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Leon T'pic

"Good people don't wait for stuff to be handed to them. They go and get it themselves."

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a character in “The Ash River”, as played by Scripter


"The Well-Off dream of a better tomorrow, while the Poor and the Broken work for a better today."


ImageImageFull Name:
Leonardo Fransisco T'pic
"Pronounced like 'Typic' as in 'Typical'. Go figure, right?"
Nicknames and Aliases:
Leon | Leo
"Either is fine, just don't call me Le-Le like Pixie does... It's irritating."

Sexual Orientation:
"Appeal has no limitations."

Animal Communication
This Gift first surfaced when Leon was no more than a child. Being ill-tempered in his youth, he did not have very many friends, thus finding himself befriending the more domestic of the wildlife that Bunga inhabits. The Gift is nothing extraordinary, and although Leon has the ability to speak with animals, it does not mean that all animals take a liking to him. Like people, their personalities vary and relationships must be built, some types clash while others mesh perfectly.


Image]ImageHair Color:
Eye Color:
160 lbs.

None - Never had the time or interest to get one.
His left ear is pierced, a small, silver, wire loop running through it.
Leon has many small nicks and scrapes from working and just living life in Bunga. His most notable scar is a long, jagged one running the length of his right forearm from when he was pushed (Or fell, depending on who you ask.) into a pile of loose scrap.
He wears a pair of goggles atop his head. One of the lenses are broken and cracked, and the strap is weathered and worn, but he is never seen without them.


{Lively || Possessive || Ambitious || Flirtatious || Curious}

Leon is a simple guy through and through. His drive is all but gone, already given into the fact that his life will be, and will stay, dreadfully ordinary. Filling his days with the constant struggle of feeding himself and Pixie, a rather fat cat that has become his constant companion, and locking himself inside his bungalow to work is in constant rotation. Work consumes most of his thoughts throughout the day, moving between haggling down prices of scrap from other Third Alter Peasants and building that scrap into rudimentary machines to sell back to them.

Good at what he does, Leon could easily win a job from the First or Second Alter nobles, being able to live with a full stomach and luxury. However, his hatred of the privileged and the well-off bring him to refuse (Rather curtly) any offer made, leaving the young worker in poverty. As poor as he may be, his spirit isn't broken. Anyone could tell you that Leon is a lively man who is known for his sarcasm and quips, but also for 'Messing Around' with young Third Alter widow(er)s or the unwed quite a bit.

He can be reckless at times, equal parts of his curiosity and his ambition driving him to the point of insanity. Once a thought gets into his head, it will nag at him constantly, eat away at him and make him physically ill until he finds out what he wants to know. At times like these, he is ready to throw all caution into the wind, and has to have Pixie reel him back into reality. Leon is known for doting on Pixie, skipping meals to make sure she's full, spoiling her absolutely rotten, and doing anything to keep her happy. He's extremely protective of her, almost animalisticly possessive, as he is with most of the people he holds close, and his personality does a 180 when he feels those people are being taken away from him.
- Repairing/Making things for other Peasants in his Cluster.
- Conversing with the more domestic animals in Bunga.
- Watching the river banks before dawn, waiting to see her from afar.
- Patting down his pockets, trying to find where he put things.
- Tying his hair up into a short tail when working.
- Absently touching people. (A shoulder, a strand of hair, their hands, etc.)
- Griding his teeth.
Providing - Even though his own spitefulness gets in the way of him earning a large income, Leon still manages to provide meager earnings to support himself and Pixie.
Fixing/Building/Reinventing - He has a way with his hands, this one. He's a handyman and a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to tools and scraps. Works cheap, too. That is, if you're not a First or Second Alter.
Kindhearted - There's just something that can't stop him from helping. This applies more to animals than people, but still counts in a way. Right?
Up-Beat - Not a partially useful trait to have, but always good for getting rid of those nasty blues. Nothing fixes a dreary situation better than a good laugh.

