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The Old Tenant's

Gone but never forgotten

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a character in “The Bear's Loft”, as played by Polarisbear12


Suna Alkard

Height: 5'7
Weight: 104
Eye Color: A light blue
Hair Color: Grey-blue
Gender: Female
Complexion: tanned skin
Age: Seventeen


Alignment: Guardian
Rank: 2nd Platoon,Sergeant
Class: Assumed to be C
Year: Sophomore

Physical Description:
The young woman carries her slender build as if she just woke up. It's due to her demeanor that most assume that she is untrained in the art of combat. Suna bears an interesting facial mark that is a darker shade of her eye color. Often times they mistake her for a boy, she has the bad habit of hiding her hair in a scarf, and other times they just don't know what she is. Not that she cares too much but Suna lacks the necessary curves that would allow others to identify her as female although her soft face does make others inclined to say she. When in the uniform she ties her hair up either in a tight bun or just lets it flow. The young woman can almost always been seen wearing dark grey wrist cuffs that when charged can act as good as any shield.

Alignment ability: Burst-Speed
Sonic Break|| When all magic is released, Suna is able move five times faster than the usual Guardian. In essence Suna is more or less slamming her body into the target so she risks breaking bones in order to land devastating blows. At her current level Suna's magic is worth three mintues of use before it runs out completely.

Burst||Capable of charging her body to its fullest capacity, this is the opposite of her Sonic Break. Instead of releasing it for speed Suna keeps it in to strengthen her body so it could potentially be strong as a rock. She is able to last much longer with this ability.


Specialization||Physical Combat|| Among the many female cadets in the Academy, Suna is a top ranked hand-to-hand combatant. She does not require the use of a weapon to be deadly although she has dabbled in the art of using a staff. Thanks to her natural speed and agility, she can easily dodge blows and has enough control over her body to change the direction of an attack midway.

Equipment: Despite the protests of her mother, Suna rarely ever has any kind of equipment on her person. As of late she has taken up the staff so you can sometimes see it on her person.

Suna was found in the rare Nul-Zone as a child. No one knows how she got there other than the fact that when they first encountered her she acted like a wild animal; stalking them, nor who took care of her many wounds that had been bandaged. She was later adopted by a woman of the name Kathryn who was one of the people who found her. At first Suna never showed any signs of intelligence until she was 8. When people asked her why she didn’t show signs of intelligence she simply said “what was the point you already thought me a savage, might as well play the part”. After that incident people became wary of her as she knew many things by watching them and could read them like a book. Even now she barley talks to anyone other than her mother. Her mother being a high ranking officer in the Empires army she made sure to teach Suna how to harness her strength and speed to be put to use for the Empires army. So all her life Suna lived in a hostile environment based upon her fighting nearly every day against opponents many times her size and power.

Other: She is known for taking naps at the most random of moments and some people think her behavior is like that of a wild animal. Though it is rare for her to show much emotion or to say much as she simply lets people view her in the easiest way they can handle her and because of her boyish looks most people mistake her for a guy though it never bothers her.

Agent Six

Age: Unknown
Occupation: Neutral
White hair that frames her face and is often pulled back with a ribbon. Peach colored skin stretches over a small and slender frame of exactly 5’2 that holds quite a few scars here and there. Pale pink eyes hold a blank gaze as they are in truth blind and so she is forever left in the dark. Agent Six usually carry’s around a small dark purple and black notebook that she keeps in the pockets of her dresses. Six’s face rarely show’s any emotion seeing as she is incapable of expression.

Six is unfortunately incapable of expressing or feeling any emotion and what little emotion she had Weapon X destroyed it. She does of course have her own will despite the programs attempt to break it. She is pretty much mute only speaking a few words at a time, so it’s actually rare for her to speak a full sentence, let alone hear her as she’s pretty quiet. And if Six doesn’t speak, she'll write it down in her notebook or point at things to get her point across. Often times it becomes like charades especially when she’s trying to talk with someone she doesn’t know. She tends to shy away from large crowds since it’s harder for her to communicate with others. Since Six has never experienced emotions such as fear, joy, sorrow or hate she usually doesn’t understand those who do have emotion and seems to become confused. Although it’s hard to say if she is or not since Six is unable to express her feelings by facial expressions such as smiling or frowning.

Mutant Classification: Unknown
1) Observer Spirits||Six is capable of creating gel like objects known as observer spirits, their main purpose is reconnaissance. She uses mediums through which she can send her observer spirits and must be in contact with this medium while observing; said medium is anything with a reflective surface, such as water or mirrors so long as the receiving end is of the same medium. The amount of observer spirits she is able to create is unknown as of yet. If Six isn’t using them for reconnaissance, Six uses them to see by. Which is why she carries a small mirror in her pocket.

2) Physical Form|| It seems she is capable of making observer spirits that have more of physical form, becoming more like her in appearance. They are capable of touching physical objects but they can only stay within the medium and she is only capable of making up to two at a time since it’s quite tiring.

3) Soul taker||Her observer spirits when or if they come into physical contact with mutants are able to suck out that person’s soul and use their own mutant powers to cause harm to themselves. Thankfully Six never uses it since she can go into a short term coma for about three days depending on how much the mutant fought to keep their soul within their body. Nor does she have much skill in this as she has only used it twice in her life time.

4) Mental Resistance||It has been shown numerous times that she has some resistance to telepaths but depending on the level of power they have she would be unaffected.

5) Senses||Due to her being blind her whole life, Six’s other four senses have made up for the lack of sight. And just because she is blind doesn’t mean she isn’t able to defend herself.

Being born blind into the Weapon X program was not the best way for Six to start out her life. Unfortunately she never knew her family and was only seen as a tool. When it became apparent that Six was blind at age 5 they thought of disposing her until they realized that the whole time she had been using her mutant powers. Weapon X saw this as the perfect chance to finally make use of her. And so the experimenting began to make her stronger, the perfect weapon, but it was more like torture for Six. They did their best to break her so she wouldn’t have a will of her own but in the end that plan failed. They stopped this when they witnessed the death of a mutant at the hands of Six. That was the day she had discovered her ability to take the “souls” of other mutants. The program started to test her newfound ability but once again they stopped when she threatened to use it against them. And because of her emotionless personality the higher ups would often have her do missions that would require no emotional attachment to the world around them. There has only been one time where it might have been possible that she experienced emotion.



Adelaide Sucrauss
Ada, Adele, Adela, Addie, Adelia, Adelei, Lai, Del, Dela||There are varying forms of her name however the young woman often goes by Adele, Lai or Addie by those close to her.

Soon to enter her twenties, Adele looks forwards to being one step closer to reaching the legal drinking age.

❊|Birth Date|❊
The young woman was born on the sixth of June at exactly six in the morning.


❊|Sexual Orientation|❊



She most certainly can control the Earth to do her bidding although that was when she had lived as Cronos. Now that she is human Adelaide can only control certain elements in relation to the Earth. These elements are rock, crystal, sand, and metal. She is unable of create them; Dela is capable of breaking down rock to create sand and sometimes crystal. The two elements she is best at manipulating are metal and rock as they are the most abundant.

A beautiful young woman, Adele bears the figure of a gymnast with its lithe yet surprisingly strong body. While not short, Dela isn't exactly tall rather she stands at a decent height of 5'8. From the crown of her head to just passed her waist are strands of honey brown that is relatively straight until the end where it curls slightly. There is shorter layer that stops just above her elbows that tend to curl slightly. She rarely ever pulls it up but she does tuck loose strands behind her ears to show off her oddly colored eyes. They are the feature that many are intrigued by as these orbs changes from a beautiful slate gray to a pinkish hue. What's even stranger is that the whites of her eyes will even take on that same pink hue albeit lighter. The young woman herself wonders about her eyes as she is well aware that them turning pink is a bit unnatural. Addie does know that her original eye color is a slate grey and wasn't until her visions occured that they'd take on that pink hue. Lei's body is flawless, save for a few scratches and scars from childhood incidents. For whatever reason Adelei has an incredibly strange fashion sense, well to those outside her troupe. On the off occasion you will find her wearing normal clothes, they generally consist of tights and a loose, or tight, fitting shirt.
||Weaponry ||
In regards to her weaponry, Adelaide is no expert in any given area, at least not the more conventional weapons. What would normally be considered just a normal piece of attire, Adelaide uses with surpring efficeincy. The large purple and pink scarf around her neck is big only because of what is hidden within its folds. When pulled off her slender neck, the ends of the scarf have large crystal beads. By manipulating the crystal and simply moving the scarf around, Adela is capable of causing some serious damage. These beads are generally kept as beads but she has been known to change their shape to better suit the moment.


Patient||Boisterous||Foul Mouth||Free Spirit||Confident||Seductive
Unbeknownst to many, Adele is incredibly patient. She isn't patient in the sense that is kind or charitable rather she is patient in that she can wait for as long as she needs in to order to get what she wants. Adelei will wait for the right moment to act out her plans and can become very upset when someone ruins those plans. On a very different, but obvious note, the young woman is quite boisterous. It isn't a fact that she tries hide either. She will easily say what's on her mind, regardless of whether it was appropriate to the situation or not. One can say she comes off as a bit dense that way however don't be fooled by it. As foul mouthed as they come, Adela has a hard time holding back her words. Her vocabulary is unreasonably colorful to the point even the most vibrant of sailors would be speechless.

Despite the meaning of her name, noble kind, Adelaide is far from it. She can display those traits but they are expressed only every blue moon. The young woman is what many would consider a free spirit. There is very little that can or will tie her down for long. Dela isn't influenced easily nor does she succumb to persuasion from outside sources. She especially can't stand those who are. She considers it a disgrace but she has no intention of helping someone overcome that flaw. Confident like no other, Adela has been compared to a cat on more than one occasion. Graceful and seductive, Dela isn't afraid to use her beauty to get her way. This willingness to use her beauty ties into the notion that Adela is a bit egocentric. It isn't all that uncommon to see her looking at herself in the mirror while saying "Yes, yes you are." Adele can be surprisingly open about her feelings. The young woman also has the tendency to call everyone dear, sweetie and lovely amongst other words of endearment.

Likes ||
Dancing||There is no doubt about the idea of dance being Adelaide's support.
Love||The idea of loving someone more than you love yourself is an interesting concept for Adel.
Penguins||Although she may dislike the cold, Adele finds these little critters to be adorable.
Being Alone||She thrives off the company of others so it's to no surprise that she dislikes being by herself.
Dirt||Considering the fact that she can manipulate the earth, Adelaide abhors the idea of being dirty. She just can't stand it.
Water||Ada doesn't do well with water. She never has but she does admire its ability to cause destruction and bring life.
Fears ||
Dying Alone||Being Ignored||Being Forgotten or Let Go||Drowning
Strengths ||
Acrobatic||Having grown up in the circus, Adele is quite the acrobat. She is capable of performing even the most complex of aerial maneuvers, as well as ground movements such as summersaults.
Escape Artist||Dela has been know to escape confinement on more than one occasion. Whether it be when she is tied up with chains or locked in a room, she almost always finds a way to get out. She is also pretty good at lock picking and is quiet on her feet.
Dancer||There is no hiding the fact that Ada is a mesmerizing dancer. She has superb control of her body, capable of moving in a way that many have trouble copying. Ada is incredibly flexible as well as graceful whenever she moves. In order to control her body the way she does, Ada has gone through rigorous training exercises and is surprisingly strong despite her looks.
Weaknesses ||
Can't Swim||The young woman hates the water so convincing her to learn how to swim is pretty close to being impossible.
Loud Mouth||The young woman has and always will speak her mind however it can and will lead to her down fall.
Selfish||If it doesn't involve her directly chances are Adela won't give two shits about it. Unless of course you're someone she likes.


Adelaide has lived a relatively good life. She was not abandoned or abused as a child rather she was loved by many. The young woman was born in Germany into a world of fantastical wonder, the Cirque du Elaize. This circus was led by the renowned Alphonse Albrecht who had once been a leading performer before taking up the mantle of ringmaster. Adelaide was the daughter of Odette and Simon Sucrauss who were the current leading performers until they retired to less dangerous roles in the Cirque. Everyone within the Cirque played a part in raising Adelaide and she was taught many things throughout her childhood. However she had a talent for only one thing and one thing only, aerial acrobatics. She loved learning how to perform and it was when they visited a zoo that she fell in love with the waddling creature known as the penguin. Just about everything she wore was penguin related and she has yet to grow out of this "obsession."

It wasn't until she was about fourteen that she began to have visions. At first she kept them to herself but as time went by she became convinced that she was not normal. This notion was what led her being rather over confident and selfish however she knew for sure that she was different when she figured out how to move the earth. It was shortly after her fifteenth birthday that she lost complete control of her abilities. Thankfully there was a young man who was able to calm her down but not without being fatally injured in the process. Ever since that day Adelaide has been trying to remember the boy who had saved her and has convinced herse;f that he is the one for her. Finally at the age of seventeen, Adelaide showed her parents what she was capable of. At first they were shocked and wondered as to how their daughter could do what she did but eventually they accepted it. Adele has told her parents on numerous occasions the visions she had and they believe her. They're aware that one day her "family" will come to find her and when that day comes Adele may just go with them.

|Face Claim|
Seizon Senryaku

Ezra LeFalle

I will fight for those who cannot

Bellatore|| Unlike many of the other species, Ezra has little to no magical capability.



