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Simion Ekheardt


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a character in “The Ballad of Miss Mary-Sue”, as played by XShishioX


* Simion Ekheardt, Prodigy Brawler *

Full Name: Simion Jhunazard Ekheardt
Age: 18 years old.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Full Species(es): Questing Sue, Puella Centraquestis. Further, Simion is Half-Human, Half-Wraith.
Hair Colour: Silvery White.
Eye Colour: A delightful shade of green. They're somewhere between seafoam, emerald, and sky blue, but even he can't quite place the color. Then again, you're probably asking the wrong guy those types of questions...
General Appearance: Simion wears a black cloak over his "street clothes" that has a large hood and goes all the way down to his boots. This cloak has numerous straps and buckles for hanging all his swords to when they aren't combined together. This way, each are available at a moment's notice and can be utilized whenever they are needed. Under his cloak, Simion wears a black, sleeveless hoodie top with a red cross on the chest. It also has a hood. He wears nothing on his arms, but he wears black gloves on his hands. He wears black cargo pants with suspenders he never wears, and black and red lightweight boots. He has a silver chain that attaches to his belt loop in the front and again next to his right pocket. It's attached to his wallet. His odd way of dressing and strange hair color aside, Simion is relatively normal, as far as appearances go. While his features are becoming more sharp, as a result of age, they still retain a modicum of child-like softness.
Unusual Markings/Colourations: When angered or using his powers, Simion's left eye will turn blood red and glow. The scar on his face will also glow the same shade of red. His hair is very white, stark white, yet retains a sort of shine you could only call silvery. He has an odd scar on his face, but is otherwise unmarked.
~Fighting. It's not the best thing in the world to be good at, but it's the one thing Simion is best at. He is an absolute ace when it comes to direct combat, it doesn't matter whether he's facing one opponent or a thousand. If there's a way to win, Simion will find it and exploit it.
~Eating. Simion is capable of eating insane amounts of food. It doesn't matter where, when, or how long it's been between meals, Simion can eat almost endlessly.
~Outgoing/Charming Personality. He may be an idiot who's stupidly strong, but you can't help but love him. He's charming, kind, outgoing, and generous, the perfect gentleman, who wouldn't like him?
~Stupid. Since the only things in his head are eating, breathing and fighting, there isn't any room for anything else. Simion is very unintelligent, but not to the point of utter idiocy. He's constantly getting lost, he can't read most social situations, and he's almost completely incapable of doing anything with any amount of expertise or puissance that isn't related to fighting.
~Lazy. Unless he's fighting or doing manual labor, Simion isn't good for much. He can often be found napping, reading comics, or annoying the other members of the party with his inability to do anything productive.
~Naive. Because he is so friendly and extroverted, he constantly expects the same behavior of others. He is most assuredly not going to be the first to figure out that the guy who just joined the party is about to betray them. Hell, he might not get it even after the betrayal has happened.
Annoying Special Abilities:
~Gravity Manipulation. Simion has the power to manipulate gravity on a relatively large scale with relative ease. He can intensify, partially nullify, or completely nullify, gravity; use it to create singularities; make blasts, balls, bombs, and fields of gravity; change the location of the gravitational locus for an area; or reproduce Telekinetic effects.
~Gyrokinetic Combat. Simion is very capable of using his gravity manipulation in high tension situations to fight at even higher levels of deadliness.
~Enhanced Condition. Simion benefits from enhanced strength, speed, durability, endurance, reflexes, senses, balance, flexibility, and a minor regenerative healing factor.
~Combat Superiority. The more Simion fights, the stronger he gets. It is often said, a single trick will not work twice on the same opponent, this is especially true of Simion. The more he engages in combat, the better he gets at it. This power is derived from a few different ones: Adoptive Muscle Memory, Enhanced Combat, Enhanced Swordsmanship, and Combat Empowerment.
Unusual Possessions: A charm that he's turned into an earring, which he has no idea where it came from, and his swords. The earring, like his eye, glows red when he's using his powers, and the sword is actually composed of six smaller swords that all combine into the large greatsword. He is capable of using each othe them as separate weapons with deadly efficacy.

* Case File, Investigation Ongoing *

Personality: Simion is an easy enough guy to get along with. He's funny, he's kind, he's generous, and he's always going out of his way for those whom he holds close to him. He's perpetually kind-hearted, and is always wearing the brightest of smiles. He's
Annoying Origin: (History. Bring on the ANGST!)
Other Annoying Traits:
Theme Color: This one!!! Color code 00CCCC!
Theme Song: This is War || 30 Seconds to Mars

So begins...

Simion Ekheardt's Story