Illiterate - Leon has no ability to read or write. Never really had a need to know beyond his name and what currency looked like.
Curiosity - Whoever said curiosity killed the cat? Leon is curious about everything, no matter if it seems dangerous or stupid, he's just got to know.
Possessive - Think of it like territorial dominance. Whatever is claimed is protected with their lives. Leon has a bit of a problem with this. With his material objects or the people/animals with him, he will kill or be killed to show that they are his.
Hopeless - He's a dreamer, a wanderer, a wisher... Just has his head in the clouds. Dreaming of a better tomorrow and what might wait for him beyond the grasslands. But, mostly, he wants to know more about the woman on the other side of the river bank.
Animalistic - Having animal-like behavior is just a side effect of having almost all of his friends being animals. Ranging from tipping his head to one side to hear better to getting down on all fours to sneak about. And, let's just say, his table manners are nonexistent.

  • Pixie.
  • Animals.
  • Tinkering.
  • The River Woman.
  • Sleeping.
  • Exploring.
  • Daydreaming.

  • Controlling Types.
  • Busy-Bodies.
  • The Privileged.
  • The Cold.
  • Unfair Treatment.
  • Literature.
  • Not Knowing.


From a very young age, Leonardo was taught to create. He was taught that his hands were all the tools that he needed to make his way comfortably in life. His father, Francis T'pic, a well-respected and highly regarded inventor, lived prosperously because of his own handiwork. Rumored to be one of the best, and nicknamed The Creator by fellow Clusterions, jobs were in no short supply for him. Hired by the Lord whom watched over their Cluster and paid handsomely for his creations, Francis lived like a Lord himself, along with his beautiful wife, Annabel T'pic. They lived happily from many years, and were overjoyed when they were blessed with a child. However, tragedy struck soon after. During childbirth, Annabel perished from a high fever, leaving Francis to raise the babe himself.

Raised only by his father, Leon worked as his assistant from the time he could walk. Although he was particularly gifted at work, he was an ill-tempered youth. When not by his father's side, he was known for picking fights with the other children among the Cluster. And these were no playground affairs. In Bunga, a fight, even a child's battle, is fought till someone is bloody, broken. and can no longer stand their ground. Leon was fearless, tearing into kids three times his own size, with unsuppressed anger unfitting of a child. Because of this, Leon was left friendless and feared. At least, without any human friends. Instead he sought comfort in the birds and rodents that infested the grasslands, sitting amongst the tall grasses for hours on end.

With time, though, Leon's temper ebbed, age mellowing him into a rather happy-go-lucky adolescent. He filled his time with flings with the unwed teens that he once fought so mercilessly. Around these quiet and calm times was when the second tragedy struck. It had been found out that someone had been stealing large sums of currency and other valuables from the Lord in which Leon's father worked under, the Lord finding no one else to blame that Francis himself. As punishment, Francis was ripped from his place among the Alters, having his tongue cut from his throat and cast into servitude as a No Alter. He soon after passed away from sickness.

Leon was spared punishment, for he didn't officially work of the Lord, but mostly because he was favored greatly by the Lord's daughter, but the whole series of events left Leon bitter. He refused all invitation for work that came his way from the Lords and Ladies, and any help that they offered. Throwing himself into working odd jobs for other Third Alter peasants, he worked tirelessly to earn enough for his own bungalow. During these times he slept on the floors and mooched food off of people who owed him favors during the floods, and braved the outside in the tall grasses (As far away and out of sight of the Rocks as he could get) when the ground was dry. He found Pixie, a stick-thin kitten at the time, in the grass during a particularly cold night, letting her sleep inside his jacket in exchange for some conversation.

Pixie stuck with him through the hard times, keeping him company and being the voice of reason in his life. Leon finally had enough money to buy his own bungalow when he was eighteen. It was small, only containing one medium-sized room, much smaller than any of the others and having a generator only powerful enough to run one light, but it was more than he could ever ask for. Poverty stricken, he and Pixie were barely scraping by, and Leon finds himself growing more and more tired as the days drag on. They reached a rut now of work and sleep, work and sleep, work and sleep. Nothing is ever different or exciting.

