in a life time. Being rejected as a person and human to all. Just finding out that I will never learn to cope with being known as a freak.

Personality: I beat myself up about everything everyday, how I look, how I talk, how many friends I have, I mean I just don't like myself. I rarely dislike a person, only if they are apart of the goodie two shoes company, then I will hate you and want no to see your face or anything of you. Or she can hate you if you're so freaking annoying. I do not take care of herself emotionally and mentally, physically I am in perfect shape, I love to run outdoors and work out for hours. I hate everything about myself, and I have to blame it on my background, and not the scenery behind me either. I am typically mean and cruel, some would say that I hate and never like, well if you began to know me you'll see i'm not like that but, I will with the ones I hate. I usually hate my life style now it just isn't fitting with me, I just question myself everyday on how I look and why I was made to get the look I never wanted but, hated. 

My smiles are sweet, my frowns are just cruel. I'm surprised I have made it this far and it doesn't really bother that much now, how much I hate myself. I'm not a mean person really, I have a little of kindness in my heart, and I would party every time I hear loud music I would just dance regularly, though I would just dance for fun. Do not take me seriously on that. I'm not very judgmental but, if something is a hot mess I guarantee, I will talk to you about it, and I might talk about you so watch out and be careful with what you do. You will rarely see me fight with anyone but, the people I hate, if I don't hate you, I would understand why'd you hate me. I try to keep my feelings to myself I don't bother telling people what I like because, people just don't listen, they sometimes take it the wrong way. But, if I don't like you, I'll tell as nice as possible that I don't like you bottom line. I won't lie and say that I didn't say I didn't like you because, that is just ridiculous. Sometimes I care about things but, I'm too stubborn and ignorant to admit it. I hate it when a person says they do a certain thing but, they do exactly the opposite, yes people they are called hypocrites. Please don't say my name it bothers me when people can't pronounce it right. If you don't know how to say something, no matter how it sounds don't say it, well not around me.

Well, thats mostly everything about me, well the main things are done being talked about. The simple things are all about my emotion and how I cope or what I do when they are triggered. If you wanna piss me of, I give you the honors. If you wanna hurt my feelings you could try to. If you wanna party I'm close by but, not always available. Everything is just a sneak-peak but, just find out more by just coming up and talking to me. I don't bite, really I do not. That's just disgusting.
I was born in England, you can tell by my British/French accent. My mother, Julie Amanda Beatrix, was born in the UK and my father, Clyde Eather Hyde, was born in France. They first met at a meeting between their two companies and once they started talking they started meeting every day. They had a Romeo and Juliet type of thing, they both believed in love at first sight, which was ridiculous to me, I hate Romeo and Juliet. They wanted to start a small family so my mother gave birth to my sister and me, Tilda Samantha Beatrix, and Yvette Evan Beatrix. I was so clueless as a child and I didn't understand what the world outside of my little box had, so did my sister. As I was growing up, I started realizing something so weird that even my sister couldn't understand. I had a huge and good imagination and every time I thought of something I would imagine something and me an my sister would play in my imagination box. I didn't realize it was my powers until I was 6 years old. Which was a very weird experience at first but, by then I learned how to control and figure out how to use it, here is my first experience with my little 'gift'.

I was playing in the sand box with my little sister, and my mother and father were sitting on the parks bench watching us. Some snot nosed kid decided that he want the sand box to himself, I wasn't going to let him bully me or my sister. I started feeling weird as if I was separating myself from something. I closed my eyes and as I opened them I could hear screams and coughing, I didn't understand why everyone was running and screaming I just stood there watching everyone make a fool of themselves. Closing my eyes I began to see why everyone was screaming. The whole park was burning it was on fire but, it wasn't real, why haven't they realize that. I opened my eyes and turned towards my sister, she wasn't beside me in the sandbox. I looked around I stood there and watched my family leave me. They left me because, of something that wasn't even real, I could've ran for them but, I could not move to do so.

Ever since that day I was on my own I was just a mere child I didn't even know my own street address. I remember from that day I was different from everyone. But, I also remember the feelings I had, if this and that would have happened in reality would they still have left me. Did they know I was a freak before? Well sooner or later I ended up in a foster home and had gotten adopted to loving new parents. I decided that my powers wouldn't need to for the good of the community because, they would abandon you again. My adoptive parents understood when I told them, then they suggested that I go to Noctrem Academy.

