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"The Lady" Sharon Stone

Honey, in this town your either the Quick or the Dead and I sure as hell don't plan on dying anytime soon.

0 · 184 views · located in Fort Trinity

a character in “The Ballad of Fort Trinity”, as played by Shyan Kalyssa




Rule 1: Don't ever use her real name it's Sherri or Sher or you can face the end of her wesson

Sherri is never afraid to speak her mind but she tends to keep her thoughts and emotions hidden from the world. Though she doesn't talk a ton every word that does come out of her mouth is like the double edge of a sword, two meanings and useually meant to cut the person their directed at. Despite her viscious toungue Sherri actually does care for people even though she doesn't show it. If you can crack through her outer shell you'll find that she is witty and intelligent. She's also quite good at reading others all while her emotions are hidden behind a mask of discontent. Generally Sher can be described as well a witch with a capital "B" but if she likes you enough to let you on the inside she really sweet and caring.

Rule 2: Say anything about her fear of spiders and heights, you die

Sher generally stays away from heights which besides spiders is the one thing that freaks her out. Yes, she hates spiders most bugs in general actually but shes not the screaming girl over it she just tends to avoid them. She is also quite wary of men now growing up with her father's death on her concious didn't help much. Her one weakness is children often thinking of the childhood she never got to experience she is always willing to stop to help them and care for the less fortunate.

Rule 3: Stay away from her stuff or well you get the idea
Sher's most prized possesion is her gold locket from her mother she is never with out it. The locket holds a picture of her mother and father holding a newborn, the newborn being Sher of course. She can be found looking at it from time to time and if it goes missing she goes ballistic. Sher once tore apart her board room to find it only to realize she left it in her locked jewelry box


Smith & Wesson Model 14-4, That is her baby with a steel barrel and mother of pearl inlay for the handel, her revolver is her life. She carries it in a black strap around her thigh. A gift from her godmother it was her first gun. It was also her first kill... Sher never goes anywhere without it but she less crazy about it than her locket. The women in Sher's life were her inspiration and for that reason the gun is inscribed "Devant moi, elle a été" Meaning in french "Before me, she was"


After her mother passed away when she was five Sherri's father raised her. Her daddy was the local judge and he put away the "Bad people" as Sher always called them but when he put away a member of the newly founded Lucky Sevens gang things took a turn for the worst. Sher's daddy did his best to fight them off but there was just to many of them and he couldn't run. They strung him up on a hangmans noose and placed a box underneath him. One man laughed and laughed at poor crying seven year old Sher and handed her a gun giving her one round he said "You've got one shot to save your daddy" She aimed at the rope above his head all the while her daddy was trying to keep her calm enough to shoot. She raised her shaking hand and fired.... One shot into her daddy's forehead.

She cried for what seemed like dayd until the deputy came and took her away making her stay at her godmother's. At the age of 10 Sher learned how to fire and shoot a pistol accurately thanks to her godmother and by the time she was 15 she could draw her gun faster than most men. She would never live down her daddy's death but she would get her revenge. After entering sevral quickdraw duel to the death contests she finally came across the man who handed her the gun, she could never foget the malice in his eyes, and she won the duel...

She always left the towns she went to shortly after the contests and never gave anyone her name so she became known simply as "The Lady." She finally returned to the town where she grew up biding her time for the end of the Lucky Sevens.

So begins...

"The Lady" Sharon Stone's Story