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"Time is a beautiful gift, don't waste it."

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a character in “The Barricade”, originally authored by Cheshire_Girl, as played by RolePlayGateway



"Felines don't cry when they get sad, they just sort of nyaa."

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Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✦ #606FD1 || Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✧ #FFA824


Image⌈N I C K N A M E⌋
Rey || This is what the people close to her call her, a simple shortened version of her first name.

Kitty || More of a catcall than anything, Reyna will not respond to this nickname so don't use it.

⌈A G E⌋

⌈G E N D E R⌋

⌈R A C E⌋

⌈R O L E⌋

Caster || Fate Extra CCC


Image⌈P O T E N T I A LXI N T E R E S T⌋
Open: Reyna is very open to the idea of a relationship, although she's very bouncy and can hardly seem to stick with one person for long. She isn't good with commitment and the thought of a long term relationship scares her.

⌈S K I L L S⌋
    ‡ Hunting || For thingamabobs and hosamawhats, not really animals. Reyna is a scavenger, so her specialty is finding the usefulness in things others deem unworthy.
    ‡ Finding || Tell her you lost something and give her five minutes, Reyna will no doubt find it.
    ‡ Knife throwing || Reyna learned this after getting attacked by a mutated animal that had found its way inside the walls. She keeps a few knives attached to a holster on her thigh.

⌈S T R E N G T H S⌋
    ღ Enhanced Senses || Like all other females Reyna has enhanced senses, however unlike some she has spent years fine tuning these attributes to perfection.
    ღ Speed || Due to her slender and lightweight figure, Reyna has the advantage of speed.
    ღ Friendly || Reyna is incredibly friendly, she is very trusting and seems to find the better in everyone. Her philosophy is never to judge a book by its cover.

⌈W E A K N E S S E S⌋
    Ψ Lying || Reyna cannot lie for her life. Whenever she tries to her ears start to twitch and her cheeks will turn bright red.
    Ψ Trusting || She is far too trusting for her own good.
    Ψ Food || Her appetite seems as big as she is, Reyna cannot get enough of food.


Image⌈P E R S O N A L I T Y⌋

|| Loyal † Friendly † Explosive Temper † Relaxed † Giggly ||

Most people who meet Reyna take an instant liking to her, she's a very agreeable person and so it is very easy for majority of women that meet her to enjoy Reyna's company. The female is incredibly friendly and trusts nearly everyone she comes across. Even if you betray, if you can convince her to trust you again she will do. Do not abuse this second chance, however, because there are no thirds.
It is very hard to set of Reyna's temper, but once you have it is best to go run for cover because her anger is explosive and consumes everything within a mile. More then once she has gone on a path of destruction after something set her off. Again it's very hard to upset her though so you really shouldn't worry too much about this flaw.


⌈H I S T O R Y⌋

Reyna doesn't know where she comes from or who her parents are, her earliest memories are of herself and Octavia living in a one bedroom apartment alone. Occasionally a man would come and visit them and they called him Father, but Reyna knew nothing of the outside world or what lay beyond the walls of her tiny home. She was fairly happy with her life although sometimes she would try to sneak out at night, but Octavia always caught her and sent her back to bed. Apparently Reyna was not as good at sneaking as she believed herself to be.
At seven years old was the first time that Reyna was allowed out of their home. She discovered that their tiny one bedroom apartment was actually part of a much larger house in the center of the city and that Father lived right next door. Two days after her first encounter with the outside, Reyna went to school for the first time. The other girls didn't accept her at first and Reyna would often come home crying about the others bullied her, but eventually she showed them that they could not hurt her with their words and they turned to physical violence. Reyna knew she could be stronger then them if she tried, but she didn't want to hurt other people for no reason and so she would tell Octavia that she simply tripped or had an accident in gym.
Eventually another girl joined the class and they left Reyna alone, picking on the new child instead. Reyna stood up for that girl and they quickly became close friends. The two would do everything together although Reyna was never allowed to invite her to their house. She didn't understand why, even now, eight years later she does not know the reason why she could never invite friends over. It doesn't bother her though, not as much as it probably should. She's simply happy to have any friends at all.
When it was finally time to take the test to see what profession they should go into, Reyna scored abnormally high for scavenging. She was excited to venture out to the cities so close to the walls to see what could be brought back to their community, especially since her closest friend had chosen to become a scavenger as well. Together they traveled everyday, bringing back whatever would be useful to build houses. One day Reyna showed up late and her friend left without her; this wasn't unusual as sometimes they had to take care of things before work but Reyna could not find her at their agreed meeting point. She checked around buildings, searching high and low and eventually discovering her friend's body half eaten by one of the mutated animals that had found its way inside the wall. Luckily Reyna always carried a knife with her and she managed to kill the beast, but it was too late for her best friend and she went home feeling ill. The accident was fairly recent and she has yet to return to work for fear of having to face another beast or losing someone else close to her.
⌈R E L A T I O N S H I P S⌋

Octavia || Reyna looks up to her big sister. She loves Octavia with all her heart and knows that the girl does her best to keep them safe.

Rico || The two were not in the same class growing up because Rico was a bit older, but they were both bullied and stood up for each other, creating a bond that is un-explainable to others.