Anything else?
No I don't have anything else so off my page you go.

So begins...

Yvette Evan Beatrix's Story

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Eve Beatrix

Standing on the the soft sand of the sandbox, playing with her little sister. Then screaming could be heard, foot steps close to her ears. Never understanding at first, though it looked like everyone was going crazy. Closing her eyes as she felt pretty weird, opening them back up she had saw it very clear. The park was burning and she was just standing there wondering what was going on. She couldn't move nor could she scream, for her parents names, as they were at the park too. As everyone was screaming only a group of people came to view. She stood there, she watched, as her family suddenly started to runaway and everything started to come back to actual reality.

No tears fell, no blood was shed, as her small family ran away. Everyone was screaming in the holes of her ears because, they were very scared. How could someone believe that this illusion was even real? She was the only one that knew of this, no one else did. Only those who had the smarts could think about what she had did. She didn't understand, she couldn't, it really didn't make sense to her since she was just a little girl. No fear, no anger, and no sadness, nothing she could even feel to fit this situation. It was as if she was empty for a moment, like her soul has slipped away from that shell people had called the human body. She felt as if she was choking, as her parents and sister had disappeared. It was just herself, the darkness, and that had driven her to absolute hell.

Waking up from the repeating dream she always had and is used to having. It had bothered her for a little and sometimes she couldn't take it, so she wouldn't sleep at all. Sitting up in the comfort of the bed she was previously laying in, she looked over at her watch that was on the pillow she was sleeping on. It wasn't quite time to get up yet and she did not want to go back to sleep. Finally, actually getting up, she had looked around for a little bit. Grabbing some clothes and throwing them on her bed, she had remembered to pack yesterday so that she wouldn't have to worry about putting them in her suitcases today. Walking to the bathroom to take a shower and put the clothesshe had thrown onto the bed previously on.

Making sure they were on right, before taking her phone off of its charger. Checking for any messages or email alerts, not seeing any, she put her phone in her front pocket. Getting her bags from under the bed, all of what she owned are in these bag. She didn't really like the idea of going to Arcana until Noctrem was rebuilt. Well her, the other students, and teachers of Noctrem were at a motel and it wasn't really good for them to just stay there, so she was not going to complain about going to Arcana. Shaking her head as she walked out of the room, outside the motel, and onto the bus, putting her bags up in the process. Sitting somewhere on the bus she had paid no mind to the rest of the students. Being in her own little world at the moment, a world that only she could see. It was a beautiful place at least, she didn't truly hate it. 

When the bus I had stopped and she had looked out the window, Arcana Academy was right there before her own eyes. Looking over at Cain when he said a sentence, knowing he was fond of big speeches like most of the teachers would do, talking about behaving and all that other crap. Walking out of the bus she headed towards Arcana doors and walked towards the roommates list. She knew that they wouldn't put them with their precious Arcana students, but she was wrong. When she looked over at the list and scammed down the list to find her name. Finding her name she spotted the one next to it, Room Nineteen: Kaliyah Rickerson. "Wow." Not being surprised just curious to why they would put her in a room with an Arcana student and not a Noctrem student. "This is going to be a long year." Thinking that as she walked off to go to her room.

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Kali Rickerson

Kali held the phone to her ear and heard Eden ramble on and answering her questions "Yeah, I can go check for you. I got Marcurio Espenosa. Do you know who he is? The name sounds familiar, but I can't put a face to it. “Umm no I don’t really know him…I think I have heard his name around before..” she answered him and then heard him go on “You, my dear, are with Miss. Yvette Beatrix in Room 19. Alright, me and Mary will find you in a sec. See ya in a second." “Ah okay I don't think I know her... Okay see you soon” she answered back thinking about her new roommate, she can’t really place the name to a face and wondered what her roommate was like, she then put her phone back in her pocket and walked back to the girls.

