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Armelle Betrys

A loyal vassal of Adrastos. Armelle is comparable to the black plague. She infects the battlefield with death and Decay.

0 · 213 views · located in The Fane of Light

a character in “The Balance of Life”, as played by ChaosReborn



Full name: - Armelle Betrys
Alias/Nicknames: - The Black Plague
Gender: - Female
Species/Race: – Vampire
Age: - 467

Height: - 5'5
Weight: - 120 lbs
Build: - She has a slender, yet wiry frame. She is silent like a wraith, and her diminutive build makes it easier for her to blend into the background.
Eye Color: - Misty grey eyes
Hair Color: - Raven black
Skin Shade/Color: - Pale alabaster color
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: - She has a brand on her left hip. No piercings, but she is always wearing shackles on her wrists. They are covering scars, and on her right arm, those rope like scars are extending up the length of her forearm.

Description: Armelle holds the appearance of a forever young twenty-two year old. She is not overly curvaceous, nor is she what one could describe as "feminine." She is slender, and enticing as all vampires are, but if one looks closely they will see the scars that mar her skin. And the ageless look in her eyes that belays her years. She is one of the oldest ranking vampires that still roams the Earth. Her youthful appearance is misleading, because it gives credence to the illusion she's fragile, and naive, but in reality, she is deadly. And no one knows how truly fatal she can be until it's too late. It's like a switch turns in her, and all the malevolent feelings, and misguided anger that has been festering for over three centuries boils to the surface at once, and all one can sense from her is a sickening amount of fury and hatred. (The humans she feeds off the most tend to be the ones from the most disgusting dregs of society. They commit the worst crimes such as: murder, rape, and abuse. When she hunts them, she pushes them over the edge, so there's no hope of redemption, and then she drains them dry.)

Personality: Armelle is unerringly loyal. Her unbeating heart belongs to the Sons of Night, and the cause she has been fighting for, for centuries. She cares very little for her own well being, and has given herself completely over to the ideas of a new Era. As a person Armelle is quiet and calculating. Every word that escapes her is well thought out and measured. Every action is weighed, and considered. Because she has weathered so many years under the Reaper's curse, and seen the downfall of many of her brethren, she prefers to keep her distance from her peers. The very idea of witnessing more people burn to ashes, is unbearable. But when the inevitable happen, she watches with a placid expression, and doesn't look away. She has memorized the faces of the fallen, and recorded their names so they would live on in her thoughts.

Frequently one can find her hunting humans. She tends to get restless with her ambiguous role at home. Despite being labeled a guardian, she doesn't care about the suffering of humans, because their petty grievances couldn't compare to the things vampires had been forced to endure over the years. Time has made her bitter and angry, and with each mortal she is forced to feed off of, She becomes more weary of her job. Culling the evil of the world does nothing to satisfy the rage she has. And she blames the angels for the part they played in denying her the sun. But the person she hates most of all is the Queen Mother for cursing the Sons of the Night in the first place. And then the self proclaimed "Creator of all Immortals," disappeared, never to be seen from again.

Armelle hates the Queen with a passion.

Beneath her cold exterior, the main things that thrive are hatred for the divine, and loyalty to the Sons of the Night.

Literally, nothing else matters.

To Armelle, if you're not a vampire, you're cannon fodder.

History: Armelle started out as lesser Guardian who found something poetic in protecting the humans of the world. She thought it was pretty cool that the Queen mother trusted them with such a grand charge. Humans were fascinating creatures, who were clearly too fragile to take care of themselves, so Armelle did as she was commanded, and protected them with a mindless zeal. Because of her low station in life, she was totally ignorant to the growing tension between the Prince of Darkness, and the humans. When he started slaughtering them, she couldn't wrap her head around why. What was the point? Did they really deserve death?

The answer seemed to be no.

He killed them because they were oblivious to the world around them. And they took their lives for granted. The core of the problem was beyond Armelle's understanding. However, her ignorance didn't save her from the hellish repercussions that were coming. The results of the Prince's actions were catastrophic. Angels took a stand against vampires. Vampires were thirsting for revenge against humans, and angels alike. War was on the horizon. Until the Queen Mother stepped in. In one foul move, she ended the conflict by petrifying sons, and daughters alike. Armelle would have been among them except, she was one of the few hadn't been there that day. At a dear friend's behest, she stayed behind in the Prince's kingdom, and waited for her the others to return.

But they never did.

What came to her instead, was a curse so dark, and vile it robbed her of all hope and faith she once had in the divine.

In the same day, she lost her friends, and she lost the ability to walk in the sun.

What followed after that night of despair, was a lifetime of hiding in the shadows. Feeding on the blood of humans, and becoming no more than a remorseless husk of what she used to be. Armelle debated on ways to follow her brethren in the afterlife, but the same dear friend that asked her to stay behind on the day of reckoning, stopped her time and time again. In the end he placed shackles on her wrists, forever chaining her to the Son's of the Night. He told her this: "Death is nothing but another calamity. Once you turn to ashes, you become nothing but a memory. Stay here, be a guardian. These shackles are a reminder, that your life is not your own. You belong to your people, and right now we need every capable vampire alive. The day you take those shackles off is the day you find a new purpose beyond death."

She has not taken off her shackles yet.

So begins...

Armelle Betrys's Story