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Gabriela Rose Marian.

College Graduate

0 · 285 views · located in New York City

a character in “The Bad Boy that was Good for Girl. {Open}”, as played by _Michelle_


Age: Twenty-four.

Personality: Gabriela is as stubborn as a bull, she hates being told what to do even when it is to benefit her. She of course will take advice she thinks she needs, but if it isn't something she wants to hear it will be tossed out of her ear as fast as it went in. Gabriela is very friendly and nice, a people pleaser, and she is very warm-hearted. Due to how friendly and warm-hearted Gabriela is she isn't the type to voice a rude comment or go against ones truest wishes. She loves to make sure everyone is happy and they like her, often that gets in the way of her own happiness. She of course does get very jealous very fast, but she is very well at hiding it. She often gets in a lot of trouble when she is in a mischievous mood.

History: Gabriela comes from a rich family who provides her with whatever she needed, but after middle school Gabriela decided she wanted to become more independent. She started getting jobs through college and managed to make enough money to get her own car. She got into college with a full scholarship she earned without her parents help.

Likes: She loves romantic gestures, inexpensive but meaningful gifts, and animals.

Dislikes: Mean people, Cold-hearted people, bossy people, garlic, asparagus, cauliflower, and blueberries.

Allergies: Garlic and blueberries.

Favorite Food: Chinese Food

Dessert: Chocolate Lava cake and vanilla ice cream.

Major: Preforming Arts and Art.

Car Type: 2015 Acura ILX

Dog: Baxter

Pet Peeves: Being stared at for too long, having food taken off her plate, being bossed around, and having something that was hers taken.

So begins...

Gabriela Rose Marian.'s Story


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Gabriela walked to the doors of her house and smiled happily, her mom running up to her. Her father came up, chuckling at my mom who was giving me a death grip hug.
"Hey daddy." She said happily to him, kissing his cheek before he went through the doors with her luggage.
"Hey honey, how was the trip here?" He asked.
"Pretty good, a lot of people served me on the plane thanks for the tickets." My dad was a CEO of a very successful law firm and my mom was a brain surgeon so they ale a lot of money, which is how I got into Harvard and managed to stay there. Of course I got there with the full scholarship, but the books were not easy nor were the living expenses. Basically most of my education I owe to my parents.
"That's great, I paid god money so I expected good service for my baby girl. Oh, have you gotten ready for your Lilly's engagement party?" My father asked.
"Yeah, have you and mom is the question." After saying this my mom immediately let go of me, running to her room to probably find herself some clothes for the party. She was always so late and unorganized with everything where as my dad was punctual and organized about everything.
"I'm gonna go unpack." I said, going to my room as I began to unpack.
We arrived at the dinner where Lilly told us to go for her engagement party, walking in I heard the loudest scream ever. "Oh my god, Gabby!!!" She screeched. She ran to me and hugged me tighter than my mom had an hour before.
"Hey Lilly, how're you?" She went on about how happy she was and how she was excited to show me to her fiancee. She pulled me over to a man who was sitting at the bar, drinking a beer.
"Baby there is someone I want you to meet!" She said loudly, smacking his arm gently.
"Nice to you." She said slowly, looking at the face of her one and only true love, Joel Skylar Davis.