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Manon Portier

"All I ever wanted was the world"

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a character in “The Awakening: A New Generation”, as played by bugprince



”I know I’ve got a big ego. I really don’t know why it’s such a big deal, though.“

Dialogue Color#CC3399
Thought Color#33CCFF

Manon Clotilde Portier
Sexual Orientation
Academy Year
Birth Date
November 7th

Blonde, kept in long pigtails
5 feet
130 lbs
Body Build
Average, a bit chubby
Physical Mutations
Notable Scars
Piercings and Tattoos
Pierced ears
Casual Wear
Manon likes very feminine clothes. She wears skirts and frilly tops in pastel colors. She likes bows and jewelry. Her favorite outfit is short overalls over a pink collared shirt, and sneakers with tights.
Face Claim
Usagi Tsukino - Sailor Moon

If you don’t know her well, Manon is pretty easy to hate. At first glance, she just seems like a stuck-up haughty princess. However, if you spend more than a few minutes with her, you’ll realize that she has almost zero hostility in her. While she’s used to being treated like royalty, she’s still kind and genuine. Manon loves meeting new people and cares a lot about her loved ones. She’s sort of a cross between the mean popular girl in every high school movie and a straight-up Disney princess.
  • Motivation - She can get you really pumped up!
  • Honesty - She always means what she says, and lying is almost impossible for her.
  • Video Games - Gaming is one of the only skills she has, and she is pro-level.

  • Ditzy - She’s not the smartest, and can be forgetful and unfocused.
  • Childish - She’s naive and can be really bratty when in a bad mood.
  • Demanding - She’s used to being treated like a princess.

  • Creepy Crawlies
  • Loneliness
  • The Dark

Power Name
Power Class
Power Description
Have you ever heard the saying about the unstoppable force and the immovable object? Well, Manon is that immovable object. She doesn’t move unless she wants to move. It’s almost impossible to knock her down. In addition to this, her strength is exceptional, which often comes as a surprise. Who would really expect a short teenage girl with pigtails and all-pink clothing to be able to bench press a bodybuilder? Unfortunately, she doesn’t tend to put these abilities to good use, preferring to stay away from any action.
Power Limitations and Weaknesses
  • She doesn’t move very fast, and can’t sprint far without getting winded. It’s partly because of her mass and partly because of her short legs.
  • The most weight she can lift is that of an above-average weight adult. So, she’s not going to be lifting trucks anytime soon.
  • She’s pretty useless at most physical activities.

Manon was born in Montreal with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her family was rich and powerful, and she was raised to be the perfect little millionaire. Her parents spoiled her with fancy clothes, expensive food, and all the newest game consoles. Her parents were very outspoken in the anti-awakened movement and have donated a fair amount of money to various organizations dedicated to that cause. They tried to instill the same hatred in Manon, but she was only amazed. She loved that people with supernatural powers existed. They were like characters in her favorite games! How cool was that! So, she would respond to her parents’ tirades with polite nodding and an awkward feeling that made her want to take a shower.

Manon had a lot of friends at school. Because of her wealth and social clout, everyone wanted to be close with her. She was sure that most of them didn’t really like her for anything other than her money, but she didn’t really mind. To her, friends were friends, and their intentions didn’t matter.

On a chilly Fall day soon after she turned seventeen, Manon was walking home with a group of friends. She was trailing a little ways behind the rest of them, too focused on beating a hard level in the game she was playing. She crossed a street, still engrossed, and only got halfway across when…

Screeching tires. A scream. Metal bending. Shattering glass.

Then silence.

Manon looked up and saw a car bent around her. She had been hit, but she was alive. She hadn’t even been hurt or knocked over. She had barely even felt the impact.

She looked around and everyone on the busy street had stopped, as if frozen in time. They were all looking right at her.

Word traveled quickly. Within the day, Manon’s parents had found out about her accident. Within the hour, she was sent packing. She was completely devastated. She didn’t understand how her parents, who had been loving and supportive, could turn their backs on her in an instant. With just a duffel bag full of clothes and a backpack containing her valuables, she set off on her own.

She remembered a school in Japan that her parents had mentioned once (when they were saying it should have stayed a prison). While staying with a friend, she reached out to the school and enrolled herself. Thankfully, she had learned enough Japanese to communicate well (because most of her family’s business partners were Japanese). With the money she had, she bought a plane ticket to her new school.

So begins...