“Sorry about that, Eden wanted to know where I was and he will be here soon” tt was only a few minutes after she said that, that she was suddenly jumped on which made her jump a little. She felt Eden’s hands go around her shoulders which made her smile, she felt she was getting closer to Eden though she wasn't sure how close yet. “Hey Kali!” she laughed and smiled and turned around seeing Eden and Mary “Hi Eden! Hi Mary! ”. At first Mary, the other angels, and things Eden made come alive freaked her out because it wasn't something she ever saw before but soon she got used to it and now she loves them. She heard Eden ask "So, are you guys staying here until the assembly?" but then saw him walk off to Adina and wake her up. She really liked Adina because of the angels personality and really got along with her. As Eden and Adina made there way back over she smiled to Adina as she heard "Hello sweetheart!", “Hello Adina, how are you?” she asked the angel then heard Kenna pipe up "Ready for the assembly?".

“I am ready when you are, though I hope it isn't long...I feel there is going to be a lot of tension in that room” she then looked to Eden “you coming Eden? you can sit by me if ya want” she asked as she went over to his side. She gave a soft smile “I guess I don’t have time to change but after the assembly I definitely will have to take a shower and change before anything else” she looked to everyone that was there “does anyone know who Yvette Beatrix is? I guess she will be my roommate but I don’t think I have met her before…though I am only close with a few Noctrem students and know the names of most of them. I just can't picture a face for the name”. She started playing with her hair a bit as she waited for the others hoping one of them knew who she was.

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#, as written by xKyrie

Elijah watched in amusement when he saw how Ben kept his copy of the key. He had attached it into a key cover and a chain, and wound the said chain around his neck. He smiled as he noticed how laid back and somewhat a little funny his roommate was. He was not the most organized person around but Elijah never had the trouble of losing his possessions such as a key or any other items that he had. It had something to do with his slightly... organized personality and so seeing his roommate's plans to keep the key had rather interested him

Maybe he did prejudged this guy more than he thought he had not. After all, while Ben seemed like those typical Noctem stereotypes, he was still accommodating and friendly to him. He was aware of how some of the students from the other academy disliked him. He didn’t know what was the reason but it was most likely was because they see him as one of those persons that would never dare hurt a fly. Not that he actually cared a lot about others opinion, but Elijah had grown used to other’s treatment of him that people like Ben would sometimes never fail to astonish him.

When he learned that Ben only had a duffle bag for his things, he was surprised. He actually expected him to have at least a suitcase for his clothes and other supplies. After all, they were supposed to stay at the school quarters for the whole semester. Aside for some odd visits outside or the usual holidays, it was most likely understandable for him to presume that others would be more 'prepared' with their stay. He could even remember his mother packing a suitable amount of clothes for him when he first got here. Though Elijah he didn’t have a truckload of belongings, ever since he started living at Arcana Academy, he had collected a few numbers of clothes and other things such as books. Most of these books were either contemporary fictions or children's books. Those that he would normally donate to the orphanage or use as story telling material for the children. He had only recently bought these books and he would sometimes read the stories to the little kids.

He wanted to ask Benjamin why he had such a few belongings but the boy had excused himself to check on his phone. Elijah nodded in understanding and waited until his new roommate had finished texting. He opted to search for his own phone when he remembered that it had been hours ago since he last checked his messages. He was still looking forward to meeting Elle and Izzy and he hoped that they would meet before going to the assembly. He took his phone out of his pocket and looked through his recent list of messages. He smiled fondly when he found one from his sister. She had asked him if he has already eaten breakfast like she did and he replied that he would take one later. Aside for another text from his mother, there was nothing else in his Inbox and he promptly locked his phone. It was the typical scenario for Elijah. He was not actually fond of mobile phones or texting. He used it as practically as he could but he was never the type who would waste a day or so, texting someone else. Those who would usually contact him were either his family, some of his classmates or someone from the orphanage. He kept his phone back and turned to Ben in confusion when noticed him do the same. He had thought he would take longer than that.

He then stood perplexed when Benjamin promptly grabbed his bag and evidently walked towards the wrong direction, opposite from their room. 'I thought he wanted to see the room?' He then almost laughed out loud when he immediately walked back soon after. "You know what? Lead the way my good man" His new roommate stated with a perfect British accent. He could actually see things getting livelier and funnier around this guy. He nodded and cast him a small smile. He walked towards the rooms and lead the way, occasionally looking around for any signs of Elle or Izzy. It might be possible that both of them had already gone to the cafeteria. It was time for breakfast and he could actually feel the hunger. It would be rude to leave his roommate alone though, and so he continued walking and accompanied Benjamin all the way to room eight. He was fine with the relative silence between them and he supposed that his companion wouldn’t be bothered with the stillness.

