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Captain Edvard

0 · 536 views · located in Castle Von Haren

a character in “The Balance of Life”, as played by CrystalRose



::Character Application Information Preference::

Full name: - Edvard, no surname known
Alias/Nicknames: - Rittmester (rank)
Gender: - Male
Species/Race: – Human
Age: - 33

Height: - 6'1''
Weight: - 165 lb
Build: - Muscular, Lean, Tall
Eye Color: - Golden Brown
Hair Color: - Black
Skin Shade/Color: - Natural Tan
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: - None, other than random scars from battle

Personal Equipment: Edvard dons heavy armor, built by his own hands. He wields a long, blackened steel broadsword, which can always be found dangling at his hip. Many different daggers and small knives are also hid among his armor

History: Edvard came to Von Haren castle as a young boy. Working in the stables at first, he would stand for hours and watch the Knights train. He was found by the master Von Haren, himself, practicing with a wooden sword against a column within the stable barn. Ulfang von Haren found the sight humorous, and Edvard was then transferred to dwell inside the castle, as a kitchen boy, to learn proper etiquette, and his way around a castle. Von Haren took on a liking to Edvard, and his eagerness to learn. As a result of Von Haren's liking, came personal training. For years, Edvard trained, fought, trained, and fought. Eventually, he became the killing machine that had been his plan. Now he takes orders only from Ulfang von Haren himself, heading up his own platoon of Dread Knights.

So begins...

Captain Edvard's Story

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Character Portrait: Fenrik Gunndís Ehrensvärd Character Portrait: Captain Edvard Character Portrait: Ardal BainBridge
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Ardal snorted at the warning, shaking his head at the human warrior. "And you would do well to remember this isn't the battlefield, and I am not your enemy." His tone was silky, as she released him, belying how little he cared for her threats. When yet another human arrived demanding he leave, a morose sigh left his lips. "What exactly does it look like I'm doing?...." Eyeing the man, who had slid defensively in front of the tall swordswoman, his lips pursed in distaste. "There's no need for all of that. If I wanted to do something to her, I would have done it long before you got here. " He muttered, rolling his eyes as he left the servant's quarters. He didn't like being touched. He also didn't like being reminded he was a guest, in this illustrious settlement. Unbidden, her words circled around in his thoughts like a carousel. "You would do well to remember whose domain you currently dwell in, blood-sucker." Who could forget who the head of the castle was? The bloody place was titled Castle Von Haren. Slipping his tome into the sash, his armor clinked dismally in the silence as he trudged down the hallway.

He considered humans dispensable, and it took an iron will not to go back and put the two warriors in their place.

Moving quickly through the hallways, he navigated his way to the edge of the keep, and where his room was. In one of the many halls, he had his own special area where could be alone. Ardal needed his solitude away from the servants, and the Dread Knights, and the other vampiric residents. Ducking quietly into his room, he shut the door behind him, and began digging through his things to find a parchment and paper.

He had a running correspondence with Armelle Betrys. His one contact in the Synagogue of Solitude.

They shared the same mentor, and had been exchanging letters since his death.

He was trying very hard to gain her trust because he really wanted her on his side in the coming days.

The setting changes from Castle Von Haren to Modern Earth


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Character Portrait: Fenrik Gunndís Ehrensvärd Character Portrait: Captain Edvard Character Portrait: Ardal BainBridge
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The setting changes from Modern Earth to Castle Von Haren

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Character Portrait: Fenrik Gunndís Ehrensvärd Character Portrait: Captain Edvard Character Portrait: Ardal BainBridge
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Erhensvärd watches the vampire go, and then turns her cold stare upon her Captain. "Thank you for your assistance, sir, but it was entirely unneeded. And I'm not a little girl, so I don't need you stepping in front of me in every confrontation. And I am not a bleeding blue-blooded Lady, either. I am a warrior of the Northlands." she says, her tone biting. She grimaces deeper and removes the hand she had been gripping her longsword with before stalking back out of the servant's quarters without another word.

(I'm having trouble coming up with responses to this situation >.>)

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Character Portrait: Fenrik Gunndís Ehrensvärd Character Portrait: Captain Edvard
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Edvard was left standing, quite disappointed. Not only had he unintentionally offended Erhensvärd, but had been spoken down to by the Dark one. The captain shook his head, and sighed. The changes within Castle Von Haren had taken a toll on Edvard's nerves. Of course, he knew Ulfang had always had relations with the Dark Lords, but never had he himself ever encountered one on friendly terms. Ardal's presence had bothered Edvard since the very beginning.

Edvard crossed the room, and stood looking down out of the window. Ulfang was holding a feast, this evening, in honor of The King of Night, Adrastos. Although his own master trusted these beings, Edvard found it very hard to do. He felt a tilt in their 'balance keeping, as Ulfang had once explained their duties to the man. No longer were they just in cause, but they were becoming more bold and careless. As Ulfang's Captain of the Dread Knight, but also companion, he couldn't resist the urge of feeling as if the Dark Lords that they had put so much effort into aiding, were going to somehow snatch everything out from beneath Ulfang's feet. No longer needing an alliance with humans, Edvard feared for their own existence. After all, he had grown up hearing legends of their retaliation from their Queen Mother. Why was Ulfang so confident in that they'd remain loyal to him?

Edvard shook his head, and let out a deep breath. 'No sense in worrying about it now, 'Vard. You're already too deeply involved to turn back. If Ulfang caught wind of your feelings, he'd demote you in no time. Let's not even go into detail of what that would involve.' Convincing himself to trust Ulfang's methods, he shoved off from the wall and turned to leave the servant's quarters. He should try to find Erhensvärd and apologize for interfering. It had been bad form, regardless of how necessary Edvard thought it was.

Intently, he stalked the hall in the direction of which she had left.