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The Army

The Army


It's an army but not with your average, ordinary army tanks and Black Hawks, but a futuristic battle of good and evil with Ryus, Kiones, and lots of neon.

878 readers have visited The Army since Storyteller created it.


Late in the future, we have adapted to the rapidly decreasing conditions of the world. We've been slowly developing the technology that gifts us with specific abilities. A century ago, these operations were only avalible to the richest of the world, and even a hundred years ago things like this weren't possible; right now, though, the richer of the public are panicking. The poor are slowly growing while those with money decrease and so, the choice weighing heavily on the richest of the world, they decide as a group to begin marketing the "Tributes" that will improve your relationship, physically and mentally, with specific objects (all of them nullified, of course.)
It's against the law to have an Attribute with any living organism, but there's always got to be a bad guy, right? So this poor kid named Duglas (hard to belive there were two parents who could hate their kid that much) wanders into this black market buisness selling illegal drugs to help aquire Tributes for living things for a certain period of time, and la-di-da, he decides to make a medicine that will give you an Attribute for/to a living thing without restrictions, as long as you agree to his absurd prices, not all of them money.
The governement, referred to commonly as Watchers, that created the technology for Attributes, is being overthrown by Duglas's group of scientists, doctors, and Kiones. So the goverment begins to expeirment on people too. Doesn't that sound like fun?
Why join?
Because in this futuristic reality there is an abundance of fire, transporting, flying sofas, mechanic monsters, rabid fish, Angel-kids, Defects, an ton of neon everything, too many picture frames, and a nack for building C-4s and floating silver surfboards. And by the way, the air has the substance of jelly and the entire continent of South America has retreated under the ocean, so your continent is filled with a bunch of Brazillian sophisticates.

What we need:

Kiones: (Kione stands for 'someone who comes from nowhere' and it means that you were bred in a lab by a bunch of evil doctor people. You have a range of powers, but the downside is you usually die a painful death; the strain of the powers is too much, hence the fact that Duglas (or more realistically Duglas's doctors/scientists) hasn't sucessfully created a lasting Attribute to a living organism. Your range of powers could be anything in your imagination as long as it involves something that lives.)

Ryus: (Ryu means 'void', and it is because you are pretty empty on the inside, or so they intended. Ryus are the people who were created by the Watchers, and sometimes turn out sucessful. They are people who HATE Kiones, or just pretty much were built to despise and destroy everyone and everything with an Attribute to a living organism. This can cause big problems. They can have a range of powers, but they're all ones of destruction -exc; fire, suffocation, manipulation of oxygen, power over wild dogs...)

Attributes: (Attributes are simply people who were given Tributes through medical care to get a Tribute and chose theirs, or were born of a person or two parents who possess a lower-class tribute, or a mix of their Tributes, as long as they were made -let's not go into specific detail with this, ugh *shudders*- when their Attribute medicine was already IN THEIR BLOODSTREAM. These powers can be anything, as long as there is ONLY ONE POWER THEY CAN POSESS. YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE POWER AFTERWARDS. Choose wisely.)

Defects: (Defects are anyone who is a mix of a Kione and a Ryu, or a Attribute and a Kione, or a Attribute and Ryu, or some other average person who was mixed with a Ryu, or anything, truly.)

Humans: (You should know what these are, hopefully.)

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1) Try to keep things PG-13. Don't care if you put sexual innudeos or cursing, but if things get too intense, take it to private messages, please.

2) Don't copy characters, make one of your own! Stay unique. Try to keep the genders balanced.

Taking place in...

In Your Mind I See our primary setting

Welcome to the poorest location of The Army, the Slum.

In Your Mind I See

In Your Mind I See by Storyteller

Welcome to the poorest location of The Army, the Slum.

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Left, Right, Left, Right I am striding through the worst parts of town, my Tribute at my fingertips, wary. Waiting. Watching.
"where are they?" I say aloud, then immediately clap my hands over my mouth. I shouldn't be saying anything. Besides, there is noone to hear me but empty air.

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In Your Mind I See

In Your Mind I See by Storyteller

Welcome to the poorest location of The Army, the Slum.

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Character Portrait: Jaelyn Aquinnah


Character Portrait: Jaelyn Aquinnah
Jaelyn Aquinnah

"I believe in a lively disrespect for most forms of authority."


Character Portrait: Jaelyn Aquinnah
Jaelyn Aquinnah

"I believe in a lively disrespect for most forms of authority."

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Character Portrait: Jaelyn Aquinnah
Jaelyn Aquinnah

"I believe in a lively disrespect for most forms of authority."

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In Your Mind I See

In Your Mind I See by Storyteller

Welcome to the poorest location of The Army, the Slum.

In Your Mind I See

Welcome to the poorest location of The Army, the Slum.

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