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a character in “The Balance of Life”, as played by evil.being


Anarchy Union Lafuette.

21 years old.

Angel, Child of Light.

Physical Description:
Anarchy could be described as beautiful and exquisite. If she weren't an angel that would be accurate. Alas, she isn't a mortal. Therefore her imperfections are simply nonexistent; therefore she isn't beautiful or 'perfect'. At least, not in her opinion. Anarchy is an angel therefore her appearance is nothing but exquisite. With her heart shaped skull structure, blonde hair, arched eyebrows, straight white teeth, and soft skin; she could rule a high-school with a pink manicured first, but such low hobbies are not in her agenda. We'll get to that later though. First off Anarchy's hair is soft, thick and goes down to her hips. Her locks are usually done up in the shape of a hair-bow, making a literal bow of hair. Aside from this style Anarchy wears other hairstyles such as the waterfall braid, ponytail, bun, and such others.


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Anarchy's Story

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Zuu's own orange eyes are great at hiding any sort of actual emotion, though if Adrastos was to look hard enough, he would surely see the madness masked beneath the cheery smile. "Well," she replies, "I don't see why I wouldn't be calm." She smiles at him as he examines her wings, fluttering them just slightly to make what little light reflects off the pool shimmer upon the iridescent surface. "Pretty cool, aren't they? They've always been a little big for me, but I like 'em anyway. Makes it super easy to fly, too." she says.

And as he offers the food, Zuu grins just a little and bows haphazardly before dashing over and grasping an apple, biting almost savagely into it as the juice drips down her chin, swallowing it quickly before taking another bite. She doesn't respond to his questioning until she's turned the apple into a core, which doesn't take very long at all. She's not a slow eater. "Well, it's pretty fun being a Vampire. None of that uptight crap I had to deal with with the angels. Sucks that I can't really see the sun anymore, but hey, it's totally worth it to take a more active role in punishing the humans for their arrogance. I think, personally, that they need to be put in their place." she says as she moves over to sit in one of the chairs that rests at the table to the right of the throne. She turns it around to face toward the center, moving her simple wrap out of the way so it doesn't tear upon the chair or ride up and expose her unnecessarily. "They think too much of themselves; they could use a little more fear. Also, I really like the hunting part of it. I tried to be one of the warriors of the Angels, but they wouldn't let me! Said it wasn't my 'fate' or whatever. But joke's on them, now, isn't it? I'ma become the best Vampire the land's ever seen!" Her happy expression suddenly turns into a dangerous, toothy grin, "And all those angels are gonna see what real power looks like."

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