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The Battered and Torn

The Battered and Torn


Changeling, you are nothing. Your body and mind warped by your captors. No one will look for you. Any shred of humanity in you is gone. You may have gained your freedom, but what will you do with it?

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Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

based on the changeling the lost sourcebooks.


I remember my time captured.

I remember the feeling of my skin being set ablaze

the chill of the air even as my skin blackened and burned.

I remember the darkness encompassing me and leaving me blinded.

I remember all of it and can never forget.

God I want to forget. I want to unsee all of the horrors I have witnessed.

They will catch me again and bring me before them.

I won't let them. Even they for all their knowledge cannot cheat death.

So now I have one last dream. One more as my body ceases to be. They can no longer hurt me.

-Excerpt from a journal found in the midst of an apartment recently burned.


Welcome to the world of the changelings. A tragic tale yes, but not all of us give up so easily. Most of us keep our lives together and escape our torturers. Most of us try to live normal lives. Try to live with or ignore the pain given to us. Some of us fight, others hide. Some protect and some deny. We are all brought together by our fate. We are all forever changed by what they did to us. We cannot undo the damage done to us, but we can live through it and help others. We can survive through this.


Where we are now

Having escaped from enslavement, cutting through the Hedge and entering one of the gates or finding other means of escape, you have ended up emerging from a forest near a town named Queensbury. The time seems to be somewhere just past noon, the air chilled in the midst of Autumn as the town itself was a bustle with decorating and planning. A newspaper stand holds the date "October 17, 2013" with several articles on the front page of stocks, the weather, the latest celebrity stories, and a corner of the front page reporting on missing persons on page three.

What you are

What you have become is something not quite human and something not quite faerie. You were abducted by the creatures called the True Fae and subjugated to horrible torture and brutality that caused you to change. What is true of all changelings is that they gain a link to the force the True Fae themselves are bound to. This force is called the Wyrd. This is the force that keeps our reality in check. That regulates our world through contracts and deals with the elements. The Wyrd itself can be manipulated by the True Fae and, now, by you. Through the Wyrd you can bind contracts and pledges with anything in the natural world. A changeling could gain flight from a contract through the wind or with a raven to gain its natural talent for flight or gain the ability to manipulate luck and time itself through even more contracts. All escaped changelings are also constantly hunted by the True Fae themselves with the need to avoid drawing attention to themselves.


Contracts: Contracts are a changeling's main source of magical ability. These pacts are forged with any piece of the world. For example, a contract of fire can allow a changeling to manipulate any active fire source. Contracts have limits though, as fire cannot be created from nothing. These contracts are enacted using glamour, the natural force of Arcadia and causes the miracles and horrors of that realm. Glamour is primarily harvested from human emotions and dreams, be they true love of a wedded couple or the terrors of a deranged madman. Contracts also have a catch, a condition agreed upon that allows the contract to be used for free. This can range from using a contract of the flame in the middle of a forest fire to entering the dreams of one you have acquainted with and have spoken to as they fall asleep. All contracts have a chance of failure when being used, or even worse that they could go horribly wrong.

Creating a contract is simple. First you must negotiate with whatever it is you want to gain a contract from. Second, terms must be made and with fine wording, contracts are very literal and can backfire if poorly worded. Third, once agreement is made the deal must be sealed by an oath. This oath can be made on your name, your true name, the name of your court, the name of the Wyrd, and even the name of your keeper though there are heavy consequences for breaking an oath.

Example contract: [2]Cloak of Flames: "Upon this vow, I beseech the flames to protect me from harm. To bring warmth from the cold. By my keeper's name, Minulien, I swear this oath."

[1-5]: The strength of the contract. The higher the number, the stronger a changeling's connection to the Wyrd and the more glamour it costs to use it.

Types of Contracts

Universal Contracts

Contracts of Dream: Contracts of this type are ones that allow for the navigation and manipulation of dreams
Contracts of Hearth These contracts allow for the manipulation of luck to a changeling or their target.
Contracts of Hours These contracts deal with the manipulation of time.
Contracts of Mirror: Contracts of this nature deal with changing shape, altering even a changeling's mask
Contracts of the Moon: Contracts that deal with the manipulation of insanity fall under this category.
Contracts of Omen: These contracts allow someone to peer into the past and the future
Contracts of Smoke: Contracts of the smoke allow a changeling to disappear from sight and escape danger.
Contracts of Thorns and Brambles: Combat and defensive contracts that manipulate thorns.

Beast Contracts

Contracts of the Den: These contracts allow a changeling's hollow to become more defensible
Contracts of Fang and Talon: Contracts of Fang and Talon allow the Beast to speak with animals and change shape into one.
Contracts of the Wild: Increases survivalist instincts and ability. (This contract is shared with elementals.)

Darkling Contracts

Contracts of Darkness: Deals with fear, stealth, and maneuverability.
Contracts of Shade and Spirit: These contracts deal with the dead, allowing for communication and, with a stronger connection to the Wyrd, to manipulate the dead.

Elemental Contracts

Contracts of Communion: These contracts allow an elemental to sense the closest aspect of an element and speak with it. With a higher Wyrd this allows a changeling to summon an elemental ally and even the element itself to aid them.
Contracts of Elements: These contracts allow a changeling to manipulate the environment itself
Contracts of the Wild: Increases survivalist instincts and ability.

