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Avielynn Sadofsky

0 · 92 views · located in Arken Manor, Tosorontio

a character in “The Arken Manor”, as played by breathebabyx



Full Name:
Avielynn "Avie" Sadofsky




Avielynn is short and thin, measuring at only 5'1'' and barely skimming 80lbs. She's properly proportioned for her height and weight, with long, skinny legs and a thin, flat stomach. While she's quite lacking in the 'womanly curves' department (barely filling a b-cup and with no hips to speak of) she's quite content with her body. She has wavy, light blonde hair that falls just above her breasts and bangs framing her heart-shaped face. Her skin is a snowy-white pale, with rosy, pink cheeks. Her nose is small and straight, and her lips are plump and full. Avie has big, mesmerizing hazel eyes surrounded by thick, black eyelashes. Avie isn't breathtaking, and while her father calls her beautiful, Avie is content with being 'averagely pretty.'

Avie is normally enthusiastic and able to find the best in every situation. As a 'cup half full' kind of person, Avie is sure to accept all that comes her way; the good and the bad. For every fault Avie finds (if she finds any) she can easily count five blessings.

Fatal Flaw:
Avie is only capable in seeing the best in people, and at times, most of the time, she's completely oblivious to the obvious faults some people might display openly in front of her. That being said, Avie cannot distinguish between someone who's genuinely nice and someone who's putting on an act. On a side-note, since Avie is so trusting and naive by nature, she has a tendency of getting attached to people fairly quickly.

Avie enjoys a variety of things teenage girls enjoy. She adores children, as she has a younger brother of her own. She likes sweets, preferably cake and lollipops, and she's an avid drinker of coffee and bubble tea. She could sleep the entire day away, given the opportunity, but she'd much rather spend her day at the park with her brother or in the library studying. A straight-A student, Avie makes sure she does her homework every night as to not ruin her chances of getting into an Ivy League college for medicine. While Avie enjoys cooking, it's a lost cause on her and everything she attempts to make turns into something completely inedible.

Avie absolutely refuses to touch any body of water that's not a shower, and even then, it better not be a bath. Avie's never experienced a near-death experience involving water before, and cant accurately pinpoint the reasoning behind her fear.
Avie doesn't like it when people cry in front of her or when put into a stressed environment.

Avie was born in Manhattan, New York to two loving parents. Her father, Lukas, was a German-immigrant and carpenter who focused solely on work before he married Victoria, a flamboyant and lively fashion designer. They were married for 2 years before conceiving their first child, Avielynn Sadofsky in the spring. Young Avie was enrolled into one of the finest schools the big city had to offer and stayed at the top of her class all the way through elementary and junior high. Avie's childhood was pleasant and Avie didn't take one bit of it for granted. The winter Avie was in eighth grade, her parents announced that her mother was a few months pregnant. In the summer before Avie started high school, Avie's brother Nikolas was born. With the falling economy, Avie's parents couldn't afford to keep Avie in private school and at the same time raise their second child, so Avie willingly offered to attend public school (Avie is something of a sucker for her younger brother). Currently, Avie loves her school and the very good friends she's made.

The Event From My Point of View:



Avie, growing up quite privileged, has a variety of talents thrust upon her (rather forcibly, at the young age Avie was) by her parents. Avie is fluent in English, German and knows a bit of French. She can play the piano very well, however, admittedly tone-deaf, that's as far as her musical abilities go. Avie also has an appreciation for fine art and literature, her favorite artist being Erte and her favorite novelist being Vladimir Nabokov.

Writing Sample:
"Please! Let me out!" The hoarse cry fell on deaf ears...was anyone even there, or was it the mind playing tricks? The twin, crystalline tears fell from her rosy, swollen cheeks onto the concrete at her feet, staining the gray stone a deeper shade two drops at a time. Tightly-balled fists smacked the hard wall again, a painful echo reverberating across the room, serving as a reminder of the pain she was infliction on herself, and only herself. No one was coming. She was alone. She wasn't harming anyone but herself by aimlessly hitting walls. Well-kept, short nails scrapped against the wall's surface as Avie sunk to the floor. She rested her forehead against the cool stone, closing her heavy eyes in what felt too much like defeat. In the darkness of her mind she made up images that broke her heart. Her little brother, grasping his teddybear in tiny hands, waiting for his sister to come home. Her father, usually strong and stoic, doing his best to put on a brave face for his heartbroken wife and confused child. Her mother, sobbing in her bedroom, praying for her only daughter to come home safely. Her best friends and the whispers and stares sure to circulate around them at school now that their bubbly, blonde friend was missing.
Missing. It felt foreign to Avie...unpleasant to think about. She couldn't even picture herself on the back of a milk carton, or on a piece of paper stapled to a lamp-post on a street corner; serving as a reminder of how sick and cruel the world really was, sure to be forgotten in a few months or by the next rainfall, where the harsh weather would make her black and white face just a soggy memory. In a few months she'd just be another Susie Salmon; one of the poor girls who were too naive to stand a chance. Even now, trapped in a small room with no windows, the idea of her being missing was cast aside. Maybe in the back of her mind Avie recognized and accepted it. Even if she did manage to get out of this situation, the memory would stay with her forever. Then again, the keyword was 'if'.
"Please," The broken whisper fell from her lips before she even knew she had spoken. She choked back a sob, feeling her body shutter and shake as reality sunk in. There was going to be no rescue tonight. "Please..."

So begins...

Avielynn Sadofsky's Story