Kitty Cheshire

Sweet, Silly and a GREAT prankster...

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a character in “ThE BaTtLe oF WoNdErLaNd”, as played by KittyCheshire


A simple girl, with long curly purple hair, black cat ears and an alternate self. She can shape shift into a pink and purple tabby cat with a black collar. She can become invisible and grew up as an orphan. Her friends Allison, Lizzie and Maddie keep her out of trouble, most of the time. She grew up as a thief, stealing food and even valuable for money. Then, when her mother tracked her down she stopped. Her weapons are the sword of spades(passed down from the first Alice) and the throwing cards, like ninja stars. She is known as the Kitty Killer and is hunting the Wonders. She appears to be about 14-16, but is about 100's of years old.

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Kitty Cheshire's Story