With sharp eyes and spiky hair one wouldn’t think Ezra is such a gentleman. Ezra sports spiky red hair, some of which falls over his right eye, that grows in length but decreases in thickness as it reaches the base of his neck. The left side of his head is also shaved off and has been colored black for whatever reason. In fact as with his hair, Ezra's eyes are a stunning red, seemingly glowing whenever he is upset. They often give him a sharp look to his otherwise child-like face. The young man wears a sleeveless skin tight leather shirt, showing off his slender physique. Along his arms are black gloves with the fingertips cut off and large silver cuffs at his wrist. The leather reaches up to his upper arm that seems to envelope them in protection. Around his neck he wears a chain necklace with what looks to be a sword pendant at the end; he also has similarly styled earrings that dangle a bit at his earlobe.

At his waist sits a rather extravagant leather belt, along the edges that center the buckle are three metal studs. Seemingly attached are what appear to be numerous amounts of metal objects that look to be either scabbards or just simple metals designed to look fearsome. However upon closer inspection these metal pieces are attached to a completely new belt, a large circular buckle and strap that disappears underneath said metal and another chain that does the same. Once you get past the waist, Ezra's attire no longer looks sleek but rather large and bulky with its large metal plates to protect his legs and feet. Underneath this plated armour are baggy black pants and sturdy boots however using the bathroom on a whim is out of the question much to his dismay.

The first word that comes to mind when those who first lay eyes on him is a naive boy to be easily taken advantage of. Yet underneath that exterior, Ezra is the kind of man who will throw himself in front of a Talpas jaws if a child was too scared to run. He's the kind of fellow who will help anyone even if he doesn't benefit from it. In short, Ezra is the very essence of what it means to be a "Knight in Shining Armour". It isn't so much because Ezra is kind but because he feels the need to constantly redeem himself after failing to protect his sister. As a man of his word, Ezra will do everything in his power to keep it. It does unfortunately have its cons. For instance, he never knows when to give up even when it's kicking him right in the face; making him either very stubborn, resilient or just stupid. Despite his kind demeanor, Ezra can at times be quite the fool when around those he likes.

Ezra is, unfortunately, not the most trusting individual. Due to his own experiences in the past, Ezra has lost some faith in people. The good thing is once you gain his trust, you have it for life however if you break it there is no salvation. Unlike how most would think, seeing as he is has defeated a war lord and fought a couple battles, Ezra doesn't act as most would expect someone of his status to react. People are surprised to find that he is quite humble, often shying away from praise, and even more surprising is Ezra is quite the klutz.

But give him a sword and his whole demeanor will change, for the good of course. You see underneath that kindness is a man who enjoys a good fight. Not to say that Ezra is a bloodthirsty fool who goes in search of one but rather he looks forwards to one day meeting an individual(s) that can give him a challenge. Ezra is always in search of a challenge and he likes to enjoy every moment of it. With a sword in each hand Ezra becomes graceful almost like he’s dancing with two very sharp objects. He moves as if his swords are just an extension of his arm and he will say this too. The young man also becomes rather fierce as he changes from being kind to someone a bit less lenient towards his opponent.

A Good Fight||Not to say he’s a mindless beast always causing trouble, but Ezra does enjoy a challenge. Sadly they’re usually short ones.
Books||Ezra is surprisingly an avid book reader. He does his best to hide this hobby least people think he's a pansy.
Story-Telling||The young man loves to hear a good campfire story. Having read a lot he will sometimes join in but he doesn't think they are any good.
Alcohol||Since age really isn't a restriction in Nominum, Ezra enjoys a good beer every now and then. Unfortunately the young man has yet to realize that he has a very low tolerance for alcohol.

Thieves||He hates it when he sees people stealing. It always reminds him of his own past,
Warlords||Having once been under the heel of one, it's to no surprise that he doesn't like them period.
Perverts||Despite being a man himself, he hates it when a man defiles a woman's identity for his own gain.

The young man only ever carries two things with him or rather one as they are the same type of equipment, his dual swords.
Schwarze Ritter||Otherwise known as the Black Knight, out of the two blades, this one looks the fiercest. Schwarze Ritter is a large blade resembling that of a claymore, save for the split blade at the tip. The guard is of a sharp red color that points upwards towards the hilt, which unlike most of the blade is black with a circular tip big enough for Ezra to maybe fit his hand through.
Blasse Dame||Unlike its masculine counterpart, this blade is sleek and very simple in design. The guard is in the shape of a smooth diamond that seems to meld with the blade; at the center is a red gem-like piece. Like the guard, the blade itself appears smooth but is quite sharp along with a similar design in that at the center of the blade is a red that makes it seem like the pale blade is outlining it. As for the handle, it has a black wrap until it reaches the tip where it expands to shape a spear like piece.

Ezra being only a bellatore has no magical capabilities of his own. Not even alchemy is on his side despite his species renowned skill in that area.

Dual Swordsmanship||Ezra is very skilled in handling two swords at the same time. He is a moderately adaptable combatant, as his two swords have allowed him to become ambidextrous, letting him switch them between his hands. Ezra can easily switch or balance the strength between his two hands, allowing him to surprise his opponent. He does however prefer to use his left hand over his right. For the most part Ezra will often start with only one sword, normally Blasse Dame, unless the situation gets worse he will not draw out Blasse Dame’s partner.
Hand-to-hand Combatant||As mentioned before, just because Ezra has lost his swords does not leave him entirely defenseless. Ezra is quite capable of protecting himself with his bare hands. He is proficient enough to incorporate a bit of hand-to-hand combat into his sword play although it generally only works with only one hand, otherwise he’d just have his feet to use.
Former Blacksmith Apprentice||Although it has been some time since he last worked behind the bellows of a blacksmith's fire, Ezra has a thorough knowledge on the makings of equipment. In fact he was one of the best in his village and could easily spot a flaw in a weapon, however the more complicated it became the harder it was to find the flaws.
Agility & Speed||Despite the armour he wears, Ezra is able to move very well. Ezra has been told he moves in away similar to a dancer. Without his armour, Ezra's speed increases slightly but very little changes after that.

Alchemy||Even though his species are known for their skill concerning the making of potions and such, Ezra has absolutely zero aptitude for it. Ezra has tried in the past to work with other alchemists but he failed in the fact that his mixtures often ended in explosions of sorts. Unfortunately this resulted in a severe disability.
Blind||That’s right, Ezra is nearly blind in his right eye. Due to an accident of misfortune in his younger years, Ezra's eyesight has gone into a slow decent into darkness. At this point in life Ezra's right eye is the most affected while his left sees everything in a slightly fuzzy vision. Over the years Ezra has learned to make up for this disability.
Sickness||Sadly his eyes were not the only things affected by the explosion of his past. His lungs are forever scarred to the point he may cough up blood if he pushes himself too hard. Other times he may cough it up at random and so to keep it at a minimum, Ezra carries around with him a vial of herbs that can be found just about anywhere (that is if the season is right) that even he can mix together to drink every once and awhile.
Trust||Ezra is far too trusting for his own good; you might even call it naivety. Even though he proclaims to be the protector of the weak, Ezra has a hard enough time protecting himself from liars and smooth talkers. This may stem from the fact that he desperately wants to believe everyone is capable of being good.

Ezra, since the age of 20, has traveled far and wide in search of those in need of a hero. He had once been part of a village that was part of many others governed by a warlord. Thanks to an uprising with him as one of the core leaders, the people of the Valley were able to rebel against the warlord and end his reign over them.

Both of his parents are dead but Ezra has and always will love them from the bottom of his heart. As for his sister, Ezra still loves her and often thinks about what she may be up to.

Ezra and his family lived peacefully on a small farm unaware for the most part of the turmoil that was growing closer to civilization. By the time it had reached them, it was too late. A group of soldiers appeared on their door steps, forcing them to give up most of their belongings to the War lord. After that, the family of four ended up giving up their farm to live closer to the town. Ezra's father began to work in one of the mines while his mother and sister worked as alchemists. Ezra on the other hand found peace in working with the towns blacksmith. The blacksmith, Allen, became like a grandfather to Ezra, with his support and teachings. Life was relatively normal until the reigning Warlord began to ask for taxes. If one was unable to pay, the soldiers would force them out of their homes. Ezra and his family got by with everyone working until the death of his father in a mining accident. Shortly afterwards, Ezra and many others became too ill to work. With Ezra sick, his sister, Annalise, took care of him while their mother worked. However with only one person to earn money, they soon began to worry about tax collection. Unfortunately the Warlord raised the taxes, and it soon became obvious that Ezra and his family would not be able to pay.

When the soldiers finally came, it was only he and his sister. They tried to explain the situation to them, but they did not listen. Annalise offered the soldiers some of their valuables, but the soldiers saw a different form of payment, Annalise's body. Hearing his sister's screams, Ezra forced himself out of bed to help her. What he saw sickened him but with his fever he could barely stand. Pushing himself, Ezra was able to push a soldier off his sister however the accompanying soldier pushed him to the floor and Ezra went in and out of consciousness. Tears streamed down his face as he watched his beloved sister get raped until finally he lost all consciousness. Eventually word got out of what had happened but the soldiers had twisted the story and spoke of Annalise doing sexual favors to not pay taxes. Not long after, Ezra's fever broke. He began to roam the streets, getting into fights that more often than not involved his sister. It was during these fights that Ezra came across a fighting ring that paid fighters if they won matches.

One day Ezra happened upon a knight with elaborate armor and an equally beautiful sword. Almost immediately, Ezra that he would have had to pay very good money for them. Ezra knew exactly what he had to do. After following the knight for a little while the two eventually came to an alleyway. It turned out the knight had been aware of his stalker and challenged Ezra to a fight. In his youthful arrogance, Ezra agreed however the fight ended almost as soon as it started with a blade at his neck. Seeing the anger and desperation in his eyes, the knight offered Ezra a choice. Either be his squire or be thrown in jail and risk the wrath of the soldiers. Although he didn’t like it Ezra agreed, thinking he could just lose the knight after a couple of days. It soon proved to be pointless since the knight was staying in the village.

During the knights stay, he saw how the people were governed and voiced his grievances to the peasants. The knight was surprised that the villagers were content with their lives. They also feared what may happen if the Warlord aimed his displeasure at them. The knight was willing to teach them how to fight but many closed their doors to him in fear of the Warlord's wrath. Ezra, on the other hand, was one of the few who took advantage of this opportunity, becoming one of the best fighters. As time went on, Ezra began to admire the knight and slowly reverting back to the kind young man he had been before the Warlord came. Life didn’t get any easier as it took a turn for the worst. One of the alchemy lab exploded caused by a mixture Ezra had tried to replicate but made a mistake in the ingredients. The gases burned his lungs and eyes, along with those caught in the explosion. After that, his vision was never the same as he was having trouble seeing through his right eye.

This problem carried into his job as a blacksmith and it showed. Allen took note of Ezra's frustration and asked him about it. Shortly after a couple of soldiers showed up demanding that the blacksmith make weapons for them. Allen declined their request since he was still fixing the villagers tools. The soldiers became upset, attacking Allen and vandalizing the workshop. In hearing the sudden commotion Ezra walked back to the front of the shop. Ezra saw the damage which started a fire. Freaking out, Ezra tried to put it out but his attention was soon taken outside where the soldiers were beating Allen. Rushing outside, Ezra tackled one of the soldiers.

With a yell of fury, Ezra began to punch the soldier until the other three pulled him back. They didn’t expect Ezra to put up much of a fight considering he was only a villager but he soon surprised them by taking one of their swords. It wasn't until the end of the fight the knight showed up to help Ezra. He took on two of the soldiers while Ezra dealt with the third one. Not noticing there was a fourth soldier, Ezra just barely had enough time to parry the blow to his right side. Unfortunately the first solider he had been dealing with initially took this chance to slash Ezra. The knight called out to his new disciple, taking note of the lack of reaction on Ezra's right side. The knight was finally able to take out the two he fought to help Ezra, who gritted his teeth against the burning pain in his chest. Shortly after the fight had ended, officials came to take Ezra away. They felt bad about what the soldiers did, so they made sure to take decent care for him. After bailing out Erza, the knight conducted a few tests to prove his theory. Ezra was ashamed for hiding it from him. He truly believed he was of no use now that his vision was compromised and now that he was hurt, he really didn't the knight would want him any more. Upset by his disciples negative outlook, he reassured Ezra that so long as he worked hard to make up for his disability then he'd keep him around. Hearing the sureness in the knight's voice, Ezra gave it a second thought and started training as soon as he was able. The young man was eventually able to wield his sword in his left hand and after his shoulder healed, he could use both. All the while Ezra saw to it that his mother was well taken care of and that his sister didn’t do anything that could put her life in jeopardy.

Two years after that fateful incident, the knight and Ezra finally led the town, along with many others in the vicinity, to the Warlords keep to finally take him out. During their battle, Ezra cut people down without giving the killing blow however the knight killed them left and right. When they reached the warlords chamber they found him ready to fight. After an arduous fight with the Warlord they finally got him on his knees, begging for mercy. Ezra was then tasked with the decision to either kill him or let him go, only for him to come back with revenge. With a look of guilt, Ezra gave the okay and off came the Warlords head. They presented his head to the awaiting the crowd who cheered. Ezra on the other hand was having a hard time dealing with the decision he made, but the knight reassured him that there are some things that must be done, even if it felt wrong.

Shortly after their hard earned victory, the knight Ezra had once hated parted ways with the people of the village, but he didn’t go alone. The whole time Ezra had been so focused on getting stronger and caring for his dying mother he was oblivious to the relationship forming between the knight and his sister. Seeing the smile on his sister’s face, Ezra let the knight take her away. He knew she'd be a lot happier with the knight than her with all those bad memories. Ezra on the other hand didn’t have what could be considered a happy ending. At the age of 20 Ezra's mother finally succumbed to the sickness that was eating at her, but he was at peace knowing his mother no longer suffered. Now that he had no ties to the village Ezra began to prepare for his journey into the world of Nominum. As he was leaving his old teacher Allen presented him with a bundled gift that was quite heavy. Taking it into his arms, Ezra was told not to unwrap them until he was no longer within the valley. Thanking Allen for the gift Ezra finally ventured out into the world.

