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Erik Skratch

Heh, I'm totally stealing everything you own without you knowing it.

0 · 232 views · located in Adoref

a character in “The Beast Within”, as played by NewKidOnTheBlock


Name: Erik Skratch

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: Black hair that blends with the shadows, Eyes red as coals. His short stature makes him a difficult target.

Animal: Rat

Element: Dark

Abilities: Run as fast as said animal, great at hiding, squeezing through impossible spaces, terrific senses (as compared to a normal human), silent stepping, tremendous balance, infectious bite

Defects: Rat ears and tail, with slightly enlogated teeth; additionally is very sneaky and slippery, is a glutton, and will often run from the fight, or may attack with seemingly little reason at all.


Erik is like the ultimate salesperson personality: anything he needs to say or look to slip by, he'll do. He is not one to be easily trusted--he is a rat, after all--but anyone who has dealt with him long enough and can still call him "Friend" would find the devotion and care from him immense. In truth, he is very loving and caring, but those to feel this care must overcome his love of gold and food first.


Erik is a thief and hider--so it is reasonable to presume he's got all kinds of tricks up his sleeve.


No one really knows where Erik was first born or where his alliance stands, and he prefers it that way. It makes it easier for him to go around every city to steal things. Needless to say, this Kami fellow would bring a hefty price...

So begins...

Erik Skratch's Story