Fairest Contracts

Contracts of Reflection: These contracts cause mirrors to take on magical properties
Contracts of Separation: These contracts deal with escape using the fairest's natural abilities
Contracts of Vainglory: These contracts increase a fairest's already natural beauty to unearthly levels and make persuasion easier.

Ogre Contracts

Contracts of Oath and Punishment: Contracts of these type deal with oathbreakers, allowing an ogre to track and kill oathbreakers easier.
Contracts of Stone: These contracts increase the might of an ogre, allowing them to be stronger and heartier than normal.

Wizened Contracts

Contracts of Animation: These contracts allow a Wizened to bring objects to life, see an objects history, etc.
Contracts of Artifice: These contracts allow a craftsmen to create something with ease, the quality of the object being that at a master's level.
Contracts of the Forge: This is but a fraction of the True Fae's power, allowing a Wizened to alter reality around them slightly.

Goblin Contracts:

These contracts are ones that can be bought at the Goblin market. They are extremely potent but also incredibly dangerous. Use these at your own discretion.


Like any tale of the Faerie, changelings are bound by their word. These are the base of changeling politcs, the only thing keeping all of the courts in the Freeholds together. Pledges come in many forms, like a promise to a friend to a blood pact made in a motley. Breaking a pledge can have adverse effects on a changeling, even cutting off part of their connection to the Wyrd if severe enough. Fulfilling a pledge can give great benefits as well, even giving a changeling a stronger link between themselves and the Wyrd. There are some pledges that are long lasting and provide constant benefits until broken at which point they are taken completely away at the moment of breaking the pledge.


The Mask

The mask is a changeling's and a True Fae's disguise in the mortal world. The mask hides a changeling's true form from mortal eyes but does nothing to hide your identity from the True Fae or other changelings. By burning all of the glamour in a changeling's body one can drop the mask all together, letting the world see their natural selves though this is never a wise idea. By infusing a body with more glamour a changeling can strengthen the mask to hide even from others of their kind but even so a changeling's shadow will retain their true form. Finally, by giving a mortal a heavy dose of glamour the changeling can allow them to see beyond the mask. There are even some mortals who can see beyond the mask, be they mages, madmen, the seventh child of a seventh son, and those under heavy influence of drugs.



Seemings are a term to describe similar transformations of those taken to the Faerie realm. These seemings are a physical reflection of the torture the changeling has occurred under their keeper. Of the six seemings there are many kiths, subraces of seemings that further reflect the time spent in the Faerie realm.

Beasts:Beasts are changelings who were used or treated as animals during their captivity. They take on some part of an animal's nature and appearance, bestial sensation and instinct ever struggling for dominance with human thought and reason.

Darkling: Darkling changelings have been imbued with the darkness of Faerie, embodying shadow and stealth, fear and deception. Spawned of darkness, their magic fades in the light of day.

Elementals: The Elementals were used as inanimate objects or forces of nature during their captivity. When they return to the mortal realm, they retain power over the elements they once belonged to, but find that humanity has become alien to them.

Fairest: The Fairest embody grace and power, beauty and cruelty, able to enchant and beguile those around them. Perhaps because of this, the fairest seem to descend into madness much faster than other changelings.

Ogre: Ogres are creatures of great strength and prowess, hardened and brutalised by the tortures and abuses they endured at their masters' hands. Ogres, being victims of horrific abuse, tend to be scarred or disabled in some way. Ogres also tend to be very short tempered and/or slow witted compared to other changelings.

Wizened: The Wizened have lost something of themselves to Faerie. Reduced in body and/or mind, made smaller than they were, they have turned bitter and spiteful. Their withered appearance, however, conceals inhuman agility and dexterity.



Broadback: Beasts of burden, capable of great strength.
Chimera: Culture based kith with the parts of many creatures.
Cleareyes; Beasts who retain an animal's heightened senses.
Coldscales: Kin to reptiles of all kinds
Coyote: Culture based kith of coyote-headed tricksters.
Hunterheart: Predators and hunters.
Nix: Culture based kith of river mermaids.
Riddleseekers: beasts of cunning, wisdom, and curiosity.
Roteaters: Scavengers of the dead.
Runnerswift: Beasts of great speed.
Skitterskulk: Insects of all kinds
Steepscrambler: Climbers and tree-dwellers
Swimmerskin: Aquatic beasts of all kinds.
Truefriend: faithful and loyal pets.
Venombite: Poisonous creatures.
Windwing: Flying beasts.


Antiquarian: keepers of ancient lore and artifacts.
Gravewight: Creatures more akin with the dead than the living.
Illes: culture-themed kith of troll-like under-folk.
Leechfinger: faeries who steal the life from mortal folk.
Lurker: Victorian-era kith of master thieves and pickpockets.
Lurkglider: winged creatures of the night.
Mirrorskin: masters of disguise whose real forms are malleable as clay.
Moonborn: deranged madmen touched by the moon.
Nightsinger: dark musicians who conjure up hypnotic tunes.
Palewraith: near-transparent beings that lurk in the shadows
Pishacha:culture-themed kith of demonic haunters.
Razorhand: shadowy stalkers and slashers with blades for hands.
Skogsra: culture-themed kith of woodland trolls
Tunnelgrub: dwellers in the tight spaces and darkness underneath
Whisperwisp: secretive whisperers that gather information.