After walking for a couple of days Ezra stood at the tallest ridge of the valley and looked down at what was now large spots of grays. His village looked so small from up above, so with a smile on his face Ezra sat down and took out the bundle. Slowly pulling away the leather that covered them, Ezra pulled out two large scabbards. Already grinning, Ezra pulled the swords out taking delight in the hum of metal and stared in awe at what could be Allen's greatest work, Ezra placed them across his back and began to practice taking them out and going through a few routines to get the feel for them. Once he felt satisfied Ezra placed them back in their harness and continued on walking.

The young man walked aimlessly for a while in hopes of finding some form of civilization. It took the young man about a month of walking to finally reach another town. They were his fellow Bellatores but Ezra was unaware of the name his kind were given until some of the townspeople informed him. Ezra stayed there for a couple of weeks getting to know the people there and was even taught about the other species with the limited knowledge they had. During his time there, Ezra decided to teach some of the kids, especially the girls, some easy ways of defending themselves against attackers. Eventually he left the town in search of more adventures, Ezra had quite a few encounters with danger and possible death but he got through them. Ezra tried his best to overcome his past decisions. He wanted to believe more than anything else that people were kind like his sister. Without even realizing it, the young man began to help everyone he saw, regardless of their circumstances. Who would after having encountered that damned SlenderMan.

Theme Song
Panic! At the Disco||Emperor's New Clothes



❝Boom ❞
ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:#FF8080
тнσυgнт cσƖσя Pink

|| Supremacy|| Muse ||


Birdie Korbalt a.k.a Number 4
Bird Brain||Fist||Pinkie||
{☛ ⒶⒼⒺ ☚}
Recently turned eighteen about a week ago.
Moon Young Lee || Girl’s the Wild’s

❝ Piss off pipsqueak ❞


{☛ ⒽⒺⒾⒼⒽⓉ ☚}
Stands at an average of 5’8
{☛ ⓌⒺⒾⒼⒽⓉ ☚}
Not exactly her favorite topic, but the last she checked, Birdie weighed about 137 lbs.
A soft salmon pink
Much like her hair color, Birdie’s eyes match her long locks.
Birdie’s body is void of tattoos and piercings outside from the number they inked into her skin. On the other hand, Birdie has a variety of scars that she has acquired from fights and surgeries etc. Most of it can be found around her knuckles, knees and elbows.


From her well muscled build, added with her well proportioned curves, the young woman is the very epitome of what it looks to be a fighter. She stands at a good height of 5’8 which is just right for the activities she loves to indulge herself in. While she does bear a muscled build, it doesn’t look unattractive. Rather it makes Birdie seem a bit intimidating which is just how she likes it. Not to say that she’s ugly in that sense, Birdie portrays confidence and power in even the subtlest of movements.

Birdie was graced with long wavy salmon colored locks that fall down to the small of her back. Often times she just keeps it up in a rather messy bun, but she does let it down every now and then. Her bangs are cut to where they brush against her eyebrows, and much like her hair, Birdie's eyes are of a similar color, albeit more intense. Her skin is a lovely tanned peach color from spending a lot of time outdoors. As for her clothing, Birdie tends to dress in workout clothing such as tank tops, trousers, short and on occasion sports bras.


♙ Can’t help but like the things ya do ♙


❥ LIKES Sparring
❥ LIKES Freedom
❥ LIKES Food
❥ LIKES Running

❝Don’t even try to give me this crap ❞


⌦ DISLIKES Being confined
⌦ DISLIKES Bitter foods
⌦ DISLIKES Girly stuff

Food HoarderThey always kept the good stuff from her, so now that she is free from their regulations Akira can always be found with snacks somewhere on her person.
TouchingA rather strange one, Akira has gotten into the habit of running her fingers over her skin and scars whenever she’s uncomfortable, deep in thought, or is bored.
BirdsongOver the years Birdie has lived up to her namesake by imitating various bird calls. It often surprises others how well she can mimic them. She also likes to whistle at random.

Temper]Birdie has, unfortunately, a rather explosive temper. Push a certain button and she’s bound to bite your head off.
Food IntakeHer power and body is heavily reliant on calorie intake. One small burst can take out a quarter of her energy. In order to remedy this Birdie is always eating a lot of foods.
DenseUnfortunately Birdie can be a bit of a bird brain sometimes. People often have to spell it out to her for her to understand it. Not to say she’s stupid but with the amount of knocks to her head it’s no wonder she’s a bit dense.
Terrible People PersonTo put simply, if you’re not another Stardust child that she grew up with chances of her being nice to you are pretty damn slim. Birdie has the misfortune of seeing everyone as an outsider and has little trust in people.

FighterConsidering her ability, Birdie is an exceptional fighter. Even when compared to the others, it is unlikely that she’ll go down if it’s within close quarters. Being a fighter also means that she has the strength, endurance and speed to back it up.
Body ControlA little something extra that gives her an edge during a fight. Birdie has superb body control, being able to change the direction of a strike midway.
Level-HeadedEven with the temper she has, Birdie can surprisingly be very level-headed. She is able to assess the situation in a calm manner as well as her opponent's.
TenacityIt’s actually kind of hard to imagine Birdie ever giving up. Regardless of the odds, it takes a lot to make her give up her stance.

Paralysis Her entire way of living is built upon moving, so the very idea of not being able to do that terrifies her.
Hospitals & Dr.s When you think about it, this is a legitimate fear considering her background.
Losing tasteAn odd fear to most, Birdie loves being able to taste her food. Before her food was utterly bland so she often associates good taste with freedom.


♙ Sometimes pain is good. Even when it hurts you know you're still alive ♙

To say that she is a little wild is an understatement. When the young woman wants to do something she does it, regardless of the consequences. Unless it reflected negatively on the others, Birdie couldn't care less. She hardly ever holds back her tongue, much to the others dismay, and is often getting into trouble for speaking her mind with some colorful words she picked up during her upbringing. On the flip side Birdie is quite the lively gal; often moving around to keep herself busy or trying to get the others to enjoy themselves. There never goes a moment where she isn't grinning whether it be because her mischievous plan worked or if a tough opponent just presented themselves to her. With that being said, Birdie can also be extremely aggressive however this seems to only apply to strangers. While she certainly can be a bit tough on the others, she calls it tough love, she is by no means trying to be mean or hurt their feelings.

Continuing that thought, Birdie also bears a rather short temper. One small action against her can make her snap at you, even if she were in the wrong. This often happens when someone tries to take her food or complains about being punished, grounded and things of that sort. Most of her anger comes from how she was raised, so she doesn't believe that others have the right to complain about how "terrible" their lives are. Despite having such a short fuse, Birdie has proven again and again that she can also be very level-headed in her approach to a problem. This is especially the case in the many fights that she has gotten herself into. She knows what to do and what not to do, which buttons would be best to push and etc. She knows not to rush in without a plan but there are times where going by your gut can potentially save your life. Birdie also, surprisingly, knows when to back down if the opponent is clearly out of her league although she has yet to meet someone like that outside of those she has been raised with.

Birdie does have a kinder side though. One could say she acts like the older sister when #10, the eldest, isn't around. The young woman treats them like family and with respect. She is also fiercely protective of them, especially the younger ones even though she knows they can care for themselves to an extent. If on of them were to get hurt expect to be confronted by the likes of a raging mother bear. Birdie also enjoys teasing the others. She also doesn't mind roughhousing with them either.

❝ Only in silence do we understand what it means to speak❞


{☛ ⒻⒶⓂⒾⓁⓎ ☚}
Living life in a lab was never a choice Birdie ever had. Her biological parents were in search of a donor body for their son so they enlisted the help of the mother's twin brother, Hyung Lee, a scientist working with the Stardust children. Birdie isn’t like most of the children. She was not born from the eggs and sperm of her parents but was grown from the cells of her older brother. In order to ensure that she grew healthy, Hyung Lee infused some Stardust into her cells. As she developed it became clear that the donor child was going to be female and not male as they had intended, but that didn’t matter. Birdie was still an almost exact copy of her brother. When the time came for her brother's transplant, they took her kidney and decent sized chunk from her liver. In essence Birdies sole purpose was to provide organs for the brother she did not she had.

Eventually she was forced into the program when they realized she had powers. Not only did they begin to take whatever they needed from her, Birdie was also used in the programs own experiments. They wanted to see how far her body could go while missing a couple organs. Birdie ended up becoming violent, often fighting against the others because she didn’t want to be put on a table and cut open any more. Thankfully the day came when she didn’t have too. It was that day that she was able to get out. It was also the day she nearly ended up killing herself from an explosive she made. Birdie lost hearing in her right ear and some vision in her right side. Regardless, she was just happy to have finally been free of that scalpel. She was now her own person and Birdie made sure to enjoy every moment of it. The first step was replacing her number with the name Birdie, to her, birdie was what one called a bird. A bird that was finally free of its cage.
{☛ ⓄⓉⒽⒺⓇ ☚}

Birdie’s ability is explosive, quite literally actually. She is capable of generating, shaping and manipulating explosives whether they were created by her or from a secondary source. The largest explosion she ever made was one that leveled a two story building, but as previously stated, the bigger it is the more energy it takes up. Her explosions are proportional to the amount of calories (energy) she consumes. Birdie has also mastered, at least she likes to think so, the skill of incorporating her explosions into combat.


❝Could you not look up at me. It’s annoying ❞
Username: Polarisbear12
ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:#BF80FF ♙ тнσυgнт cσƖσя #BF8080

|| Sleepless || Kate Hovnevik ||


You wouldn't happen to have food on you?

Kuma||Another form of her name, few people have ever really called her this
Miss White||A formality used by the scientists however Ursel cares little for formalities



Ursus maritimus, Polar bear

Success Rate
Fifty-Six Percent

Face Claim
Karako Koshio||Deadman Wonderland


Don't let the looks fool you.

Hair Color
A snowy white
Eye Color
Pale amber
Skin Tone
Honey Brown
Physical Description
The young woman is quite the sight to behold with her white hair and dark skin. All of which are a direct result of her being a Hybrid. From the top of her head to the tips of her toes Ursel is covered in a smooth honeyed brown skin. Most of which is devoid of blemishes save for a couple scars. She has a large bite mark on her shoulder from an old quarrel, scared knuckles, a jagged line on the underside of her chin and a small portion of her right ear is gone thanks to badly aimed bullet. Going back to the top of her head, the Hybrid has a mop of curly white hair. It is soft to the touch, like silk, and is cut short so as not to get in her way. Further down are her prized assets, a pair of beautiful amber colored eyes that seemed to pierce right through you.

Ursel's overall build is muscled but curvaceous. Standing at a towering height of 6'4, she often has to look down at most of her fellow Hybrids. Her height also makes her stand out even more than before and her curves don't help either. Due to her constantly working out, it's rumored that she got it all from her DNA, Ursel has a well muscled body. She isn't overly buffed up though. When it comes to her clothing she usually just throws on whatever is given to her. While Ursel prefers to go around barefoot, in public she'll wear sandals, and make sure to cover up her body a bit more adequately. The only problem with letting Ursel dress how she wants is the tuft of white fur at the base of her spin. Like many Hybrids, Ursel bears the obvious traits of her animal such as the small claws on her hands and feet and a tail.


It's just in my nature to be this awesome.

ImagePotential Interest


    Stalking || the young woman knows full well that in order to get her target she must be stealthy
    Swimmer || A natural born swimmer, Ursel can swim for hours on end.
    Martial Artist || Ursel was taught to make use of her strength, so she learned judo and aikido.


    Inhumane Strength || Ursel is a very strong woman, capable of carrying objects or people about 5-6 times her own weight.
    Enhanced Senses || Although they are not as keen as they would if she were a full blooded polar bear, Ursel’s sense are better than the average human. Her most notable one is her sense of smell.
    Heat Insulator || It takes quite a lot to get this woman shivering.
    Breathe|| Like any other polar bear, Ursel can hold her breathe for quite some time. Of course having only a part of a polar bears DNA she can't hold for as long as others.


Piss off you filthy bastard



    Sleeping || The young woman loves to sleep, being able to find just about any spot to take a nap.
    Snacks || One can always expect Ursel to have food on her person.
    Staring || A rather, unnerving habit to most. Ursel tends to stare off into space or at people as if she's about to eat them.

    Cold Weather || Considering the fact that she's part polar bear, it really doesn't come as a surprise that sh enjoys colder temperatures.
    Food || Who doesn't like food?
    Puzzles || It's a great way to pass the time

    Heat || For obvious reasons
    Sand || The stuff makes her skin itch and she hates how it gets stuck in her hair
    Lab Tests || They do it every quarter and it annoys the crap out of her.

    Raw Power || While she may only b 56% Polar Bear, that doesn't mean she doesn't have the raw power of her relatives.
    Language || Unbeknownst to many, Ursel speaks both English and Russian.
    Stealth || Despite her immense size and weight, the young woman can be very quiet.

    Slow || Considering her large size, it comes with no surprise that the woman is rather slow in the long run.
    Heat Exhaustion || Unlike others, it's very easy for Ursel to fall prey to the heat, especially when she is doing a lot of movement.
    Food Intake || Ursel's power is heavily reliant on the amount of calories she takes in. Too little and she becomes sluggish.


