Emerald Xiloscient

"Why does my recent line of work involve children?"

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a character in “The Battle of the Fallen”, as played by Crystal Flamedance



Emerald is a relatively old demon, though she looks to be about twenty in age. She has long black hair that reaches to about halfway down her thighs, with bright green eyes. She is rather slim, but with enough obvious curved to attract attention. Typically, she wears a pair of black shorts and a black tank top, designed to show off her curves so that she gets what she wants from most humans. Her black boots are also designed to boost her appearance; ankle-high with just enough heel to make a difference in her appearance. In public, anyway; on her own, her outfit of choice is a pair of baggy sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. On her own, she also prefers to go around barefoot. Her skin is slightly tanned, and has so far been unmarked by anything; not tattoos or scars to mar her complexion.


Emerald is loyal to a fault...but only to one person. Anything the devil tells her to do, she does without hesitation or questioning, except for how he wants it done, and for a timeline. She considers herself the most loyal servant he has, and refuses to fail even the simplist mission. Because of her past, she has learned an assortment of odd skills, for a demon, such as cooking, singing, dancing, and cleaning. All of this she has learned in hopes to impress the devil himself. Again because of her past, he is the only one she trusts, and so the only one she's ever set her sights on.

Her favorite things are the devil, of course, but also cooking, singing, gathering information about everything that she can, and completing her missions to the devil's satisfaction. But the one thing she loves the most is recieving praise from the devil himself. She simply can't stand humans, or other demons, or angels. But she also can't stand the thought of failure, of being left on her own again, and, the worst one of all, that she will eventually be thrown away by the devil.


She doesn't carry much with her, aside from a purse with a cell phone to keep in contact with the devil and whoever he might assign to work with her, a small wallet with whatever she has managed to steal recently, a piece of paper with what look like scribbles in some foreign language, and a map of the world.

Her powers are mostly limited to what the mind. She can read minds without being detected and plant thoughts into the minds of others and make them sound like they were random thoughts made by the victim themselves. However, she also has slight control over the shadows; her control barely allows her to hide herself, and one other person. She can't hide anymore than that without wearing herself out. Using any of these powers wears her mind down and, if she doesn't rest her mind after using her powers too much, she becomes an unthinking being, with no thought other than to hide and rest.


Emerald was born into a family of demons, which is rare in itself. However, almost all demons pride themselves on physical strength. Because of this, coupled with her mental abilities, she was often teased and bullied growing up among demons. Her family disowned her as soon as they realized she had no physical strength to speak of, compared to other demons, anyway(she is still physically stronger than any human, but demons consider her weak). Her body was also weaker than the other demons; soon enough, she could no longer stand the abuse without serious harm to herself, or a scar showing up. So she fled to the human world; to Earth.

There, though, she found that her life was no better than before. The children that seemed to be her age that she trusted with her secret of her powers never once trusted her, and the adults that she told assumed she was insane, and tried to find some sort of mental help for her. Anyone she told about her powers, though, ended up dying when she managed to convince a serial killer to pay a visit to the orphanage she had been sent to; where else would they send someone who looked like a child and was cmpletely alone? After that, she wandered on her own, never once trusting anyone, or revealing her secrets to anyone.

She even tried to appeal to the angels, and to God, for a friends. But, she soon found, demons and angels didn't like or trust each other. And so, even the angels refused to have anything to do with her. No matter where she went, or who she talked to, she found herself alone.

Until she met the devil, however. She was pleased to find that he found use in her once he found out about her powers. For the first time, she found acceptance. He was the first one to see her as useful, and not even a friend or someone to trust with any deeply personal secrets, but she was glad for acceptance. She quickly fell for him, and so she fought to make sure that she never once failed him. Every mission he assigned to her, every bit of information she is asked to find, any being that she's told to hunt down, she has never once failed. Everything she has done since meeting the devil has been solely to please him, and hopefully recieve more than acknowledgement of her existence and usefulness; she hopes to one day be acknowledged as a possible close friend to him, if not a lover.

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