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Fay Ashdownton

"Even dreams have hurtles"

0 · 241 views · located in Azure Snow Troupe

a character in “The Azure Snow Troupe”, as played by PansylovestheBeatles

So begins...

Fay Ashdownton's Story

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Firin led two the troupe's six horses to the lake just outside of Tal. Tal was the current village they were at, and where they picked up a new member. A dancer named Fay. He kept an untrusting eye on Fay as he went about his task. They would be leaving tomorrow morning so they were making last minute preparations.

The troupe consisted of about two dozen performers and two caretakers. Those two were the troupe's leader, who could no longer perform due to a crippled leg. And his wife who treated each and every member like they were her children.

Firin finished with the horses and began helping pack the three wagons. One was for the troupe's supplies, whether that was food, or props, or bedding, whatever it was it was stuffed in there. Another for the troupe leader and his wife, for he couldn't walk very far at a time and she stayed with him. The last was for any injured the troupe may have at the time, after all, travelling was dangerous.

Somehow, Firin got paired up with Fay, the two of them were inside the wagons making sure everything was secure. Firin took a drink from a bottle of water and then after a moments hesitation, offered it to Fay.