There ain't no one like me

Lazy || Observant || Patient || Aggressive || Playful || Sisterly

It's best not to expect much out of this white haired hybrid. Even if she were to have a full meal, Ursel tends to act sluggish. Of the whole bunch, she is without a doubt one of the lazier Hybrids. The best method to getting her to do something is to bride her with snacks, or more nap time. To be honest you could very well describe her as someone who does nothing but eat, sleep and maybe work with the right incentive. However the most surprising part about her is that she is very observant. Very little gets past the young woman and her spot on observations often get the scientists and the agents she works with a bit nervous when around her.

With that being said, Ursel can be extremely aggressive whether they be friend or foe although it seems to mainly be targeted towards strangers. There are a variety of reasons for why she'll snap at someone. The most notable are when she has just woken up, she can be quite the grump, or if someone invades her personal space. While she certainly can be a bit tough on the others, she calls it tough love. When it comes to the younger Hybrids she is by no means trying to be mean or hurt their feelings. Despite being so hostile, Ursel has proven again and again that she can also be very level-headed in her approach to a problem. This is especially the case in the many fights that she has gotten herself into. She knows what to do and what not to do, which buttons would be best to push and etc. She knows not to rush in without a plan but there are times where going by your gut can potentially save your life. Ursel also, surprisingly, knows when to back down if the opponent is clearly out of her league although she has yet to meet someone like that outside of those she has been raised with.

Ursel does have a kinder side, thankfully. One could say she acts like the older sister towards the younger members. The young woman treats them like family as as with respect if she feels like they deserve it. She is also fiercely protective of them, especially the younger ones even though she knows they can care for themselves. If on of them were to get hurt expect to be confronted by the likes of a raging mother bear. Ursel also enjoys teasing the others. She also doesn't mind roughhousing with them either. In saying all that, Ursel can be very patient. It's actually one of her more defining trait. The Hybrid is capable of waiting for long periods of time and this is most often made use of when she is given a task.



Nothing beats reminiscing about the past a bit

Life as a Hybrid was not an easy one and very few grew past the toddler stage. Roughly four dozen Hybrids, of the twenty dozen that were created, made it into the safe zone which was ten years old. Of course there were always those unlucky few who ended up dying after they reached that zone. If that wasn't the reason for their demise it probably came about from the training regimen they were made to follow. Ursel was among the lucky four dozen who survived. One could say that it was thanks to her particular DNA that enabled her to endure it although her food intake nearly cost her her life on more than one occasion. She was often tasked with infiltration and has acted as body guard for some important people pretty often in her life. So far there have only been two occasions that Ursel had to push herself beyond her limits. The first time was when she actually had to keep another Hybrid from killing her employer. In the end she won out with a choke hold and in return she got that nasty scar under her chin.

Thanks to her aggressive yet sisterly nature, Ursel often found herself either on good or bad terms with certain Hybrids. She most certainly isn't on good terms with the one who gave her the bite mark, she still wishes she had snapped their neck at the time. On her down time Ursel is often sent to one of the outdoor facilities in Russia where she can make better use of her polar bear genes although her down time really can't be considered that. It's during her down time that Ursel has her quarterly lab tests along with all the other tests that she has to go through. Most of the tests are used to check her Success Rate and to see if she is still useful to SAPH. Considering her age at this point, Ursel knows that they won't keep her for very long.



Hello! Pleased to meet you!"





"So what if I like playing in dirt!"

Coo||It's a little joke some like to play on her. Since her name is Dove they often call her Coo or Cheep for the sounds Dove's make.
Pigeon||Dove is often dirty from gardening or playing about in the woods and considering the color of her hair and eyes they think calling her Dove, a pure white bird, was a mistake, also Dove is a bit guillable so.
Lost Child
Face Claim
Kobato Hanato||Kobato


"I don't care very much for appearance. Everyone is beautiful no matter what"

Hair Color
Light Auburn
Eye Color
Bright Reddish-Brown
Skin Tone
Physical Description
A young woman known for her soft and gentle beauty. Dove has been blessed with fair skin that stretches across a petite body; Dove is one who resembles an innocent whom one would feel inclined to protect. As with her gentle demeanor, few markings mar her otherwise flawless skin, aside from the occasional scrap from childhood outings. The only notable marking, as well as the only one, is the sprawling birthmark above Dove's heart. It resembles a tree's roots, some which crawl up her neck and behind her ear. Although Dove isn't one to care for appearances, she dislikes the idea of showing this mark to people. The young woman is often covered in dirt and even at her cleanest you will always find something about her that's dirty in the material sense.

From the crown of her head to her knees, fall long tresses of reddish-brown hair, some of which is cut in shorter layers around her head. It often sways behind her as she walks in that graceful way of hers. Possibly one of her most loved features are Doves's eyes, taking on the colors of hazelnut or other similarly colored hues. Dove's eyes often take the phrase "the window to the soul" for literal. Always with that soft light in them, it's very easy to see what it is the young woman is thinking. Dove is also very expressive in her facial expressions but most of the time they are childish.

As one would expect of Dove, her choice in attire varies in style but rarely in what kind of clothing. The young woman is almost always seen wearing long dresses. They often range in style from frilly spring gowns to billowy skirts. On occasion when Dove chooses to spend time outdoors, usually involves getting dirty, she'll wear blouses and puffy pants. One of the more notable accessories are the ever changing hats that she wears.


"Patience is a virtue but I guess it can also be a vice

Potential Interest
Peter Pan Possibly


    Song Bird || Dove has a beautiful singing voice, she often attracts people around her to listen.
    Patience || Not really a skill, Dove's patience has and possibly never will come to an end
    Expert Climber || Known for her ability to climb just about anything, it doesn't take her long to scale the largest tree around within seconds. She just seems to know where to place her feet.
    Hells Cook|| Despite what many would assume, Dove cannot for the life of her cook any of the foods she grows. Every attempt she's made until now have ended in disaster or worse some weird black grubby thing in a pot, although the only thing she can make is bread.

Power Abilities
    Green Thumb||Dove takes the cake for this universal title. Capable of growing anything, Dove has a knack for growing the most beautiful flowers and tastiest foods.
    Creature Whisper||Be it dogs, sheep, birds, even nasty snakes, Dove is very good with all sorts of creatures. She can calm an angry dog with a simple stroke of her hand, or tame a wild horse simply by laughing.
    Peace Maker || With her childish appearance, soft eyes and soothing voice. This young lady has a unique ability to quell just about any argument.
    Lie Detector||To say any white lie would do is an understatement. She always knows when someone is lying to her (yet she hasn't solved her gullible traits).


I may not be the toughest person but who needs strength right!?"


    Tree Roots Birthmark || A marking that is now considered a birthmark. Some like to think its a burn mark since that's what it resembles the most.
    Kindness|| Dove is kind to all, whether they are a good person or not
    Clumsy||Although she gives off the appearance of being graceful she is in fact quite the opposite.


    Nibbling|| Whenever she is in deep thought, Dove will nibble on something, be it a pencil, her lip or finger.
    Cooing|| The young girl will often coo at her plants, coaxing them into growing.
    Twirling her hair || Dove will start twirl her hair when she's nervous
    Sleep||She had a knack for sleeping in just about any situation or time of day
    DayDreamer||As her name suggests, Dove wishes more than anything to be able to fly. To be free, why else would she climb trees.

    Sweets || Dove absolutely loves sweets.
    Nature|| Her place of solitude is the woods. In her free time she wonders what it'd be like to be a tree or a bird.
    Animals||Seeing as she is a natural with animals, why wouldn't this clumsy gal love 'em.
    Cute Things||Dove just absolutely loves anything cute, although the things she finds cute are sometimes odd.
    Peter Pan||She has a slight infatuation with the older boy, although she doesn't really know it.

    Fire || Dove has had a few bad experiences with fire. That and it's one of the reasons she can't cook.
    Violence||A true advocate for peace, Dove sees no point to violence.
    Sadness||Always smiling, Dove is easily affected by the emotions of others so she doesn't like to see her friends upset.
    Liars||More than anything in the world, Dove doesn't like it when people lie to her, especially if you are here friend.

    Surprisingly Strong || Dove may not show it but she's actually pretty strong for someone of her build. Probably because of having to knead bread and carry bags of fertilizer for her garden.
    Determination||Once the young lady makes a goal for herself she will do all she can to reach the best result
    Pacifist ||Some might not think this but being a pacifist means everything to Dove. Always one to try to dissuade acts of violence or to end arguments, Dove does her best to avoid them when she can.

    Gullible || She'll believe just about anything you say to her, although on occasion her gullibility rate will drop and she will know you're lying. Sadly that is a rare feat to occur
    The Dark||Chiaki is terrified of the dark, she'll possibly have a nervous breakdown if left in the dark
    Emotional||Dove is easily affected by the emotions of others, whether they be friend or foe.


"To heal ones heart is my greatest wish"


Kind | Patient | Naive | Childish

Always seen with a smile on her, a smile that can easily brighten up any day, Dove could easily be the human personification of cheerfulness. Known for her kindness the young lady often helps out wherever her help is needed, and sometimes where it’s not so needed. Dove has never been one to think on the negative side but rather to think up the most outrageous ideas to solve the simplest problem, thus leading to her naivety about the world and its norms. Whether it is men asking for a drink or a person dealing with money issues, Dove often doesn’t see the problem presented before her and more often than not doesn’t understand them. That’s not to say she isn’t smart, although she is a bit on the dumber side, Dove can be a bit of an airhead but it’s more so she can be still considered a child in certain aspects.

To go along with her naivety, Dove is very gullible. Now you might wonder why it is she is like this considering how old she is. To put simply she wasn’t always like this, the air headed part that is, Chiaki used to a very bright and cheerful girl who awed not only her peers but a few adults with her uncanny wit. Whenever she gets upset she will either act like a child who was told no or in a more serious manner look truly upset. Those are the times when Dove would need the most comfort. Now back to her gullible part, Dove is quite gullible; being told outrageously false information is one of the better parts of her gullibility. The young woman almost does this like a child would however there are things where it may be a bit more difficult to convince her. She is also oblivious to some topics that she has little knowledge of like romance or fear (depends on the kind of fear). But unlike the child many say she is Dove has the patience to wait form long amounts of time to waiting for that shovel you promised to give back to her. This particular trait is the envy of most people but it is also easily taken advantage of.

It is very easy to bring a smile on her face or to let slip a hiccup of laughter from her lips. The young woman if told the right way could laugh at even the corniest of jokes but never in a way that you would think she is forcing it. Sadly once the humor gets complicated she’ll stop laughing and wonder what it is that would have made the joke funny. Dove rarely ever gets mad and it’s best to say that she never has nor has anyone ever witnessed it. Most of these traits draw people towards her and she usually welcomes it whether it is with good or bad intentions. Despite all this childlike behavior and innocence Dove is very resilient in that little can influence her mind nor does she ever back away from a problem. This can also be her downfall as this result in backing up her determination and her needing to put in the most effort behind a decision. The young woman rarely lies and when she makes a promise she will certainly keep it no matter what the circumstances are. Dove cannot lie for life of her but she is a pro at knowing when she sees it. It's at times such as these that you will find yourself with a serious Dove.


"Dreams are the gateways to your soul"

"I hope you have a nice day!"

Ammiel Ilnore


❝I used to be someone else.❞

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Emotional | Death ||[url=link]Name of Theme Song | Artist Name[/url]
Anger | Out of Control ||[url=link]Name of Theme Song | Artist Name[/url]

❝Bet I know me better then you know you. ❞

∞ Full name ∞ [color==#FF8000]"I have an Archangels name, whoop di do."[/color]
Ammiel Ilorne

*∞ Nickname ∞ "Call me what you will, just don't be stupid about it."

∞ Alias ∞ "I just love it, don't you? Makes people seriously consider associating with me."
Insanity's Chariot

∞ Race ∞ "Do you mean the time in which someone is not there? Cuz I ain't all here. "

∞ Age ∞ "Screw age, I'll live forever"

∞ Gender ∞ "Couldn't you tell from my lucious locks"

*∞ Sexuality ∞ "I've no interest in sacks of meat"
Asexual||Is subject to change

∞ Role ∞ "I'm a rouge . . . "
Rouge Member Two

∞ Activation ∞ "I wonder if people think I'm crazy"
Cut wrists

*∞ Occupation ∞ "I hate people, so this job allows me to do whatever."
Computer Programmer||Hacker if paid

∞ Face Claim ∞ "You just have to love this pretty face~"
Kagari Inzuihe/Chariot||Black Rock Shooter

❝Now to tell you all about me! But really just go die in a hole, I hate people.❞


∞ Feelings ∞ "They took my legs, now I'll cut off their heads "
Ammiel despises Minimum, mainly because she hates how confined it is, and the fact that she once tried to escape and nearly succeeded. In truth it all stems from her past when she was a child and tried to escape. As punishment they destroyed her spinal cord and she is now paralyzed waist down.

*∞ Height & Weight ∞ "I may be small, but that doesn't mean I don't know how best to gut you like the scrap of meat you are"

∞ Hair color ∞ "What an ugly color, I should dye it. Right Mary?"
Golden Yellow

∞ Eye color ∞ "Should I pluck my eyes out too? "
Dull Amber

*∞ Distinguishable Facial Features ∞ "I'm glad at least this body of mine is flawless."

