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❂Name❂ || "My mom's big on potions. Hence the herbal names."
Poppy Rosemary Seith

❂Nicknames❂ || "Not many to do with my actual name."
Her mothers call her Sprout, other friends might call her by whatever.

❂Role❂ || "Spells and potions, the whole nine yards."
The Witch

❂Age❂ || "And miles to go before I sleep."
Seventeen [Physically] 106 [Chronologically]

❂Gender❂ || ”As you can tell by my lady-like behavior."

❂Sexuality & Marital Status❂ || "That's an interesting pickup line."
Pansexual and Single

General Appearance

[font=Vijaya]Face Claim: Sofia Black D'elia

❂Hair Color❂ || [color=#941F1F]"Mom and Mum both have blonde hair. Blame it on the milk man."
Poppy's hair is curly, at least as long as it is short so the weight of it does not pull it down. It is dark, as well, and relatively thick. Her hair is perpetually messy and unstyled, for she has no mind nor talent for hair.

❂Eye Color❂ || "The window is muddy, don't expect to see through it."

❂Height & Weight❂ || "It's a good height. Taller than my mom."
5'4" & 115lb

❂Distinct Marking or Scars❂ || "My face, of course."
A tattoo on her lower back of a red poppy flower.

❂Species❂ || "I'm sure you're burning to know."

General Information[/size]

❂Personality❂ || "Maybe I'm a witch bitch. Bitch witch? Nah."
{ Forward, Obstinate, Joker, Extroverted, Child-like/Childish }
Poppy's mother Meredith is the sort of person who treads lightly around the feelings of others, incredibly intuitive about the needs and emotions of people. In fact, she is an empath. Her mother Charity, however, is far from this, the sort of blunt person who polarizes people in their opinion of her. When she was still a child, back in the 1600s-1700s, this earned her the scorn of many, and nearly had her burned on several accounts. Upon meeting her parents, friends immediately note that Poppy takes after Charity. She is forward to a fault, often seeming to have the tact of a four year old. This leads her to step on toes, unintentionally or intentionally, and accidentally run into situations that have her coming across as insensitive. If she thinks it, whether she says it is based less on a filter and more on her own mood. And if she wants something, the girl will not hesitate to go for it. She likes to describe herself as a head-first sort of person, straightforward. In this way, she is quite simple, the sort who does not play mind games, but is sometimes susceptible to them. She isn't particularly manipulative by nature, and thus can be somewhat vulnerable to manipulation --she doesn't have enough experience with it to defend herself. One might even call her naive regarding it, though she's loathe to describe herself that way.

In fact, she can be rather indignant about it when people call her simple or naive because of that vulnerability. She's a rather obstinate person regardless, stubborn to a definite fault. This is actually something she inherited from Meredith, who has a quiet sort of stubbornness which, when brought about, is a force to be reckoned with. As Poppy's is more obvious, it may lack the effectiveness, but her stubbornness is definite all the same. Once the girl has decided on something, it's near impossible to sway her about it. On the bright side, it means that she is not going to be let herself pushed around [at least not when the pushing around is blatant], nor will she stand by while others are messed with. In fact, she has a bit of a white knight complex, feeling the need to step in anytime she sees someone being harassed, even if they make it clear they want nothing to do with her help. She just ignores them and bulls her way through. It's almost childish, really, but she jokes that she can't help having been born in the year of the ox --and that she'd rather be stubborn than flimsy.

An unyielding sense of justice does little to stop her from being a little pain in the ass herself when it comes to jokes and pranks. She's the sort of person who can go a rather long time laughing without stopping, and it's clear to most that her favorite state of being is amused. Whether they be cheesy jokes, playful mockery, or elaborate pranks, the girl is a ravenous consumer of all things comedy. She herself is a fan of mischief, and all the adventure and cleverness it often comes with. When she was little, her favorite thing was little pranks, and that honestly hasn't changed much at all. Her sense of humor is sometimes rather childish, especially considering she's old enough to have had great grandchildren if she were human. In all seriousness, she's not very serious, but rather a cheerful sort of person who loves jokes and getting her hands dirty.

