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The Awakened Earth And the Omniversal Sphere

The Awakened Earth And the Omniversal Sphere


The world you know is far deeper and more dangerous than you imagine. But it is also just as wonderful. Come and venture in. See the span of Eternity.

573 readers have visited The Awakened Earth And the Omniversal Sphere since Muragetsu created it.


The Awakened Earth (And the Omniverse as a whole) is a modern fantasy group that is designed for people of likened minds to join together and have fun. Modern Fantasy is a wonderful genre of the RP community and this world is designed to cater to all those needs for a fun room to hang out and RP in while creating wondrous, intricate, and complex stories.

The Main plot of the room will be explained below as well as the rules of the room. Take a while to stay and read everything. I promise you it will be worth the read.


The Omniversal Sphere is a living concept Idea that comes from the written book of my original universe (Omniverse) that I have been writing about since I was a young child ( It's also where all of my characters come from). It is based around the concept of living concepts called Primordials. These nigh-imperceptible beings rule over the Omniverse. The unimaginable and infinitely vast and large bubble of energy and matter that encompasses every universe, dimension, reality and demi-plane. Anything that was, is, and ever will be.

All are welcome and all are embraced with open arms. Besides, if you want to take a existential and fourth-wall look and approach to things....You're already in the Omniverse.

So, what would you do with the infinite potential within it? The choice is yours.

The Awakened Earth =

The year is 2020, and the Earth has undergone a massive change. A New Age has begun and it started on the fateful day of December 23rd, 2012.

It was a day that human beings remember well because of a superstition that the world was supposed to end on that day. But as humans, they often never read the fine print and only focus on what they fear the most. The Mayan texts clearly started that the current Age of the Earth of end and a new one would begin from the ashes of the old.

On that day, The sun was showing more activity than ever before. Solar Prominence activity were reaching a levels never before seen in human history and scientists worse fears came to pass. A solar flare of massive proportions erupted from the Sun's surface, racing towards earth with immense velocity. A Super flare. The world could on watch as doom sped towards the planet. But then something happened. Something impossible. To this day it is an event that everyone called The Awakening. The Earth began to erupt in immense amounts of energy. From the ground, the oceans, the trees, even human beings and animals. This mass of pure energy formed a barrier over the entire planet as the Super Flare struck. Entire continents shook and cracked, the oceans boiled and the air burned with solar radiation. But the earth in the end survived. More than a 1/3rd of the human population was lost in the calamity, but the human race had lived on.

But that was not all. Because of this boundless energy had been released on the planet, strange things began to happen. Humans who never had any extraordinary abilities started to exhibit them en mass. Wild, feral and pure magic was making itself prominent throughout the world. But the real shock was when the stories and legends of old started to to life. Things that human being only thought were alive in stories were turning out to be very real indeed. Elves, Fae, dwarves, and many other magical races started to come up from the depths of the planet, the veil that was placed around the world now pierced for all to see.

It was at that moment that it was explained to the human race that these older races always existed, lurking behind the scenes and existing in secret. But with the calamity of the Super flare nearly destroying all life upon the earth and the events of The Awakening, something had caused the old magic that shielded the magical races of the Earth to shatter and Mana was flowing freely over the planet. Why this event occurred, neither side was sure about and it would become one of the greatest mysteries to arise in the Earth's history. Human beings were welcomed into the Council of Elders that day so that in time, all races from that moment on would come to live in harmony. A new age of the earth had begun.

The Age of Magic.

The New World Order =

-The Council of The Elders-
The Council of the Elders is a group of individuals that come together to make the decisions that govern the world over. As such with the council, one representative is elected and chosen from each known race of the planet to join the council to speak on the race's behalf. Below are the known races of new Age of Planet Earth :

Angels, Demons, Elementals, Dragons, Half Dragons, Dwarves, Goblin, Giants, Humans, Centaurs, Elves, Dryads, Fae, Nymphs, Fairies, Nephilims, Phoenixes, Vampires, Treekfolk/Ents, Halflings, Hybrids, Nekojin, Satyrs, Drow, Orcs, Kobalds, Kitsunes, Gnomes, Gnolls, Sphinxes, Teiflings, Lizardfolk, Lycanthropes, Nagas, Ogres, Mermaids, Sirens, Tengu, Trolls, Voidlings, Plane-touched, Gods, and The Primordials

-The Order of the Guardians-
The Order of the Guardians is a group of warriors, mages, and fighters that make up the security forces for the planet over. They are the best of the best and the most highly trained military force in the history of the planet. They are trained in almost every form of magic, martial art and mental/physical training possible and they make up the world's military and police presence. To become a Guardian one must train for years and at the end of the training one must undergo The Guardianship Trials. It is one of the most grueling and unforgiving tasks known to man and those who pass are regarded with the highest of Respect and Authority, second only to the Council and the Primordials.