∞ Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings ∞ "Oh those, instead of lines how about holes?"
Ammiel's body is riddled with scars from her childhood. Back when she was able to walk and now from people pushing her out of her wheelchair. Along with how she activates her Error, Ammiel has a bunch of lines along the inside of her arms and the tops of her thighs.||Her Number as a Hiatus is the number 1 which is located on the inside of her thigh

∞ Physical Description ∞ "Think what you want, they always do. Just know looks can be very deceiving."
Ammiel is what most would consider a cold beauty. The young woman sports long curly locks of threaded gold and cool amber eyes. With her body forever stuck to her wheelchair, most get the idea of her being like a doll with her frail body. Ammiel often wears frilly night gowns and dresses. They usually have elbow length sleeves and the hem of the gowns go past her knees. If not nightgowns she'll wear simple dresses that hide her figure among the frills.

❝Oh I know lets go pick apart the leg less girl! Sounds like fun right?❞


∞ Habits/Quirks ∞
✦Pinching||Ammiel often pinches herself to keep from getting attached to people or simply as punishment.
✦Talking||One thing that often unnerves other people is that she is often seen talking with her doll Mary but she rarely talks to people.
✦Emotionless||there are times where Ammiel will stare at a person and never say a thing. This often unnerves people as towards the end of her creepy stare she'll motion with Mary waving goodbye or hello.

∞ Likes ∞
♥ Sweets
♥ Mary
♥ Being alone

∞ Dislikes ∞
✖ People (The not so dead kind)
✖ Minimum
✖ Ugly things

∞ Talents ∞
✔ Computer Hacker||Having been confined to a chair for so long, Ammiel didn't have much to do. So she took up hacking simply because it got her away from people
✔ Silver-Tongued||Ammiel has a way with words that can either cripple a person's soul or give them a boost in morality. Usually its to cripple people but because of how quiet she is most don't see this side to her.
✔ Analyzing||Most people don't think much of her since she's in a wheelchair and all. But underneath all that innocence is a very calculating mind.

∞ Hobbies ∞
✔ Macoroons||Ammiel loves to make these sweets. However she always gives the "ugly" ones to people she doesn't like.
✔ Doll-Making||Ammiel has recently picked up an interest in making dolls, however it's a newer hobby so the dolls she makes aren't all that great.
✔ Puppeteer||As she has always done in her past years, Ammiel speaks through her doll Mary. As with her stare this unnerves many people as her mouth never moves but Mary's does.

∞ Fears ∞
✘ Losing Mary
✘ Being left behind due to her being in a wheelchair and not escaping impending doom.
✘ Losing the ability to move yet another body part

∞ Flaws ∞
✘ Possessive||Ammiel is extremely possessive to the point it's borderline obsessive on the bad side
✘ Wheelchair||Because she is confined to a wheelchair, Ammiel can't get about like she used to. Making her the perfect target in an attack.
✘ Insomnia||Suffering from the inability to actually sleep. It isn't all that unusual for her to have hallucinations or to simply have a fit of rage (although its incredibly rare).

∞ Secrets ∞
⌛ Suffers from Insomnia and all its side effects
⌛Tried to escape Minimum and paid the price
⌛ Despises other people to her very core, although it isn't much of secret sometimes.

❝Let’s talk Hiatus❞


∞ Weapon ∞ "Mary's gonna come and get you"
Mary the Doll (A.K.A. Chariot||The doll Ammiel is always seen carrying is one that is capable of transforming itself to what others have nicknamed Chariot. It has both offensive and defensive abilities and is Ammiel's only means of protecting herself. It grows to be about 5'8 and is incredibly nimble and faster on its feet (wheels). The only real way of stopping Chariot is if you somehow manage to cut off the head or just by piecing it (the head, not the body). Ammiel controls Chariot by her will, however if she can't see Chariot her weapon will either cease to function or its movements become jittery.

∞ Error ∞ "What a useless Error"
Living Transducer||Ammiel is a human antenna giving her the ability to intercept communications and encrypted messages with her mind. She can literally "see" electromagnetic wavelengths but has also been shown to hear noises produced from said frequencies, such as a phone conversation (it’s really staticky and a tricky thing to do). However even electromagnetic signals found in nature can be detected, translated, and transmitted. Ammiel can read a wide range of frequencies but can become easily overwhelmed when she is unable to turn these signals off. Using this ability also produces headaches if she uses it continuously for extended periods of time. For her, she perceives these wavelengths as a series of colors and shapes. Ammiel rarely ever turns it off, probably because she’s paranoid and can't go to sleep.

∞ Personality ∞ "I’m quite the lady aren’t I?"
To say her looks express her personality is an understatement for this young woman. Ammiel may possibly have the most twisted and cruel personality in all of Minimum. Not to say she doesn’t have her good moments, the blonde does her best to make said moments appear as rarely as possibly. Ammiel is a very twisted person as well as possessive of those closest to her in terms of “friendship”. Being an introvert has its perks but Ammiel isn’t the cutesy sort of introvert but rather someone who abhors the presence of other people. Ammiel dislikes being around people simply as she finds communicating with them a nuisance and seeing the look of pity in their eyes when they fall upon her wheelchair.

Ammiel is the kind of person who isn't subtle about her likes or dislikes of a person. In truth it seems the girl takes great pride in making it obvious and seeing a person’s reactions. The blonde is also known to be rather paranoid or nutty in her actions. Mainly due to her talking to Mary and using the doll as a way to communicate to others. Ammiel is extremely paranoid, thinking someone is watching her and she will sometimes suffer from hallucinations. So all in all it's safe to say the blonde has gone bat shit crazy or you could blame it on her insomnia. And Ammiel is very good at hiding it by keeping a stoic yet creepy expression.

She is also very irritable and she voices this irritability through Mary. Possibly one of her darker traits, Ammiel takes pleasure in seeing the pain of others. Watching them suffer somehow enlightens the girls mood thus resulting in her laughing like a maniac. This side to her rarely occurs as she is more likely to stare with that creepy look in her eye than laugh. To those who have caught a glimpses of this side may see Ammiel's behavior as savage and unhealthy (unhealthy, maybe) but savage, no Ammiel is much more than she appears. Underneath her seemingly innocent and quiet exterior is a young woman where nothing gets past her. Quite literally really, everything that gets transmitted electronically Ammiel can see it. Despite her dislike for the need to communicate or even be around other people, Ammiel has been known to show a softer side to her. Although this is incredibly rare and normally only occurs with those she truly cares for or when only she is aware of the act. Due to her coming off as emotionless most don't see her expressing herself and she likes to keep it that way.

❝To the past and beyond.❞


*∞ Romantic Interest ∞ "Who could possibly catch my eye in this hellhole"
None at the moment

∞ Most Precious Person ∞ "Why Mary of course! She's the only one who really understands me."

*∞ Family ∞ "Those people, what about them. They've left me for dead the moment they found out I was a Haitus and couldn't walk"
Mother||Anna Ilnore||Alive
Father||Adam Ilnore||Alive
Brother||Michael Ilnore||Alive

∞ History ∞ "Want to know about my past do you."
Answer Here {Include how you met your Group}

*∞ Other ∞ "Not much to look at here"
Wheelchair||Ammiel is permanently confined to a wheelchair, so she has difficulty getting around if she’s in a rush.

Yume Musaboru

Sweet dreams, sours dreams. I’ll have them all.
[url=link]Name of Theme Song | Artist Name[/url]
[url=link]Name of Theme Song | Artist Name[/url]
[url=link]Name of Theme Song | Artist Name[/url]


⌈Full Name⌋
Yume Musaboru
"I guess I can give you my name"

Demon Tribe
"They are my family"

"J-Just cuz I eat them doesn’t mean anything"

Answer Here
"I lost count, so long as there are dreams for me to munch on, I am content"

"Please don’t look at me"

"Um they both make me nervous and I can’t help but stare"

Member Of Demon Tribe
"Like I said, they’re family to me"

Baku||Dream Eater
"Well my species name says it all, I eat dreams. Unlike the Obake, we don’t eat souls but dreams or rather we feed off a humans dream. Be they sweet, lustful or plain evil that is our purpose. The dream world is our domain, nothing can compare to the power a Baku wields in their territory."

⌈Face Claim⌋
Clione||Yumekui Merry
"I uh don’t really agree with her choice in clothes but she is very pretty. Just how I dreamed it to be."


⌈Height & Weight⌋
"I’m not very tall"

⌈Hair color/Length/Quality⌋
Blonde||Short With Bangs Framing Her Face||Feathery
"I like ti just the way it is"

⌈Eye color⌋
Green with Cross Shaped Pupils That Are White
"Strange aren’t they, but I digress I love them."

⌈Distinguishable Facial Features⌋
There Seem To Be Two Nubs Protruding From The Top Of Her Head That Could Be Cat Ears||Her Pupils
"They are indeed odd, not even I know why they are like that. I’m sure they are just tufts of hair, just hard tufts of hair"

None[ size]
[size=80]"Nothing to see here I guess"

⌈Physical Description⌋
Yume’s form is held within a slender body and petite body that is often mistaken as frail and scrawny from a distance. Feathery blonde hair frames her face, with a short top layer that frames her face and a second but slightly longer layer that curves inwards towards her collarbone. In truth the majority of her hair is tucked neatly into her hat. The most notable feature on her person are her eyes or more specifically the shape of her pupils. With their incredibly odd shape and eerie glowing white color, they are a stark contrast against the beautiful forest green. The small woman, or girl really, looks to be in a miserable state of mood or nervousness from what an onlooker can tell it’s almost as if she is guilty of something. In the end Yume appears as a defenseless girl with no self-confidence.
"I’m not that noteworthy, I’m really not."



Fidgety|| She’ll often fidget under pressure or simply when she is nervous
Hip Movement|| As with her fidgeting, this is mostly apparent when she is nervous around people who are intimidating. What occurs is she’ll swing her hips around in a small circle or just sways them.
Eye Contact|| Yume hardly ever makes eye contact, but when she does that’s something to be aware of.
Nibbling|The small woman will nibble on anything close by, be it her lip, hands or even hair
Hand Clasping||Another action caused by being nervous, she’ll bring her hands together and close to her chest for comfort.[/color]
Sleeping||It’s the easiest way for her to enter her dream world and be by herself.

"Um I’m a very nervous person"
♥Being Left Alone

"If it’s dream related, I’ll like it. Well for the most part"
Reading People||Having spent practically most of her life walking through dreams. Yume is good at reading people from their body language to their habits.
Hiding|| Something she is for some odd reason very proud of doing. Once she finds herself a good hiding spot it’s near impossible to find her.
Singing|| As a Baku, Yume has a beautiful yet eerie singing voice.
Strength||[/color\] Although she may not look it, Yume is stronger than she looks. This is more so apparent in the dream world as it is her domain.
[color=green]"I’m not very useful am I?"

Dream Collecting|| Yume has a vast collection of dreams she has taken from other people. Of course she only takes a little bit of them and they can be tasty snacks for later.
Story-Telling||One of the rare moments where Yume will open up, she absolutely loves telling stories and most of the time they are based off of the dreams she has encountered.
Naps|| A quick getaway to her dream world is all she needs to calm down and relax

"These are what make me, me"

✖Being Touched
✖Loud People
✖Lustful Dreams

"I never want to come across that sort of dream ever again. "

Being Touched|| It’s not that she’s germophobic but she shudders at the idea of being in physical contact with people since she is used to being intangible in dreams.
Dying|| Everyone fears death so why shouldn’t she. The real problem lies in her dying in the dream world as she will simply cease to exist as if she were never there.
Destruction of the Forest|| It’s not her biggest fear since she could easily live in her dream world for centuries if she wanted to. However the forest is her physical home, a place to go to that is real.

"Such pitiful fears"

Lack of Confidence|| Outside of the dream world, Yume isn’t very confident.
Guilt|| It’s very easy to make her feel guilty and even easier to accept it as her fault.
Fear|| Yume is easily frightened, one could say she is more so a mouse than a demon.
Blockage||There are countless artifacts and medicines that help in preventing Yume from entering ones dreams, but if Yume tries hard enough can surpass the medicine.
A Strong Will|| Some demons and yokai are able to put up resistance without being having to force it up simply because their wills are generally stronger than a humans. A strong will can also force Yume out of ones dream world but she normally doesn't encounter these particular individuals.

"I’m sorry for being such an ugly person"

⌛Every now and then Yume gets curious enough to venture into lustful dreams but then she regrets it soon after
⌛Nightmares are her favorite dreams, especially ones that aren’t from humans.
⌛One time Yume accidentally destroyed a person’s dreams. All that was left was an empty shell of what they used to be, and it seems her relationship to this person was deeper than one would think

"No one must of these, no one."

|| Shy || Kind || Sweet || Timid ||
|| People Pleaser || Brave || Loyal || Resilient ||

Unlike many in the Demon Tribe, Yume is not a confrontational person, and may very well be the kindest demon one could ever meet. She cares little for who you are or what you have done in the past for she cares only for the present. The young woman is quite shy about her appearance, mainly her figure since it isn’t the most desirable. Not only that but she is quite timid, which many find surprising considering she is a Baku. It’s not to say she is a coward per say, rather she is quick to frighten when there is an occurrence she was not prepared for. If one hasn’t noticed it yet by reading her gloomy expressions and nervous mannerisms Yume has little confidence in herself. The blonde is the kind of person who others blame to suit their own convenience and allowing such a thing to occur is something Yume is willing to do. One could say she is a people pleaser and at times when you catch at the right moment she will admit to it.

Yet despite this, Yume is capable of showing courage in a situation most would scurry away from. She will admit that she is scared but she is very much willing to stand against the odds if it means she is protecting the things she holds most dear. So calling her a coward is out of the question, even if her actions point to it. There is one quality to her that is both good yet bad and that is her resilience. Even if the situation looks grim Yume will try her hardest to accomplish her goal. Many see this and wonder if she is simply being determined or just plain stubborn, Yume likes to think it’s both but in fact it’s for a shameful reason. As mentioned before, Yume is a people pleaser and for her to accomplish the tasks given to her and her own goals is a way to please the crowd.

