The Arken Manor

The Arken Manor


What lies beneath the outer beauty of Arken Manor is a group of abductors that have banded together in an effort to live life peacefully along with their new ‘guests’.

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Those Fragmented Thoughts of Mine

Not many understand us. They call us sick, twisted and every other name in the book.

I was so stupid, so, so stupid. I should have listened to them.

But we understand each other, so I thought it only made sense to all come together, strength in numbers right?

I felt confident because I had walked the path hundreds of times and nothing had happened before, but the opposite was true; the more times I walked down the dark path, the more likely something could happen. And in the end it did.

So, I formed a plan, saved some money, and began to spread the word down the line of friends I knew that shared the same interests of me.

How did it even happen? Two backyards backed onto the path, and the walk as so short, not even a minute in length. 40 seconds of long grass, an unpaved path, a little bridge that went over a thin creek, all covered in this eerie darkness.

I bought a nice country retreat out in the middle of nowhere, and began to make the last minute preparations. I had invited 4 people I knew were just like me, 4 people who needed a place to be themselves without worry of being punished for their natural behaviour.

-An act of disobedience is what got me in this mess. I’m guessing there will be new rules here, so I figure another act of disobedience will get me out. God help me.

Tonight is when they arrive, they and their guests of honour.

A Welcome

Welcome to the Arken Manor, a retreat for the misunderstood and mistreated abductors of this modern day and age. Abductors can make their residence here with their guests and live without the fear and stress of society’s views and laws. It is a safe haven for abductors to enjoy life to the fullest and feel accepted by others who are just like them. Residents don’t have to worry about getting caught, or their guests running off as the grounds are secure, well protected, fenced off and watched at all times.

Arken Manor is a nice country home off in the middle of nowhere, safe from the prying eyes of others. It has acres and acres of land, surrounded by a forest, peaceful fields and a serene pond. Some of our other features include:

•2 large living rooms with cozy fireplace
•Office Den with Library
•Eat-in Kitchen
•Dining Room
•Fitness Jacuzzi Room
2 Main Floor Private Bedrooms (Manor Suite)
•3 Top floor shared bedrooms with a total of 7 beds (Arken Suite, Hockley Room, Meadow Room)
•Acres of fields and walking grounds
• Hiking trails and more

There is also a barn shed, but currently there are no animals in it, as well as a separate cottage where the ground keepers live. I guarantee here at Arken Manor you will find the peace you have been searching for and deserve.

How This is Going to Work:In the OOC section as well as through PM’s, we will work out who is paired with who, it isn’t “Abductor IV and Guest IV are a pair because they share the same number”. Either I will decide who is paired or the other individuals can figure this out. After we work this out, the pair can work on the abduction story, and how each person perceives the relationship. By this I mean, why the abductor took the guest, and how they see their captive, as well as how the guests see the abductor.


The Abductors
These are the poor misconceived souls who have taken something that hasn’t belonged to them and don’t intend on giving them back.

Abductor I ~ Kyren.Laili
Abductor II ~ Whiskyness
Abductor III ~ Tristian X
Abductor IV ~ Open
Abductor V ~ Open

The Guests
These are the people who have been spirited away to Arken Manor, and though they may be referred to as guests, their abductors plan on their stay to be a permanent one.

Guest I ~ Still Doll
Guest II ~ BreatheBabyx
Guest III ~ Puppette
Guest IV ~ Open
Guest V ~ Open

Note: If more people want to join, I will make more spots. I don’t really care about the male/female ratio, thought to be honest in my mind I see most of the abductors as men and the guests as girls.

Character Skeleton

Theme Song: This is optional, make sure that you don’t double with someone else’s song.

Full Name: Also if you have any nicknames put them here.

Picture: You must have both a picture here and an icon for your character. I hate when all I see is that question-marked face. Also, no anime pictures please.

Age:The abductors must be no younger than 18, and the guests must be no younger than 15 though I will make exceptions if you want someone younger though I wouldn’t prefer that.
Gender:This is self explanatory.
Nationality: I am okay with doubling, it doesn’t have to be anything exotic but make sure it sticks with the description and such.
Description: Please make this detailed, and consistent with the picture.
Personality: Again, detail please.
Fatal Flaw: To ensure no Mary Sue’s and Gary Stu’s, add a fatal flaw your character has.
Likes: Add as many or as little as you want, just make sure you have at least one.
Dislikes: Add as many or as little as you want, just make sure you have at least one.
History: Again, detail please.
The Event From My Point of View: This will be filled in later when we have worked everything out.
Abductor/Guest: This will be filled in later when we have worked everything out.
Role: Please put your role here when I tell you what it is ;s
Other: Anything else you want to add?
Writing Sample:This is the most important part, the deciding factor of your application so be detailed, take your time, and show me what cha’ got.

Note: You can spruce this up however you’d like, changing the font, colour, and size, even if you wanted to change stuff like ‘Description’ to ‘I look like’, etc, you can just make sure all the content is still there.

