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Nami Okia

"For the pride of the Mermaids!"

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a character in “The battle of Atien: Pirates vs. Mermaids”, originally authored by Squeekey, as played by RolePlayGateway



The Essential Knowledge


Dark, emerald green is the colour which suits Nami most. Everything from her hair to her scales and even her eyes bestow a shade of green upon them. Her body is young and petite, but her mythical beauty makes her desirable and her appearance has an aspect for every man's taste; long, luscious hair, soft curves, enchanting eyes, as a mermaid her appearance appeals to every and anyone who gazes upon her, and she knows it.

Nami's more humanly parts are protected with golden armor, the perfect colour to compliment her numerous shades of green yet they don't serve much purpose in the battle and are simply just for making herself noticed as a royal (mermaids of non-royal blood are not allowed to wear golden armor)

Stubborn, snobby and reserved are all accurate descriptions of Nami. She is determine to win the war and is often mean-spirited, as her stubborn nature causes her to dislike people who oppose her, or even think differently. Nami is a show-off and is very proud; she will take any and every opportunity to state her importance as a royal mermaid and feels that her authority makes her untouchable.

Your opinion matters
Which side are you on?:
"The Mermaids, of course! I am no traitor to my parents, I'll have you know!"

How do you see the war?:
"I agree most definitely. This war is what is right for our kingdom, the sea is our and it must remain that way! I think that anyone who thinks otherwise is either stupid or ignorant, or even both. They have no idea how many of our kind have suffered because of those awful pirates. We deserve the right to fight back, and I will serve my father until I die!"

What else should we know about you?
Whose in your family?:
"I am daughter to King and Queen Okai of the Mermaid kingdom beneath the sea. I also have a sister."

What are your abilities?:
- Hypnosis through singing "Father says I have the most wonderful singing voice"
- Transformation "Only the most important mermaids have the ability to grow legs and walk on land"

What's your position?:
"I am the oldest daughter of King and Queen Okai. I was born a Princess and will always be one until I am crowned Queen. I also fight under their name, for their protection and as my duty as a future ruler."

Tell us about your history:
(Will update when King and Queen positions are filled)

So begins...

Nami Okia's Story


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"Yes, Ma'am!" one of the guards bellowed in response to Nami's question(s). It was stock-check day, and Nami was on duty of checking with all the guards and groundskeepers of the mermaid kingdom. There were many guard posts, so the check-ups were likely to last all day, that is if one guard in particular hadn't called for the Princess personally to assist him, "Princess, hurry!" came the shout as Nami had just turned the corner of the fruit merchant's shop, "What is it?" Nami snapped, a little annoyed that the fruit merchant was behind on his payment, "There's been a disturbance on human lands with one of the mythical creatures, and they're asking for you to help" the guard informed Nami, as she swam closer to listen. With a sigh, she'd nod, dismissing the guard and then make her way toward the kingdom's exit, mumbling to herself about how people rely on her too much.

Once she were at the grand gate which separated her kingdom and the human's, Nami waved a hand in gesture to the gate operator who without question released the two gates from their lock and pushed them open, allowing Nami to then swim through and up to the shallow end of the waters.


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Character Portrait: Nami Okia
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Nami had transformed and made her way atop the human land in a matter of time. Her bare feed trod over the sand as she wrapped herself in the human clothing she had laid out for herself by the shore. Truthfully, she hated the human clothing she had to wear, it wasn't at all of royal value and it made her look of nothing more than a village commoner, but people still knew who she was so she let it slide, at-least for now. "Alright, what's going on?" Nami asked as she then walked toward the guard which protected Falavor's entrance through the docks. The guards told her of a pixie which got captured during a prank and she scoffed, chuckling to herself, "Idiot pixies.." she said commenting on the stupidity of it having got caught, the guards did not laugh with her and simply pointed her toward the towns center where they heard to commotion come from. Nami nodded, then set off to fix the problem, walking fast but making sure her every step was graceful as she made her way to the center of Falavor.

OOC = ((Apologies for my absence, had Christmassy stuff to do. Also, guys, I know it sucks but please wait for everyone to post before posting again, I almost got left behind o.O))


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Somewhere in the ocean, Hana was floating around, not even swimming. It was something she loved, especially after she did anything that required more than moving a fin.
"Maan, that fight with the mermaid-selling pirate was a paaain..." she thought, as even she knew it wasn't over. "Selling humans and mermaids... no wonder there's this stupid thing everyone call war..."

"Hana Okai, get up from your constant slumber immediately!"

A powerful voice boomed around the blue mermaid and rumbled the water along with her. For a moment Hana felt like a leaf blown by the wind.

"But daaaad!" Hana moaned, rubbing her eyes.
"You shall not complain, rather than that you should be useful for the mermaid society! Take an example of your sister Nami! She does her best to help the Kingdom, and succeeds!" The king yelled.
"Yeah, yeah, Nami is perfect, I'm a lazy bum. It's familiar." Hana said.
"You're not improving anything by standing here, saying this! Begone!"
"Alright, alright! Sheesh!" Hana swam away. And how she wished she could just stay like that for a little longer...

"Ah! Look who's here! Brendan and Seraphim! Those guys are cool!" Hana muttered to herself after a while of swimming. She was several metres behind them, on her way to approach them. Her smile faded when they went closer to a familiar ship.

"And the mermaid salesman will join the party too, eh? I'll just wait here and see if they get in trouble... If something goes wrong... I'll..." Hana was thinking. "I'll..."

Her thoughts stopped, as slumber took over her.

(OOC: I'll submit the king soon.)