Airtouched: the Elementals of wind, cloud, smoke, and sky, who can be as healthy as a fresh breeze or as pestilent as the miasma that surrounds the dead.
Apsaras: culture-themed kith of cloud and fog elementals
Ask-wee-da-eed: culture-themed kith of meteoric elementals.
Blightbent: Elementals of pollution.
Di-cang: culture-themed kith of jewel elementals.
Earthbones: Changelings who have the mark of earth and stone: lumpen Paracelsian Gnomes, sand spirits, dour men of peat and dwarfs made of mountain granite.
Fireheart: Elementals marked with fire, heat or electricity.
Levenquick: Elementals of lightning and electricity.
Manikin: Changelings who have the character of man-made objects, such as caryatids, mannequins, and other, stranger things, such as enchanted beings powered by clockwork or steam or living bodies made of mercury or glass
Metalflesh: Metal elementals.
Sandharrowed: Changelings of sand.
Snowskin: The Children of the cold, who can be as powerful as the Arctic ice or as delicate as a snowflake.
Waterborn: Changelings who are imbued with the nature of the waters, soft and brutal, gentle and mighty: undines and nymphs, man-eating river demons, water babies, ladies of the lake.
Woodblood: The children of the plants: Green Men, flower faeries, spirits of mandrake, rose, thorns and all manner of medicinal herbs fair and foul.


Bright One: the shining Changelings who embody the beauty of light in all its forms.
Dancer: creatures possessed of unearthly grace, always moving.
Draconic: inheritors of the blood of Faerie's "great beasts", from dragons to demons.
Flamesiren: living incarnations of the allure of flame.
Flowering: the epitome of nature's beauty.
Gandharva: culture-themed kith of androgynous messengers.
Larcenist: graceful and elegant thieves.
Minstrel: entertainers and serenaders, with or without an instrument.
Muse: beauties who inspire great art by their presence alone.
Playmate: friend and companion.
Polychromatic: ever-shifting kaleidoscopes of color.
Romancer: visions of the ideal nature, for anyone's eyes.
Shadowsoul: enthralling, terrifying creatures, shaped by darkness and the night.
Succubus (Incubus): culture-themed kith of demonic seduction.
Telluric: those imbued with the nature and essence of the celestial bodies
Treasured: ornaments and adornments of the True Fae.
Weisse Frau: culture-themed kith of weeping protectors.


Bloodbrutes: brawlers and gladiators, kept only to fight for their keeper's amusement.
Corpsegrinders: fed on death, kept on a diet of bone and carrion and served as guardians of burial grounds.
Cyclopeans: monstrous hunters and guardians
Farwalker: Changelings who resemble the abominable men of mystery, the possibly savage hairy creatures of the wilds whose existence straddles the divide between folklore and cryptozoology.
Gargantuan: Captured by giants, these changelings had to grow to a greater stature, perhaps being stretched on racks or forced to drink noxious potions.
Gristlegrinder: Man-eaters and gluttons, taking their cue from the English Black Annis, Scottish Red Caps or the rakshas of India, but also sometimes resembling more modern Ogres, such as the masked unstoppable lunatics of slash-and-stalk horror movies.
Oni: red-skinned ogres that feed on the blood of the sinful.
Render: The Renders were kept as living engines of destruction. They may have been used as shock troops in a besieging army, charged with ripping open the gates and tearing down the enemy's towers.
Stonebones: Changelings who resemble the rocky giants of folklore, Nordic trolls, Native American mountain spirits and the like.
Water-Dweller: Changelings who resemble the legendary water-demons of many cultures, from life-demanding river spirits through to the trolls of coastal caves and under-bridge shadows.
Witchtooth: The embodiment of the cruel, maneating hag and the selfish, mystical monster, the Witchtooth is among the wisest and most cunning of Ogres.


Artist: The Wizened who create startling works of art and craft:
Author: In Faerie, these changelings composed words of all kinds for their masters, from poetry to plays to nonfiction. Authors may even have been their Keepers' only connection with mortal language, having to explain precisely what words are and how they held power.
Brewer: Changelings who spent their durance in Faerie learning how to create mind-bendingly potent drinks or peculiar alchemies.
Chatelaine: Preternaturally skilled manservants, organizers and house-managers.
Chirurgeon: Changelings who master surgery and pharmacy, sometimes from altruism, and sometimes simply because they can, ranging from scary back-street surgeons to strangely alien experimenters.
Drudge: The lowest and most menial of Wizened, Drudges were given the most unpleasant tasks to perform.
Gameplayer: The True Fae adore games, even if they despise the possibility of losing. Some Wizened were kept precisely to empower the Gentry's love of games. Often used as a living gamepiece or forced to play against their keeper or crafty goblins and cheating imps.
Inventor: As with all human imaginings and passions, the Gentry wished to have servants to create all manner of clockwork, steam-powered, or electrical wonders for them. Blessed, or cursed, with long many jointed fingers and mechanisms using their bodies the inventor is extremely proficient in minute fine crafts.
Miner: These changelings are the knockers and kobolds, the Coblynau and Telchines. Miners labored in deep mines to extract rare and precious metals, and perhaps other things -- chipping out veins of fossilized blood from the rotting gut of a mountain-sized great beast, or tunneling for the root of all evil.
Oracle: Changelings who, like many imps and goblins, can, in a limited way, see the future.
Smith: Changelings who were forced to labor under the watchful eye of the most unimpeachable Faerie blacksmiths, tinkers and toolmakers.
Soldier: Members of the vast goblin hosts of the Fae, the Soldiers fought strange, inconclusive battles and now find that fighting comes easier to them.
Woodwalker: The Wizened who, like their captors, live within and protect the wilds, sometimes jealously, sometimes violently.