Quite possibly the only good quality to Yume is her loyalty. Once you gain it you have it and she will go to the ends of the earth with you if you ask her too. It is this quality that often confuses people as to whether or not she is a people pleaser or not, for only those who have gained her loyalty and trust are able to make her do what she does. Underneath it all still lays a kind and sweet girl, however people have simply chosen to only see what they please to suit their needs. Although Yume is a Baku, she doesn’t hate humans like one would think. Yume has indeed ventured into many dreams that were violent and horrific but she has also come across ones that were truly endearing to her heart. So with the little pride she can muster, Yume simply cannot bring herself to hate humans. Even if they destroyed the forest it doesn’t bother her as much as it does the rest of the inhabitants, making them believe she is arrogant and selfish which is very far from the truth. It's very difficult to make her upset or to even have her despise someone. Yume believes from the bottom of her heart that there is good in everyone, she just has an odd way of showing it.

"I may be a mouse but I’ll be a brave mouse"


⌈Romantic Interest & Relationship History⌋
"Um I can’t really say anyone has caught my fancy"
⌈Most Precious Person⌋
"My most precious person died"

Unknown||Mother|| Yume never really had a mother but she does know that someone brought her into this world
Unknown||Father||As with her mother, Yume, being a dream eater, never had much parental guidance.

"It’s not that I was abandoned, it’s rather I never met them and was aware of it"

Yume’s first memories were of her awaking in darkness then a dazzling show of colors as she regained her vision. What she saw astounded her for she had entered her first dream. Thankfully it was merely a child’s dream so one could imagine the joy the child felt. Even if she didn’t grow up knowing her parents, Yume knew they were out there and she was pretty sure they loved her. The young woman became accustomed to her dream world, during the day she would sleep in the darkness and when minds drifted between conscious and unconscious she ventured out of her brief hibernation to see what dreams were there. Yume’s favorite dreams were ones brought up by children for they were innocent however one day she stumbled upon an older man’s dream world. What she saw scarred her as she simply couldn’t comprehend how a human could in such a disgusting way.

Each dream she came across was different than the last but each one had similar traits. However in search of solitude she came across a dream was very familiar with and then it hit her. This was the first dream she had ever entered and so she went in search of the dreamer. It was a small boy and Yume decided that she would stay with him after he told her he had few friends. As time went on Yume grew to care for this small boy however unlike her, he grew older and older. It was during her time with him that she began to develop her skills as a dream eater. When the boy finally reached an age that was similar to hers he asked her a question she wasn’t sure she could answer, “will you leave to be with me forever?” It was then that Yume realized that her feelings were not hers alone and with a joyful smile she agreed to come with him to the real world.

When the day came, he went to sleep and greeted her with open arms. Returning his embrace, Yume created a door that she knew would take her to his world. Hand in hand they crossed that door completely oblivious to the consequences that would follow. When she opened her eyes what she saw astounded her. Walking around the small room Yume turned to face the love of her life and rushed to his side as the two ready to embrace each other in the real world. However what happened next struck fear in both their hearts, Yume passed right through him. Confused there were many attempts to touch one another but alas Yume was unable to touch him physically. Unsure of what was happening, Yume tried one last time however in her desperation Yume unlocked her true potential. With tears rushing down her face, Yume phased right through him again but warmth flooded her body. Confused, she turned to face her lover only for him to fall to the floor a dead look in his eyes. Questioning him, Yume realized she had taken his hopes and dreams from his very body; however that was the very thing she needed to gain a physical body. Yume stayed with him for the next couple of years and watched as he slowly dwindled away until he passed on in his sleep.

Saddened by this, Yume began to wonder the land created by dreams. Practicing to better control the after effects of her entering and leaving dreams. During this time Yume came across the Demon Tribe and seeing that there were already other creatures like herself, she decided to stay with them. Unlike the other demons, Yume’s true home was her dream world so when the humans began to destroy the forest she didn’t pay much mind to it. She was aware of the reaction and tension that rose within the Demon Tribe, and even if she didn’t think the humans deserved to be killed Yume has a home and she has no intention of betraying them.

” Not much to say really"


Dream Walker||Like many Baku, Yume is able to enter the dreams of others and it is up to her if the dreamer is aware of her existence of not. As a dream walker, Yume is also able to influence the dreams but she cannot change them if it goes against their will.
Lullaby||With her beautiful voice and its eerie feel, she is able to bring those around her into a light slumber. Whenever she does this, Yume is able to bless the dreams they are to have.
Day Dream||As the name states, Yume is able to force day dreams. However she does not enter the day dreams of others but rather she allows others to enter her own dream world.
Dream Eater||An ability Yume doesn’t quite like although she does use it often but only to a small degree. There are two variations to this ability, one where she feeds off a person’s dreams little by little. Doing this has little effect on a person’s hopes and dreams but the second variation is a lot more dangerous. The second variation results in Yume feeding off a person’s dreams in the real world, leaving but an empty shell.

"Uh, I’ll do my best"



Full Name:
Mai Kon
Ai||Her mother called her this as does her cousin.
Sexual Orientation:
Hetero romantic
Senior Partner:
Kazuki Miyamoto
Face Claim:
Kohina Ichimatsu

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Soft Green
General Appearance:
A small petite junior. Mai stands just under 5'0 but not quite reaching it either. Her soft green eyes often do their best to avoid direct eye contact. The small junior's smile can make anyones day as it seems more innocent and kind than what you'd feel came from an older girl. She keeps her black hair cut in a very short bob resembling a hime cut, with her bangs being recently cut to try and outgrow her shyness. Soft peach skin easily reddens when she is upset or embarrassed much to her dismay. Overall many think of her as doll and on occasion a grade schooler because of her appearance.

Fundamentally shy and introverted, Mai lacks many social skills that most her age have built up at this point. The junior is also very empathetic towards those around her and is a good listener. She dislikes small talk and avoids drawn out conversations with strangers as much as she can, preferring to keep talk to a minimum amongst strangers. She is easily embarrassed, frightened and intimidated but it's quick to make her giggle or smile, even over the smallest of things. The small junior is also what you could call a cry baby. It doesn't take much to make her cry whether good or bad. Mai is the kind of gal who wears her heart on her sleeve. She can be easily hurt by another persons words, especially those who have gotten close to her. Unlike many, Mai is not the type to judge others actions and criticize them however appearances will affect her perception of people.

Green Thumb||She has been growing her own garden for years, even before she moved in her cousin. It was a hobby that she grew to cherish as it was something she could do with both her mother and father. Mai is also stronger than she looks. She is able to do certain tasks relatively well on her own that many would normally consider difficult for someone as small as her.
Heavenly Cook||As with her gardening skills Mai is a very good cook. Since her cousin used to eat ramen every night, she has made it her goal to give him a proper meal although she herself enjoys ramen.
Animals & Insects||The small girl loves every and any animal or bug she comes across. She especially loves big dogs although many find it comedic to see her being pounced on. Of the many bugs that exist in the world, her favorite is the stag beetle. Mai isn't afraid to handle critters, both creepy and cute, like most people. She is almost like a creature whisperer in that sense.

Stutter||She has a very prominent stutter that when amongst strangers, standing in front of large crowds, or under pressure worsens significantly. It does lighten up when she is with those she is comfortable with. Mai does her best to not speak too much because of her stutter and is currently working on getting rid of it.
Anything Cute||Mai absolutely loves everything cute. From stuffed animals to the real thing. She has also been known to care and even take home a few strays if her cousin allows it. The junior has actually gotten pretty good with various games that include winning something cute from the prizes.
Rangers Unite!||Ever since she was little Mai has always loved the Rangers. As a child she and her father would pretend to be part of the show, with her being one of the rangers and her father the villain, much to his dismay. Mai has also memorized the many dances that go along with their theme song. Not only does she have the dances memorized, but she also knows just about everything there is to know about them. Her favorite Ranger is the Yellow Ranger although she is jealous of the Red Ranger's leadership skills. She does her best to keep it a secret as it really isn't suited for someone of her age.
Phobias||Mai isn't fearful of the dark per say rather she just gets extremely nervous when she can't see. She is scared of heights and has fainted on a few occasions. Thunder has been one of her bigger and more notable fears since she was a child. She got lost from her mother when they were rushing to get back home on foot and being only six at time she was quite terrified. Mai also has a small fear of water. It's not that she can't swim, she can swim relatively well, it's more so the idea of maybe drowning and showing exposed skin that makes her uncomfortable. Mai is also claustrophobic. If there's the off chance that she might run into a large crowd she will do her utmost best to avoid it.

Whom you live with/Family:
Due to some family troubles at home, Mai lives with her older cousin Ren who is currently in his second year of university. He adores his small, doll like cousin a bit too much but he knows when to draw the line. Ren works at the local shrine and as payment is given food and housing, so it's to no surprise that Mai lives there as well. Mai has gotten used to the place and is getting along fairly well with those who run it.
Mai grew up in the care of both of her loving parents however due to some financial problems they have sent her to stay with her cousin. She and her cousin were close as kids and her aunt and uncle were very understanding of her situation, so they decided to take Mai as one of their own. They're currently paying for Mai's enrollment at Airendale but not too much since she was able to get a partial scholarship. While she lives at the local shrine thanks to her cousin, Mai isn't just some freeloader. The small girl makes use of her gardening and cooking skills by helping out at the monthly soup kitchen and she also maintains the once neglected shrine garden in her spare time.

-Intellect: 14
-Physical/Sporting Ability: 5-7
-Charm: 0
-Popularity: 1-5
Most important: Intellect
Most appealing: Charm

The Seniors & The Juniors

The Tigers


Maybe he'll be my first friend
I can't believe he let me use his jacket. He's very nice

The Lions

She seems really nice. She invited me to her hostess club


The Wolves


Bishop-san seems amiable

The Jaguars

Kazuki-sama is really scary

I'll do my best

The Cheetahs

I know you! Maybe he'll be my friend too?


The Bears



The Panthers

Kitogawa-san was my trust fall partner. I've never been asked by anyone before


The Leopards

He thought I was a grade schooler! It was so embarrassing.


The Foxes



Well he asked me to walk with him through the gates at the Halloween event. He's rather polite.

The Hawks



The Horses



The Raccoons



Full Name:
Ikari Akibara

Birdie||Pinkie||Fisty||The Pink Typhoon

Face Claim:
Lee Moon Young|| Girls of the Wilds


Sexual Orientation:




From her well muscled build, added with her well proportioned curves, the young woman is the very epitome of what it looks to be a fighter. She stands at a good height of 5’8 which is just right for the activities she loves to indulge herself in. While she does bear a muscled build, it doesn’t look unattractive. Rather it makes Ikari seem a bit intimidating which is just how she likes it. Not to say that she’s ugly in that sense, Ikari portrays confidence and power in even the subtlest of movements.

Ikari was graced with long wavy salmon colored locks that fall down to the small of her back. Often times she just keeps it up in a rather messy bun, but she does let it down every now and then. Her bangs are cut to where they brush against her eyebrows, and much like her hair, Ikari's eyes are of a similar color, albeit more intense. Her skin is a lovely tanned peach color from spending a lot of time outdoors. As for her clothing, Ikari tends to dress in workout clothing such as tank tops, trousers, short and on occasion sports bras. When in uniform however, Ikari dresses pretty sloppily. Her tie is loosened, and her shirt is typically isn't tucked in and a few of the buttons are undone.

Intellect: 3
Physical/Sporting Ability: 3
Charm: 0
Popularity: 0
Notoriety: 4

Your most important stat:

Which stat appeals to you most:


To say that Ikari is wild is a bit of an understatement. Ikari is not a woman you can cage up and expect her not to fight back. It's against her nature to be docile in every sense of the word. In fact, she considers it an insult when others try to make her so. She has no trouble speaking her mind even to authority. There is little that can be done to control Ikari other than her own self and a select few like her father. To make matters worse, Ikari is very aggressive towards most people. Often times when a stranger approaches her she lashes out at them for doing so much to her dismay. She latter regrets it however that was not always the case. Ikari's temper hasn't helped her turn a new leaf either.

The young woman also isn't much of a lady. Growing up in the household that she did, it's no surprise that Ikari has a rather crude way of speaking. Most people turn away when they hear her talk, or they automatically assume that she doesn't deserve to be in Airdalen. It wasn't until a couple years ago that that was no longer the case. Ikari has since then been trying to be a better person. Someone who her mom would be proud of. A nicer person. Unfortunately Ikari's past behavior and her struggle to keep it all in check has kept her from advancing very far. Ikari can be very nice but many don't appreciate it which only makes her irritated.

Boxer||Ikari is both nationally and internationally ranked as a boxer. She has been in the top five since junior high, and it is a sport she absolutely loves.

Truth|| A skill her father made sure she knew. Ikari knows the typical tells of a person lying. Not to say that she is a true lie detector, but Ikari takes note of it when she catches it.

Reliable|| While she did ditch her previous friends a few years ago, Ikari is actually very reliable. If you need something to be done, she'll get it done. If you need someone to stand up for you then she will.

Temper||Ikari has an incredibly short temper. The kind of temper that has gotten her into a lot of trouble.

Out of Character||It's actually quite difficult for Ikari to act out of character. She is the daughter of a leader in a prominent yakuza gang after all. In the general, the school body already has that image of her so it becomes very hard for her to be nice or to try to help someone out. She isn't used to it, so she gets embrassed and reverts to lashing out to cover it up.

