The alpha of the Pack

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a character in “The Art of Wolves”, as played by Lady_Red



Name: Gaia
age: 6yrs
gender: female
rank: Alpha female
Abilities: (Rare Breeds Only)
Telepathy, manipulation of Ice
Brief physical description:
Gaia is a rather slender she wolf standing at average wolf height. She has odd colored fur markings, that makes her well known among her kind as well as her personality.
Gaia is like the world she lives in, cold hearted with a thirst for blood. To outsiders or those who don't know her very well, Gaia is cold hearted with a distinct lack in personality. She doesn't speak much and certainly doesn't entertain the notions of tomfoolery, she takes her rank seriously and won't hesitate to put a wolf in their place. However, there is a kind side to Gaia, rare but very much there. She can be affectionate and even sweet should the moment come upon her, but truthfully those moments are far and few inbetween. When it comes to her pack, Gaia is a strong leader, one who doesn't need to be questioned as to why she is alpha in the first place. On the topic of her blood lust, Gaia is ruthless when it comes to battles and hunting, a true warrior. She loves to fight but is keenly aware of her own self in the sense that she will try not to let things get to her and will personally ignore them if she feels it'll trigger the madness that she is fully capable of unleashing.
Mate: None
Children: None
Brief Biography:
Gaia was already alive when the world went into the ice age, a young pup she learned to fend for herself and when she grew older, answered the call of her fellow wolves. Initially, she had been a lone wolf, roaming anywhere she wanted but eventually she took up the position as alpha and is now tasked with the responsibility of pack.

So begins...

Gaia's Story