Courts and Freeholds

Freeholds are cities within the Hedge filled with many like-minded and generally trusted changelings to provide safe haven for others like them. Many major cities hold gateways to freeholds, protected by wards to keep the mortals away and, if successful, hidden from the True Fae. A Freehold itself shapes the hedge around it to conform with the ruler of that Freehold's wishes. These cities are infused with glamour, allowing weary adventuring changelings with claims in the city to rest without fear. These cities are very mistrusting of newcomers though, needing trust and loyalty to even be allowed inside. These cities are home to the courts, groups of changelings that form the various political groups of the Freehold, each one providing support and contracts to those loyal to them.

The Courts

The Seasonal courts

The Autumn Court: The Court of Fear, The Leaden Mirror, The Ashen court. This court goes by many names, their members called monsters for what they do. Using what was inflicted on them against the True Fae the Autumn court uses any weapon they can, even those the True Fae use themselves. The Autumn court shy away from the direct route, preferring cunning means of incapacitating an opponent. Courtiers of the Autumn court are usually the creative and inquisitive, those willing to explore deeper into their psyche. The Autumn court values all knowledge, wanting to find members who will expand on their knowledge. This court also delves into the fear of others and themselves, using that fear to fuel themselves and their glamour. None in the Autumn court usually take the moral high ground, preferring to get to results as long as it does not lead to consequences in the future.
Contracts: The Eternal Autumn (Focuses on Withering and Harvest), Fleeting Autumn (Manipulation of Fear), Spellbound Autumn (Sorcery)

The Spring Court: The Court of Desire, The Antler Crown, The Emerald court. Members of this court hold onto the belief that they have gained something from their experience. They may have been tortured but they have not lost themselves, they have gained something new, that they have not lost their lives and will prove it. To the True Fae and to themselves. The Spring Court pursues their desires with elegant grace and refuses to deny their base needs. Instead of denying their pasts or standing against it, Spring courtiers leave it behind and try to forge new lives. The pioneers and explorers, these courtiers will fulfill their desires and help others in the same way. These courtiers feed on the desire of others. A child in the market who cannot get a cookie, a dog staring hungrily at his owner's pastrami sandwich, the lust of men in a strip club all provide for the courtier.
Contracts: Eternal Spring (Growth and Rejuvenation), Fleeting Spring (Manipulate Desire), Verdant Spring (Manipulate Passion)

The Summer Court: The Court of Wrath, The Iron Spear, The Crimson court. The court of those who want to take the fight directly to the Fae. These couriers tend to be more direct and confrontational, wanting to cut through political lines and get to their enemy. Some are left overs from the other courts, not elegant enough for Spring, inquisitive enough for Fall, or crafty enough for Winter. Pledging to the Summer court is far easier than the other courts, a simple task much like the rest of the court. Many events in the Summer court are built to fuel the rage of Summer courtiers, sporting and sparring events with almost no formalities. These changelings feed on the anger of others, inciting riots and fueling the fires of hatred and rage to gain strength in their own anger.
Contracts: Eternal Summer (Heat and Light), Fleeting Summer (Manipulation of Wrath), Punishing Summer (Tools of Wars)

The Winter Court: The Court of Sorrow, The Silent Arrow, The Onyx court. Ever hidden, the Winter watches from beneath the snow as the hunter searches for its prey. The Winter Court prefers to avoid any confrontation, using underhanded cunning and skill to avoid any battle. Courtiers tend to avoid problems instead of solving them, a sort-of solution that keeps every member safe. They help others evade problems, sometimes running into trouble and trusting their skills to get them out safe again. Many members are assassins and spymasters who weave webs from behind the shadows. This court feeds on sorrow, bringing it to others usually not out of cruelty but out of kindness. Letting others grieve and grieving with them.
Contracts: Eternal Winter (Cold), Fleeting Winter (Manipulate Sorrow), Sorrow-Frozen Heart (personal Sorrow)

There are many other courts, those relating to direction and the sun and moon. These are more obscure and abstract but are no less found in many freeholds, particularly those with strong Eastern influence.


Titles hold power in the Freeholds and even in Arcadia. The more titles a changeling has the stronger they become. The drawback to this is that they become a much more interesting target to the True Fae, perhaps seeing titles as a sign of nobility and the True Fae believing they are nobles beyond the nobles. Regardless, titles are usually part of a court and must be earned through trust and goodwill. There are a few titles available to all changelings so the courtless are not out of luck.