“Do you want to get something from the…” Elijah started asking once they passed the stairs. He trailed off once he noticed a familiar figure standing on the wall next to the door of their room. ‘Isabella Dorson. Bells as what she liked to be called’, the thought quickly crossed his mind when their eyes met. He nodded in acknowledgement, his words dying in this throat, and he abruptly stopped in his tracks. She was actually more known as Izzy’s estranged cousin. Izzy had once told something about her in passing but Elijah actually don’t know a lot about her. Aside from seeing her occasionally at the school grounds, accompanied by her group of friends, he never had the chance to talk to her. Whenever he would find himself near her presence, he would usually get stiff and somewhat conscious... Much more too conscious of his actions, in fact. He didn’t like the strange ideas floating in his mind whenever he was near her.

“Uh… Morning, Bells”, he finally uttered. He decided it would be quite rude of him to disregard her presence. No matter how conflicted he was about her, he would still try to be nice to her and to any other person around. He continued towards the door of their room and fished his own key from his pocket. He opened the lock and stepped to the side. It was during this moment that he heard Mr. Marinos’ voice announcing the start of the assembly. He looked towards Ben and Bells and in his apprehension, stupidly stated the obvious, “I think the assembly’s about to start.”


Eriol was pissed. Beyond without a doubt utterly pissed. It took him several minutes to look for their room and he was half-expecting to see his roommate on the way. He did found their room alright, located not surprisingly in between the rooms eight and twelve but there was no one around. That was just the icing on the cake though. Another thing was that he never remembered who the hell was Landon Hirst among the many students of the idiotic Arcana Academy. It was because of this that he had dared take the chance to find his said roommate in their room and look at how wasted that effort was. 'Where the heck is he?' He thought in irritation and he tried to think of possible places a male student of Arcana would stay so early in this morning. That was considering if Landon was a boy himself, Eriol thought. He was really not sure and he had not one single clue about this guy. With the way how twisted the minds of the human beings worked nowadays, he could not be sure if this Landon was a boy. 'For all I knew, maybe this Landon was a girl who got a such an unlucky manly name', Eriol thought exasperated and a little more than put out by the way he had to drag his bag all around the Academy. Well boy or not, his new roommate was currently missing in action and he was irritated beyond belief. Amidst all of this, Eriol fervently wished that he would not get more annoyed than he was right now.

He let out a sigh and walked back towards the reception. He needed the key as soon as possible. It would be a foolish move for him to go into someplace he was not sure of. Also, uptight Leo had just announced the assembly meeting later in 10. While he was not the golden model student, Eri would rather not get on the bad side of the older headmaster so early in the game. His behaved record for the past month was proof of that. Ben and he agreed, or rather he had asserted and suggested to his best buddy about how they should act like the good student for their initial stay at this academy. He was not afraid of Marinos but he figured that he was still basically a greenhorn here. Being new and all that jazz, he might as well try to create a nice image. After all, what fun would it be, if Leo and his lackeys would treat him as a troublemaker only for their first few months of stay at this shitty academy? Landing himself into a detention was not worth a while and he would rather use this time to plan for greater pranks in the nearest future.

Upon reaching the reception, he looked around and waited until one of the staff on the front desk approach him. He put on his best worried expression while he watched one of those nameless women turn to him. “Good morning! Welcome to Arcana Academy! How can I help you?” She smiled and greeted him in that customary helpful expression. Eriol nodded and looked around, as if seemingly searching for something before he warily smiled back at her. “Hello Ma’am”, he stated with his tone full of respect and kept on his troubled look.

He placed his hands above the counter and looked down. He then slightly raised his head, bit his lower lip and lowered his head back again. He let several minutes pass before he looked up and stared at her for another time. “I.. I need help.” He quietly said, lowering his head. He was certain that the woman needed to move closer in order to hear him but he didn’t care. “Yes, how may I help you?” She impatiently said and gave him a strained smile.

