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Roxanne Powers

I need to stop, I been doing too much, I been running too fast, I been testing my luck.

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a character in “The Arris”, as played by Limeaid



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tw for (parental abuse, transphobia, alcoholism)
the middle child of the bettelheim family, roxianne is the black sheep of her family and has been branded as such for as long as she can remember. Growing up, roxie knew she was different from her older brother christian. her parents disapproved of roxie's more feminine side. her father would end forcing her to go hunting with him, as he wanted his “sons” to be masculine. roxie got along much better with her younger sister browynn and became almost inseparable. they would spend hours together dressing up and doing each other's makeup in secret, as if they were caught they would be severely punished. after a particularly bad altercation with her father, which left her with a black eye roxie did her best to hide who she truly was. roxie would stifle her true passion, her only respite being watching movie or journaling.

when roxie was 16 she came home at night from a friend, and father was in the living room drunk yelling at bronwynn, and ended up hitting her. this set off roxie as this was the first time he struck browynn, roxie and her father ended up getting into a fight. roxie would leave for the night with bronwynn, to stay at her friend's house. browynn would end going back home the next day, but roxie wouldn’t, and wouldn’t come back. she ended up moving in with her friend and her mom at the age of 16. free from the terror of her father, roxie started to express herself, finding her true hobbies and coming out as trans, and start hormones.

with her new surroundings roxie would start her youtube channel “roxies life,” before later rebranding it as “roxanne powers.” she would upload everyday makeup looks and talk about her life. unknowingly creating a public diary of her transition, and daily doings. 17 is really the year when roxie hit her stride. her video of doing her makeup blindfolded went viral, this paired with being shouted out by a bigger makeup artist launched her channel into new heights.

roxie moved from connecticut at the age of 18, to la to put more distance from her family and as well as further her career. this would prove to be the right move, with complete creative freedom roxie, quickly became one of the most subscribed beauty gurus. even getting a streamy with in her first year of moving, and three the next two years. At 20 roxie would be offered a spot in the team 10 project, she jumped at the opportunity as she knew what this could open for her. However she might have been to eager.


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So begins...

Roxanne Powers's Story


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The sun had begun to set, a cool autumn crisp in the air sharpening as the shadows took over the light. City lights reflected against the glass panes along the length of the building, people peering in with no avail. Pooling around all sides were the casual paparazzi, some standing aside smoking a square as they waited for some big names to arrive.

Though the Arris had only been constructed within the last few years, it already was a hot spot. Not only was it home to some of the richest people in the world, but also many rising stars across many industries. That made guest lists for events at the rooftop bar, Mani all the more stacked. On a night like tonight it was a sure thing to get a paycheck hanging around the lot.

“Where you want this, boss?” Alex asked from the end of the bar, carrying two boxes of his wine.

Isko looked over from the station, polishing glasses. He blew his hair back from his face in thought, eyes wandering over the back of the bar seeing where they had space. They had jam packed all the extra inventory they could, utilizing every square inch of space. He set down the glass, shuffling some things around attempting to make space before huffing in defeat.

“You know what, follow me.” Isko finally gave up, gesturing for Alex to follow him. He shook his keys in his hands as he walked, his mind rotating through his list of things he needed to get in order before the party began. It always was like this leading up to an event, no matter how much they prepared. That was the one rule of the business, always prepare for it to go wrong.

Unlocking his office, he gestured for Alex to set the boxes inside before going to his computer to check his emails. Of course there were many strangers who had somehow got ahold of his email and offered monetary compensation for any tips or exclusives he could give them. The offers had been coming more and more as the Arris attracted higher profile names. He glanced at the clock, it was still another hour until other’s arrived and he hadn’t even showered.

Isko didn’t usually like to participate in the events at his club but lately he’d been trying to feel more comfortable delegating tasks. Raised to work, it was against his nature. After Ximena however, he had learned that there was no joy in that life - at least not the kind he could share with another.

Coraline's face filled his mind, Isko lingering for a moment before pushing the sentiment aside to return to his emails. If he was being honest, she was the real reason he had decided to participate in the event this year. Though the two had been living parallel to one another for some time, Isko felt like he hadn’t been able to cross that barrier to assert his intentions - always keeping something between them be it a bar or a plant. Anything to be able to detract from the way he hesitated with his words around her.

Though English wasn’t his first language, he was entirely fluent - but the way Coraline spoke, wrote, even the way she moved it was all poetry. He could listen to her talk for hours, though he often found himself getting so lost in her that he wouldn’t have much to contribute. Unlike others however she actually seemed to be the one to listen, surprising Isko with the things she remembered. It was the small things that made her keep returning to his thoughts.

He logged off his computer, locking his office behind him and spinning his key ring around his finger.Tapping at the bar to get one of the staff's attention, nodding over his shoulder towards the elevator. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to get ready. Text me any questions you have.”

They gave him a nod, Isko giving everyone a wave as he turned towards the elevator already on his phone responding to messages. Between his business and his family there were always unread and unanswered texts or emails. The elevator took him to either floor of his penthouse, his fob key allowing the doors to open right into his living room. He walked out towards the windows, looking below.

Already the cars and crowds had begun to gather, cameras flashing. Isko looked over to Arris West, many of its inhabitants invited to the party at Mani. Unless they had already ventured over earlier in the day, they would have to pass through the crowd below to enter. Though he was certain they all had planned it that way.

Though Isko didn’t usually drink on the job, intent on committing to delegating tonight he poured himself a glass of malbec. Despite his profession he rarely drank, preferring to remain clear headed. Even so, he had appreciation for fine alcohol in its many forms. It’s why he wanted to open a bar to begin with, each cocktail custom created by him and his team. Though to him nothing could compare to a quality glass of wine.

He paused, savoring the moment as he took a drink. It felt like sealing his own promise to himself with a kiss, the red wine wet on his lips. He wiped at his mouth with the back of his hand, taking the glass with him to his master suite to get ready.