Bardon Hemos

"I look at the young ones around me a feel a small sense of hope. Hope that they won't have to endure what we did in those days, and hope that they will grow with a better perspective of the world because of it."

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a character in “The Awakening: A New Generation”, as played by Wake



"Well, just hold still and let me take a look at you. This will only hurt a slight touch."

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Nicknames/Aliases: The Blood Mage The Blood Doctor

Age: 41


Sexual Orientation: Herto

Staff Position: Academy Doctor and Guidance Counselor

Birth Date: Oct 4

Hair: Dusty Blond

Eyes: Icy Blue

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 161

Body Build: Muscular

Physical Mutations: When Bardon activates his powers, a web of red veins seems to grow along the surface of his upper body.

Notable Scars: None

Piercings and Tattoos: None

Casual Wear:A sweeter and over coat.

Face Claim Erwin Smith- attack on titan

Personality:It's been said that Bardon's gaze can feel piercing when one is under it. Indeed some have been stopped dead by the frozen blue orbs starring into their eyes. He stands and walks with his back straight, making slow and careful movements as though attempting to be both delicate and precise with each action he takes. Bardon himself is soft a spoken individual, keeping his expression and tone on a even level, rarely raising his voice or becoming loud. His expressions remain calm and relaxed. He'll smile and frown, same as any other person, but it will be a subtle expression only, never exaggerated. At times he will often seem almost serene in how calm he is, something that can cause others to inadvertently lower their guard around him, something more cautious individuals will find unnerving.

To the casual observer this might make him seem a bit eerie and off putting. But those that spend enough time getting to know him know bettter. Though he can seem a little reserved at times Bardon is a friendly and helpful person and is always unfailingly polite, able to show concern when warranted and offer advice when needed. Being as patient and understanding as he is he can be an easy person to converse with, making it rather easy to open oneself up to him.

At times though he suffers from depression occasionally, and though he is quite good at suppressing it, it doesn't change the fact that he often feels pangs of loneliness. Still, he manages to keep himself busy with his work, something that he takes great pride in. In fact at time he can almost seem obsessive with his projects and research. It's when Bardon is fully immersed in his work that he can seem almost eerie. Being pron to shutting out distractions and muttering to himself he ignores much of the world around him. At times like this he can become almost a different person, still calm but more assertive.

  • Medical Skills: Bardon is a masterful surgeon and was considered one of, if not the, greatest doctors in the world. He has a very extensive knowledge of the human body, how it works and how each part interlines with others. As such he can put that to use in a variety of situations. Most related to treatment of patients but in other ways as well.
  • Imperturbable: Given his ability to always seem relaxed, he tends to be undisturbed by things that would bother someone else. For example he likes to be in colder environments, nor does he mind foul smells. This adds to how eerie he can be at times, when he's able to remain relaxed even around things that would agitate others.
  • Surgical Strikes: Bardon is a very analytical fighter, he tries to study his opposition first, trying to pick out their movement before delivering pressie strikes that debilitate, unbalance, and destabilize. His opening attacks are mostly experimental, testing the other combatants reactions and movements. He will appear defensive or often light on the attack at first. Once he has his opponent's fighting style sufficiently mapped out he lets go of earlier restrains and begins quickly taking them apart piece by piece. And with Bardon's vast knowledge of the human body and how it is structured, he knows exactly where to hit that will bring someone down too their knees and leave them doubling over in pain.


  • Off putting: While Bardon is a nice enough man once you've spent some time with him, first impressions are always a difficult thing for Bardon as his mannerisms and behavior tend to be perceived as a bit unnatural. And while no one would ever call Bardon creepy, he can sometime weird someone out unintentionally.
  • Pacifist: Bardon took an oath long ago to never again willingly harm another person if he could avoid it. For that reason he likes to avoid conflict if at all possible. Even when things get violent he tries to to look for the nonviolent solution, never the one to instigate a confrontation, and even if that is not possible he will use non-lethal tactics to end things quickly. It would take considerable duress, probably the loss of innocent life, before he even considers to break that oath.
  • Compassionate: As a doctor, the idea of turning down someone's request for aid is something that Bardon finds hard to do. A fact that was taken advantage of in the past by former accomplices to keep him in their ranks.