The Hedge and Arcadia

The Hedge is all that remains of the old Arcadia, now a never-ending maze of thorns and dangers unknown to the world and the only thing between Arcadia and the Mortal world. Many creatures lurk in the Hedge, the most prominent being hobgoblins. These creatures take on many forms, most hostile to newcomers and some curious. Amongst their own kind they are territorial and violent. To travelers they put aside hostilities until the greater threat is eliminated. Despite not being quite as powerful as the True Fae, hobgoblins follow the same rules as the True Fae. They are gods of their own domain so if you find a hobgoblin inside its home, run. Just run and never look back. Even the Hedge itself will harm you, wandering off the beaten path will lead you into the thorns. These thorns take away bits and pieces of your glamour, leaving you weaker the further you press on. An even worse fate are those who were taken by the True Fae through the Hedge. As you have struggled bits and pieces of your own soul have been stuck to those thorns, your memories and your life from before taken away from you. Even with all the dangers, there are many great treasures in the Hedge. Goblin fruits for anything you desire, long abandoned Hedge portals, and even the Goblin market lies within the Hedge.

Arcadia, home of the True Fae. Many changelings will have only slight memories of their time here, obscured by pain and suffering at the hands of their keeper as they try to break free. Some memories may recall figures almost completely human in their time in Arcadia, watching as you suffered and unwilling to help before vanishing in a flash of light. Any changeling to even enter Arcadia usually loses themselves completely in mere moments or is taken by the True Fae to suffer again.


The Dreamscape

The plane of dreams, the place where any changeling with a contract of dreams may go. In this place there are rows and rows of silver chains with dreams connected to them. These chains intersect when mortals have the same dreams or dreams that complement each other. The Autumn court has labels for every type of dream, allowing for quick access to any dream they require. Travel within dreams does not follow direction or reason, with changelings having to rely on other means to find their way from one dream to another. Some contracts allow a changeling to navigate from dream to dream with ease and clarity.



Changelings are no longer human, but neither are they fully faerie. Upon returning to the moral world many changelings struggle between two worlds. Clarity is a changeling's ability to distinguished the world of the mundane and the realm of the magical. The lower a changeling's clarity, the more the two worlds blend together. It starts out harmless but jarring and as clarity spirals downward it will threaten to destroy a changeling's humanity completely and causing a changeling to become more and more like their True Fae captors. Clarity is raised through stability and regaining a sense of self. This process is long and arduous but vital to keeping a changeling sane. Breaks in the pattern, atrocious acts, even a move from a long established home can shatter a changeling's clarity on the world. For all their bravado and outward expression, a changeling is still a vulnerable wreak inside.


Enemies of the Changeling

The True Fae

Your jailor. Your captor. Your torturer. However you label them, the True Fae are the reason behind your transformation. They took you and sculpted you from their image. To them you are a plaything, a toy to be taken by the True Fae and brutalized. They feel no sympathy. They feel nothing for anyone but their selves. They are all powerful in their domain and killing one outside of their home only destroys a piece of them. The one weakness of the True Fae is cold iron. An iron untouched by mortal hands, untempered and pure. Being struck by any cold iron reduces any Fae to mortality. No magic, no powers, just natural strength for any struck by this iron. The rarity of cold iron makes it nigh-impossible to mass weaponize it, though rumors of some Freeholds with miles upon miles of cold iron circulate among the courts.

The Fetch

Your replacement in the mortal world when you were taken. Ever wonder why no one looked for you? No one even knew you were gone because of this invention by the True Fae. A composite of whatever is lying around, added with a bit of magic and a piece of your own shadow, and a new you is formed. This composite isn't perfect. Something about it is off. Be it missing emotions or even vices it isn't perfect. It is enough to fool even those closest to you. A fetch is not human, even if it believes so. They are one of the things keeping you from reclaiming your old life. There are several courtiers that will kill a fetch for you or hunt fetches to rid a changeling of the burden. When confronted by a changeling, the fetch gains powers to combat them. The fetch may still believe they are you, running and hiding from the monster wearing your face or fighting to protect your family.

Loyalists and Privateers

These are changelings who still serve the True Fae. Loyalists do this out of misguided attempts to appease them while privateers do it for simple coin. Willing to sell their own to Arcadia and damn the consequences. These two types are one of the main reasons Freeholds hold very little trust in newcomers and with due reason as several Freeholds have fallen to the True Fae from misplaced trust.


Humans who have taken a vow to destroy the supernatural in all forms. Most hunters will never notice a changeling even in plain sight but some have found ways to root out any fae, mainly by carrying cold iron with them and following any they find suspicious. No one knows how many hunters there are in the world, most not wanting to be close enough to find out.


Humans who have gained arcane power through an awakening of sorts. These humans are far more dangerous than hunters as these ones can sense the Fae and will root out any they can find. Some do this for morbid curiosity while others seek to experiment on changelings to see if they can increase their own magical powers.


Vampires, those creatures of the night told in horror stories around the world. They are real and they will seek out a changeling. If a vampire is strong enough he or she will seek a changeling out and try to drain them of their blood. Should a vampire get a taste of changeling blood it will be addicting to them. They will seek out more and more blood, the sensations of taste being different every feeding. The weaknesses of vampires are sunlight and decapitation. Use extreme caution when confronting a vampire as they tend to travel in packs and will most likely ambush unsuspecting souls.

There are other creatures of the supernatural out there that are not actively hostile to changelings, one of these being werewolves. They tend to only attack if a changeling invades their home and has no reason to actively seek one out.


