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"It's pretty chilly. Are you sure you're warm enough?"

0 · 434 views · located in Dystopian ice age

a character in “The Art of Wolves”, as played by CrimsonFox


"She has a tendency to vanish among the snow,
as if she is the early morning mist itself,
while remaining right beside her prey."


2 Years



(Rare Breeds Only)

Brief Physical Description:
Smaller than the others as she is still very young, and coat is allow a thinner than the other members' of the pack. Fur mainly white with tints of beige and dark gray only noticeable in direct sunlight. Eyes white like ice crystals.

Has a childlike aspect to her personality in that she always wants to please others and is constantly looking for some way she can provide care for the pack. One of her biggest concerns in usually if everyone is keeping warm enough (though she has the thinnest coat of them all) and has a tendency to snuggle against another wolf/wolves when she sleeps (most likely out of habit). Rivers/lakes/ponds/etc terrify her as that is how she lost half her previous pack, and she tends to eat snow to quench her thirst so she doesn't have to approach a body of water. She's especially fond of sunlight, however has the uncanny ability to vanish in the snow/midst. Because of this her hunting skills are unparalleled for someone of her age. More than able to track down and outrun her prey, her only weakness is that (as she is smaller) she'll often need other pack member's help in taking down larger prey. Though generally good natured and light spirited, she occasionally becomes very quiet - when this happens she is likely something reminded her of her previous pack and she is thinking of them. In these sobering moments she speaks with a wisdom far beyond her years, however when they pass she returns to her normal self - young in age, but not in experience.

Mate: None

Children: None

Brief Biography:
Amist was born a few years after the new ice age had set in to a pack that had previously lived in a warmer climate, so her coat (like that of her family's) was not as thick as it needed to be if she were to survive the cold. However, due to this unfortunate trait, the pack found alternative ways to keep warm. They were constantly huddled together or travelling. Amist grew used to this life style and along the way learned how to use the winter to her advantage; she learned to flawlessly vanish without leaving behind so much as a scent or single paw print. This allowed her to easily track down prey and make a kill - something that not only filled the bellies of her pack, but allowed her to remain warm.
All was well for a year or so, but the good times had to end somewhere. A hunt gone badly sent both the leader and another wolf of the pack plunging over the side of a cliff into a river where they were swept away. The rest of the pack charged after them and three wolves dove in to pull the pack leader out. Their victory was brief, however, as now that the four were soaking wet, freezing to death was inevitable in spite of how close the remaining wolves cuddled. With almost half the pack now dead, no leader and no food, death for Amist and her family was eminent. They found shelter and huddled in an attempt to stay warm, but over the course of the night their bodies grew cold.
By morning only Amist, who'd been pushed to the center, was still alive. Out of grief and desperation she fled the cave and, for the first time in her life, discovered what sunlight was. In it she was able to see her coat, which was not in fact entirely white like the snow, but instead had hints of beige and dark gray in it, seperateing her from the snow that'd been her life long companion. It's slight warmth gave her hope and, despite the subzero temperatures, she decided to fight on. It was days of running later (though to her it felt like years) that she found Gaia. Immediately upon seeing the Alpha wolf, she rolled onto her back and exposed her belly as a sign of submission, and begged to be a part of her pack. Gaia agreed and Amist has spent the last year of her life doing everything she can to keep her new pack happy, healthy and (most importantly) alive.


So begins...

Amist's Story