Recently, things have started to catch his attention. Rumors floating around about a dangerous Second Alter kept under lock and key, and a strange fleet-footed figure seen crossing through the grasslands in the dead of night. But, mostly, Leon is interested in something he has seen for himself. A woman on the other side of The Ash River, seen almost every day through the dirtied window of his bungalow. He can't help but be entranced, wanting to know more about this strange yet mysterious woman.

Face Claim:
Leonardo: Gareki [Karnevall]
Pixie: Nyanko Sensei [Natsume Yuujinchou]

So begins...

Leon T'pic's Story

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#, as written by Cyline

The cool spring air and the scent of fresh rain water. It had always smelled like this near the Ash River and it always would. Benevolence Tera leaned back against one of the many rocks dotting the edges of the river, a sketchbook tucked snuggly under her arm. She stared across the river's rippling surface at the huts on the other side. They were clustered together, not too tightly, but in a way that seemed village-like with a large moat built around them in intersecting rings. She assumed it was their way of dealing with the Floods, like the Supporters built their houses on high platforms. She had heard that the Capitol was built on a single platform, high above the world, almost like a beacon of light, a paradise for all. Except for the young Miss Tera.

For Ben, the Ash River was paradise. If she could stand by the river's edge for an eternity, she would. She could walk away from a life of Customs, a life of being the Perfect. She could leave behind the deep dark hole that was her life. It would be ideal, yes, but nearly impossible. A bird landed on a small collection of cat tails and Ben whipped out her sketchbook and charcoal pencil. Her hand flew across the ivory page. When she pulled away, the image of the bird seemed to practically float off the page. She bit her lip, silently judging it. Drawing was about the only useful thing they taught her at Miran.

She glanced behind her at the purple-haired, purple-eyed girl behind her. She smiled softly at her companion, who was close to the edge, but not nearly as close as Ben. Ben stood and wiped the stray grass off of her yellow dress as she spun around to face the other girl. "What do you think, Indie?" she questioned with a forced smile.

From the safety of a nearby pavilion, Ben's parents watched her with a mixture of frustration and arrogance, their voices reduced to harsh whispers. Ben couldn't let them see her expressions, her thoughts. She shouldn't be seen as anything more than an obedient Perfect with a strange ability to follow the Customs flawlessly. Ben continued to grin at Indigo, not letting on that she so desperately wanted to escape this world of perfection. For even perfection itself seemed flawed to her soft blue eyes.

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Sitting in the damp grass with one knee propped up a green piece of paper was in the process of being formed into the shape of a bullfrog however the lack of hard surface to smooth the creases was proving more difficult than previously predicted by the young girl. Indigo's purple hair blew in the wind softly getting in her line of vision a bit only frustrating her further, she crinkled up her nose moving one hand to tug at the rebellious hair while the other tried to fold down a particularly difficult corner.

Ben was too far away to hear it but Indigo could catch small fragments of the conversation happening a fee yards behind her, just words and phrases like the river or marriage none of it sounded good. Indigo looked over her shoulder to see the woman shaking her head and mouthing the words no, no, no... she glanced up at Indie who jerked her head back around feeling the heat of sweat around her ears. She was already walking on eggshell these passed few weeks and didn't feel like adding spying to the list of things that she had got caught doing, coming back from school was a harder transition than Indigo thought especially with Ben thinking about doing the unspeakable.

Indigo felt trapped between wanting to stick by Ben's side and wanting to keep her safe at least moderately, she didn't know what was on the other side and was a bit fearful of it as well as the river. She also feared her future for she figured she had two options to either go with Ben, which would conflict with her previously mentioned fears, or she could stay behind and that seemed worse because then she would have to face the consequences of her past shenanigans unprotected. There was of course one more option which Indigo wouldn't even consider, she was loyal to Ben and would never turn her in even if her life depended on it, she would rather die than betray Ben.

