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Karl XI von Wittelsbach of Sweden

Karl XI fought alongside France in the Franco-Ducth war, crushing the Danish attempts of regaining Scania and turned his nation into an absolute monarchy. Made the great reform, getting Sweden's economy on it's feet.

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a character in “The art of ruling - Historical - Political”, as played by Alator


Karl XI fought alongside France in the Franco-Ducth war, crushing the Danish attempts of regaining Scania and turned his nation into an absolute monarchy. Made the great reform, getting Sweden's economy on it's feet and creating the Caroline army. Being married to the Danish princess Ulrika Eleonora, is it possible to unite Scandinavia under Swedish rule?

His realm; The Kingdom of Sweden


Status: Great Power, Protector of the Protestant Faith.

Government: Absolute Monarchy

Ruler: King Karl XI, 'The Northstar'

Population: Moderate

Economy: Wealthy

Dynasty: Von Wittelsbach

Overview: The extremely resource-rich nation Sweden rose to the status of a Great Power after the, for Sweden, gloriuous Thirty Year's War. Since then Sweden has with confidence been marching towards greater power and what long was it's goal. Dominance over the Baltic Sea. After becoming the undisputed leading power in the North after the latest wars with Denmark Sweden had now achieved this goal, although the most recent war ten years ago showed that the country was in need of a reform. So one came, in a stroke after skillfull political manouvering King Karl XI created an absolute monarchy, and claimed back nearly all lands of the previously extremely mighty nobility. This, along with the vast ammount of Money coming from Sweden's industries brought the nations up on it's feet again. Karl also reformed the army and created a new great navy for the nation. Founding the great military port of Karlskrona (Karlscrown) in the process. Sweden stands with the greatest metal industry in the World, being in the process the chief exporter of cannons due to the vast fields of irona nd copper ore in northern Sweden, and the vast ammount of fuel that enables the industry in the shape of trees. With a powerful army and navy, Sweden has many possibilities. Yet Sweden does not have one of the largest populations, will it be able to keep it's Great Power status forever?

Military: Sweden has Europe's most advanced and dangerous army, the Carolean Army thanks to the reforms of Karl XI. This meant that Sweden has 80,000 in a standing army wich mostly lived in the countryside, split up in regiments. Each Soldier is to be upkept by several peasants and in turn helped the peasants in times of peace. This enable Sweden to raise great armies of professional Soldiers without the large cost of mercenaries. However in greater wars Sweden do bolster it's army with men that they called in, who was not apart of the standing army. Leaving the most men as workers, and should the need come, reinforcements.

Land Power: 120,000 (80,000 of these are apart of the Carolean army)

Naval Power: 120 warships.

So begins...

Karl XI von Wittelsbach of Sweden's Story


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#, as written by Alator
Sweden, Stockholm. The seventh of July 1688

Karl looked out from the window of his office in the grand castle of Three Crowns, watching a Spanish Galleon from The New World dock, the harbour as bustling with activity. This time of the year Stockholm was as most active, besides the fifteen warships that patrolled around the city, dozens of trade ships came in every week. Most of them Dutch. Yet Karl had more important matters at hand than watching ships. He was currently togheter with his two friends, Bengt Oxenstierna and Fabian Wrede, discussing the large population growth and the demand of several cities, Stockholm especially, need of expansion. Currently it had 40,000 Citizens, a number increasing every year.

Fabian pointed on an area to the south of the city and looked up "Your Majesty, there is already a major road going here up to the capital, if we only expanded the City Walls... And built a few stone houses, maybe with two floors?

Karl replied "Three on the ones closer to the wall, we will be able to house more people that way."

Fabian nodded and rolled the map togheter. "Then I shall talk to the Mayor." he walked out after making a respectful bow with his head.

Karl turned to Bengt Oxenstierna, the Lord High Chancellor. Interesting news came from the south. Tensions between France, the Netherlands and the Holy Roman Empire, none where especially loved by Karl, was increasing. And a war was on the horizon. Aswell as in England, whom's king was a warm catholic, tensions was Rising. But here it was between the royalists and the Protestant Majority of the nation. This however concerned Karl deeply. He had no wish for a Protestant England, the Catholic influence could not by any means expand further if it was up to Karl, Sweden had sacrificed too much to allow that to happen.

"Bengt, I believe that I may hav to move quicker than I had wanted to."

Spain, Madrid.

Ambassador Marcus Von Fersen wiped sweat of his brow when he entered the Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain was painfully warm this time of the year. And it was not made better by the extremely crowded streets.

Marcus was seeking either the Queen mother of Carlos II Mariana, who was the mentally ill kings regent. Or the Councillor John. Both those who truly was in Power in Spain, and ofcourse in conflict with eachother. For Karl it would be interesting to know what path Spain would plan on taking in the rising tensions. For Spain had lost the previous war with France, and it may not be willing for Another war, or it could be the other way around. That was what Marcus wanted to find out.


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Spain, Madrid, 1688

Councillor John, the bastard son of the previous King of Spain, sat in his chambers, going over a report issued to him by a subordinate. According to the report, his growing coup against the Queen Regent was almost ready to be enacted. His men were almost in place, and he had won over some allies in the Spanish government who weren't satisfied with the regency of Queen Mariana.

It was only a matter of time now; after spending several years worming his way into power in the Palace, he would soon be able to make his final move against the Queen Regent, leaving the door open for him to assume full, unchallenged power in Spain.

John was interrupted by his musings when a servant came into the room, escorting the Ambassador of Sweden, one Marcus Von Fersen.

Councillor John rose, giving the Ambassador a charming smile. "Greetings, my lord. How are you this fine day?"


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#, as written by Alator
Sweden, Stockholm, the seventeenth of July 1688.

Karl XI pointed his blunt rapier at his friend Rutger Von Ascheberg, whom did the same at Karl. Both where skilled bladesmen and trained togheter almost every day. Karl began with jumping forward, trying to get a hit at Rutger's arm, yet failed and the thrust was parried, Rutger replied with making several thrusts, from the left, right, then left again. Karl parried them all. He replied by trying a thrust at Rutger's foot...

It all went very fast, Rutger struck down, pinning Karl's rapier to the floor. Then he grabbed Karl's wrist to pull him down. Karl spinned around when Rutger made the pull so that they now stood face to face. Karl grabbed Rutger's arm and kicked his legs so that Rutger lost his footing. Quick as a serpent his rapier was at Rutger's throat whom began to smile. They were both tired from having done several rounds Before this, aswell as a little bruised. Rutger started smiling, and Karl gave him a hand up and patted him on the back before leaving. Karl was not one for speaking too much, and he was heavy in thoughts.

Christian IV of Denmark was a false worm, who despite having betrothed his sister to Karl XI, had attacked Sweden in an attempt to regain Scania. Karl had managed to beat him back, yet Karl was interested in revenge. And Christian who loved sailing, was going to head out for a trip in the Baltic Sea, and with all that gunpowder on the ship something could happen during the night...

And after this horrible accident. Karl, who had a Danish Princess as a wife. Could sweep in and claim the crown for her. Which would put Sweden and Denmark in a union with his son Karl as an heir. And like that the threat of Denmark would be gone, well atleast Denmark as a state. He did not believe that the people of Denmark would easily accept this.

Spain, Madrid

Marcus von Fersen smiled and nodded a greetings before he replied in excellent Spanish "I am just fine my lord, Madrid is truly alive today. I was sent to you on behalf of my sovereign King Karl XI von Wittelsbach, he has questions, and maybe ideas of Spanish and Swedish mutural interests. Do you have time to listen to them now, or do you want to listen to them later?"