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the wrong star war tab code

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a character in “The Architect's Mistress”, as played by Madame


Code: Select all
[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color][font=AA][color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color][b][size=150]E P I S O D E [color=TRANSPARENT]X[/color] I[/size][/b][/font]
[justify][font=AA][color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color][b]With the support of the REPUBLIC, General Leia Organa leads a brave RESISTANCE

[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]against the sinister FIRST ORDER. Among her rebels are a crew that have been tasked

[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]with a secret mission to gain allies amidst the OUTER RIM. But things take a turn

[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]for the worst when the ship and its crew is sucked into a wormhole and hurled into the


[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]What will the crew do....[/b][/font][/justify]

[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color][SIZE=90]With the above plot this is, in essence, a Star Wars roleplay. The hitch is, rebels from the future
[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]went on a mission into the outer rim territories on a mission to harden alliances and seek out new
[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]ones, and ran into a wormhole with a strong pull along the way. The crew all thought they'd be
[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]super dead when they got sucked in, but instead of dying the wormhole sent them into a time in
[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]between episode II and III. As the players we will have the opportunity to have our characters change
[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]the story as we please, for the better or for the worse.

[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]This roleplay doesn't require you to be a Star Wars-verse expert but if you've seen the movies you
[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]should be ok. You'll always have the help of the [url=]wookipeedia[/url] and other players. I don't allow elitist
[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]attitudes here so if someone has only seen the movies and you know every nook and cranny of the
[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]verse, please be welcoming and helpful rather than scornful. A respectful attitude to all in general will
[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]be expected in this rp, as will a certain level of literacy. I'd like for everyone in this rp to be considered
[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]advanced, so please be comfortable with that level of both quality and quantity in writing posts. There
[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]are no reservations but if you are interested in a particular slot let me know in the ooc so that I don't
[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]accept profiles for that slot until I've read yours. The character slots are not written in stone and perhaps
[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]there can be multiples of some of them, if you have a better idea, extra character, or canon character you
[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]would like to play by all means please apply. I am open to ideas and the construction of the plot for
[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]this roleplay will be in the hands of all the players from here on out, so please expect to be active
[color=TRANSPARENT]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color]in the ooc. Above all, let's have some nerdy fun![/SIZE]


[FONT=AA]C A P T A I N [B]||[/B] N A M E [B]||[/B] P L A Y E R[/FONT]

[FONT=AA]P I L O T [B]||[/B] N A M E [B]||[/B] P L A Y E R[/FONT]

[FONT=AA]P R I V A T E [B]||[/B] N A M E [B]||[/B] P L A Y E R[/FONT]

[FONT=AA]S T R A T E G I S T [B] || [/B] N A M E [B]||[/B] P L A Y E R[/FONT]

[FONT=AA]S E N A T O R [B]|| [/B] N A M E [B] || [/B] P L A Y E R[/FONT]

[FONT=AA]J E D I [B]|| [/B] N A M E [B] || [/B] P L A Y E R[/FONT]

[FONT=AA]P A D A W A N [B]||[/B] N A M E [B]||[/B] Madame[/FONT][/CENTER]

So begins...

the wrong star war tab code's Story