  • The Forsaken Sons: The organization is now defunct. Bardon knows that, he saw to it himself after all. But though he is sure of this, and his own involvement in their destruction was never publicized, he still feels some concerns that a few members might have survived.
  • Racist sentiments: More a general dislike than a fear. Bardon was around a group of people that saw awakened as innately better than non-awakened, and he knows what kind of mentality that breeds. To date he has objected many times to the use of the term 'normie' in the schools curriculum on grounds that it might encourage the students to see themselves as apart from the rest of humanity.
  • Explosions: He sometimes still has nightmares of the one that nearly took his wife from him. He's not likely to be paralyzed by this though, it's more of something that triggers a 'fight' response from him.

Power Name:HemokinesisImage
Power Class: Mutation, though bardon himself argues for the creation of new classification for biology related powers.

Power Description Long and short of it, it's the ability to control blood. Bardon's own specifically, but he can manipulate others if he has physical contact with it. Naturally as a doctor this can have vast array in uses in the medical field, allowing controlled. Assuming that patient is lying still on the table and letting him work, he can regulate of the conditions of a persons body to better fit the needs of the procedure being preformed, and this method has become the primary field of study. Allowing for everything from purging toxins from the body, internal temperatures, and the flow of chemicals between organs.

However you probably want to know how it would fair in a combat sense. Though he is loathe to admit it, unpleasant circumstances in his past has made him adept at this too. Personal control over his blood stream is incredible, even manipulating it after it's left his body. Bardon can move it in whatever way he wishes, shaping it and even hardening it to the strength of steal. He even can use it to ensure his body remains structurally sound even under great amounts of stress, by using his blood to reinforce his flesh, muscle and bone which can allow him some great feats of strength and endurance. Even better is that he use this same trick tocrystallize the blood over wounds, stopping blood from escaping and uses the blood to stitch tissue back together. This doesn't heal the injury outright, but it can hold together injuries that could otherwise be fatal until better treatment can be applied.

Power Limitations and Weaknesses
  • Limited supply: A pretty obvious one once you think about it. Though his array of uses for his blood manipulation are great, it will always be held back by the fact that that he's using his own blood as a weapon, something that humans have a limited amount of, and the majority of which is required for the functioning of vital organs. And thus expending great amounts of it would easily prove fatal. so you can forget about those silly concepts that television throws around like producing massive swords made of blood. The best Bardon can produce to that end would be small knives the size of scalples (which admitedly he has done in the past). He does keep packs of blood in a refrigerator for emergancies in order to crcumvent this problem, but it's simply impractical to ask him to carry gallons of that stuff around at all times on the off chance that someone might suddenly decide to start a battle to the death with him.
  • Lack of ranged options: Related to the same issue as above. The idea of using his blood as ammunition is simply out of the question. Theoretically he could make drops of his blood into bullets but his power over blood seems to taper off a few meters from his body, forcing him to rely on more mundane means for long range combat.
  • Physical contact: And it must be reminded that whist Bardon has great control over his own life essence, he has to be physically touching the blood of someone else to control it. And predictably, someone fighting him is going to object to the good doctor sticking his fingers into their gaping wounds.

Bardon was one of the originals. The very first group of people to 'awaken' on that fateful day twenty years ago. That means he was also there for the trials and tribulations of the early years. His story begins however just before all that. He had just graduated from medical school in his home land of Italy. He was looking forward to a promising career in surgery, and he had just become engaged to his long time lover Auria. All and all he looked to have bright prospects for the future.

Then one morning he notice something when he had cut himself shaving. The blood from the cut had started to move and float, trying to basically flow around the cut instead of downward like gravity had dictated. He told no one save his fiance, who for her part approached the subject with the same clinical curiosity that he did, and spent the next few days experimenting in his free time with the strange behavior his blood had developed recently. Over the course of that time he slowly learned, along with the rest of the public, of the existence of others that had spontaneously developed new attributes or abilities. The reactions of the world at the time had been more one of wonder and curiosity. The news of these 'superpowered' people was only a few weeks old and the larger orgnizations of the world had yet to weigh in their opinion on the matter, leaving the common folk in awe at the spectacle of it.

But that awe quickly turned to fear once a few 'bad eggs' started to misuse their powers. Things were fine when the ones who got their powers were normal folk, the average joe's that just wanted to be a part of normal society. After all they meant no harm. But what if the power land in the hands of a convicted criminal on deaths row? A drug dealer? Or a street mugger? That kind of person is the kind that doesn't care who they hurt, or what consequence their actions bring, so long as they get what they want. The actions of these people, as well as the some times explosive results of fresh awakened who did not know how to control their powers yet, turned the world against them in a flash.

