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Hour of The Witch tab code

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a character in “The Architect's Mistress”, as played by Madame


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[center][img][/img][/center][justify][color=transparent]XXXXXXXXX[/color][font=garamond][size=150][color=#7B241C]Magic has been asleep for generations of man[/color][/size], locked away with a sacrifice made by a King, entombed in a long forgotten great
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]mountain. Illusionists and imitators have since mimicked it. Cultish gatherings have worshiped it. But asleep it has remained.

[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color][size=150][color=#7B241C]Until[/color][/size], a Princess is born, and she is gifted with [i]the sight[/i], an ability to see what has past, and more [i]frighteningly[/i] what will come. Her father, the
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]Emperor, is at first eager to use this ability to his advantage. His Empire completes and reaches to all civilization in Byzania. In his battles however,
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]his forces increasingly face unnatural occurrences. Creatures of myth are returning to Byzania, and with them, the ability to use magic. The Emperor
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]would not believe these outlandish stories told by farmers and common folk were it not for his daughter. Who sees ever increasingly [i]strange[/i] things
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]occurring. He knows by now that all she sees comes to pass in one way or another.

[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color][size=150][color=#7B241C]The Emperor realizes his mistake[/color][/size], and only hopes that he is not too late. There is nothing that threatens mortal life and civilization
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]more than magic. Consulting the old texts, historians and advisers, the Emperor realizes what must be done. He must make the same sacrifice that a
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]forlorn King made to seal magic away so long ago. His beloved daughter must be taken to the sacred mountain and be sacrificed.

[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color][size=150][color=#7B241C]A quest given in secret[/color][/size] to take her to the great mountain called [i]The Witch’s Tomb[/i] is undertaken by a group of individuals the Emperor
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]hand picks, some quite [i]forcibly[/i]. They are told simply that they are on a quest to put a stop to the rise of man’s greatest terror, magic. And little to
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]nothing else. The burden of sacrificing his daughter is placed on a Knight. The Emperor does not know how long it will be until his daughter
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]realizes her own future, but prays that she will not be burdened too long, and so does not tell her of her duty. Only that she must go. What lies in the
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]path of this holy mission is a great dark forest that none return from, bands of cultish worshipers who want the return of magic, and creatures that see
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]the Princess for what she is and wish to stop her from reaching the mountain. Is magic really so dangerous? Or is it simply the result of whosoever
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]wields it? And biggest of all, when the time comes, will the Princess do what she must?[/font][/justify][center][img][/img][/center]




[center][size=200][font=aa][color=#7B241C]I N F O R M A T I O N[/color][/font][/size]
[color=transparent]XXXXXXXXX[/color][font=garamond]Welcome to Byzania, a stand-alone continent that has a medieval/byzantine setting, with fantasy elements mixed in. Like a fantasy world some
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]mythical creatures and magical elements are present, but different races are not. Humans will be the only playable characters. You can imagine it as
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]something similar to ASOIAF. In Byzania there is only one Emperor, and several "Lords" that manage territories like Kings. Again this is similar to
[color=transparent]XXXXXXx[/color]ASOIAF, but also to a feudal or byzantine political system. More information on the territories can be found in the map thread, and most of the map
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]will be for players to decide upon and build themselves.

[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]Magic in the past in this world is described in the present as having been a conduit of chaos and destruction. The time of magic was a time of constant
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]war, and with the growing empire in Byzania, peace is favored. Even peace by force as the Emperor is sometimes apt to do. Magic equated to power,
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]and whomever had the most power could gain the most of pretty much everything, and the greedy struggle took a lot of lives. This struggle and
[color=transparent]XXXXXXx[/color]bloodshed continued until one King and his closest adviser, a sorcerer, decided that enough was enough. They looked for a way to stop the constant
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]power struggle involving magic and found one in a temple carved into a great mountain. It was ancient them, even more so now, and by sacrificing
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]what he held most dear to him the sorcerer was able to seal away magic. Yes, [i]what the sorcerer held most dear to him[/i], not the King, history and
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]legends say otherwise but it was originally actually the sorcerer and the girl he loved, who so happened to be the Princess, that made the sacrifice.
[color=transparent]XXXXXXx[/color]This sorcerer stayed behind in the forest to guard the temple and bar anyone from disturbing it, and the King returned to his Kingdom a hero. The
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]sorcerer has acted as a come and go adviser to the various Kings, that have ruled in that region, only appearing once or twice in their lifetime. Most
[color=transparent]XXXXXXx[/color]recently those Kings have instead been Emperors, but he visits them at some point regardless. To remind them of the dangers of magic. This most recent
[color=transparent]XXXXXXx[/color]Emperor has only seen the sorcerer once, and not since. The Emperor is searching for him still, but sends the questing party ahead regardless. Confident
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]that he needs only make this one sacrifice to fix things.

[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]The only character "roles" that I need filled are the Princess and the Knight that is charged with sacrificing her. I will be playing a character that will
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]guide the group through the forest and to the The Witch's Tomb, a mountain that is the sacred place where magic was sealed and the ancient king of old
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color][i]allegedly[/i] made the first sacrifice. The rest of the characters can be from just about any background you can think of. Just keep in mind they were [s]forced[/s]
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]hired for a pretty formidable quest. There is definitely an overarching plot here, but within the plot we're pretty flexible. You will need to be active in the
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]ooc so that we can decide what moves to make and how to play this out. Depending on us, this could be a rather short or long roleplay.[/font]

[center][size=200][font=aa][color=#7B241C]C H A R A C T E R S[/color][/font][/size]
[color=transparent]XXXXXXXXX[/color][font=aa][color=#7B241C]r u l e s[/color]

[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color][size=150][color=#7B241C]β† [/color][/size] Your character sheets are an application, I don't know a lot of people on this site so chances are I don't know your writing skill. Please treat your
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]character sheet as an audition for that skill and spend time on making it good.

[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color][size=150][color=#7B241C]β† [/color][/size] I expect posting of at least once every five days, more is great but I won't hold you to more than five days in between posts. You get two warnings
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]two days apart before your character gets written off as "deceased". Should you want to quit the roleplay for whatever reason, and I won't press you for 
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]one as that is your business entirely, please either pm me or leave a message in the ooc.

[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color][size=150][color=#7B241C]β† [/color][/size] Seriously, doesn't even matter if the reason is as simple as "I no longer have a muse for this rp." - that's entirely valid and I won't hold it against you
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]at all. Nor are you required to even tell me a reason. What I will hold against you is dropping off the face of the planet and not letting us know if you're
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]still in the rp. It holds everyone's posting up.

[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color][size=150][color=#7B241C]β† [/color][/size] Posts should be no less than 500 words.

[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color][size=150][color=#7B241C]β† [/color][/size] Expect joint posts, using a writing pad of one form or another. Joint posts are a great way to get interactive scenes out there without 50 posts
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]involving 300 words of filler per post because there really isn't more to say than a few lines of dialog in the given situation. This will allow us to play
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]this as more of a book than a video game.

[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color][size=150][color=#7B241C]β† [/color][/size] Humans are the only playable option. High quality illustrations please.

[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color][size=150][color=#7B241C]β† [/color][/size] To let me know you are making a character for this roleplay, submit a 500 x 150 image of your character to me in the ooc, along with the "gist" of
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]that character idea. I like to see WIPs so feel free to submit those. If I get more than one application for our Princess, I will pick the best one. There are
[color=transparent]XXXXXXX[/color]no [i]reservations[/i].[/font]

So begins...

Hour of The Witch tab code's Story