Toggle Rules


•First and foremost, I can add more rules in and I control the reins. H’okay?
• No godmodding. Simple.
•No Mary Sue’s or Gary Stu’s, and furthermore, no Extreme Downer Characters, characters who are really concentrated on themselves and how Down they are.
•If you’re going to disappear for a while give a heads up in OOC, though I understand if you forget.
•I expect one post every other day please, and reach for the post minimum, which is 150 words or two really nice paragraphs.
•You must be literate. I don’t mean to be – well mean, but I can’t stand it when people can properly formulate a paragraph. It drives me insane. I can understand spelling mistakes here and there.
•Keep the content PG 13, I don’t need to be blinded.
•Characters can’t be reserved, but if you are planning on making a character post your favourite colour in the OOC section. (That way when I’m lazy I can tell if you’re online, and get an idea of what the roleplay will be like with all the new voices adding to it!)
•You must look at the virtual tour of the manor, which will help you understand the setting a lot better. If you have, PM me the nice little line it says at the top on the screen. (Note: I actually lived here for a year in the little cabin :3)
•I will give you 2 warnings before kicking you. I will post the warnings in OOC, and PM them to you, explaining what needs to be changed. You will not post if I give you a warning until the mistake has been fixed and I’ve given the OK. If you do, you will be given another warning or be kicked. So, if I ask you to tweak something, please please do!
•This will be written in third person.
•If you have read all the rules, PM me Arken spelt backwards.
•Have fun, and if you have any questions, suggestions, plot ideas, etc, PM me or mention it in OOC.

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Character Portrait: Leah Vale
Leah Vale

"Please... I need to use the washroom. Don't come with me."

Character Portrait: Frankie Belrose
Frankie Belrose

I'm not perfect, no one is.


Character Portrait: Leah Vale
Leah Vale

"Please... I need to use the washroom. Don't come with me."

Character Portrait: Frankie Belrose
Frankie Belrose

I'm not perfect, no one is.

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Character Portrait: Frankie Belrose
Frankie Belrose

I'm not perfect, no one is.

Character Portrait: Leah Vale
Leah Vale

"Please... I need to use the washroom. Don't come with me."

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Re: The Arken Manor

Okay, now if the pairs would like to work out their abduction stories, edit their profiles, and then we can post. (Sorry it's taken so long!!)

Re: The Arken Manor

I'm fine with mine!

Re: The Arken Manor

Okay, you can switch with Puppette then :D

I don't think my character will be too abusive lol. Only when unorganized things happen I guess.

Is everyone okay with their matches?

Re: The Arken Manor

I kinda wanted a more violent abductor hehe.

Re: The Arken Manor

Okay, I mixed up the names and picked the pairs at random, again if anyone has any objection or suggestion, just say it and I can fix it. As it stands,

Edit: Whoops I forgot to edit this
Kyren.Laili and Puppette StillDoll
Myself and BreatheBabyX
Tristianx and StillDoll Puppette

Re: The Arken Manor

If anyone would specifically like someone to be their pair, please speak up or else I'll just put names in a hat or something lol

Re: The Arken Manor

i'm fine with anyone

Re: The Arken Manor

Okay lets start making pairs so we can get this going ;D

Re: The Arken Manor

@ Tristian X Thats alright

@DeathWithin Go ahead, there are no reservations just make a character that fits the requirements lol

Re: The Arken Manor

I would like to join this role play!

As a guest please?

Re: The Arken Manor

I was referred here by a friend and I'm not sure what role you want filled, so i'll go ahead and start making an abductor, if that's alright.

Re: The Arken Manor

@Breathe, thanks

@Kyren, Sure go ahead!

Re: The Arken Manor

Oh god, I notice how bad of an Idea it was to make my charry so old... Can I... change a few things up? Maybe his name, age and.... yeah...?

Re: The Arken Manor

i have a few friends i could ask ^^

Re: The Arken Manor

Okay, I am hoping we can fill the last spots up soon so we can work out pairs and such, and then start posting :D

Tell your friends or something lol

Re: The Arken Manor

@Kyren Sanja and Fanja are dumb. But get money yus it is all yummeh and good for things like Frosties

Re: The Arken Manor

Oh god...

(Lol, Just now Sanja and Faja left the house and told me I had to watch the two kids... They said "We'll pay you like we'd pay a babysitter." And I was like "Will you give me a choice to say yes or no like a babysitter?" Lol.

Re: The Arken Manor

I am torn between so many songs!

One that I've ruled out but I still think is perfect is Death Cab for Cutie - I will Posses Your Heart

Such a stalker song!!

Re: The Arken Manor

>.< I love my picture. And my synopsis, and my theme song.... You guys have to listen to the theme song... It made me laugh so hard. >.<

Re: The Arken Manor

Also, just to let you know, I'll be making an abductor, and maybe a guest if we need one ;p