Bardon and Auria kept quiet when the witch hunts finally began. They made plans to leave their home city and move out into the country where it would hopefully be easier to hide. Bardon's earlier discretion had kept them from suspicion but they knew it would only take a single slip up from either of them before they came for him. And as luck would have it that slip up would happen, though at no fault of their own.

They had passed by a police convoy as they were leaving town, when an explosion happened. A group of awakened had attack the convoy inorder to free one of their own members from custody, and Bardon and Auria had been caught in in the crossfire. Auria had been heavily injured by the explosion and slipped into a coma. In desperation Bardon had used his powers to try and save her life which did not go unnoticed by everyone involved in the fighting. One of the awakened approached Bardon in the middle of the chaos and offered him a choice. Either he and his fiancee come with them, or be left to flee from the authorities on their own. Seeing this as no real option, and having no way to transport the critically injured Auria by himself, the doctor was forced to accept and found himself initiated into the The Forsaken Son's.

At the start it hadn't been so bad. The Son's goal then was just to keep their fellow awakened out of trouble. Helping to smuggle them away from the prying eyes of the public to secret locations where they could live in peace and learn more about their powers without fear of persecution, a goal Bardon himself had agreed with. He had found that is medical skills would come in great demand amongst this group as it was a very small organization and was in desperate need of doctors. Often they were forced to move from place to place as their excursions to 'rescue' other awakened would always draw attention from the authorities. As the group grew larger though, some voiced the opinion that they shouldn't have to run.

He wasn't sure exactly when the change in the group happened. They had always lived on the questionably legal side of things. Often they needed to steal things like food or medical supplies to survive. Yes, occasionally there was violence but they always tired to use the minimal amount of force necessary. And, yes maybe some did die in these exchanges but they were only defending themselves. They couldn't be held responsible for that, they were only doing what they had to to survive. Right.

Years had passed since he has been press into this little organization. As time went on Bardon would hear more and more justification from the others for their actions. He even deluded himself into believing them when he was forced to go on outing with his comrade, the details of which he never shared with Auria even if she could guess. But the sentiments that the others would spout worried him. "We can't trust Normies" they would say. "Normies will always be against us." "Norimes are the enemy." This growing distrust, this growing hatred, it worried him. It worried him greatly. And it especially worried him in concerns to Auria's safety.

Her continued presence was becoming a sore point between him and the other members of the Forsaken sons. After all, she wasn't one of them. She could rejoin the rest of society if she wanted to. What reason did she have to be there. What loyalty did she have with them. But Bardon new that they wouldn't just let her leave, not when she new so much about them. With this came the slow admittance that the Forsaken Son's were becoming a terrorist group, and that they were going to eventually force him to decide between his wife and then.

So this time he made the choice before they presented it to him.

Taking the first opportunity that he could find, he fled with Auria and made contact with a certain goverment agent that had been tracking their movements. A deal was struck between them. In exchange for full amnesty for his actions whilst he had been apart of the Sons, Bardon would reveal all known information on their whereabouts, they leadership, and their operations. As he had been with the group since the beginning and knew many of it's founding members, this act of betrayal caused the near total collapse of the Forsaken Sons.

Bardon and Auria were finally allowed to return to their former lives. Continued bargaining got the doctor the right to resume his previous career as a doctor, though he had to consent too heavy monitoring by the Italian government. Bardon however proved to be find with this, and though his co-workers were a bit unnerved around him initially, they began to warm up to him and his abilities as he showed increasingly better results in his operations. As time went by his skill as a surgeon improved, drastically. With his powers to sense changes in the body and manipulate those changes through the blood, Bardon slowly gained a greater and greater understanding of the human body. His insights and methods of treatment began to gain recongiton by medical science, eventually earning him the reputation as one of the greatest doctors on all of the world. His reputation as a miracle worker in the field of medicine eventually was turned into one of the many example those sympathetic to the Awakend for why they should be grated rights of equality.

Eventually someone from one of this human rights groups would approach Bardon about Furushira academy in Japan, believing his presence there would provide a bit of celebrity weight to the cause they were pushing for there. Bardon accepted the invitation, feeling it would give him a chance to help keep others from falling into the same past mistakes he had made.

So begins...

Bardon Hemos's Story