Character sheet and final words

Character sheet:



Appearance: (A description/picture of how the changeling looks under the mask and a description/picture for how a changeling looks with the mask)




Pledges: (Limit of three pledges)

Virtue: (One or two of each please)

Vice: (One or two of each please)

Personal history: (As far as you can remember)


Final words: A fresh escapee from Arcadia will have five contracts, two of which are of his/her court or seeming. Seeming contracts can be up to rank 2 for a fresh start and for the more seasoned rank 3 with two non court/seeming contracts at rank 2, Let us see variety in our changelings there are many different kinds who escape. Not all who escape are pretty people. For any questions or concerns, PM me or ask in the OOC and someone will answer. Thank you and good luck to you all. For a list of entitlements please message me asking about it and I will respond with haste.

Toggle Rules

1. The GM's word is law.

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Character Portrait: Frost
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The air stood stagnant, the Autumn leaves lifeless among the branches as the sun started to give way and set as if to beckon the night. A slight gust of wind disturbed the quiet peace of the forest, leaves falling and starting to decorate the forest floor. Along the edge of the forest is a simple chain-linked fence that has stood against the test of time, strong and vigilant even as the passage of time takes its toll. Inside this haven lay nothing influenced by man. The ever present trees remain undisturbed, watching in silence as it stands against the breeze in the air. The dwindling light giving an orange hue as figures emerged from the heart of the forest.

The crunch of leaves were the first sounds to reach Frost's ears. Blinded and dazed, he stumbled around as the light faded from his eyes before leaning against a tree. The smell of autumn wafted through the air as he slumped to the forest floor and laughed. He laughed and laughed and laughed as he sat against the tree and looked towards the south. He started muttering to himself as he stood up again, his eyes adjusted to the new world before him. "Free at last. Feels like I was running for hours." Looking around he saw no signs of any others like him. Thinking back, he recalled his escape. The Hedge an ever winding labyrinth as he found a single gate after racing through several corridors of brambles and thorns. Racing through the gate, a blinding white light engulfed him and then he found himself amongst the forests of the other side. Glancing around, he thought of hiding out in the forest. Then a bout of paranoia struck him. A thought of his captor raged in his mind. Instinct told him to keep running. Running until the forest itself was but a speck on the horizon. And so he ran, reaching the edge of the forest before stopping at the fence. A low growl escaped and he stared past the fence itself. A small town just beyond a field greeted his gaze with an alluring light. A smile graced his face and he looked around, ignoring the fence and devising a way to climb over without touching it. "Logs? Maybe. Climbing the trees? Could work."

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Leyla was just in the town, again in some club partying and having a good time. A lot of men approached her and tried to hit on her, she was not surprised, she knew she was beautiful and horny guys can't resist gorgeous women. She let them buy her drinks and danced with them, however she than smiled and declined politely when they asked her to come with them. She sometimes agreed, but not tonight, tonight there was in the air. She felt she needed to stay in large crowd, safe from THEM, safe from Her. She shakes her head, forgetting her thoughts, and continue drinking and dancing.
After awhile, she approached one of the men and flirts with him and finally manage to convince him to take her home. Leyla always manage to do that with human males without giving them any favor for the favor. It was just her fae look alone under the mask that "hypnotized" the male to be convinced. This is why she is very social and charismatic person.
Leyla looked outside from the window of the car, they were driving through the forest near the fence that people just thinking they blocking the path to hunting grounds. However, Leyla knew what was beyond that fence, she felt quite strange being near it, however now she noticed that there was a change in the air. Like the fence is bringing something. Suddenly, she noticed something behind the fence, a figure. She told the men who was driving, "Stop the car here....". The man looks confused, "Here?". She nodded, "Yes, I live not far from here....also, I need to walk a bit...". The man nodded, he couldn't much disagree to Leyla, but he looks disappointed a bit. Leyla got out of the car and the man drove away. She walked toward the fence, gazing at the figure behind the fence until it was clearer and clearer to her that it was a person there. She reached a distance that they can hear each other and said, "Hey, you there.....cross over quickly, you don't want to stay there long time....".

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Tyreseus had day to day business, down to a science, every week he got his payments from the stores he owned or protected. Next we would bring in the trouble makers, those that had broken his rules, or impeded on his territory. Their fear was one of the main things he fed on, murderers, carjackers, arsonists, drug dealers trying to sneak a little money, or a traitor that broke his rules; all these things were fed upon then got rid of after he tortured them to get all he could out. He found it funny that he thought of himself as the modern day godfather; he took care of his people and took care of those that wronged them.

He loved new toys though, the best tech on the market, whether it be useful or not he had to have it. Usually stealing from tech stores was enough but when the fun stuff came to town then that’s when he started planning, and with his seeing powers his plans went off without a hitch. Of course he had to find humans that had certain skill but what couldn’t be taught, was hired and he had a lot of money for that. There were the times he had to plan bank robberies, stealing weapons, or importing hard to find things. His business was run clean, no drugs, no smuggling humans, and certain manners with people we had business with.

