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Scholar app

here goes...

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a character in “The Architect's Mistress”, as played by Madame


Scholar Team Application
I: Basic Information
Username: Madame
Alternate Accounts, if any: I can barely remember my password for this account. *sweatdrop* No but in all seriousness, I was on here some years ago, like six or more. But for the life of me I can not recall my old account. This is the only one I intend to use really.
Age: 24
Years On the Site: it's more like a couple months if we're speaking in terms of this account, but I was on here a couple of years on my old account.
Time Zone: Pacific
Average Hours On Site, Per Week: At least two hours a day, it's always a tab open on my laptop. On my days off the tab is open all day. So that's minimum 14 hours per week, more like in the 20's when you take days off into account.
Non-English Languages Known: Spanish.
Any mentoring or teaching experience?: No, but I would like to. That's why I'd like to throw my name into the hat for Scholar. In particular I think I could help with character development/CS and potential GMs who want to know roleplay building.
II: General Questions
1. What would you consider your strengths as a roleplayer and a writer? What are you, right now, skilled and comfortable enough with to help other users learn or discuss?

I think I'm a good writer all around, and more importantly I'm quick at it, which is good for roleplay. I used to be one of those writers who did the wall-of-text posts, with the more = better mindset. But I've developed into a more precise writer who leaves things unsaid and unnoticed until just the right time, make sure my posts get to the point and move things forward. I think I've found a happy medium in what to say and when, and reading my partner player's style to compliment them. I'm a very emotionally involved writer/rper, sensing my partner's flow and moving with it. Almost like a dance. Which I think is something you can only acquire with time and experience. And while I haven't quite figured out a way to teach that I do have a very ordered and precise way to open up someone else's skills when it comes to writing. I can map out what a profile should look like and how to get those nice long profiles that people love to see. I want to put people in a mindset where writing is effortless and easy and above all fun. That's what helps with pushing out material promptly and quickly, regardless if you have "writer's block". When writing is like breathing to you it becomes easy. I'm very articulate with how I make observations and how I come to a conclusion. Which I think will be useful when it comes to helping others write.

As a writer that's making big style changes and improving I want to stress to them to read what they like and re-read it as though they were dissecting it. I think reflection is always key, both in what others and you yourself write.

Also as someone making large improvements you need to start with baby steps and not get frustrated when it doesn't come out like you thought it would. Reading the flow of a post and deciding to mess with the tempo of the rp to create a little jazz won't happen right away, first comes the basics. The mapping of what you want to say and achieve, and the filling in the blanks of your little map. Kindof like a classroom worksheet. I think I can encourage someone through that.

2. Conversely, what do you consider your weaknesses, or areas on which you could use some improvement?

I always think I need improvements. As a writer I think that's the best thing about that way of life. You can always improve and learn. Personally I want to work on the broader strokes of roleplay right now, and dealing with GMing and paiting a story with multiple players. I'm all about plotting and ideas at the moment. What it takes to make a successful rp and how to keep it going.

3. Describe your level of participation in RP. Do you write in the multiverse? Have you run or participated in tab-style RPs in the past? How many things are you writing for now, and what are those projects like?

I have a feeling I might be too new to be accepted as a scholar, and it definitely shows in this portion of the app. I don't like the idea of the multiverse just because the concept seems a little too broad for me, with a lack of opportunity for long term development. Too unorganized? But then again I haven't tried it. My opinion of the multiverse is purely conceptual.

I am currently running two tab-style rps. I had a third but it didn't get enough traction and so didn't end up starting. I am currently in three tab-style rps however. A fourth I applied for but apparently an internet issue is preventing the GM from being present? The other players haven't posted in weeks though so I'm not so sure that's ever going to begin either. My three current rps are as follows.

roleplay/the-wayfarer-amongst-skies The Wayfarer: Amongst Skies
A very large rp with 14 players, I was looking for something simple and it became so much more! To my surprise and delight. My character for this rp is based off of an obsession with a character from the Bloodborne video game series, Lady Maria. It's basically a steampunk not-quite-pirate ship rp, and the players are thus far a range of literacy levels. I have three interactions planned but the number of players and the necessity for each to post in order to hold a "vote" is proving difficult and tedious to wait for. A lesson which I think can be learned. What I've taken from this rp thus far is size control and perhaps a single post voting system idea for the future. I might speak to the GM about it but I'm unsure if that suggestion would be smiled upon or seem like being nosey. This rp while simple, is loads of fun. It certainly attracted quite the crowd.