-The Circle of the Magi-
The Circle of The Magi is a worldwide educational college of collective knowledge. It was founded a year after The Awakening to address the growing problem of humans and other races developing new powers that they could not control. It was causing a lot of problems the planet over and the youth of the new age would need direction and guidance. So the greatest known magical and spiritual minds came together to found the Circle. It houses the world's more brightest minds and it is a nexus of thought with the goal of making the world better and richer through the pursuit of education and knowledge a whole.

-The Nexus of Science-
The Nexus of Science is the planet-wide collection of scientific minds that work together to study the new state of the world. Within the aftermath of the Awakening, a lot of new elements and forms of energy were left behind and even new ones were born. Their creed is that with the coming together of all the races in harmony, the path of the new age will lead them in not only the greatest advances in magic but also in medicine, technology, and scientific exploration. To be excepted into the fold of the Nexus is a great honor and the people who work under it's banner are regarded with some of the highest respect much like the people of The Circle, and the Guardian Order.

-The Grand Commerce Market-
The Grand Market. It is responsible for the creation of the economy of the planet and is the central trading hub for all goods bought or sold. As explained with the Nexus of Science, many new things came into being with the aftermath of the Awakening. Fruits, Vegetables, Animals that are edible, and even new metals, workable materials and resources. Many jobs are are created with the help of the Grand Commerce and with all the limitless possibilities that could be attained it is without a doubt a great asset to the planet over. There are centers for the Market all over the world, With the central hub in the newly reformed Northern America.


Current Plot Setting

Ever so often as we gain members and things progress, the current theme of the room will change. Think of it as like an RP setting for the room and grows as changes like a Dungeons and Dragons Tabletop Campaign.

The Shadow War

The Earth is a beautiful world. Some might say that with the Earth now being what it is, it's even better than it used to be. We can now see the true beauty that the planet has to offer. But like any society, or any world for that matter, there are dark elements. People would take from this new world and use it to there own dark and nefarious purposes.

While the normal criminal elements of the world has arisen in their activity, they are not without patterns and a means of defeating them. The Guardian Order works tirelessly to keep the peace and route out this darker elements and they have done more than good job of doing so.

But now there is something brewing in the Darkness. Something far more terrible in the vile underground of the world's underbelly. The Order has been keeping tabs of these strange happenings but so far have had no discernible pattern to the behavior, nor the true nature of the incidents. Men, women and children have shown up randomly in the streets, dead, and drained of all their energy, life-force, and Mana. Government officials turning up dead or resigning for no reason what so ever and under strange circumstance. Terrorist attacks on a global scale and no one is held responsible and no have claimed responsibility for the attacks. Other than this, there is no discernible pattern to the events other than mass confusion and more questions.

Only one thing is for sure. This is only the beginning.

Toggle Rules

1) This room is 95% of the time meant to be in character, but that doesn't mean that OOC isn't allowed at all. Just very little. When RP is clearly happening, it is to be kept to a minimum.

2) While OOC is allowed, it but be stated clearly with // at the beginning of your text, just so everyone is on board.

3) You are to respect yourself and to respect others. If you have any problems, you talk to me (Aoi) or any other of my other characters that are around at the time as well as any I appointed to be something of a Moderator of the room. Those people will be listed below when they are acquired.

4) In junction with #3 = No Character Bashing. No Racism. No Sexism. No Trolling (You know who you are), Especially no Arguments. I will not tolerate it at all. If you have beef with another person you take that to a thread, bring it up to me, or just drop it. People are here to have fun, not to bicker like children and I nor my patrons will suffer fools. I am very strict on this.

5) I'm much in mind with Bill Clinton. 3 Strikes and you are out. First time you break a rule is warning. Second time, I don't want you in the room for 3 days. Third time and you need to go and I will make sure you do. Do not test me.

6) This is a mature room. You can't handle it? Then leave. No one is going to hold your hand. Also just because this is a mature room doesn't give you the right to be a dick. You will get chin checked for going to far.

7) Please do not Godmod, Character control, or force your will on other characters. You wouldn't like it someone did it to you so please don't do it to anyone else. It just saves me and everyone else a massive headache.

8) No outright smut or sex is allowed. You can flirt and allure to sexual activity, quite heavily I might add. But if you see things getting heavier than what is normally allow please take that to private quaters. It's all I ask.

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The Grand Circle

The Grand Circle by Muragetsu

The Grand Circle is the central market of the Earth in it's new form. Trace, Commerce and all forms of financial gain and barter happen here. It's also a grand entertainment hub.

Haven's Circle

Haven's Circle by Muragetsu

An inter-dimensional Bar inside of a occult shoppe hidden in Ginza.

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The Grand Circle

The Grand Circle by Muragetsu

The Grand Circle is the central market of the Earth in it's new form. Trace, Commerce and all forms of financial gain and barter happen here. It's also a grand entertainment hub.

Haven's Circle

Haven's Circle by Muragetsu

An inter-dimensional Bar inside of a occult shoppe hidden in Ginza.

Haven's Circle

An inter-dimensional Bar inside of a occult shoppe hidden in Ginza.

The Grand Circle

The Grand Circle is the central market of the Earth in it's new form. Trace, Commerce and all forms of financial gain and barter happen here. It's also a grand entertainment hub.

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