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Tony Stark/ Iron man

Does Anyone Know What Schwarma is

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a character in “The Avengers: Trying to Make it Work”, as played by jackrules158


*Name: Tony Stark
*Age: 35 (not quite sure)
*Appearance: Image (not sure if that will work not good with pics lol)

*Personality: Billionaire, playboy, philanthropist
*Likes: himself, sex, alcohol, money, his iron man suits,inventing, bruce banner, screwing with people, trying to summon the hulk
*Dislikes: being lied too, being stolen from, losing, being threatned, being out smarted, magic, not a huge fan of captain america, Nick Fury
* Example of writing: Tony woke up in Stark Tower next to his girlfriend Pepper Potts and he looked out at the new york skyline and he saw a large building still in the building process. "hey check it out Pepper" he said softly kissing her neck "Potts Tower is just a few months away from being completed." he said his beard rubbing up against her softly. "who would have thought you would actually keep your promise to me" she teased pulling his face close and kissing him deeply. "hey hey you make it sound like I'm this self centered asshole." Tony mumbled into the kiss. "well you are just a little" pepper teased.

So begins...

Tony Stark/ Iron man's Story


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#, as written by Tonks
" mornin' Clint" Natasha says leaning back a little. She was always a little more comfortable with Clint around. They had enough history that she trusted him completely, and yes for a while she did love him more than a brother. Shaking her head to clear those memories from her mind, she was glad for the very welcome distraction that was Tony Stark.

" Hello Tony." she replies, " Did Pepper find you? I think she was looking for you.." Natasha didn't really like Pepper, for many reasons. But she was, dispite her glares and remarks, quite fond of Tony. So in its own way it all balanced out.


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#, as written by Tonks
Smiling calmly Natasha turns to Loki, she wasn't half as surprised that he was there as the rest of the team. " because Loki, I was put in charge of babysitting this ticking time bomb." she points at a chair, " so sit down and shut up, before you get yourself in trouble." all the while she said this Natasha kept up the charade that she is totally calm, but that was just her training.