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Zacharias Lockhart

"Teamwork: I love the idea of all for one - especially if that one is me."

0 · 159 views · located in Aswall

a character in “The Battle of Aswal”, as played by Lyysa



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Dษชแด€สŸแดษขแดœแด‡ CแดสŸแดส€ โœฆ #E5A51C

โš” B A S I C S โš”

โŒˆN A M EโŒ‹
Zacharias Tybalt Lockhart

โŒˆN I C K N A M E SโŒ‹

โŒˆA G EโŒ‹

โŒˆG E N D E RโŒ‹


โš” P E R S O N A L I T Y โš”

Charismatic โ€  Ignorant โ€  Rebelious โ€  Optimistic โ€  Eccentric

Zacharias could be described as spoiled but it's not that simple, as a prince, Zacharias has been sheltered all of his life as well as been showered with gifts and riches. You can't exactly blame the child for their upbringing, but it's true that Zacharie could have made more of an effort to evolve but instead he choose to stay childish. He didn't really see a reason why he would act like a mature adult when it didn't matter anyway - it was not like he was going to get the throne. So instead he decided to just enjoy every day as much as he could, perhaps it drew his teachers and parents mad, but at least his little sister decided that he was her favorite. Since he was the funniest one of the bunch, everyone else acted as stiff and royal as possible. He may not be the brightest one in the family but at least he was the funniest.

โš” P R E F E R E N C E S โš”

โŒˆL I K E SโŒ‹
Singing โ€  Dancing โ€  Music โ€  Good food โ€  Gold โ€  Beautiful things โ€  Good vine โ€  A starry night โ€  Jokes โ€  Praise โ€  Winning โ€  Attention โ€  Pranks โ€  Listening to his own voice โ€  His own reflection

โŒˆD I S L I K E SโŒ‹
Reading โ€  Studying โ€  Meetings โ€  His older brother โ€  Science โ€  Losing โ€  Getting dirty โ€  Sweating โ€  Working โ€  Anything that requires effort โ€  Rain โ€  Dogs โ€  Yelling โ€  Unfunny people โ€  Boredom

โŒˆD R E A M SโŒ‹
โ€  Living an easy and carefree life

โŒˆF E A R SโŒ‹
โ€  Betrayal
โ€  Dogs
โ€  Growing old

โŒˆS E X U A L I T YโŒ‹

โš” H I S T O R Y โš”


โš” A P P E A R A N C E โš”

ImageImageโŒˆH A I R โœง C O L O RโŒ‹
โ€  Blonde

โŒˆE Y E โœง C O L O RโŒ‹
โ€  Red

โŒˆT A T T O O S โœง M A R K I N G SโŒ‹
โ€  None

โŒˆH E I G H TโŒ‹
โ€  6'2

โŒˆD E S C R I P T I O N SโŒ‹
Zacharias is madly in love with himself and it shows, never has he been seen with even a strand of hair facing the wrong direction. He's dedicated to his looks and spends huge amounts of time to look representable. He tries to look older than he is by dressing provocative but he's sadly not successful when it comes to this. Because of his youthful face it doesn't matter how he dresses, he has tried to grow facial hair as well but that was also a failure. Even if he thinks he's able to fool people he's most likely just fooling himself and no one else.

However, he is not blessed with the raven black hair that most of his family members have. Both his older brother and younger sister has their fathers pitch black hair while Zacharias has inherited their mothers blond locks. His eyes though, they are just as striking red as his siblings and their father. So even though he looks a bit different from the others you can still tell that he is part of the royal family.

โš” P O W E R S โœง A B I L I T I E S โš”

โŒˆX X X X X XโŒ‹

โŒˆE N C H A N T I N GโŒ‹

โŒˆR E S T R I C T I O N SโŒ‹

โš” S K I L L S โš”

โ€  The Leader โ€ 
โ€  Charisma (Expert)
โ€  Leadership (Proficient)

โ€  The Warrior โ€ 
โ€  Swordplay (Proficent)
โ€  Climbing (Beginner)
โ€  Intimidation (Beginner)
โ€  Swimming (Proficent)

โ€  The Ranger โ€ 
โ€  Hunting (Proficent)
โ€  Riding (Proficient)
โ€  Cooking (Beginner)

โ€  The Scholar โ€ 
โ€  Penmanship (Expert)
โ€  Knowledge - Local (Beginner)
โ€  Knowledge - Geography (Beginner)

โŒˆW E A K E S T โœง S K I L LโŒ‹

โŒˆS T R O N G E S T โœง S K I L LโŒ‹

So begins...

Zacharias Lockhart's Story