Awful Swimmer|| Despite joining the swimming club, Ikari is actually a very bad swimmer. She won't drown per say but she certainly needs help if she wants to avoid embarrassing herself too much. The only thing that will keep her from truly making a fool of herself is that Ikari is already well built, or that's what she's hoping will help.

Two-faced||Not in the sense that she is bad or anything, but Ikari is actually really nice It's a side to her that she has secretly been developing over the past couple years.

Crush||Ikari has had a crush on Tadashi not long after she met him. It started to develop after she dumped her old friends. Now that he's back and very different from when she had last seen him, Ikari's feelings have deepened a bit. She's also a bit confused on how to handle them.


Whom you live with / Family:
Mao Akibara||The co-leader of a large yakuza group, Mao has pushed his daughter into the ring since she was able to walk. Ikari loves her father but also has a dislike for him at times.

Hana Akibara||The mother of Tatsumi and Ikari. Hana was killed during a fight between two yakuza gangs. Both children loved their mother dearly as she was very kind. A trait that Ikari inherited but has kept secret.

Tatsumi Akibara||The elder of the two siblings; Ikari's relationship with Tatsumi is fairly good. Of course they have their personal squabbles and the like but for the most part they get along well. He is currently at one of the top Universities in Japan who models on the side.

It's a surprise that Ikari was even allowed to attend Airdalen then again her family had quite a bit of money. The young woman was raised in the world of yakuza however neither her nor her brother will be taking up the mantle. When Ikari and Tatsumi were still in grade school their mother was killed during a dispute with another gang over territory. Not long after, Ikari's father began to train her to become a boxer.

In all honesty, Ikari wants nothing more than for others to understand her predicament. She had picked up her crude behavior from spending time with her fathers old friends while training. Ikari doesn't always mean to be so aggressive or unapproachable to others it just happens. She has tried on some occasions to make friends, but most people just want to be her friends because they think they can get something out of it. Most don't want to approach her because of her family.

Junior high was when she thought she could live a delinquent life, but Ikari quickly realized at the start of her sophomore year that she wanted nothing to do with it. She distanced herself from the groups she affiliated herself with, so for the past two and a half years Ikari has mostly been a lone wolf. She opened up more to the side her mother tried to nature when she was younger, but even now Ikari still struggles to fix her image.

Very few have bore witness to Ikari being sincere or nice. She loves animals and takes care of many that live on the streets. Most people think she's an idiot or something because of her reputation, but in reality she is pretty sharp. There's a reason why she hasn't flunked a grade yet and its because Ikari actually values her education. She's smarter than most people take her for.

"Eh that angelic prune? What about him?'

"Ah well just between you and me, she's been helping me out."

"Who's that?"



Shiori||Disliked Acquaintance
"I could live without her damn attitude."


"We used to hang out some due to shared friends, but now I want nothing to do with his sorry ass"[center]


"So what if I like the guy? It's weird though . . . he's so different. Definitely not little pork buns."












So begins...

The Old Tenant's's Story


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Today was the big day. Her big day that no one was going to take away from her. Adelaide had been working towards this day for two years now and she was very much pleased by the fruits of her labor. The sun was already coming down which meant she would have to start preparing for her duet with one of the other acrobat, Julius Anton. He was one of the best in their troupe and Adelaide was pretty damn happy to know that she’d be dancing with him tonight. There was just one problem. The visions had gotten worse as this day crept closer and closer. Cronos had been giving her glimpses of what was to occur tonight and she wasn’t sure if she liked it or not considering this was a day that she had been working towards for so long. He had shown her the main tent multiple times the past couple of days. Adelaide sincerely hoped it was just him riling her up for today but she knew better. They were coming whether she wanted them to or not. When they do come would she go with them? Or would she stay with her family.

Cronos told her it was either with her family or Gaia. When Adele thought about it the fact that the ability Cronos gave her was to manipulate the earth and she was still hesitant about whose side she was on was rather strange. Quickly shaking her head Adelaide pushed those thoughts aside and began to prep. Donning on her signature leotard with its penguin theme, Adele stepped up to the stage with her partner, Anton. They climbed those precarious steps to the platform just as the lights dimmed down to almost nothing. Her breath quickened in anticipation and excitement and then Anton ran forward, leaping off the platform. His pale silhouette cut through the darkness like butter.

From where she stood, watching, the young german realized just how lonely he looked, dancing by himself. All the more reason to give him some company. With a tightlipped smile Adele leapt of the platform to join him in his dance. The two weaved about one another, telling a story of a love that could not, would not, be fruitful. Anton's pale form was a stark contrast to Adelaide's ink, almost seamless one. She blended in with the dimness of the tent, making it all the more eye catching as every movement resulted in a shimmering wave-like effect on her body. It truly was a beautiful sight to behold but not because it was a graceful tragic love story but because, not once, did they cease to amaze the crowd with their skills. These skills awed certain people for these skills were the results of arduous training that allowed them the utmost control of their body movements.

All Adele could think about was how light she felt. To her, being up here, performing was the most natural thing for her to do. But alas, all good things must come to an end. After nearly an hour of breathtaking performances the curtains closed for this story and Adelaide returned to the reality that was her life. A human with two souls. One that was from millenias ago, the other very much like a newborn in comparison. Adelaide gently dropped herself to the ground level where she, along with the other performers, bowed to the audience. Despite being in the center of the stage and in the dark, something caught her eye as she rose from her bow. A pale white like she had never seen before popped out of the darkness. Heart skipping a beat, Adelaide paused for the briefest of moments. Could it be they saw me too? Regardless of whether they could even see her, Adelaide sent a beckoning smile in the direction of the white splotch.

Afterwards Adelaide went to give her thanks to Anton then to her parents. They were very proud of her for having been the center for the night. Once all the rounds had been made she went to her room to change out of her performance clothes to ones more suitable. They still retained the penguin theme and she wore her trademark scarf and hat. Slipping into a single piece, one would think she wore a bathing suit but considering her line of worm you could easily turn the other way. Adelaide could feel their presence. It was strong but she couldn't pinpoint where or how many there were. Never having been the type to search for others, Adelaide went to one of the more secluded areas of the circus, just to the right of the animal tent. Sitting down on a giant box, Adelaide crossed one leg over the other and waited with one of her better known smirks plastered on her lips.
Even from across the entire circus area, Adelaide could feel them. Sometime during the performance she felt a slight tug but it wasn't strong enough. Shortly after she had sat down, the tug got stronger but it wasn't like they had gotten closer. Rather it was more like two had converged to become one. Cronos was inside of her, struggling to find his siblings but Adelaide wouldn't let him. Do you not feel their power girl!? I must go to them! He seemed to rage inside her, not that she cared really. "Do you now sweetheart? Aren't you the leader or some shit? From what you've shown me, shouldn't they be the ones to be coming to you. So shut your whiny ass and actually do something useful. Try calling them with those oh so amazing titan senses or whatever the fuck it is you do." Cronos seemed utterly shocked. Never had he expected anyone to treat him in such a manner, and by a little human girl. Adelaide he could feel him seething inside and she frowned. "Will you stop your bullshit Cronos! You're going to give me indigestion." Once again he was flabbergasted but at the same time he felt admiration towards the girl. It wasn't every day that you came across such a spirited young woman. You'd do well to hold that tongue Adelaide. I doubt you'll like what happens by spitting out every foul word you know into your sentences. With a shrug of her shoulders Adelaide placed her elbows atop her knees, resting her chin in the cup of her hands.

Sure she was patient and all but the others seriously need to hurry up. There wasn't much to do in this secluded area but it gave her a nice view of the carnival part from where she sat. "You're like a cat Cronos. Not one of those stupid domestic ones but like a tiger, slinking back and forth for its next meal." And she was right to think so; Cronos was at the top of the food chain amongst his fellow titans. The idea of housing the strongest titan was both unsettling and exhilerating. Only the best can contain the best she thought to herself. At this Cronos piped up, once slate blue orbs flashed to a pink hue, a pepto bismol color much to her dismay. Ah so that is what you think. Don't think so highly of yourself just because you lucked out into housing me. Adelaide rolled her eyes and let out a huff of air. "Whatever you say you shitty old man."

Her knee began to bounce as her patience was being worn down by her boredom. "Ugh how long does it fucking take to find me!?" Suddenly standing atop the metal box Adelaide stretched. In an effort to ease her crushing boredom she tugged at her scarf until it came undone. Taking the two crystal orbs she manipulated their forms into one big ball. She stood there for a bit, waiting for the carnival sounds to match up just right and the moment it did the dancer did what she did best, dance. Even without using the abilities Cronis granted her Adelaide could easily move with the ball in her hands however it didn't remain in her hands for long. With a calm expression she slowed her movements to become more controlled, letting the ball slide and roll across her body. After doing this for a while she dipped low to the ground, the orb back in her hands and pressed it into the box. Having bent backwards, everything was upside down. That beautifully calm look on her face shattered and a scowl took its place. "I'm so fucking bored!" and flopped down to the ground.

Adelaide jumped back onto her feet, barely making a sound but a softened thud. The crystal orb was still in her hands when it split into two halves. They soon reshaped themselves into the beads that were at the ends of her scarf and she returned them to where they were originally. Spinning on the edge of her heel, Adelaide faced the carnival area again now slate blue orbs searching for faces. Scoffing at this, she realized there was no way for her to recognize the other hosts unless the tug became a pull, an irresistible pull towards them. Placing her hands on her hips, Adelaide glared at the crowd in an attempt to maybe find that person with white hair. "Just where the hell did you go." It seemed Cronos still couldn't tell the difference between an actual question and a rhetorical one. If you want to find them that badly why not go look yourself? he sneered at her. Even though she couldn't see it, she could feel it. "Oh shut up. I wasn't talking to you dumbass."
Sitting back down, she laid on her back with her legs hanging on the edge of the box. It was surprisingly comfortable but not that surprising as all she did was change the metals form so that it'd contour to her body and not be so rigid.

There was so much for her to do here yet soon she'd be faced with the decision of staying. She had lived in this circus since the beginning when they first started out in Germany. They were there for a few years since they couldn't exactly leave with newborn baby. The troupe was kind and looked out for one another and they didn't want to risk the health of a mother or child. Of course Adelaide wasn't the only baby at the time. There were two others but the second died from illness a couple years ago and the other left the troupe to go to college. He still comes back and makes sure to as many shows as possible. "I wonder if that's what my life would be like had I been born normal." It wasn't often that Adelaide contemplated these things, let alone speak them aloud in her native tongue. Her fingertips began to drum against the box as she looked up at the sky. The stars were coming out but they weren't able to shine as brightly because of the city lights even if they were in the City Park.


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❝ What has been done unto me cannot be reversed ❞
【ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя: #00FFBF ▮ тнσυgнт cσƖσя #40BFFF】

Soft light fell upon a graceful figure, her chest rising and falling steadily as the morning sun showered her in dust filled rays. Said figure shifted in bed, turning to her side however that resulted in direct contact with the rays of light. Now matter how diffused this light was it still stabbed through her eyelids and bright orbs fluttered open. Clara stared out into the room she had been residing in for the past two months. It was relatively small compared to her own bedroom. There was just enough space to allow for a bed, a desk and chair, a dresser and a small bathroom tucked away into a corner of the room. When she really thought about it it really was small, but it was the only thing she had been able to afford since coming here. Blue eyes roamed about the room, taking in the cleanness of it although no matter how hard she tried, Mae was simply unable to get rid of all the filth that hid within this room. That was one of the many differences between this world and her own. It was dirtier here with very few locations that were pure; free from the corrupted touch of a human.

This place is beyond corrupt. It's just absolutely filthy no matter how hard I try. Finally sitting up Claramae slouched in her bed. Her hands clasped together on her lap as she rerun the events of that day for the millionth time since arriving here. While she had fought off her attackers, they were wise enough to stay away from her hands and feet. Not only that but they threw a bag over her head so that she could not breathe freezing air in their general direction. There was absolutely nothing that she could have done. She had been utterly and shamefully powerless in that situation. Mae looked down at her hands, rubbing her wrists where they had placed specialized bracelets to hold back her abilities when they had first caught her. However it relied on magic to work and since they were in a realm where there was little magic, they failed to keep her abilities at bay any longer. Now all that was left was ring like scars on her wrists from it burning her skin. Had she know that that was what they'd do by using magic she would never have bothered.

Alas it was time she got up and ready. Her shift was to start rather soon, within the next hour and half if she was correct. That gave her more than enough time to bathe and get there early enough to make herself a quick meal for the early morning.

~ ~ ~

Claramae arrived at work twenty minutes before the cafe had even opened. She enjoyed coming here early and it was one of the many qualities about her that allowed for her to rise up so quickly. At this stage Clara was allowed to open the store but that also meant she was responsible to close as well. It was because of this that she was unable to put all her time and money into searching for her siblings. As much as it pained her to stay away from them so long she first had to get herself situated to where she would have a chance of even looking for them. Now that she had opened though it was time that she finish her breakfast and welcome the customers. Although she did open and close the cafe, Claramae wasn't actually in charge really. It was more so the fact that she was able to cook so well that the owner decided it would be best if she arrived early to get a start on things. So here she was cooking meals for others. Mae enjoyed cooking so it wasn't too bad and the pay was decent.