Manon Portier's Story

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#, as written by viirune
Kasahara Kosei
LOCATION ║ Sports Facilities, Field
DATE ║ Monday, Sept. 11th, 2023


It was a pretty short walk to the field outside of the actual academy's building, which Kosei found a bit relieving. At least it wouldn't take too much time for him to walk from the dormitories to their class's meeting spot in the morning. Now he really had no excuse for being late, ever. That was somewhat disappointing, he wouldn't lie.

He quickly made his way over to the area that held their clothes, with it being a long table and giant piles of clothing marked in all different sizes ranging from extra large to extra small. There was a plethora of the cheap outfits, and Kosei guessed that these were probably going to be handed out all throughout the day, to each class (Hopefully it wasn't all for just one class. He couldn't imagine they would already have to replace that many on the first day in, right?)

Grabbing his own size, Kosei made his way over to the male locker room's doors, being around one of the first inside. He found himself his own locker, quickly finding the small strip of code, and repeating the numbers over and over in his head, doing his best to try and memorize it so he wouldn't have troubles getting his things back once this class was over, or the embarrassment of having to call into some teacher to do something about the lock.

After repeating it under his breath several more times, he finally opened the locker and stuck the paper inside, before he began to change. Slipping off the sweater and the white button-up shirt beneath, he hung them up on the hooks inside to keep them from perhaps finding stains or being ripped or ruined on the bottom of the locker (he didn't want to chance it on his first day). He was about halfway finished with getting dressed when a red-haired male found his own locker next to Kosei's, and the blonde slowly slumped his shoulders and looked away. Not in disappointment or anything of the sort. He simply didn't know how to even approach the stranger in conversation, or anything at all, and felt...awkward, to say the least. Though it seemed in the end, he didn't even have to try.

Kosei's tongue seemed to be stuck in the back of his throat as the male suddenly spoke to him, and he stammered for a moment, trying to think of some way to reply. He definitely was nervous, even if the red head said he had nothing to worry about. How could he not worry, in a situation like this? He could only imagine: Day One: Kosei Kasahara has already failed everything and has no chance of redeeming himself. EVER. How awful.

Finally, he got himself to force out a single, quiet word, "thanks." It wasn't much longer before he felt a sudden pang of guilt for hardly answering, after all the newcommer had said, and he turned over to look at him, doing his best not to break any sort of eye contact or seem anymore awkward than he already was.

"I...wouldn't mind partnering up with you...if you really don't mind." He managed. Whoever this person was, he seemed pretty nice. Perhaps he wouldn't take Kosei for an idiot if he really did end up completely failing this first day with the use of his powers. He knew some people had had practice with their abilities before coming here, enough that they had a basic idea of how to work theirs, but Kosei didn't. He'd kept his own to himself for so long, and thinking of trying to use it at all now gave him a headache of paranoia.

As Kosei finished dressing, partway through his sentence, he turned to look over at his newly found acquaintance, who had introduced himself as Alfred Komatsu. A bit of a strange combination, with his first sounding english, the last sounding japanese, but he shrugged it off as no big deal. Though the morning part of his introduction confused him, he decided it best not to try and find out what he meant by that for now.

"Oh, I'm Kosei Kasahara." Kosei introduced himself, putting his own hand lightly into Alfred's to shake, and then offering a somewhat awkward smile. "It's nice to meet you, Alfred."

Outside of the dressing rooms, Mr. Nakajima stood silently in the sun with his black suit, occasionally looking down at his watch stuck on his wrist to see what time it was. All of the students had spent quite some time in the locker rooms now, with only three or four having actually come out. Of course, that was normal on the first week. He would be lenient with that for now, but if they decided to take this long next Monday, he'd have them run a lap or two with Coach Tsunematsu's twelfth grade class. The students never seemed to like that after a single experience there, and were usually pretty good about timing after that, so he figured it worked pretty well for himself and his class.

Nakajima stood where he was for several more minutes, before he could suddenly hear heavy breathing and the quick stomping of feet behind himself. Confused, her turned around to see what was causing the noise, only to spot a female student approaching him who looked like she'd just run several miles. He watched her for a moment before got herself to talk, apologizing about her lateness. He gave a quick nod and then brought a small clipboard he was holding to look at.

"You must be Manon Portier." He said simply, looking back up at her. "No need to apologize. I marked you as absent before, but I'll be sure to fix that." He paused for a moment. "Normally I would have to put you down as tardy, but if you quickly make your way over to the dressing rooms and get changed and back out within five minutes, I'll look past this just once." He said, giving her another small nod. "Now quickly, be off."