❂Power❂ || "They are varied, but not instinctive."
Spells & Potions
Witches are gifted in that their magic allows for a large variety of various abilities and applications. However, while others of the Arcane have abilities that come to them as easily as breathing, Witches must study to use their natural powers. Thus, a witch's power is only as strong a the knowledge they absorb. Poppy is particularly good at charms/enchantments, such as charming a painting to speak or a car to fly, and potions. This is because they are the skills her mothers focused on, being their two favorite subjects [most witches are taught by parents, or in small groups of local witches]. After a century of study, she is quite good, but far from the level of mastery her mothers have reached. She has no talent for empathy or divination, to the dismay of Meredith, and seems to lack the concentration for complicated transfiguration skills. Outside of that, though, she is reasonably competent for her age, and is still learning more.

Useful Facts

❂Likes❂ ||
Magic Of course Poppy likes magic. It makes day to day chores easier, helps with pranks, and in general never ceases to amuse her. It's one school subject she's never tired of.
Exploring/Adventure Curious by nature, she is very fond of exploring new areas, and going on little adventures. As a result, she has the tendency to wander off without warning.
Sports Being an Arcane may have prevented Poppy from playing team sports, but she's adored playing basketball, baseball, and other sports since they became available. Of late, her favorite is Basketball, and she's rather competitive about it.
Pranks/Jokes Her love of comedy has already been elaborated upon, for the most part.
Comic Books Really, Poppy likes most anything to do with heroes, super or otherwise, but this is especially true of Comic books [and their cartoon spinoffs]. She remembers when Superman first came out, and adores Carol Danvers. Diana of Themyscira, of course, will always hold her heart.

❂Dislikes❂ ||
Bonfires Poppy was born after the era of witch burning, with a few exceptions, but was raised on the horror stories of innocent women, witch and human alike, being burned to death. Those children stories, terrifyingly true, have her squirming around large fires.
Being Stuck Indoors A wanderer, adventurer, and fidget-er by nature, Poppy is bad at sitting still for long periods of time. She becomes bored, loses focus, and begins to feel rather trapped. She'd rather be outside running, climbing, reading, anything really. Just outside.
English Classes Raised with the math and science that other Arcanes don't realize goes into potions and certain spells, Poppy is good enough at STEM subjects. But in English class she's sure to fail, as she is a poor essay writer, and has difficulty analyzing novels. She just takes them at face value.
Cooking Unless it is a potion, Poppy's not very good at cooking. She gets bored, cuts corners on recipes, and often creates huge messes. Needless to say, she's not fond of it, though she admires those who can cook.
Swimming Although she is able to swim, at her mothers' behest, Poppy does not enjoy swimming. She always feels as though she will slip down into the water and drown, and thus avoids anything deeper than a shallow river if she can help it.

❂Flaws❂ ||
Obstinate: Poppy's stubbornness is certainly a flaw at times, for it leaves her unwilling to change her mind on things, acting as foolishly as a child might. Besides that, it can just be generally annoying when she refuses to see reason.
Insensitive Her mother may be an Empath, but Poppy certainly is not. Her forwardness often translates to bluntness, as she unintentionally steps on toes, going on innocently without realizing that she's taken stabs at people. She's bad at sensing what others are feeling, and it often shows.
Simple: Being straightforward herself, Poppy doesn't know how to manipulate people, and perhaps as a result is susceptible to manipulation herself. A century of life has made her no less vulnerable to those who are more cunning, and less honest, than she.

❂Strengths❂ ||
Strong Will: There is a brighter side to her obstinate personality: Poppy is strong willed, and unlikely to be easily discouraged. Even as everything seems to be heading for the worst, she will stubbornly push through. She foolishly doesn't know when to quit, but at least she isn't going to bail out as soon as things get messy. And she doesn't allow herself to be blatantly pushed around.
Potions & Enchantments: As was previously mentioned, Enchantments and Potions are what Poppy is good at. See Powers.
Clever: While Poppy is not particularly cunning, in the sense of subtlety and trickery, she is quite clever: she is able to bring a fresh perspective to things, often looking at situations with an angle others might not have thought of. Perhaps creative would be a better word.

❂Quirks❂ ||
øWanders Off: The Doctor's worst nightmare, Poppy seems to be constantly wandering off. When curious about something, she can't help but follow the trail, even if this means getting completely off track.
øSlang: Having been born a century and 6 years ago, Poppy has a rather jumbled vocabulary. That is to say, she's as likely to sincerely call someone the cat's meow as she is a 'boss'. Some of her terms people just disregard as being silly, though others catch people off guard and cause slight confusion.

Useful Facts°[/size]

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