~ Some Time Later ~

It was while she had been cooking that she managed to catch a glimpse at what was playing on the television. Mae paused her activities briefly as a few others did so themselves. It was apparently a breaking news story. Based on the footage that was shown a girl had miraculously managed to avoid getting run over by a truck however that was not what caught Mae's attention. Rather it was the actions the small girl had taken to avoid getting hit although very few people would have really noticed that the child in the footage was truly the cause of it. But Claramae could never forget that beautiful head of blue that was Miiko. Then her thoughts moved onto the man that nearly killed her sister. The wrath that began to well up inside her showed when she unknowingly began to cause frost to spread across the utensils she had been using. Without a moment's haste Claramae dropped everything onto the counter, tearing off her cooks outfit as she stormed out of the cafe. The owner yelled out at her but his words were only mere background noise to Mae now. If she was correct and if her eyes did not play tricks on her, the street Miiiko had been at was some six blocks from where Clara worked.

After a certain point she had to slow down to a jog and eventually a walk as she entered an area crowded with pedestrians. Beads of sweat rolled down the small of her back as a cool breeze passed her by. A chill danced along her skin and she shivered but Clara did not care. She no longer paid mind to the people she brushed by closely, allowing for a few to get an unwanted sniff of her scent. Of crisp water that could not be found anywhere else. Clara finally did stop though for she had arrived upon the scene of the crime. From the looks of it they had finally cleared up the traffic that was caused by the truck but it also meant that Miiko was nowhere to be seen.

"Oh just where could you have gone off to?" Running a hand through her spikey obsidian strands, Mae simply could not figure out where her beloved sister could have gone. Miiko could have been sent to the hospital but after asking a few store clerks it turns out no one was taken. When she asked about the girl who nearly got hit one of them said that someone had grabbed the girl and ran off with her in their arms. She immediately tense at the mentioning of a stranger potentially grabbing Miiko off the street. "This person, what did they look like?" The clerk described this person as a woman, close to her height but with striking shade of purple hair. Had Clara not been the type to keep a cool head, she would have gasped and maybe cry out in utter glee. There was only one person that came to mind who bore that particular shade atop their head and that was her younger sister Masami. "And in which direction did they go? The moment the clerk pointed out the direction Masa had run off in Clara jogged down the street.

She made sure to check inside every store she passed but Clara did not see that familiar head of hair. It was possible that she had missed them entirely. With that thought in mind Mae frowned. The young woman had been so close to reuniting with her sisters yet it seemed she had not been lucky enough to have been with them at the time. Not really paying attention anymore Claramae entered a restaurant, her usually held up high head now hung low. Clara stood in the waiting room of the restaurant, releasing a sigh she drew in her pride and stood up straight. She wasn't about to let this get to her too much. For the first time in a while Mae was closer to finding the whereabouts of her siblings than she ever had before.


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❝Could you not look up at me. It’s annoying ❞
ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:#BF80FF ♙ тнσυgнт cσƖσя #BF8080
|| Sleepless || Kate Hovnevik ||

The first thing Ursel was greeted by was the sound of murmuring voices. They weren’t really murmuring but she was still too drowsy to actually hear them clearly. She was able to tally up how many people were talking, two men and two women but their voices still seemed a bit muffled. Cracking open one amber colored eye, Ursel did a quick survey of her surroundings. The bear Hybrids shifted in her position and she realized that she had been sitting down on a cold and metallic surface. Just where am I? Another look around told her that she was inside a decent sized metal capsule. She couldn’t see to her right or to her left but the entirety of the front of the capsule was made of glass. Movement caught her attention and amber orbs were drawn to a youthful looking face that was peering into her capsule. It was a scientist although she had never met the man before. All the Hybrid did was stare at the man and he stared back with his a smile. It was a pretty creepy smile too.

He blinked and then began to write something down. At first Ursel was curious and made the attempt to stand but her body was still feeling pins and needles. With a frown she accepted that she wouldn’t be getting up just yet. She did however move her body up so that her back was straight. It seemed like that small action caught the scientists attention because he stopped scribbling and grinned at her. “How are you feeling uh,” he quickly glanced over to the side of her capsule, “. .. experiment number six huh? You’re one of the older ones then. How does that feel?” He tapped the glass with his pen but that only got him a cold stare. “Not up for talking I see. That’s fine. Just blink or nod for a few of my questions.” Ursel ended up blinking so he ended up taking that as a yes.

Once all the respective questions had been answered, more or less, the young man left her alone after getting some sort of notification. Leaning forwards, Ursel caught sight of a single word, Extermination. At that same moment her neighbor began to shout out the very questions that were running through her head. “Why are you getting rid of us you ugly bastards.” she growled at them. Suddenly the alarms went off and red lights began to flash. The suddenness of it jolted her into being fully alert. Some figure then barged in and tackled the other scientists to the ground before approaching some metal box. It opened it to reveal a lever and it was then that she heard that arrogant lion yell. "Wait! Just let us out! Don't pull that lever!"

Ursel did not know where exactly they were but if that level read Capsule Release then they were certainly somewhere where they could be released. This realization was a quick one and just as she slammed into the glass of her container, the figure pulled the lever and Ursel was surrounded by a sea of blue. Almost immediately her body bounced around as her capsule began to do cartwheels in the air as it plummeted to the ground. She did her best to try and grab onto something and she was only able to catch glimpses outside her window as she fell. She managed to see one or two other capsules but the spinning motion of her own made her feel sick. It didn’t take long for her head to finally hit something hard and she was barely conscious when her capsule crashed through a few trees.

She didn’t know how long she was knocked out for but one thing was for sure. Her current position was not a good one. For one, Ursel’s head hurt like hell and she was also feeling very light headed. Amber orbs slowly moved around the small space and realized that there was nothing holding her. A sudden jolt when through her body but Ursel forced herself to calm down. From the looks of it she was lying on the glass window that surprisingly held up from her crash landing. It had various cracks running through its surface but she could see grass below her. “Wait . . .” Looking closely, Ursel realized that she was suspended in the air by something. “Shit”

The polar bear hybrid moved her body slightly to keep the capsule from moving however that proved pointless as the branches that held her container ground under the weight. There really was only one way for her to get down from such a high position and it was going to hurt. Growling at the world, Ursel gritted her teeth and jerked her body. A wave of nausea then washed over her but Ursel kept at it until finally the branches snapped underneath the shifting weight of the capsule. She curled up as best she could but the impact from hitting the ground still bruised her body. The glass had also shattered upon impact and some of the shards had lodged themselves into her skin.

With a loud groan, Ursel rolled on her back as gently as she could to avoid having more pieces of glass cut into her skin. Her head was throbbing with pain and it was getting rather difficult to stay awake. That was when she heard it, someone was calling out her name although she had a hard time actually making out the words. Ursel recognized the voice as Vidra. A young hybrid who had grown attached to her over the years. “Vidra . . .” she only managed a weak croak but she doubted even with the otter hybrids ears, she’d be able to hear Ursel. From the sound of it she didn’t seem like she was close to where Ursel was either. “Vidra!” this time Ursel’s voice was a little louder but not loud enough for it to be carried over such a distance.

It was about time that she attempt to get up but that proved to be incredibly difficult. Eventually Ursel was able to turn onto her stomach and with gritted teeth, she pulled herself out from underneath the capsule. Her stomach slide across the broken shards but she was able to lift up her body enough to minimize the damage. Now that she was out of the capsule, Ursel flipped over onto her back again and stared up at the blue sky. Her hands then began to roam about her body, feeling for the various cuts that she had no doubted collected. “Hello!?” Ursel called out for the third time. Her body was quite battered and getting herself out from under the capsule made her even more tired than she had thought it would. She just really needed to rest her body for a bit but she had no intention of falling back asleep, not yet anyway.


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Ezra LeFalle

❝I will fight for those who cannot ❞
ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:#BF4000 ♙ тнσυgнт cσƖσя Brown

It really was just like any other day spent outside. The flowers were in full bloom and there was just the smallest trace of the moon. Fire rampaged through the village, consuming everything in its path. Just like the two Talpas that were also running amok. . . . On second thought maybe it wasn’t just another outing. The screams of hysteria were clearly originating from this once peaceful town, along with the bellows from the Talpas that caused the frenzied movements and screeching. Men, women and children alike ran about, trying their best to avoid the monstrous beings as well as save their homes from the burning fires. Upon closer inspection there was but a single head that wasn’t screaming itself off to who knows where. That one particular head belonged to a young man by the name of Ezra LeFalle. A fellow Bellatore who saw nothing but people who needed saving and so he went about rescuing people from the destruction the Talpas were currently making.

One act of heroism nearly resulted in the poor lad in losing his other eye to the Ichneumon. The damn thing lost a potential meal but it’s attention was taken by another screaming fellow, who just so happened to be a lot more plump than the woman Ezra had saved. The young man didn’t really know where to start. He really didn’t. While he was able to save one person from the jaws of a Talpas, another succumbed to the fire that the other threw out from it’s snake tail and the people really weren’t helping. He’d go to help a group only for them to run off screaming again and into the muscled arms of a Talpa. They just don’t know how to sit still do they? Don’t get me wrong, Erza loves to save people's lives, it’s what makes him, well him. But when the very people you’re trying to save keep getting themselves . . . unsaved, well even for Ezra that can make a person tired. Pausing just long enough to survey the ongoing damage, the redhead saw a child screaming at what was presumed to be her home. The very image made the self-proclaimed knight cringe, for the child's mother was trapped inside the flaming house. He knew that if he were to go save the woman, he’d no doubt damage his lungs even more but he really didn’t care at the moment. Someone needed his help, and while they weren’t calling for it, he felt obligated to go.

He rushed off towards the girl, just barely dodging the stream of flames the chimera decided to throw his way. “Please keep it to yourself!” Ezra knew yelling at the silver creature would do nothing but it certainly made him feel a little better. Upon reaching the girl, Ezra pulled out Schwarze Ritter, the baby daddy of the two swords he carried. The situation definitely called for the big guy but it seemed the sight of such a large sword scared the small girl. He ignored her however and swung Schwarze Ritter with all his might at the barricaded door. The blasted thing caved in from the sheer weight of the blow. With a second swing of his sword, the barricade finally gave in, revealing a mother who just moments ago believed she was done for. Seeing Ezra stand there with his sword hoisted over his shoulder, along with the flames at his back, truly made Ezra seem like the gallant knight he aimed to be. The mother called out to her daughter, embracing her when the two met. She turned around to thank the mysterious young man but he had already run off to save someone else.

It definitely seemed to have taken eons but the two Talpas’s rampage finally came to an end. A very much needed end when you think about it. Ezra plopped down on the ground, holding Blasse Dame close to his chest. Over the course of the event he had switched to the sleek and prettier sword to fend of attacks from the Talpas. The poor knight was covered in bruises, scrapes, cuts, not to mention all the sweat that had accumulated during the whole ordeal. Wiping his brother with his already drenched handkerchief, yes knights do carry them, Ezra surveyed the scene before him. Many of the fires had already either been put out by Bellatores or had consumed everything in sight and died off on their own. The fire left nothing but skeletons and charred remains of what had once been a bustling city. With a heavy sigh, he stood back up to, once again, help the people now that he had gotten himself patched up.

For the most part Ezra just walked around, asking if his help was needed, and for the remaining part he just joined in without being asked to. The Bellatores were thankful for the help and some of them recognized him as the crazy fool who defied the Talpas when they tried to get a meal. Some patted him on the back while others just called him crazy. Ezra couldn’t really argue about the crazy part as he too wondered if he was crazy sometimes. He mostly helped out with the hard labour, leaving his heavy belted armour in the hands of the mother and child he had saved earlier. His trust in them may have been a little misguided but he had some faith that they wouldn’t just run off with their saviours things and sell it. In truth, Ezra didn’t care if he lost the armour. As long as he had his two blades he was perfectly fine although losing his armour would still make his heart ache. His beloved teacher had made them just for him after all.

In thinking this, Ezra’s mind wandered off to the past but the sound of a horse's hooves hitting the scorched cobble stones caught his attention. Of all the things he was expecting, a horse and subsequent entourage wasn’t one of them. With a curious quirk of his brow, Ezra, like the rest of the villagers, gathered at the center of the city. Ezra had never encountered such a well dressed man before and he most certainly never a prophetess, at least that’s what some of the others were saying. In all his travels, Ezra had only ever met fellow Bellatores. He wasn’t sure if he was lucky or if he just didn’t have the sense to meet the other species in Nominum. He listened while the mysterious fancy man spoke, saying something about rebuilding and burials. None of that really caught his attention surprisingly. They were things that he knew were going to happen regardless of whether the fancy guy preached about it. The cries from the other Bellatores did however catch his attention. Now listening with the intent to actually digest the words being spoken, Ezra’s face seemed to light up at the mention of The Book. The very idea of going off an adventure to get it made him pretty excited about it. Even with money involved, Ezra didn’t care. As long as he could help out the people, in this case the entire population of Nominum, he was perfectly fine. When he thought more on this, he knew that going on his own probably won’t help much which would explain why the fancy man was using money as an incentive.

“In that case, spread the word! Tell everyone who is able that the greatest reward goes to the one who brings back that book!”

This last cry got the crowd all excited. It even got Ezra excited as his own voice joined the chorus of “Ayes”. Laughing to himself, Ezra went to check on his things. It’d definitely be a pain if he lost his armor but he would definitely be heartbroken if his beloved blades were stolen. He smiled and thanked the mother and girl, gathering up the armor and the blades. With his swords on his back and armor in his arms, he didn’t feel like putting it on yet, Ezra approached the fancy man and the three that accompanied him. “I hear you guys need a he-someone?” Making sure not to say hero. For some reason people hated that word. Well the people he came across anway. He smiled at the group, a bit unsure on what to do now that he showed his interest in this mission.