Minori ||

Kou || This little bundle of energy is always hanging around her big sister. Reyna has began to think of her as another sibling and loves seeing the child around her home. Reyna knows they're in a bit of dire straights because Kou's mother is older and can't work as much so she tries to go to their shop to purchase what she can.

Jennora ||

So begins...

Reyna's Story

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This day was far from average. It had begun with a crash and bang, the cause was an earthquake that rocked the tiny apartment and caused glass to shatter and things to fall out of place. Earthquakes were not unusual in their tiny city, they occurred about one time a month and were usually nothing more then a tremble in the ground so the fact that things actually fell was unusual. Octavia was already gone for work, her bed made neatly as always. Reyna crawled out from under her covers, avoiding the smashed photo of the two girls and Father and going to get the broom. It was her favorite picture of them all that she kept by her bedside. It was rare that Reyna got to see Father these days although Octavia seemed to be summoned by him almost every week. Reyna was jealous of course, but she understood that Father was a very busy man and taking time out of his schedule was most likely not an option.

After sweeping up the shattered glass and finding a new place to hang the picture, Reyna prepared herself a breakfast of scrambled eggs over the little fire in the kitchen. They had an oven and stove, but electricity was scarce and so lighting a fire to cook was the easiest option. Most electricity was used to keep the food in the fridge from spoiling, but everyone used theirs differently. Every house had power shares for each month; if you didn't use all of it your shares would carry into the next month, giving you more. If you used more then your allotted shares then you would have less the next month. Food was distributed evenly and depended on the size of your family and water was something that everyone had and there was no need to preserve. In fact, there was an overabundance of water and using it was encouraged.

Next on the list was preparing her lunch, a sandwich and bottle of juice was what she normally packed but today there was no bread. Reyna made a mental note to pick some up and grabbed a container, then put her leftover breakfast in it and stuffed the container into her bag. Finally she got dressed, pulling off the big shirt she wore as pajamas and putting on a pair of drab olive shorts with a hole for her tail and a white shirt. She laced up her boots and ran out the door, prepared to scavenge near the wall today.

There was even more excitement when Reyna got to work. The fox was minding her own business, doing what she did best when hear ears twitched, picking up the sound of paws on tile. Slowly Reyna turned to see a beast and began to walk backwards inside of the abandoned building, trying to stay silent. Crunch! Reyna looked down to see the bones of a human hand underneath her boot. The beast turned, its hideous maw pointed in her direction. A guttural cry erupted from the animal and it charged, gnashing its huge teeth. The pink haired female hesitated for only a second before drawing out the knife she kept strapped to her thigh. Such a small weapon would make little difference against one of these wolvaines but it would buy her time. She leaped out of the way of the wolvaines attack and ran forward, jabbing it in the eye and dragging her knife down. The beast howled in pain and snapped its mouth open and shut, turning in circles in an attempt to reach her. The wolvain shook its head with the intensity of a hurricane, but Reyna held on. Suddenly the beast seemed to smarten up and ran against the wall, smashing the girl between itself and the concrete. He snapped at her, biting her leg between its huge jaw and trying to crush the bone. Reyna screamed in pain and clawed at the beast, prying its mouth open with her fingers. Its teeth were like razors and cuts formed on her flesh as she pulled herself out and limped to the staircase.

The wolvain was on top of her once more, but this time Reyna was prepared. She jumped up, stepping onto its head and climbing the great beast's back. It jerked, not expecting her to sit on top of it and attempted to shake her off once more. Reyna grabbed her knife out of the beast's eye and tried to stab it through the head. The steel blade bounced off once, twice, three times before she struck a soft spot and the wolvain buckled, sending Reyna flying once more across the ground and straight into a hole. Dirt clouded the air and filled her lungs, causing a coughing fit that made the female curl up onto her side. Reyna had always had a weak heart; Octavia had insisted for her to become something safe like a healer or collector, but Reyna had insisted on becoming a scavenger. No time to pity herself or listen to Octavia's imaginary I told you so's. She had to find a way out of this hole.

The sun had set well below the horizon, the only light Reyna had was coming from the moon. If she could reach one of the vines crawling across the building walls she could pull herself out, but it seems that even the trees were smart enough to grow around the hole with nothing but dead soil. Claw marks were scratched into the dirt, blood was caked beneath her fingernails from trying to climb up or dig her way out. Things were beginning to seem hopeless when an idea struck her. Reyna took off her bag and pulled out a few articles of clothing she had found upstairs then tied them together, making a lasso type loop and swinging it upwards towards a vine with a hooked end. She missed the first time, and the fifth time, until finally she got it and pulled the cloth taught. With aching legs she began her ascent, her work painstakingly slow until finally she neared the top. Tear! Her smile of triumph quickly turned to an expression of horror as her makeshift rope broke and she clawed and scrapped up the last few inches as the clothing fell below her. Reyna pushed upwards, grabbing onto a branch as the rest gave way. A laugh of hysteria and relief rose from her throat, but she wasn't safe yet. Nighttime was the most dangerous part of the day, it was when the beasts were most active.

The fox was outside now, with nothing to show for today's work but a bite mark that went down the entirety of her left leg. Father was not going to be pleased. She had reached the edges of the city when her body could go no further and Reyna collapsed, weak from blood loss and tired from escaping the hole.