Beautiful Ben, she looked flawless in the morning breeze while Indigo probably looked a mess, Ben was holding up a her sketchbook with a new drawing inside making Indigo pull up a thumb to indicate her approval giving a toothy smile, "Hey, it's better than anything I could do." With that she crumpled up the green paper stuffing it into her pocket and giving up all hope on her little project, usually she would be able to get it done in a few minutes but today her mind was muddled and she wondered when she was going to see Adonis again.

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A bad night had transitioned into a dreadful morning. The only light source in his tiny Bungalow, a bare blub, dirtied and dim, swung lazily from the rafters as Leonardo worked, throwing odd shapes about the room. Or, perhaps, where he should have been working. Instead, he had been spending that last few hours of the precious dawn staring at his construction, wondering what the hell he had been thinking the night before. It should have been simple, a night's work at most, to throw together a compact incinerator upon request of a questionable man who lived in the next Cluster over. Leon never asked why someone would ever need a compact incinerator, because, truthfully, who the hell cared? Could be to burn up some loose papers, or could be to burn up some loose children. Not his problem and Leon had always been a 'No Questions Asked' sort of salesmen. The silly, minimal requests (Or large and highly worrying demands) of the Cluster were what kept Leon and his roommate fed. Well, mostly his roommate.

The before-mentioned doing a world's worth of assistance... By lounging lazily on the window sill. Pixie, a rather fat, but beautifully marked, white cat, let out a long yawn before stretching out her back. While her raven-haired caretaker worked the night away, Pixie had enjoyed a good night's rest. Now that she had awaken, the cat had taken to looking out into the tall-grass fields and rushing water outside their window. She hummed curiously, Leon oblivious to her actions, lost in a world of the sleep-deprived and clueless, Pixie squinting her wide, green eyes to see out of the fogged glass. "Le-Le?" She asked, tilting her head to get a better look at the world beyond their home, the bell about her neck jingling lightly. When Leon didn't answer, she sighed, starting again, much louder this time, "Le-Le!"

Leon jerked out of his half-asleep state, dropping the odds and ends he had been holding onto the table with a clatter. Startled, he placed a hand over his chest, as if to keep his heart from leaping out of it, "What?!" He demanded, taking long breathes to steady himself. Being yanked from daydreams was so much worse than being shaken awake from slumber. Pixie looked over at him, amusement flickering in her eyes, "Oh nothing, really... It's just those girls are at the river again. You know, the ones you stalk. Just thought you might want to know." She spoke with such joy as she poked fun at him, but all that was lost to the meaning of her words.

"Wait, they're there?" Leon got up out of his chair so fast, it fell backward to the floor with a thud, running over to the window to peer out it. He grabbed Pixie under her belly, and tosses her lightly across the room, where she landed safely on what they simply call 'The Nest'. He dragged his sleeve across the glass to wipe away the fog, but paused mid-stroke to throw a look of feigned hurt over his shoulder to Pixie, "I do not stalk them. I..." Leon stole a long look out the window, "Admire from afar...? Alright, no, that makes me sound like a creep. But, I'm not a stalker."

And there they were. Sat on the other side of the Ash River, which looked like flowing lava in the early morning reds. Leon was just so goddamn curious. He wanted to know, he needed to know, who they were, why they were. No one else ever came up to the river on the West Side, none that he's seen, at least. So why them? It was infuriating not knowing. He wanted to know everything about them.

Pixie huffed, settling herself into the blankets that made up The Nest, "Completely a stalker..."

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Truth be told, if Jay were made to choose between living in an eternal night or an eternal daytime, the girl would choose the former option. Not because she has a problem with light and warmth and the like, on the contrary she quite enjoys it, but because the night is far more familiar to her. It is a safe place for when she may feel frightened. Of course, it has been a long time since something has truly frightened the young woman. Well, frightened in the sense of giving her cause to fear for her life, that is to say. Even among the bandits and murderers with whom she was raised, Jay might be considered dangerous. Perhaps her father had planned for this to be the case, giving her such a foreboding name as Azrael.