“It’s just that my roommate…. Landon Hirst? Do you know him? He was one of the Arcana students, and I was supposed to be his new roommate… “ the sixteen year old boy trailed off, purposely leaving his words (and his involvement with Noctrem) hanging as he waited for the woman to ask him. The receptionist didn’t fail him and she nodded to let him continue. “This is really embarrassing but he told me that he lost his key.” He looked at her with worried eyes before adding, “He was so afraid of the consequences so he forced me to come here and get a new copy of the key for him. He wanted me to tell you that I lost the key and I had no choice. He had threatened me and since I am still new here, I decided to follow his words. I don’t want to get a blemish on my clean record you see. He was so scary and he told me that if I won’t get a copy of the key here, he would never let me get into the room.” His eyes widened and he dished out word after word. His tone was hurried as if he was uncovering a secret, and his face was a mix of innocence and weariness when he waited for the girl’s response.

He was truly emanating a terrified expression and he succeeded in appearing nervous. He didn’t know if she would believe it but it was this acting that he had used to win over his typical victims. His usual victims of those stupid and narcissistic matrons who looked at everyone down that they deemed lower than they were. The woman was immediately on alert mode and she fully faced him. “What do you mean? Is he harassing you? Do you want me to report him to the headmaster?” Eriol’s eyes widened. “Oh! Oh no! I don’t! Just getting me a key would do”, Eriol piped up, the panic and alarm could be clearly heard in his voice. “Don’t tell Mr. Marinos! I don’t want to be kicked out of my room so early!”

It took him several more minutes of explanation and he let out a relieved sigh when he finally got a copy of the key from the overreacting woman. Honestly, if he only knew how tiresome talking to her would be, he should have gone with his Plan B and stopped time to just grab a key from her drawers. ‘Oh, the things he’d suffer just to execute a prank.’ The only good thing that he got from this exercise was that he was quite sure that whatever record his roommate had, would be tainted by his recent actions. Word was bound to travel all round the campus and he was quite certain that if he could not have the room for himself, he would rather make sure to take necessary steps to drive his roommate out. This was only his first small step to freedom after all.

When he got inside Room ten, he promptly placed his bag towards the empty bed and he took his mobile phone and its charger out. He looked for an empty socket and plugged it in. Another one reason that had caused him irritation was when his phone battery died on him when he was about to make a call. It seemed that he had been too excited last night that he forgot to recharge it. He plopped on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He had to contact Yvette soon. He did not know where she was and while he normally didn’t care what she did, he figured that they should attend the assembly together. It was bound to start soon and he wanted to find her before then.

He didn’t know how long he had fallen asleep but he was awakened to the sound of the old Arcana’s headmaster's voice going over the usual announcements. He cursed, stood up and nursed his head as he tried to comprehend what the old geezer wanted to say. Apparently the assembly was starting in five minutes and they were all required to go into the hall else they risk free periods and detention. He shook his head and chase off all remnants of sleepiness. He went into the bathroom and tried to freshen up. After spending a good two minutes of prepping himself, he unplugged his cell phone and concentrated to activate his ability so that he could reach the great hall within the time allotted.

When he was done, he looked for an empty chair near the exit and opened his phone. Eriol dialed his girlfriend’s number and heard it ring. He waited until the line connected before he spoke. “Hello, Yvette. Where are you?”

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Eve Beatrix

"Room nineteen.."

She started to think as she roamed through the hallways. Usually she would find her way in a snap or two. It didn't take long until she did find it. But, she had been to Arcana a couple of times so, she was glad she wasn't too lost. Walking inside the okay sized room, she wondered about what her roommate was like. She didn't want any 'always happy and never angry' roommate, or she was sure to go crazy in the time she even spends a day with her.

Happiness was fine with her, she always guessed it was. Most of the time she would probably be angry and wouldn't give a care in the world about anyone. Maybe someone. She was not a mean person really and she wouldn't even dare to do anything to sabotage herself. Yes, she was the one that worried to much about herself. Most could see it, others got tired of it, and some would tell her to stop worrying all the time.

Sitting her stuff on any bed, she really didn't look around too much. Not knowing if her roommate was here before or not, she really didn't care at the moment. Fixing her top, she looked at the desk across from her roommates. Maybe she would decorate it later. Tucking some of her hair behind her ear, she didn't really know how to feel about this room at the moment. Not knowing if she hated it or liked it, but she knew she didn't love it.

