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Avirole Keylerlah

"I always wondered why my father would fuss when I wore my hair up - now I know."

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a character in “The Beautiful Ones”, as played by Dreamalot106



Name: Avirole Keylerlah [Ah – vih – roll Kay – leer – luh]
Nickname(s): Avi [Ah – vee]

Physical Description:
The first thing everybody notices about Avirole is her burnt red hair, streaked with thin, fiery amber and deep golden streaks throughout, that hangs to her waist. Avi’s hair is not the thickest hair around, but she does still keep it maintained and very well taken care of, making it silky to the touch. She keeps her hair chopped in long layers and parted to the side with long bangs that frame her face.

In contrast to her hair are Avirole’s large eyes; they are powder blue and always glimmering with liveliness. Her eyes are framed with thick, very long lashes that brush against her cheeks whenever her eyes are closed.

Avirole’s athletic, almost boyish build is five feet, seven and a half inches tall with a slightly tucked in waist and enough curve up top to proudly declare her womanhood. Her frame is slight – a product of the elven blood that runs through her veins – and she weighs a meager one hundred and twenty-seven pounds.

Avirole’s delicate, rosebud mouth, small, pointed chin, and thin ears that end in a subtle point at the top are all hints of Avirole’s elven blood. Her hands are slender and worn from her hours of silversmithing and training, but, like her hair, she takes well care of them, keeping them soft, clean, and nails nicely manicured.

When it comes to what she wears, Avirole is used to dressing lightly, having spent the majority of her days outside training or with her mother next to a batch of coals as they heated silver strands and formed them into delicate pieces of jewelry. On a typical day around the estate, Avi would wear a tunic, a pair of well-fitting trousers her mother made for her, and knee high boots with her sword slung around her waist – much to her father’s chagrin. (Avirole has never been a fan of dresses and only wore them whenever the family went in to town together or had dinner functions or parties at their estate.)

Whenever it was cold outside, Avi merely slipped a long-sleeve top on underneath her tunic and would wear the cloak her father brought back as one of his rare gifts from traveling abroad. When the original fasten for the cloak broke, Avi went searching for a new one and found an old brooch of her mother’s hidden away in a trunk. It didn’t look like anything her mother had ever made and it certainly hadn’t been worn in quite some time, so she took as her own. The first time her father saw the brooch, Avi thought he was going to explode there was such a mix of emotions that went through the man, none of which Avi could explain. He demanded she put it back where she found it, but Avi refused and kept the brooch. Although she doesn’t know the origins of the brooch, she has a feeling now that is has something to do with who her actual father is.

Age: 29 -- Appears to be 18/19.
Gender: Female
Race: Human-Elf
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Role: Warrior

A free spirit like her mother, Avirole always conflicted with her father’s strict rule over the household. Born independent, her father’s rule that she was not allowed to leave the estate unchaperoned for any reason only fueled Avirole’s cravings for adventure and independence from her parents. Her mother, Caman, saw the resemblance of herself in her daughter and quickly took to training her to be a self-determining, self-sufficient young woman one day, both physically and emotionally. Because of this, and not being allowed to leave the estate, Avirole never made any real friends. Sure the girls her age who were part of the household staff made nice acquaintances, but they were never actual friends. (And not because they were not of the same social status, but because Avirole was uninterested in getting to know the other girls and possibly growing close to them, just like her mother subtly planned.)

Since she’s not used to being around and socializing with other people, especially new ones, Avirole can sometimes get overly excited and start talking really, really fast. She’ll stumble over her words half the time and not make any sense at all except to those who are used to it. It typically takes her about two days to warm to a new group of people. However, since Avi is such a warm spirited person, she ends up getting along with most of whom she meets and makes fast acquaintances with them.

Avirole finds that more and more nowadays she has to keep herself busy doing something, anything. Whether she’s reading a book, making a new piece of jewelry, practicing her archery or the piano, or even just rubbing down her horse, Oralize [Or – uh – leese], Avi has to preoccupy her hands and her mind or else she’ll start thinking about her father – or rather, her fathers.

Avirole’s mother, Caman [Cay – mehn], had always been a free-spirited woman, a woman who disregarded the common rules of society. While her husband was away, at work or traveling for it, she would explore the woods that bordered the familial estate. Each day Caman wandered farther and farther inwards, until eventually, on one voyeur, she became lost. As the honey haired woman searched for a way out of the woods, she ran, quite literally, in to an elven scout. The first few moments of interaction were tense, each waiting for the other to move or say something, anything. Caman broke. She fell to the elf’s feet and begged for mercy and help. The scout took pity upon the woman and decided to help her.

Their trek through the woods took the rest of the day, not because of how far in to the woods Caman had lead herself, but because the elf kept stopping to show and explain the beauty of the nature around them. When it came time for the two to part, Caman was not ready to leave her elven guide. So the two made plans to meet again in exactly one week, at break of day. They met and he showed her the ways of the forest, told her stories and showed Caman things she never believed were true before. In return she told the elven man about life outside of the forest, how it had changed since the elves had been exiled, brought him treats and trinkets from the few shops he had once known and still existed.

The two quite nearly fell in to love, and Caman neglected her wifely duties more and more as she continued meeting with her elven suitor. Finally the pair gave in to the enticement, intrigue and intoxication of their taboo. It was the last time they ever saw each other.