When it is daytime, she has far less to do with herself. Even she is not so confident as to go around stealing or filling requests in broad daylight, after all. And in the light, there is always the concern that someone might happen to recognize her face. She typically has it covered when working, or else relies on shadows or fear to obscure it from memory, but one can never be too careful. In fact, perhaps she could be told it is important to care a bit more, given that despite this she has chosen to go for a walk. It doesn't matter much anyways, as she does not walk into the settlements or markets of the larger Bungalows. She is quite content to instead walk through the grasslands, idly chipping away at a small block of wood in her hand with a knife. It is funny that the knife should be used thus, when just the night before it was held against a man's throat while she took part of his money. Jay tries to only take as much as she thinks the person can live without when stealing, as though that can absolve her partially of her crime.

The warmth feels good on her skin, enough that Jay is very tempted to lay down and nap in the fields. On this side of the river, one doesn't have to worry about being attacked by predators, and most people are too busy going about their daily lives to chance upon someone napping in the grass. It is the night time that one would need to worry about, and even then there are those that might recognize her face and think twice about taking her possessions.

Before she does this, however, Jay spots something interesting: two girls by the water on the other side of the Ash River. This is a curiosity of sorts, given that people from that side seem to fear the river as though being in its vicinity will expose them to some sort of terrible toxin. Nosily, she crouches down in the grass slightly to hide herself from view, and watches through the tall blades. In her hand, the wood continues to be carved away, but any plan for a legitimate form has been lost, and she seems to merely be making a toothpick at this point. There are a few small cottages behind Jay, but she does not concern herself with them at the moment. She had looked at them on the way over to this spot, perhaps planning which one would pay for her next day's bread tonight.

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Theo normally wasn't up so early in the morning but today was different today was an event, it was evaluation day the one day of the year when Theo's actions are put under evaluation on whether or not he would be able to leave the Black Water house. The house had only three occupants, Theo Cecelia Black and Bush Waters, the two are charged to live in the house and watch over the young boy and keep his stress levels down as well as any thoughts he might have of leaving the house. But there was one day out of the year where Theo's actions were evaluated and put under speculation and it is decided whether or not he is safe enough to leave the house and join the outside world. However none of this actually happens, each year he's told that he was so close but the decision was made that he should stay just one more year and that he needs to work a little harder if he wanted to make it out by next year.

The young boy never knew any of this holding on to the small fragment of hope that someday he might be safe enough to make it out into the open world and live a free life. This was how they controlled him how they kept him from acting out or leaving the room it might have been manipulative but if it kept the public safe then they would do it. Each year they have to pretend to be sad when giving the news that he would not be able to leave the house. But this year was going to go a little bit different. Theo moved about his room as quickly and as quietly as he could which wasn't an easy task due to the house being so old that almost every floor board squeaked painfully loud. He was frantically trying to clean up his room before the evaluation and so involved with his activities that he soon forgot to be quiet and moments later heard a knock on the door. Startled Theo rushed to the door letting out a horse whisper, "no, no. I'm not ready!"

The slat on the door moved open, it was Cecelia, she was dress in her nightgown with her blonde hair in a messy ponytail. She looked like she had just woken up her eyes still squinting from sleep, Theo loved Cecelia like a mother she was kind and nurturing towards him and they had a wonderful relationship. "I'm sorry, C. I was just getting ready for the evalua-" but he was cut off by her sharp words, "go back to bed, Theodore. There is no evaluation you're not getting out of here." His mouth dropped open in shock and before he could reply she slammed the slate shut, he could hear her shuffling feet on the other side of the door retreating into the rest of the house. Theo couldn't believe what he had heard, he could barely stand so he stumbled backwards a bit finding the piano in the middle of the room with his hands, he sat on the bench hands behind him pushing down on the lower keys which echoed through his room and out the ever open window. The foreboding sound only seemed to highlight his current feelings of dread, he sat there for quite a while starring wide eyed at the ground contemplating his life and everything he knew.