Putting her bag beside her bed, she then walked out of the room and started walking down the hallway. Putting her hands in her pants back pockets, she could feel her phone as she walked down the hallways of Arcana. It seemed as if she was walking down a field of daisies, but really she was just walking down a nearly empty hallway. She sort of liked long walks, usually outside at night. This was acceptable too she guessed.

"All students to the Great Hall please, assembly beings in five minutes. A reminder than any absentees will result in punishment."

Barely hearing the announcement Leo gave over the intercom. Leo was a father figure to her and he's always encouraging to her. Even if he was the headmaster of Arcana. Noticing the voice, but not the message really. Why? Well, it wasn't that important to her, since she just caught only a few of the words. She would rather face consequences for whatever he was telling the students to do.

Hearing her phone starting to ring her favorite ringtone she already knew who it was she was debating if she wanted to just let it ring just to piss off the person who wanted to talk to her. In the end she decided to answer it anyway,"Hey Eriol. I'm just walking around. You?" She rested her hands on her hips and continued to walk down the hallway. Eriol, she sometimes hated him for his actions and other times he was alright. Kind of having her suspicions of what he is as a person, her boyfriend. But, she wouldn't question him to much, he was a person and people make mistakes.

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Ben was pissed. Him? House Captain? Leo can go fuck himself. There was no way in hell that he would be able to do this. Ashy would be amazing at being a house captian, but with Cor in her house, Ben felt really sorry for her. People would listen to Drake, and Beth seemed completely fine with the fact. Only he was the fucked up one of the captains, of course his house was going to loose in everything. When he heard who was in his house, Ben was seriously not pleased. His best friend, Eriol wasn't there, but Eriol's girlfriend, Yvette, was. Ben pretty much hated her and it was mostly out of jelaousy. He thought that ever since she came into his buddy's life, Ben was second best. Maybe he'll use his new position to make her life hell. She wasn't fit for Eriol, no self confidence, what kind of person is like that? Eriol was going to get the best, if Ben had anything to say about it, maybe he could even sabatoge the relationship between Eriol and Yvette being the captain. On the other hand, there was no way in hell that he would be able to be responsible, hell he can't even get his own lazy ass to class let alone other people. Luckly, no one truely hated him, but niether were his good friend either.

When the assembly was over Ben rushed outside. Neither did he want to see his "house mates" nor did he want to be near people. Period. Quickly he rushed to his room, but it took him a while, after all his sense of direction isn't the best. Finally he got back to his room and opened the door with the key around his neck that Elijah had given to him earlier. On the floor next to the door, was his duffel bag, exactly were he left it. Although he did see a fairly large pakage on the empty side of the room, his side he assumed, amd thruth behold there on the mailing address was his name in his sister's cursive hand writing. Quickly he tore open the package and found a note. Inside it said,

Dear Benjamin,
I hope you are ajusting at Arcana. This is the place where I think you truly belong. I've sent you all the items that you've asked. I guess you we're pretty lucky that you were planning to visit and already sent your items beforehand. I've also brought your guitar. Tell me when I can bring up Lucifer, he misses you.
Lots of Love,
Cathleen, Jacob, and Mollie.

P.S. I've added a picture of Mollie since you haven't see her in a while and she's grown so big now.

Ben looked at the picture of his niece. Her little red riglets covered the four year old's head. She was grinning and the sun really brought out her freckles. Inside the box, was most of his things, minus a few things here and there that were lost in the fire. Next to the package was his guitar. Man how he missed her. This was what he needed right now, after hearing the terrible news at the assembly. Music was his therapy. Ben didn't even care to put his stuff away, all he did was grab his guitar and walk outside towards a clearing. There he saw Ashy and he was about to call out to her, but then he saw her with Zac. He didn't have a problem with him at all, but he was jelaous. Even though he knew that Ashy and Zac we're just good friends, but he couldn't help himself. He stated to walk away but the ripe leaves on the ground couldn't help but crunch. Ben just hoped that it wouldn't give him away. As much as he wanted to be with Ashy, there was always Zac. Ben wanted to go find a place to play his feelings out, like the teenage boy that he was.