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Orders are absolute. I have no choice.

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a character in “The battle of Atien: Pirates vs. Mermaids”, as played by JEDH3




The Essential Knowledge

Species: Human

Age: 32

Appearance: Rook stands like a tree and wears armor resembling a castle –the origin of his name- Few have ever seen him without his helmet on, but those who have, know that he looks much older than he is. Aged by his past, the man from the east has greying hair, and a trim beard. His eyes are those of steel; both in color and in gaze. His armor is his identity, and his footsteps fall heavy on the deck beneath the weight. His hands are wrinkled and rough, having little dexterity in them. On his hip, he carries a strange sword. The blade itself is thicker than a cutlass, has a square shape and no curve, slightly widening along the length.

Personality: Rook is a simple and loyal person. He does what he is told with no complaint, regardless of his feelings. He is quiet and thoughtful, considering everything and listening closely to what is being said. He is cautious, but efficient. He is also a very kind and caring person. He will almost always put others’ needs before his own, and loathes any sort of violence, preferring to only fight in defense of himself or others. However, if given the command, he will kill without hesitation, and slaughter all in his path ruthlessly.

Being a hiarchial centered person, Rook is a strong believer in the chain of command. He will always solve problems involving the fewest and only most necessary people. He also will not only follow the orders of those above him without question, but he will also enforce others to do the same, seeing any violation of the chain of command as mutiny, no matter how low of a level it is on.


Your Opinion Matters

Which side are you on?: The Pirates

How do you see the war?: Rook disagrees with the war, seeing valid points on both sides. He believes a compromise can be made, however he will never speak these thoughts.

What else should we know about you?

Are you captain or crew?: Crew

Whose in your family?: Rook has no family

What's your position?: Servant/Fighter

Tell us about your history: Rook never had a name. As long as he remembered, he was nothing more than a source for entertainment. When he was younger, he fought other kids his age in front of an audience. As he grew in age, size and in skill, his opponents grew more difficult as well. When he was in his late teens, he was put up against things that were not human. Both mythical creatures and unthinking beasts. When he was in his mid twenties, he had grown stronger and more skilled and ended up catching the attention of a certain pirate captain. The captain came to see if the rumors of the gladiator slave were true.


She was far more than impressed. Once the nameless slave slaughtered the sea creature he was pitted against, the Captain attempted to buy him from the owner of the arena. After the offer was declined, the captain then killed the owner, and repeated the offer to the next man who accepted it gratefully. After being taken away by his new owner, the Captain realized that despite his skill he did not appear to be as intimidating as she wanted. So she had special armor made for him that was both effective, and gave him the appearance the she desired. After the crew commented that with his armor, he looked more like a chess piece than a man, the Captain decided to name him Rook.

As she was his new owner, Rook acted mainly as her bodyguard and servant. He only listens to her and her first mate. All others might as well be trash. As long as they do their job, Rook bears them no mind. He can not swim even without the heavy armor, but it has never mattered as he is kept on board the main ship unless docked, and he never is put in danger of falling overboard.


1. Pink
2. Blue
3. Yellow
4. Green

So begins...

Rook's Story


Characters Present

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Hana's eyes opened slowly, as she felt someone pillung her by the hand. She could see herself surrounded by several mermaids, including the ones she saw earlier. Hana felt tempted to fall asleep again, but rubbed her eyes and looked at the rest.
"Hey. What's up?" is all she said. Hana would ask where she was, why was she pulled away, were they under attack, for how long has she been asleep, but felt that a simple 'What's up' would get her a proper answer. Why did her father make her go somewhere and be productive when she was so tired?

"Let's hope Hana is useful right now." Ronan thought to himself. Soon he spotted a pirate ship. His blood rushed in his veins, his pulse raced and his desire to fight started burning from the inside. It was the crew with the captain who believed the mermaids took his treasure. The same one who kidnapped mermaids and sold them to humans like they're things. He wanted the whole crew dead, they were pirates after all. And this was war. Ronan pointed his trident at the ship and started swimming in that direction.