The protections against his enemies were in levels in his tower, the first floor was where most of the business was done houses, jobs, business permits, and insurance were there for a small fee and a little more money each month, if you want to see the boss you will have to sign a contract with putting whatever happens on the signers head. That’s where they had to go through the metal detectors, and be patted down, that should get rid of most weapons and most hunters should not. The elevator was like a giant tanning bed with four of the six walls with tanning lights, just so the vampires would show their true colors and could be taken care of. When you get to the meeting floor you meet up with his best guards wearing jewelry with cold iron in them, and then one will always go to shake your hand, this is where the werewolves get found out the ring that you hand shake has a small needle that is coated in silver and can only be felt by a werewolf. Finally they get to the room where business is conducted going through a door with chunks of iron nailed into the door frame, a few floors down from the pent house if you tried going through the meeting room up the stairs to the only way into the penthouse. If they want to try the violent way you would have to fight your way up with traps and guard’s shooting you with the best things you can buy or steal.

Not to mention Tyreseus three best men who he gave the ability to see through masks, two with him one on the ground floor. The triplets have been with him from the start, and are his right hand men and his butlers. He has started looking into the generation, but hasn’t found anyone that he would trust yet.

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Solanine's eyes fluttered open to dank half light, her. Her nose smelt the rotting leaves and underbrush, making it twitch. She gingerly sat up, taking in her surroundings. She was in some forest, alone. That means she made it out, alive and relatively whole. She was free again. Solanine flopped down into the leaf litter and just laid there, trying to grasp that fact. She had almost forgotten what freedom was like. It was a new feeling for her, like a rebirth. She wanted to bask in the feeling for as long as she could. But a twig snapped to her left and she froze, eyes wide. She heard another one, much closer than the first. Whatever it was, it was approaching fast. She was up in a heartbeat and and sprinting away from the noise, still startled from her escape and desperate for her freedom. Even if it wasn't the Fae, she still didn't fancy being eaten or attacked.

Her lungs burned and her head throbbed as she moved through the forest, never looking behind her once. She couldn't afford to go back, not when she had freedom again, even if it meant using every last bit of her energy to run. She could already feel her legs aching but she had to push harder. She crashed through a bush and saw the large fence, and beyond it, a town, a beacon of hope for her. She looked at the fence and blinked a couple times. It wasn't too tall to climb but she didn't want to take any chances in her escape. A broken anything could result in recapture at his hands. A shudder ran through her body. Never again.

Looking up, she noticed a tree branch that hung just enough away from the trunk to slide off of and land on the other side, with relative ease and safety. But the tree was slick with few strong branches, not good for climbing, even if she had claws. Plus it was a bit odd how it was perfectly tilted, like someone planned it. She walked around tree a couple times, hoping to find some answer in the smooth, paper like bark. Shaking her head, she decided to move further down the fence and maybe find another place to get over at, a hole or something like that.

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Frost heard a voice from the other side of the fence, cutting off his rambling as he focused on the figure approaching him. "No need to tell me twice." With that he began to climb a nearby tree, small branches snapping off as he climbed. Ascending ever higher, still numb from the cold and unadjusted to having a body again he climbed slowly and gingerly until reaching above the fence. From there he stood above, a clear jump over and he would make it. He twitched a bit, taking a few deep breaths before finally leaping over. A hard impact with the ground and Frost crumpled over. Grunting for a moment before standing he turned to the woman now beside him and spoke. "Now that I'm over, where to?" He gave a smile, his expression one of amusement and obliviousness. He looked at this woman with an absent stare, his eyes wandering around the mortal world with wonder. His mind felt clouded and blurred as he waited for this woman to speak, Frost trying to recall anything from before his escape.

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Leyla watched him as he started climbing a nearby tree to the fence, when he seems struggling she wanted to say she can do something to help him, however it seems he already made his way on top of the fence. She smiled and she gave a loud sigh when he jumped from the top to the ground. She thought, 'Ouch, that might have hurt a bit'.
Finally as he straighten himself, dusting himself from the run and climbing, she nodded. "Well....first, you need some clothes and maybe a good bath.... In our court, the spring court, we have some rooms for new changeling....". She motions him to follow her as she walks towards the town. "I know you have lots of questions, believe me, I was in the same boat as you are now....although, I believe it is not good to hang on the past, you need to live in the present, enjoy the life you have now".
When they reached the town, Leyla leads him to the largest building there. It seems like a city hall, but inside it looks like a court and an hotel combined.
Inside Leyla quickly approached someone, which the man can see under his mask he is a changeling too. Leyla exchanges a few words, got a key and walks back to the new runaway changeling. She handed him a key, "It is the guest room for any new changeling, you will find some clothes and there is a bath there....". She winks, because that was the first thing Leyla did when she returned to the mortal world, soaked in a bath for a few hours. "After you will feel good and ready, you will come down and we will answer your questions but you will answer some questions we have too....". Leyla shows him where the room is and quickly left him alone.

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Paddy didn’t get why the boss always sent his newest guard on what the older guards called “the park ranger job”. Which was to sit in a car with a potential guard recruit and pick up anyone, or at least give them a business card to whoever came out of the forest. The boss only said that he had some extended family in the woods and that anyone that came out of there was to be given the same chance to meet him. It had been relatively boring, until the hot blond was dropped off, they called one of the triplets, he said one of them was to follow her on foot or get car license, the other was to stay in the car in case of others.