When Caman became pregnant, her husband, Antio [Ahn – tee – oh], immediately became suspicious. During the time of conception, Antio had been in the city for an extensive period of time, and when he had come home, Caman had not wanted to copulate with her husband but once. Even that one time barely fell in to the time frame. Despite Caman’s insisting, Antio knew that the child could not be his. Throughout her pregnancy, Caman continued to declare Antio the father, but when the baby was born – luckily at home – with subtly pointed ears and unusually fine features, the woman had no choice but to confess to her infidelity.

Needless to say, Antio was furious and ashamed, not only that his wife would even dare to interact with an elf, but that she would have his baby as well. Caman was terrified; she fully expected the older man to toss her and her newborn out onto the streets. Neither party had been happy in the arranged marriage they shared, and Caman had just handed Antio the perfect reason to throw her out and annul the marriage all together. Yet he didn’t. The man was a highly respected magistrate and did not need a scandal such as this to tarnish his thus far perfect reputation. He just would not raise the child as his own, nor would he claim it should she ask him to. Avirole would be the mother’s sole responsibility.

Caman agreed to the terms and Avirole was brought up on the estate, not a single word spoken of her actual ethnicity. It was not until the day of her father's death, years after her mother's, that Avirole learned the truth of her origins.

Major Skills:
+ Archery -- She was trained by her mother until her own skills surpassed those of her predecessor. Then private tudors were brought in to teach her.
+ Playing the piano -- Even though her father was a distant man, he still insisted Avi be brought up a proper lady and paid for many lady-like activities, including tutoring in piano.
Minor Skills:
- Silversmith -- Avirole learned the trade from her mother before she passed away. She has made own jewelry before and very much likes to add crests and emblems to her weapons and defenses in her free time.
- Swordsmanship -- This is a skill Avi picked up on her own. She would oft' climb to the roof of her home and watch the boys of the neighboring home train, which made her want to learn.
- Horsemanship -- Avi has always been good with animals, especially horses; they are her favorite creatures. She finds them to be powerful and beautiful beings with free spirits, much like herself, and has always felt a special connection with them because of this.

Daggers – one tucked into right boot (Avi found it at the same time she found the brooch.), one tucked against left side (Avi decorated this one herself. It's her favorite dagger, other than the one she found.)
The first ring she and her mother made together – Avirole never takes it off her right ring finger.

Personal Side Quest Idea:
● Find the maker of her mother’s old brooch – the one she now wears – and ask whoever made it about who her father possibly could be.
● Find the maker of her mother’s old dagger – possibly the same maker as the brooch? – and ask whoever it is about who her father possibly could be.
● Find out who her father actually is.

Sample Writing:
”Miss Avirole?” The valet approached the red headed girl lying in the four poster bed gingerly. Avirole looked up at the middle aged man curiously. ”Mister Antio has requested your presence.”

”Me? Are you sure?” She jumped up quickly, shoving aside the book she had been reading.

”Yes ma’am. He asked for you specifically. Apparently he has something important to tell you.” He paused then continued somberly, ”The doctor says he doesn’t have much long, Miss Avirole. I think you should come.”

Avirole nodded and slid off her bed. ”I’ll be right there Darel. Thank you.”

”You’re welcome Miss Avirole. I shall let him know you are coming. Make haste.” The valet left the room, closing the door quietly behind him.

Avirole pulled her hair into a loose bun on the top of her head, using a ribbon to keep it up. She re-buttoned the top two buttons of her light blue nightgown, readjusting it, straightening it out. Her bare feet were silent on the carpeted, hard wood floor of her bed room, but slapped quietly against the stone tile of the hallway. Avi padded down the hall to her father’s bedroom; as promise, Darel was standing in wait outside.

Darel nodded to the young woman then opened the door. ”Mister Antio? Your daughter is here to see you, as you requested,” he announced, leading Avirole to her father’s bedside.

”She is not my daughter,” a gruff voice retorted sharply from the pillows. ”You are dismissed Darel.” The valet half bowed and quickly left the room, a confused look on both his face and Avirole’s.

”Fath-“ Avirole began.

”Bah!” Antio interrupted. ”Call me that no longer. I have put up with that long enough. Come here Avirole.” A weak hand lifted and motioned for Avirole to move closer to the bed. Avirole sat on the edge of the bed, just within arms’ reach. Antio’s hand traced the line of Avirole’s jaw up to her ear. Antio followed the line of Avirole’s graceful ear to the very point, which he grapsed, pinching it in a sort of way. Avirole yelped and jerked away, her own hand shooting up to her ear.

”Father! What was that for?!” Avirole cried, holding the top of her right ear.

”I said no! I am not your father! I did not give you these features nor did your mother!” Antio was wracked by an awful fit of coughs. When he could regain his breath, his hand was shaky but he pointed to the rolltop on the opposite side of the room. ”In there. In there is a letter, from your mother. It is for you. Take it. Take it now and read it later. Just leave my presence quickly. And remember, though you may inherit my fortune and this manor, you are not my child, nor have you ever been. Now leave! Leave I say!” Another fit of coughs took over Antio. The doctor outside the room came in then and shooed Avirole out of the way.

Avirole, overwhelmed, merely did as Antio told her to do and went to the roll top desk. On top sat an envelope, neatly addressed to Avirole. The red haired young woman snatched up the envelope and left the room as her father, or at least the man she had called father all her life, continued coughing violently.

○ Two weeks after Antio’s death, Avirole used some of the money left to her to hire a mercenary as a body guard and traveling companion on her search for the elves who live amongst the woods. Luckily for Avirole, it turns out he seems quite knowledgeable about the elves and their approximate whereabouts.
○ For the Elves!

So begins...

Avirole Keylerlah's Story