Aelius Marcellus

Captain of the Lion's Guard in Lionsridge, this man acts with honour in all things.

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Full name: Aelius Marcellus
Alias/Nicknames: Lionheart, (formerly) the Faceless, Captain of the Lion Guard
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Southern Human
Age: 45

Height: 6'1", 6'11" in full armour
Weight: 215 lbs
Build: Toned, powerful, athletic. Very good upper body strength due to years of lifting heavy weaponry.
Eye Color: steely grey
Hair Color: Dark brown, greying at the sides.
Skin Shade/Color: Olive-tinged, hinting at his Southern background
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: He has multiple scars all over his body, though none seem to stand out. His face is curiously free of marring.

Full desc: Tall and powerful, this man makes an intimidating sight for any but those with the best resolve. His figure rivals that of the King of the North, and steely grey eyes give his already powerful face an even more intense look. He has a strong, set jaw that is almost constantly covered with a thin layer of stubble, his mid-length black hair often combed back to stay out of his eyes. He has thick eyebrows that are often furrowed into a pensive expression, and he rarely smiles. Nearly everything about him is intimidating to the common man. Though he is not necessarily unkind, it is easy to mistake him for such.

Personality: Cool, calm, collected, and stern. He makes for an excellent tactician and leader of men.


Equipment and abilities: He wears a heavy suit of crimson fieldplate decorated with gold filigree, completely crafted for him and him alone. The most unique piece, however, may be the golden faceplate that replaces a traditional visor, moulded to look as an actual human face. This is why he was originally called "the Faceless", as no one outside the Empire of Roma had ever seen his true face but a select few, only his mask known to the rest of the world. Completing the ensemble is a worn crimson cloak and a long, red mane of horsehair cascading back from the centerpiece of the helmet. In battle, he wields a specially-crafted gold-hued heavy leaf tipped spear, the haft of which is thick, solid oak with a golden pommel made for bashing. It's supplemented by a red and gold roundshield on his other arm, blocking him from all but the most devastating damage. On his hip he wears a double-bladed handaxe for use in close quarters or emergency situations. He uses all of his weapons to deadly effect, and he is well trained in many others, including the bow, but he lacks any sort of magical power.

Quick Background: Little is known about this man's past, as any records prior to his life as a sellsword have been purged and he is not the most open of people. However, what is known is that he was once the heir to the Emperor's throne in the great Southern Empire known as "Roma". However, his three younger brothers, using treachery and political maneuvering, were able to exile him based on false accusations of treason. After that, he became a mercenary, selling his spear to the highest bidder. During that time, he took part in numerous important campaigns, including almost single-handedly breaking a siege on Lionsridge. As such, when he was later betrayed by his company, leaving him with nothing but his arms and armour, he was offered a humble abode in Lionsridge as well as a position on their guard. He quickly accepted, and almost instantly began to rise through the ranks. Most recently he became captain of the guard, as the last guard captain was killed at the hands of a vampire. However, he has already begun to clash with the Duke of Lionsridge over defence of the city, preferring a more proactive, aggressive approach rather than the passive one the nobility desires. His ideas have as yet fallen on deaf ears, however, so for the moment he bides his time, bolstering the city's defences as best he can. For he can smell war in the air...and it's not far off.

So begins...

Aelius Marcellus's Story


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The setting changes from modern-earth to Lionsridge


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Character Portrait: Aelius Marcellus

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Captain Marcellus sits in the captain's quarters, running a whetstone down the length of his spear tip, lost in thought as he makes the weapon sharp enough to shave with. He thinks back to his time as a mercenary. The dishonorable things he had to do in the name of survival, in the name of money. He wonders if he's the best man to lead the city's defence in times like this. He certainly didn't have the most spotless past, and certainly wasn't the exemplary good guy. But perhaps that's what the lands of light needed. Someone who could get their hands dirty.

As he finally finishes, he looks up, breaking out of his trance. The stains of blood still mark the walls where she who calls herself "the Red Death" left a grizzly reminder of the discontent of vampires. This uneasy peace would not last much longer. The new Captain's already resting grim expression gets grimmer, and he decides to leave in search of a slightly less cursed place. He opens the shoddily repaired door into the corridor, moving toward the part of the Lion's Guard spire that bridges into the uppermost walls. He steps out into the crisp morning air, his armour shining in the rising sunlight, rays of light glinting off the golden spear tip strapped across his back. He looks off toward the Synagogue's mountains, the perpetual dark cloud that looms on the horizon perhaps symbolic of the state of things. The inner city walls are hundreds of miles into the air due to its being built into a mountain, giving him a good look at the waking city below. The first ambitious merchants enter the market square and begin setting up stalls. The first wave of miners lumber off toward the iron mines built under the city. Farmers lead their sellable animals through the shining golden lion's head gates to the north. By all rights it's just another morning in Lionsridge. But something feels...wrong...to the Captain.

"You alright?" asks a feminine voice to his left, "You seem grim...moreso than usual, I mean."
As he looks over, he sees a red-headed freckled mousey face looking over at him, a grin upon her thin lips. It's his second in command, Deirdre MacBaran, a spunky girl from the northmost of the Western Isles provinces -- the only province still resisting the Empire of Roma's control, thought to be filled with barbarians -- and the only one in his former company who supported him in his betrayal and didn't die as a result. He gives a small smile -- the only type he seems to be capable of -- and nods. "Perceptive as always, Deirdre. All-out war will come to Lionsridge soon. I can feel it in the air. I hope I am simply being paranoid," he says, focusing his steely gaze upon the darkness looming on the horizon.

"Well, I cannae say for sure, but I'm inclined tae trust your instinct. Whatever happens, we'll be ready," says the woman, shrugging. Though she doesn't seem extremely worried on the surface, the Captain can sense her tensing up.
"We'll call a military council on the morrow to discuss it," he assures her, "and I will personally make sure the defenses are ready in case of an attack. In the meantime, make sure the men stay alert."

He could swear he heard war horns in the distance, but he shakes it off and dismisses it as paranoia. They couldn't attack so soon, of course...
(This gonna be a few days after the feast, by the way.)