Paddy stayed in the car while the new guy followed, the new guy was impressed where the woman was staying, but he had heard about this place from Paddy, the words to use, some kind of secret code that these people spoke. The only time not to speak in the code was at this place, so he wrote the message on the paper. It said that if you want a taste of the big city he could get him a house and a job within twenty four hours, to call the number on the business card. He followed the guy to his room slipped the letter under the door and walked away.

Back at the car Paddy saw movement in the forest, he got out of the car and yelled “if you’re being hunted then my boss can help you. I have a rope if you need help getting over the fence.” He waited by the car getting the rope out of the trunk. Tonight had been eventful, a member of a rival syndicate and two potential recruits, it was nights like this that he liked the park ranger job.

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The mind is a strange place. Something feels missing but everything is right. A nagging paranoia drove into frost as he followed this woman, occasionally stopping to make marks on the ground absentmindedly. He dug into his heels every so often. It was a trail, but not an obvious one. Every crunch of a leaf, every snap of a twig and Frost made a mark. At times leading away and others as he just followed the woman before him. Before he knew it they had arrived inside a large building, a key and a wink from the stranger. He smiled a bit as he spoke, looking around for an empty room. "Alright. I... I don't remember much. Any idea where we are?" He gave a confused look, finding the empty room and unlocking the door. "Nothing here feels familiar." Looking inside, a small room with a set of clothes freshly cleaned and pressed and waiting. "Thank you for bringing me here." One last smile and he went inside, alone in his room as he sorted through the fold of clothes.

Sorting through the clothes, a notable look of distaste grew on his face. None of these clothes felt right. He shoved this aside, mumbling to himself as he went into the restroom. "I can buy different clothes. These are just temporary." Looking inside, Frost stared at himself in the mirror. An unkempt man, frozen and numb stared back at him. His skin blue, ice forming at his fingertips. He tried to recognize himself but nothing came to him. He stared at the bathroom mirror for several hours and asking himself who he was before resigning and grabbing the spare set of clothes. Changing out the rags he had he discarded them and stepped outside in a simple white button down shirt and blue jeans with an old pair of sneakers. A sigh escaped and he muttered to himself again. An old tune escaping his throat as quietly sang. His voice, even quieted sounding soothing and calming. "When I think of 'home' I think of cherry pies. When I think of 'home' I think of mulberry trees. When I think of 'home' I think of butterflies. When I think of 'home' I think of bumble bees..."

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Leyla was waiting at the lobby. She knew the feelings of new changeling when they escaped and it is her job to help them get into their new life very slowly and calmly. She gave the new guy as long as it takes for him to gather himself up and arrange his thoughts. Which took him several hours, she chuckles. Well, it took her an hour at least either to believe it isn't a dream or something magically from her keeper that she just dreamed she escaped. Some new changeling she met did thought it was a dream.

Suddenly, the new guy came downstairs humming a tune. She smiled and walked to him very calmly and slowly and approached him, "Well, I see you feel good now.... Now, for the question where you are. You are back. You came back from Arcadia, you were captured by the Fae, which are mischief and evil as you might experienced there with your capture. Or as we like to call it 'The Keeper'. We all here around you were once been captive by Them, and we managed to escape just like you. You are now back in the human world, but as you've seen your reflection and ours "true" look, we are not exactly humans either. We call ourselves Changelings, humans who were taken by the creatures of the Fae and escaped but we changed during our captivity, we got as some say 'gifts' or 'curses' as others say".
She always starts like this, and she becomes quiet for a moment to let it sink in for him, and meanwhile thinking what else to say. Than she decided to do it by questions and answers, "Ok, what questions do you have that I didn't answer yet?".

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Character Portrait: Frost
Character Portrait: Solanine


Character Portrait: Solanine

"Whatever life I may have had, or could've had, it is not the one I have now. So I must adapt and learn to survive in my current life."

Character Portrait: Frost

"My life has been taken from me. I can't even remember who I am anymore. Someone please help me escape the labyrinth in my brain."


Character Portrait: Frost

"My life has been taken from me. I can't even remember who I am anymore. Someone please help me escape the labyrinth in my brain."

Character Portrait: Solanine

"Whatever life I may have had, or could've had, it is not the one I have now. So I must adapt and learn to survive in my current life."

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Character Portrait: Frost

"My life has been taken from me. I can't even remember who I am anymore. Someone please help me escape the labyrinth in my brain."

Character Portrait: Solanine

"Whatever life I may have had, or could've had, it is not the one I have now. So I must adapt and learn to survive in my current life."

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Sorry, but I'm not going to be able to do this. RL issuses are start to really limit my time, still I wish you all the luck. I was really looking forward to this :\

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I am going to start this up soon, I just wanted to wait a little for Maitros to finish his char. I will post up the starting post a bit later today and then it's free game for anyone to post.

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PLEASE reserve a spot for me while I work on the Character Sheets!
Question: Can I portray 2 (two) characters? I wanted to tell the story of two brothers that get captured by the True Fae, awakened, escaped "hell" only to reunite outside once again. One will be apart of The Spring Court and the other in The Summer Court. I'll have their character profiles up soon and submitted for your reviewing, I hope it's okay. ^_^


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Well, colour me impressed! This is quite the game, makes me wish I wasn't already invested in a number of different one. I hope this one takes off though, I really enjoyed reading the intro.

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