roleplay/byzania-hour-of-the-witch Byzania: Hour of The Witch
An interest check that didn't get much interest until after the holidays, and then too much interest once it went up! This is my rp, and as GM I do have literacy requirements for it. The plot was something made by bouncing off ideas in its interest check, and came out quite flexible yet precise. I like to do that with plots in order to generate more interest, give an overarching plot that the player group can alter and do with as they please. I've also opened worldbuilding in it, making only two locations canon and providing a map where players make locations and be creative with the sort of background their character came from. I've acquired quite the perfect crowd for the group in my opinion. I adore the way it all turned out. A lot of the plotting is going on via pms however, and I'd like to get the into the ooc instead. I am going to explore how to work a plot in this rp, as mentioned before a lot of my interest in improving my writing right now is focused on plot.

roleplay/wrong-star-war Wrong Star War
In the very first rendition of this rp, which I stupidly posted in the middle of the holidays, actually got a compliment from Remæus! I'm holding onto that forever. Sadly, the holidays killed it before it had a chance to take off, and then I posted it again one drunken night... it was still the holidays. In my stubbornness and intense desire for Star Wars I posted it an embarrassing third time, but with success! The holiday famine was over and I quickly rounded up a cast. This rp had a more precise character count and slots to fill, which I try to avoid but couldn't find a way around. However that thankfully didn't seem to turn people off too much. I'm hoping that with this rp we can re-write an original plotline in an eloquent way and not botch things. Or maybe botching things is how it will end up eloquently? Who knows... more plot exploration with this rp. This cast is made up very violent and perhaps unkind people, except for soldier boy, but they are formidable, so we'll see how that goes. Maybe certain personality types are needed in order to ensure success? I should make note and explore personality to plot theory. Writing about this rp just gave me more ideas on how to dissect it, whadayaknow.

4. What, of your previous writing, would you say you’re the most proud of, and why?

That... might be a problem. I have been roleplaying on tumblr for a while now, and basically everyone and their mother scraps rp chains when they're done with them. Once an rp dies or is completed they recycle the account (rps are held on entirely separate accounts, with other accounts for characters) in order to use it to make another, and the posts get deleted. I personally have recycled character accounts as well, and more or less own empty accounts now. I can claim however that I am proud of every new thing I write. I'm really sorry I have nothing but what I've written on here to show you, but you're free to peruse through that and judge my writing from it if you find that acceptable.

5. What are some things you think the Scholar team can do to improve the overall site community and experience? Please include specifics if you can.

Providing specific map-outs for roleplaying in general, rather than conceptual improvements. Communication has to go through many stages, you think it, then you write it down, then another person reads it, processes it however they've been taught to process it and has to formulate a response in a way they've been taught to respond, and when you read that response you process it how you've been taught to process. What an arduously long sentence. But I digress, making something incredibly easy for people to follow and fill out, like writing exercises, helps. I see a lot of general how-to and advice threads, but not a lot of specific. I think getting specific is necessary. Not that the community isn't doing a great job, I just think it's always important to keep improvement in mind.

III: Scenarios
Suppose you are a Scholar. What would you do in each of the following situations?
A: You see a rules violation occurring in chat: one user is posting links to inappropriate content or attempting to harass another user.

I would remind them what rule they are violating and why that rule is important. That the rule isn't a guideline and is in place to keep the environment safe and inviting. If the user persists perhaps more serious measures would be necessary, but I find most people respond well when you explain to them why something is necessary.

B: Someone PMs you, seeking a mentor to help them improve their writing.

If I have too much on my plate, direct them to a mentor who doesn't if I know any, and to the roleplayacademy forum threads. If I am able to help them myself, let them know of the resources available in the threads still, and establish what it is they want help with specifically. Go to their profile and start reading. See what it is they're talking about when they say they need help. And once I understand I can them formulate a way for them to improve, and provide exercises to help that along. I will write with them and monitor their writing regularly, providing feedback and most importantly providing a soundboard that will ask the right questions for them to reflect on. If they are in active roleplays I can help them formulate responses in those too. Once they get the hang of things and say they no longer need my help, I can move on to the next victim player.

C: Someone is asking a question in the RPA or Help forum that you don’t know the answer to.

Ask another mod, find someone who does know the answer.

D: A user confronts you, believing that you have disrespected them by something you wrote in response to a forum post of theirs.

Apologize, I'm a firm believer in that you don't get to decide how hurt someone is by what you said and you should take responsibility for that. If appropriate I would explain my reasoning and try to work the disagreement out. Sometimes I've learned, even recently, that it's best to just give in and not drag things along. You should avoid conflict in general in the ooc, but sometimes it's unavoidable or you say something that gets taken the wrong way. In general it's good to own up to what you say.

And lastly, would you be willing to talk informally with one of the Scholar team leads, either over PM or in some form of private chat, regarding your application?

Of course.

So begins...

Scholar app's Story